->'''Kagura''': Please, just one grope!\\
'''Makoto''': ''You''-\\
'''Makoto''': -need to die.
-->-- ''VideoGame/BlazBlueChronophantasma''

Oh no! You've just had an AccidentalPervert moment and now a girl is after you! And not in a good way! You may have seen her naked, [[ThanksForTheMammary grabbed somewhere]] she doesn't like, or anything on a similar line. And now you are REALLY in for it!

Can result in an instant smack-down, or possibly a game of hide and seek where the hider is you and the seeker has a HyperspaceMallet or some other implement.

Not to be confused with the UnprovokedPervertPayback, where a girl gets set to Pervert Revenge Mode for no apparent reason. Can be subverted if the man is known to be gay by the attacker, or is a girl in disguise, etc. Generally the result of AccidentalPervert, or the CovertPervert (Who may actually deserve his comeuppance!). Even the ChivalrousPervert may get battered occasionally. See also: DoubleStandard. A common tactic of the {{Tsundere}}.


* ''LoveHina'' - LOTS
** It gets so ridiculous that later in the anime series, Keitaro lampshades that he's probably invulnerable due to building up a resistance from constantly getting MegatonPunch'd by Naru.
** About midway through the manga, Keitaro becomes extremely focused on his studies...so much so, that he isn't really thinking about anything else, and due to some bizarre inversion of the CentipedesDilemma, completely stops clumsily tripping over things and accidentally groping Naru and the other girls. For some equally bizarre reason (perhaps a variation of WeWantOurJerkBack?), they miss this facet of Keitaro's personality, and start placing [[BananaPeel banana peels]] around the house for him to hopefully slip on.
* ''FruitsBasket''
* ''Anime/MazingerZ'':
** Sayaka did not take kindly to being spied on in the anime series. One example happened in the ''Mazinger vs Great General of Darkness movie'', when Kouji walked in on her when she was having a shower, and she slapped him.
** Subverted in the original manga. Kouji and Sayaka saw each other naked accidentally... and they just apologized each other calmly (blushing the whole time). It was especially funny because it was Sayaka who walked in on Kouji.
* [[AccidentalPervert Ranma Saotome]] of ''RanmaOneHalf'' gets this treatment from almost every girl in the series at some point. Especially Akane, since it was written that way to create even more moments of [[BelligerentSexualTension sexual tension]].
** Usually averted with [[GenderBender Ranma's girl form]], due to [[AttractiveBentGender Ranma-chan]] being a ShamelessFanserviceGirl, but ''she'' is this way towards Kuno (or any other male) whenever he gets a little too... friendly.
* ''Manga/ToLoveRu:'' Yuuki Rito. No matter how far the situation leans in his favor, if Rito does something ''slightly'' perverted around Yami, accidental or not, she ''will'' beat the crap out of the poor guy. It doesn't help that this happens ''all the time.''
* ''LightNovel/ZeroNoTsukaima'' in which Louise does this to Saito at least three times ''every episode''.
* ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'':
** Played straight in episode 8, when Shinji, Kensuke and Toji find out what happens when a certain [[FieryRedhead quick-tempered]], three-quarters-German [[AcePilot EVA-02 pilot]] wears a dress on the open flight deck of an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In a series that prides itself on Fanservice. Cue slapping noises.
--->'''Toji''': What was that for?!
--->'''Asuka''': Payment for the view. A bargain, [[GratuitousGerman nicht]]?
** Subverted later in that episode when Shinji peeps at Asuka accidentally as she is changing, and she shouts at him ("Stop staring at me!") and [[LuminescentBlush blushes furiously]], but does not try to punish him.
* The entire female student body in the first episode of ''LadiesVsButlers'', who Akiharu [[AccidentalPervert accidentally manages to molest]] through bizarrely contrived but wholly innocent coincidence, to the point of an OverlyLongGag. Amongst them are CovertPervert and brazenly perverted girls, who chase him not for revenge but because they wanted more than a grope.
* Parodied in ''{{Nichijou}}''. Where in another anime Sasahara doing something perverted would result in a ArmourPiercingSlap or possibly an offscreen beatdown, Misato's response is to [[DisproportionateRetribution shoot him with]] [[HyperspaceArsenal anything from a pistol to a rocket launcher]]. Sasahara [[MadeOfIron usually shrugs it off]].
