[[quoteright:350:[[Webcomic/ElGoonishShive http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Mirror.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[CaptainObvious The guy in the mirror is evil.]] [[Webcomic/ElGoonishShive The guy not in the mirror]] is [[DudeLooksLikeALady a guy.]]]]

->'''Wendy''': You're telling me that you -- Pip -- a priest -- are willing to risk your life for me.\\
'''Mirror Pip''': We're all children of the Lord.\\
'''Wendy''': I'm in the mirror universe. ... A parallel universe where everyone who's good is evil, and evil is good. It's like that episode of ''Series/{{Star Trek|The Original Series}}'' where Spock had a goatee and Chekov tried to --\\
'''Mirror Pip''': ''Star Trek''. You mean the sci-fi series from the Sixties starring the great George Takei?\\
'''Wendy''': It ''is'' an evil universe.
-->-- ''Series/TheMiddleman'', "The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome"

Often a subset of BizarroUniverse, it is an AlternateUniverse where Good and Evil characterisations are reversed, but is otherwise the same as the "real" universe - except where logically derived from this change in morality. As an example, in BizarroWorld, the earth is a cube. In the mirror universe, the earth is a sphere, but the MirrorSelf of TheBrigadier has a cool eyepatch.

Occasionally, some other characteristic is reversed. The hero in the Mirror Universe functions as the EvilTwin. The FiveManBand becomes ThePsychoRangers or FiveBadBand. Expect the loyal soldier to become a blithering coward, the [[TheStarscream backstabbing bastard]] to become a peaceful negotiator, and the [[BridgeBunnies bridge bunny]] who normally gets no lines to become a trash-talking, [[SensibleHeroesSkimpyVillains lingerie-wearing]], gun-toting, [[DepravedBisexual bisexually hyperactive]] [[DarkActionGirl ball of unleashed id]].

These mirror worlds tend to get [[EnsembleDarkhorse popular with the fanbase]], who'll eagerly come up with [[EvilTwin alternate versions]] of any character not yet shown, and as a result it'll often get returned to and expanded upon to please them. The [[StatusQuoIsGod status quo]] in the mirror universe is more likely to change than the original one, probably because [[AlternateUniverseReedRichardsIsAwesome the writers are allowed to do it]].

The TropeCodifier is the ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' episode "[[Recap/StarTrekS2E4MirrorMirror Mirror, Mirror]]". In homage to this episode, it's common for an evil mirror equivalent to have a [[BeardOfEvil goatee beard]].

Contrast with DarkWorld. Not to be confused with MirrorWorld.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' performs this in Parallel Works 4, where the Beastmen are being oppressed by Kamina, and Viral is TheHero, it actually makes Kamina look ''legitimately evil''.
* Happened in one episode in ''Anime/{{Doraemon}}'' when Doraemon and Nobita enter and explore a mirror universe and interact with their counterparts. This universe is literally mirrored of having mirrored writing and east is west. Other differences include reversed gender roles showing Nobita's mom as the breadwinner, all males dressed as females, and different teachings in school. Nobita and his counterpart decide to [[PrinceAndPauper swap roles]] for a day.
* The movie ''Anime/NarutoTheMovieRoadToNinja'' from ''[[Franchise/{{Naruto}} Naruto Shippuden]]'' is based on this concept. Naruto and Sakura are transported to a parallel world where Sakura's parents sacrificed themselves for Konoha instead of Naruto and most characters exhibit the reverse of their normal personalities. Ex. Ino becomes a prude, Shino hates bugs, etc.
* An episode of Anime/{{Pokemon}} has Ash travel into one when his Mirror Counterpart grabbed his Pikachu. The mirror counterparts of the main cast all have opposite characteristics: Ash is timid, and Pikachu is always attacking Team Rocket, who are celebrated heroes, Clemont is athletic and relies on magic, Bonnie is mature and ladylike, and Serena is aggresive.
* ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'': Apparently, of the 12 universes that exist, they come in pairs, with each having a mirror version of it. In a twist though, the ''heroes''' home universe, the 7th, appears to be the "evil twin" universe of the 6th. In the 6th Universe, the Saiyans are a peaceful race of selfless heroes while Freeza's counterpart is [[spoiler:a planet-trading pirate, except that he puts on a friendly face to the public and is known as a great hero]]. On the other hand, 6th Universe humanity was apparently so warlike that they annihilated Earth long ago, and its God of Destruction, Champa, is more polite but also somewhat more malevolent than Beerus.
* An episode of ''Anime/KujiraNoJosephina'' has Santi reaching his home (turn into a scary mansion) after school but in some sort of AlternateUniverse where everyone is an evil creepy version of his family.
* One arc of ''Manga/FairyTail'' takes place in the parallel world Edolas, which is populated by opposite versions of the cast. For example, Edolas Lucy is an aggressive and stern woman, Edolas Natsu is a timid boy that enjoys driving (A contrast to main Natsu's motion sickness), and Edolas Gray bundles himself up in layer of clothes and constantly proclaims his love to Juvia (A reverse of their Earthland selves).

