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Most zombie encounters in fiction get their shock value from gore, ambush, or the pathos of seeing a named character arise from death to attack the surviving cast. But [[SlidingScaleOfComedyAndHorror not every horror scene takes itself that seriously]]; sometimes, when pacing or tone demands a tension-breaker, filmmakers will toss in the visual gag of a zombie that's dressed in an ironic or amusing outfit: a Halloween costume, an unusual profession, [[FullFrontalAssault nothing at all]], [[BloodSplatteredWeddingDress wedding attire]], etc.

While undead in goofy outfits seldom stay on screen for long, they provide a bit of a breather for the audience, while giving the production's costumers and make-up crew a chance to exercise some creativity. Their presence can also remind viewers that zombies, however mindless or indistinguishable in undeath, ''used'' to be unique, living individuals: that they're creatures to be pitied as well as dreaded. Not to mention that the horror of being attacked and zombified (or whatever) can happen right in the middle of you living your life.

Not necessarily exclusive to zombies: vampires, ghosts, biped werewolves, and other human-derived monsters may also be examples of this trope, provided their outfit is unexpected and/or goofy enough to surprise and amuse the audience. Distinguished from OurZombiesAreDifferent in that the Incongruously Dressed Zombie only ''looks'' unique; functionally, it's usually (though not necessarily) your standard-issue NightOfTheLivingMooks drone. Compare and contrast AttractiveZombie who retains both his/her personality and good looks.

If an undead creature's clothes look odd because they date from a past era, that's OutdatedOutfit. If the outfit was goofy ''back then'', these tropes overlap.

[[AC: Anime & Manga]]
* In ''Manga/HighSchoolOfTheDead'', a sniper looks at a zombie that she's about to shoot to clear an airport runway. The zombie is dressed in a nice swanky white suit. Her sniping spotter points out that he used to be an actor, and still maintains his egotistical mannerisms even in undeath. Then she blows his head off.
** This became an issue during the airing of the anime since said zombie had a remarkable resemblance to a famous Korean actor, which combined with the nationalistic undertones of the story and the general antagonism between Korea and Japan caused a kerfuffle.

[[AC: Comics]]
* One ''ComicBook/HackSlash'' arc had a slasher who [[RaisingTheSteaks resurrected a bunch of dead animals]] as zombies, including [[DancingBear a circus bear in a tutu]]. There were also zombie football players in ''Hack[=/=]Slash meets Zombies vs. Cheerleaders''.
* Chances are, if a superhero or villain is brought back as a zombie or something, they will be wearing their costume (or what's left of it). See ''ComicBook/MarvelZombies'' or ''ComicBook/BlackestNight''.
** Which makes a kind of sense - superheroes would be quick to don suits and respond to something like a zombie apocalypse. They would also be less likely to be taken in surprise in the early stages of said eldritch epidemic (due to superior fighting skills, senses, having fortresses, that kind of thing), and so go down fighting later on, in their fighting gear.
* Naked zombies can be spotted all throughout ''ComicBook/TheWalkingDead'', as well as zombies dressed in unique clothes like suits, bulletproof riot gear, military and even a punk attire, complete with mohawk. Rick's first trip to Atlanta features several zombies with unique designs.
* Naked infectees are also incredibly common in ''ComicBook/{{Crossed}}'' as well. Other examples include crossed Hare Krishna monks wreaking havoc on a airport, freshly infected circus performers attacking a nearby town, a group of crossed dressed like different clerical figures (A rabbi, a catholic bishop and a nun, to name a few) hunting down "heretics" in a desolated city. Without a doubt, though, the best example of this takes place on "The Five Bloody Fingers" arc where a Japanese young man tries to get in contact with his friends during the onset of the crossed plague in Japan. This lead him to a Comiket-esque convention... and to fight a seemingly endless horde of crossed cosplayers.

