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King Charles (born Charles Costa, 1988-) is a British singer and musician known for his excellent songwriting and over-the-top personal style. After studying at Durham University for a year he left school and returned to London to form a band called Adventure Playground. When AP fell apart Costa struck out on his own as King Charles, sporting a massive pompadour, costumes reminiscent of French royalty, and one fantastic moustache.

King Charles has been writing music since the age of seventeen and, in 2009, won the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville, Tennessee by unanimous vote. He has since signed with Mi7 Records and released his first album, ''Loveblood'', in May of 2012. Although he says he has fallen in love with country music the music on his album includes a wide spectrum of styles, from the urban-inspired ''Polar Bear'' to the obvious Caribbean influences of [[TitleTrack ''Loveblood'']] and ''Lady Percy.'' His tunes are dangerously catchy and his lyrics tend to focus on romantic topics like love and rejection. He teamed up with MumfordAndSons for his most popular track, ''The Brightest Lights,'' and has been touring with the band.

* ''Loveblood'' (May 2012)

!!Provides examples of:
* AwesomeAnachronisticApparel - Oh my, yes.
* BadassMoustache
* BreakupBreakout - The breakup of Adventure Playground has allowed Charles to reach new levels of acclaim.
* BunnyEarsLawyer - His songwriting is brilliant, but his impractical hair and style choices make him seem very strange in person.
* CountryMusic - King Charles adores country music, and his first international recognition came in Nashville.
* CoverVersion - Charles does a modernized, very British version of ''We Didn't Start the Fire.''
* LampshadeHanging - His already-ridiculous hair gets turned UpToEleven in the music video of his debut single, ''Time of Eternity.''
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly - Folk music, country influences, Caribbean beats, 50's styles, and urban inspiration are just some of the identifiable sounds on ''Loveblood,'' despite the fact that it is only eleven tracks long. His non-album songs go in myriad directions as well.
* TitleTrack - ''Loveblood'' is Track 1 of ''Loveblood.''
* SouthernGentleman - In the music video of ''Mississippi Isbabel.''
* SurprisinglyGentleSong - Most of King Charles' songs are heavily produced and orchestral affairs. ''Oh England'' is just Charles, playing his acoustic guitar in the back of a handsome cab, singing a love song to his home country.