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[[caption-width-right:300:Now ''[[UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny this]]'' is what we're here for!]]

->'''Bart Simpson:''' Creator/AlanMoore! You wrote my favorite Radioactive Man comics.\\
'''[[AdamWesting Alan Moore]]:''' Oh, really? You liked how I made your favorite superhero a heroin-addicted jazz critic [[NonindicativeName who's not radioactive]]?\\
'''Bart Simpson:''' I don't read the words, I just like it when he punches people.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', "[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS19E7HusbandsAndKnives Husbands And Knives]]"

Anyone who creates works of fiction will often try to make it big and large to justify your money's worth. They want to make each new installment bigger and better than the last, adding in new stories and conventions, and just make it a lot more fun than the last title in a series. In short, development.

[[LowestCommonDenominator But it seems no one cares.]]

Many fans of anything watch movies, or play games, for exactly one reason (generally RuleOfFun) and one reason only. To them, their work has only one purpose: they're Just Here For Godzilla.

Simply, people are paying their own money for their own entertainment. Any other stuff they add may be only seen as a minor distraction from their true goal of enjoyment. On the other hand, those other things added can actually [[ComeForTheXStayForTheY add to the enjoyment of their one true goal]], whether it be comedy relief in a usually dark film series or any new quirks in gameplay.

Often, however, creators of works may put obstacles in your way to force you to go through all of their new quirks before getting a chance to see the action (like your being in a theater, sitting through hours and hours until you get to that glorious part) or play the same mode over and over. Sometimes they make it [[FakeDifficulty even harder]] for you to get to your true goal.

Pretty much anything that's SpeculativeFiction tends to fall under this. Many people will read/watch it strictly or primarily for the elements that make it SpeculativeFiction, with the actual plot being secondary.

{{Sister Trope}}s are: BileFascination, PlayTheGameSkipTheStory, PreviewPiggybacking, WatchItForTheMeme, ExcusePlot, DevelopingDoomedCharacters.

Compare IReadItForTheArticles, ComplacentGamingSyndrome, BlackSheepHit, EstrogenBrigade, MrFanservice, MsFanservice, TestosteroneBrigade, DancingBear, and BestKnownForTheFanservice (which is not necessarily what they come for).


* Package deal. Especially in cases where purchasing a la carte is ''not'' an option. Can range from premium cable package deals to meals at a fine dining restaurant. If it's something people want badly, they may not mind paying the entire price for just the items they want - even if they might consider it to be an inconvenience.
* Any work of fiction with LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters will have a fandom affected by this, as most fans will generally only care about a small subset of the cast.
* Before the days of YouTube, Video On Demand services and other video streaming sites, it wasn't unheard of for people to buy tickets to movies in the theaters just to see a trailer for an upcoming movie, such as ''StarWars.'' This still isn't entirely unheard of.
* Stores often take advantage of this to liquidate movies that aren't selling well by packaging them together with something that is selling better and setting the cost low enough that it's worth buying even if it means getting stuck with something you'll never even bother to open. You want that copy of ''Film/{{Beetlejuice}}?'' Well, it comes with ''Film/HighlanderIITheQuickening''. Deal with it.
* Any work of media with an anthropomorphic animal as a character is guaranteed to gain the attention of the UsefulNotes/FurryFandom, many of which won't care even in the slightest what the rest of the plot or the story is about.
* Particularly devoted fans of a creator may go through their entire body of work just to see more of them, not for the works' other merits (e.g. watching a movie they know nothing about because their favorite actor is in it).

* Safe Auto insurance [[InvokedTrope invokes]] this in some of their advertisements, pointing out that many insurance companies offer the chance to save by "bundling" additional services like home insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, flood insurance, etc. etc., so and so forth. They, however, just offer a low rate on auto insurance that you can get without having to bundle anything.

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* {{Anime}} became the only reason a lot people were attracted to the Creator/CartoonNetwork Creator/AdultSwim line up. Another group of people just came to watch it for the re-runs of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'', and (formerly) ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', and were reeled in by the network's original comedies. Afterwards, NetworkDecay hit Creator/CartoonNetwork badly and, for the first group, [adult swim]'s management [[ScrewedByTheNetwork started relegating such programming to increasingly late in the night, with little promotion]]. Most fans have since abandoned [adult swim] nowadays for the interwebs or other networks, until ''Creator/{{Toonami}}'' was relaunched, which started this trend anew.
* ''Odin: Photon Space Sailor Starlight'' isn't generally regarded as a good film, but it may be of interest to fans of the band {{Music/Loudness}} whose music is featured in the film.
* ''{{Geneshaft}}'', which includes music by the guitarist from Loudness.
* Many people who watch ''Anime/{{Hamtaro}}'' only watch it for its human characters (mainly Laura and Kana).
* ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'' was initially intended to be a cute little spinoff for people Just Here For the cute little sister from ''TriangleHeart3SweetSongsForever''. Halfway through the first season, which had by then pulled more viewers than the ''Toraha 3'' OVA released around the same time had, the game cast starts to fade out and the plot gets complicated. By the end, Nanoha is the only game cast member with a major role, the universe has made many major breaks with the originals, and most people seeking the ''Triangle Heart'' games and {{OVA}}s are Just There For Nanoha.
* ''{{Happiness}}'' is an anime that was originally a VisualNovel. Most agree it's a fairly mediocre high school drama with a really generic magic system attached. It doesn't matter though, because nearly everyone watches it to see [[{{transsexual}} Jun]], who steals [[EnsembleDarkhorse every]] single scene she's in.
* ''MiraiNikki'': Just here for the AxCrazy {{Yandere}} [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Goddess]].
* A lot of fans watch ''Anime/{{Mai-HiME}}'' for Shizuru and Natsuki (be them [[EnsembleDarkhorse individually]] or [[FanPreferredCouple together]]). But it's usually [[ComeForTheXStayForTheY "watched"]]. Not so much with ''Anime/{{Mai-Otome}}'' though.
* While the manga has a bit more existent plot, pretty much the only reason most people watch ''LightNovel/{{Kanokon}}'' is because it should have just been titled {{Fanservice}}: The Anime.
* Many watchers of ''Manga/BlackButler'' stick around simply for the sheer awesomeness that is [[BattleButler Sebastian]]. He is after all, one hell of a butler. And a lot of others came for the apparent HoYay that fans always boast about.
* The film adaptation of "Buddha" by OsamuTezuka seems to be shaping up to be this, due to the soundtrack including "Scarlet Love Song" by XJapan.
* A lot of people watched ''Manga/ElfenLied'' for the gore, fan service, and {{Gorn}}.
* People check out the ''Franchise/WhenTheyCry'' series for the gore but typically stay for other reasons.
* How many fans of ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' actually have read or watched a majority of the series? You're in here for the fandom, HoYay, and the fact the series is based upon {{Bishonen}} and Bishojo personified masses of land.
* Most ''Manga/WanderingSon'' fans who began with the anime came for either the SceneryPorn, calm SliceOfLife elements, or the realistic representation of {{transsexual}}ity.
* A lot of ''Manga/BokuraNoHentai'' fans came to notice the series because of TheCutie {{transsexual}} Marika.
* The ''Anime/YuGiOhTenthAnniversaryMovie'' is watched to see [[Manga/YuGiOh Atem]], [[Anime/YuGiOhGX Judai/Judai]], and [[Anime/YuGiOh5Ds Yusei]] dueling together.
* An amusing inversion in the ''Franchise/{{Digimon}}'' series. There are plenty of fans who ignore the Digimon and prefer to focus in the interactions between the humans. As the anime is considered to be a rare positive example of a HumanFocusedAdaptation, this is understandable.
* ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'': Despite the complicated plots and the overbearing characters, people still watch the show just to see giant robots beat each other up.
* Whenever the topic of ''InitialD'' comes up on a forum, you can be certain that someone will say "I only watch it for the cars", followed by someone else responding with "We all only watch it for the cars."
* Fans of the ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure'' [=OVA=], mainly watch it for the final, unique fight with Dio and Jotaro. Also, the manga has a small group of fans who read it just for the many musical {{shout out}}s.
* Some of the ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}'' anime's early Western fandom started from this; even though the games were the origin of the franchise as a whole, the English dub of the anime was intentionally released in the U.S. several weeks before the games were. As a result, it became a promotional vehicle for the rest of the franchise, and some fans initially watched the show to familiarize themselves with the series before the games were available. Even now, sneak peeks of upcoming game material are often showcased in the anime, giving people who don't normally watch it a reason to do so if they are fans of the games. After the initial hype had died down, with new Pokemon being revealed in CoroCoro magazine before the anime can begin a new region and Ash losing the Indigo Conference, there are some fans who still watch the anime mainly to see if Ash wins a Pokemon League. There are also fans who only stay tuned to the anime of the franchise just to see the Pokémon battles that take place.
* It's not uncommon to hear disgruntled viewers of ''Anime/GuiltyCrown'' say they're only watching the show just to hear the [[Music/HiroyukiSawano awesome soundtrack.]]
* Many ''{{Robotech}}'' fans looked forward to ''WesternAnimation/RobotechTheShadowChronicles'' because it would feature the long awaited return of Rick Hunter, the hero of the ''{{Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross}}'' based portion of the franchise. They were, understandably disappointed when [[spoiler: he had less than two minutes screentime in an 85 minute film and only appeared on a viewscreen]].
* ''Manga/OyasumiPunpun'''s protagonist looks like a bird. This attracts people, who would pass it off as an ordinary SliceOfLife if he was a normal boy. The series [[CerebusSyndrome goes off the deep end]] quickly and people now know it as a dark WidgetSeries manga with a bird-thing for a main character.
* Magical girl fans aside, ''Anime/YuukiYuunaWaYuushaDeAru'' got noticed due to the HandicappedBadass Tougo. She's one of the few physically disabled characters in mainstream anime, never mind MagicalGirl series, and doesn't get "fixed" when in magical girl form.. Alas a lot of people also ''stopped'' watching because the series has a bit of fan-service, especially around Tougo who probably has the largest chest out of the girls.
** After the series hits CerebusSyndrome it got a huge leap in popularity due to people watching it for the suffering.
* The ''Broly'' trilogy of ''Manga/DragonBall'' has the famous BreakoutVillain and title character. Most people only want to see Broly destroying stuff and beating the crap out of the heroes. Even though the second and third movie are inferior than the first one, people are glad to see Broly doing his thing in the second movie at all. Most fans hate the third movie because the Broly in the movie isn't the real Broly and he's not as awesome as the original.
* Many people come to ''{{Berserk}}'' [[ComeForTheXStayForTheY to check out its gritty nature and badass protagonist Guts]], but have since stuck around despite lengthy release periods (and more traumatizing events) for the intriguing character line up and the mythos of the world; in recent volumes, much more attention has been focused on these elements rather than the grim-dark themes and a sizeable portion of the fanbase is actually grateful for the relieving shift in atmosphere. However, another portion of the fanbase wants the series to get back to what it's ''really'' about: [[LudicrousGibs senseless violence]], GratuitousRape, and [[DarknessInducedAudienceApathy darkness darkness everywhere.]]


* Marvel has been known to place {{Wolverine}} [[WolverinePublicity prominently on covers of comics he barely appears in]] because of this.
** Lampshaded when during one promotion where each cover in one particular month featured Wolverine ''whether or not he even appears in the story.'' On some (such as the short-lived adaptation of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series) the cover (always showing Wolvie teaming up with the comic's hero(es)) there was a small disclaimer, obviously [[OurLawyersAdvisedThisTrope suggested by Marvel's legal counsel]] that read "Wolverine does not actually appear in this comic."
** Also parodied by ''The Sensational ComicBook/SheHulk'', where they have a cover of Wolverine and a couple of other heroes at the charge and the blurb ''"Wolverine is on this comic!"''... and a crumpled bottom having been pushed up by Jen, who looks at the reader while glibly saying "Note the cover doesn't say he's actually ''in'' this comic!"
* Similarly, a lot of publicity for [[ComicBook/TwoThousandAD 2000AD]] revolves around the fact that it's the magazine that originated ComicBook/JudgeDredd. Dredd is on roughly 98% of covers nowadays, and the title on the cover used to have the subtitle ''Featuring'' ''''JUDGE DREDD'''', a tradition continued by the iOS app.
* Some people read [[ComicBook/TheIncredibleHulk Hulk comics]] for the same reason they watch the [[Series/TheIncredibleHulk television]] [[WesternAnimation/TheIncredibleHulk shows]] and [[Film/TheIncredibleHulk movie adaptations]]: To see Bruce banner HulkOut.
* One of the trends of TheDarkAgeOfComicBooks was following the artists and fans placing emphasis on art over story such that superstar artists even started their own publishing companies. Eventually, backlash shifted things back in favor of the writing especially as the novelty of the stylized and exaggerated art of that era wore off.

