VideoGame/IWannaBeTheGuy has spawned a number of fangames.

* Created by Tijitdamijit and his friends. It is the most popular fangame to date, and has been submitted to Moddb.

'''I Wanna Be The GB'''
* Created by Ashimoto. Note: GB does not stand for Game Boy.

'''I Wanna Be The Tribute'''
* Created by Shaman666

* Created by Storyyeller. Unusually for fangames, it was written from scratch in C++, rather then using an engine such as Game Maker or [=MMF2=]. Due to the different engine and differing design philosophies, it contains a number of differences from most other fangames. It is also the only fangame designed to easily support {{Speedrun}}ing, with built in features including savestates, replays, and single frame advance.

'''I Wanna Be The Ultimatum'''
* Created by Matt and Kyle.

'''Fangame The Game'''
* Created by [=VertigoElectric=]. Notable for being the only major fangame to be created with [=MMF2=]. Also, [[EverythingIsTryingToKillYou the mouse kills you]]. Unfortunately, it's been in DevelopmentHell for a while. In addition, it isn't really a fangame, it's more like an "inspired by IWBTG" game according to [=VertigoElectric=].

'''I Wanna Be The Shrine Maiden'''
* Created by holy. Based on VideoGame/{{Touhou}}. Has a sequel.

'''The Dross Game 2'''
* Created by Rogelio Díaz, in a tribute of a venezuelan blogger named Angel David Revilla (WebOriginal/DrossRotzank). He writes the blog "El Diario de Dross", a very sadistic and black-humor diary in spanish language.

'''I Wanna See You Suffer'''
* Created by [=UltraJMan=], who started creating it following his hellish, rage-inducing run through ''VideoGame/IWannaBeTheFangame'', and it is [[UpToEleven far more sadistic than IWBTG or IWBTFG.]] Currently in its alpha stage, it starts you off on an agonizing descent through a spike tunnel that you will spend at least a few dozen tries getting through and it just gets worse from there. One only wonders what [=JMan=] was thinking when he made this. [[spoiler: He was getting {{Revenge}} on everyone who encouraged him to play IWBTFG.]]

* Created by Solgryn. Like Fangame, it was also created in [=MMF2=]. Contain gratuitous swearing, and lags horribly on some computers, but is quite fun otherwise. Also worthy of being one of the most visually stunning fangames out there.

'''I Wanna Be Myself'''
* Created by SirRouven. This game contains less cheap kills, [[EasyLevelsHardBosses but the bosses are even harder.]]

'''I Wanna Be The [[Franchise/MegaMan Rockman]]'''
* Created by Dakaarts. This game replaces The Kid with Mega Man and also borrows a lot of influences from his franchise. It doesn't have quite as many cheap tricks as most of the other fan games, but it's still pretty insane. It was unfortunately abandoned in 2013.

'''Tropes Common To Fangames in General'''
* CreatorBacklash: Tijit, creator of I Wanna Be The Engine, and Yosniper, creator of I Wanna Be The Better Engine, have deleted their engines and tried to have all postings of them removed or banned, due to the numerous crappy "fangames" being made with them.
* FanSequel: In play with any fan game with a length that matches the original game.
* FollowTheLeader: There are many, many lesser known fangames, especially since the release of Tijit's I Wanna Be The Engine.
* PlayableMenu: Of course, if the game doesn't throw ya into the first level straight away. Naturally, the menu CAN BE the first level.
** ''I Wanna Be The Better Er- Engine'' not only allows players to select difficulty on the first level. They also can remap the controls right there.
* SturgeonsLaw: Unfortunately, the engine makes it easy for people to attempt to create fangames, regardless of whether they actually have any skill. This even got to the point where the creators of said engines decided to remove them from the forums to stop the horrible fangames.
* TrollFic: VideoGame/IWannaBeTheGuy doesn't have troll fanfiction, but it does have troll ''fangames''. [[]] and [[]] are some of the more obvious examples, though theoretically, [[PoesLaw any of the horrible fangames could be secretly trolls]].