->''"The Lienid love their princes."''
-->-- ''Literature/{{Graceling}}''

There are rulers whom [[ZeroPercentApprovalRating everyone hates]]. There are [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen plain]] [[RoyallyScrewedUp old]] [[TheCaligula bad]] rulers. There are [[ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything useless]] rulers. Then there are characters such as TheHighQueen, TheGoodKing, TheWisePrince and those who do their job so well they have VetinariJobSecurity.

And then there are people with this.

Everyone ''loves'' them. They aren't just loyal. They aren't just grateful to have these rulers in charge. They actually care about their rulers on a personal level. A simple request -- not an order, but an appeal -- will get immediate results. They will be hugely honored when a favor is granted to them. Threatening or insulting their ruler triggers anger. If a ruler is sick or hurt, they'll worry like it's their own family. They follow wherever the rulers lead, but never forget that they're human. These rulers have a 100% Adoration Rating. They are almost always RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething and almost always ModestRoyalty.

Contrast ZeroPercentApprovalRating. An adventurer (not a ruler) treated this way has a HundredPercentHeroismRating. When the adoration is enforced by others, it's UnacceptableTargets.

Much like ZeroPercentApprovalRating, this trope is also impossible in RealLife, as even some of the most admired leaders (and puppies) will have some dissidents who oppose them for one reason or the other, whether said reason is trivial or not. It is, however, common in myths, 'official' histories, and propaganda. ''Claiming'' a Hundred Percent Approval Rating is common in the PeoplesRepublicOfTyranny.

