!!!Also called: Leap in logic

''NonSequitur'' is a Latin term literally meaning "it does not follow," and is commonly seen in discussions of logic; it's a whole ''class'' of fallacies including Affirmation of the Consequent, Denial of the Antecedent, Undistributed Middle and several others. Broadly, it applies to any argument where the conclusion does not flow naturally from the premises. Non Sequiturs are an important element in humour, but they're still fallacies when used as part of a logical argument.

Often, a non sequitur results from the writer believing that the statement results from an "obvious" argument that doesn't need to be explicitly stated.

For when this ''[[RefugeInAudacity actually works as an argument]]'', see ChewbaccaDefense. When this is to such an extreme that attempts to consider it in any rational manner results in maddening frustration, it is InsaneTrollLogic.

[[SelfDemonstratingArticle Therefore]], kumquat.[[labelnote:Counterargument]][[IrrelevantThesis My hair is a bird]]. [[MemeticMutation Your argument is invalid]].[[/labelnote]]