* Franchise/{{Godzilla}}, the TropeNamer himself, is a member of the Department of Hotness in "Hottie 4: Even Better Sequel", the sequel to FanFic/Hottie3TheBestFanFicInTheWorld.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* ''Disney/WreckItRalph'': Fans all over the internet are having {{Nerdgasm}}s over seeing their favourite video game characters make cameos. Subverted for many when the cameos stop coming about halfway through the movie and the audience is hooked on the film's own characters and plot. Even then, you'll still hear complaints that Bowser got no lines.
* A good deal of the interest (at least among adults) in ''WesternAnimation/HotelTransylvania'' came solely from the fact that Creator/GenndyTartakovsky directed the film. Many people were not interested in the film itself and just wanted to see it because they thought it would help his career if they did.
* Not few people saw ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'' only because of the ''MickeyMouse'' short playing before it, and a large part of the fanbase enjoy the film because of [[AnIcePerson Elsa]].
* It is safe to say that plenty of fangirls only went to see ''WesternAnimation/RiseOfTheGuardians'' because of [[MrFanservice Jack Frost]].
* There are 2 well-known fangirl types in the ''Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame'' fandom: "Frollophiles" and Clopin fans. Most of these fans only watch merely for the times they show up, with Clopin's side [[FanDumb complaining about how he doesn't get enough screen time.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls'' features a load of [[FandomNod Fandom nods]], The Cutie Mark Crusaders dancing to their themes, the background ponies (Namely Derpy Hooves), Trixie's BigLippedAlligatorMoment in front of the vending machine, and every time the camera jerks away from the action to showcase a background pony as a human. A good number of bronies who did not like the movie watched it just for those scenes, and some bronies who ''did'' consider it redeemable just for those drops.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' franchise, which became famous only for the monster fights (hence the [[TropeNamer trope title]]).
** Godzilla by himself can be a major draw for people who want to see him demolishing cities.
** ''Film/{{Godzilla 2014}}''. It ''does'' star the TropeNamer himself, after all. The first official teaser trailer leans on this heavily: all it really reveals about the film's plot is that Godzilla's in it, he causes loads of destruction and this upsets and frightens many people (i.e. the simplest, most basic elements of a Godzilla story). This was tantalizing enough to shoot the trailer to more than 10 million Youtube views in a week.\\\
Similarly, most fans didn't expect ''Godzilla: [=Smash3=]'' to [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames be particularly good]] when it was first revealed, but the game was still closely examined because it gave the best yet view of the new Godzilla design.\\\
Among non-fans and even people who actively dislike Godzilla, Creator/BryanCranston has become enough of a draw for them. Jeremy Jahns mentions this in his [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvZc82XDEZk review]] of the teaser:
--->''"Yeah, that was Bryan Cranston. Okay, well... I'll watch the movie. I was on the fence with the big lizard tearing shit through a city, but you bring in [[Series/BreakingBad Heisenberg]] and -- alright, I'm there."''
** Ironically, one of the biggest criticisms leveled against the movie was exactly Godzilla's and Cranston's limited screen-time ([[spoiler:the former mostly has cameos until the final fight, the latter is killed off about half an hour in]]), and while most critics applauded this "held-back" approach, audiences were less forgiving (there was a significant drop in attendance following a strong opening), proving this trope to be a double-edged sword.
* Much like the Godzilla films, the low budget sword and sandal Hercules peplum films that Italy used to churn out in the late 1950s and early 1960s made most of their money from people who just wanted to see the fights, the {{Fanservice}} (male and female alike) and the beautiful Italian scenery as opposed to any actual story.
* Take any ExploitationFilm: all of them center on one particular gimmick that will draw in curious viewers. Be it a fight, battle, a monster, stunts, gory violence, action, special effects, a nude scene, a sex scene, a surrealistic scene to trip out to or the appearance of a famous pop star or media star.
* Before the days of MTV and other music video channels rock 'n' roll movies were sure ticket sellers, because most TV stations in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s didn't pay much attention at rock musicians. And even if they did appear on TV it would only be for a musical intermezzo in a variety show or talk show. If you wanted to see your favorite artist or band on screen for longer than five minutes you would go and watch movies in the theater like ''Film/TheGirlCantHelpIt'', ''Film/JailhouseRock'', Film/AHardDaysNight'', ''Film/{{Woodstock}}'', ''Film/{{Tommy}}'', ''Film/TheWall'',... Needless to say that the plot was irrelevant: seeing your favorite stars appear and perform music would be enough.
* The biggest complaint about the live-action ''Film/{{Transformers}}'' movies is the focus on the humans. Optimus Prime doesn't even get introduced in the first movie until an hour in. There are subplots that lead to nothing and very scatological humans. ''Revenge of the Fallen'' is a little better, offering flashy fights in the beginning, middle and end, but all the time between that is just waffle. This is something the ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' producers have long failed to grasp. Fans are just here for the robots, and it's an ''extremely'' rare human who catches on with viewers of ''any'' age. The adults who were annoyed by [[WesternAnimation/TheTransformers Spike and Daniel]] may be the PeripheryDemographic now, but they were kids when they ''first'' watched. With the newer series, for every [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Sari]], there's three [[TransformersFilmSeries Sams]] or [[TransformersEnergon Kickers]] whose not-remotely-interesting home lives are only unwanted interruptions to the giant-robot-armies-at-war thing everyone ''really'' came for, and any scene with them will be considered {{Filler}}. The humans who ''do'' get popular are never the {{Tagalong Kid}}s who get all the screentime, and it's hard to know if the kids liked Simmons or Fowler as much as we do.
** ''Film/TransformersAgeOfExtinction'', the fourth live-action film, had a much better balance and gave its robots bigger screen and story-presence, to the point where some fans regard ''this'' as the first "true" ''Transformers'' movie in the series. That said, the movie still suffered because while it offered many things for fans to be excited about (most importantly, the Dinobots), many claimed that it was far too long to be worth the effort, and the much-promoted Dinobots were only put in as an afterthought. As a whole, though, general moviegoers loved it just like the first three, and [[CriticalDissonance critics kept mourning the death of cinema]].
** ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'' challenged even the movieverse at first with its attention to Jack's home life and Miko's love of being InHarmsWay. There's some time spent on Jack angsting about how his time with the 'bots is interfering with his mundane life, even though there's really no need for him to ''be'' with the Autobots. By season two, though, this is massively scaled back, with the story mostly about the Transformers' battles, with the humans occasionally helping out. Miko has come especially far, from rushing headlong into danger ''explicitly because it's fun'' and not caring about endangering everyone to actually being part of the solution, and you can at points see the kids being the Autobots' guides to an unfamiliar world. By the series finale TV movie, all humans are absent.
* Most people sit patiently through ''Film/{{Koyaanisqatsi}}'' to get to the penultimate 15 minute "The Grid" sequence.
* Is ''Film/MonstersBall'' a great scripted, shot, acted, Oscar-winning movie? Sure, but a lot of people watched it strictly for Halle Berry in a steamy sex scene.
* ''Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld'' is an interesting example. A lot of people will tell you that they weren't there for the Scott/Ramona romance, but for his battles with her Evil Exes.
* ''Film/{{Swordfish}}'' had a lot of people showing up for it not caring about the criminal/hacker plot, but because Halle is topless in one scene.
* In general, if you have a favorite B-movie actor and plenty of time and/or disposable income on your hands, you'll watch droves of otherwise unwatchable films just to catch a glimpse of your hero - and that goes double if you're a horny male and the "star" is a sexy babe. Take Anna Nicole Smith, for instance. How many boys aged 14 to 25 watched the DTV movie ''To the Limit'' [[{{Fanservice}} just to see her naked body]] - when [[EnsembleDarkhorse she wasn't even the main character in that film]], and in fact it was a sequel to an earlier film, ''Da Vinci's War'', which she wasn't in and which was made before most people had even heard of her?
* Most action films score very low on plot originality, character development or any kind of message. Audiences simply want to see explosions (or [[FunetikAksent "'splosions,"]] in the common vernacular), people fighting each other or fast paced special effects.
* Most romantic drama films and comedies are extremely predictable, yet women and couples just want to see a romantic story on a fairy tale level to leave the cinema with a happy feeling.
* ''Film/{{Alexander}}''. A large amount of people watched it for that one scene with Creator/RosarioDawson. Another amount came looking only for the battle sequences, which given [[AlexanderTheGreat who it is about]] is understandable.
* A LOT of Japanese people only watch Hollywood films because they find the American actor/actresses in them attractive.
* Most audiences went to see ''Film/TheForbiddenKingdom'' simply to see Creator/JackieChan fight Creator/JetLi for the first time in their careers.
* No matter [[{{Sequelitis}} how bad you think the sequels are]], the one thing every fan looks forward to in ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'' is Captain Jack Sparrow.
* Slasher-style horror movies (''Franchise/FridayThe13th'' and whatnot) typically attract people for the murderer. The trope DevelopingDoomedCharacters was invented purely to describe the miserable time before the murderer starts knifing co-eds. Because seriously, who sat down to watch the engaging social life at Camp Crystal Lake?
* Many horror fans can attest to turning out for the ''Franchise/FridayThe13th'' and ''Franchise/{{Halloween}}'' film series' just to see the inventive gore effects and brutal kills. Not many root for the [[TooDumbToLive dimwitted camp counsellers and nubile victims]], and instead cheer for [[SlasherMovie invincible homicidal killers]]. This was averted in the first ''Film/{{Halloween 1978}}''. It features no gore and actually focuses on the characters.
* The "Plot" such as it is, of most ''Franchise/FridayThe13th'' movies, serves only as a vehicle to deliver (usually Teen) Victims to Jason. This is further confirmed by the "Jump to a Death" option present on the home DVD versions.
* A major complaint about ''Film/{{Cloverfield}}'' was "I came to see a giant monster trash New York, not [[DevelopingDoomedCharacters watch these annoying jerks]] through [[JitterCam shakycam]] for 2 hours."
* In the Japanese film ''Film/AlwaysZokuSanChoumeNoYuuhi'' (''Always Sunset on Third Street 2''), Godzilla himself makes a brief cameo appearance in the first 2 minutes of the film in a dream sequence and in CGI form, Many Godzilla fans don't know what this film is about or even care, all they want to see is Godzilla.
* A lot of people went to see ''Film/SpiderMan3'' mostly for Venom. They became upset because he [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter didn't get enough screen time]] (or that he was played by a badly miscast Topher Grace).
* As of ''Film/TheAmazingSpiderMan2'', the base has been broken into those in it for Peter and Gwen's surprisingly well-written relationship, and those who grant that it is an improvement over the Raimi trilogy's romance angle, but it also takes far too much time away from the, you know, ''Spider-Man'' parts that they bought a ticket for.
* A criticism of the first ''Film/{{Hulk}}'' movie was Ang Lee's attempt to add the daddy issues backstory, while most people just wanted to see [=HULK SMASH=]. The issues presented weren't the problem, since they also occur in the comics, it was that Lee tried to make them the whole movie and not just a small part of ''Hulk''. Like ''Spider-Man'' above, less whine more hero. Website/RottenTomatoes even summarizes the consensus of the movie as "Too much talking and not enough smashing."
* People watch Creator/EdWood movies purely meta to observe the terrible sets, bad dialogue and acting, and obvious mistakes.
* Pornography. As John Carmack of id Software said, "[The story] It's expected to be there, [[PornWithoutPlot but it's not that important]]." Ironically, many ''Skinemax' films go the opposite direction, with as few as two or three sex scenes in a two hour movie about the most boring and trite corporate/scientific espionage imaginable.
* While a lot of people won't admit it, social stigmas related to nudity and sex means many people's only exposure to such is through generic action movies. The watchers are not especially interested in the story at all, they're just there for the nudity, sex and violence. This means movies are released with this in mind, leading to ViewersAreMorons, which pisses off the [[ViewersAreGeniuses other group.]]
* Creator/MillaJovovich is a compelling reason to watch ''Film/{{Ultraviolet}}'' ([[{{Fanservice}} to her fans]]), despite being considered to be a very bad movie by critics in general. It holds true for ''Film/{{Zoolander}}'' (as [[DarkActionGirl Katinka]]), ''Film/TheMessengerTheStoryOfJoanOfArc'', and ''Film/TheFifthElement'' (as Leeloo). Inverted with her role in the ''Film/ResidentEvil'' movies, as many fans were displeased that established characters such as Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy were [[DemotedToExtra pushed back]] in favor of Jovovich. It hasn't stopped the movies from being successful, though.
* This is an interesting dilemma with the original ''Franchise/ThePinkPanther'' movies. The bulk of viewers only watch them for Creator/PeterSellers and, to a lesser extent, the animated title sequences. The series has been outright criticized by critics such as James Berardinelli as having little merit beyond them. The post-Sellers entries invoke this reaction with two other characters: Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus and Cato Fong, [[EnsembleDarkhorse who both became popular in their own right]] after their introduction in film two, ''A Shot in the Dark''. Some fans actually prefer Herbert Lom's scenes as Dreyfus to Sellers' scenes. ''Son of...'' is firmly Just Here For Dreyfus: What audience it has is there to see the series' IneffectualSympatheticVillain [[ThrowTheDogABone finally get a]] HappyEnding. Later, the success of the 2006 Steve Martin reboot was a case of Just Here For Steve Martin, considering the sequel's disappointing performance.
* Fans of Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Creator/ParisHilton, Bill Mosely, and/or Nivek Ogre went to see ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'' based solely on their appearances therein. Almost all of them are now devoted fans of the movie. Fans of Music/YoshikiHayashi did the same. Their mileage varies widely: some are devoted fans of the film, others not so much.
* Creator/ParisHilton drove away more of the film's potential audience than she attracted (''Film/HouseOfWax2005'', anyone?). Which is a shame, because she performs her [[SpoiledBrat role]] in Repo ''perfectly''.
* The films starring Creator/SonjaHenie were to watch her skate.
* ''Film/FlyingDownToRio'': a 1930s RomanticComedy staring Gene Raymond and Dolores del Río. It's watched and (mainly) remembered for having the first dance Creator/FredAstaire and Creator/GingerRogers ever did together.
%%* There is only one scene anybody cares about in ''BasicInstinct''. [[BestKnownForTheFanservice And you know which one it is.]]
* During the run-up to the release of the 1989 ''Film/{{Batman}}'' movie, [[{{Fanboy}} people were buying tickets to other movies]], sitting through the ''Batman'' trailer, and then walking out.
* ''Film/AttackOfTheClones'' owes most of its popularity to Jango Fett. Some people went for the massive hellstorm of special effects that is the last quarter of the movie, including Yoda wielding a lightsaber (as the film wore on in theaters commercials started airing saying "who da man? Yoda man" to capitalize on what was certainly the film's largest draw). Others came come to watch the space battles, or the Jedi fight scenes.
* Most people only go to the ''Film/JamesBond'' films for the action and to see beautiful women in various states of undress.
* ''Film/{{Bound}}'' is a compelling modern film-noir classic. But people only watch it for [[GirlOnGirlIsHot the lesbian sex scenes]].
* ''Film/WildThings'': Denise Richards gets them out, makes out with Neve Campbell in a swimming pool and they have a threesome with Matt Dillon. There's also that strip of Kevin's [[ICallHimMisterHappy Bacon]]. The sequels have a similar reputation, [[{{Sequelitis}} except with a less acclaimed plot]].
* The three ''Film/CruelIntentions'' movies, are this to many people. One of the reasons is the scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar flirtatiously offering one last clause for her and her brother-in-law's bet.
* The ''Film/HomeAlone'' movies usually have a story about a child learning to act on his own and getting into trouble, but really the only reason people went to see those movies was for the DeathTrap houses.
* Even fans of the DisasterMovie genre didn't really seem to care ''why'' the Apocalypse was going to strike in ''Film/TwoThousandTwelve'', but it didn't half put [[MoneyMakingShot the money up on the screen]] when it was time for [[SceneryGorn the geological shit]] to hit the fan.
* A large percentage of the ''Film/{{Tekken}}'' film's sparse audience likely went just to see Lateef Crowder playing Eddy Gordo. The smart ones just settled for watching his scenes on Website/YouTube.
* You may like the {{Melodrama}} of Creator/TylerPerry's movies and plays, but you are more likely there to watch Madea's shenanigans.
* ''Film/{{Avatar}}'' is perhaps the highest-grossing film ''ever'' so far[[note]]"Perhaps" because that's without taking into account home video sales or adjusting for inflation.[[/note]]. However, just about ''everyone'' went to watch it only for [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome the stunning effects.]]
* The sole reason to watch ''Film/GoneInSixtySeconds1974'' is the ChaseScene that makes up the second half of the movie.
* While films like ''Film/{{Bullitt}}'', ''Film/TheFrenchConnection'', ''Film/ToLiveAndDieInLA'', and ''Film/{{Ronin}}'' are all worth watching on their own merits, odds are good that the first thing that pops into your head when each of those titles is mentioned is a car chase.
* German Neo-Nazis often bought tickets for ''Film/AmericanHistoryX'' just to see the violence scenes during the first ten minutes. After that, they left the cinema again.
* The first album by ProcolHarum includes a song titled "Salad Days (Are Here Again)", and the track listing on the back cover says that this song is "From The Film 'Separation'". ''Separation'' is an obscure [[LeFilmArtistique art film]] which remained unavailable for a long time after its initial (limited) theatrical run in 1968, leaving Procol Harum fans wondering what it was like. In 2009, the film was released on video for the first time, and thus many of those watching it are Just Here For Procol Harum (though maybe ComeForTheXStayForTheY is in effect too).
* There is only [[StuffBlowingUp one thing]] that many people find any Creator/MichaelBay film worth watching for.
* A small minority of the audience for ''Film/BlackSwan'' is Just There For The [[FreakinessShame Wingfic]]. And quite a few more are Just There for [[GirlOnGirlIsHot the Mila/Natalie sex scene.]]
* Many people watched ''Film/TheMachinist'' for the shock of seeing Christian Bale's [[DyeingForYourArt Nightmare Fuel Thiness.]]
* Creator/JamesCameron's ''Film/{{Titanic}}'':
** Some people watched the film only because of ship's sinking scenes.
** Back when it was released most teenage girls went to see the film solely because they were so in love with LeonardoDiCaprio. In fact many people only remember the romantic scenes and are completely unaware that the entire story was based on a real life incident.
** Many people have seen it multiple times, and still have not seen the beginning. The "Making of" documentary created a lot of interest in the special effects in people who had originally chosen not to sit through the four-hour film. It's pretty common knowledge that the crow's nest scene (when the look-outs spot the iceberg) occurs just about five minutes into the third hour, when it plays on TV, so when it's on, you can tune in exactly halfway through for the special effects, and skip the romance entirely.
* ''Film/StarTrek'':
** Many Trek fans only watched the reboot for Creator/LeonardNimoy's performance as Spock. The 90210 re-casting was not a selling point.
** Many people also watched it for ZacharyQuinto, widely regarded as the best thing in ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' even at its best, as the new Spock. Other people watched for the [[StuffBlowingUp space battles]].
** Many were there just to see Star Trek back on screen after five years and lots of uncertainty. Similarly for ''Film/StarTrekTheMotionPicture'' which is why many fans like that first movie inspite of (or because of) complaints of long lingering shots of the Enterprise and long dialog free special effect sequences.
* And a lot of ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' fans are attending ''Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness'' for BenedictCumberbatch playing a villain.
