Jack Laurence Chalker (December 17, 1944 - February 11, 2005)

Prolific American science fiction and fantasy author of over 60 works. Probably best known for his larger serial works, particularly the ''Well World'' (SF) and ''Dancing Gods'' (Fantasy) sagas, though he also wrote several stand-alone books and nonfiction works including a definitive biography of H.P. Lovecraft and a huge and comprehensive history of Science Fiction and Fantasy publishing.

Today Chalker is most famous (indeed notorious) for the sheer amount of AuthorAppeal packed into his works, exceeded perhaps only by PiersAnthony in this regard. A typical character in a Chalker book can expect to undergo at least one InvoluntaryTransformation and/or GenderBender. (And, seeing as it ''is'' a Chalker book, quite lucky if [[BodyHorror that's]] the [[MisterSeahorse worst]] [[TheMindIsAPlaythingOfTheBody thing]] that [[AndIMustScream happens]] to them.)

Chalker also wrote a number of books in which characters do not undergo horrible transformations, as well as books that contain transformation that are anything but horrible. But since one person's BodyHorror is often another person's FetishFuel those aren't the works he tends to be remembered for.

!!Works by Jack Chalker with their own trope pages include:

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* ''Literature/TheMoreauFactor''
* ''Literature/TheRedTapeWar'' (with Creator/MikeResnick and Creator/GeorgeAlecEffinger)
* ''Literature/RiverOfDancingGods'' series
* ''Literature/WellWorld'' series
* The Four Lords of the Diamond series