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->''"Make a man a fire, you keep him warm for a day. \\
Set a man on fire, you keep him warm for the rest of his life."''
-->-- '''Creator/TerryPratchett'''

The human body is [[MadeOfIncendium unexpectedly flammable]], resulting in characters, particularly {{Spear Carrier}}s, {{Red Shirt}}s, EvilMinions, and [[TheDragon Dragons]] being engulfed in flames and walking or running around the scene. Thus ensuring steady work (and a lot of money) for stuntmen. These days it's as likely to be used for comedy as to be used straight.

Rarely will the character even attempt to "Stop, Drop and Roll", a safety technique often taught to Kindergartners. The lit victim will always run around in a screaming panic, just causing the flames to get bigger.

(This has some TruthInTelevision in that most amounts of fire don't kill quickly, and burning is one of the more painful ways to get hurt.)

Not to be confused with the [[Film/ManOnFire Denzel Washington film of the same name]], which ''doesn't'' feature a literal man on fire. Or with the [[Comicbook/FantasticFour Human Torch]]. Or with ''Burning Man''.

SubTrope of MadeOfIncendium. For the self-destructive version, see SelfImmolation. For the version that seemingly happens without any kind of external ignition source, see SpontaneousHumanCombustion.

Compare with PlayingWithFire, WreathedInFlames, and InfernalRetaliation.

See also KillItWithFire and IncendiaryExponent.

'''NOTE: the folks here at Wiki/TVTropes do not condone setting yourself on fire. Because fire hurts. A lot.'''

'''Also, due to the [[DeathTropes risk of death]] associated with being on fire, be prepared for unmarked spoilers.'''


* In the second ad of the "Little Lungs in a Great Big World" anti-smoking campaign, the main character (a pair of claymation lungs stunted from smoking at a young age, in a world of other lungs) tries to blow out the candles on his birthday cake, but collapses from the effort and is set on fire when he falls on it. When another character tries to spray him with a fire extinguisher, he accidentally blasts him out the apartment window.

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'', [[spoiler: Makoto Shishio]] is only defeated when [[spoiler: his body temperature rises so much during his fight with Kenshin that Shishio bursts into flame.]] But that's only after his blood boils and evaporates away. Sheesh.
* ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'':
** Two gangsters pour gasoline on [[spoiler:Szilard]]'s head and then throw a match at it. "We've never set a MAN on fire before!"
** In 2001, [[spoiler:Czeslaw]] throws himself into a fireplace to burn away some ropes that have been binding him, then walks OutOfTheInferno and pushes past his terrified captors, [[HealingFactor regenerating]] as he goes.
* Ja Wangnan from ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'' failed a test because he and his teammates were accidentally burnt by fellow teammate Yeon. This was their first meeting and tainted their relationship a bit.
* ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'': [[TestosteronePoisoning MAN]] [[WreathedInFlames ON]] [[IncendiaryExponent FIRE]] [[InfernalRetaliation BLAZING]] [[DeathFromAbove CHARIOT]] '''KIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK'''!
* [[spoiler:Kiyomi Takada and Mello]] exit ''Manga/DeathNote'' this way. The former is forced into an act of SelfImmolation, and the latter[[spoiler:'s corpse]] just happened to be there at the time.
* This is how [[spoiler: Nobuhito Terashima]] dies in ''Manga/SakuraGari''. Which happens to him ''after'' [[spoiler: he gets [[{{Fingore}} his hand crushed]] ''and'' is [[StaircaseTumble tossed down a flight of stairs]].]]
* Jolyne Kujo does this ''to herself'' in ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure'' in order to [[ViolationOfCommonSense protect herself]] from an enemy that steals her body heat.
* ''Manga/FirePunch'': The main plot is set off with a boy with super regenerative powers being set on fire by a special fire that won't burn out til the victim has died. As the boy constantly regenerates, he cannot die and thus becomes permanently on fire. It's still not a fun experience for him though, taking 8 years of burning before he can even move.