* Romero's ''Film/LivingDeadSeries'':
** The UrExample is the nude female model, adorned only with a morgue ID tag, who was included in ''Film/NightOfTheLivingDead1968''.
** In the [[Film/NightOfTheLivingDead1990 1990 remake]], Ben and Barbra acquire a handgun from a zombie cop's belt holster. Barbra later uses it to shoot a female zombie that clutches a baby doll under one arm.
** In ''Film/DawnOfTheDead1978'', the Hare Krishna Monk zombie in his bright orange robes, as well as the infamously hammy Nurse Zombie.
*** One of the zombies wears plain clothes but he grabs the assault riffle of one of the SWAT as they try to get behind a door, forcing the officer to let it go. Through the rest of the film, the zombie keeps holding onto the riffle as he slumbers towards the characters, never dropping it, nor pointing it to anyone.
** The first zombie in the [[Film/DawnOfTheDead2004 2004 remake]] is the little neighbor girl in her pink sleeping gown, which causes Anna's boyfriend to get his guard down, and makes her come across as a KillerRabbit.
*** Many zombies in the early collapse scenes are in their pajamas and underwear. They get replaced by normally dressed people after the main evacuation camp falls. Still, the second batch of survivors from the camp includes an infected obese, middle-aged woman in her underwear.
*** When C.J. throws a gas canister on the zombie crowd to use it as a bomb, it is picked up by a large, bald, bare-chested (or naked?) zombie. An even fatter, bare-chested zombie shows up in a deleted crowd scene, soon after they arrive in the mall.
*** This is even [[ExploitedTrope exploited]] when the survivors are bored and decide to kill time by telling Andy to shoot zombies that resemble celebrities, such as "Creator/JayLeno" (a well-groomed zombie with white hair and a blue business suit) and "Creator/BurtReynolds" (a mustached zombie in some kind of brown uniform).
*** A humororus fake news broadcast in the DVD extras shows a group of high school hustlers taunting an AttractiveZombie that wears nothing but a football helmet, BlackBraAndPanties.
** In ''Film/DayOfTheDead1985'', one of the zombies that invade the military base is dressed in a clown costume. One of the zombies in the bunker paddock is an older woman in a shower cap, and a zombie drum majorette in a huge puffy hat gets a close-up in the city scene.
** In ''Film/LandOfTheDead'', the zombie "leader" Big Daddy wears a gas station attendant's denim jumpsuit, with a patch that bears his name. Other examples include another zombie clown, an undead boy in an upper-class school uniform, a marching band complete with instruments, and a zombie cheerleader still clutching her pom-poms.
* In ''Film/WaxworkIILostInTime'', the alternate-reality that featured zombies had several dressed in over-the-top disco outfits.
* A [[MonsterClown zombie clown]] attacks a children's birthday party in a video clip from ''Film/DiaryOfTheDead''.
** There are also zombie clowns seen in the two [[Film/DayOfTheDead1985 preceding]] [[Film/LandOfTheDead movies]].
* In ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead'', a zombie priest is seen gnawing on a dead paramedic, then calling Dispatch to ask that more be sent. Trash becomes an example when she re-animates in the nude, having been killed after stripping in the cemetery.
* ''Film/ReturnOfTheLivingDeadPartII'' has the visual gag of a zombie dressed in Music/MichaelJackson's "Thriller" outfit.
* Several examples (a stripper, a bunch of little girls in ballerina outfits, father-and-son contestants in a three-legged race, one that's [[ManOnFire on fire]]) chase people around in the opening credits of ''Film/{{Zombieland}}''. One of the last ones we see is [[MonsterClown a clown.]]
* The first zombie seen up close in ''Film/DeadHeat'' is dressed as a biker.
* There is a pair of zombified topless strippers very briefly seen in ''Film/ResidentEvilApocalypse''. They manage to distract a guy long enough to make him crash the car he was in.
* The short film ''Zombie in a Penguin Suit'' puts this in the forefront.
* The [[NotUsingTheZWord only-technically]]-[[DemonicallyPossessed not-zombies]] from ''Film/{{Legion}}'' had a few funnily dressed "zombies";
** The first appears to be a sweet old lady who [[AffablyEvil orders a steak and chats up a young couple]] before [[FauxAffablyEvil cursing said young couple and telling a pregnant woman her baby is going to burn]]. The second, an ice cream truck driver in a bright yellow suit, which just clashes in the most horrible way possible when he [[BodyHorror starts to change.]]
* In ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porn_of_the_Dead Porn of the Dead]]'', one of the zombies was a waitress, while another was a mental patient still stuck struggling with a straitjacket.