[[folder:Card Games]]
* There is a set of ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' involving a plane that transforms back and forth between its mirror opposites. Lorwyn is a bright, cheery world of eternal summer and daylight, filled with the stuff of whimsical fairytales. Then the world is abruptly transformed into Shadowmoor, stuck in perpetual twilight, and filled with the stuff of the Grimm brothers. Most inhabitants change with it, believing that they've always lived in whichever world it is (which could bring with it all kinds of metaphysical uncertainty about just how often the world changes its nature).
** Also, Time Spiral block revealed several, including a consistent one in which [[CatGirl Mirri]] instead of Crovax became the vampire evincar of Rath. Also the only male angel in Magic history.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* [[ComicBookTropes Comics]] do this all the time. Franchise/TheDCU has its "anti-matter" Earth, wherein Ultraman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, and Owlman (the Crime Syndicate of Amerika) are the evil duplicates of Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Batman (the Franchise/JusticeLeagueOfAmerica), and Lex Luthor was the only superhero left in the world. (A later story introduced the Justice Underground, a team of heroes led by Riddler's counterpart, the Quizmaster. And following Riddler's HeelFaceTurn, Quizmaster had a temporary FaceHeelTurn.)
** The trope originated in UsefulNotes/{{the Silver Age|of Comic Books}} with Earth-3, which was destroyed in ''ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'' but was restored later. The antimatter universe was based on this concept.
** Creator/GrantMorrison's ''JLA: Earth-2'', the graphic novel that re-introduced the "anti-matter" version of the Crime Syndicate, [[DeconstructedTrope deconstructed the trope]]: even the ''TheoryOfNarrativeCausality'' was reversed in the mirror universe, so the Justice League's attempt to save it was as doomed as the Syndicate's attempt to conquer Franchise/TheDCU.
*** The animated ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' also had the Justice Lords universe - a variation on the regular DCAU in which the death of ComicBook/TheFlash resulted in the League/Lords becoming a totalitarian dictatorship. The arc began life as a movie about the Crime Syndicate, but was retooled to a more iron-fisted Justice League. Without explicit ties to any past work, the original idea finally saw light years later as ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueCrisisOnTwoEarths''.
** A similar universe appears in ''ComicBook/InjusticeGodsAmongUs'', where Superman became evil and totalitarian after The Joker tricked him into killing Lois Lane.
* ''Comicbook/{{Exiles}}'', of the MarvelUniverse, had an issue where ComicBook/{{Galactus}} restored worlds instead of eating them, and the Silver Surfer was a power-hungry despot who had destroyed his own homeworld. The first issue of ''Exiles'' was in a universe where Magneto was the benevolent teacher who wanted mutants and humans to live in harmony, and Professor X believed there could only be peace when humanity was eradicated.
** The ''ComicBook/AgeOfApocalypse'' has elements of this trope; ComicBook/{{Magneto}} leads LaResistance - including a GoodIsNotNice version of ComicBook/{{Sabretooth}} and a version of Colossus who is a psychotic AntiHero - and there is a human resistance including a heroic Doctor Doom and Sentinels actually protecting mankind, versus a dystopic mutant tyranny whose ranks include [[TheHero Cyclops]] and his brother [[TheLancer Havok]] as well as [[TheSmartGuy Beast]], now known as Dark Beast, as well as a new character called Abyss who was later introduced into the mainstream comics as a heroic character. However, though Dark Beast is a cruel and sadistic MadScientist and a despicable piece of work, Cyclops is just an AntiVillain who does a HeelFaceTurn, and as the title suggests this is a world where recurring ComicBook/XMen villain ComicBook/{{Apocalypse}} has achieved world domination and if anything has actually gotten ''worse''; other villains like [[EvilutionaryBiologist Mister Sinister]] merely serve as his minions and are still evil, while most heroes and villains from other parts of the Marvel Universe didn't change sides, they were just killed when Apocalypse nuked the United States and started purging humanity.
** Played with in the ''ComicBook/MarvelZombies'' universe; the heroes are all evil, but only because they succumbed to a ZombieApocalypse and proceeded to devour most of the human race, though they are [[OurZombiesAreDifferent sentient zombies]] who take sadistic pleaure in ripping their [[ImAHumanitarian meals]] apart. Magneto and Doctor Doom show up as their enemies and help rescue survivors, but mostly in the context of them being NobleDemon types who object to rampaging malevolent zombies taking over the planet. The cause of mutant supremacy doesn't matter much when most mutants and non-mutants have made peace with each other and decided just to eat everyone else.
** ''ComicBook/TheThanosImperative'' features the Cancerverse, a universe where [[TheProblemWithFightingDeath Death has been wiped out]] by four powerful demons called the Many-Angled Ones, including Comicbook/DoctorStrange villain Shuma-Gorath (like the other three, a unique multiversal entity -- it has no [[EvilTwin good twin]] anywhere in the multiverse). Life has become pollution and is spiraling out of control, and every living thing in the universe is BrainwashedAndCrazy and are fanatically devoted to worshipping the evil entities, though non-living beings like the Vision (a robot) are immune and still heroic. Thus, in this universe hero teams like ComicBook/TheAvengers are the servants of evil gods, though presumably so is every living villain as well.
* Archie Comics' ''Comicbook/SonicTheHedgehog'' comic has a Mirror Universe, called variously "The Reverse Universe", "Anti-Mobius", and "Moebius". In it Dr. Robotnik/Kintobor is a KindlyVet, while the Freedom Fighters fight against freedom, having overthrown the previous monarch. The [[strike: Anti-Freedom Fighters]] Suppression Squad all dress in black leather, and acted like a bunch of juvenile delinquents until Anti-Sonic became "Scourge" and conquered Moebius.
** The interference from the heroes' world has caused the parallels to break down a bit; Scourge has been turned green, and hooked up with [[FaceHeelTurn Fiona Fox]] for a while, Anti-Bunnie has pulled a HeelFaceTurn and wears [[PoweredArmor Omega Armor]] instead of being a {{cyborg}} (anti-Rotor is the cyborg) and anti-Antoine briefly posed as his good counterpart. Basically the [[StatusQuoIsGod status quo]] for the mirror world gets altered more often than the main one. Oh, and [[TheStarscream Miles Prower]] even has [[BeardOfEvil the goatee]].
* Subversion: In Creator/PhilFoglio's short story [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/stories/HBstory/HBstory.php "Work Ethic"]] found in ''ComicBook/GrimJack'' #40, heroes from a world in which there is only pure good and pure evil (and the heroes always win), get transported to Grimjack's world, which has a more realistically varied moral spectrum. Thus, since they see that everything is not purely good, they begin to destroy the entire town of Cynosure until Cynosure's protector sends them back to their own dimension. (Incidentally, these heroes, the Heterodyne Boys, later became the inspiration for ''Webcomic/GirlGenius''.)
** Similarly, in ''ComicBook/JLAAvengers'', the League, seeing the many imperfections of the Franchise/MarvelUniverse, conclude that it's the Evil Universe. Comicbook/TheAvengers, seeing statues and museums to the heroes everywhere in the Franchise/DCUniverse, conclude the exact same thing (they think the DC heroes have set themselves as gods).
* ''ComicBook/TransformersShatteredGlass'', where the heroic Decepticons are fighting to protect Earth and Cybertron from the powermongering of the evil Autobots. "Till All are Gone..." And yes, [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Image:Rodimus_goatee.jpg Evil Rodimus has a goatee.]]
** Quintessons are tree-hugging, peace-loving, groovy lingo speaking, space-hippies. The major Quintesson character is an exile who disagrees with the usual Quintesson policy of non-interaction with races until they're deemed sufficiently advanced -- as opposed to the normal Quintesson policy of enslaving or arbitrarily executing "inferior" beings.
** [[TheStarscream Starscream]] is Megatron's [[UndyingLoyalty most loyal soldier who praises his commander]]. (It's all rather creepy, to be honest.) He also bears the color of his normal universe friend-turned-foe, Jetfire.
*** Even speech patterns are reversed: [[HulkSpeak Grimlock]] is [[AntiquatedLinguistics sophisticated]], [[MachineMonotone Soundwave]] talks like a SurferDude, [[JiveTurkey Jazz]] sounds like Creator/MrT, and so on.
** Earth is a CrapsackWorld that views both factions of Transformers as enemies. But more illustrative of the [[BizarroUniverse reversed nature of the universe]] are the Witwicky brothers, who are now petty criminal allies of the evil Autobots, and the machine-hating Creator/MarvelComics villain Circuit Breaker (or Josie Beller), whose ''Shattered Glass'' counterpart is Josephine "Sephie" Beller, an ordinary human Decepticon ally who loves machines and admires the Transformers. The MadScientist Dr. Arkeville's counterpart is Professor Henri Arkeville, a ScienceHero. The cruel dictator Abdul Fakkadi's counterpart is a benevolent ruler who is a father to his people. Cobra is a resistance unit fighting for freedom against America's tyrannical enforcers: Franchise/GIJoe.
** Nobody in this universe has heard of beings like [[{{God}} Primus]], [[GodOfEvil Unicron]], or [[{{Satan}} The Fallen]]. When a displaced G1 Cliffjumper explains the concept to Megatron and the other Decepticons, they find the idea quaint. It should be noted that these beings are multiversal singularities (there is only one version of them in the multiverse), so if they ever showed up in the Shattered Glass-verse, they would be the same as in the normal universe. There is an evil Alpha Trion, however.
** Earth also has a Franchise/MyLittlePony, where they have unfriendly sounding names, like Rainbow Dark and Poison Apple (likely evil counterparts of [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Rainbow Dash and Applejack]], respectively).
* ''ComicBook/DisneyMouseAndDuckComics''