* ''ComicBook/ThePunisherMAX'' one-shot ''The Tyger'' begins and ends with a man on fire. Also, the arc "The Slavers" ends with one.
* When a heavily enhanced Juggernaut attacked the ComicBook/XMen during "Comicbook/FearItself", Adam-X was utilized as [[TryEverything one of many plans to defeat him]]. Adam-X has the ability to set people's blood on fire. He does this to the Juggernaut... which does nothing except set him on fire, making him angrier and torching everything in sight for fifteen minutes.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Preacher}}'', all the orders issued by Jesse's [[CompellingVoice Word of God]] are to be taken [[NotHyperbole literally]]. So when he ordered [[TheDragon Jody]] and his cronies to burn, they did catch fire.
* In ''Comicbook/SwampThing'', each Earth elemental begins as a man catching fire (often as a victim of foul play) and his dying body plunging into a swamp, where plants absorb his consciousness and form themselves into a protector of the Green.
* During ''ComicBook/{{Knightfall}}'', Batman and [[ComicBook/{{Azrael}} Jean-Paul Valley]]'s battle ends up on a bridge when a helicopter crashes there thanks to JP's grappling hook. During the tussle, Batman kicks him off into the water and JP attempts to use his suit's flamethrower to get in one last strike. However, JP is drenched in diesel and he goes up in flames. His suit's so heavily armored that the only thing it does is change the blue on the suit to red.
* ''ComicBook/HackSlash'': In ''Girls Gone Dead'', Cassie manages to defeat Laura Lochs by soaking her in high-proof alcohol and igniting her.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/ChildrenOfAnElderGod'': In chapter 1 billions of spiders -whose sizes range from tiny to dog-sized- spawned by a massive, spider-alike EldritchAbomination are flooding the city. As Shinji and Misato are running from them, Shinji sees a man setting himself on fire to get rid of dozens of spiders were clinging to his body:
-->''Shinji saw a man setting himself on fire to get dozens of spiders off of him.''
* ''{{Series/Emergency}}''
** In the fic [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7967979/1/A-is-also-for-Alone "A is Also For Alone"]], it both happens and is narrowly averted. Chet is kidnapped by a gang out to send a message by killing a fireman. The leader experiments by setting one of his own guys on fire, and the rest of the firemen and the police see the guy come flying out the window on fire when they come to rescue Chet. When they reach where Chet is being held, the leader is dousing Chet with kersoene in preparation to do the same to him. Luckily, they stop him.
** John ends up briefly on fire from some unknown chemicals in [[http://web.archive.org/web/20060111005258/http://www.eeyores-efic.com/burnt.html "Burnt Offerings"]]. Fortunately he survives.
* In [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6350427/2/Friday-the-13th this]] ''Franchise/FridayThe13th'' fic, Pamela Vorhees douses Claudette with gasoline, sets her on fire and burns down the cabin that was assigned to her. 24 children are also killed in the blaze.
* ''Fanfic/{{Forward}}'' features Jayne pulling pretty much the exact same trick as Webcomic/DrMcNinja below: He dons a BadassLongcoat made of leather, which is fireproof enough to protect him from major harm, soaks it in moonshine and applies a lit match to give himself an edge in hand-to-hand combat. [[RefugeInAudacity It worked]], but his shipmates were understandably a bit peturbed when they found out. Especially Mal, because it was ''his'' BadassLongcoat.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/WakingLife'', a man ends his disgruntled rant on the human condition by dousing himself with gasoline and tossing a match onto himself, as stoically as a Buddhist monk. Two bystanders watch with mild curiosity on flames rendered by hand-painting the frames of the film.
--> "It's time to let my own lack of a voice be heard."
* ''WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas'' - for a show-stopper at the movie's start, Jack Skellington, dressed as a scarecrow, plays fire-eater and sets himself ablaze, to everyone's delight.
* Mr. Krabs in ''WesternAnimation/TheSpongeBobSquarePantsMovie'':
-->My pants are on fire! Me underwear's on fire! ''[[EscalatingPunchline I'm]]'' [[EscalatingPunchline on fire]]!!
* The animated feature ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueDoom'' features this as Batman's plan used against ComicBook/MartianManhunter. The imagery is haunting.
* As shown in the trailer for ''WesternAnimation/HotelTransylvania2'', this happens to Frankie, who unfortunately has a deep fear of fire that causes him to freak out and rampage, resulting in him smashing through a camp and spread the flames to the buildings.
* In ''WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut'', Kenny accidentally sets himself on fire while trying to prove to the others that you can ignite a fart.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Parodied (sort of) in ''Film/TeamAmericaWorldPolice'', in which all the characters were wooden marionettes, and thus obviously ''quite'' capable of burning.
* Anakin Skywalker, just before his final transformation into Darth Vader in ''Franchise/StarWars: Episode III: Film/RevengeOfTheSith''.
* Abused in ''Film/VanHelsing''. Happens to Dracula at least three times.
* In the film ''Film/OngBak'', Tony Jaa's character kicks a man in the face while his legs are on fire. He then puts them out in a barrel of water. (Tony Jaa did his own stunts. ''Damn''.)
* In the film ''Film/{{Hobgoblins}}'', one character is set on fire after diving onto a grenade -- a ''fragmentary'' grenade. (Being the sort of movie that it was, the character turned up fine in the next scene, the only consequences of his immolation being a little redness and a ''sprained ankle''.
* In one of the ''Film/ScaryMovie'' sequels (either three or four), a flaming man appears in the background walking a flaming dog.
* In ''Film/AnchormanTheLegendOfRonBurgundy'', the rival news crews get involved in a violent street brawl and right in the middle a man on fire staggers through the scene. [[RuleOfFunny It's funny]].
-->"There were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a man with a trident!"
* ''Film/JamesBond''
** ''Film/FromRussiaWithLove'' - Bond takes out some SPECTRE henchmen that were pursuing him and Tatiana by using a flare gun to light some leaking gasoline barrels.
** ''Film/DiamondsAreForever'' - Bond sets Mr. Kidd ablaze by dousing him with high-proof liquor as he carries flaming shishkebabs as a weapon.
** ''Film/LicenceToKill''- Sanchez is doused in petrol and set alight by Bond.
* In ''Film/LockStockAndTwoSmokingBarrels'', a man on fire comes bursting out of a pub, with no explanation. It becomes something of a BrickJoke, as later you learn that Rory Breaker had set the man on fire for turning the channel on his football match.
* ''Film/SmokinAces'' - the team of hillbillies are killing mooks with an automatic shotgun, automatic pistol, SMG, chainsaw and machetes, blood is going everywhere, a man on fire falls over.... wait, why was he on fire? In that entire scene, save for maybe some hand-held flares, there was nothing combustible being used.
* ''Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet''
** The franchise's villain Freddy Krueger notably died this way before he became a dream-dwelling ghost, being set on fire by an angry lynch mob who wanted justice for the children whom he killed.
** During the climax of ''Film/ANightmareOnElmStreet1984'', Freddy Krueger is set on fire (again) by the heroine, Nancy Thompson. Not surprisingly for the undead, Freddy manages to chase Nancy around while still on fire, and get in a final kill (her mother). Even his footprints are flaming as well.
** In ''Film/ANightmareOnElmStreetPart2FreddysRevenge'', Freddy in Jesse's body once again burns to death in the climax. [[spoiler:Jesse is revealed to be alive underneath the destroyed body]].
* In ''Film/BeCool'', Vince Vaughn is set on fire and runs into the shooting of a music video. The director of said video [[ThrowItIn leaves it in the final cut]].
* The {{invisib|ility}}le villain of ''Film/HollowMan'' is set on fire by Elisabeth Shue (having a latex mask doesn't help in that situation...).
* In one memorable scene in the original 1951 ''Film/TheThingFromAnotherWorld'', the eponymous invader gets doused with gasoline and set ablaze; like the Freddy Krueger example above, he/it continues to run amok. Especially notable in that this was the first time the stunt was attempted for a movie.
* Near the end of the D-Day scene of ''Film/SavingPrivateRyan'', the Allies use a flamethrower on the Nazis. One of the Allied soldiers shouts [[WarIsHell "Don't shoot! Let 'em burn!"]]
** In a moment of ShellShockSilence, the hero watches fellow comrades on fire during the battle at Omaha Beach.
** Later, a German self-propelled gun is hit by a Molotov cocktail, resulting in several men on fire wandering around.
* In ''Film/{{Brazil}}'', a ManOnFire can be seen during the truck chase sequence.
* In ''Film/{{Manhunter}}'' and its remake, ''Film/RedDragon'', one of the serial killer's victims is set on fire and sent rolling down the street tied to a wheelchair.
* In ''Film/KingdomOfHeaven'', Balian kills his priest half-brother after he takes his dead wife's necklace and cuts her head off due to her being a suicide. Balian then stabs the guy with a sword he's working on, pushing the guy into a fire. The man then gets off the forge and runs around screaming before finally dying after having set the smithy on fire.
* ''Film/TheWickerMan1973''. The clue is in the title.
* ''Film/TheBlueAndTheGrey,'' a movie about UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar usually shown in schools, has a Confederate soldier burning alive after his legs have been shot, begging his brother to shoot him.
* In ''Film/FreddyVsJason'', [[ImplacableMan Jason Voorhees]] is soaked in alcohol and set on fire. All this leads to is a burning, Hockey Mask wearing undead killing machine hacking his way through a cornfield rave, before extinguishing himself by getting sprayed with more alcohol.
* In ''Film/CrankHighVoltage'', Chev Chelios [[spoiler: self-immolates as a result of drawing a charge from an electrical transformer, after which he beats the main bad guy to death, throws him into a pool, WALKS AWAY from the water, begins tripping severe balls, makes out with a woman, and then gives you the finger.]] [[RuleOfCool It is that kind of movie.]]
* In ''Film/TheAssassinationBureau'', Dragomilov disposes of [[spoiler: Popescu, the Romanian assassin]] by setting him on fire with [[spoiler: a mouthful of cognac and the match he was using to light his cigar]].
* In ''Film/ManhattanMelodrama'', a crew member of the ''General Slocum'' is on fire as he runs out of the cabin before falling into the water.
* In ''Film/{{Watchmen}}'' a prisoner is set on fire during the riot scene.
* In ''Film/TheExpendables'' "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's character is killed when he is kicked into a flaming ditch, which set him on fire.
* In the near-end of ''Film/TheAdventuresOfFordFairlane'', SmugSnake Julian Grendel is roasted alive by the splashing a Sambuca Milkshake and the hero flicking a lit cigarette onto him.
* The ''Film/ManiacCop'' trilogy
** The climax to ''Film/ManiacCop2'' centers around a deliciously dangerous-looking set of stunts where the villain is set on fire and just keeps on killing everyone anyway, eventually crashing through a wall and falling through the roof of a van, which promptly explodes. The best part is just how long it goes on for - they must have set that poor stuntman on fire about ten times to get that many shots.
** ''Film/ManiacCop3BadgeOfSilence'' then [[SerialEscalation takes it to insane levels]] when the eponymous bad guy ends the film on fire ''again'' - during an extended car chase!
* In ''Film/TheToweringInferno'', a man staggers out of one of the elevators in flames after it stops on the floor the fire is on.
* Alec Holland is shown to be caught on fire before diving into the swamp in ''Film/SwampThing''.
** Leech Man in ''Film/TheReturnOfSwampThing'' ends up flames, and explodes shortly afterwards.
* In ''Film/BillyMadison'' during pie baking part of the triathlon competition between Billy and Eric, Eric set the pie and himself on fire with laughing results.
* The fate of the ''Film/{{Apocalypse}}'' film series [[TheDragon Dragon]] Len Parker when he sees that God has supernaturally protected the believers who were put into the incinerator and decides that he will deal with them himself.
* Any war film with flamethrowers, napalm, Molotov cocktails, or some other form of incendiary weapon will likely feature this trope[[labelnote:*]]unless the filmmakers are [[FamilyFriendlyFirearms trying for a low MPAA rating]][[/labelnote]] but particular mention should go to scenes of the "flamethrower-carrying soldier gets shot in the tank and lights up like a roman candle" variety, which are common enough to [[FlamethrowerBackfire be their own subtrope]]:
** ''Film/{{Windtalkers}}'' has the flamethrower-equipped member of TheSquad die this way.
** Along with the examples above, the Omaha Beach scene of ''Film/SavingPrivateRyan'' features a soldier - and two of his buddies - who burned to death when his flamethrower was hit.
** A nonmilitary example occurs in the opening scene of ''Film/LethalWeapon4''.
** While common, such scenes are quite unrealistic: a RealLife military flamethrower is even less likely to catch fire (and simply ''will not'' explode) when shot than a [[ShootTheFuelTank car's gasoline tank]] is, as there is no oxygen in the flamethrower tank.
* The Scarecrow in the movie of ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''. Dorothy's attempt to put him out is what lead's to the Wicked Witch of the West's [[KillItWithWater de]][[ImMelting ath]].
* The opening slow-motion montage of ''Film/{{Zombieland}}'' has a scene where zombie on fire, chasing after a fireman.
* In the opening robbery of ''Film/FromDuskTillDawn'', the Gecko brothers set fire to a store clerk who's shooting back at them. The guy pops up from behind the counter and resumes shooting blindly, unable to aim because he's completely sheathed in flame.
* In ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'', Denethor tries to burn himself alive on the not quite dead Faramir's funerary pyre. He then does the "Stop, Drop and Roll" trick, just not in the right order. It was more like Drop (off a cliff), Roll and Stop.
* ''Film/ManOfSteel'': Clark when he is saving people from the burning oil rig at the beginning. Though because of who he is, he isn't fazed. [[MagicPants Everything but his pants burn off.]]
* Some of the infected in ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater'' get set ablaze by Molotov cocktails, and ''keep on running'' full-speed at their prey.
* ''Film/{{Rush|2013}}'' is about the 1976 Formula 1 season, and Niki Lauda's near-fatal crash at Nürburgring is depicted in excruciating detail. We're told that he was trapped for a full minute in a car that was burning at over seven hundred degrees; his burns were so bad that he was given Last Rites almost as soon as he got to the hospital.
* In ''Sinners and Saints'' (2010) the villains conduct interrogations by pouring petrol on their victim, setting them on fire, then putting it out with a fire extinguisher. They then repeat the process.
* ''Film/KickAss''. D'Amico's thugs pour petrol over Big Daddy with the intention of [[TelevisedTorture torching him life on the internet]]. Hit Girl interrupts with a BoomHeadshot, but one of the other mooks lights the petrol so they can see Hit Girl who's shooting at them with NightVisionGoggles after knocking out the lights. [[TheDeterminator Big Daddy is still able]] to scream tactical instructions to his daughter while burning to death. Hit Girl is eventually able to [[SuperheroesWearCapes smother the fire with her cape]], but it's too late.
* In ''Film/HacksawRidge'', the American forces make use of flamethrowers, leading to several shots of men in flames running about as well as scenes showing still-burning corpses. Notably, the opening begins InMediasRes by showing burning corpses on the battlefield before flashing back to the main character's early life.
* ''Film/{{Vampirella}}'': Vampirella disposes of Vlad by throwing a metal stake at his heart. Not to kill him, but so that the rod will attract a lightning strike, which causes him to burst into flames.
* ''Film/BreakheartPass'': After being shot, the engineer crashes into the firebox and catches on fire before falling out of the locomotive.
* ''Film/UnderSiege2DarkTerritory'': Ryback builds a home-made bomb to destroy the terrorists' high-tech satellite equipment, setting several of them on fire in the process. He uses a flare gun as an ImprovisedWeapon in the same manner.
* ''Film/TheTournament'': Joshua uses a BoozeFlamethrower to set fire to Miles Slade in the strip club.

