'New Age' defines a constellation of beliefs that peaked in popularity in the [[TheSixties '60s]] and [[TheSeventies '70s]]. Expect lots of [[PowerCrystal crystal power]], [[PsychicPowers psychic]] dolphins, {{Atlantis}}, [[EgyptianMythology pyramids]], [[GoodFeelsGood good vibes]], {{reincarnation}}, [[QuantumMechanicsCanDoAnything quantum consciousness]] and, above all, the ''Age of Aquarius'', the funkiest, highest-vibration-in-the-spectrum Age of them all!

Enemy of all that is bogus, mechanoid or square, friend to the chilled-out and open minded.

Rarely depicted without tongue firmly in cheek in actual Aquarian Age media.

Also the name for a kind of music. Very calm, peaceful, and deep, man. It often features a mix of electronic {{Ambient}} with World Music instruments and occasional vocals, singing something illegible in DogLatin, Polynesian or Lakotah. "New Age Music" is more of a marketing term than any real connection to beliefs, however. Most of "new age" artists just play what music they like, and some are even angry about the term.

See also NewAgeRetroHippie, GranolaGirl, and the [[UsefulNotes/NewAge useful notes]] page.

[[AC:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* ''SouseiNoAquarion''.
** Also most of the more fantastic mechs from the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' mythos, most notably Cybuster & family, though in this case the New Age ethos of the plot is much more restrained.

* The... erm, "educational" film ''UnariusTheArrival''. If you liked the film, you'll ''looooove'' the real-life (in a manner of speaking) [[http://www.unarius.org/ Academy.]]
* The 1988 film adaptation of Creator/IsaacAsimov's ''Nightfall.'' Asimov distanced himself from this movie as much as possible.
* The horrible mangling of quantum physics that is ''WhatTheBleepDoWeKnow''.
* ''Film/AlteredStates'' takes sensory deprivation & hallucinogens and runs with it, kind of like what ''Jurassic Park'' did with dinosaurs & DNA.

* The ''{{Illuminatus}}!'' trilogy
* The novel ''Literature/GoodOmens'' had quite a bit of fun with it.

[[AC:{{Live Action TV}}]]
* ''Series/{{Enlightened}}'' features quite a lot of New Age thinking, as the lead character has used New Age philosophies as a way of rebuilding her life after a breakdown.

* ''Theatre/{{Hair}}''

* The ''Atlantis'' video games.
* Serenia in ''VideoGame/MystIV''.
* ''EccoTheDolphin''.
* ''ZakMcKrackenAndTheAlienMindbenders'' is an unusual case. Although the game in its final form does poke a great deal of fun at New Age culture in general, designer David Fox originally intended the game to be much more serious in tone - in a brainstorming session, Ron Gilbert convinced him to go for the wackier atmosphere.
* ''DestroyAllHumans 2'' featured a motivational speech by a hippie touting the coming "Age of Aquariums." Really.
* ''ChildOfEden''.