[[caption-width:281:The season one cast.]]

{{Nickelodeon}} KidCom that stars Lil' JJ as Jordan Lewis. For those who do not know who Lil' JJ is, he was a kid who starred on the final season of ''Series/AllThat''. It ran from 2007-2008, but it was canceled as it was a victim of the [[TVStrikes 2007 WGA Writer's Strike.]] It was basically a slice-of-life show with Jordan, his little sister Monica or "Mo-mo", and mother living in Los Angeles with his grandfather and working at his diner. He also had two friends, Joaquin and Tony and his cousin Tangie and each episode had him running commentary on events.
!!This show contains examples of:

* AllGirlsWantBadBoys - Tamika, Jordan's season one crush likes bad boys and Jordan tries to pass as one unsuccessfully.
* AbhorrentAdmirer - [[HollywoodHomely Tangie]], to Tony.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling - Mo-mo.
* AsianAirhead - A ''male'' example, Tony.
* CharacterFilibuster - Jordan does this as one of the recurring elements of the show. Notable in that the plot ''literally'' stops during this period. As in, he says "Freeze!" and TimeStandsStill
* DropInCharacter - Tangie, Jordan's cousin.
* {{Flanderization}} - Tony got ''very'' spacy and airheaded in the second season.
* JiveTurkey
* LargeHam - Jordan.
* LaughTrack
* ReTool - A minor one, it went from a single camera series in the first season to be filmed in a multi-camera "traditional" sitcom format.
* SoulBrotha - Jordan.
* TookALevelInDumbass: Tony became significantly more idiotic in the second season.
* TotallyRadical
* VitriolicBestBuds - Jordan and his crew, particularly with Tony who is his friend and rival.