** ''ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse'' also dabbled in this; [[http://coa.inducks.org/story.php?c=I+TL+2355-5 in this comic,]] Paperinik ends up going into an alternate universe where Uncle Scrooge is poor, Gladstone Gander is unlucky, policemen are criminals, criminals are good, and Paperinik himself is evil.
** ''ComicBook/MickeyMouseComicUniverse'':
*** In one series of comics, it's especially disconcerting in that the Phantom Blot, a ManipulativeBastard and trademark villain, is a superhero.
*** In the Italy series ''X-Mickey'' we find Mickey traveling through portals to another dimension and meeting new characters that are special for this series. Most notable is the Goofy-lookalike werewolf named Pipwolf, but we also have Manny that looks like an albino Minnie and several other characters that are recurring throughout the series.
* ComicStrip/MandrakeTheMagician has had several adventures involving a mirror universe. Usually the evil mirror-universe tries to invade the ordinary universe, coming through just about any mirror (though they prefer to begin with Narda's), since they have a spray that makes mirrors soft and permeable.
* ComicBook/ThePowerpuffGirls comic "Deja View" involved the Powerpuff Girls' adventures through a universe in which they must help the heroic Jomo Momo (Mirror Mojo Jojo) defeat Oppressor Plutonium (Mirror Utonium). Meanwhile, the girls' counterparts, the Powerpunk Girls, wreak havoc on Townsville. This was originally going to be a season five episode for the TV show, but its CGI put it over budget and near a tight deadline. They gave the storyline to DC Comics to make as issue #50.
* The 7th arc of the [[ComicBook/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicIDW My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book series]] deals with the mane six (plus Spike) traveling to another dimension where the villain of [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E1TheCrystalEmpirePart1 the season 3 premiere]], King Sombra, is actually TheGoodKing while the counterparts of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are the villains. Other changes include the mane six's counterparts being pictured on wanted posters while various antagonists throughout the series are depicted as heroes. Some characters' traits are reversed; ie the Apple family are snobby aristocrats instead of humble farmers.
* The ''ComicBook/{{Planetary}}''[=/=]''JLA'' one-shot is set in an alternate timeline where the main characters from ''Planetary'' are evil and playing the role that their enemies the 4 do in the main timeline, with JLA characters introduced as the heroes trying to take them down.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* The RPG.net forum discussion ''[[http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=413172 Shattered Disc]]'', a mirror universe Literature/{{Discworld}}. "The world burns ... on the back of a turtle."
* ''Fanfic/MyStupidReality'' a ''Manga/DeathNote'' fic in which the Light vs L conflict is reversed-in this universe Light is a genuinely NiceGuy who has spent all his life pretending to be ''imperfect'' and it's ''L'' that [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope jumps off the slippery slope.]]
* Also the ''Manga/DeathNote'' [[AlternateUniverseFic AU]] ''Fanfic/TheFaceless''- in canon Light [[spoiler: kills L]] [[VillainWithGoodPublicity but is seen as admirable by the men he's deceived.]] In this universe Light [[spoiler: rescues L]] and is met with derision by his soldiers as they realize the AwfulTruth about what they were fighting for.
* ''FanFic/YouGotHaruhiRolled'' features an EvilCounterpart of the SOS Brigade, who hail from a literally photonegative universe. The Anti-SOS Brigade (the canonical EvilCounterpart) offers to help them kill the SOS Brigade, but [[EvilerThanThou are betrayed by the photonegative SOS Brigade]] [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg (and Evil Tsuruya)]].
* ''Fanfic/TheSacredAndTheProfane'' is a DarkerAndEdgier retelling of ''Literature/GoodOmens'' where Crowley (now known as Caphriel) is the angel and Aziraphale (now Zirah) is the demon.
* A ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' fanfiction features Sonoma and Kan'na. Sonoma is the original universe, introduced in the works of Tite Kubo. Kan'na is a universe created by a user, and is the parallel twin universe to Sonoma. Kan'na is war-torn, and the World of the Living is in a post-apocalyptic state, having been overrun by Hollows. Morals and standards do not exist in Kan'na, same for rules.
* ''Fanfic/ReimaginedEnterprise'' uses the TropeNamer once per season, using similar concepts to the acclaimed "In A Mirror, Darkly" episode from the canon show.
* A group of ''Franchise/TheTransformers'' fans [[http://web.archive.org/web/20081207033622/http://mirrorverse.transfactions.net/main.html wrote several pieces about a possible Transformers mirror universe,]] with the [[http://web.archive.org/web/20081204111332/http://mirrorverse.transfactions.net/fic/closer.html first such piece]] appearing in 2001, predating the Shattered Glass universe by around seven years (as ''Shattered Glass #1'' appeared in 2008). This fan-made Mirror-verse setting was unusual in that its good and evil flip was played completely straight (with the evil Autobots proving to be even more monstrous than the Decepticons of the normal universe), where Shattered Glass has hints of clever parody in its content.
* ''WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck'' already had a mirror universe in the form of the Negaverse. ''FanFic/NegaverseChronicles'' explores that world extensively.
* {{Downplayed}} in ''Fanfic/TheWrongReflection'', a ''VideoGame/StarTrekOnline'' fanfic dealing with the TropeNamer. The makeup of the prime universe Captain Kanril Eleya's crew means there physically ''can't'' be a straight-played evil version of the USS ''Bajor'': In ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' Bajor is part of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in the mirror universe--the Occupation of Bajor was perpetrated by ''humanity'' and they were freed by the Alliance conquest--but most of the members of Eleya's senior staff are Terran species. So instead other things get changed: Mirror Kanril is the XO on a Cardassian battleship and a darker version of the AntiHero compared to the PragmaticHero Eleya.
* During the 'Good and Evil' chapter of ''FanFic/VariousVytalVentures'' we see a glimpse of such a world, where RWBY is a team of PsychoRangers, Ozpin is an EvilOverlord, and almost everyone has their personality completely swapped. Naturally, it makes several {{Shout Out}}s to the original ''Franchise/StarTrek Mirror''-verse.
* In ''Fanfic/TheBridge'', several good and bad {{Kaiju}} get transported to Equestria. In the spin-off ''The Bridge: Sound of Thunder'', Raiga finds herself in Equestria and thinks she will soon be reunited with Godzilla and her other friends, except it turns out she arrived in the mirror Equestria from ''ComicBook/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicIDW''. To make matters worse, the Kaiju transported to this world are from a mirror universe as well. Godzilla is a sadistic murderer instead of a hero, ''Battra'' Lea is an OmnicidalManiac instead of a guardian, etc. On the flipside, Xenilla and Destroyah are heroes instead of villains. Raiga's own counterpart is shy and meek instead of fight-happy.
* The ''Fanfic/ThisTimeRound'' MetaFic setting for ''Series/DoctorWho'' has Some Other Time Round, where the author avatars are nastier, the stories are darker, and the canon characters are from "Inferno".
* Given that the ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' fandom is a breeding ground for [[AlternateUniverse Alternate Universes]], it's not surprising that one of these exists - Underfell, where the monsters were forced to [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold bury their kinder natures]] and "kill or be killed" is the law of the land. Typically, [[BigBad Flowey]] becomes the player's partner and guide, while [[AllLovingHero Papyrus]] becomes a vicious sadist, [[{{Adorkable}} Alphys]] becomes a MadScientist, Undyne and Mettaton both become significantly more vicious, Toriel becomes MyBelovedSmother and Asgore is a dictator and unrepentant child-murderer. And everything generally looks DarkerAndEdgier.
* The ''Webcomic/{{Terinu}}'' fanfic "The Grace of God" has the mainline characters drop into a parallel universe where their personalities were twisted in the worst possible direction. Leeza is the obedient military officer her father always wanted, Terinu is Mavra Chan's loyal enforcer, Melika is a SpacePirate, and Rufus warped from an honorable AcePilot to a drunk, drug addicted wreck.
* The ''VisualNovel/{{Danganronpa}}'' fanfic ''FanFic/ThroughTheCrackedMirror'' reverses the roles of Hope and Despair.
* From the ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' fandom comes the FanFic/ReverseFallsAU, in which Dipper and Mabel (often but not always given the surname "Gleeful") are a pair of ruthless, sometimes [[DarkFic outright]] AxCrazy CreepyTwins. More often than not Mabel will be a StalkerWithACrush to the now-heroic Gideon, while Dipper begins a much more... [[BelligerentSexualTension belligerent]] relationship with Pacifica. That is, if the setting isn't just an excuse to write an inverted [[MindGameShip BillDip]] fic.
* ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'''s take on this is the Momswap AU, where the homeworld gems Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, and Peridot take the place of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as Steven's surrogate moms and the rebels fighting for Earth, while the canon Crystal Gems are the threatening Homeworld gems. Sometimes [[BigBad Yellow Diamond]] is Steven's mother instead of Rose Quartz, and sometimes ''everyone'' is swapped- even Steven. It all depends on what interpretation you're talking about.

