So you've fallen in love with the [[{{Meganekko}} shy girl with glasses]], or the LovableNerd, or the frumpy NiceGuy. And they're the absolute apple of your eye, except... TheGlassesGottaGo. And maybe you can get them some nicer clothes; that RummageSaleReject outfit belongs in the trash. They'll look great [[SheCleansUpNicely with a little work]], so it's perfectly OK for you to insist on TheMakeover, right?

IWantMyBelovedToBeFashionable is where falling in love kicks off a burning desire to change the beloved ([[WellIntentionedExtremist for the better!]]), usually by making them stand up straight and color-coordinate their wardrobe. It sometimes occurs as a result of UnderdressedForTheOccasion, and the subsequent embarrassment. TruthInTelevision.

The changer genuinely wants the best for their beloved, and this can have practical, important benefits -- for instance, a rich young lady wants to give her [[RichSuitorPoorSuitor poor boyfriend]] a wardrobe upgrade so that her [[ParentalMarriageVeto disapproving parents]] will see the same fine young man that ''she'' does. However, it may easily backfire if the change-ee feels that their sweetheart is revealing new depths of shallowness, and an unwillingness to accept the change-ee for who they are -- not to mention the sticker shock!

Opposite of the PygmalionPlot, where a burning desire to change someone results in falling in love. May still result in PygmalionSnapback if the beloved ''likes'' being a frump.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Manga/HanaYoriDango'': Rich jerk Tsukasa gets a crush on average girl Tsukushi and has her ''kidnapped'' for an impromptu makeover.
* ''Manga/ButterfliesFlowers'': Director Domoto harasses OfficeLady Choko into dressing more genteelly.
* Konoka in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' sometimes likes to do this to Setsuna. Pretty much the girls's entire wardrobe was selected by Konoka (she normally just [[SchoolUniformsAreTheNewBlack likes her school uniform]]).
* In ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'', Tamaki (and the twins) constantly attempt to get [[DeadpanSnarker Haruhi]] into pretty dresses. This is a rather odd example, since Haruhi is hardly unattractive... but [[{{Bifauxnen}} hardly attractive in the manner of most girls]].
* In ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'', Ruby tailors one of his spare outfits into one for Sapphire as a thank you gift for her for saving his life, not to mention that he's somewhat horrified that she normally wears a leaf bikini.
* ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'': While Sakura is by no means 'unattractive' (and only 10 years old), her [[SchoolgirlLesbians crushing]] best friend Tomoyo still feels the urge to stuff her into a new (lovingly hand-made) costume every episode and record her running around in it. Then re-watch the recordings. For hours. And she's visibly upset when she misses an opportunity to make Sakura try out a new outfit.
* George and Yukari's relationship in ''Manga/ParadiseKiss'' is all about this; he falls for her partly because she's exactly the kind of girl he wants to design clothes for.
* The first date between [[YasashiiSekaiNoTsukurikata Yuu and his student Haruka]] starts on a science note and ends up with Haruka picking clothes for Yuu.
--->'''Haruka''': Honestly, I've thought this for a while now, but your casual clothes are so lame!\\
'''Yuu''': But this is normal over in America...\\
'''Haruka''': Look, foreigners can get away with a T-shirt and jeans because they have the body for it, but Japanese people '''can't'''!\\
'''Yuu''': Ah... but...\\
* Non-romantic example in ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs'': Hayate Yagami is not impressed by her Guardian Knights' sense of fashion (which boils down to pure combat functionality) and designs new, colorful outfits for them that emphasize their beauty (for Signum and Shamal), cuteness (Vita), or handsomeness (Zafira). That she is a CosplayOtakuGirl with a mind of a dirty old man means that these outfits are {{fanservice}}-y as hell--but the Knights don't even realize that: to them, their new outfits are a symbol of the unexpected kindness their master deigned to show them, so Vita, at the very least, grows [[BerserkButton violently protective of hers]]. Incidentally, this act also serves as a catalyst for the Knights' gradual {{defrosting|TheIceQueen}}.
* In ''Manga/ShinozakisanKiWoOtaShikaNi'', [[TheFashionista Akina]] befriends [[{{Otaku}} Kaede]] to save her from her otaku lifestyle, finding that her cuteness is wasted on such a life.

* In ''ComicBook/UltimateSpiderMan'', Harry comments that M.J. should stop wearing glasses because she looks "way hot without them". M.J. counters that she looks "way hot ''with'' them". The reader's probably going to side with M.J., particularly the way David Lafluente draws her.
* One ''ComicBook/ElfQuest: New Blood'' story has Ahnshen, the weaver and tailor of the Sun Folk, wanting to give Moonshade a makeover. It's tied up with his idea that she should be a "gentle flower" rather than a "savage and frightening" huntress. Seeing her all dolled up is what convinces him he was wrong.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* Disney's ''Disney/OliverAndCompany'' ends with the literal RichBitch poodle Georgette accidentally scaring off the PluckyComicRelief[=/=]ChewToy Tito, who'd been hitting on her for the whole movie, with this trope.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/{{Geek Charming}}'', Dylan takes Josh shopping and gives him a makeover to make him popular like her.
* In ''Film/PatriotGames'', Jack Ryan's wife insists that he get some fancy suits when they visit England.
* In ''IrmaLaDouce'', Irma, a prostitute, wants to make sure Jack Lemmon, her new ''mec'' (a French word which in this context roughly translates as "pimp") wears the nicest clothes to show how much she loves him.
* [[InvertedTrope Inverted]] in ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'': James Bond and Vesper Lynd are upgrading each other's wardrobes before their relationship has gone very far past strictly professional.

