[[caption-width-right:350: [[GamerChick It's a rare species...right?]]]]

->'''Guy 1:''' ''"[[IReadItForTheArticles I-I only play it for the fighting.]] I-I appreciate the expansive multi-tier environment, and the sixteen characters...the pixel-shaded bump-mapping...and the rich plot development. Seriously, why else would I play it?"''
->'''Guy 2:''' ''"[[KickChick She kicks high]]."''
-->--From the {{Fanservice}}-filled ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive 3'' commercial for the {{Xbox}}

This trope holds that the primary demographic for video games is males ages 15 to 25, which explains why games are full of male-only {{Fanservice}}, especially in the form of {{Stripperiffic}} [[ThirdPersonSeductress female characters]], [[LudicrousGibs gratuitous violence]], and concepts that are oriented more to [[StuffBlowingUp explosions]] and racking up a high body count than plot or character development.

This demographic did once make up a majority of gamers back in the Clinton administration. Since then things have changed - for gamers, that is, not for the industry. Although the actual statistics regarding how many women are involved in gaming vary on what kind of games are being counted, the age group, and the country and time period being studied, most widely quoted studies date back to before the advent of the tablet computer and the Wii; since then the number of female gamers has increased to the point that one 2013 study found that ''over 60%'' of gamers are women. Yes, over half, though it varies enormously by genre. And the average age of gamers has risen to 35.

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