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[[caption-width-right:275:[[Creator/ParisHilton Subtle]], Blizz.]]

->''"Animation is built on plagiarism! If it weren't for someone plagiarizing Series/TheHoneymooners, we wouldn't have WesternAnimation/TheFlintstones. If someone hadn't ripped off [[Series/ThePhilSilversShow Sergeant Bilko]], there'd be no WesternAnimation/TopCat. [[WesternAnimation/TheHuckleberryHoundShow Huckleberry Hound]], [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Chief Wiggum]], WesternAnimation/YogiBear? Hah! [[Series/TheAndyGriffithShow Andy Griffith]], Edward G. Robinson, [[Series/TheHoneymooners Art Carney]]."''
-->-- '''Roger Myers''', ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''
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Sometimes a character's entire shtick will be that he or she is a thinly disguised imitation of some celebrity somewhere. The more blatant examples will often have a parody of that celebrity's name. This can be done for various reasons, such as to serve as a {{homage}} and/or {{parody}}, to make a point using the character (see picture to the right), or simply because the writers think that it would be cool. Though some consider it done because the writers are out of ideas. Many creators and viewers alike do not like it because it tends to smack of unoriginality and destroys the conceit that the work's universe is entirely fictional (though, of course, if the work is [[RippedFromTheHeadlines outright going for realism]], it's quite appropriate). However, this does have the side effect of making the work an UnintentionalPeriodPiece for the period of the work's creation, as later audiences, to varying degrees of success, can see through the "thinly disguised" part of the parody and clearly determine that the work was made during the height of the target's popularity.

The most common impressions to hear in cartoons are Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger or Creator/SylvesterStallone for tough-guy characters, Creator/PeterLorre or Creator/VincentPrice for creepy characters, Creator/RLeeErmey for {{Drill Sergeant Nast|y}}ies, Creator/MauriceChevalier for a song and dance man or stock French FunnyForeigner character, Creator/PaulLynde for CampGay characters, Creator/BelaLugosi for vampires, Creator/BorisKarloff for Frankenstein's monster, Creator/SeanConnery or Don Adams for secret agents, Donald Pleasance for an action villain, Ed Wynn for assorted silly characters, and Creator/MaeWest for [[TheVamp vamps]]. As for more general examples, heavy-metal rocker characters will be given a MetalScream of the sort perfected by the likes of [[Music/LedZeppelin Robert Plant]], [[Music/{{Aerosmith}} Steven Tyler]], and [[Music/JudasPriest Rob Halford]]. [[TheStoner "Stoner"]] characters will tend to be based on either the SeanPenn character ("Spicoli") in ''Film/FastTimesAtRidgemontHigh'' or the Creator/DennisHopper character in ''Film/ApocalypseNow''. Anyone doing a stock pirate character [[TalkLikeAPirate ("Ahrrr, matey!")]] is paying tribute to Robert Newton's performance as Long John Silver in Disney's [[Film/TreasureIsland1950 first live-action feature]]. The [[WickedWitch witch]] stereotype is based on [[Film/TheWizardOfOz The Wicked Witch of the West]].

May double as a ParentalBonus, when it is mostly aimed at kids.

As noted TheAhnold is a common form of this, as are MockCousteau and MrAltDisney.

If it's a fictional character that's being imitated, then it's an {{Expy}} or CaptainErsatz. The trope does not apply in the case of adaptations of live-action source materials, where the character designs are obliged to be based on the real actors. When the creators actively deny that the character was meant to be caricature of the person, see DeniedParody.

Compare InkSuitActor, where a celebrity voices an animated caricature of themself. ComicBookFantasyCasting is a much milder version of this, where a real actor or other celebrity is used as a guide for a character's appearance but with no attempt to caricature their persona. WriteWhoYouKnow is for where a character is based on somebody who the creator personally knows, but not necessarily a celebrity. If the famous personality is an historical character that is already dead, especially it's from centuries ago, then it's NoHistoricalFiguresWereHarmed.

Note that some character voices, most notably those reminiscent of Creator/PeterLorre and of Creator/JohnWayne, are by now fourth-generation copies that have more to do with earlier impressions than with the original actors' voices. There may also be some overlap with TheWeirdAlEffect if the caricature is more familiar to younger audiences than the actual celebrity.

See also LawyerFriendlyCameo, NoCommunitiesWereHarmed, and AdamWesting. See BlandNameProduct for the equivalent treatment of a product (or possibly a business entity) rather than a person, potentially applying just as much detail to the parody.

{{Tuckerization}} is the inverse.

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* The Art/SistineChapel's altar painting, ''The Last Judgement'':
** Saint Peter is drawn to resemble Pope Pius III, who commissioned the painting. This is in line with the Catholic idea that Peter was the first Pope, making Pope Pius III his direct successor.
** King Minos, the demonic judge of Hell, is based on one of the Pope's officials who vocally complained about Michelangelo's use of nudity in his portraits.