* Many people went to see ''Film/TheRite'' for one thing: Anthony Hopkins possessed. And in Mexico, many went to WatchItForTheMeme that spawned thanks to certain national news anchor that interviewed Hopkins.
* Probably the main reason sci-fi folks will never get their wish of a film that explains the backgrounds of either/[[AlienVsPredator or]] the Franchise/{{Alien}} and Franchise/{{Predator}} franchises. [[ScifiGhetto Folks just want to see the eponymous creatures kick butt, not have their origins explained]]. One of the main draws for ''Film/{{Prometheus}}'' was this, since it was ambiguously billed as a prequel (and later confirmed to be in the same universe).
* In the case of the first Franchise/{{Predator}} film, some people just wanted to see Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger.
* A rare one-minute cameo by Music/DaftPunk and their soundtrack were good enough reasons for people to watch ''Film/TronLegacy''.
* Many people went to see ''Film/SnakesOnAPlane'' solely to hear Samuel L. Jackson deliver his line, or even just the film's title.
* Some people watched ''Film/SpaceJam'' mostly just for Lola Bunny, who [[CanonImmigrant made her debut]] in that film.
* Some people probably watched ''Film/WayOfTheDragon'' just to watch the UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny between BruceLee and ChuckNorris. [[spoiler:Which is won by Lee.]]
* Possibly the only reason why anyone went to see the ''Beach Party'' reunion film ''Back To The Beach'' was to see the [[PeeWeesPlayhouse Pee Wee Herman]] cameo. Also the only good thing about the film.
* Any fans of ''Alvin And The Chipmunks'' may watch {{Film/Rear Window}} and/or {{Film/Switchblade Sisters}} for [[Franchise/AlvinAndTheChipmunks Ross Bagdasarian (Sr.) and Janice Karman]] respectively.
* The only reason the film 'Just My Luck' got any success in the UK was because {{McFly}}'s fangirls were flooding in to see their cameo. And PixieLott is the only reason ''[[{{Fred}} Fred: The Movie]]'' got released in cinemas in said country. (Evidence: The Lott-less sequel premiered on {{Nickelodeon}}, as both films did in the US.)
* One [[http://www.fisheye.co.il/wolverine/ review]] (sorry folks, it's in Hebrew) claimed that basically, the only reason to watch ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine'' is because it has [[WolverinePublicity Wolverine]] kicking ass - and not even particularly well.
* A lot of people only saw ''Film/TheExpendables'' to see the scene that features SylvesterStallone, Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger and BruceWillis together (which was also highlighted in all of the trailers). [[SerialEscalation One can only assume the sequel made these people very, very happy.]]
* A number of people only see ''Film/ConAir'' for the toy bunny, a major plot point in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', and/or because it is the favorite movie of Homestuck's protagonist, John Egbert.
* Even since his cult following formed in the late 1990's, does anyone watch the TVMovie ''SarahPlainAndTall'' for anything other than the fact that it has ChristopherWalken in a romantic role?
* Some people saw ''Film/HouseOfWax2005'' solely to see Creator/ParisHilton get killed off.
* Many ''Series/DoctorWho'' fans went to see the reboot of ''FrightNight'' with the sole intention of seeing David Tennant shirtless.
* A lot of people only watch the first half of ''Film/FullMetalJacket'' because of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.
* A lot of people have watched ''Zabriskie Point'' solely because of its Music/PinkFloyd connection. [[note]] As for ''More'' and ''La Vallée'', the main reason that anyone even hears about these films today is that Pink Floyd is still selling the albums (''More'' and ''Obscured by Clouds'') of the music that they wrote for the soundtracks.[[/note]]
* ''Film/MissPettigrewLivesForADay'' took seventy years of DevelopmentHell before being released. That's a good enough reason for many people to watch it.
* ''Film/TheSevenYearItch'' would probably be all but forgotten today if male viewers didn't keep tuning in just to see the movie's much-hyped MarilynManeuver sequence...[[BeamMeUpScotty which isn't even in the film itself]].
* ''Bollywood/{{Khalnayak}}'' featured [[TheItemNumber a song that was controversial]], and since it featured Creator/MadhuriDixit (and her famous dancing), more people were driven to theaters to see it.
* The ''Film/{{Apocalypse}}'' series is a thinly veiled ripoff of ''Literature/LeftBehind''. The fact that the third movie has Creator/MrT is all we need.
* ''Film/BattleLosAngeles'' many people come to watch Marines gun down aliens.
* Theatrical showings of ''Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow'' are attended (and screened) for the AudienceParticipation. Period. Paragraph.
* Many people watch ''Film/ThorTheDarkWorld'' just for Loki.
* Used In-Universe in ''NickAndNorahsInfinitePlaylist'' when the crowd at the first club departs after learning that Where's Fluffy? wasn't performing that night.
* ''Film/TheLoneRanger'': Most people only went to see Creator/JohnnyDepp. Or the chase scene at the end.
* ''Film/PacificRim'': Almost literally; people will watch it just for Giant Mechas fighting Kaiju. The movie clearly embraces this trope, as it doesn't try to pretend to be anything else ''but'' an epic time watching giants fight each other.
* Creator/LegendaryPictures is also heading up the ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' [[Film/{{Godzilla 2014}} remake]], which is coming after this film, thus ''Pacific Rim'' is almost like a giant appetizer for Kaiju fans eagerly awaiting the Big G's return.
* ''Film/TheHobbitTheDesolationOfSmaug'':
** While general critical consensus on is that it is much improved over ''An Unexpected Journey'' and generally worth seeing on its own merits, ''the'' one reason for anyone to see the film is for Smaug himself, and that the first full reveal of the dragon alone is worth the price of admission.
** To a lesser degree, the return of Legolas. the EnsembleDarkhorse of ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings Trilogy'', lured additional fans into the screenings, if only too see how Creator/PeterJackson would solve this.
* The 1995 movie ''Film/EmpireRecords'' only made about $300,000 at the box office and had reviews that were in the toilet. The only thing that saved the movie from complete obscurity was likely its soundtrack, which is a Gen-X musical treasure trove.
* ''Franchise/JurassicPark''. Pretty much no one watches the movies for anything other than the dinosaurs, to the point the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptors are probably more popular than any of the human characters.
* A goodly proportion of the male audience for ''Film/TheOtherWoman2014'' went for Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and/or NickiMinaj (or ''Series/GameOfThrones'' fans supporting Nikolaj Coster-Waldau).
* While it's becoming a cult classic and opinions are divided on [[DullSurprise some of the cast]], most people agree that the late Ralph Richardson's and the late Catelin Clarke's performancess in ''Film/{{Dragonslayer}}'' are decent. However the main draw of the film is easily the dragon, Vermithrax Pejorative, itself [[spoiler:and maybe its babies]].
* Some people watched ''Film/EdgeOfTomorrow'' just to see Creator/TomCruise get killed several times.
* Many people watched ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'' just to see some their favorite cartoon characters in the same scene (Donald and Daffy, Mickey and Bugs).
* Many Filipinos, especially Manileńos, turned out to watch ''[[Film/TheBourneSeries The Bourne Legacy]]'' mostly because the last half takes place in Metro Manila.
* Most people only came to watch ''Film/{{Paddington}}'' mainly because ''Series/DoctorWho'' star Creator/PeterCapaldi was in it.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* A lot of the momentum behind Series/MadMen comes from either an interest in the fashion and more "GoldenAge" elements of TheSixties - the other half comes from people who are just there for the hippies.
* Some claim to only watch ''Series/GameOfThrones'' for the sex and violence.
* ''Series/MiamiVice'' was a major invoker of this trope. The show, in its first seasons, had some really interesting comments on the criminal justice system in modern (1980s) America. It also had Creator/DonJohnson, the sleekest clothes and cars, and copious car chases and shootouts.
* ''Series/MythBusters''. Not many care that there's more to it than StuffBlowingUp or cute nerd girls. Or that hat Jamie always wears.
* One of the best examples of all times is ''Series/{{Baywatch}}'', where to the fans the plot was nothing (yes, there was a plot - allegedly) and [[JiggleShow bouncing boobs on the beach in slow motion]] was everything. In fact, it's become something of a cliché in itself to quip that the bay wasn't what was being watched in that world, or to outright dub the show ''[[FanNickname Babewatch]]''.
* ''Series/FamilyMatters''. Many of its viewers were less interested in the Winslows than they were in whatever it was Steve Urkel was up to this week. They could have easily redubbed it ''The Urkel Show'' and the ratings probably wouldn't have been affected very much.
* Depending on your opinion [=G4Tv=] is only good for ''Series/XPlay'', ''Series/AttackOfTheShow'', ''Totally Outrageous Behavior'' or ''Movies That Don't Suck''. NetworkDecay killed all the other tech or game related shows, replacing them with ''Cops and Cheaters''. There's also the camp of those who watch it just for ''NinjaWarrior'' and its kin.
* The largest demographic of people now checking out ''Franchise/TheGreenHornet'' TV show are those interested in BruceLee's early career.
* Creator/JewelStaite coming on as Dr. Jennifer Keller became a compelling reason to start watching ''Series/StargateAtlantis''.
* As Ben Browder found out by conducting a poll at his first Stargate convention, some people started watching ''Series/StargateSG1'' when Ben and Claudia joined season 9 and others started watching ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' after seeing Ben and Claudia on ''SG-1''. This happens a lot with [[JossWhedon Whedonverse]] actors - ''Series/{{Castle}}'' was basically marketed as "Creator/NathanFillion is on TV again!" and ''Series/TheSarahConnorChronicles'' were similarly marketed as "Creator/SummerGlau is a killer robot!"
* Many people have said that the only reason to watch ''Series/FlashForward2009'' is John Cho.
* There are some ''Series/{{Lost}}'' fans, or ex-fans, who started watching it simply because they still miss Charlie. ABC [[FakeCrossover probably predicted this]].
* Many people watch ''Series/AmericanIdol'' in the beginning just to see the horrible no talent singers make fools of themselves on national television and seeing the judges (especially [[MeanBrit Simon Cowell]] mock them). Everything else after that is just a waste of time.
* ''Series/HellsKitchen'' is watched mostly for Gordon Ramsey finding creative ways to yell and swear at the contestants who screw up on their cooking ("IT TASTES LIKE A DONKEY'S PISS!"). The show is also watched for the drama between contestants and to see their [[SmallNameBigEgo massive egos run amuck]].
* BBC America will readily admit that most of the people who subscribe to their channel are only in it for ''Series/DoctorWho''.
* When the series 3 DVD of ''Series/TheSarahJaneAdventures'' was released, it had a sticker that said, "David Tennant's last recorded scenes as the Doctor." Since he was only in 2 episodes of a 12 episode season, likely that little bit of advertising angered somebody.
* More than one person who is less than totally invested in the art of dance has watched ''Series/SoYouThinkYouCanDance'' religiously to see incredibly fit, attractive, young people twist and display their bodies in next to no clothing. For that matter, people who ''are'' totally invested in the art of dance merely tolerate the extensive air time devoted to the judges' input, contestant background clips and rehearsal footage, not to mention the musical guests and virtually content-free padding during the results shows.
* Whenever a starring actor from a well known TV show stars in a new show, fans of that actor's previous show will probably tune in to the new show for the star. For example, ''Series/RizzoliAndIsles'' has a two-for-one deal: it has [[Series/LawAndOrder Angie Harmon]] and [[Series/{{NCIS}} Sasha Alexander]]. It's plausible that most ''Rizzoli & Isles'' viewers for the first few episodes were fans of the two stars previous shows.
* People who watch ''Series/DarkAngel'' only for Creator/JensenAckles, unfortunately often skipping Season One except for "Pollo Loco". At least it's balanced out by those who want to see Creator/JessicaAlba.
* The 2009 remake of ''Series/{{V|2009}}'' has had low ratings and poor reviews, but many have agreed that Creator/MorenaBaccarin's performance carries the show.
* Many people watched ''Series/UnsolvedMysteries'' soley for the segments on ghosts, [[TheGreys aliens]], and other supernatural creepiness. Speaking of creepy, some people who might otherwise have skipped over the show did watch it solely for its [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome creepily awesome]] music score and Robert Stack's scary voice. It's still running today, but minus nearly all of the above.
* Some people watched ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' just for the dog.
* The vast majority of Creator/DisneyChannel {{Kid Com}}s enjoy a TestosteroneBrigade PeripheryDemographic of males who just like [[FanService looking at]] the female leads & supporting characters (Creator/BrendaSong and Music/AshleyTisdale in ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody'', Music/MileyCyrus and Music/EmilyOsment in ''Series/HannahMontana'', Creator/BellaThorne, Creator/ZendayaColeman, and Caroline Sunshine in ''Series/ShakeItUp'', Music/BridgitMendler in ''Series/GoodLuckCharlie'', Creator/LauraMarano as the latter half of ''Series/AustinAndAlly'', Music/ChinaAnneMcClain, Creator/SierraMcCormick and Creator/StefanieScott in ''Series/ANTFarm'', Creator/DebbyRyan and Creator/PeytonRList in ''Series/{{Jessie}}'', Dove Cameron as ''Series/LivAndMaddie'', Creator/OliviaHolt and Creator/PiperCurda in ''Series/IDidntDoIt'', Kelli Berglund in ''Series/LabRats'', Paris Berelc in ''Series/MightyMed'').
* PeripheryDemographic holds true for Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} with MirandaCosgrove and JennetteMcCurdy in ''Series/{{iCarly}}'', VictoriaJustice and Music/ArianaGrande in ''Series/{{Victorious}}'', and so on. In the SpinOff ''Series/SamAndCat'', one reason for lower ratings and lower performance in the male demographic is that Ariana Grande's character Cat (originally from ''Victorious'') in particular has been dressing down to better match the intended tweenage girl target audience, as opposed to dressing like a "slutty" teenage wannabe Hollywood starlet in the original ''Victorious''.
* ''Series/PrettyLittleLiars'' has a couple of PeripheryDemographic types, people who watch it for the lesbian main character, and those who watch it because of how incredibly hot everyone on the show is (including many boys who just watch the show to see the pretty girls). And, of course, those mysterious messages the Liars are always getting.
* The short-lived ''Series/PainkillerJane'' TV series departed significantly from its source material and did not perform well enough to merit a second season, But some of us weren't paying attention to all that: we tuned in to see KristannaLoken have some LesYay and Bondage Fun once a week. And near the end of the show's run, the producers seemed to catch on.
* A lot of fans of Creator/MontyPython merely laugh at the silliness and men dressing up as women. The intellectual and satirical references just go right over their head.
* Some people started watching ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryMurderHouse'' in order to catch up when they heard ZacharyQuinto would make a guest appearance. He's a pissed off ghost who is tied to the backstory of the house.
* Many people watch award ceremonies just for the awards that the shows they like have been nominated for.
* Plenty only watch the Spike Video Game Awards for the trailers and announcements.
* In April, 2012, ITV premiered a 4 part ''Titanic'' mini-series to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of that ship. Around the same time, it was revealed that the next Companion for ''Series/DoctorWho'' would be one Jenna-Louise Coleman...who happens to have a supporting role in the aforesaid ''Titanic'' mini series. Cue the Website/YouTube clips of her scenes only.
* The final two years of Australian TalkShow ''Rove'' (previously known as ''Rove Live'') had a segment called Kevin Rudd PM. What was pretty much a GagDub of news footage spliced together of then Prime Minster Kevin Rudd as [[TheyFightCrime a secret agent]]. Looking episodes up on Website/YouTube you'll see people saying they only watched the show for this.
* If the internet is to be believed, most of the people who watched ''Film/{{Hawking}}'' after 2010 were just there for Creator/BenedictCumberbatch's performance. Granted, it is a great performance and landed him a BAFTA nomination.
* Some fans have watched ''Literature/WarHorse'' as well as ''Film/TheOtherBoleynGirl'' just because he was in it for a few minutes.
* A large amount of people buying tickets to ''Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness'' are doing so for his role as the villain.
* ''Series/{{Dateline}}'' has been running in some form since 1992. ''To Catch A Predator'' ran for a few standalone segments between 2003 and 2007. Now go to the Dateline page and see how many tropes are about just that segment...
* TNT's ''Series/MajorCrimes'' drew from two major audience sources. The first, of course, was the fanbase of the parent show ''Series/TheCloser''. The second was this trope being invoked with regards to ''Major Crimes'' star Creator/MaryMcDonnell, who gained some serious star power from her work on ''Series/BattlestarGalacticaReimagined''. In fact, this started when [=McDonnell=] first came on ''The Closer'' in its fifth season, as she'd only just left BSG at that point, but the announcement that she'd be headlining a television series again brought quite a bit more of her fanbase on board.
* Critical acclaim (in the first season, anyway) or no, a good deal of the ''{{Series/Nashville}}'' audience watches for the charms of Creator/ConnieBritton and/or Creator/HaydenPanettiere (see also, in the case of the latter, ''{{Series/Heroes}}''). Quite a few ''GeneralHospital'' fans also watch mainly for Jonathan Jackson.
* ''Franchise/PowerRangers'':
** ''Series/PowerRangersWildForce'' might as well just be called ''Power Rangers Forever Red'' considering how much the other episodes are ignored. If it's not a team-up, fans just don't care about Wild Force.
** ''Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder'' has a good chunk of fans that only watched for the return of Tommy Oliver, aka the original Green Ranger. For some it turns into ComeForTheXStayForTheY, but there are more than a few that still only watch for Tommy.
** ''Series/PowerRangersOperationOverdrive'' viewers tend to skip right to "Once a Ranger", and then immediately drop the series, because of the large {{Hatedom}}, yet still want to see the two episodes featuring their favorite character(s).
** ''Series/PowerRangersMegaforce'' started getting this as soon as it was announced that there would be cameos from past Rangers. Never mind the HypeBacklash that ensued after the fandom found out that the 16 cameos were isolated to just four episodes, and 13 of them were indeed just cameos while 2 characters appeared entirely in repurposed stock footage. However, that didn't stop Saban Brands from invoking this trope with Creator/JasonDavidFrank's cameo in promos.
* ''Series/{{Coupling}}'':
** Jeff on whether a porn video has a plot:
--> Well, it's kind of hard to tell isn't it 'cos you tend to fast forward if anyone's dressed.
** On a later scene:
--> Jeff: I liked (''The Piano''). Holly Hunter was naked for most of it.
--> Sally: She was nude in one scene!
--> Jeff: Depends how you watch it...
* Some people picked up interest on ''Series/OnceUponATime'' because of [[spoiler:[[Disney/{{Frozen}} Queen Elsa]]]], who showed up at the Season 3 [[TheStinger stinger]].
* The ''Series/DoctorWho'' story "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" has an utterly preposterous motivation for the Dalek invasion - they want to use human slaves to mine out the Earth's molten core, replace it with an engine and drive the planet around space. The fact that they already have a massive invasion fleet is just one of the reasons why this is nonsense. However, in practice, this works fine - the serial was to be the return of the Daleks, who at the time had spawned a [[TheMerch craze]], and the audience couldn't care less about the Doctor and his companions and just wanted to see Daleks fighting people. Figuring out ''why'' the Daleks are invading takes up maybe three minutes of the plot and is mostly there to facilitate some scenes of the humans being enslaved and a fight scene with Dalek {{Cyborg}}s.
* ''Series/{{Survivor}}'' has shirtless dudes, bikini-clad chicks, blindsides, shouting matches, and, of course, [[DeadpanSnarker Jeff Probst]].
* ''Series/{{CSI}}'' episode "Targets of Obsession." Many non-CSI fans tuned in just to see JustinBieber get killed. "Turn, Turn, Turn" is its DistaffCounterpart (where it happened to TaylorSwift).
* The best-selling ''Series/{{iCarly}}'' episode in iTunes history by far is ''iGo Music/OneDirection.'' Most viewers got it to see the group rather than out of interest for the show.

