Sometimes songwriters write lyrics that are completely incomprehensible, stringing together a bunch of words that have just the right rhythm for the song, but in context make no sense whatsoever. This is known as WordSaladLyrics. However, sometimes the same effect is done in a slightly less extreme way. Introducing the Phrase Salad Lyrics, where, unlike the more extreme Word Salad Lyrics, each line or sentence in a song actually completes a thought-- but string several sentences together, and no meaning is clear. It may be symbolic, or it may not be. Sometimes each sentence sounds fitting to the mood of the song; but together the meaning of the sentences is still difficult, if not possible, to comprehend.

While it's true that Word Salad Lyrics and Phrase Salad Lyrics often overlap, Phrase Salad Lyrics are found so much more often than Word Salad Lyrics that the existence of the corresponding trope in songs with Phrase Salad Lyrics is often completely over-looked. It's even possible that songs with Phrase Salad Lyrics are just as common as songs with a clear meaning.




* A lot of Music/BackstreetBoys' stuff is this.
-->Life goes on 'cause it never ends
-->Eyes of stone observe the trends
-->They never say forever gaze if only
-->Guilty roads to an endless love
-->There's no control
-->Are you with me now?
-->Your every wish will be done

* "Everything You Want" from Music/VerticalHorizon does this. The chorus makes perfect sense within the context of itself, but the lines in the verses neither have anything to do with each other, or with the chorus.
** Sometimes the pop song sounds like it's becoming Jamaican, both in tone and use of words.
* Music/JohnLennon wrote ''I Am The Walrus'' to deliberately make no sense to baffle music experts and critics trying to find the meanings of the Beatles' songs.
* Music/{{KMFDM}} tends to string together idioms in their songs sometimes.


!!Non-music examples:

[[folder:Film -- Live Action]]
* The ''Series/StrangersWithCandy'' movie ends with a Phrasebook Salad song composed entirely of random Spanish sentences.
-->No lo sé pero creo que sí / ''I dunno but I think so)''\\
Qué quiere? díselo / ''What do you want? tell him''\\
Dónde está la panadería? / ''Where is the bakery?''\\
A la derecha tener cuidado / ''To the right take care''\\
Ahora mismo, otra vez / ''Right now, once again''\\
El gusto es mío / ''The pleasure's mine''\\
Muchas gracias. / ''Many thanks.''

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Many songs from the ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog'' series that have lyrics qualify. Some more notable examples are listed below.
** ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure'': "Unknown from M.E." (Knuckles the Echidna's theme):
-->The new [[SomewhereAMammalogistIsCrying porcupine]] on the block with the buff chest
-->Out the wilderness with the ruggedness
-->Knock knock, it's Knuckles, the bloat thrower
-->Independent flow-er, magical emerald holder
-->Give you the coldest shoulder
-->My spike goes through boulders
-->That's why I stay a loner
** ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure'': "Lazy Days ~Livin' in Paradise~" (Big the Cat's theme):
-->Everyday's a new beginning, yeah! (We don't know who we're gonna meet today!)
-->The more I want, the less that I can get (Keep working for a new tomorrow!)
-->But I guess that I'm so happy now, gonna set my heart free!
** ''VideoGame/SonicAndTheSecretRings'': "Seven Rings in Hand", the main theme of the game (overlapping with WordSaladLyrics):
-->No such thing as fate for those who speed
-->A path out of time instead of just livin' it
-->So many things erased before they begin
-->Hopes un-dream instead of what could have been