* Non-zombie example: Some of the recently-dead from the afterlife waiting room in ''Film/{{Beetlejuice}}'' are dressed in amusingly-odd outfits (a headhunter, a Vegas showgirl).
* Some ghosts in ''Film/TheFrighteners'' wear outfits that rated as weird even in their decade of origin.
* A number of the Zombies in ''Film/WarmBodies''. The [[GhostAmnesia amnesic and zombified]] main character uses his hoodie to determine he was unemployed in life, for one. M is careful about maintaining his suit, and another member of the hunting party appears to be wearing a Sikh turban. Worst is the character named in the credits simply as TSA Zombie, who carefully waves his metal detector over every zombie inhabitant of the abandoned airport, when not busy eating brains.
* ''Film/ZombieStrippers'', though there the emphasis is more on what the zombies aren't wearing.
* ''L.A. Zombie'' had a group of undead [[{{Leatherman}} leathermen]].
* ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooOnZombieIsland'': The titular zombies are pirates, Civil War soldiers, and 19th-to-20th century tourists who were past victims of the movie's BigBad.
* There are a few examples in ''Film/ShaunOfTheDead'', although perhaps 'distinctively dressed' would be the better description. The first zombie Shaun and Ed interact with is dressed in a supermarket uniform, complete with name-badge. Also qualifying is Zombie!Tyres - a zombified cameo of ''Series/{{Spaced}}'' character Tyres, in his full, brightly coloured bicycle-courier gear (and cap) amongst the otherwise drab dead walking the streets. And he's ''still raving''.
** The first zombie that Shaun and Ed ''know'' is a zombie (they think the supermarket cashier is just drunk) is a [[WeddingSmashers wedding groom]] with a large, yellow flower over his left breast.
** Pete dies in the shower and his zombie walks around completely naked.
** When the crowd passes through a crowd of zombies (by pretending to be zombies themselves), the zombies include a biker in a bright red suit and helmet, a wheelchair-bound woman, and two twins dressed in the same clothes.
** A zombie outside Liz's place wears a business suit and carries an open suitcase.
* In ''Film/NightOfTheCreeps'', many of the slug-infested living dead were young men killed on their way to a formal dance, so arrive at the sorority house to menace their dates in tuxes.
* Many of the initial wave of living zombies from ''Devil's Playground'' are dressed as first responders, illustrating the rapid breakdown of law and order, as well as how their heroic attempts to assist the drug-test volunteers got them bitten for their trouble.
* In ''Film/CockneysVsZombies'', two herds of zombies in [[FootballHooligans the colors of rival soccer teams]] stagger towards one another and start clumsily shoving and punching each other in the street. A matronly zombie pushes a stroller with a zombie baby in it.
* ''Detention of the Dead'' has a zombie in a fast-food server's uniform, complete with dorky cap and hairnet.
* One of the worm-possessed walking corpses from ''Film/{{Slither}}'' is a local clergyman, dressed in a long black pastor's coat and carrying a handbell.
* The dead spirits from the film adaptation of Creator/CliveBarker's ''Book of Blood'' include a firefighter, a geisha, and an emaciated man in a concentration-camp prisoner's striped clothing.
* Otto from ''Film/OttoOrUpWithDeadPeople'' wears his Goth/Punk/Emo outfit which consists on skinny jeans, combat boots, a gray and black stripped sweater, a white shirt, a black necktie and a black hoodie.
* Some of the skeletal troops called up by the Necronomicon in ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness'' stand out by how they're dressed, such as the bagpipe-players.
* ''Film/GhostbustersII'' has a ghost jogger and a ghost nanny, following up on the original ''Film/{{Ghostbusters|1984}}''' ghost librarian.
** The fact that one combative ghost is dressed as a Pilgrim is Lampshaded in ''Film/Ghostbusters2016''.
* Combined with AnachronismStew in the short film ''[[KungFuJesus Fist of Jesus]]'', with cowboy zombies. [[RuleOfFunny Eighteen centuries before the Wild West.]]
* In a non-horror example, the animated suits of battle-garb in ''Film/BedknobsAndBroomsticks'' include some Scottish bagpipers' costumes, and a 17th-century duelist's outfit complete with long flowing wig.
* The first TechnicallyLivingZombie found by Jim in ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater'' is a priest in a church.
* The first zombie crowd in ''Film/ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse'' includes a roller skater.
* In ''Film/BigTitsZombie'', zombies starts showing up in all kings of incongruous outfits, such as stripper costumes and school uniforms.