[[folder:Other Print Media]]
* Many writers have readers who are reading it because they're interested in the time period and/or country where it takes place.
* FuManchu novels back in the day. No one cared about the heroes, they were just there to see Fu Manchu kick ass.
* A subscription to ''Magazine/NintendoPower'' in the late '80s could net you a copy of VideoGame/DragonQuestI. A full version of a game worth roughly half again (at the time) the value of the subscription. Not a bad promo. Probably brought in a lot of business for the magazine.
* ''Magazine/AmigaPower'' knew some readers would only care about the score given to the reviewed works, and in their final issue gave ''VideoGame/AlienBreed 3D 2: The Killing Grounds'' a score of 98% (one of their highest scores in the entire run of the magazine), adding in the review itself that they'd always wanted to give a fake score and that it was actually only worth 59%.
* Pornographic mags. {{Subverted}} ''and'' {{lampshaded}}, as most like to ''say'' it's [[IReadItForTheArticles just for the articles]] but, for a good half the readership, it's closer to "Someone get these words out, they're blocking my pictorials!"
* A good chunk of the readers of Toyfare magazine only read it for ''TwistedToyfareTheater''.
* The Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse does this. Even if it's about someone unique to the EU, you'll see cameos by your favorite characters [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and Jar Jar]].
* A lot of new readers of ''Literature/GoodOmens'' are just there for Aziraphale [[HoYay and]] Crowley, who are [[SpotlightStealingSquad the only characters you hear about online 95% of the time]] due to their very easy to see UST. For those how don't know, it's more of an [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters ensemble cast]] type book.
* Take a look at the back cover blurb of a Chinese novel that's been translated into Swedish. You'll find that it's written under the assumption that the book's potential readers are looking for a novel to teach them about China as a country, and not just a plot and characters and the other stuff you usually look for in a book. The Cultural Revolution is bound to be mentioned. The book ''Beijing Doll'' is just an autobiographical novel about life as a rock music-loving teen, but the Swedish back cover makes sure to mention that it's takes place after The Cultural Revolution, just so that the publishers could include a mention of it. It's very rare to find a back cover blurb that assumes that the readers just want a good novel and don't care one way or the other about the country where it takes place.
* The novel ''SoonIWillBeInvincible'' has two POV characters, but few people read the book for anything but [[VillainProtagonist Doctor Impossible's side of the plot]] -- after the all, the title is all about him, not Fatale.
* ''Literature/SavingCharlie'' was written largely for ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' fans who loved EnsembleDarkhorse Hiro; Hiro himself went on to become a BreakoutCharacter in the TV series.