* ''Literature/TheZombieSurvivalGuide'' advised you against using fire to fight the undead, as the only thing worse than a zombie trying to eat you is a ''burning'' [[InfernalRetaliation zombie trying to eat you]].
* Most of David Edding's works. Burning pitch. Naptha. The residue out of beer. Complete with people running around.
* Many, many characters in the whole ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' series, both historically and currently, especially in [[spoiler: ''A Dance with Dragons''; obvious when you consider the name of the book.]] With "[[{{Pyromaniac}} alchemists]]" and their [[GreekFire wildfire]], [[PlayingWithFire Red]] [[TheFundamentalist Priests]] and [[BreathWeapon dragons]] in existence in the world all together, well... ''yeah'' -- this happens. One of the most infamous examples is a historical one, however: Aerion "[[MeaningfulName Brightflame]]" Targaryen ''did it to himself'' (rather than the usually Targaryen trick of [[KillItWithFire doing it to others]]) in an egregious example of AlcoholInducedIdiocy. The important lesson here, kids, is "don't use GreekFire as a chaser, even if you do have the blood of the dragon in you".
* Needing to come up with dazzling, memorable, coal-mining-related costumes for Katniss and Peeta in ''Literature/TheHungerGames'', Cinna reasons, "What do we do with coal? We burn it," and dresses them in special black suits that will protect them from the (supposedly fake) flames he covers them in. The results are such a hit with the crowd that several other stylists go for illumination next year in ''Catching Fire'' (whether or not it makes sense).
** This is how Katniss gets the moniker, the Girl on Fire, that stays with her throughout the series.
* Lieutenant Just ''Literature/TheOneWhoStartedFires'' is set on fire at the end, and, although he remembers to drop and roll, it doesn't work. [[spoiler:Because the arsonist was deliberately keeping the flames from going out.]]
* ''Literature/FourteenOhEight'': The way that Mike escapes from the eponymous room is by setting his lucky Hawaiian shirt on fire, and he speculates that the entity dwelling in the room had no interest in absorbing a burned man. Mike needs a few skin grafts but only avoids more serious injury because another guest on the same floor happened to be walking back from the ice machine, and he dumped his bucket of ice onto Mike's burning shirt.
* A particularly chilling example of this occurs in the 1979 horror novel ''Literature/TheAmulet'', which shows, during a house fire, a toddler running down the hallway with her hair on fire and her polyester pajamas melted to her body. Her mother, under the influence of the eponymous cursed amulet, is oblivious to any danger.
* In ''Literature/VoidCity'', the vampire Eric has a habit of losing track of the time and getting caught in sunlight, thus causing him to burst into flames. He's powerful enough that it doesn't kill him, but he finds it annoying and embarrassing.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryMurderHouse'''s Larry Harvey was set on fire by his lover's son.
* ''Series/CSIMiami'' has at least two Corpses of the Week go up in flames in this manner:
** One man was siphoning high-quality gasoline out of motorboats and selling it for a profit, only to meet his end when a static spark from his phone sets off the gas vapors that have accumulated in his esophagus.
** Another has two boys attempting to siphon gasoline out of a parking lot, only to be caught by the very irate driver, who douses one boy with gasoline and sets him on fire. The burning man crashes the party next to the parking lot and causes a panic before he dies.
* ''Series/{{CSI}}'':
** The original had a woman who did the SelfImmolation variety and ran down a hill,causing a random stargazer to go up in flames, though the suicide attempt failed and the woman lived.
** "The Book of Shadows" opens with a student shooting a video in his high school corridor which is interrupted when one of his teachers comes running along the corridor on fire, before falling the ground dead.
** In "Abra Cadaver", a StageMagician goes up in flames while performing a trick on stage.
* This is parodied in the opening credits of ''Series/PoliceSquad'', with a random, flaming man running by during the shoot-out in the office.
* Happens frequently on ''Series/{{Angel}}'' and ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', though usually the vampires are destroyed by this very quickly unless they have PlotImmunity. In one instance, Angel sets Drusilla and Darla on fire; they last long enough to break open a fire hydrant. Frequently lampshaded by Spike after his [[BadassDecay himification]], as he was determined to travel during the day while hiding under blankets, jackets, and such, thus smoldering in the sun.
* Parodied in one sketch on the comedy-improv show ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'', where Wayne Brady played a "superhero" named Thinks Everybody's On Fire Man. At the end, his fellow hero CaptainObvious helpfully noted that he wasn't ''really'' on fire.
* Edgar Hansen on ''Series/DeadliestCatch'' set himself and a crab table on fire after doing his "flaming hook" ritual.
* The monologue of a ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' episode hosted by Creator/LindaHamilton had her saying she's not [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Sarah Connor]], with footage of her "former houses" (which promptly explode) and a Man on Fire, whom she calls "her ex-boyfriend".
* On one episode of ''Series/TheLateShow with Creator/DavidLetterman'', a man on fire briefly ran behind Letterman and into the backstage area during his monologue. Normally you'd assume this was part of the act, but Letterman seemed genuinely surprised, and both he and the camera made a point of ignoring the flaming man, and never even mentioned him (there was no laugh track or anything either).
** "Man on Fire" was a recurring bit for a while. At one point they "ran out of money to cover the insurance" and the man just ran out ''as if'' he was on fire. They even shilled for people to [[ProductPlacement sponsor]] the Man on Fire. ([=MoF=] would yell "Subway! Eat Fresh!" or whatever while on fire).
* On ''Series/TheDailyShow''/''[[Series/TheColbertReport Colbert Report]]'' 2008 election night show, Jon and Stephen attempted to see who could come up with the most extreme title sequence. It ended with Jon setting former House majority leader Dick Gephardt on fire... and then blowing him up.
* An attempt to render harmless a nuclear-warhead-tipped ICBM during an episode of ''Series/MacGyver'' results in a fuel explosion and a man on fire. It somehow seems out of place.
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'': Alas, poor Frogurt, who gets hit with a [[ArrowsOnFire flaming arrow]] right in the RedShirt he's wearing in the episode "The Lie."
* ''{{Series/Emergency}}'' has this happen occasionally in some episode... sometimes following an explosion.
* When ''Series/TopGear'' [[HilarityEnsues redesigned Sir Steve Redgrave's garden]], during the Ground Force-style fast-forwarding bit a blazing man runs into shot and is put out with a fire blanket. It is [[RuleOfFunny never really explained]].
* In one episode of ''Series/StargateAtlantis'', Sheppard and Lucius Luvin, who happens to have an Ancient shield that makes him invincible, need a plan to distract and defeat some Genii soldiers. One of Lucius' ideas is, [[DiscussedTrope "I could set myself on fire."]] Naturally, Sheppard likes it. Unfortunately, nothing comes of this idea.
* ''Series/{{CSINY}}'':
** "Sleight Out of Hand", there was a magician who set himself on fire as a magic trick. While the magician was performing his trick, a guy several blocks away burned to death from being set on fire.
** Later, Mac demonstrated the cooling gel used by stunt performers for 'burns' aka setting themselves on fire, slathering it on a sleeve that covered his arm and inviting Danny to set the arm on fire.
-->'''Mac''': Come on, what other job lets you set your boss on fire?
-->'''Danny''': Sold, but if you go up in flames, [[IfYouDieICallYourStuff I get your office.]]
* Averted in an episode of ''Series/{{Psych}}'', where Shawn and Gus pretend to be stuntmen in order to investigate a famous daredevil's entourage. They wonder what the special suits they have to wear for the new stunt they're testing are for, until someone pulls out a torch and ignites it. The boys panic and immediately call it quits.
* In the ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' episode "The Burning Beekeeper", [[spoiler:Marshall's boss Mr. Cootes]] is wearing a beekeeping outfit doused in kerosene when he's getting food out of the oven. He runs ablaze out the front door and rolls in the snow to extinguish himself.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** Several during [[spoiler: the Battle of the Blackwater; {{Justified}} due to copious use of [[GreekFire wildfire]] to blow up Stannis's fleet in combination with flaming arrows. One of them causes the normally BloodKnight Hound to flee the battle, as fire is the only thing he's afraid of due to his face being held in the fire as a child by his abusive elder brother.]]
** Wights are extremely flammable, with a newly-dead (and therefore not yet desiccated) one bursting into flames immediately on contact with an ordinary torch.
** [[spoiler: Stannis Baratheon burns [[OffingTheOffspring his daughter Shireen]] alive as a [[HumanSacrifice religious sacrifice]], hoping for victory [[DiabolusExMachina after his army is crippled by Ramsay]]. [[ShootTheShaggyDog It doesn't work]]]].
** [[spoiler: In "The Spoils of War", The Battle of the Blackwater Rush saw Danaerys' first usage of her Dragons in Westeros, and the episode set a televised record for the amount of ''actual'' men on ''actual'' fire in a single shot. She then followed it up next episode by immolation Randyll and Dickon Tarly when they wouldn't bend the knee to her.]]
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' had [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSxy8uFWO78 a scene]] in which [[DisasterDominoes Doug accidentally set JD on fire]], luckily Turk put it out with a fire extinguisher. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny It was hilarious]].
* ''Franchise/KamenRider'':
** ''Series/KamenRiderGaim'': Episode 32. Being set on fire by Demushu (one of the big villains) doesn't stop Kouta Kazuraba, the title character, from changing into his strongest form yet.
** ''Series/KamenRiderDouble'' has Terui set on fire by the Utopia Dopant in the penultimate episode, although he survives.
* The ''Series/NCISLosAngeles'' episode "Imposters" begins with a burning man running through a beachside restaurant and collapsing on the sand.
* ''Series/TheDudesons'' has a prank involving Jukka and Jarppi waking Jarno up by lighting him on fire.
* Horribly, ''horribly'' used in a case of ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit''. [[spoiler: A rich woman [[WoundedGazelleGambit falsely accuses her ex-husband of raping and beating her]], completely ruining his reputation. The man [[UnstoppableRage goes completely crazy]] and pulls this trope, burning her to death.]]
* ''Series/Daredevil2015'': this is how [[spoiler: Nobu]] dies. What makes it eerie is how he never utters a sound of pain, or even reacts to it, he just keeps trying to kill Daredevil until his body fails. [[spoiler: And come season 2, we learn that he somehow managed to survive.]]
* The miniseries ''TheJacksonsAnAmericanDream'' re-creates the infamous accident where Music/MichaelJackson's head was lit on fire during a botched pyrotechnic explosion. The trope is downplayed in the series, as Jackson's hair is only shown smoking after being burned.
* ''Series/InspectorGeorgeGently'': This is how the VictimOfTheWeek is murdered in "The Burning Man".
* ''Series/BoardwalkEmpire'': When the Sheriff of Tabor Heights wishes [[AxCrazy Gyp Rosetti]] good luck, at a time when Gyp is in a particularly bad mood, Gyp [[CopKiller douses the Sheriff in gasoline and then burns him alive by dropping a cigarette]].
* In the ''Series/YoungIndianaJones'' episode, "The Trenches of Hell", Indy's company is attacked by a German flamethrower unit, resulting in several of Indy's comrades being lit on fire. In an aversion of FlamethrowerBackfire, [[RealityEnsues this results in the company retreating]], and none of the Germans are immolated in turn by shots to their fuel tanks.
* Occurs in the second ''Series/HoratioHornblower'' telefilm when Horatio and Captain Foster are trying to steer a fire ship away from the British fleet. Foster catches some flames on his clothes after he almost falls into the burning hold, but Horatio has the sense to smother it with a blanket. Then another spurt of flame catches Horatio's coat on fire, whereupon Foster gets them both into the water.
* ''Series/{{Motive}}'': In "Purgatory", the killer ties her final victim to a chair and soaks him in gasoline; planning to set him on fire. She manages to do so despite Vega's interference, and Vega is forced grab a fire extinguisher and put him out.
* ''Series/LondonsBurning'': A particularly frightening example happens when Blue Watch are responding to a fire in an apartment complex. Just as they're preparing to force the door and send in the BA crew, it crashes open and a burning woman runs out screaming, then falls over the walkway railings and plummets thre storeys to the ground. Even the veteran firefighters are visibly shocked at the sight.
* ''Series/JonathanCreek'': In "Daemon's Roost", the murderous Patrick Tyree meets his end when he is soaked in flammable oil by a centuries old deathtrap, and then ignited by Jonathan and Polly.