* In the short story "I Am A Zombie Filled With Love", the nameless protagonist becomes attracted to the female zombie because she's wearing a food-service name tag, so he can actually call her by name (Emily).
* Among the many weird characters glimpsed on the streets or subways of the ''Literature/{{Nightside}}'' was a zombie surfer in a torn wetsuit, who carried a coffin lid as his surfboard.
* ''Literature/WorldWarZ'' plays this trope for drama. One character recalls seeing a horde of zombies, many of which were naked or in pajamas. He determines that most of them were infected at night, and briefly reflects on the chilling thought of being woken by a ravenous bunch of zombies breaking into one's home.
** The book also averts this by pointing out that, while many people expect to encounter zombies in suits and fancy dresses, most of the time zombies either got their [[ClothingDamage clothes badly damaged]] when they were first attacked, or were wearing hospital gowns (hospitals having been epicenters of early outbreaks where many [[ZombieInfectee bite victims]] were taken to be treated). Between that, further clothing damage during a [[ZombieGait zombie's attempts to navigate terrain]], and clothing eventually rotting (as the story takes place over the course of nearly a decade), after a certain point in the timeline most zombies encountered are [[FullFrontalAssault more likely to be naked]] than to have any clothing.
* The lesser Black Court vampires that attack the shopping mall in the [[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Harry Dresden]] short story "It's My Birthday, Too" are newly-transformed security guards, and therefore dressed in their mall-cop uniforms.
* ''[[Creator/PermutedPress Day By Day Armageddon]]'' has its moments. In the first book Kilgore spots a grocery store employee with the phrase "If you can read this kill me!" written on his shirt in blood (who he obliges, noting he'd have probably liked the guy had he met him alive), and the third book has him fighting the urge to [[GallowsHumor laugh at]] zombies dressed in Hawaiian shirts in Oahu.
* In Creator/JamesPatterson's ''Zoo 2'', Jackson is nonplussed when his group in Las Vegas is attacked by feral humans, whose clothes clearly peg them as casino employees, tourists, and (inevitably) an ElvisImpersonator.
* In ''[[Literature/DanShambleZombiePI Death Warmed Over]]'', Dan and [=McGoo=] interrupt a pair of shambling zombie brawlers, who've continued their fight over a girl even after death. Dan lampshades this trope by marveling at the two teenage zombies' outfits: one, a powder-blue prom tux, the other a Disneyland hoodie. ("Who in the world would want to be buried in a Disneyland hoodie?")