[[folder:Audio Play]]
* Cecilia Pollard, who appears in the Creator/BigFinish ''AudioPlay/{{Gallifrey}}'' audio drama ''A Blind Eye'', is pretty clearly Unity Mitford. (Which ''possibly'' makes her sister Charley from the Eighth Doctor series Jessica.)
* ''AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho'':
** The episode [[Recap/BigFinishDoctorWhoNEDAS2E2MaxWarp "Max Warp"]] unapologetically gives the finger to ''Series/TopGear'', including space caricatures of Clarkson, Hammond and May.
** [[Recap/BigFinishDoctorWho016StormWarning "Storm Warning"]] has a character named Lord Tamworth, who is shown to be the Air Minister under Ramsay [=MacDonald=] and the motive force behind the creation of R-101. He is an obvious stand in for Christopher Thompson, First Baron Thompson, who was the actual Air Minister under [=MacDonald=] and was the chief advocate for creating the Imperial Airship System, which included R-101. He also died in R-101's crash during her maiden voyage.
** Invoked in [[Recap/BigFinishDoctorWho1781963FanfareForTheCommonMen "Fanfare for the Common Men"]]; the titular Common Men, Mark Carvill, James O'Meara and Corky Goldsmith are very blatantly based on Music/JohnLennon, Music/PaulMcCartney and Music/RingoStarr respectively. The twist is that the Doctor notices this, and realises someone is trying to replace Music/TheBeatles' place in history.

* Creator/RobinWilliams on his stand-up comedy album ''Reality, What A Concept'' plays a character named Reverend Earnest Angry, who is a parody of real-life televangelist Ernest Angley, who in his routine promotes the religion of Comedy.

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* ''ComicStrip/{{Pogo}}'': Many of the FunnyAnimal characters are obvious caricatures of politicians, e.g. Simple J. Malarkey = Sen. Joseph [=McCarthy=]. (This was heavily Lampshaded in the ''Magazine/{{MAD}}'' parody "Gopo Gossum.")
* ''ComicStrip/{{Doonesbury}}'' loves this:
** Particularly Uncle Duke, who is just Creator/HunterSThompson. Lampshaded when Duke reads that Hunter S. Thompson has committed suicide and his head explodes, repeatedly. He's got no idea why.
** Another ''Doonesbury'' example is the late Lacey Davenport, a sweetly aristocratic liberal Republican who was modeled on real life New Jersey representative Millicent Fenwick.
* ''ComicStrip/BloomCounty'' had a story arc about the cast hosting a concert. While most of the musicians were real-life people and bands (Music/VanHalen, Music/ThePolice, Music/CultureClub, etc.), there was also "Tess Turbo and the Blackheads", an obvious take on "Music/JoanJett and the Blackhearts"
* Jerk Simpkins from the ''ComicStrip/HsuAndChan'' comic, ''Under Fire'', is an obvious parody of [[MoralGuardians anti-video game lawyer]] Jack Thompson.
* In Francesco Marchilano's first ''ComicStrip/JudgeParker'' story, a trucker is on the phone to ''Dahlia After Dark'', a radio advice show. On his blog, Ces goes into further detail about Dahlia, including that she's the author of a series of self-help books and has a spin-off show called ''Ladies' Night''. Asked in the comments if this was anything like ''Love Songs with Delilah'' (which has a series of self-help books and a spin-off called ''Friday Nite Girls''), Ces replied "Oh, no, no, no. (Wink. Wink wink. Wink wink wink wink wink wink eye spasm.)"

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''FanFic/ThreeFilliesAndAGriffon'', Sweetie Belle and Gabriel meet Starling Hoofway, who is a ponified Sterling Holloway, all the way down to having a similar voice.
* In the Creator/DCComics MirrorUniverse fic "[[http://www.5earths.info/earth-3/crimesyndicate1987-02-1/ The Secret Society of Super-Heroes]]", Earth-3's Joker counterpart is a rubber-faced comedian called Tim Barry, who Luthor meets when he's playing both Snow Miser and Heat Miser in a LiveActionAdaptation of ''WesternAnimation/TheYearWithoutASantaClaus''. A clear pastiche of Creator/JimCarrey and his two Christmas movies; [[Film/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas the one (partly) based on an animated special]], and [[WesternAnimation/AChristmasCarol2009 the one where he plays multiple characters]].
* ''[[Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm Ghosts of the Past]]'' has the President of Russia, Volodya, who is clearly based on Vladimir Putin -- he's a former KGB officer and anti-West hardliner, and even his name is based on one of Putin's own nicknames. Surprisingly, he's not portrayed as an arc villain, but as a [[PragmaticVillainy reasonable enough guy who dislikes the Avengers and despises SHIELD, but doesn't want a fight with them - he is accordingly infuriated by Lukin's antics because they've set his own, far more patient and sensible plans back by decades.]] Then [[spoiler: Lukin kills him.]]