* Music/BigBlack's ''Kerosene'' is about one contemplating living the rest of their life in a small town in total boredom. Self-immolation is seen as the cure to that boredom.
** This song is considered the band's [[IncrediblyLamePun ''Light My Fire'']] by many fans.
** The song could also be about IntercourseWithYou [[RecycledInSpace BUT ON FIRE!]]
* The Creator/{{Hipgnosis}} cover of Music/PinkFloyd's ''Music/WishYouWereHere'' album includes a photo of two businessmen, one of whom happens to be on fire, casually shaking hands. This is intended as a visual metaphor for getting burned in the music business.
** The man on fire could also be the Devil ([[FireAndBrimstoneHell since Hell is full of that stuff]]), and the two shaking hands could equate going into the music business as making a DealWithTheDevil.
* The original album cover to Music/LynyrdSkynyrd's ''Street Survivors'' had the band standing in the middle of an inferno, which gave the illusion of half the band being on fire. [[TemptingFate Three days after the album's release]], the band's flight [[TearJerker crashed]], killing four bandmates and the two pilots.
* Sid Wilson of the band Music/{{Slipknot}} has been known to ''set himself on fire'' during live shows. He's stopped doing this in recent years for fears of being arrested for attempted suicide. Yes, being arrested is his main fear for his human inferno act.
* Not a video, but the lyrics to Music/TheDarkestOfTheHillsideThickets' "Kill the Chupacabra":
-->I'm on fire.\\
I'm on fire.\\
I am, quite literally...\\
[+ON FIRE!+]
* Electric Six's album ''Fire'' has a Man on Fire...at the disco. Could be the hit single "Danger! High Voltage" and its constant refrain of "Fire in the disco!" Or it could be their [[RunningGag inexplicable obsession with the word "fire."]]
* Till Lindemann of Music/{{Rammstein}}. Aside from his constant fiery antics on stage, the "Du Hast" video has the drummer Christoph Schneider do this as well. The first song on their first album is called "Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?" (for the non-German-speakers, that's "Do you want to see the bed in flames?").
* Music/LoganWhitehurst's aptly named ''Ohmygodimonfire.''
* The Music/{{Autopsy}} song "Charred Remains"
* Music/{{Evile}}'s song "Burned Alive"
* The cover of Music/RageAgainstTheMachine's first album is a well-known photo of Thich Quang Duc (see Real Life folder).
* Music/BrianEno's "Baby's on Fire".
* Music/AFlockOfSeagulls' "Burnin' Up".

[[folder:Music Videos]]
* The clip for [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPT7q825gwI "California" by Wax]], directed by Spike Jonze, consists almost ''entirely'' of a ManOnFire!
* The Music/WeirdAlYankovic music video for "Smells Like Nirvana" has a burning man in the background of one of the shots.
* Christoph Schneider's character in the Music/{{Rammstein}} video "Du Hast".
* ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hgVeNjYiGo The Everlasting]]'' by the Music/ManicStreetPreachers has multiple people on fire. [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic It probably means something]].

* In Jersey Jack Pinball's ''Pinball/TheWizardOfOz'', "Fireball Mode" ends with the Scarecrow on fire from the Wicked Witch's attack.

* ''Podcast/TheMagnusArchives'': In the episode "First Aid" two patients are brought into the hospital completely covered in burns, but with their clothes somehow unharmed.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* In general, if any wrestler's [[GimmickMatches specialty match]] is an "inferno match", expect to see them get lit on fire. Usually it will just be a glove or boot but Wrestling/MontelVontaviousPorter proved this is not always true by actually losing to THE inferno match specialist Wrestling/{{Kane}}, and taking the burn on his back.
* When Kane stole Wrestling/TheUndertaker's powers, he used Undertaker's power over [[ShockAndAwe electricity]] to light Wrestling/{{W|orld Wrestling Federation}}WF personnel on fire with lightning bolts.
* [[Wrestling/CarleneMoore Jazz]] accidentally lit her arch nemesis Wildfire on fire during a Women's Extreme Wrestling flaming table match when she couldn't break the table, despite it presumably being weakened by the fire, causing the referee to just let her pin Wildfire instead and then get her medical treatment. This was later used to set up StrawMisogynist Steve The Sound Guy, who dragged out Pussy Willow and easily put her through the seemingly unbreakable table.
* At a Wrestling/{{CZW}} event, Nick Gage accidentally lit himself on fire while trying to put company owner John Zandig through a flaming board.
* Threatened in Full Impact Pro, after the Dark City Fight Club defeated Black Market and then drenched them in gasoline.
* After "returning from the dead", El Mesias decided to take revenge on Cibernético for dumping his casket in a volcano by having El Zorro help him power bomb Cibernético through a flaming table, which caused Cibernético's back and shoulders to catch. While Mesias would go on to become\continue to be one of the biggest stars in Mexico and the Caribbean, his initial stint in the United States did not go over to well due to his use of this trope and FireBalls getting Wrestling/WrestlingSocietyX taken off the air.
* Spike TV has traditionally had some issues with Wrestling/{{TNA}}'s liberal use of fire, such as when Wrestling/StevieRichards lit up the monster Abyss.[[/folder]]

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In ''TabletopGame/PsionicsTheNextStageInHumanEvolution'' a person hit with Ignite, Conflagration, or Inferno has to succeed a speed check or they'll catch fire.
* Mentioned in one Murphy's Rules strip, in ''TabletopGame/{{GURPS}}'' third edition the combat penalty for fighting whilst on fire was less than that for fighting in total darkness. Allowing characters with sufficient HP to improve their combat ability in the dark by self-immolating to use themselves as a light source.

* In ''Theatre/TheFantasticks'', Matt gets set on fire during a TorchesAndPitchforks peasant rebellion in the "Round and Round" sequence:
-->'''Luisa''': That man--look out; he's burning. My god, he's on fire!\\
'''El Gallo''': Keep on dancing.\\
'''Luisa''': But he's burning--\\
'''El Gallo''': Just put up your mask--then it's pretty.\\
'''Matt''': Help! Help!\\
''(El Gallo raises the mask to her face.)''\\
'''Luisa''': Oh yes, isn't he ''beautiful!'' He's all sort of orange. Red-orange. That's one of my favorite colors!\\
'''Matt''': Help!\\
'''Luisa''': You look lovely!
* In Creator/CirqueDuSoleil's eleventh show, ''Theater/{{O}}'', the character named L'Allume slowly becomes this as he reads a newspaper.