[[AC:Live-Action Television]]
* The series ''Series/TheWalkingDead'' had one "walker" dressed in a [[BadSanta Santa Claus suit]].
** One of the walkers encountered while searching for Sophia at a rural church was an old woman in a mourning veil. It's slower to attack than the others because its vision is impaired, and gropes blindly for any source of noise until Daryl hacks it up.
** Odd clothing on zombies actually has plot implications when the survivors take over the prison, as some of the walkers there are wearing [[EliteMooks prison riot-gear]] and therefore have helmets which logically serve to protect their brains.
** Later in that same episode, Daryl points out that one of the zombies in the prison is dressed like a civilian, thereby raising fears that the prison might not be as secure as they had hoped.
** Lizzie becomes emotionally attached to a particular walker on the fence because it's wearing a name tag, which gives her something to call it.
** When his quarantined patients start turning, Hershel warns Maggie ''not'' to shoot Henry's walker because it's still wearing the resuscitator bag Hershel needs to save Glenn.
** Michonne, traveling with leashed walkers in the midst of a herd in "After", gets creeped out by a black female walker with the same hairstyle as hers.
** One of the walkers in "Here's Not Here" has its hands tied behind its back, suggesting a fatal run-in with other humans. Another ''becomes'' this trope when it walks straight through Morgan's campfire, emerging as a ManOnFire.
** One crispy-blackened walker in the burned-out forest from "Always Accountable" still has its head intact enough to moan, because it had a motorcycle helmet on when it got roasted.
** The show ''starts out'' with a little girl zombie dressed in a robe, pajamas and bunny slippers, carrying a bear, combining NightmareFuel and AdultFear.
* The mob of extras made up as zombies as a foundation challenge on season 4 of ''[[Series/FaceOff [=FaceOff=]]]'' were mostly dressed in everyday street clothes, but a couple of the men wore surgical scrubs, one of the women had on a ragged wedding dress, and a chef's hat is visible in one of the group shots. Contestants regularly dress their own undead creations in odd outfits for spotlight challenges, to make the finished products distinctive and capture the judges' interest.
* A ''very'' common trope on ''Series/ZNation'', as with the zombie cheese-heads in Wisconsin or the busload of zombies who'd died on their way to an Abraham Lincoln look-alike contest.
** Invoked by Murphy's zombie-controlling daughter Lucy, who dresses her undead "playmates" up as a princess, cowboy, pirate, Raggedy Ann, farmer, and knight.
* The first army of '[[OurZombiesAreDifferent wights]]' in the Season 2 finale of ''Series/GameOfThrones'' includes several bare-chested wildlings, who contrast dramatically with the snowy landscape, and also completely bald ones (we learn later that this is a custom of the Thenn tribe). There are also a few black-clad Nightwatchmen sprinkled among them. In the book, there was also a [[RaisingTheSteaks zombie]] [[BearsAreBadNews bear]], and a zombie bear shows up five seasons later in the series.
** The Season 4 finale has Bran's group being attacked by skeletonized wights with very archaic-looking armor and weapons. It's the first undeniable proof that the White Walkers don't need to kill people and animals to turn them into wights; They can also turn bodies that have been dead for centuries. Most wight armies in later seasons also include skeletons among their numbers.
** At the Battle of Hardhome (Season 5), Karsi fights a wight wearing a Stark helmet before being attacked by five wight children. One of them is almost a skeleton.
** The Season 7 premiere confirms the existence of wight giants.