* Before digitally distributed music (ie. [=iTunes=]), people bought whole albums for a single song, even if the 45 were available. This was especially true of cassettes. Unless the song was at the very beginning of the tape, people would have to patiently wait through other songs til they got to the track they wanted.
* This can happen at double-billed concerts or festivals if you're a fan of only one of the artists playing.
* Many classical music concerts often feature the more melodic tunes by popular composers ("William Tell Overture" (Music/GioachinoRossini), "The Blue Danube" (Music/JohannStrauss), "Bolero" (Maurice Ravel), "5th symphony" (Music/LudwigVanBeethoven) "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart),...), because most audiences just want to hear the most famous portions and not the obscure, less danceable work. In fact many well known classical tunes are played as a stand alone piece instead of in the context of the original work. For instance, everyone knows the first part of Beethoven's 5th symphony, but are unaware that there are more, less well known portions to the work.
** And if the "William Tell Overture" is on the playlist, take a second look. Many classical stations only play the ''finale'' of the overture (a.k.a. Franchise/TheLoneRanger theme). The full overture is 12 minutes long.
** A similar fate befalls another overture, Tchaikovsky's ''1812'': do you just listen for the cannons to come up at the end, or do you enjoy the choral introduction and development that leads up to them?
* Often happens at concerts of older bands that were once more popular, but are still putting out new material. Fans want to hear the older hits, not the new stuff, especially if [[SeasonalRot the new stuff just isn't up to par]]. Along those lines, ''Theatre/MichaelJacksonTheIMMORTALWorldTour'' has been criticized by both professional critics and casual showgoers for giving too much stage time to songs from TheNineties onward, most of which are not nearly as well-known and loved as his songs from TheSeventies and TheEighties except by the VocalMinority of his fanbase. Less "They Don't Care About Us" and "Earth Song", more "Billie Jean" and "Beat It" please!
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAHR7_VZdRw Garden Party]] is a 1972 hit song for Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band from the album ''Garden Party''. The song tells the story of Nelson being booed off the stage at Madison Square Garden, seemingly because he was playing his newer, country-tinged music instead of the 1950s-era rock that he had been successful with earlier, and his realization that "you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself".
*** On October 15, 1971, a Rock 'n Roll Revival concert was given at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The playbill included many greats of the early rock era, including {{Music/ChuckBerry}}, {{Music/BoDiddley}}, and Bobby Rydell. Nelson came on stage dressed in the then-current fashion, wearing bell-bottoms and a purple velvet shirt, with his hair hanging down to his shoulders. He started playing his older songs "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLkCWT2neuI Hello Mary Lou]]" and "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqYxTg-0aTo She Belongs to Me]]", but then he played {{Music/TheRollingStones}}' "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfFmJx4oQS0 Country Honk]]" (a country version of their hit song "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Cxsgn2UzQ0 Honky Tonk Women]]") and the crowd began to boo. While some reports say that the booing was caused by police action in the back of the audience, Nelson took it personally and left the stage. He watched the rest of the concert backstage and did not reappear on stage for the finale.
* This happens a lot in rap music. You take a popular or respected rapper and put them on a lesser known or just slightly less popular rapper's song ([[WolverinePublicity they might be appearing on every song that summer actually]]) either dropping a verse or just doing the hook. What'll happen is people completely ignore the rest of the song (unless they happen to enjoy the other rapper or they turn out to be really good) and just skip to the guest portions. Music/MichaelJackson definitely started this - Paul McCartney's ''Say Say Say'' and Rockwell's ''Somebody's Watching Me'' would not have sold nearly as well had he not done guest vocals on them. Rockwell is a special case since he is not known for anything else. The only reason why Jackson sang on The Jacksons' ''Victory'' and one track on 2300 Jackson Street is because his family begged him to use his star power to make them money.
* During the height of {{dubstep}}'s popularity, it became known that many fans of the genre weren't there necessarily for the music, but for the portion of the song known as "the drop" – the end of the song's buildup when the drum beat and the layers of wobble bass would start up again. Many dubstep artists have cited this as one of the reasons why they've distanced themselves from the genre.
* The {{Vocaloid}}s Kagamine Rin and Len come packaged together. Some buy them and only use Rin for their songs, and some will only use Len and never touch Rin. The same could be said for ZOLA Project's Yuu, Kyo, and Wil, to a lesser extent.
* This happens to a lot of bands when they have a popular song, especially if it's a OneHitWonder or BlackSheepHit. A lot of musicians will have CreatorBacklash and be annoyed when fans beg them to play it at concerts.
** Music/{{Radiohead}} fans often demand from the start of the concert that "Creep" be played, then leave as soon as it's over. Radiohead is less than happy with this state of affairs, as documented in another song, "My Iron Lung." It became much less of a problem when ''Music/OKComputer'' and ''Music/{{Kid A}}'' introduced a whole new legion of fans.
** According to King Missile frontman Tom S Hall, around 1992 or so, their audiences were entirely made up of people who were either long-time fans or were just here for "Detachable Penis" - they dealt with it by always playing the song live, but deliberately making sure it came very early in the set. Thus, everyone who was just there for their hit would stream out of the club and they could play for the people who were really interested.
** Music/{{Nirvana}} employed the same tactic with "Smells Like Teen Spirit". They also very seldom performed encores, and when they did, "Teen Spirit" was always part of the main set.
* The Australian comedy group Tripod had a song on this subject, with particular reference to the Peter Jackson ''Film/KingKong'' film; the refrain, which could easily serve as an alternate trope title: ''"Get to the fucking monkey."''
* This is often why Music/HankWilliamsIII gets concert bookings. He sounds just like his late grandfather Music/HankWilliams Sr. and so starts off every concert by doing some country songs and his grandfather's hits. Once that's done he informs the country fans that the part they came for is done with and that they can leave before launching into the Psychobilly Death Metal songs from his group Assjack that he actually likes to perform.
* Music/{{Hawkwind}} attribute a large portion of their live audiences from mid-1971 to mid-75 (particularly in Germany) to Stacia, a [[MostCommonSuperpower statuesque]] brunette standing a little over 6 foot tall, who would dance on stage. [[note]] She started off performing naked or in body paint where possible, but moved to more serious, less-exposed performances as the years progressed.[[/note]]
* Inverted for a while by Music/BobDylan, who went through a phase of playing "All Along the Watchtower" third in the set for no particular reason; although it wasn't the intention, it let people who'd followed him on tour and didn't want to hear it know when they could go for a smoke or toilet break.
* Make no mistake, whenever WebAnimation/{{Cyriak}} makes a music video for a band/musician, that's the only thing people are there for.
* Cake is notorious for pointing out "fake fans" who obviously only know their big hits. When they catch people up front who are only singing along to The Distance and what not, they will point them out and shame them into moving to the back so the hardcore fans who know all the words to every song can get up front and really enjoy the show.
* Let's face it, Mark Ronson's song "Uptown Funk" was a worldwide hit for [[Music/BrunoMars one reason and one reason only.]]
* "Bang Bang" by Music/JessieJ, Music/ArianaGrande, and Music/NickiMinaj was only a hit in America because of the latter two artists.
* Honestly, how many people bought [[Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjay "The Hanging Tree"]] on iTunes because of James Newton Howard?

