Are you an artist? Well, here's a list of pages that, if you illustrate them well enough, you might have your picture used as the illustration of that trope.

# Artists:
## If you've done an illustration for any of the following, post a link in the "submissions" section, or contact user Lubaf on deviantArt, [alternate methods of getting in touch needed; probably a special email address, and maybe some more Website/DeviantArt accounts or something].
## Also, please see "Tropes" under Administrivia/HowToPickAGoodImage for a guideline of what constitutes a "Good Illustration" for this purpose; and further, please note the "Safe For Work" requirement.
## Note that page images on the Wiki/TVTropes server are limited to at most 350 pixels wide, and 200kB in size; while we will link to your original version in all its glory, it needs to look good when scaled down to fit those limitations.
## If the page has an Image Pickin' thread (it should be linked to above the article, like you see on this page), try and give it a read; it would be unfortunate if somebody created an illustration and then it couldn't be used because it lacks something important.
# Tropers: Try to post a link to the relevent Image Pickin' thread(s), to make things easier for the Artists.

See also [[ the Tropers deviant art group]].

!! List of pages artists can illustrate and have a chance of having that illustration used on that page
* All the pages on PagesNeedingImages.
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom

!! Submissions