* In Creator/AndreNorton's ''Star Gate'' (1958), the human colonists of Gorth, seeking an AlternateUniverse version of their beloved adopted planet that has no native intelligent life, accidentally stumble into a version in which their own counterparts have used their advanced technology to enslave the inhabitants.
* The Literature/DarkReflectionsTrilogy features a literal mirror universe.
* Characters from Mirror Universe settings occasionally turn up in the {{Literature/Nightside}} novels, such as Dark Artur (an alternate King Arthur whose mentor Merlin had sided with the Devil), or Joan Taylor and Steven Shooter (GenderFlip villainous versions of the series leads).
* Spider Robinson's story "Mirror/rorriM Off the Wall" has an invasion by Trebor, the evil mirrortwin of Robert, a patron of Literature/CallahansCrosstimeSaloon. [[spoiler: One of the tipoff's is that Callahan's bar doesn't ''have'' a mirror normally, just quotes written behind the bar, and suddenly, there is a mirror.]]
* ''Literature/{{The Mirage}}'' is a novel about a Mirror Universe TheWarOnTerror, where a liberated, cosmopolitan United Arab States is attacked by a fundamentalist Christian America and ends up invading them in retaliation. Of course, the fact that it's such a funhouse mirror version of our world is key to the plot...
* [[Literature/{{Dragons}} The Last Dragon Chronicles]]: Every main character in ''Fire World'' has a counterpart on Earth. It's also {{Lampshaded}} in-universe.
** David is ...well, David.
** Eliza is [[spoiler: Elizabeth]].
** Harlan is [[spoiler: Arthur]].
** Penny is [[spoiler: Lucy]].
** Rosa is [[spoiler: Zanna]].
** Gwyneth is [[spoiler: Gwillana]].
** Mr. Henry is [[spoiler: Mr. Bacon]].
** Mathew is [[spoiler: Tam]].
** Angel is [[spoiler: Alexa]].
** Boon is [[spoiler: Bonnington]].
** Stromberg is [[spoiler: Bergstrom]].
* The "Cosmic Chess Match" arc in ''Literature/PerryRhodan'' is famous for the protagonists ending up in one of these after an experiment gone wrong. In this case it's not entirely clear whether it was a fully "legitimate" instance of the trope or an artificial creation of one of the dueling [[SufficientlyAdvancedAlien super-intelligences]]; the trigger condition for returning home ([[spoiler:Perry Rhodan himself killing his own evil double]]) and the fact that it worked basically instantly once met seem to rather hint at the latter, but [=ANTI-IT=] could have just as easily made use of an already-existing alternate universe.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In the ''Series/DoctorWho'' story "Inferno", the Doctor was transported to a world where Britain was a military dictatorship and the UNIT characters were either evil (like Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart and his EyepatchOfPower and Platoon Underleader Benton) or resignedly following orders (like Section Leader Liz Shaw and Doctor Petra Williams)[[note]]as the ''Franchise/StarTrek'' example was not yet so dominant, the evil universe versions of both the Brig and Stahlman have less facial hair than the mainstream ones[[/note]]. The location and plot were the same (an attempt to drill into the Earth's mantle), but [[spoiler: penetration was reached and the world was destroyed. The Doctor was able to escape in time and stop his Earth's version of the project.]]
* Subverted in ''Series/StargateSG1''. A whole shipload of alternate SG-1 teams from various universes arrives. One team ends up hijacking the ''Prometheus''. Mitchell says to his double, "You don't have beards, so I know you're not from the Evil Twin Universe". It turns out that this particular team [[spoiler:comes from a universe in which Earth does not have a working Zero Point Energy module and needs one to power their defenses. So out of desperation they've contrived the conditions that caused the dimensional travel so they can steal someone else's. You'd think they'd just get all the Samanthas to work on the problem. Which is pretty much how they solve the problem of sending everyone back.]]
* ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' had a Polar Opposite World, where good and evil were reversed. The characters had to forge an alliance with their "evil" selves to get both worlds back into balance.
** An imbalance that occurred when these universes crossed caused a total {{Flanderization}} of their respective moralities; in the 'good' universe, even the most minor of infringements of law or courtesy was enough to have you (cheerfully) shot, whereas so much as the slightest gesture of kindness in the 'evil' universe would incur the same consequence. Also, it was always day in the good world, and always night in the evil one.
** Given the nature of Charmed, it also resulted in changes of what the characters were - the witches became warlocks, Whitelighters became Darklighters, and so forth.
* The ''Star Trek'' Mirror Universe started out (in the ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' that introduced it) as identical to the main universe, except that for the moral inversion between the Federation characters and their evil Empire counterparts. When the Mirror Universe was revisited in ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'', the correspondences were less straightforward -- the Empire had been overthrown, humans were downtrodden slaves, and the station was run by [[DepravedBisexual Kira's evil counterpart]].
** And was actually an UnbuiltTrope in its first appearance. Even though his mirror counterpart had a BeardOfEvil, Spock was, as the show put it, "A man of honor in both universes", [[AntiVillain and not strictly evil]] in the mirror universe despite clearly being on the side of the angels in the primary reality. Further, the Aliens Of The Week were {{Actual Pacifist}}s in both the 'normal' universe and in the Mirror Universe.
** When the prequel series ''[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise Enterprise]]'' revisited it in "In A Mirror Darkly," it also completely [[SpecialEditionTitle changed its opening credits']] entire mood from "Idealistic Yet Not Naive Hope" to "War! Conquest! ''Exploding FrickinLaserBeams!''" Moreover, since almost everyone except maybe the Vulcans is shown to be evil in one way or another, the ending in which TheBadGuyWins doesn't really come as a surprise. What ''does'' come as something of a twist is [[spoiler: it's the bad ''gal'' who wins, and then promptly proclaims herself Empress.]]
** Certain other aspects of characters are flipped in the mirror universe as well. In ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'', Bashir is a [[DumbMuscle stupid and brutish thug]] (most likely due to never having been genetically altered), Odo is a [[TheBully sadistic slave overseer]], Jadzia is a psychotic KnifeNut who is mirror Sisko's lover, mirror Sisko (while a good guy) has very little in the way of restrained self-control, and mirror Ezri and Leeta (while also not villains, though also not squeaky-clean) are both lesbians. Even more shockingly for such a dog-eat-dog universe, ''[[CorruptCorporateExecutive Brunt]]'' of all people becomes a NiceGuy. Things get ridiculous when an [[SerialEscalation entirely fictional holodeck character appears as a real person]], (presumably his mirror creator chose androids over holodecks) whereupon everyone gives up trying to make sense of things.
** One of Shatner's novels gives a quite satisfying explanation for why this is the only parallel universe open to cross-dimensional travel. When the Enterprise chased the Borg back to Cochrane's time in ''[[Film/StarTrekFirstContact First Contact]]'' they didn't, as they supposed, change the timeline and change it back again: they gave rise to a separate timeline. (Then returned to their own and assumed, since it looked the same, that they had succeeded.) Their clumsy attempts to cover up their fixing didn't fool the Vulcans, who deduced the existence of the Borg, concluded that the logical counter to this menace was the savage militarism they discovered on Earth, and set humans on the path to becoming an Evil Galactic Empire that would be big and bad enough to defeat the Borg when they appeared. Because of the artificial way it was created, this timeline remained entangled with its parent one, leading to a leaky boundary, but also to cross-influences producing similar people with the same names in the same places despite completely different [[{{Backstory}} backstories]].
** The [[Literature/StarTrekMirrorUniverse Star Trek novels]] continue the Mirror Universe after season seven of ''Deep Space Nine'', showing us how the Terran Rebellion is becoming more of a social revolution, as well as giving us perspectives on Mirror Spock's rise to power as Emperor after the initial episode "Mirror, Mirror", Empress Sato's putting down of the rebellion during the ''Enterprise'' era, and how Picard stopped being a slave and became a Terran Rebellion leader during the TNG era. [[spoiler: The MU gets a happy ending: As the mirror ''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine [=DS9=]]]'' gang kicked much booty with their version of the Defiant, somebody got their hands on the ''Enterprise''-E's specs. The tide of the war is turned, this time by ''genuinely'' good guys and not an equally-brutal faction that the existing bad guys were keeping down. And now, the rebellion is victorious, and with the war over, they've got this nice shiny awesome spaceship that's no longer needed for battle. The ''Enterprise'' will now be used for exploration under the command of a rebel named Picard.]]
** Also, the ExpandedUniverse ''does'' show us more than one version of the Mirror Universe, though whether it's intentional or simply the Trek EU not being having nearly as tight continuity as the ''Franchise/StarWars'' one is unknown. "Dark Passions" is quite incompatible with the Shatnerverse version, for example. Also, one book written ''well'' after ''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine [=DS9=]]]'' features several alternate universes, including one featuring the ISS ''Enterprise''-E of the Terran Empire, which doesn't work with the [=DS9=] incarnation of the MU, so that one is clearly deliberately alternate from the beginning.
*** It should be noted that the show does occasionally show us parallel universes that are not the 'Mirror Universe.' In the ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' episode "Parallels", Worf is stuck traveling between different realities in which there are mostly only minor differences. The only semi-villainous alternate main character was a Riker from a timeline in which the Borg had assimilated much of the Federation, who fired on Worf's shuttle, desperate to avoid returning to his native universe. He does sport a much more wild and unkempt beard than our Riker, but it is clearly a BeardOfSorrow rather than a BeardOfEvil.
** The IDW comic story "Mirrored" gives us the Mirror Universe of the [[Film/StarTrek New Movie]] Universe. As Captain Spock vanquishes the Klingons in the name of the Terran Empire, Commander Kirk vists Rura Penthe to get revenge on Nero, (who in this universe never escaped, and has been there since the attack on the ''Kelvin''). Then Kirk ends up with control of the ''Narada'', and things get worse.
** One episode of Voyager opened with what appeared to be a mirror universe setting, with a vicious Janeway threatening a planet to get resources. [[spoiler: It turned out to be an inaccurate historical record written by this civilization some time in the future, based on an incident with Voyager several hundred years ago. The holographic doctor's backup unit is later activated and sets the record straight.]] Those familiar with Deep Space 9's episodes likely knew it wasn't the case, those who hadn't been watching...
** The video game ''VideoGame/StarTrekOnline'' revisited the Mirror Universe. Unlike other Expanded Universe entries, this Terran Empire went right back to being tyrants after liberating themselves from the Klingon Alliance. Prior to the Season 11 update, the emperor was James O'Brien, son of "Smiley" O'Brien, who attempted to alter the Bajoran Wormhole to initiate a full-scale invasion of the Prime universe. Season 11 changed this so that the empire was now ruled by an unidentified emperor with strange powers, with the main threat on the Prime side being the mirror universe Leeta, who as an admiral fought and won their own Iconian War via weaponry from the future and now seeks to invade our world as a staging ground for a bid to the throne.
** ''[[Series/StarTrekDiscovery Discovery]]'' revisits the Mirror Universe, when the spore drive malfunctions and sends the ship there. The crew manage to get their hands on a rebel database, allowing them to brush up on this world's history. They realize that their only way back is to find the USS ''Defiant'' that ended up there in ENT. We're also shown a glimpse of Captain Sylvia Tilly of that universe, who is as bloodthirsty and vicious as the original Mirror!Kirk. Burnham's double is, apparently, not much better. On the other hand, the double of the morally-ambiguous Lorca is a good guy, who attempted to rise up against the Emperor. [[spoiler:Until we found out Lorca that we know is actually the same mirror universe Lorca, and the entire happenings during the first half of season 1 is orchestrated by him]]
*** We are also introduced the one biological difference between a Mirror Universe Terran and Prime Universe human: [[spoiler:sensitive to light. This is how Michael recognizes the Lorca that she served is actually from Mirror Universe]].
*** We also meet the reigning emperor of the Terran Empire - [[spoiler:Phillipa Georgiou, who is as different from Captain Phillipa Georgiou as day from night. When she ends up in the Prime universe, courtesy of Burnham, the first thing she does is nearly shoot Commander Saru for not immediately bowing down to her, as befits a proper slave (he's an alien, therefore a slave in her universe). She then convinces Starfleet to allow her to destroy Qo'noS, just like she did in the Mirror Universe, in order to force an end to the war]].
* Parodied in a "lost episode" of ''Series/MyNameIsEarl'', which retells the story of the {{Pilot}}, except instead of watching Carson Daly, Earl flips over to ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' and is inspired by Stewie Griffin to take revenge on everyone he feels has wronged him. He is eventually killed after failing to take revenge on his old bullying victim Kenny for making him "feel stupid".