* Many older electro-mechanical and early solid-state [[PhysicalPinballTables pinball games]] fall under this, as manufacturers were not above using [[SexSells sexy art]] to compensate for an average game or a mediocre playfield design. Examples include ''Pinball/PlayboyBally, Pinball/{{Viper}},'' and ''Pinball/MataHari.''

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* For several years during the "Attitude" Era and sometime thereafter, Wrestling/{{WWE}} showcased their Divas in strip matches (called variously "Evening Gown Matches" or "Bra and Panties Matches") - and many teenage boys tuned in just for that.
* Similarly, Creator/RogerEbert once confessed that when he was a boy in TheFifties, he and his friends would go to see women's wrestling matches at carnivals in the hope that there would be a WardrobeMalfunction.
* In the Attitude era many only watched for The Rock or hardcore matches, and later on, were only interested in Wrestling/{{Rey Mysterio| Jr}} or John Cena.
* Wrestling/TheUndertaker is a walking one, especially concerning Wrestling/WrestleMania. It does not help that the last couple [=WMs=] have had his match the best match of the night (and some times the only match worth watching).
* Most IWC members and hardcore wrestling fans only watch WWE these days for Wrestling/CMPunk or Wrestling/DanielBryan.
* Similarly, some fans who still struggle through Wrestling/{{TNA}} watch solely for Wrestling/AustinAries, Wrestling/KurtAngle or Wrestling/BobbyRoode. Wrestling/SamoaJoe is also common, in the early years you might have heard Monty Brown or Wrestling/AJStyles. Between 2007 and 09, Wrestling/GailKim, Wrestling/AwesomeKong or, [[EnsembleDarkhorse surprisingly]], Wrestling/{{Daffney| Unger}} might have been mentioned as well.
* In the '80s, [[Wrestling/{{WWE}} WWF]] used to put Wrestling/HulkHogan's matches on last regardless of whether they were the actual main event or not, as they noted that, when Hogan went on in the middle of the card, a shocking number of people would simply get up and leave after his match instead of sticking around for the rest of the show.

* Michael Jordan. Once he left (and came back, and left and came back, and left and came back) the NBA saw a drop in their ratings that they still haven't fully recovered from. To a lesser extent, Kobe Bryant as well.
* [=LeBron James=]. As far as [[ButtMonkey Cleveland]] is concerned, the pre-2003 Cavs only existed to fill the gap between football and baseball. And considering the apocalyptic tone of the coverage of his move to Miami, apparently, many think James was the only reason to be in Cleveland period.
** Most basketball fans only watch the Oklahoma City Thunder either because it's their home team or to see Kevin Durant.
* Tiger Woods brought in a lot of new golf fans. Nielsens go way down in golf tournaments where Tiger isn't playing, and go way up when he's got a chance to win.
* The Minnesota Lynx had trouble getting butts in the seats before Lindsay Whalen and Maya Moore showed up.
* The US women's soccer team has gotten a lot more popular since [[MsFanservice Alex Morgan]] joined.
* It's a well known fact that the Olympics are riddled with Godzillas. Some people only watch for the team sports, some only watch to see their country and don't care about events that don't have a hometown hero, some only watch to see the current big star(s) (e.g., Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt in 2008 and 2012), and some just watch for the events where women compete in skimpy outfits. The one universally understood constant is that no one on Earth is actually interested in every single event (and hardly anyone is interested in the non-competition portions of the television coverage).
* Lance Armstrong. Ever since he stopped competing in the Tour de France, American interest in that event has been tepid at best. And conversely in the UK interest in the Tour, and road cycling in general, increased massively after the success of the Sky team, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome.
* How many people who watch {{NASCAR}} really know what "track bar adjustment" and "bump drafting" mean, and how many just want to see the big wreck?
* In the same way, a lot of hockey fans watch solely for the fights.
* Watching the SuperBowl for the commercials, the half-time show, or ''both''.
* Often seen in Major League baseball when some player is about to tie or break a record, even if doing so doesn't mean anything for the team since they're out of contention and it might not even matter to the game outcome.
* A lot of male teens spend a lot of time at high-school or college games staring at the cheerleaders. [[PantyShot Especially if they wore billowing skirts.]]
* Pop singer PaulaAbdul once complained that when she was a Laker girl, Los Angeles Lakers superfan JackNicholson would spend much of the game creepily ogling her.
* In general, any sport in which female athletes [[PantyShot expose their panties while playing]] will fall victim to this trope for some people. Cheerleading, figure skating, tennis...
* {{Tennis}} became very popular in Israel for a while when Shakhar Pe'er and the duo Andy and Yoni became prominent {{Tennis}} players.
* Women's {{Tennis}} also had increased ratings in the U.S. when Serena and Venus Williams are playing, in fact the 2001 [[{{Tennis}} U.S. Open]] match between them was moved to prime time because of the positive effects they had on ratings.
* MMA. Some fans simply watch for either the knockouts, or one of the major names such as GSP, Anderson Silva, or Chael Sonnen.
** Particularly, these type of fans have no appreciation for tehcnical chess matches on the mat, and are quick to boo if the two fighters aren't throwing haymakers wildly the entire fight, though they may pop for a crazy submission.
** During Brock Lesnar's time in the UFC, many fans went to his matches or ordered the PPV's strictly to see him lose.
** In all combat sports and in professional wrestling sports entertainment, some fans will tune in for the one fight between superstars or the fight with a gimmick and not care who else is on the card. For example, when Mike Tyson or George Foreman climbed back into the ring for some dubious "comeback" fights, plenty of fans tuned in despite the high odds of severe disappointment.
** Ronda Rousey. The growth of UFC's female fanbase can be attributed to her. And her TestosteroneBrigade can't be ignored either.
* How many people wear clothing with a sports team logo on it strictly for fashion, and aren't fans of that team or even the sport?

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Every GameMaster who has focused on plots has encountered this. The entire joke about The Munchkin File's [[PlayerArchetypes archetypes]] reveals ''three'' of the four are there just for Godzilla. TheLoonie is there for a laugh, TheRealMan is there to put the hurt on something in a power fantasy, and the {{Munchkin}} is there just for whatever gives the most plusses. Other RPG guides talk about players who just want to play out their personal fantasy over and over, those who like outfoxing the GM's best antagonists, and gamers who are there just to hang with their friends.
* This happens in war games with extensive historical backgrounds or in universe mythologies. Some players are trying to recreate the Roman Legio XX, refight Midway, or celebrate the ExpandedUniverse of their favorite setting. Others just want things to die and could care less about any of the supposed backdrop. And some players want the big win so bad, they'll try to make the most deadly force the rules allow, real-world doctrine (for historical games), in-universe fluff, or even [[StopHavingFunGuys sportsmanship]] be damned.
* ''{{Exalted}} Second Edition'' had a notable example of this. The Infernals, who get their power from [[EldritchAbomination the Yozis (the defeated and imprisoned creators of the world)]], were themed as demonic, warped heroes. However, a supplementary book noted that, at high PowerLevels, Infernals could break away from their masters and write their own power sets. Many players began creating Infernals and playing them exclusively for this last bit - only to be disappointed when most campaigns never reached the levels where it opened up (in part due to player dissatisfaction at having to play a demonic, warped hero in the mean time). (To put this in perspective: most Exalted character start at [[PowerLevels Essence]] 2. Reaching Essence 5 is relatively easy if you have a long enough campaign, but hurdles beyond 5 mean that very few campaigns reach Essence 6, the minimum needed to start the breakaway.) This got bad enough that the series developers took note and corrected it for ''Exalted Third Edition'': Infernals remain demonic and warped, but then there is this new thing called Exigents who define their custom power sets from the start.

* This is the origin of modern musical theatre. Some people were putting on a play, the ballet house next door burnt down, so they offered the ballerinas a part in their show. They threw together some songs and dance numbers ''et voilŕ'', they had created a five and a half hour abomination against all that has ever been held as art: ''The Black Crook''. But, having women in pants, which, in an age where women wore skirts, was considered very sexy. Similarly, the modern burlesque evolved out of a segment of the minstrel shows devoted to parody of famous works. After the minstrel show disappeared and its segments were scattered the burlesque continued as parody, but as more and more women entered it playing men's parts, more and more men showed up to see women in pants. Wasn't long before they just gave up the pretense and started giving the audience [[FanService exactly what they wanted]].
* Many major "spectacle" musicals sell themselves as much (or more!) on SceneryPorn, CostumePorn, and especially giant special effects as on the songs and the actors:
** The incredibly detailed costumes in ''{{Cats}}''
** The barricade and turntable in ''Theatre/LesMiserables''
** The falling chandelier in ''ThePhantomOfTheOpera''
** The helicopter in ''MissSaigon''
** The titular flying car in ''Film/ChittyChittyBangBang''
** The hefty WireFu in ''Theatre/SpiderManTurnOffTheDark''
** The Great Glass Elevator in ''Theatre/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory''
* ''The Mountaintop'' is a play centered on the civil rights activist MartinLutherKing which took a new perspective on him. But a lot of people simply watch it to see Creator/SamuelLJackson play Martin Luther King. This happens a lot when Hollywood actors do theatre. (Of course, while stage actors may not have the huge fanbases that movie stars do, there are those with loyal fandoms who will see a show simply because they're in it.)
* Many of the people who went to see the 1992 production of Creator/TomStoppard's ''Every Good Boy Deserves Favour'' were there because the primary roles were filled by [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden, and Colm Meaney.]]

