->''"I'm the Media Hunter: media's my prey, and reviewing it my way."''
-->-'''Issac the Media Hunter'''

Meet Issac232, A.K.A. Issac the Media Hunter, hero of the [[WorldOfWarcraft fields of Azeroth]]. From here, he usually reviews animal based media, including movies and cartoons, alongside his snow leopard partner, Loki.

Similar to other lesser-known reviewers such as [[http://www.zippcast.com/user/ZeltraxMillennium ZeltaxMillennium]], [[https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL31E1882EC327A3B4 South Jersey Sam]], and [[WebVideo/MattwosRandomReviews Mattwo's Random Reviews]], he does not simply record himself in front of a camera, but unlike the others who use a mixture of editing and 3D posing programs, he instead uses a mixture of editing and WoW {{machinima}} to review his material as his [[WorldofWarcraft avatar]].

He is a member of both [[http://www.reviewersunknown.com/ Reviewers Unknown]] and [[http://spacemonkeymafiastudios.com/ Space Monkey Mafia Studios]], and has done crossovers with some of his fellow reviewers, including {{The Hardcore Kid}} and WebVideo/TheCartoonHero.

He is also doing a retrospective on the franchise based on Jungle Emperor Leo, A.K.A {{Kimba the White Lion}} by {{Osamu Tezuka}}.

His reviews can be [[http://www.reviewersunknown.com/category/media-hunter/ here]], [[http://spacemonkeymafiastudios.com/categories/263/media-hunter-reviews.aspx/ here]], or on his blip page [[http://blip.tv/media-hunter/ here]].

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!!This show provides examples of:

* BigBad: For the first season it was [[spoiler:Kiel]] and in the second season it was arguably [[spoiler: the android]], with [[spoiler: hints of a {{Bigger Bad}} who made the android in the first place]].
* BigDamnHeroes: Members of {{Reviewers Unknown}} pull this off in the first season finale, and [[spoiler: the paladin does this]] in the second season finale.
* BrainBleach: Issac (and [[WebVideo/TheCartoonHero several]] [[TheHardcoreKid other]] reviewers for that matter) were in desperate need of this in his {{Ace Ventura}} review after finding "[[UnsettlingGenderReveal Captain]] [[AceVentura Winkie]]."
* CrossOver: Several, including his review of ''WesternAnimation/TheChipmunkAdventure'' with the WebVideo/TheCartoonHero and ''Disney/{{Hercules}}'' with WebVideo/TheHardcoreKid.
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Issac DEFINITELY [[SubvertedTrope didn't think so]] after his reviews of the {{Space Chimps}} movies... though {{Captain Simian And The Space Monkeys}} may have helped him get over ''that'' hurdle.
* KindheartedCatLover: Easily one of these (his companion is a leopard for crying out loud), one of his biggest pet peeves (no pun intended) is Hollywood's treatment of cats, showing them as either jerks, if not outright villains like in ''Film/CatsAndDogs'', or using them as a ButtMonkey, the [[SwallowedWhole fate of the cat]] in ''Film/MansBestFriend'' actually leaving him [[StunnedSilence speechless with shock]].
* {{Machinima}}: Duh.
* TheSummation: Issac uses a version of this at the beginning of the third season to fill in Loki (and remind the audience) about the events involving [[spoiler: Kiel, the android and the paladin]].
* TheVoiceless: [[spoiler: The android and the paladin (so far).]]