* In an episode of ''Series/PowerRangersNinjaStorm'', Tori is sent into a parallel universe where the other rangers are the bad guys and the villains are good guys (the shallow, fashioned obsessed villainesses are even hippies in this universe).
* One of the many, many sphere malfunctions in ''Series/SevenDays'', rather than sending Parker into a Mirror Universe, actually inverted the ''real'' universe (since the existence of parallel universes was disallowed by the show's AppliedPhlebotinum), changing Never Never Land into the seat of a tyrannical dictatorship, Ramsey into a spaced-out hippie, and reversing all writing. Parker, being morally ambiguous to begin with, was immune. Also, everything in this "inverted universe" is mirrored. Get it?
* ''Series/TheMiddleman'': In "The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome", the alternate-universe Middleman goes from all-American Boy Scout type to less-than-altruistic AntiHero, Pip goes from selfish brat to Catholic priest working to help the helpless, Lacey is a stripper, with Noser as her muscle, the entire world is a {{dystopia}} ruled by Fatboy Industries, and ''[[spoiler: Wendy]]'' is the BigBad. Oh, and all the male characters have beards.
* ''Series/RedDwarf'' played the concept straight in the episode "Only the Good...", where Rimmer travelled to another dimension where everything was opposite to procure the antidote for a virus infecting the ship. The alternate Rimmer and Hollister's positions and personalities were switched, with Rimmer becoming the captain and Hollister a technician on probation from a prison sentence; the Cat was the ship's chief scientist, and Kochanski was his ditzy secretary. (Also seen in deleted scenes: Lister was the OfficerAndAGentleman first officer with no dreadlocks and a moustache.) Additionally, all writing was reversed and Rimmer became left-handed and [[BiggusDickus well-endowed]].
** The concept was also played with earlier in the series, though not quite played straight. The earliest example is the episode "Parallel Universe", which had a universe where everyone's [[GenderBender gender was swapped]]. [[spoiler:Except for the Cat, whose counterpart was a male humanoid Dog.]]
** Also played with in "Dimension Jump", the episode which introduced [[TheAce Ace Rimmer]]. Ace himself is an obvious mirror version of Rimmer, being a confident heroic and sexy test pilot, as is Lister's counterpart "Spanners", who is a successful engineer who is married to Kochanski with twin boys. Some of the other characters [[AndYouWereThere played by the main cast]] also contrast in this way: the Cat's counterpart, the [[GoodShepherd Padre]], is selfless and friendly; Kryten's counterpart, Admiral "Bongo" Tranter, is a human in a position of authority.
** Also ''also'' played with in "Angels and Demons", where an experiment gone awry cause Red Dwarf to split into three parts: the cast and crew as we know them, a perfect Red Dwarf where everyone's a pacifist, and a decrepit Red Dwarf where everyone's a sadist. HilarityEnsues when the three parts interact.
* ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' explicitly parodied the ''Star Trek'' mirror universe in their ''Film/LastOfTheWildHorses'' episode. Tom and Gypsy are swapped with their evil counterparts. In the evil universe, Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank are trapped on the SOL, while bearded Mike and the bots subject them to horrible movies.
* ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys'' had a universe where Herc was an evil ruler called the Sovereign, and Iolaus was his jester. Opposing the Sovereign's rule were such figures as Joxer (the Spock "one good man" type character, but "opposite" to "our" Joxer by being competent) and Ares, god of love.
** The Sovereign also had a BeardOfEvil. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't realize that the main universe's Ares is also evil and has no qualms about killing.
* ''Series/KamenRiderDragonKnight'' uses this concept literally - the parallel world of Ventara is connected to Earth through reflective surfaces like mirrors and windows. The Earth Kamen Riders are mirror twins of the original Ventaran Riders, who are all heroes, which causes some interesting moments. For example, the good guys are a bit weirded out by Ventaran!Strike, since his Earthly counterpart is a SmugSnake {{Jerkass}}. [[spoiler:He ends up in a relationship with a reporter at the end of the series.]]
* Kevin, Gene, Feldman and Fargas in ''The Bizarro Jerry'' episode of ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}''.
* Not played straight, but homaged in ''Series/{{Fringe}},'' where practically the first person encountered in the alternate universe is played by Creator/LeonardNimoy. In the show's "over there" universe Walternate is a villain in the WellIntentionedExtremist mode, although the original Walter has some ethically suspect things in his past too. Their version of Olivia is essentially good but does bad things because she believes in Walternate. Other characters aren't better or worse, just different. And a few characters change alignment after the CosmicRetcon.
* In ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', Cordelia [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor gets her wish that Buffy never came to Sunnydale]], turning the town (and likely the world) into hell. Xander and Willow are vampires and rule the streets at night, Angel is regularly sexually tortured by Willow, Buffy eventually turns up bitchier than [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Sarah Connor at her worst]] to stop a vampire plot to rule the world, only to die trying like most of the show's characters.
* In season two of the GameShow ''Series/WhereInTimeIsCarmenSandiego'', this was common type of skit. In the Mirror Universe, AMCE was a force of evil and VILE was a force of good. Kevin {{lampshaded}} this when one of the skits came up.
* ''Series/{{Pixelface}}'': In one episode, Riley exits the game from the wrong port and finds himself in a different console where Alexia is an ExtremeDoormat, Aethelwynee is a JerkJock, Rex is an InsufferableGenius, Claireparker is ThePigpen and Kiki is... a large, hairy man.
* ''Series/LostInSpace'' did an episode entitled "The Anti-Matter Man" where John Robinson gets kidnapped by his mirror self, who wants to take his place in the "normal" world. In the mirror world, everything is different, where [[spoiler: because the robot is good, his mirror counterpart is permanently imprisoned]]. Oddly enough (since it was slightly earlier) [[spoiler: Drun (the mirror Don West) has a [[Franchise/StarTrek beard]]]]. Will, Dr. Smith and the Robot rescue him, and the episode concludes with [[spoiler: John throwing Mirror John over the side of the "bridge" between the normal world and the mirror world]].
* ''Series/{{The Suite Life of Zack and Cody}}'': Zack and Cody travel to an alternate universe in the episode "Suite Life of Success" where everything is ideal for them: Mr. Moseby is a fun-loving rule-breaking cool guy; the hotel is called "The Fitzpatrick" because Maddie is the heiress instead of London; London has Maddie's former job as candy counter girl and is the smart one while Maddie is {{The Ditz}}; Carey is a famous singer and lets the boys do everything they want; Esteban is a maid; George Clooney is on the nickle; and Arwin is Carey's manager has hair wears leather and Carey has a massive crush on him instead of vice versa.
* Parodied in ''Series/{{Community}}''. When the tossing of a die to choose who picks up some pizza creates [[ForWantOfANail seven alternate universes]], one horrible one is created where [[spoiler: Pierce dies, Jeff loses an arm, Shirley becomes an alcoholic, Annie suffers a mental breakdown, Troy's larynx is destroyed, and Britta dyes a blue streak in her hair]]. GenreSavvy Abed deduces that they're in the "evil" universe, makes them all [[Franchise/StarTrek fake beards]] and makes it their job to break into the true universe and wreak havoc.
* Polish sitcom ''Swiat wedlug Kiepskich'' has an episode where the son of the titular disfunctional family passes by the mirror in the hall and discovers that his reflection is wearing glasses, formal suit and rather nerdy haircut. After brief argument with the reflection, he finally responses with a headbutt which results in them both swapping places with each other and he ends up in an alternate universe where his family is rich, their alcoholic neighbours are tennis-playing scholars with academic degrees, and he's a world famous fiddle player. Who is about to have his biggest performance in just few hours. HilarityEnsues.
* ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'' has this in the episode "All About You-niverse".
* ''Series/FlandersCompany'' does this with the {{Villain Protagonist}}s discovering an alternate universe where their company trains and forms superheroes instead of supervillains.
* Here's an example you might not expect: in a "The Word" segment on ''Series/TheColbertReport'' from February 10, 2007, Stephen opens with reporting on a new theory about parallel universes. In the middle of the segment, there is suddenly a cheesy science fiction zoom out, and suddenly Stephen is a left-wing hippie whose "Word" was "Troops Out Now!" After a while of seeing Hippie!Stephen's reporting, the same zoom out is shown, and you cut to "real-life" Stephen arguing in character that the US military should invade any parallel universes we find.
* The alternate Enchanted Forest created by the book ''Heroes and Villains'' in the Season 4 finale of ''Series/OnceUponATime'' has shades of this. Snow White is the Evil Queen, with Charming as the Huntsman and the Dwarfs as her royal guard. Meanwhile, Regina is in Snow's role as the bow-wielding freedom fighter, and Rumpelstiltskin is a noble and brave WhiteMagic user known as the Ogreslayer and the Light One. Other characters seem to have less of a personality shift, although their position in the story has changed.
* Happens in the ''Series/HenryDanger'' episode "Opposite Universe" when Henry and Charlotte end up in a Mirror universe while their evil counterparts are trapped in the other "good" universe after a tubing into the Man Cave during an electrical storm. Obligatory [[BeardOfEvil evil beards]] for Captain Man, Schwoz (kind of) and Mr Hart. Piper is a non-violent, unselfish girl.
* While not played perfectly straight in ''Series/TheFlash2014,'' we get a lot of morality inversions in Earth-2. Most of the CCPD are still good guys though their circumstances are different, but when it comes to the superpowered players:
** Our Hunter Zolomon is a normal guy as far as we can tell. Theirs is [[spoiler: the BigBad Zoom.]]
** Our Caitlin is a friendly scientist. Theirs is the gleefully sadistic and murderous Killer Frost.
** Our Cisco is also a friendly scientist. Theirs is TheDragon.
** Our Ronnie Raymond: Half of the heroic Firestorm, until his apparent death. Theirs: ''All'' of the evil Deathstorm after having wrested full control away from Martin Stein who remains [[AndIMustScream trapped inside him, unable to even communicate by now.]] (Which may make Stein a rare person to be good in both worlds.)
** Our Floyd Lawton is the assassin Deadshot, with perfect aim to the point of it being a superpower. Theirs is a police officer, who is called Deadshot by those who make fun of his ''terrible'' aim.
** Our Laurel Lance, or should we say Dinah Laurel Lance, is the second Black Canary. Theirs is the evil Black Siren.
** Our Harrison Wells was shady where the viewer could see but the cast couldn’t, eventually revealed as [[spoiler: Eobard “Reverse-Flash” Thawne.]] You worry when theirs turns out to be a bit shady too, but it turns out that he’s [[spoiler: trying to protect his daughter, held by Zoom, at any cost]], and eventually levels with the team. Of course, this isn’t a perfect example since [[spoiler: Reverse-Flash had taken the identity of the true Wells of our world, who seems to have been a decent guy]].
** Our Linda Park is an innocent reporter. Theirs is the enemy known as Dr. Light. She’s more sympathetic than most of Zoom’s crew, though.
** Our Henry Hewitt: The villain Tokamak, who blasts away at the heroes with nuclear blasts even after the thing he was supposedly mad about no longer mattered. Theirs: Innocent member of Star Labs.
** While the Green Arrow is still good, we get a different sort of flip: his origin story happened much the same except it was Oliver who died and Robert who survived to become the hero.
** Not ''all'' of the CCPD is the same: Our David Singh is the police captain. Theirs is a criminal who was being brought in, though it was a brief enough sequence that we don't know how villainous or redeemable he is.
* ''Series/{{NTSFSDSUV}}'': Trent accidentally comes into contact with a MagicalParticleAccelerator and travels to an alternate dimension where the NTSF is a terrorist organization rather than a crime-fighting unit.