* Mary Crawford, a RomanticFalseLead in ''Literature/MansfieldPark'', falls in love with Edmund Bertram but refuses to marry him unless she can get him to choose a more lucrative profession than the clergy. She can't.
* In Ovid's ''Literature/TheMetamorphoses'', Apollo falls for the nymph Daphne, who spends all her time running around in the woods, sees her loose hair, and immediately thinks, "What if it were pinned up?"
* Non-romantic example: In ''Literature/JeevesAndWooster'', Jeeves keeps Bertie's clothing within certain guidelines, sending back, giving away, or ''utterly destroying'' anything he doesn't like. Since Jeeves ''is'' Bertie's valet, this would seem natural, except that it's SeriousBusiness and leads to high levels of dramatic tension (PlayedForLaughs) between the two. If Bertie insists on wearing something Jeeves disapprove of, the latter's reactions range from frigid and distant to ''utterly heartbroken''.
* There's a form of this in ''Literature/ABrothersPrice''. A princess who fell in love with Jerin Whistler invites the Whistlers to go to court, where they find that absolutely staggering amounts of money are regularly sunk into the fancy outfits that people, particularly men, wear to various occasions. The royal family arranges a purse for them so they don't beggar themselves or appear to be poor, and gets them a tailor.
* In Creator/GeorgetteHeyer's ''Literature/PowderAndPatch'', the heroine rejects her childhood sweetheart because he isn't fashionable enough. This backfires on her when he goes abroad and comes back witty and fashionable, but also (seemingly) affected and heartless, and she realizes she liked him better before.
* Non-romantic example in ''{{Literature/Animorphs}}'', where Rachel (a terrifyingly efficient shopper and fashionista) often drags her best friend Cassie (who works with animals, and thus never wears anything that can't get dirty) to the mall to "dress [Cassie] up like her personal Barbie doll". In one case, [[ShipperOnDeck she does this to after informing Jake]] he ''will'' be taking Cassie to the school dance, causing Jake to lose his composure when he sees her afterwards.
--> 'He thinks I look dumpy,' I muttered to Rachel under my breath.\\
'Cassie, you are so hopeless. What you know about guys could fit on the head of a pin. Good grief. That is not a 'she looks dumpy' look. That's a 'whoa, she looks hot, but I better not show any reaction or she'll get offended' look.'"

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* The KoreanSeries ''Series/BoysBeforeFlowers'' shows us LonelyRichKid Jun Pyo giving OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Jan Di a complete wardrobe change for a weekend tropical trip.
* The RealityTV series ''Series/ExtremeMakeover'' is completely made of this trope, as is ''Series/HowDoILook''. The series ''Series/AmbushMakeover'' is more like "I want random strangers on the street to be fashionable".
* Pryia did this to Leonard in ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'', taking him shopping for better clothes and insisting TheGlassesGottaGo. Worth noting it was portrayed as a '''bad''' thing, ultimately leading to Pryia demanding changes such as removing Penny from his social circle. Penny herself has given Leonard fashion advice, but it's usually more in line with what (not) to wear to a formal event and good natured ribbing at the expense of his trademark hoody.
* ''Series/TheInbetweeners'' boasts a minor example; Simon's brief girlfriend Tara sees him not just as a boyfriend, but a fashion project. During a trip to the local shopping centre, she dresses him up in a ridiculous (yet somehow still fashionable) outfit.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Therese does this to Anthony in ''ComicStrip/ForBetterOrForWorse''. Fans were meant to hate Therese for that among other things. There are [[CreatorsPet reasons]] people might side with Therese instead.
* Liz, [[{{ComicStrip/Garfield}} Garfield's veterinarian]] and Jon's official girlfriend in recent years, has taken this upon herself in order to not have Jon cause a commotion wherever they go together on dates. It's not so much she wants him to be fashionable as not literally horrifically tacky. She's certainly got her work cut out for her.

* In the number "Take It Like a Man" of the musical version of ''Theatre/LegallyBlonde'', Elle Woods takes Emmett Forrest to a department store for a makeover so that he can look professional for the upcoming court case.
* ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'': When Galinda and Elphaba decide they can stand each other's guts after all, Galinda's first order of business is to bust out into the song, "Popular," and completely change the way her green friend looks and acts. Granted, this is a friendship-oriented example, but the amount of Les Yay between the two might allow it to qualify.
-->'''Elphaba:''' [[LampshadeHanging You really don't have to do that.]]
-->'''Galinda:''' I know. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint That's what makes me so nice.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* [[DeathByOriginStory Claire]] gave her fiance Hershel a [[NiceHat top hat]] for his new promotion as it marked his transition to a gentleman, and he needed to look the part. And so the world was blessed with Franchise/ProfessorLayton.

* Dorothy does this for/to Walky, in ''Webcomic/DumbingOfAge.'' She then reciprocates by saying he can buy her ''anything'' for her to wear... Cluelessly, he does ''not'' pick lingerie.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "Lisa's Date with Density," Lisa takes her crush Nelson Muntz shopping for spiffier clothing. "I feel like such a tool," he says, seeing himself in the mirror with a collared shirt and sweater vest.
* Non-romantic example: [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Rarity's]] interest in fashion and spirit of generosity means that she often tries to set her friends up with elaborate and fashionable costumes, most notably in her first encounter with Twilight Sparkle and when she realised her friends lacked fancy outfits for the gala they all had tickets to.