* ''InfiniteStratos'' takes that further. When Dunois reveals her real gender and the rest of the class realises Ichika was roommates with her, Rin comes after him '''in her PoweredArmor''' and fires a full-powered [[ShoulderCannon Impact Cannon]] blast at his head. Unusually, the situation is quickly defused by Laura blocking the shot then promptly stealing a kiss from Ichika and declaring him her "bride" in front of everyone. Cue BigWhat from everyone.
* In ''{{Naruto}}'' it's said that Jiraiya has been near death three times and one of those times was stated when he peeped on Tsuande and it [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown wasn't pretty]].
* This trope is the most frequent cause of death for Sakura, the male lead of ''LightNovel/BludgeoningAngelDokuroChan''. The reason we say "frequent" is because Dokuro-chan, the title character, always brings Sakura back after killing him.
* Eita Touga of ''Manga/TwelveBeast'' is oftentimes the victim of this. His hands have an [[UpToEleven almost magnetic attraction to]] [[ThanksForTheMammary all the wrong places on a woman's body.]]
* Kimihito Kurusu was once bucked in the face by Centaurea in ''Manga/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirl'' after unknowingly walking in on her in the shower. Unlike most examples, she apologizes.
* In the LightNovel/{{Kampfer}} manga: Akane takes Natsuru’s ThanksForTheMammary as a sign he has a death wish and [[GotVolunteered sends him out]] to attract the Schwert’s attacks.
* In ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamThe08thMSTeam'', protagonist Shiro Amada accidentally comes across a teenage girl skinny-dipping in a jungle pool while he's lost and desperate for water. When his (borrowed) watch starts beeping, she immediately goes for a gun and starts shooting.
* Happens a lot to Touma in ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'', mostly at the teeth of Index. The most spectacular example occurs when he winds up holding a cell phone with camera in the locker room of an all-girls school in a female-only section of town during gym class and spends the next several hours dodging angry mobs,
* ''Anime/MinamiKe'' deconstructs this trope: When [[TheStoic Natsuki]] [[AccidentalPervert accidentally gropes]] [[ClassRepresentative Haruka]] in front of the class during school hours, she all but explains outright that she has to be seen replying to it in order to maintain their public images and stop any wayward rumours, and apologises in advance. Natsuki makes it clear he's aware of her dilemma and consents to 'taking responsibility', so Haruka visibly punches him in response to the 'perversion'. [[NothingPersonal It is clear neither side have any hard feelings over it]] and Haruka would likely have let it pass if it happened in private.
* A very rare {{yuri}} example occurs in ''Anime/ElHazard 2'', where DepravedHomosexual Fatora uses a combination of the cover of nightfall and her resemblance to [[DudeLooksLikeALady Makoto]] to steal the SacredFirstKiss from fire-wielding priestess Shayla-Shayla, who has an unrequited crush on Makoto. When Shayla realizes what happened, she attacks Fatora in a rage.
* ''VisualNovel/SteinsGate'': Kurisu often dishes punishments on Okabe, whose actual moments of perversion [[AccidentalPervert tend to be accidental]] - like when he received a threatening text and rushed home to see if Mayurii and Kurisu were safe... only to walk in on them showering together, or when he grabbed Ruka's crotch... [[spoiler:and found out she was a girl in that world line]].

[[AC:Fan Fiction]]
* ''Manga/{{Evangelion 303}}'': In chapter 4 Shinji goes to the bathroom... not knowing that Asuka has not left his home yet, and she is taking a shower. He walks on her right when she is towelling herself, and her reaction is... [[http://eva303.smackjeeves.com/comics/960256/021/ predictable.]]
* The protagonist of ''FanFic/SleepingWithTheGirls'' is rather upset to discover that the laws of physics in the worlds he visits actually make this a physical law. Especially problematic when he keeps materialising in the beds of {{Tsundere}}s and he doesn't have the ability to shrug off {{Megaton Punch}}es.
* It's common in a ''{{Naruto}}'' for [[DirtyOldMan Jiraiya]] or [[TheChewToy Naruto]] usually it's the latter exposes the former.
* In ''[[FanFic/NewLookSeries Ben's New Look]]'' Gwen goes to this when Ben gets caught attempting to peep on a woman, and gets revenge by [[DraggedIntoDrag dressing Ben up as a girl.]]