[[folder:Theme Parks]]
* A common sight at theme park stunt shows. Some examples:
** Disney Hollywood Studios has "Lights, Motors, Action!" feature a biker who gets shot off his bike and slides through a wall of flame.
** Ride/UniversalStudios' ''Theatre/WaterworldALiveSeaWarSpectacular'' stunt show ends with the Deacon being set on fire and falling from the highest platform on the set into the water. The "Slaughterworld" show, as part of its various explicit upgrades during Halloween Horror Nights, had the Deacon's rear set aflame while dancing in a thong. [[CrossesTheLineTwice He keeps dancing.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In the online game ''VideoGame/BattlefieldHeroes'', the soldier class has an ability called burning bullets that makes your opponents burst into flame when they're hurt. (But you can put yourself out using a bandage).
* In ''VideoGame/TheSims'' series, sims can catch fire from a stove, oven, toaster or fireplace, as well as through the fireworks and floor mounted decorative flame jets in the second game, and flame traps in the World Adventures expansion in the third They burn for about thirty seconds then disintegrate into a pile of ash, unless the flames get put out first. In the third game, having been on fire and then put out gets them the Singed moodlet until they take a bath or shower, if they catch fire again while Singed they die instantly.
* In one level of ''VideoGame/Condemned2Bloodshot'', you're in a burning factory filled with [[CrazyHomelessPeople crazy hobos]]. Some of them will come running out of the fire, engulfed in flames, and try to give you a burning bear hug before they expire.
* In the Snow Mountain area of ''VideoGame/{{LISA}}'', there's an enemy titled "Flaming Man" running around at the top who can be instakilled by throwing a bottle of water at him. The general implication is that he was a still-alive man who underwent cremation.
* Something similar happens in one of the early levels of ''VideoGame/SyphonFilter'': an accident in a subway results in several flaming Mooks running screaming at you. Apparently the main character is soaked with gasoline, as the slightest touch from them will also set you alight and kill you.
** And later averted with the defeat of a flamethrower-touting boss: he simply catches fire and falls over screaming.
* The Pyro can do this in ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' - His fire-based weaponry inflicts massive damage, and then leaves the victims to burn for several seconds afterward, inflicting further damage all the while. This results in various reactions, from the Scout wailing "Fire! Fire! Oh, I'm burnin'!", to the Engineer calmly muttering to himself, "I'm burnin' up...", or even the Spy stating matter-of-factly "I appear to have burst into flames."
** However, other Pyros cannot be set on fire. They take that same (large) amount of direct damage from the flames (subject to the flamer's wonky hit detection), they just don't catch and burn.
** This is the go-to method of checking for cloaked or disguised spies. Friendlies don't burn; enemy spies will.
* ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'' and its sequels have this as a ''very'' convenient way of disposing of zombies - strategically placed gas pipes and a stray bullet equals crispy zombies and headcrabs. The fire doesn't instantly kill them, and zombies don't flee from pain so they'd often keep coming for you, on fire, as the host screams in agony. This can, in fact, do more harm than good for tougher zombies, since not only will their melee attacks give you fire damage now, some, such as the poisonous ones, can survive until the flames die down. The trick works flawlessly against Combine soldiers, however (they'll remain in place trying to bat the flames out), as hard as it may be to pull it off.
* Running around on fire is required to solve some puzzles in the ''VideoGame/WarioLand'' games.
* In ''Franchise/MassEffect'', shoot a bad guy with incendiary ammo or the Incinerate power, and appreciate the ''efficiency'' of how quickly that ammo burns their body to ash.
* ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'' also features incendiary weapons, which have a chance to set enemies on fire.
** Unfortunately in ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'' Incendiary weapons and Explosive Barrels can cause the trope to cut both ways. Also, [[AxCrazy Burning Psychos]] light themselves on fire when they spot you and are immune to incendiary damage.
** Krieg, the playable Psycho in ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'', has the Hellborn skill tree, which focuses on incendiary damage. This tree also has skills that give boosts to various stats while on fire, with the ultimate skill of that tree allowing him to ''shoot fireballs at enemies who attack him while he is on fire''.
* The ''Franchise/{{Metroid}}'' series has the Plasma Beam and the Flamethrower combo.
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' games did a ton of this, what with Lanterns, Fire Rods, [[ArrowsOnFire Flaming Arrows]] and ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast's'' Bombos spell. Even more amusing, the flames would usually knock the poor minion across the room/screen and pin it to the wall, burning all the while. In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'', this can happen to Link, too, whether it be from an enemy's fire attack to [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-VX0wUwbjE approaching the hot parts of Death Mountain]].
* ''VideoGame/SuperMario64'', ''VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine'' and ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy'' all do this. When Mario hits an enemy with fireballs, it catches fire and dies; when Mario falls into lava or gets hit with fire, he gets launched high into the air, then upon landing grabs his flaming rear end and runs in circles, yelling things like "[=AAAHothothothothot!=]" and "MAMA!!!"
* In the ''VideoGame/MetalSlug'' series, using fire-based attacks on [[{{Mook}} enemy soldiers]] causes them to dance in place before they turn to ash.
* In ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerTiberianDawn'', any flame tank will turn an enemy soldier into a human torch in less than 1.98 seconds. And sometimes, it will ''run him over'' just to be sure. If the tank was destroyed just after shooting, the driver could manage to get out in time, but would ''still'' be killed by ''his own flame jet he fired seconds ago''. And if the tank was moving, he could also be ran over by ''the tank's exploding remains''. Sick.
* In the first episode of ''VideoGame/{{Blood}}'', one of the first weapons you acquire is a flare gun that sets its target ablaze when it's weakened enough, which, in the case of humanoid enemies, is a straight example of the trope. The AerosolFlamethrower in the retail episodes has much the same effect, but works even faster. The sequel has practically the same flare gun, but the enemies stay strangely calm (save for a scant few flinching animations) as they fry to a crisp, and the aerosol is completely absent (its supposed parallel, the bug spray, acts far more like a short-ranged grenade launcher with non-incendiary ammo).
* In ''VideoGame/TotalCarnage'', setting fire to certain objects (e.g. vehicles) will turn nearby {{Mooks}} into burning men, who charge at you with flaming fists. You're not so lucky -- if your [[MadeOfPlasticine superwussy plasticine muscleman]] touches ''anything'' even remotely flaming (like the burning men), you are ''instant cinders''.
* ''VideoGame/JudgeDreddDreddVsDeath'' has Incendinary ammunition for the very purpose of setting things on fire by shooting them. Unlike some of the other types of ammo (Bouncing Bullets?!), it is quite effective, though using it on most civilians is highly frowned upon. Using incendiary rounds on ANYONE not a zombie is considered pure evil. You will quickly be determined to be a rogue judge and hunted down by the SJS.
* The flamethrower in ''VideoGame/ReturnToCastleWolfenstein'' does it, though most of the time it takes a bit after the enemy is hit to be set ablaze. [[InfernalRetaliation Doesn't work on the zombies]], which turn into Flame Zombies that can do the same to the player.
* In ''VideoGame/SilentHill4: The Room'', one of Walter's victims is killed by being set on fire and dies while Henry (the player character) watches. Later, when his ghost returns to attack Henry, he's ''still on fire''.
* ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'' gives us [[FanNickname Oven Man]], a fan favorite, seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TPV027Az54&feature=related here]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Halo 3}}'' gives us the canister-like Firebomb Grenades, which if hitting a character, will engulf them in flames, usually resulting in their quick death (unless it's an indirect hit or they have an Overshield) .
* Villagers in ''VideoGame/BlackAndWhite'' regularly catch fire when the fireball you're idly tossing about gets away from you. When this happens, their status (normally "working", "sleeping" or whatever) becomes "being on fire".
* In the ''Enhanced Configuration Project'' GameMod for ''VideoGame/OperationFlashpoint'', occupants of exploded vehicles will sometimes leap out and run around, on fire and screaming in agony, until they expire or are put out of their misery.
* Oh, the running, screaming, burning pedestrians in ''VideoGame/{{Syndicate}}'' and ''Syndicate Wars''. [[VideogameCrueltyPotential Why else would you pack a flamethrower]]?
* Upon receiving a flamethrower in ''VideoGame/ArmyMen: Sarge's Heroes'', Sarge gives a content laugh: "Oh-ho-ho, yeah." Also, several times in the games the quote, "I love the smell of burnt plastic in the morning," is used to further the sadistic craving of burning plastic soldiers. The results of the flamethrower are quite satisfying and well worth the reaction: any mook (or Sarge himself) caught in the flames runs around in circles before shriveling up into a blob of goo and fading away (as video game corpses do).
** And let us not forget Scorch from ''VideoGame/ArmyMen: RTS''. A plastic soldier very much in love with fire, packing a flamethrower with him everywhere he goes, and one of the more dangerous of Bravo Company, AKA Sarge's Heroes. "Light 'em up!", indeed.
* In the cutscene right after a fight with one of the minibosses in ''VideoGame/DeadRising'', said miniboss, a teenage PyroManiac, is shown backing away from Frank shaking like a leaf and holding out a Molotov cocktail and ends up slipping and landing flat on his back, accidentally hurling the projectile into the air. It lands, already burning, [[PlayedForLaughs on his crotch]], and the player has the option to put him out with a nearby fire extinguisher, resulting in a HeelFaceTurn.
* ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty 2'', when the player lands at Pointe du Hoc he is immediately stunned by an artillery shell. In his hazy immobilized state, the player sees an LCVP engulfed in flames with partially burning soldiers fleeing from it. Then, a burning soldier walks calmly out of the ship and down the ramp, collapses to his knees, and falls down.
** In ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare 2'', at the end of "[[WhamEpisode Loose Ends]]", [[spoiler:Gen. Shepherd shoots Roach and Ghost, tosses them in a ditch, and lights them on fire with gasoline and a cigar. Ghost dies instantly from the gunshot. [[CruelAndUnusualDeath Roach is not so lucky.]]]]
* ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'':
** The dwarves have a special relationship with fire, mostly because [[ArtificialStupidity they don't register it as a problem they should solve]], and so merrily go about their duties and setting the ''rest'' of the fortress on fire as well.
** A famous instance in ''VideoGame/{{Boatmurdered}}'' in which 'god emperor' Sankis the Beardless snapped and went postal. "OH MY GOD. Sankis is on a bloody rampage! He mauled a baby and a cow, and now, at this very instant, he's beating the Elite Marksdwarf Kadol Lokumad into paste! Does it need mentioning he is ''on freaking fire''!??"
** Even funnier, they will sometimes, while on fire, go down to get some (highly explosive) booze. No prizes for guessing what happens next.
** The fire men living in magma are the most literal case of this.
* ''VideoGame/MegaMan7'' features special enemy attacks that can inflict this upon poor Mega Man, repeatedly damaging him until the fire goes out. The game's requisite fire-based weapon, however, doesn't do the same to the enemies once he gets his hands on it.
** Except Burst Man and Slash Man.
* In the ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' series, using fire attacks on bosses who are weak to it turns them into this trope. Examples are Chill Penguin, Frost Walrus, Axle the Red, Bamboo Pandamonium, and [[BigBad Sigma's]] first form in ''X4''.
* Torch-carrying slaves and tar-throwing engineers were designed for this purpose in ''{{VideoGame/Stronghold}}''. The best part? When a peasant on fire runs into a farm and the fire spreads all around.
* If you break the wrong kind of jar in a fight in ''VideoGame/JadeEmpire'', you get set on fire. You lose health, but your character is otherwise fine, [[IncendiaryExponent and you can keep fighting anyway]].
* In the RailShooter part of ''[[Franchise/DieHard Die Hard Trilogy]]'', people periodically get set on fire by explosions, etc. Shooting them gets you a "[[MercyKill Mercy Shot]]" bonus.
* Early on in ''VideoGame/{{Anachronox}}'', you're barred from one area by a NOX Guard who informs you that some guy set himself on fire and they're waiting for him to stop. You can see him run around madly while the sociopathic guards do nothing to help him. Hilariously, this is also a BrokenBridge, so unless you further the plot sufficiently, you can come back an hour later and find the guy ''still running around and being on fire''.
* In ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' warlocks and mages can set their enemies on fire for short periods of time.
** So can many mobs and bosses (if you are not careful) leading to the meme "Don't stand in the fire."
** In ''Cataclysm'' there is a quest in Mount Hyjal to extinguish burning Twilight Cultists who have failed their training test to defeat a fire elemental.
** Engineers can get the Transporter Malfunction debuff "YOU ARE ON FIRE!!!"
* ''VideoGame/{{Odium}}'' has lighting the monsters on fire (they burn and receive damage for three turns) as one of the most helpful and damaging combat maneouvers. You can begin doing it very quickly, since you find a flamethrower a few combats into the game. There are also {{Molotov Cocktail}}s and a napalm launcher which ignites foes in a large rectangular radius, as well as leaving flames that ignite anyone who passes through. You can also make a foe flammable by tossing a bottle of gas or alcohol at him, though it requires you to actually set him on fire by using matches or a firearm on them.
* ''[[VideoGame/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game]]'' features {{mook}}s who run around on fire inside the restaurant segment of level 4 (the one where you fight Roxie). While they are OneHitPointWonder, they hurt Scott on contact. The restaurant also includes giant grills that [[ConvectionSchmonvection set players and mooks alike on fire when stepped on]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Purple}}'' features enemies who look like standard onion-head [=NPCs=], except their head is on fire and they can attack and hurt you. Later, there's a (stronger) ''freezing'' head variation.
* ''VideoGame/{{Overlord}}'s'' red minions can do this to enemies, some of which have the courtesy to [[KillItWithFire die panicked shrieking deaths]]. Explosives thrown or planted by enemies can hit each other for similar effect.
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'''s Ketojan, a Qunari Saarebas whom Hawke escorts out of Kirkwall, [[spoiler: uses his power to set himself on fire to kill himself rather than risk the possibility that he has been corrupted by demons, as is demanded by the Qun.]]
** On a lighter note, no pun intended, one of the unnamed apprentices in the Mage origin of ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' sets himself on fire while practicing fire spells and is immediately put out by his instructor; apparently it happens on a regular basis. Also, an elderly mage signs off on the permission slip for requisitioning a rod of fire and asks that you [[RumpRoast use it on a templar's pants]] in return.
* One of the {{Mooks}} during the Rank 8 level of ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'' has the ability to set Travis on fire. If this happens, Travis runs around, slowly burning to death until he can get his hands on an extinguisher.
* In ''[[VideoGame/BanjoKazooie Banjo-Tooie]]'', if you use your fire eggs or Dragon!Kazooie's fire breath on a mook, you can watch him run around ablaze until it stops or you kill him.
* It's something of a tradition for ''VideoGame/{{Fallout}}'' games to depict the average human being as kindling in waiting. Flamethrowers in the first and second games give a kill animation fondly referred to among fans as the Burning Bitch Dance, while the later installments by Bethesda have given the various desert-wandering protagonists plenty of ways to demonstrate how flammable people are.
** ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' has Joshua Graham, The Burned Man. Formerly the [[TheDragon Legate]] of [[TheHorde Caesar's Legion]], for his failure to defeat the NCR he was covered in pitch, set aflame and thrown down the Grand Canyon. [[MemeticBadass It didn't work.]] However, when you meet him in the Honest Hearts DLC he can tell you that every night when he has to change the bandages that cover him from head to toe and expose his wounds to the air, [[FateWorseThanDeath he must go through the feeling of being burned alive once again.]]
* ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil2'' and ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis'' both have burning zombies.
** Also, both Mr. X and the Nemesis are set ablaze in the game.
* Enemies in ''VideoGame/{{Bioshock 1}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Bioshock 2}}'' actually show damage from being set on fire, their skin turning black and red. They also run around and complain about it, before throwing themselves in water. (Which you can then electrify)
* ''VideoGame/{{Evolva}}'': Use the mucus attack against your enemies, then the flame weapon. HilarityEnsues. Your enemies can do the same thing to you if a mucus and a flame parasite stick together, though. Thankfully, such a situation can only happen at the end of level 11.
* [[BareFistedMonk Lee Sin]] of ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' did so [[AllThereInTheManual in his backstory]], leaving him as a HandicappedBadass. Also a shout out to Thich Quang Duc in the RealLife section.
** There's also Brand, a raider from Lokfar who got too close to an imprisoned fire elemental. Said elemental took over his body and now he gleefully lights people on fire in the Fields of Justice.
* ''VideoGame/KingpinLifeOfCrime'' has a flamethrower that sets causes people set on fire to be more suspectible to damage. In other words, set them on fire, then use your normal weapons to quickly kill them. The flames alone don't do that much damage by themselves.
* A riot guard is set on fire in one of the early levels of ''VideoGame/RedFaction''. The player can also do it to enemies with the flamethrower, and [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential watch them run around screaming]] and catch other {{mooks}} on fire.
* ''VideoGame/BrainDead13'' has one death scene involving a furnace that can pull Lance inside and incinerate him.
* ''VideoGame/{{Doom}} 3'' has zombies on fire.
* ''VideoGame/{{Postal}} 2'' gives the player a myriad of ways to set people on fire, including gasoline, napalm, and an aerosol can flamethrower. All are very efficient at setting whole crowds of people on fire, creating mass panic. Extra points to this game for having ''very'' realistic looking [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential full-body burns]] on the victims afterward.
* Happens to those killed by [[Franchise/MortalKombat Scorpion]]'s "Toasty!" fatality, moreso in ''VideoGame/MortalKombat4'' where they really would run around flailing their arms about before expiring.
* The last form taken by ''VideoGame/HauntingGround'' BigBad [[spoiler: Lorenzo]], who can [[OneHitKill set Fiona on fire with a touch]] during the game's final chase sequence.
* The ''VideoGame/MetalGear'' franchise has a history of people on fire.
** In ''VideoGame/MetalGear2SolidSnake'', after beating Metal Gear D, Snake is on fire, [[spoiler: forcing him to have to dump his entire inventory to put it out. He then has to beat [[BigBad Big Boss]] by setting ''him'' on fire]].
** In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid: [[VideoGameRemake The Twin Snakes]]'', after beating the tank, the gunner is thrown from it while on fire. He [[AmusingInjuries gets up screaming]], and Solid Snake simply punches him in the face, knocking him out.
** ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'' features The Fury, who has a flamethrower powered by ''rocket fuel'' (as it's tied to his jetpack), and he spends the entire boss battle trying to set Naked Snake on fire. When you defeat him, he's the one on fire instead.
*** Then there's [[spoiler: the final battle with [[GeneralRipper Colonel Volgin]] and the Shagohod. After beating him, Volgin [[TemptingFate tempts fate]] by laughing off a thunderstorm, only to be struck by lightning and set on fire in the process]].
** ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidVThePhantomPain'' features a character ''literally'' called the Man on Fire, and he lives up to the reputation with pyrokinesis in addition to his EnergyAbsorption abilities, as well as constantly being WreathedInFlames. [[spoiler: Turns out he is actually Volgin from ''Snake Eater'' as a revived corpse who is [[PowerOfHate Powered By Hate]] and traded out his ShockAndAwe powers.]]
*** A more mundane form of this trope can be found in [[spoiler: Quiet's]] backstory. [[spoiler: She was originally an assassin sent to murder Big Boss after the events of Ground Zeroes, but was set on fire by Ishmael to drive her off. Due to the pain from her burns she took the Parasite Therapy developed by Skull Face to help take the edge off and heal the visible wounds, and she dresses skimpily due to clothing interfering with her {{Invisibility}} power and causing her ''extreme'' pain from the burns.]]
* In ''VideoGame/DragonsCrown'', anyone hit with with fire damage has a chance of getting set on fire if they're not immune to Burn status. Those set on fire will continuously receive damage until the fire is extinguished.
* In ''VideoGame/DarkSouls2'', the pyromancy spell "Immolation" sets whoever casts it on fire. Even the game itself questions ''why'' anyone would do this, and declares that someone would have to be pretty desperate. While on fire, anyone near you will take damage... but of course, you will take damage too, because ''you just set yourself on fire!''
* In ''VideoGame/{{Shantae}}: Risky's Revenge'', fire magic has a side-effect of setting most enemies ablaze. Enemies on fire will then continuously receive damage until they're dead.
* ''VideoGame/KillerInstinct'' has Cinder, who (being a ''literal'' [[WreathedInFlames man on fire]]) can project flames and toss out exploding bombs to set opponents ablaze.
* ''VideoGame/DarkMessiah'' lets you inflict this on your enemies by dousing them with oil and then hitting them with either a [[FlamingSword flaming weapon]] or a [[PlayingWithFire fire spell.]] Alternatively, you could simply [[WreakingHavok kick or telekinetically push]] an enemy in to a nearby environmental fire (including ignited oil patches on the ground or other burning enemies). [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential This invariably results in the enemy in question hilariously dancing around before dying.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Zombidle}}'': As [[VillainProtagonist Bob the Necromancer]] and his minions attack structures, [[DamageIsFire said structures start catching fire]]. When the house finally explodes in a fiery mess, there's a chance that villagers on fire run out of it screaming- and yes, you can [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential click on them to off them]] and earn extra [[WeirdCurrency skulls]] or even diamonds from it.
* ''VideoGame/{{Battlerite}}'':
** Ashka's ''Fire Storm'' launches a volley of fireballs that apply the Ignite effect, dealing damage over time to enemies.
** Iva's ''Rocket X-67'' or ''Flame Thrower'' apply the Burning Oil effect, but only if she first used her JetPack to [[CoveredInGunge cover her enemies in oil]].