[[folder:Mythology and Religion]]
* Some would say [[Myth/NorseMythology the myth of Thor]] in Outgard (Thor:[=OutgardLoki=], Loki:Logi, Thjalfi:Hugi).

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* In 2015 ''ComicStrip/DickTracy'' launched into an arc where Sam "Trigger" Catchem and Pat Patton are goons working for "Boss" Tracy, 88 Keyes is a [[spoiler: short lived but]] honest nightclub owner, and Pruneface is the chief of police. This alt-universe is eventually [[spoiler:[[ShowWithinAShow revealed as a movie set]]]].

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In the HERO game ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}'', a supplement describing various one-off AlternateUniverse concepts included a mirror universe, complete with ThePsychoRangers versions of the Champion superhero team.
* As a direct homage to DC's Crime Syndicate, the TabletopGame/FreedomCity setting for ''TabletopGame/MutantsAndMasterminds'' has a Mirror Universe (Anti-Earth) in which the city is called Empire City and the Freedom League is replaced by the Tyranny Syndicate.
* The fan-made ''Brighthammer 40k'' campaign setting for the ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' roleplaying games is largely a Mirror Universe, with some BizarroUniverse mixed in -- given [[CrapsackWorld the state of the normal universe]], it's a [[LighterAndSofter pretty nice place to live]]. There are exceptions, however. The Tau are ''exactly the same'' -- their new status as villains is simply because the rest of the universe now looks better, rather than worse, by comparison. The Tyranids are also the same -- they're mirrored in that they're now the threat another extragalactic faction is fleeing from, rather than being implied to be fleeing from an even worse extragalactic faction. While the Eldar are reversed in alignment as well, the makers took it to a logical conclusion: The Bright (Dark) Eldar were born in dire straits, and are fighting a losing war against their cruel brethren. The Slaan are a borderline exception, as well: They're much the same, but they're now villains as the setting replaces the mysterious-but-benevolent [[{{Precursors}} Old Ones]] of ''40k'' and ''TabletopGame/WarhammerFantasy'' with the twisted and horrifying Great Old Ones; being devoted servants to the Old Ones is now an unequivocally bad thing. The Deceiver (the worst of the extremely nasty C'Tan in {{Canon}}) is still completely evil, it's just that how he goes about it is reversed -- he's known as the Soothsayer, and rather than causing trouble with deception, he instead specializes in sharing dangerous and unpleasant truths and dispelling even harmless or necessary lies. The other C'Tan play this straight, though -- the Daybringer is flat-out benevolent, the Void Dragon is well-meaning but utterly alien and unaware of just how dangerous his knowledge can be in the wrong hands, and the Outsider is in a self-imposed exile due to emotional and mental scars from battling the Great Old Ones... but the Tyranids are heading toward his "prison" and ''no-one'' knows how that will turn out.
** Another version of this is the ''Dornian Heresy'' which remains GrimDark but switches the places of the loyalists and traitors, and in almost every major event the alternate choice was made. [[spoiler: The Emperor sided with Magnus during the Council of Nikea, meaning that the Thousand Sons gained the power to banish and in some cases even outright destroy daemons. Angeron had Horus and the Emperor side with him during the slave uprising on his world, resulting in him removing the combat implants in his warriors. After the Heresy, the Legions were never broken up to make sure they could stay strong and root out traitors within their ranks. Ultramar was tricked into fighting the Alpha Legion and Word Bearers, resulting in them becoming a third power, meaning that they were no longer held by the rules of the Imperium and began to tinker with their technology. Lorgar chose to declare a holy war upon Chaos rather than siding with them. And, most shocking of all, [[GeneralFailure Abbadon]] became a tactical genius!]]

* ''VideoGame/CityOfHeroes'' has the "Praetorians", evil world-conquering versions of the "normal" world's main heroes. Of course, it's up to the player character(s) to defeat them and ensure that they don't extend their conquests to other worlds.
** They have a Greek name, and Tyrant wears Greek-style armor, because of a legendary RealLife incident: when told of the existence of [[AlternateUniverse alternate universes]], Alexander the Great wept: "So many worlds, and we have not yet conquered one."
*** Also as a foil to the heroic Freedom Phalanx.
** The expansion ''Going Rogue'' (not to be confused with UsefulNotes/SarahPalin's book) looks to be giving them a {{Retcon}} into more 'Justice Lords' than 'Crime Syndicate', there incidentally there is also a [[TheSyndicate Syndicate]] in Praetorian Earth. There's also good versions of several villain groups; the [[CircusOfFear soul-stealing Carnival of Shadows]] are the heroic Carnival of Light, and [[LaResistance the Resistance]] seem to be based on [[CyberPunk the Freakshow]].
** Other confirmed "opposites" include:
*** Counterpart to Clockwork King [[spoiler: is Metronome, who is a disembodied psychic entity.]]
*** Counterpart to Ghost Widow, [[spoiler: is Belladona, who is still alive and a member of the Resistance.]]
*** Counterpart to Nemesis, ''the'' MagnificentBastard, is an apparent nobody
*** Counterpart to Odysseus, leader of the Warriors, is a trainer in the Underground.
*** Counterpart to Calvin Scott, husband to Aurora Borealis, is the leader of the Resistance.
*** Counterpart to Venessa [=DeVore=], leader of the Carnival of Shadows, is the leader of the Carnival of Light and is responsible for the Resistance's very existence. She saw the Emperor's new order coming and banded together several military leaders to stand against him. Her [[PsychicPowers psychic abilities]] also keep Mother Mayhem and the Seers from finding the Resistance.
** And the [[{{Fanon}} fans love to embrace this]], creating Praetorian counterparts of their own characters, and of currently unseen canon characters.
** The same game featured the "Amerika Korps", who were from an AlternateHistory where, you guessed it, Hitler conquered and occupied the US. Clumsily [[RetCon Ret Conned]] into the Council Empire later on, though Issue 15 brings back the most memorable character of the Amerika Korps.
*** The "Amerika Korps" could be seen as a slight subversion to the idea that they were identical mirror counterparts. While the game's background clearly stated that [[TheCape the Statesman]] and [[EvilCounterpart the Reichsman]] could spend all day slamming each other into the concrete, the Reichsman did not like competitors approaching his power level and deliberately made sure his "teammates'" training were less than adequate. That came back to bite him in the ass.
* ''VideoGame/KirbyAndTheAmazingMirror''. However, it's similar to most of its predecessors, aside from the sidekick Kirbies that wander around.
** PlayedWith in that Mirror World Kirby [[spoiler: isn't evil, he just thinks that Kirby is '''his''' evil counterpart]]. AntiHero, Meta Knight's Mirror World counterpart however play's this trope perfectly straight, lacking Meta Knight's sense of honor.
** If ''VideoGame/KirbyTripleDeluxe'' is anything to go by [[spoiler: King Dedede's Mirror World counterpart also plays this straight being more maliciously evil rather than simply Wario-esque greedy like the real Dedede]].
* The "Shadow Mirror" world that features prominently in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAdvance'' and ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration''. May or may not be the world that ''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars64 SRW 64]]'' took place in.
** Shadow Mirror isn't a one-for-one Mirror Universe, though -- while some characters are flipped (most prominently [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsCompact2 Kyosuke Nambu/Beowulf]]), others were mostly the same or didn't even last that long (Ryusei Date was apparently the same up until Beowulf killed him, and Rai Fujiwara was killed test-piloting the original [[SuperPrototype Huckebein]]). In ''Advance'', it's stated that Shadow Mirror's [[Franchise/{{Gundam}} Amuro Ray]] died young, paralleling the ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam'' novel rather than the anime.
** Then there is Asakim Dowin from ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsZ'', who is clearly an EvilTwin, or at last EvilCounterpart of Masaki Andoh from ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration'', being his antithesis in every possible way and having mecha that is darker version of Masaki's Cybuster. Many fans speculate that just like Masaki's {{backstory}} involves mystical world La Gias, Asakim's might involve La Gia's Mirror Universe.
* The ''VideoGame/AdventureQuestWorlds'' 2nd Birthday Event has your hero visiting the Mirror Realm, where pretty much everything is switched around. Battleon is called Battleoff, Aria owns a butcher shop instead of a pet shop, Yulgar's Inn is called "Ye Olde Outt," Zorbak is actually good, [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Cysero]] is actually sane, Warlic is a MadScientist rather than a mage, and the greatest hero of this reality turns out to be [[BigBad Drakath]]. His "Lords of Order" (basically good mirror counterparts of the Chaos Lords you've fought so far) have been captured by this realm's BigBad, King Alteon, who commands an undead army led by Artix, who is an undead Doom Paladin in the Mirror Realm, and you have to free them. The adventures include a trip to Lightovia (basically a mirror Darkovia) where Safiria is the Queen of the Werewolves instead of the Vampires (and where the werewolves love silver rather than it being the bane of their existence), a trip to a farm where a farmer is infecting his chickens with Chaos (don't ask) and finally heading to Alteon's secret lair, an evil mirror version of Swordhaven Castle, to do battle with undead Artix.
* The Dark World in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast'', the future Hyrule in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'', Termina in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask'', the Twilight Realm in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess'', and Lorule in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds''. Usually Link can go back and forth between worlds once you find the appropriate PlotCoupon (which in [=ALttP=] and TP is indeed a mirror).
** ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOracleGames'' basically take place within two different universes that are mirror universes of each other. Subverted when you play one game with the code you get from another, where [[spoiler:some people from Labrynna are in Holodrum and vice versa]], depending on which game you play second.
* Many team vs. team combat games and multiplayer RTS/turn-based strategy games implicitly use this for the sake of fairness; both teams will have access to identical characters who fight in levels that are the same on each team's side. [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience Color-coding]] or something else that doesn't affect gameplay distinguishes the two "worlds."