* The UrExample is the Greek story of the hunter Actaeon, who stumbled across the goddess Artemis bathing nude in the forest. Actaeon was astounded by her beauty, but Artemis (an eternal virgin) was outraged. In her anger, she turned Actaeon into a stag and he was torn apart by his own dogs.

[[AC:Video Games]]
* ''Videogame/DeadOrAlive'': Lei-Fang kicks an AccidentalPervert off a moving train -possibly killing him and definitely leaving him stranded and injured- simply for bumping into her. It's PlayedForLaughs, of course, but considering that Lei-Fang's whole motivation for entering the DOA tournament was to beat up a guy who saved her life years ago, it's [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation entirely possible]] that [[AxCrazy she's really just a dangerous lunatic turned loose on society]].
* Asuka's ending in ''{{Tekken}} 5'' has her deliver a MegatonPunch to Jin after he accidentally faceplants into her chest, knocking him into a mountain.
* ''{{Persona 3}}'' Hell hath no fury like a couple of girls intruded upon their visit to the [[HotSpringsEpisode hot springs]]. You can be a Male Protagonist and try to escape or, with the UpdatedRerelease, be a female protagonist and try to find the guys.
* Elh, after the second ShowerOfAwkward in ''{{Solatorobo}}'', spends considerably more time [[MegatonPunch punching]] Red and telling him what an idiot he is. Considering it's actually [[JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind all in Red's mind]], he technically went vengeful on ''himself''.
* In ''MetalGearSolid4'', this is [[AmazonBrigade FROG's]] response when [[InterfaceScrew you try to]] [[ItMakesSenseInContext fondle her chest.]]
* In ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'': ''Chrono Phantasma'', [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments quite hilariously]], the [[HandsomeLech Kagura]] vs. [[CuteMonsterGirl Makoto]] special match intro. The fight starts because he tries to cop a feel.
** Happens quite often in the story as well. In one of the more hilarious instances, Kagura rescues Makoto from Tsubaki by tricking the latter that he's been ordered to escort Makoto into custody. Once they're both safely away:
-->'''Makoto''': "By the way, Kagura, would you please untie me already?"
-->'''Kagura''': "Why? You look ''great'' like that."
-->''*[[GroinAttack Makoto kicks Kagura]]*''
-->'''Kagura''': "Still... Worth it..." ''*thud*''
* ''VideoGame/StarOceanTheLastHope'': [[TheHero Edge]] just has this way of getting into AccidentalPervert situations with [[LoveInterest Reimi]]. Reimi, being very much a {{Tsundere}}, doesn't react well when he does this...
* ''VisualNovel/LittleBusters'': Despite there being a few cases of Riki getting accidentally caught in perverted situations, Kurugaya, who is usually TheTease, is the only girl to initiate this - when he accidentally touches her boobs in the dark she very roughly pushes him back, and even then she admits it was an instinctive response. Otherwise, when he ends up with his hand on their chests Mio admits she was at fault for running and falling in the first place and Haruka is already dating him and doesn't mind, and while Komari gets very flustered both times he accidentally sees her panties she doesn't blame him at all.

[[AC:Web Comics]]
* Women in ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' have the explicit ability to [[HyperspaceMallet summon magical hammers]] when a man makes a sexist comment around them. This was originally given no explanation beyond RuleOfFunny, but CerebusSyndrome over the years eventually led to the [[CerebusRetcon revelation]] that hammer summoning was made possible by an ancient and powerful supernatural being (who loved a good sexist joke ''and'' slapstick comedy) [[spoiler: [[ShooOutTheClowns but whose death put an end to said hammers]]]].
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