* ''Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja'' - Dan [=McNinja=]'s superior reasoning ability leads him to conclude that the best way to avoid being caught by other ninjas is to set himself on fire. (Granted, the ninjas in question are actually teenagers on a "ninja drug", and therefore are rather reluctant to grab someone on fire.) He does have the advantage of a fireproof ninja suit, though.
** In a later comic the BigBad of the same arc (who ''doesn't'' need the drug for his ninja skills) admits that setting yourself on fire does prevent ninjas in general (himself included) from catching you... [[spoiler:[[YouHaveFailedMe after telling the ninjas who failed to catch Dan to set themselves on fire to prove otherwise]]]].
** Much, much later, after Dan blows up a group of pirates with a grenade, one intrepid pirate manages to follow them up a ladder into a loft. Dan, Doc, and Mitzi keep their distance, muttering that there's no real way to deal with him because he's on fire.
* ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater'': Red Mage. Twice. He ''very nearly'' [[{{Munchkin}} found a way of actually using it to his benefit.]]
** [[http://www.nuklearpower.com/2009/12/12/episode-1203-maligned/ Also happened to Black Mage when he tried to equip a holy weapon:]]
-->'''Black Mage:''' [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction I appear to have come]] '''[[MajorInjuryUnderreaction aflame.]]'''
* In ''Webcomic/CuantaVida'', Bleu has done this once. [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes And guess what he is the most afraid of?]]
* In [[http://the-qlc.com/loserz/go/323 this strip]] of ''Webcomic/{{Loserz}}'', for no apparent reason.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', at least three dreamselves are killed by being set on fire: Kanaya's, [[spoiler: Aradia]]'s, and Karkat's. Although in Karkat's case, it's not so much the fire that kills him as being right in front of a person causing a massive explosion powered by green fire.
* In Lethal Doses, a long-gone webcomic, one character (apparently in a conversation quoted verbatim from the artist's real life), posited that the most important thing in life was not being on fire. "No, I'm serious. No matter what you want in life, if I set you on fire, you will want to not be on fire more."
* In ''Webcomic/AGirlAndHerFed'', [[NoNameGiven Sparky]] asks our heroine if she can create a distraction the next day. [[http://agirlandherfed.com/1.84.html She manages.]]
* In ''WebComic/ManlyGuysDoingManlyThings'' the Commander accidentally does this to himself when he lights a cigarette, forgetting how much petroleum-based byproduct is in his hair. Unlike most examples, he's mostly irritated by it and continues to [[http://thepunchlineismachismo.com/archives/comic/sometimes-trendy-james-dean-hair-just-isnt-worth-it play pool.]]
* In ''Webcomic/ChampionsOfFaraus'' this happens to Daryl offscreen during the spirit infestation in Garns library, although unusually for the trope we only know it's happening because Skye tells him (also from offscreen);
--> '''Skye:''' Stop drop and roll Daryl!