* Done on all three of Creator/WilliamsElectronics' "rollercoaster" pinballs, with unnamed (but clearly identifiable) celebrities:
** The backglass for ''Pinball/{{Comet}}'' include lookalikes of Creator/JohnBelushi and Creator/JaneCurtin from ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' riding the rollercoaster.
** ''Pinball/{{Cyclone}}'' has President UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan, his wife Nancy, and Rex the family dog on the ride. The playfield itself includes the Film/{{Coneheads}} and Creator/MrT among the park-goers.
** One of the riders riders on the backglass of ''Pinball/{{Hurricane}}'' is the EnergizerBunny.

* Adam Armstrong, the Prime Minister in the first three seasons of Creator/TheBBC ''Afternoon Play'' strand ''Number Ten'', was a New Labourite with elements of both UsefulNotes/TonyBlair and UsefulNotes/GordonBrown. After stepping down, he is replaced in the 2010 season by Simon Laitey, [[UsefulNotes/DavidCameron the Eton-educated leader of a Conservative Party in coalition with the Lib Dems]].
* In ''Radio/GoodnessGraciousMe'', the Indian film director Ranjit Say, whose films are all about two people playing draughts, is a parody of Sandip Ray, whose first film was ''The Chess Players''.
* Comedy duo Radio/HudsonAndLandry had a few skits with impressions of celebrities, like [[Creator/MarxBrothers Groucho Marx]] and W.C. Fields.
* Several of Phil Hendrie's radio characters are admittedly based on celebrities; the borderline-pedophile James [=McQuarters=], for instance, is based on Creator/AnthonyHopkins' performance in ''Film/TheBounty'', and Pastor William Rennick is quite obviously AlSharpton.
* Two Radio 4 comedy series by Sue Limb are about No Celebrities Were Harmed versions of famous writer's groups: the Lake Poets in ''The Wordsmiths at Gorsemere'' and the Bloomsbury Set in ''Gloomsbury''.
* Two characters in Don Joyce's TheFiresignTheater - type presentations on Music/{{Negativland}}'s avant-garde weekly KPFA radio happening ''Over the Edge'' were Doug Piddle and Peter Diddle, presenters of "The Piddle Diddle Report", based on NBC's ''The Huntley-Brinkley Report." Joyce's growly Doug Piddle voice is a fairly good take on Huntley's.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Scion}}'' April Fools' Day supplement ''Scion: Extras'' features Sci, a Scion of the Japanese pantheon, best known for internet meme "Scion Style", riffing on PSY and Gangnam Style. Lyrics for "Scion Style" are provided. Meanwhile, Irish Scion Jack Caricature, a game developer who herds cats, is a good-natured spoof of then-current ''Scion'' 2e developer Joe Carriker.
* In ''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheApocalypse'', Creator/WhiteWolf [[SelfDeprecation spoof themselves]] with Pentex subsidiary Black Dog Game Factory. In "Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex", they extended the parody to the rest of the tabletop RPG industry at the time.
* ''TabletopGame/PsionicsTheNextStageInHumanEvolution'' features a character named Lucky Wacker. If you are a fan of The World/Inferno Friendship Society, you'll probably notice that Lucky Wacker is basically psionic Jack Terricloth. He even looks like him.
* The ''Banishers'' sourcebook for ''TabletopGame/MageTheAwakening'' includes John Maverick, an obscenely wealthy, boyishly handsome, self-loathingly closeted bisexual actor who has become an earnest spokesperson of a cult. Any resemblance to Tom Cruise and the ChurchOfHappyology is, of course, coincidental.
* Duke Rollo of ''TabletopGame/{{Aberrant}}'' is basically Hunter S. Thompson, with his name being a riff on Thompson's alter-ego Raoul Duke.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' has Sly Marbo, a OneManArmy for the Catachan Devils, who is at his best fighting in jungles and is of course [[http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/File:Sly_Marbo_Art.jpg in no way shape or form related to John Rambo or Sylvester Stallone]].
* If they were notable figures of the mid-Seventies, odds are they appear in ''TabletopGame/DamnationDecade'' under an outrageous name and with an equally outrageous twist on their role in history.

* Jakks Pacific's ''SLUG Zombies'' featured characters based on Neal Armstrong, [[http://www.oafe.net/yo/slug2.php Mr. T, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi]], [[http://www.oafe.net/yo/slug3.php Colonel Sanders, Chuck Norris, Elvis, Bruce Lee]], [[http://www.oafe.net/yo/slug4.php Bob Marley]], and [[Film/TheThreeStooges Larry, Moe and Curly]]. Plus, future releases were planned to include [[http://www.oafe.net/blog/2015/10/the-undead-future-of-s-l-u-g-zombies/ Axl Rose, Shaun White, Ben Franklin, Charles Bronson, Amelia Earhart, and Donald Trump]].