->''"A = A"''
-->-- ''The law of identity, the first of the three classical laws of thought''

[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin An index of tropes having to do with logic.]] As you can see, many of these {{trope}}s detail ways in which writers can [[LogicalFallacies fail at logic]]. For some reason, there aren't nearly as many about correct logic...

Compare IntelligenceTropes. Contrast MadnessTropes and EmotionTropes, which frequently defy logic in various ways.
See also:
+ LogicalFallacies
* TwoPlusTortureMakesFive
* ArkhamsRazor (In fiction, the oddest solution is probably correct)
* BatDeduction
* Catch22Dilemma (You have to do A in order to do B, but you have to do B in order to do A.)
* EntertaininglyWrong (When somebody is wrong, for the right reasons.)
* FactOpinionArgument
* FridgeLogic (Logic problems that are only noticeable when you think a bit about them)
** [[Headscratchers/HomePage Headscratchers]]
** PlotHole
** VoodooShark
* GivingUpOnLogic
* IfJesusThenAliens
* InsaneTrollLogic (When fallacies are either intentional, or they cross over into PoesLaw.)
* JustifiedTrope (When use of a trope is made logical)
* LiarsParadox
* LogicBomb (Using fallacies, paradoxes, and other logical quibbles as a weapon)
* MoonLogicPuzzle (A puzzle whose solution relies on overly narrow or unconventional interpretations of the available evidence)
* OccamsRazor (Explanations should avoid unnecessary complications.)
* PuffOfLogic
* ReasoningWithGod
* RightForTheWrongReasons (When you reach the correct conclusion, but by faulty logic.)
* SherlockCanRead
* SoundValidTrue (The three are not the same.)
* TheSpock