-> "Hi, there! I'm here to kill you!"

Ken Iwakami, college student, hopeless in love, and general slacker awakes to these words and finds that Kumiko, a [[HornyDevils succubus]], has chosen his soul to devour. In desperation, he claims he doesn't want to die a virgin and she agrees to his request. Shortly afterward, she finds that she kind of likes this "sex" thing, and the process thereof has allowed her to eat a small amount of his soul. Thus, she decides to make him her property, complete with marking him and attaching a magical leash to his neck that keeps him from getting more than ten feet away from her. Add in an angel with a history with Kumiko, a long-dead ancestor of Ken, an insanely jealous judo girl, and a Nazi physics professor, and wacky hijinx ensue.

The original website disappeared years ago, but the first several chapters can be found on [[http://www.fictionpress.com/s/103019/1/Kumiko_the_Demon-girl Fiction Press]] and [[http://vffa.ficfan.org/ The Vanished FanFic Archive]] has a copy scraped from [[http://web.archive.org/web/20040410104158/www.ammadeau.net/kumiko/skumiko.htm an Internet Archive copy of the site]]. The comic strip adaptation done by the author has sadly been lost to the aether.
This show provides examples of:
* BoyMeetsGhoul: There's Kumiko herself, and then there's his dead cousin who's returned as a CuteGhostGirl to make him fulfill his [[ChildhoodMarriagePromise promise to her]].
* HornyDevils: All demons have bat wings and horns. The concept of a succubus is an invention by sexually frustrated monks though. They really just eat your soul.
** However, Kumiko decides on a whim to indulge Ken's last request and finds that she is a [[IncrediblyLamePun Horny Devil]] for him.
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: They're [[spoiler:reincarnated ghosts]] and have very human emotions.
* SupernaturallyDeliciousAndNutritious: This is Kumiko's excuse for why she doesn't eat Ken's soul all at once, a transparent excuse for hanging around to enjoy sex with him.
* {{Tsundere}}: Ken winds up with two of these after him, a judoka and a biker girl, both of whom are convinced that Ken is the only person who can see past their tough exteriors.
* ThoseWackyNazis: It's rumored that Dr. Josef Strauss was one of these. [[spoiler: He's actually a FallenAngel]].