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Burning Man Count has become sort of a running gag in WebVideo/NecroCritic's reviews, whenever he reviews a movie that abuses this trope.
* Parodied in ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'''s Trogdor games with the "burninated" peasants.
* Melina Frost of ''WebVideo/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' is briefly set alight in one scene. By all accounts this results in her looking like ComicBook/TwoFace. - She actually survives this, as the fire is quickly extinguished.
** [[spoiler: Daniel Vaughan]] in v4 dies by getting a molotov cocktail thrown at him. And [[spoiler:Francine Moreau]] in the same version is killed after a shot from a flare gun lands on her. [[{{Gorn}} It completely immolates her.]]
* ''WebVideo/CollegeSaga'' has a brief scene in which an [=NPC=] lit on fire runs across the room while the party walks by. [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment The team does not interact with this [=NPC=], the story behind this [=NPC=] is never addressed, and he is never spoken of afterwards]].
* Caboose manages to set his combat armor on fire (while wearing it) in the trailer for ''Machinima/RedVsBlue: Recreation''.
* In ''Wink: The Game'', the PC Wink can grab torches and toss them on enemies. They catch fire, running around making [[SpeakingSimlish screaming noises]] until they disintegrate into ash.
* ''WebAnimation/ASDFMovie'' "Honey, why is the baby on fire?"
* ''Safenow'': [[http://www.safenow.org/ If you have set yourself on fire, do not run.]]
* In ''WebAnimation/{{Arfenhouse}} Teh Movie Too'', an offscreen explosion sets Piakchu on fire.
* ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends'':
** At the end of "Peas in a Pod", when Lumpy's clones replace everyone else in town, one of them is seen on fire.
** In "Every Litter Bit Hurts", Lumpy attempts to block the exhaust from his truck with a pinecone, which gets launched out of the pipe, catches fire, gets lodged in the back of Pop's head, and sets him on fire.
** In "As You Wish", Pop's wish from Lumpy is to fix Cub's toy fire engine, but Lumpy sets Cub on fire, causing him to run out into the road where he gets hit by an actual fire engine. He survives, only to get crushed by Lifty and Shifty's van and the giant disco ball that Disco Bear had wished for earlier.
* Toad in Machinima/Supermarioglitchy4sSuperMario64Bloopers.
* One of the enemy soldiers in ''WebVideo/ShockTroopers'' gets a can of gasoline kicked over on him - and then set on fire by the defibrillator one of the protagonists [[ImprobableWeaponUser is wielding]].