[[AC: TabletopGames]]
* ''TabletopGame/VampireTheRequiem'' has Larvae: a transitional stage between human and vampire that are functionally zombie-vampires, usually still dressed in the rags of whatever they were wearing when abducted and turned. Their sourcebook suggests that Game Masters employ this trope as a way to ramp up the creepiness. (Yes, that guy in a mailman uniform or the woman in the torn, fuzzy pink bathrobe is about to eat you!)

[[AC: Theme Parks]]
* ''Ride/TheHauntedMansion'' features some Incongruously-Dressed Ghosts, such as an opera singer in full Valkyrie getup.

[[AC:Video Games]]
* In Armor Games' [[WebGames Web Game]] ''VideoGame/TheLastStand'', a few of the zombies attacking your character wear clown costumes.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Darksiders}}'', you have the very smartly dressed Wicked K, a zombie with a British dialect in a tuxedo.
* One of the zombies in ''VideoGame/DeadRising2'' wears a wedding dress, as a result of being almost forced into marriage before being turned.
* One of the zombies in ''VideoGame/{{Medievil 2}}'' sports a beard and wears a suit, which Dan must steal from it to use as a disguise.
* ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2'' has your usual hordes of zombie masses, but there are also "Uncommon Commons", a step below the [[EliteZombie Special Infected]]. They all look different from usual, but also have unique properties about them. Depending on how you encounter them, they can be either hilarious, creepy, or utterly depressing.
** Hazmat zombies found in "Dead Center" run around in their still fully-sealed yellow and green hazmat suits. You can hear the air leaking out of them like a balloon if you kill them with a melee attack.
** The Clown zombie is found in "Dark Carnival", running around with large clown shoes and a big red nose.
** Mudmen are, well, covered in mud.
** Riot Gear zombies, found in "The Parish", gain some measure of protection from this trope.
** Worker zombies in the "Dead Rain" campaign wear bright yellow reflective vests, making them easy to see in the torrential downpour. They also wear personal protection equipment that increases their overall health and ear protectors that mean they neither hear nor chase thrown pipebombs. It can be said that the concrete dust accumulated in their nostrils before they turned makes them unable to smell bile bombs either[[note]]Pipe and Bile Bombs use the same coding, which the Worker doesn't react to. Ironically the entire point of them ignoring Pipe Bombs was to make the Bilebomb more effective on that level[[/note]].
** Fallen Survivors from "The Passing" still wear their survival gear, so they can drop a med kit, pills, adrenaline shots, pipe bombs, or molotovs.
** Zombie Jimmy Gibbs Jr. used to be a famous stock car racer, and still wears his racer's uniform and helmet.
** Other examples include hospital patients and staff, Midnight Rider fans, wedding guests (including a bride), and airport personnel.
** The custom Campaign "Suicide Blitz 2" gives us Tanks decked in football gear in the finale, which happens in a stadium.
** In The Passing a special Witch is in a wedding dress, sobbing at the altar (apparently the zombie apocalypse happened right on her special day). You have to get past her, but if she's startled it triggers a panic event, causing the zombified party guests to charge you and your party.
* ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies'' has several examples. Common zombies all wear the remnants of a shirt, suit coat and tie, but the "special" zombies all are dressed in a way that identifies their particular attack method. The "dancing" zombie ''used'' to look like a ''Thriller''-era Michael Jackson, up until Jackson died and his family requested that they change his appearance. He's now a "disco" zombie with bell-bottom pants and big hair. The crazy Jack-In-The-Box zombie wears a straitjacket and carries an exploding Jack-in-the-box with him. The [[IncrediblyLamePun Zomboni]] is a guy driving around a Zamboni, and the ice he lays down is used by Bobsled Zombies, who carry their bobsled with them and wear identical team uniforms, zombies who attack over water wear snorkels, digging zombies have carbide lamp helmets and so on....
** Not to mention [[VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies2ItsAboutTime the sequel]], with every zombie changing outfit depending on which time you're in.
* ''VideoGame/ZombiU'' has zombies dressed as [[BritishRoyalGuards Buckingham palace guards]] and Beefeaters.
* In ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'', the Courier's [[TechnicallyLivingZombie Ghoul]] companion, Raul will change into his old Vaquero outfit if convinced to become a gunslinger once more.
* All the cadaver-level undead in the Facebook flash game ''The Last One'' are incongruously-dressed, including a short-order cook, a fireman, a lady mechanic, a legless granny with a walker, and a construction worker who'd died lying in wet cement and now has much of his body encased in chunks of concrete.
* ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'' has 'Oven Man': A ganado that bursts from an oven in flames for a solid JumpScare and a cheap laugh. Ada's scenario also has the ganado who swiped Leon's bomber's jacket.
* The Flash game ''Trucking Zombies'' includes zombie nuns, [[MonsterClown zombie clowns]], zombies in teddy bear costumes, zombie Playboy bunnies, or zombies wearing ExplodingBarrels.
* ''VideoGame/GhostbustersTheVideoGame'' has ghost bellhops and a Fisherman Ghost.
* ''[[VideoGame/StreetPassMiiPlaza Battleground Z]]'' (also known as ''[[MarketBasedTitle StreetPass Zombies]])'' is one of the least serious zombie games in existence and is practically made of this trope. The bosses, for instance, consist of Star Quartersmack, who's dressed in full American football gear; Belinda Munch, an opera singer who fights you in her big pink frilly dress; and Bubba and Cletus, a pair of brothers who run a corn farm and wear overalls and straw hats. The Rare Zombies, who only come out under certain conditions, are dressed even more atypically, with characters like the Movie-Loving Zombie, who always wears a shirt depicting his favorite science fiction movie; the Helpful Zombie, who's dressed like a superhero; and the Fashionable Zombie, who, depending on the designated gender, either dresses in a bright striped dress or a sharp tuxedo. All of the female Rare Zombies also have their hair tied as GirlishPigtails.

[[AC: WebOriginal]]
* Nearly every zombie that appears in Webvideo/{{Brains}} is a variation on this. A [[spoiler: hippie]], [[spoiler: hipster]], and [[spoiler: Seattle Mariners fan]] zombie are all seen in the first season.
* In webisode clips spun off ''Series/TheWalkingDead'', two child zombies wear paper birthday-party hats. Another (adult) zombie wore the day-glow yellow vest of a parking-lot attendant.

[[AC: Western Animation]]
* When El Toro from ''WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures'' was attacked by a {{Chupacabra}} and turned into one, his MaskedLuchador costume remained mostly intact, including the mask.

[[AC: RealLife]]
* ''Very'' popular for participants in zombie flash mobs, horror conventions, and costume parties, who often want to be more memorable and/or conspicuous than "just another zombie".