* In [[http://www.qwantz.com/archive/000035.html this strip]] of ''Webcomic/DinosaurComics'', where every comic is the same six images every time, an early story arc involves a mirror universe that is the same six panels... mirrored. Also, every character has goatees.
* ''Webcomic/IrregularWebcomic'''s "Cliffhangers" theme had [[http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/235.html a visit]] by an alternate Kolonel Haken from a mirror universe where the Nazis were good and Monty were evil. Eventually he was [[http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/comic.php?current=272 killed in single combat]] by the main-universe Haken, so [[IncrediblyLamePun the only dead Nazi was a good Nazi]].
** Following the history reboot, there have been [[http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/2470.html two]] [[http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/2477.html forays]] to the evil mirror universe. Thus far, the only visible differences are the [[BeardOfEvil beards]], the arrangement of the panels, and Dr Jones Sr.'s dislike of sausages and avoidence of [[http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/2482.html puns.]]
* ''Webcomic/InWilysDefense'' takes place in a universe where Dr. Wily would like a less exciting lifestyle, Cut Man's the hero, Dr. Light is an egotistical megalomaniac, and X is AxCrazy.
* [[http://www.shortpacked.com/index.php?id=702 McAwesome]] is apparently a mirror ''shop'' of ''Webcomic/{{Shortpacked}}''
* ''Webcomic/AgentsOfTheRealm'' has another universe on the other side of the Divide, which has its own set of the Agents and its own five amulets. Judging by LBB, it's more advanced than ours.
* ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'' features an infinity of alternative dimensions. One of them is hinted to be a world of {{evil counterpart}}s, having spawned a malicious version of Kiki, and possibly a selfish jerk version of Torg. (It's not known whether those characters were actually from the same dimension, but they might have been.)
* The heroes of the ''Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse'' have encountered two of these. The first is the standard version where the various characters are morally aligned opposite to their normal nature. In this one, the heroic Global Guardians have their counterparts in the villainous Global Gladiators , a criminal syndicate that has taken over the world. The second was a world in which the Global Guardians had taken control of the world "for the betterment of mankind" after a much more severe [[AlienInvasion Xorn invasion]] had left humanity on the brink of extinction.
* ''Webcomic/BobAndGeorge'': In the first AU Bob lands in [[http://www.bobandgeorge.com/archives/010204c an intelligence flipped world.]]
** While Megaman and Bass swapped intelligence with Protoman (They're geniuses and Protoman's the dumbass), Bob and George swapped temperaments: George became a blind psychopathic murderer, Bob became a flaming homosexual. The regular Bob was...a bit freaked out.
* The Dimension of Hackneyed Stereotyped Opposites in ''Webcomic/CaseyAndAndy''. Since Casey and Andy are ChaoticNeutral at best, conventional moral flips don't apply to them (instead Andi is a girl who dates God instead of Satan), but Quantum Cop's counterpart is Quantum Crook.
* ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', obviously. There's the Main Universe's Tedd (the one the story follows), Beta Tedd, Lord Tedd (also known as Alpha Tedd and the evil one pictured in the mirror in the trope image [[note]]the image is not from EGS itself but from a Wotch [[http://specials.thewotch.com/?date=2007-05-06 special]][[/note]], the Tedd from Ellen's "Second life" dreams and those are just the canon ones. There's also a paired universe with the main one, which is inhabited by griffons. However, since the two are inextricably connected (described as "two faces of the same coin") one character argues that they shouldn't be considered separate universes.
* In ''Webcomic/UniversalCompass'' there are 10 Alternate/parallel worlds that each reflect a certain emotion.
* In ''Webcomic/TheNonAdventuresOfWonderella'', Wonderella and Wonderita end up in one of these...except Wonderella's morality is so fluid in the first place (due mainly to her ItsAllAboutMe mindset) that her mirror counterpart is virtually the same person as her.
-->[[http://nonadventures.com/2008/03/15/clover-and-over-again/ "The opposite of neutral is still neutral!"]]
** Later, Wonderita's [[http://nonadventures.com/2013/11/16/lovely-rita-mirror-maid/ mirror counterpart]] arrives in the main universe to try to destroy it. Since Rita is ThePollyanna, mirror!Rita is pure evil. [[spoiler: The Wonderitas end up making out while the Wonderellas watch, drinking beers.]]
* In ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', [[ForWantOfANail Beforus serves as one for Alternia]]. At first it appears that the Beforus trolls are the GoodCounterpart to the trolls we know and love, but we soon see that they're easily capable of doing terrible things. The only difference is that they do it with a IDidWhatIHadToDo mentality as opposed to ForTheEvulz.
* Scott from ''Webcomic/BasicInstructions'' briefly visits on in [[http://basicinstructions.net/basic-instructions/2012/2/5/how-to-visit-the-mirror-universe.html this strip.]] There's a very brief HeelRealization moment when it becomes clear that, compared to this universe, his is the "evil" one.
* Deconstructed in one strip in ''Webcomic/TwoGuysAndGuy'': The mirror universe shown isn't characterised much, but since it's such an accurate mirroring of the other dimension, a mirror-gate leading from one to the other can't be used to travel between them because your counterpart gets in the way.
* Kickback finds himself in one in ''Webcomic/{{Insecticomics}}''. Except that the Insecticons aren't really evil so much as they're irresponsible and fun-loving. The mirror universe Insecticons are accountants. And Lazerbeak is a male ninja instead of a female [[PiratesVsNinjas pirate]]. Who won't let Kickback wear a dress because he's not a girl.