[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* The first customer ever seen in ''WesternAnimation/ClerksTheAnimatedSeries'', who catches on fire ''after'' running from his burning wrecked car.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'', in order to create a diversion, Stan sets Roger in fire. HilarityEnsues as Roger is repeatedly extinguished only to immediately combust again, even after being soaked in water.
** In an early episode, Jeff asks Hayley to come with him to Burning Man and uses a tongue depressor model, a can of gasoline and a match to demonstrate what the burning will look like. Being in close proximity to the burning model, the flames travel up his pants and set him on fire.
-->'''Jeff:''' ''(yells and runs around on fire, then stops)'' Imagine this, but 70 feet tall. ''(goes back to running)''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''
-->"You cannot run from Carnivale, for even running is a kind of dance" "I am on fire, and I dance"
** Also, from the time Ned and Maude Flanders are performing a skit about fire safety and Ned catches on fire:
-->'''Ned''': Aaaaaaugh!\\
'''Maude''': Um...stop, drop, and roll, Neddie. (everyone laughs)\
'''Ned''': It's not working! [[BrokenAesop It just spreads the flames!]]
** Getting stuck in a tar pit and rescued by Stampy the elephant, Barney Gumble thanks him as he lights a cigarette, and due to being covered with tar, he catches on fire. It doesn't seem to bother him much.
** Then there was the ridiculous Treehouse of Horror parody of ''Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet'', where Groundskeeper Willy walks into a PTA meeting engulfed in flames, then politely takes a seat when they brush him off.
** In the episode "Saturdays of Thunder," Martin's space-age racer easily wins the soapbox derby but his drag chute fails to deploy until after he hits a wall. The racer bursts into flame, Martin runs out on fire, and the fire department [[RuleOfFunny ignores Martin to douse the racer]].
** In the episode "Lisa the Skeptic" an angry mob sets fire to a robotics laboratory. Robbie the Robot races out screaming "Why? Why was I programmed to feel pain?"
* ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'': In a deleted scene from "Just One Bite" Squidward gets doused in gasoline and set on fire by the Krusty Krab security system twice.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'' episode "The Great Outdoors", Stimpy tells Ren to start the campfire, but the problem is he doesn't know how to start a fire. First, he rubs two squirrels together. After a while, he tires of that; eventually he dumps a can of gasoline into the pit and lights a match and Ren quickly catches on fire.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife'' episode "Pranksters" after feeling sorry for Rocko's grandmother Heffer ties himself to the rocket he set for her and ignites it, at one point he crashes into the sun and becomes engulfed in flames.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButtHead'' episode "For Better or Verse" Beavis lights his lighter while Butt-Head sprays a can of aerosol into the flames to experiment; as a result, Beavis catches on fire.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "Chef Goes Nanners", Chef tells the Mayor about when protestors used to set themselves on fire. He then douses a monk in gasoline and sets him aflame.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'' Brock Samson douses a henchman in gasoline and sets him on fire with a lit cigarette, he then puts him out by punching him.
** Used in another episode where [[MrAltDisney The Incredible Mr. Brisby]] monologues a little too close to the fireplace. Due to his being in a wheelchair, his legs catch on fire and he screams "I've come aflame again!" as Ling-Ling, his "companda", swats at him and stomps the fire out.
** Also, Human Torch {{Expy}} Cody Impossible, who ignites when exposed to oxygen, has no control over his fire, and feels it every agonizing moment of his life.
** In "The Family That Slays Together - Part II", henchmen #21 and #24 find a secluded spot to sit out the climactic battle, but they still listen to it over the radio.
-->'''#24:''' Oh! Oh! Listen to that!\\
'''#21:''' ''[shudder]'' Did you just hear that guy? That guy right there. That guy is ''on fire'', you can totally tell.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episode "Patriot Games", during Stewie's torture of Brian for not paying him he lights Brian on fire with a flamethrower.
** In "E Peterbus Unum", Peter discovers that his house isn't a part of the US, which makes him his own country, and it inevitably spirals out of control when he claims Joe's pool, ergo he invaded American soil. When Peter is left with Brian as his only supporter, Brian says that he's stuck with him through worse, then it cuts to them on a Ferris wheel where Peter is inexplicably on fire.
** In "Peter's Def Jam", Peter realizes he's gone deaf when he can't hear Meg's screams as she runs into his room while on fire.
* This has happened to the title character of ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'' a number of times.
* Self-inflicted on an episode of ''WesternAnimation/Sealab2021''. The crew are camping in the woods, only to discover it full of "Tree-snakes." They realize the snakes are repelled by the light, so they don't come near the campfire. [[TooDumbToLive Stormy]] at once proclaims, "So if we light ''ourselves'' on fire, we can go anywhere!" before dousing himself in gasoline and striking a match.
* Humorously and accidentally averted in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'', when Clumsy splashes water on Papa Smurf and is thanked by him for putting out his beard.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', one episode had Bender (a ''robot'') on fire, with no explanation whatsoever. After a moment, several members of the crew put him out, [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment and the incident was never brought up again]].
* One blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene in a gunfight of ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'' has a character run by completely engulfed in flames. It's impossible to tell who it is, he never appears again, and [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment it's never so much as even mentioned by another character.]]
* A running gag on ''WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}'' is to have [[IronButtMonkey Stumpy]] and/or [[NighInvulnerable Quack Quack]] get set on fire.
* In season four of ''WesternAnimation/BojackHorseman'', Creator/ZachBraff is seen attempting to calm [[ItMakesSenseInContext a mob of celebrities buried underground due to a fracking-related earthquake]] using his trademark monologuing from ''Series/{{Scrubs}}''. While doing this, he is set on fire by Creator/JessicaBiel, who uses his charred corpse for food.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* In real life this is a common hazard for crews of tanks and armoured vehicles as well as warships. Battle damage can start fires sets things in proximity on fir. Like the crew.. [[http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/12/26/article-0-0331C3280000044D-268_634x442.jpg Here a British soldier set alight after his IFV was destroyed by Iraqi resistance fighters]]. He survived.
* Perhaps the most famous was [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thích_Quảng_Đức Thích Quảng Đức]], a Buddhist priest who set himself on fire in protest of the South Vietnamese government in June 1963. Because he notified the press, photographers were on hand to capture on film Duc dousing himself with gasoline, lighting up, and then ''serenely sit there'' as [[DyingMomentOfAwesome he burned to death]]. His death prompted massive public protests that led to the coup that killed President Diem. Duc's heart remained intact, even after a second cremation to reduce the body to ashes for safe-keeping. The heart was kept and revered as a sacred relic.
* Richard Pryor set himself on fire while freebasing and ran down the street while ablaze in 1980. In his next big special, he [[TakeThatUs made jokes about it]]. Although his daughter Rain speculated that this was actually a suicide attempt.
* Has happened more than once in UsefulNotes/FormulaOne and other racing sports. Some fuel sprinkles here, then it catched heat, and BOOM. Jos Verstappen's case is the most recent, but Niki Lauda and ''specially'' poor Riccardo Paletti take the cake.
** The worst is probably that the fire burns invisible if methanol is being used as fuel. In other words you are on fire and no one notices it to come and help you because they don't know you are on fire.
* The Tunisian ("Jasmine") Revolution of 2010-11 was started when a young man, Mohammed Bouazizi, [[KillItWithFire attempted suicide by fire]] as a protest against bad conditions in the country (he died later in the hospital). Besides a full-blown revolution in Tunisia, Bouazizi's actions have inspired four copycats in Egypt, where the Mubarak regime fell one month after Bouazizi's death. Other Middle Eastern nations - Jordan, Syria, Algeria, Libya, Bahrain, and Iran - are undergoing mass protests in response to what happened in Tunisia and Egypt.
** The protests in Libya developed into a full-blown revolution, which overthrew the Libyan government. Given its efficacy in Vietnam in the 60s, and the fact that it resulted in regime change in three countries this year, this makes the present trope seem a very effective form of protest.
** At least one video has emerged of protestors accidentally setting themselves ablaze with poor Molotov throws.
* Actually happened in the Vietnam era in the USA. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Morrison Norman Morrison]], a Quaker protester of the war, set himself on fire outside the Pentagon in 1965.
* Self-immolation also happened in protests against the Chinese government's suppression of Falun Gong.
** Also frequently done by [[{{UsefulNotes/Tibet}} Tibetans]] protesting Chinese rule.
* Several people committed a suicide by self-immolation as a protest against Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryszard_Siwiec Ryszard Siwiec]], [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Palach Jan Palach]], [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Zaj%C3%ADc Jan Zajíc]] and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ev%C5%BEen_Plocek Ev×en Plocek]].
* Invoked by Creator/HunterSThompson, who promised to set [[ComicStrip/{{Doonesbury}} Garry Trudeau]] on fire if the two ever met. Apparently, Thompson wasn't happy with Duke, a Doonesbury character that had been based on him.
* Troubled UsefulNotes/WW1 fighter ace "Mick" Mannock gradually became obsessed with the all-too-common fate of the early airman: having the engine, directly in front of the cockpit, set on fire while lacking a parachute. He was sometimes upset by seeing the men he shot down burn to death, and at other times would brag about it: "Flamerinoes - four! Sizzle sizzle wonk!" For himself he started carrying a revolver in the cockpit in case he was shot down, to end himself at the first sign of flames. On 26 July 1918, mere months before the armistice, Mannock caught ground fire which set his engine on fire. His wingman watched him try to maneuver the burning plane, then the rudder movements stopped and it crashed. The body that was found, which was never officially confirmed to be Mannock's, showed no shot wounds.
* A ''mouse'' on fire got some InfernalRetaliation against the man who tossed it in the blaze: [[http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4593682.stm it burned his house down]].
* [[http://edition.cnn.com/2015/02/03/world/isis-captive/ In February 2015]], a captured [[UsefulNotes/WarriorsOfDesertWinds Jordanian pilot]] was burned alive in an iron cage by the Islamic State.
* Some Russian Old Believers believing the rule of the Antichrist was about to come occasionaly burned alive to escape [[UsefulNotes/ImperialRussia Czarist agents]].
* Amusingly, the Chinese character for "Fire" (火) is the one for "Man" (人) with two added dots. Chinese characters are meant to look like the term in question.
* In Chile, one of the most emblematic human rights violation cases during the dictatorship of UsefulNotes/AugustoPinochet was the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burnt_Alive_case "Caso Quemados"]] ("Burn Alive Case"), which had the military invoking the trope on the photographer Rodrigo Rojas Denegri and the college student Carmen Gloria Quintana after an anti-dictatorship rally in 1986. Rojas died few later whereas Quintana barely survived but was almost completely disfigured.
* The ''Bal des Ardents'' or ''Ball of the Burning Men'' was a notorious incident in medieval France. At a masquerade to celebrate the wedding of a lady-in-waiting, King Charles VI and five nobles decided to perform a dance while dressed as wood savages. The material their costumes were made from was known to be flammable, so naked flames were banned from the ballroom, only for the Duke of Orleans, the King's brother, to bring a torch. One costume caught fire, and quickly spread to the other dancers. The King himself was saved by his sister, who shielded him behind her skirts, while another found refuge in a wine vat. The other four perished. The incident was widely seen to have been the result of stupidity and decadence on the part of King Charles, who was reduced to a ceremonial role from then on, and of deliberate attempted regicide on the part of Orleans, such that his own eventual murder was publicly celebrated.