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[[caption-width-right:350:On the left, Homestar. On the right, [[RougeAnglesOfSatin Homsar.]]]]

At first, you'd think this character would be the long-lost twin of another character. But then you start to notice the differences. This character just seems off.

It could be due to having a completely opposite personality (can be of the same alignment though doesn't have to be an EvilTwin). It could be due to exaggerating the original character's foibles. This character may even appear to be an OffModel or otherwise [[{{Gonk}} deformed]] version of the original.

Regardless, this character is like a funhouse reflection of the original - strange and distorted in possibly unimaginable ways, but still clearly patterned after the original.

Can overlap with EvilKnockoff and EvilTwin (which don't have to be oddball) and SendInTheClones (when multiple characters are introduced to cash in on the popularity of the original some of which can be Oddball Doppelgangers). Can lead to OtherMeAnnoysMe. For the original German word, see {{Doppelganger}}.


[[AC:Anime and Manga]]
* Kanchome from ''Manga/ZatchBell'' can transform into replicas of other characters, but they're far from perfect. One had a nose that would make Cyrano De Bergerac feel normal and another has a forehead as big as his torso. Luckily for him, the people he had to fool were idiots.
* Anytime Oolong or Puar from DragonBall try to transform into another character the result is usually this.
* [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Ditto]] can transform into other Pokémon and usually isn't distinguishable from the real thing. However, Duplica's first [[VoluntaryShapeshifter Ditto]] can't change its face. While this is treated as odd in the anime and non-existent in the main series video games, spin-offs and toys will use this trait. The second one she gets qualifies after a fashion: being a smaller Ditto (and thus labeled "Mini-Dit"), it can only turn into miniature versions of other Pokémon, although otherwise its transformations are perfect.

* SelfDemonstrating/{{Bizarro}} was originally this to Franchise/{{Superman}}. He's since been used as a full EvilKnockoff more often.
* ''ComicBook/{{Bizarrogirl}}'' is ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'s Bizarro counterpart. She looks like Kara Zor-El... except for her cracked, chalk-white skin and her downright loony, backwards behavior.
* In ''ComicBook/SupermanBatman Annual #1'', a crazy Earth-3 version of Deathstroke appears--who is strongly implied to be Creator/MarvelComics' SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}}.

* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' has "Stripper Lily", who speaks with an Eastern European accent, and "Mexican Wrestler Ted", who is exactly what it sounds like. The other characters had doppelgangers as well, but not particularly oddball ones.
** Barney could actually be considered the oddball doppelganger to his counter-part: a renowned, straight laced, consummately professional, fertility specialist.
* Played with in an episode of ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' where Elaine comes across a [[Franchise/{{Superman}} "bizarro"]] version of her gang of guy friends: one member who is strangely like Jerry, one strangely like George, and one strangely like Kramer (as well as a mailman strangely like Newman). The twist, however, is that these counterparts, though definitely reminiscent of the originals, are actually more "normal" than the regular gang.
* The ''Series/DrakeAndJosh'' episode "Drew and Jerry" has the boys befriending the titular knockoffs.

* Boober's "fun side," Sidebottom, menaced [[FraggleRock the Fraggles]] during a [[JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind shared dream sequence]].

[[AC:Video Games]]
* Fake Crash from ''Franchise/CrashBandicoot'' looks like Crash aside from his comically enlarged eyebrows and teeth. He was originally based on an OffModel [[ShoddyKnockoffProduct bootleg]] Crash Bandicoot toy that a member of Creator/NaughtyDog discovered and added to the Japanese version of ''VideoGame/CrashBandicoot3Warped'' as an EasterEgg. All that is known about him is that he is [[TrueNeutral unallied]] with either Crash or Cortex and may be a [[SubvertedTrope failed]] attempt by Cortex to make an evil [[EvilKnockoff clone]] of Crash. In ''VideoGame/CrashBandicoot2Ntranced'' he was actually part of the story, as the titular villain accidentally kidnaps him thinking he is the real Crash and brainwashes him.
* In ''VideoGame/KirbysDreamLand3'', Kirby can encounter doppelgangers called Batamon that always appear beyond the level's boundaries. Though you can kill them with some ranged attacks, doing so serves no purpose and their presence is never truly explained.
* Wario and Waluigi (though more so in their earlier appearances) are still this to [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]] and Luigi. Wario is an exaggeration of Mario's features, with a fat body, stubby legs and zigzagging mustache. Originally a villain in his first appearances, he has since become more of a greedy [[TheRival rival]]. Likewise Waluigi is an exaggeration of Luigi's features: extremely tall and lanky with a smooth mustache. He was an UnknownRival to Luigi in his [[VideoGame/MarioTennis first appearance]] and easily [[BerserkButton angered]] by this but nowadays plays the role of the [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} black sheep oddball]] who loves to cheat at sports.
* Tails Doll from ''VideoGame/SonicR'', unlike the other Team Sonic robots he resembles a badly put together doll and floats about in a limp lifeless manner as if he's being dragged around by the weird gem stuck in his head.
* In ''VideoGame/ProfessorLaytonAndTheUnwoundFuture'', Chelmey and Barton have Future London counterparts Shmelmey and Shmarton.
* In ''VideoGame/PokemonMagikarpJump'', using a backwards fishing rod might catch a [[VoluntaryShapeshifter Ditto]] transformed into Magikarp, distinguishable by having Ditto's beady eyes and derpy smile.

* ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' has Homsar. Strong Bad also has Senor Cardgage (as well as several others, which takes up more than half of the webshow's LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters).

* ''Webcomic/TheInexplicableAdventuresOfBob:'' Since Golly and Jolly are both ''biological'' clones of Molly (not true "doppelgangers"), and were raised in very different environments than she was, it makes sense that their personalities are very different from hers (and from each other's), even if they do share a lot of traits with her.
* Didi is this to Gogo Bomango in ''[[{{Webcomic/Bomango}} Bomango]].'' Didi literally just budded off of Gogo's side, because Gogo got bored one day and decided to asexually reproduce. Her bubbly and intellectual personality is nearly the opposite of Gogo's violent and temperamental one. Interestingly, although they started out looking identical (first diverging when [[IdenticalTwinIDTag Didi cut her hair short),]] their physiques have drifted till they don't even look much alike any more, with Didi being noticeably shorter and more svelte, while Gogo now has the muscles of a weightlifter.
* ''Webcomic/BrawlInTheFamily'' introduces Mario-like Eario (much like Wario's name involved flipping the "M" in Mario's name into a "W", Eario's name has it rotated into an "E"). He's a simpleminded janitor who always cleans up after Mario's various Goomba-stomping, brick-smashing adventures.

* Macro from ''[[WebVideo/EchoChamber [citation needed]]]''. Subverted when it's revealed that [[spoiler: he is not a clone at all, but Micro's long lost twin brother. And the reason for his odd and childish behaviour is that he was on a ton of medication for a disease in his legs.]]

* In ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold'', Arnold has a country cousin Arnie, who is generally "weird". Later in the series, an episode shows there is a whole group of cuckoolandian counterparts to every other character in the series. Well, [[AllJustADream maybe]].
* Bunny from ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'', the girls' ill-fated attempted at making a new sister. Same dress design, has a B name, and like the others has her own design color... but is also mentally handicapped and is very physically deformed.
* ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDoo'' had [[http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/12/Scooby-cousins-1976.jpg Scooby Dum]], the dimwitted cousin to the eponymous character.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'', the local MadScientist's son creates an OffModel clone of Stan. It's got an oversized head, one arm is elongated, and about all it can say is "Bachamp, bachamp."
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''
** In "The Day the Violence Died", Bart and Lisa try to solve a problem and are beaten to it by two other kids named Lester and Eliza, who resemble their early incarnations from ''Series/TheTraceyUllmanShow''.
** In "Midnight Rx", Ned Flanders meets a knockoff of himself while in Canada. The two hit it off well until the Canadian offers him some "reef-a-rino".
-->'''Ned:''' They warned me Satan would be attractive.
* A very much politically incorrect version of this appears in ''WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether'': one episode featured Clara's retarded cousin Bleh, with a beautiful body like hers but drooling and disheveled. Captain Hero bets with Spanky that he could bed her, and at the end of the episode he does. However, after that Bleh gets on a bus full of retarded versions of the other housemates (including Hero and Spanky), and it's shown that she made a bet with them that she could bed Hero.
* ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls''
** "Double Dipper" is about Dipper using a photocopier that acts like a cloning machine on himself. Just about all of his copies are virtually the same as him, save for the hat symbol. But at one point, the copier gets a paper jam, resulting in the [[{{Gonk}} deformed]] and [[TheUnintelligible unintelligible]] Paper Jam Dipper.
** Inverted by a pair of {{Recurring Extra}}s that look like a lot like Dipper and Mabel (who WordOfGod called Shmipper and Smabble): from what we've seen of them, they're painfully wholesome and normal compared to the Pines Twins.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSecretSaturdays'' gives us the Monday family, the Saturdays' evil alternate reality clones. Each of them is identical to their good counterpart save some small detail.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog'', Grounder was originally supposed to be Scratch's duplicate. However, Scratch pulled an extra lever on the robot maker (which, as Robotnik emphasized, ''wasn't supposed to be pulled!'') during the construction.
-->'''Robotnik:''' There! Your exact twin!
-->'''Scratch:''' ''Twin?'' Am I that ugly?
* In ''WesternAnimation/DexHamiltonAlienEntomologist,'' when it's revealed that Jenny Ten was the tenth of a series of genetically engineered clones, we meet her "sister," Jenny Eight. Our Jenny wants nothing to do with Eight because she feels (quite understandably) that Eight threatens her sense of individuality. By story's end, though, we realize that their personalities are actually quite different, and the two reconcile.
* The ''WesternAnimation/ChalkZone'' episode "The Doofi" introduced Doofus Rudy and Doofus Penny, unflattering caricatures of Rudy Tabootie and Penny Sanchez drawn on the chalkboard by the bully Reggie Bullnerd who came to life in [=ChalkZone=] after Mr. Wilter erased them. They were essentially grotesque and dim-witted versions of the real Rudy and Penny.