[[folder:Stand Up Comedy]]
* Leo Gallagher made the ''Sledge-O-Matic'' closer into such a signature routine that he had to get the courts to stop his brother from performing it. Given the splatter protection fans came up with so they could see the "carnage" up close and protect their outfits, it's clear they were just there for it.
* Many comedians have a love/hate relationship with their more famous bits. Many of their fans show up to hear "the classics" and get impatient with them trying to do new material. Keep in mind the majority of comedians prefer to perform new material once certain routines are "public" on CD's or stand up specials. Andrew Dice Clay got completely sick of his most famous bit doing dirty nursery rhymes. He'll now do them as an encore if he's in the mood and the crowd was responsive to his regular set. Surprisingly, Patton Oswalt often averts this, depending on his mood (and his drunk level), and will also do older bits as an encore, taking requests from the crowd.
* A lot of people showed up to Sam Kinison shows purely to hear his trademark howl.
* Lenny Bruce had a problem with people showing up purely to hear him swear (during an era where it was considered public indecency, even in a private adults only club), and would get bored with his regular non-profane bits.
* Dave Chappelle famously would get incensed with people showing up to this shows demanding bits from his sketch show (particularly the Rick James sketch) and yelling out the catch phrases, interrupting his set.
* Some fans show up purely to heckle, either just to troll the comedians or to get yelled at (thinking they're "helping" the comedian). Virtually every comedian HATES this, so stop.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Any multiplayer-oriented game falls into this.
** id Software made the decision with the ''VideoGame/{{Quake}}'' series to move towards competitive multiplayer-only gaming. They eventually abandoned single-player entirely with ''VideoGame/QuakeIIIArena''. When they tried to return with ''VideoGame/{{Doom}} 3'', [[BrokenBase half the fandom]] [[FanDumb hated it]]. ''Doom'' had already implemented a deathmatch mode, but it was also strongly designed with co-op in mind, making deathmatch only an extra. ''Quake'' fans disliked ''Doom 3'' for its focus on singleplayer. ''Doom'' fans disliked ''Doom 3'' for not making it co-op.
** Creator/EpicGames. In the ''VideoGame/{{Unreal}}'' franchise, the SP side of the franchise was left with ''VideoGame/UnrealIITheAwakening'', (2002) so everything which was left was the multiplayer side of it. It took until the creation of ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' (2006) for them to make people to play single-player games and focus on the story. And even then, most of the people were more interested in the multiplayer rather than the singleplayer or the story of the game.
** Valve had made its impression with a story-rich single-player game, but with even deepening story through ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'' + Episodes, they left behind the survival horror that brought many players back. However, many returned just to see "Gordon Smash", and later "Dog Smash", and of course [[ActionGirl Alyx]] shoot.
* The BossBattle is such a core and dramatic gameplay element many gamers will want to skip right to them rather than breaking them up with less awesome levels; a lot of developers are aware of this and add in BossRush modes that cut the game down to nothing ''but'' the boss battles.
* While DonkeyKongCountry has always been loved for it's super-fun gameplay, it's obvious that the main draw of it in it's heydey (and the obvious key to it's staggering success) was [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome the superb pre-rendered CGI sprites]], which were nothing short of jaw dropping for a SNES game, and all without any add-ons or even a Super FX chip. This ironically became a criticism of the game, saying it wouldn't have been as loved or fun without the graphics--which prompted Nintendo to release the ''Donkey Kong Land'' series on GameBoy (and later successfully porting the first DKC onto GameBoyColor) which kept the solid gameplay of the consoles intact, in spite of the inevitable downgrade to 8-bit (but still first rate for handheld) graphics, which silenced those critics. In hindsight, while the graphics are dated now, the game is still acclaimed as a legitimate platformer classic, once again owing to it's still first-rate gameplay, and the appealing cartoon art has helped take the burden off the dated CGI.
* While ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty: World At War'' was a fun game in its own right, many people got the game for VideoGame/NaziZombies. Same with ''VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps'' where fans just wanted to play with political characters, alternatively movie stars or TV stars and directors.
* ''VideoGame/{{Bomberman}}'' always adds something new to single-player mode, but it gets ignored for the multi-player. It's come to the point where the seventh-generation ''Bomberman'' games are multiplayer-centric download titles with little to speak of in the way of singleplayer.
* Some people just play the ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' titles for the [[{{Bishounen}} pretty boys]]. Or for the [[YaoiFangirl slash potential]]. And ''some'' only play it for the [[{{Stripperiffic}} scantily clad women]]. Or the [[YuriFan femslash potential]].
* ''{{Ehrgeiz}}'' is most commonly known as "[[TheCameo that terrible fighting game that had]] ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' [[SpecialGuest characters in it]]".
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV'' has attracted a lot of players who play the game just to role play with other players, have their own personal house to decorate, or trying to collect every minion (pets) and mounts as possible.
* Some people only play ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto'' to explore and cause mayhem in the cities. Or drive around and listen to the soundtrack, especially in ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoViceCity''. But VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV insisted on thrusting the story on the player, with occasionally harsh wake-ups from the escapist fun. There's story, but players who are only here for the fast cars, [[MoreDakka gunsgunsguns]] and explosive sociopathy can race right over such speedbumps.
* The ''{{Driver}}'' series doesn't really need a story either. It's just an unlimited supply of interactive [[ChaseScene Chase Scenes]] for many.
* ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive Xtreme Beach Volleyball'' is often considered one of the better volleyball simulators on the market, not that there are many to begin with. Most people only played it for the {{Fanservice}}. Naturally, the sequels focused on fanservice at the expense of gameplay. Mind you, given that it was created as the videogame equivalent of a {{fanservice}}y BeachEpisode (with minigames where you buy bikinis for the other characters), the players who are just there for the volleyball are the ones who fit this trope.
* Many played ''KingdomHearts'' just to see the ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' and/or {{Disney}} characters, particularly the latter, which is more heavily emphasized in-game and in advertising. The original elements, story and characters usually actually only draw in folks from the {{Fandom}}, though at this point it's an established enough series for the original elements to be the main draw. And speaking of the original elements, a VocalMinority of fans are only in it for [[DracoInLeatherPants Organization XIII.]]
* Part of what made ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaTheDraculaXChronicles'' sell was its inclusion of ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaSymphonyOfTheNight''.
* Some players only played Creator/{{Falcom}} games for their music. And those who pre-ordered ''Ys vs Sora no Kiseki'' crossover game, would be presented with Falcom's best soundtrack collection album arrange version. Not to say the game itself is not desirable enough but many bought it for that. One of 2channel users can't says it any better than this:
-->"''The game is just bonus, the soundtrack is the real deal''"
* ''VideoGame/{{Okami}}''. The ones who played it were attracted by the music and the extensive & vibrant SceneryPorn.
* There are fans of ''MarvelUltimateAlliance'' that couldn't tell you anything about the story if you held a gun to their head... they just play to break things and hurt people. There's also SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}}, who gets all the best lines of the first game and is even more advertised for the second.
* All the ''VideoGame/DungeonsAndDragonsOnline'' advertisements make it seem like you start at level 20 and fight epic creatures right from the get-go.
* ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} III'': When ''DefenseOfTheAncients'' came out, some people bought it only for that and other custom maps, others stick purely to the latter, the majority doesn't care either way. Rumors of a story-heavy campaign mode remain unconfirmed. Similarly, almost everyone in WorldOfWarcraft is here to get epics and kill things, [[PlayTheGameSkipTheStory Rumors of an epic storyline in both the quests and the instances are still unconfirmed]].
* Some of {{Nickelodeon}}'s PeripheryDemographic played the ''NicktoonsUnite'' series just for [[TheRenAndStimpyShow Stimpy]], [[RockosModernLife Rocko]], [[InvaderZim Zim, Dib and GIR]]. Well, pretty nice of THQ to acknowledge what Nick would rather forget, even to the point of getting the characters' original actors to reprise their roles.
* ''VideoGame/GodOfWar'': We will all buy it mostly just to see in which interesting ways you get to kill monsters after softening them up. [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome And the jaw dropping graphics.]]
* As fun as a ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' game can be, you play it not for the strategy, but to watch MazingerZ grind [[Franchise/{{Gundam}} Mobile Suits]] into scrap alongside GaoGaiGar, [[Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross Max Jenius]], or CombattlerV. Also, you picked up ''BattleMoonWars'' because you wanted to see the ''Nasuverse'' fight with/against itself.
* Most fans of ''{{Rez}}'' play it for the trippy visuals and audio. Playing Score Attack mode is seldom heard-of (unless you're achievement grinding on the 360 version, although this does get repetitive).
* All the gamers who only bought ''{{Crackdown}}'' to get the enclosed ''{{Halo 3}}'' beta key.
* ''VideoGame/MaddenNFL'', for consoles in general. There are a decent number of people who buy game consoles just to play it. If they branch out, it's usually only to other EA Sports titles.
* Some fans of ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' don't really play the games; they're just in it for the music, characters and doujinshi.
* Did you actually read '''428: Fuusasareta Shibuya de''', or only started it because [[{{Nasuverse}} Kinoko Nasu wrote one of the scenarios]]?
* Xbox Live's Gamerscore system has resulted in "achievement whores", players who buy games strictly to milk their achievements and then never touch them again.
* There is a game based on WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender that has a total of 5 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, which you can unlock within the first five minutes of playing the game. The game has a thriving aftermarket on Amazon and in game stores on the basis of this alone.
* There's an early 360 game based on the TMNT franchise, which is similar. No hidden achievements, just 100 chevos per level till you beat it. You can put it on easy and breeze through the game in an hour and get 1000 points. It's also easy to pick up the game for 5-10 bucks used at game stores and online. This game in particular is said to be a reason game designers were mandated by Mircosoft to put a degree of difficulty in at least SOME of the achievements.
* Even still to this day, games designed for young children generally have laughably easy achievements to obtain (for the most part) that experienced older games will exploit to boost their gamerscore. Several free games on Xbox Arcade also fall into this category.
* PlaystationNetwork's Trophy system has a similar effect for people who want a quick Platinum trophy in hours. Games that end up being exploited for the Platinums include WesternAnimation/CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs, [[Series/HannahMontana Hannah Monatana: The Movie]] (The notorious of them all that became an OldShame for some trophy hunters) and [[WesternAnimation/{{Megamind}} Megamind: Ultimate Showdown]] (Which beat out HM: The Movie for easy plat).
* Despite [[Creator/{{Sega}} Sonic Team's]] ''numerous'' attempts at adding alternative [[UnexpectedGameplayChange gameplay]] [[GameplayRoulette features]] to the 3D ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' titles, most ''Sonic'' fans are just in it for the [[PlatformGame Sonic gameplay]].[[note]]That is to get Sonic from point A to point B as fast as possible, while jumping from obstacle to obstacle and smashing some robots along the way.[[/note]] With ''VideoGame/SonicColors'', it appears Sega finally got the message.
** Many fans bought ''Sonic Gems Collection'', which otherwise consisted of spinoffs, solely because it was the first console re-release of the acclaimed SonicTheHedgehogCD.
* ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'' features [[ShownTheirWork weather simulation, realistic geology and climates, elaborate history simulation and genetically-controlled character appearances]]. People play it to slaughter [[EldritchAbomination horrible monsters]], find the most [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential gruesome ways to execute goblins]] and flood the world in boiling magma.
* ''RollercoasterTycoon 3''. Very few care for creating well-working, beautifully designed amusement parks, most just deliberately crash rollercoasters into their peeps instead.
* The Wii verison of the otherwise [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames bad]] ''VideoGame/IndianaJonesAndTheStaffOfKings'' included the much loved and difficult to obtain ''IndianaJonesAndTheFateOfAtlantis'' as an unlockable. This one saving grace was also rendered moot when Lucasarts released the game (along with many of their other old adventure games) on Steam a month or so later.
* For console gaming, some people may get a video game console just to play a few specific games that appeal to them and nothing else.
* Playing ''SpaceChannel5 Part 2''? There's a good chance you're playing it just for Purge.
* ''RuleOfRose'' features an interesting inversion to the usual trend, as the fans of the game typically consider the mediocre gameplay completely uninteresting compared to the complex MindScrew storyline, and dig out the most minute details for further speculation about the character motives. Elitism isn't dead.
* Many people only get ''{{Starcraft}}'' for the multiplayer ability. Interestingly, the free-to-play Starter Edition of ''[=StarCraft=] II'' includes full access to the Terrans... but ''only'' the Terrans, and only on certain maps/match types.
* ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'' has grafitti all over the maps to give subtle cues on what had happened before the survivors arrived without giving too much away. However, most people prefer to just blaze through the maps and kill zombies.
* ''SoulSeries'':
** ''Soul Calibur II'' is one of the few titles (if not the ''only'' major release) to sell more on the Gamecube than the Xbox or Playstation 2. The reason is because it included [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Link]] as a playable character.
** ''Soulcalibur V'' seems to be aiming for a repeat performance, but with greater magnitude. The reason is because ''[[Franchise/AssassinsCreed Ezio Auditore]]'' as the game's {{guest|Fighter}}. One of the Namco Bandai producers would admit that this was part of why Ezio was picked, since he was so popular in the West where they want the series to do well.
* Few care about the storyline or gameplay or anything of ''VideoGame/BulletWitch'', most just want to shoot stuff.
* Many play ''VideoGame/SimCity'' just for the disasters. Since monster attacks have been one such disaster, including one in Tokyo in TheSixties, this is a literal invocation of this trope.
* For ''VideoGame/TheSims'' people often play it either to just kill people in horrible ways, make their Sims miserable, or to make their character [[ReallyGetsAround Really Get Around]]. Alternatively, they play just to be able to play as characters they like (true for a lot of games with CharacterCustomization) or have a popular GameMod.
* Chances are that niche games which happened to include game demos for more popular products count here. ''VideoGame/ZoneOfTheEnders'' with its ''MetalGearSolid2'' demo, most definitely (though ''ZOE'' managed to find its audience with ''2nd Runner''), and to a less successful extent, ''VideoGame/{{Tobal}} No. 1'' with its demo for ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII''.
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVIII'' can attribute it's series-high sales to be bundled with the demo of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII.''
* TimSchafer was aggravated when he was playing his game ''VideoGame/BrutalLegend'' online, only to find a player send him a message "surrendur plz," which meant the player was just trying to trade wins for achievements without trying to play. TimSchafer tweeted "surrender plz? SURRENDUR PLZ? Is that what I go online for? To be asked to surrendur plz at my own game?!"
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'':
** While the storylines in the main games have gotten more complex and detailed, players still mostly want to catch, collect, breed, train and battle others with the eponymous monsters. Players also play the games for the exploration and each generation seems to offer something unique.
** Charizard was very popular in Pokémon's heyday, despite Pikachu being the mascot. A substantial amount of people bought ''Red'' because it had Charizard on the cover. A lot of people got into the card game just because they wanted to find a Shiny Charizard, which were legendarily rare (hence why they would sell for 100s of dollars even though they were mass produced). Similarly, a lot of people only train the Pokémon they find the coolest, and in ''Red''/''Blue'' this was usually Charizard. A lot of kids couldn't understand why certain types were weak to others when "Charizard is so strong". Gen IV experienced a similar thing with Garchomp and Lucario, which endures to this day.
** A good bit of the reaction to ''VideoGame/PokemonConquest'' and "day one buy" reactions to this were solely because of how out-there the crossover idea was.
* Most people that buy ''VideoGame/{{ARMA}} II'' and its expansions only get it in order to play the ''VideoGame/DayZ'' mod that turns the game into a zombie survival horror game. Valve Software, the creators of {{Steam}} where the ''ARMA'' games can be bought from, are well aware of this, and mention on their store pages for each individual part of the full ''ARMA II: Combined Operations'' package that you need all of them for the mod version of ''[=DayZ=]''.
* The ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' franchise seems to have been created just for this trope alone. Despite that the ''Brawl'' installment has an actual story in the single player campaign, no one cares what happened or how the characters even came to meet each other. People just want to play as their favorite Nintendo mascots and fight each other. This (combined in part with [[DigitalPiracyIsEvil people who did care about the story just ripping the videos and posting them all on]] Website/YouTube) is why the [[UsefulNotes/WiiU Wii U]]/[[UsefulNotes/Nintendo3DS 3DS]] installment lacks a story mode altogether.
* For the UsefulNotes/FurryFandom, any game that has a non human character will usually get the attention of furry enthusiasts. Ditto for any films that have furry characters.
* ''VideoGame/HarmoKnight'' is probably less known as "that cute [[{{Widget}} widgety]] RhythmGame for the [=3DS=]" and more as "that cute [[{{Widget}} widgety]] RhythmGame for the [=3DS=] that has some ''Pokémon'' music".
* ''Forza Horizon'' has something of a ExcusePlot, people don't care as they mostly play it for the cars and customization options for said cars.
* ''VideoGame/{{Persona2}}'' is known for two things: Being a total and utter MindScrew set in a CityOfWeirdos, and Hitler being the final boss.
* While ''VideoGame/PokerNight2'' has more than it's fair share of humorous content to be enjoyed among five great characters, the main reason why many players bought the game was just to unlock the ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' character masks and skins for that game.
* [[VideoGame/FarmingSimulator Farming Simulator 2013]] is surprisingly popular, not for the game itself but for its' hilariously broken physics engine.
* Even the developers acknowledge and joke about it that ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' is only played because of the hats; they often refer to it as "America's #1 war-themed hat simulator".
* A good number of people bought and/or played the DS sports game, ''New International Track & Field'' for the purpose of unlocking and/or playing as their favorite Creator/{{Konami}} character(s). Two of the most notable examples in the game are Pyramid Head from ''[[VideoGame/SilentHill Silent Hill]]'' and Sparkster from ''[[VideoGame/RocketKnightAdventures Rocket Knight Adventures]]''.
* A good number of ''VideoGame/MarioParty'' fans only play the series for the minigames.
* Almost any video game with zombies, whether they are a part of the main game or a side game within the main game. Why are the zombies here? How did they come about? No one cares as long as they get zombies to slaughter.
* Many fans of ''Istaria'' play it because it's one of the few [[MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame MMORPGs]] where you can play as a dragon.
* The ''Franchise/SaintsRow'' games are made with the trope in mind. While the first game was just a ''Franchise/GrandTheftAuto'' clone, the second game bumped up the violence and ridiculousness; you can spray literal shit at people, run over old ladies with a golf cart, watch people ragdoll high in the air when you run them over, and the main story itself boils down to "kill everyone as awesomely as possible." Being released after ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV'', the adverts for ''Saints Row 2'' knew what the fans wanted and made a TakeThat against Grand Theft Auto 4 for its friend activities and gritty realism. The later ''Saints Row'' installments only escalates the wackiness and while the games do have a decent story, the devs also know that people want to play to fuck shit up.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'' actually features plenty of endings where the cheerful, well-adjusted protagonists live happily ever after; but no one cares about those. Most people playing ''School Days'' just want its infamous [[MultipleEndings Bad Ends]] in which one or more characters are brutally murdered.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* A lot of people only watch ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' for the Perry and Doofenshmirtz segments.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}}'' had people who just stuck around to watch Grandpa Max be incredibly awesome. Or to watch Ben transform into an alien.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'': The episode "Jerome Is the New Black" is this to some fans. No one cares about the plot or the titular character, they just want Quagmire to give Brian TheReasonYouSuckSpeech.
* A good portion of ''GeneratorRex'' fans simply stick around because [[BadassNormal Agent]] [[PapaWolf Six]] is just plain cool.
* Some people watched WesternAnimation/GreenLanternTheAnimatedSeries just for Razer and Aya's love story.
* ''WesternAnimation/HulkVs'' contained two stories: Hulk vs Wolverine and Hulk vs Thor. A lot of people just watched it for {{Deadpool}}, who was only actually in ''one'' of the stories.
* There have been a number of people who only watched ''KaBlam'' for one or two recurring shorts.
* For some people, the only reason why they change to The Hub is because of one of these series:
** ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''.
** ''WesternAnimation/{{Jem}}''.
** Superhero series like ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'', ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'', and ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime''.
** ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}''.
** There's also a group who watches only for ''WesternAnimation/CareBearsWelcomeToCareALot'', and within that subset, a fair portion who watch only for either Grumpy Bear or Wonderheart Bear.
* There are some who only watch ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' just to see [[TheyKilledKennyAgain how Kenny dies]]. These people must have been [[RunningGagged quite starved]] for the past decade plus.
* Any show featuring a {{Spotlight Stealing|Squad}} {{Jerkass}} character, such as Bender from ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', Eric Cartman from ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'', Stewie from ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' etc.
* Even people who dislike ''TotallySpies'' will sit through an episode if it appeals to their particular kink.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfsAndTheMagicFlute'' was originally advertised as a ''ComicBook/JohanAndPeewit'' movie, but because the Smurfs became so popular, they end up getting the top billing even though they don't appear until the middle of the movie.
* There are some people who watched ''WesternAnimation/CaptainNTheGameMaster'' just because they found out that Mother Brain, the BigBad of the series, [[HeyItsThatVoice shares a voice]] with [[Film/LittleShopOfHorrors Audrey II]].
* There seem to be not exactly few bronies who watch ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' just for Rainbow Dash being cool. So few are the bronies who are interested in anything in "The Last Roundup" beyond the scene with [[EnsembleDarkhorse Derpy]] that the rest of the episode is almost obscure within the bronydom (aside from Pinkie's antics... Maybe).
* Many fans of ''WesternAnimation/{{TUGS}}'' only watch its CutAndPasteTranslation, ''Salty's Lighthouse'', for the ''TUGS'' segments themselves.