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* In the ''Roleplay/LeagueOfIntergalacticCosmicChampions'', the LICC Universe is mirrored by the KILL universe.
* ''Script/AHDotComTheSeries'' has the Mirror Crew, though we never see their home universe. They're stereotypical pure evil much like the Franchise/StarTrek original, but the dynamic is quite different because the ''primary'' AH.com crew are scarcely angels themselves, it's more a case of an "upgrade universe".
* ''WebOriginal/ProtectorsOfThePlotContinuum'' has a Mirror Universe that is an obvious Shout Out to Star Trek, including Beards of Evil.
* The RPG Net message boards once [[http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=413172 featured]] a wonderful idea for a ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' mirror universe. The Disc is torn by war between the scarily charismatic Last King, ruler of Ankh-Morpork and the Plains, and the all-powerful Crone, who controls the Ramtops. Between them are the Crone's former apprentice Magrat, Havelock the assassin and Samuel King-killer. And their leader, the last survivor of the Silver Horde, Rincewind Spellholder.
** Later additions included the Wizard-Killer, a bestial creature that haunts the library of the abandoned UU; Susan the Vain, who plays both sides, seeking to replace her grandfather as Champion of the Auditors; the History Monks, who presumably have decided this is all ''meant'' to happen for reasons of their own; the Chalkland Hag, who seeks to challenge the Crone and has turned a society of harmless brownies into an unstoppable army; Lady Sybil, who breeds war-dragons for the Last King and seduces others to her own ends; and Reginald Shoe, who has fled Ankh and turned Pseudopolis into an undead police state. Amongst others.
* ''Website/GaiaOnline'' recently featured a literal Mirror Universe in the form of the Dark Reflection random item generator. [[UnluckyEverydude Unlucky Everygirl]] Kanoko get sucked into a bizzaro Gaia, and Gaians have to venture through the mirror to rescue her. Bizzaro Gaia features strange versions of the most famous Gaian [=NPCs=]. Some of these are fairly basic changes. (Agatha and Rina swapping ages, Moria and Sasha swapping clothing styles, Ian and Rufus swapping species), while others are a bit more bizarre. (Scheming con man Nicolae is now a priest, Liam has become a woman, his yaoi-bait roommate Gino has become his ''boyfriend'', and Edmund has become a huge nerd.). Various inversions of items are present as well. (Gaia-Tan has become Gaia-Sama, Grunny has become Prunny, etc...)
* ''WebVideo/TheAllenAndCraigShow'', in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uxiF5NO1j8 Episode 12]], features two gangsta counterparts to Allen and Craig that share many similar characteristics but have a more "urban" edge.
* [[Blog/ThingsMrWelchIsNoLongerAllowedToDoInAnRPG Mr Welch]] parodied the concept with a superhero player character that was, as usual, rejected by his gamemaster.
-->325. Even if he was a paragon of humanity in his alternate dimension, Good Hitler is not an appropriate superhero concept.
* In ''Podcast/WelcomeToNightVale'', [[spoiler:Desert Bluffs]] is implied to be a Mirror Universe. A sandstorm rolls into Night Vale, bringing with it doubles of all the citizens, who fight each other to the death. It opens a portal in Cecil's radio booth, transporting him away to places unknown, and depositing another man in his place. In the episode's POVSequel, we find out where Cecil went, and learn that Night Vale isn't actually all that bad, [[EvilIsVisceral by]] [[MeatMoss comparison]].
* ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'' has Iron Liz get transported to one in the ''Star Trek #2 (Gold Key)'' review. There exists an EvilTwin of Linkara (complete with a mustache and beard) who thinks ''ComicBook/AllStarBatmanAndRobinTheBoyWonder'' is genius and that Rob Liefeld's artwork is "beautiful." His version of the opening also suggests he finds ''ComicBook/TomStrong'', ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'', ''ComicBook/BoosterGold'', and ''ComicBook/{{Starman}}'' to be terrible books. Dr. Insano is far more sane and heroic, declaring himself the champion of science. Pollo is essentially the same, just in the [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 Tom Servo]] body. Same with Mirror Liz, whose only major difference is that she loves the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons (which is how the main universe versions of Pollo and Linkara knew something was wrong.) [[spoiler: More disturbingly, the Mirror version of Margaret, the girl whose soul was sacrificed by a cult to create the magic gun, wasn't forced into it against her will. She was a willing volunteer.]]
** Other characters, recurring and otherwise, are also from mirror universes: Iron Liz's evil counterpart Judas Liz; Mechakara, who is actually an evil Pollo wearing the skin of his universe's Linkara; and Dr. Linksano, who is apparently Linkara, but not really, and might be Insano's brother, or a version of him from another universe, or... it's complicated.
* ''Podcast/{{Hello From the Magic Tavern}}'' has a mirror universe where our heroes are evil and act on behalf of the Dark Lord. Evil Arnie has a goatee and is always trying to tell his companions about (Evil) Earth, much to their annoyance.
* ''WebAnimation/{{Dreamscape}}'': Melinda, Ethan, and Betty are from one of these.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* One ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'' has Chuckie and Tommy thinking that they landed in "Mirror Land" when they flipped over a mirror. HilarityEnsues.
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' parodied the ''Star Trek'' episode with their own Mirror Universe, from which visited an alternate Cartman. Exactly like the alternate Spock in "Mirror, Mirror", the alternate Cartman was bearded -- but being the moral opposite of the "real" Cartman, he was of course kind, soft-spoken, polite and gentle. Hilariously, the show depicted the twins on screen at the same time with a [[StylisticSuck deliberately obvious]] SplitScreen effect.
* ''WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck'' has the Negaverse[[note]] [[Manga/SailorMoon Not that one]] [[/note]] from which [[MultipleChoicePast one version of]] Darkwing Duck's EvilTwin Negaduck originates, where he evidently rules with an iron fist. Nega-Honker has the (regular) Tank's personality and morality while Nega-Tank has Honker's, the rest of the Nega-Muddlefoots and Nega-Launchpad are thuggish psychotic killers, and the Negaverse versions of the other four members of Negaduck's "Fearsome Five" are known as the "Friendly Four" until Darkwing Duck retrains them. Interestingly, despite being Negaduck's ward, Nega-Gosalyn has the same general morality as her prime universe counterpart (much like bearded Spock), but a reversed personality: whereas regular Gosalyn is a rough-and-tumble sports-loving TomBoy and BrattyHalfPint, Nega-Gosalyn is a sweet and obedient well-behaved [[PinkMeansFeminine pink-dress-wearing]] young lady.
* There's a mirror universe in ''[[WesternAnimation/CaptainNTheGameMaster CaptainN]],'' accessed by going through an actual mirror. Oddly it's not just character's alignments that are inverted. For example one lady is shown "doing laundry" by covering her clean clothes with dirt.
* In ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'', Batman travels to one of these when the Red Hood, [[spoiler:an alternate version of the Joker]], needs his assistance. He seems to enjoy repeatedly punching out the alternate version of Green Arrow a little too much...
** There's an EvilCounterpart to the WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague called the Injustice Syndicate, which has evil counterparts of Batman (Owlman), ComicBook/BlueBeetle (Scarlet Scarab), ComicBook/GreenArrow (Blue Bowman), and ComicBook/RedTornado (Silver Cyclone) among others.
* ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueCrisisOnTwoEarths'', strongly inspired by the Crime Syndicate stories above.
** ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueCrisisOnTwoEarths'' depiction of Batman's counterpart Owlman is far more representative of an "evil version" than the Justice Lords Batman. Owlman sums up the entire topic of alternate versions nicely to Superwoman (evil version of Mary Marvel, counterpart to Wonder Woman):
--->'''Owlman:''' Every decision we make is meaningless because somewhere, on a parallel Earth, we have already made the opposite choice. We're nothing. Less than nothing.\\
'''Superwoman:''' How can you say that? We're rich. We're conquerors.\\
'''Owlman:''' ''[pointing at alternate Earths]'' And here we're poor. We're slaves. And here, our parents never met, so we were never born. Here, the world ended in nuclear war. Here, no fish was brave enough to crawl up on land and humans never evolved. And so on, ad infinitum.
** And summed it up even more succinctly to Batman later on:
--->'''Batman:''' YoureInsane.\\
'''Owlman:''' Does it really matter? There are alternate versions of me that you would find quite charming.
* The ''WesternAnimation/SWATKats'' episode "The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats" featured the titular team being warped to a dimension where their equivalents are evil (as is that of their ally, Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs). The universe wasn't entirely swapped however - some major characters retained their 'correct' moral alignments. (There were other more subtle changes as well, such as the Enforcers using fixed-wing aircraft rather than helicopters.)
* ''WesternAnimation/MegasXLR'' has [[BadFuture a version of this]] in its two-part "Rear View, Mirror Mirror" storyline. In this timeline, main character Coop abandoned the titular Megas shortly defeating the series' BigBad - losing his mind as boredom and battlelust sank in, culminating in the conquest of earth and several solar systems. Coop seems more offended at his alternate self being athletic and muscular (as opposed to...large) rather than evil, though.
* ''The World's Greatest WesternAnimation/{{Superfriends}}'' had such an episode, "Universe of Evil". Each of the Superfriends received an EvilMakeover (Aquaman with an eyepatch! Robin with a [[GoodHairEvilHair pencil mustache!]] Wonder Woman letting herself go!) See them [[http://superfriends.wikia.com/wiki/Super_Enemies here]].
* ''WesternAnimation/BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand'' had as a minor villain the [[SarcasmMode imaginatively dubbed]] and yes, goateed, Evil Buzz Lightyear who came from a parallel universe that he had conquered. He's ''exactly'' as evil as Buzz is good. There are parallel versions of the other main characters, except none of them are evil, just jaded from being under Evil Buzz's thumb. Oh, and the inverted counterpart for Emperor Zurg? He works at a local diner.
* ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor'' had one in which even the acronyms were reversed - the counterparts to the Delightful Children From Down The Lane were the Little Traitorous Dudes From Children's Defence, who opposed the iron grip of the Destructively Nefarious Kids, who were led by Numbuh -4, who had attained a goatee to make himself look even eviller. Fortunately, since the regular Numbuh 4 is brave to the point of recklessness and a strong physical fighter, Numbuh -4 was a coward and weakling. Also, Numbuh -86 was a sweet girly-girl.
** Other differences include a dumb and ill-tempered Numbah -1, Numbah -2 was also dumb but good at making jokes, Numbah -3 is a bitch, and Numbah -5 is a {{geek}}. Strangely, the LTDFCD still talk in unison like their main counterparts, though in [[SurferDude surfie accents]].
* ''WesternAnimation/GIJoeARealAmericanHero'''s two-part episode "Worlds Without End" had several of the Joes traveling to a CrapsackWorld that bordered on this; while most of the alternate versions of G.I. Joe and Cobra were still morally similar to their counterparts in the regular universe, Cobra's having conquered the world made it the legitimate government of that world and G.I. Joe an enemy of the state. Also, in a bit of a twist, [[spoiler: the alternate Baronness was [[DatingCatwoman romantically involved]] with Steeler's counterpart before he was killed in action, and this was one of the stronger influences which persuaded Steeler to stay with her in her world at the end when most of his teammates returned to their own world. (A couple of the others also stayed with him to help revive G.I. Joe's resistance movement in that world.)]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters'' episode ''Flip Side'' had Egon, Ray, and Peter end up in a flip dimension where ghosts are the natural populace and are menaced by humans. While there, they encounter ghostly versions of themselves called the Peoplebusters.
* ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold'' had an episode where Arnold goes into the country to visit his weird cousin Arnie. All of the people he meets are counterparts of his friends, but they all appear in pairs, with each one displaying the attributes of the other's counterpart: Harold and Rhonda appear as Harry and Rhoda, with Harry being slim and fashion-conscious and Rhoda being a fat slob. Stinky and Phoebe are seen as Stumpy and Fifi, with Stumpy being intelligent and Fifi being simple-minded and Gerald and Sid appear as Gerard and Kid, with Gerard being the whiny one and Kid being cool. In the end, [[spoiler: it turns out that it was AllJustADream.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SonicUnderground'' had the hedgehogs enter one where they were the tyrants and Robotnik was a Freedom Fighter. It ended with them [[HeelFaceTurn redeeming]] their evil counterparts. Strangely, there was no mirror version of Queen Aleena.
* ''WesternAnimation/Ben10Omniverse'': Ben 23 has a take on it, where the Ben there is a {{Jerkass}}, and he fights a bunch of Bad guys, including a Tetrax with a diamond BeardOfEvil. In the end, it turns out the BigBad was really Azmuth, trying to get back the Omnitrix from Ben who was abusing it, and Ben himself wasn't evil, just misguided. Since Tetrax was a good guy as well, the only real alliance difference was Seven-Seven who worked for Azmuth and thus was also good.
** There's also Mad Ben, Bad Ben, Benzarro, Nega Ben, and No-Watch Ben. All but the last were evil.
* ''WesternAnimation/SpaceStars'' had an episode with an alternate universe where ''WesternAnimation/SpaceGhost'''s counterpart was Space Spectre, a ruthless SpacePirate.
* The ''WesternAnimation/DangerMouse'' (2014) episode "Sinister Mouse'', DM meets his counterpart from a mirror universe called the Twistiverse, who is a master criminal in a red bodysuit. He is opposed by Danger Toad (Twistiverse Baron Greenback) and secretly works for [[spoiler: the evil genius Penfold]].
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Rupert}}'' featured a rather literal example of this trope in "Rupert in Mirrorland", where Rupert Bear's friend the Professor uses an invention of his to reveal that inside all the mirrors was a world where everyone's reflections are sentient beings. The Professor's reflection is shown to be evil, but it's only because of a side effect of the Professor's experiment and the reflections of everyone else are as nice as their Nutwood counterparts.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}'':
** The show had an episode where the main four get teleported to an alternate universe where Kaeloo is usually a huge monster and transforms into a cute little girl when angry, Stumpy is a genius, and Quack Quack and Mr. Cat have each other's personalities and traits. [[spoiler: The episode turns out to be [[AllJustADream a dream]] [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Stumpy]] had, the events of which he is narrating to Kaeloo.]]
** Another episode had them go to a universe where they study academic subjects all day instead of playing games and hanging out, the normally fun-loving, friendly, hyperactive Kaeloo is a SternTeacher, Stumpy, who is usually stupid, is smart, and Mr. Cat, one of the smartest in the cast, is a moron [[ExtremeOmnivore who eats books.]]

* ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'' has two. The "Melding Universe" is a world where the Great Beings managed to fix Spherus Magna before it blew up, Toa look like Matoran (and vice versa), and the regular universe's {{Big Bad}}s (the Makuta) embraced light rather than darkness. The "Dark Mirror Universe" is a world where the Toa became [[KnightTemplar Knights Templar]] and conquered the world. The Makuta, the [[BountyHunter Dark Hunters]], and a rag-tag group of renegade Toa form the resistence.