[[folder:New Media]]
* The Escapist Magazine. You came for the [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]], the rest is just window dressing. Though more videos (WebVideo/ThereWillBeBrawl, WebVideo/{{Unskippable}}, WebVideo/MovieBob, WebVideo/DoomsdayArcade, WebAnimation/UnforgottenRealms) are slowly getting equally as popular, but there's no doubt Yahtzee was the KillerApp for the site. This is lampshaded in their spoof newsshow ENN, a weekly episode of which comes out at the exact same time as WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation.
---> "We'll see you here next week, right after you watch WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation."
* Some people are on Website/{{Facebook}} not for the social or communication aspects for it so much as games like ''Mafia Wars'' and ''FarmVille''.
* Most fans of ''WebAnimation/SuperMarioBrosZ'' just mash their space bar through the dialogue to get to the [[HolyShitQuotient stupidly]] [[RuleOfCool awesome]] fight sequences faster. Same goes for its {{Fandom Rival|ry}} ''[[http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62BA69EAB6DBD807 Ed, Edd n' Eddy Z]]'': most fans of the series just skip ahead in the video to see the fight sequences.
* Even if you don't know or care about the film WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic is reviewing, it's fun to see him break down in tears and/or rage over it. This was one of the reasons he brought the show back after the GrandFinale of WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee. Doug started a [[WebVideo/DemoReel a new show]] that he'd been wanting to do for years, but too many people apparently came to the site to watch the episodes, and [[https://twitter.com/thelindsayellis/status/293906520624754689 ad revenue dropped]] after the show ended.
* In a less mean-spirited way, TGWTG fandom only watch WebVideo/TheCartoonShow (a ClicheStorm EdutainmentShow for kids) for Doug. Whoever wrote it used this to their advantage, as second episode in and Doug's character burst into tears, something that fandom greatly enjoys.
* You don't need to be familiar with whatever WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd is reviewing (and it's likely you often won't; he's done some pretty obscure games) to enjoy the resultant emotional meltdown.
* Most visitors of Channel Awesome will only watch the videos of a handful of reviewers and, if it weren't for the yearly anniversary specials, may not even know that certain reviewers exist.
* Someone once commented that he only watched a 20-minute-long Cinema Snob review for a 1-minute-long Linkara cameo. The Snob was not amused.
* In the webcomic ''Webcomic/TheDreamer'', a lot of people just read it for Nathan Hale and UsefulNotes/AlexanderHamilton.
* Strong Bad and his emails on ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'', overlapping with EnsembleDarkHorse. {{Lampshaded}} in the "First Time Here?" cartoon:
--> '''Strong Bad:''' I'm Strong Bad, and you don't know it yet, but I'm the reason you're here.
--> '''Homestar:''' It's true.
* From the way some people talk about ''Webcomic/{{Freefall}}'', you'd have no idea [[UpliftedAnimal Florence]] isn't the only protagonist. Especially true if you're [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom discussing it on a furry site]].
* Many people have the Internet for one reason and one reason only TheInternetIsForPorn.
* It's hard to believe people actually watch [[{{MissHannahMinx}} Miss Hannah Minx]] because they want to learn Japanese.
* ''OffWhite'': Anytime the story switches focus to the humans there are people wanting it to go back to the wolves.
* Radio/TrueCapitalist: As the name suggests, the show has some good information on the economy, as well as detailed (ableit biased) insight on current events. As far as its PeripheryDemographic is concerned, however, the only reason to listen to it is for the {{Troll}}ing, [[HairTriggerTemper as well as the host's reactions to it]].
* Music/BrentalFloss of YouTube fame has done lots of skits and other videos on his channel, but what really got him to high popularity was his "X With Lyrics" series where he makes up a song based on the chosen video game. Nowadays, most people who look up Brental Floss only look for his lyrics series.
* There are two categories of ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' fans: those who are just here for the trolls, and those who look down on them.
* How many of you would have really watched ''Series/TheTester'' had it not been for Creator/{{Egoraptor}}?
* There are some amateur adult videos online that some people only watch to see their pets prance around in the background, as the Website/{{Tumblr}} user "indifferent-cats-in-amateur-porn" shows us.
* The ''WebAnimation/NeuroticallyYours'' series have subtle and thought provoking stories as a goth teenaged girl and a BrutallyHonest foul mouthed squirrel go through the daily grind of life. Half of the fan base watch the series just to oogle over Germaine's body while the other half are in it just to see Foamy bitch about whatever is bothering him.
* Many internet websites have both main site content/news/articles and a forum community. About three quarters of their userbase ends up visiting for the latter. Similarly, back about ten years ago, there was actually a site with products/services/news over at Digitalpoint, with the forums being opened as more of a support community for said tools and services. Absolutely no one used it (with the forums becoming an absolutely massive success with hundreds of thousands of members and millions of posts), so eventually the site was pretty much just replaced with the forums.
* Very few people actually care for Smash World itself. Indeed, these days the SmashBoards community has entirely replaced it.
* A significant chunk of ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'''s FanDumb only watch it for the beautifully detailed fight scenes and complain whenever the show focuses on ''anything'' else.
* Although video game playthroughs online that feature commentary are common, there are lots of viewers who simply want to watch the footage of the game without the player's commentary to drown out the action. While [[WebOriginal/LetsPlay Let's Plays]] are (usually) clearly marked as such, often a video simply titled "game - level playthrough" will feature commentary from the player, and it's not at all uncommon to find warzones in the comments over it or "thank yous" from viewers who had to put some effort into searching for a no commentary video before finding one.

* Trading cards. Some people just enjoy collecting things, and don't actually follow/enjoy what sport/activity the cards represent.
* Online contests. Many of them try to distract the entrants with things like e-mail newsletters, games, magazine offers, etc. etc. But those who are serious about it don't care. They're just there for the contest.

* Paige in ''ComicStrip/FoxTrot'' goes to see ''[[Film/TheLordOfTheRings The Return of the King]]'' just because Orlando Bloom is in it, and wishes the movie would stop wasting time with that [[ComicallyMissingThePoint "filler stuff about a ring."]]
* In volume 7 of the ''Manga/LuckyStar'' manga, Konata tells Kagami that [[OccidentalOtaku Patricia]] is eager to see her family's shrine. Kagami asks if there's anything she should do in preparation, and all Konata requests is to get the {{miko}} outfits ready. Needless to say, [[{{Muggle}} Kagami]] is exasperated that they're more interested in gawking than in actually learning anything cultural.
* One sketch on Series/KidsInTheHall had an obviously-in-denial-about-his-sexuality man who just kept watching homoerotic parts of certain movies over and over.
* An in-universe example from RockyBalboa: fans turn out to see Rocky's last fight. He faced off against Mason "The Line" Dixon, the heavyweight champion, in a charity exhibition match which Dixon's managers set up to clean up Dixon's reputation of being a BoringInvincibleHero. Dixon's fights had a shrinking audience because Mason was, as the movie puts it, "a victim of his own dominance." Fans turn up in droves in support of Rocky. Professional commentators consider the fight something of a joke and a dancing bear until Rocky turns it into a bitterly-contested slog.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
** The guy Chris works for just watches movies (some of which are fairly obscure) for the [[PerverseSexualLust female nude scenes]].
** Taken to the extreme in a cutaway gag: It seems that Peter only went to ''Theatre/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' to see the Phantom's deformity, and shouts at the actor playing him to hurry up. "Come on, show the gross half of your face so I can get out of here! That nose better be piggy!"
* Discussed in the host's opening monologue of ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' hosted by Creator/JasonSegel while promoting ''Film/TheMuppets''. the Muppet stars of the film come out to say they should all be hosting the show together. Segel explains that they usually only want ''one'' of the stars of a film to host.
-->Kermit: Listen, it makes [[SarcasmMode perfect sense]] that they would pick Jason [to host], Piggy. I mean, when people go to a Muppet movie, they say: "Gee - I can't wait to see the HUMAN!"