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[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Prince Kail[[spoiler:, later King,]] and Yuri[[spoiler:, later Queen,]] of ''Manga/AnatoliaStory''/Red River. Notable in that Yuri gets this treatment without actually being royal at first, though her cover was as the prince's concubine and incarnated goddess.
* Anime/DanganRonpa3 has Chiaki Nanami. She is the teacher's favorite student and has been elected as ClassRep by unanimously. [[spoiler:Sadly, this ends up being played for drama when the Big Bad choose to kill her to drive the others students into despair.]]
* The titular ''Manga/NausicaaOfTheValleyOfTheWind''.
* In ''Manga/OnePiece'', there are two example of this.
** King Cobra and his family are normally treated this way in their home country, Alabasta, until Crocodile shows up.
** King of Dressrossa [[spoiler:Donquixote Doflamingo]] seems to be adored throughout the Kingdom. [[spoiler:And when the news that he 'abdicated' became public, the citizens went into mass panic.]] He remains popular even after that as the crowd in the Corrida Colosseum cheered and respected the laws his underlings proclaimed, and furiously glared at Franky for speaking ill of their king.
*** Of course this does a complete 180 when [[spoiler: Sugar is defeated causing everyone's memories to be restored]]. The country immediately erupts into war.
** The previous king, Riku Doldo III, even more so. A flashback shows that when an enemy tried to extort King Riku for a ridiculous amount of money, Riku [[spoiler:proceeded to beg his subjects to lend him all their money to pay it off]]. He had been forbidden from saying anything about the threat to his citizens or foreign powers, so he couldn't explain himself. Yet it's implied he [[spoiler:might well have succeeded had said enemy not proceeded to sabotage him]].
*** And then, after the war is over, it doesn't matter if the citizens are poor or if their country is vulnerable. [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming They still want him to be the king]].
* It was apparently the same for Arika in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', before [[spoiler:she was framed and scapegoated for the war and OmnicidalManiac terrorists]]. And even then, most of her people [[spoiler:don't believe a word of it.]] One of her former subjects (who is a JerkWithAHeartOfGold) even compared her to an angel.
* In ''LightNovel/KyoKaraMaoh'', to know [[AllLovingHero Yuuri is to love Yuuri]]. And once he starts [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething getting out there and doing things]], having met him is no longer a prerequisite. Thousands of years of racism can be eroded by his smile.
* Though she isn't the ruler (her father is the democratically-elected Chairman of the ruling council), Lacus Clyne of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSeed'' and ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSeedDestiny'' is held in this regard by ZAFT. She is held up as a paragon of kindness and gentleness (which, honestly, she [[AllLovingHero kind of is]]), and a few words from her are enough to calm the population down from sheer panic and rage over the Earth attacking them with nukes. [[spoiler:She actually does end up taking control of ZAFT following the Second Bloody Valentine War, gaining her father's old position as Chairperson of the Supreme Council.]]
* Alexander the Great in ''LightNovel/FateZero''. Mind you, he's ''not'' a moral character by modern standards, but his subjects sure love him and would fight by his side, [[CavalryOfTheDead even beyond death]].
** Not just his subjects: the one named member of his army is [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mithrenes Mithrenes]], a ''former enemy''[[note]]As the son of the satrap of Armenia, Mithrenes was a Persian subject and the commander of Sardis' garrison. After Alexander won the Battle of the Granicus against the armies of the local satraps, Mithrenes surrendered the city, and by the time of the decisive Battle of Gaugamela was a full member of Alexander's army, fighting against his own father.[[/note]], and his Master in the Grail War, Waver Velvet, ends up declaring himself his retainer, and [[spoiler:it's implied ''he'' is in Alexander's army of the dead as well (one of the depicted soldiers looks suspiciously similar to Waver's 10-years-older self, with his clothes also suspiciously resembling a modern-day business suit)]].
* Princess Sakura from ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'', it only takes her to mention she likes apples for her to be presented with a bunch of them next time she's in town. This also extends to most people she meets in her travels.
* In ''Franchise/SailorMoon'', Neo-Queen Serenity is this in Crystal Tokyo. She took the position of queen of the world at the insistence of most of the population of Earth and proceeded to usher in an era of unparalleled peace and prosperity.
* Both Atem and his father seem to have this in ''Manga/YuGiOh'' - the former for defeating Zorc, being the 'chosen Pharaoh' and continuing his father's dream of peace, and the latter for carrying what seemed to be a long, stable reign. Any flashbacks with Atem's father show crowds greeting him with cheering. The manga doesn't show Atem himself addressing great crowds, but the mook guards and his court are all fiercely loyal to him, and the same contingent of guards all cheer when hearing the Pharaoh survived a battle with Bakura, and again when he initially defeats Bakura's Diabound. It's assumed this passes on to Seto when he inherits the throne.
* In ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'', Fuhrer King Bradley may be a military dictator, but it's clear throughout the series that his people hold him in very high regard. Late in the manga, when it is announced that he has possibly been killed in action, the populace's response isn't "Hooray, the dictator's dead!" but "OhCrap! What'll we do!? How can we continue?" At the very end: [[spoiler:the heroes realize that exposing Bradley's crimes against Amestris and his leading role in a GovernmentConspiracy would just lead to massive unrest, so they claim that he was an innocent victim, and died a heroic death fighting against the conspirators.]]
* In ''Anime/RegaliaTheThreeSacredStars'', Empress Yuinshiel Asteria is beloved by her subjects. Being a cute girl probably helps.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In Franchise/TheDCU, pretty much everyone who isn't a supervillain loves the heroes of their city, and some of the villains respect the heroes. Neither story line elements nor executive mandates can ever truly change it.
** Metropolis loves Franchise/{{Superman}}, and [[AllLovingHero he loves them right back]]. If anyone is in trouble anywhere, they can have confidence that Superman will save them, because you can bet he will. He's not the BigGood of The DCU for no reason. There are criminals who'll willingly give themselves up to Superman without a run or a fight, and appreciate the lack of punching to the face.
** Franchise/{{Batman}} has the ordinary citizens of Gotham City rallying to his cause, causing crime to continuously drop, even when he's not there. Supervillains like ComicBook/TheJoker have exploited this before, but that doesn't stop it from happening. Though compared to the rest of the DC universe he is much more willing, often, and sometimes seeking out, and being a HeroWithBadPublicity.
** Franchise/TheFlash, arguably, has it the best of all of them, though. Wally West was seen as a working man's hero, not as high above everyone as Superman, not as dark and brooding as Batman. The public identity helped. Heck, ''all'' the Flashes were loved, as Central City built a Flash Museum! Even funnier? Even most of the the RoguesGallery that The Flash family do battle with at least ''respect'' the Flashes, sometimes to the point of FriendlyEnemy.
** Franchise/GreenLantern Hal Jordan can request people to leave his city: they'll just rally the city in a green display in support of him amidst a Sinestro Corps invasion.
** Wonder Woman may rarely have a city to call her own, but wherever she ends up for long enough she will always find herself loved by those around her.
* Charma, a DC character, sorta fits both this trope (if you are male) and it's [[ZeroPercentApprovalRating opposite]] (if you are a female).
* In the ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse Reginella, queen of the planet Pacificus, is literally adored by her subjects, even the three villainous ones (one of which [[GreenEyedMonster was simply jealous of Donald]]). This actually backfires, as when [[spoiler:the First Councillor Orbiton and the Second Cerusic decide to stage a coup]] nobody saw it coming.
* Comicbook/CaptainAmerica is almost universally beloved in the Marvel Verse. To many, he is ''the'' superhero. This is deconstructed when [[spoiler:he is turned into a HYDRA agent by a RealityWarper. His fascist self takes advantage of his reputation to manipulate the American government into giving him power. The events of Comicbook/SecretEmpire ultimately result in HYDRA Cap tarnishing Steve Roger's reputation, meaning he no longer has a one-hundred percent adoration rating. Steve realized this when a child he tried to help in the aftermath of the event was too scared of him to take his hand. Steve is actually somewhat ''relieved'' the people no longer unconditionally trust him. He has wanted them to stop blindly trusting authority figures and heroes all along, because he is all too aware that can lead to fascism.]]

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''[[FanFic/EquestriaAHistoryRevealed Equestria: A History Revealed]],'' apparently Celestia had this up the wazoo during the Classical period. There was so much universal praise for her that it caused the LemonyNarrator to replace sections of her essay with [[PlayedForLaughs her own haikus]], just because she had enough of referencing the pro-Celestia sources.
** Of course, in actuality, if the references are to be taken at face-value, the Celestia propaganda was absurd within itself, with praise such as "[[MemeticMutation Celestia is love, Celestia is life]]."
* In ''FanFic/TheFledglingYear'', this is [[AvertedTrope averted]], even though in the [[Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia original canon]] everyone seemed to love King Lune and the royal family. A large portion of this fanfic’s plot revolves around a [[TheConspiracy conspiracy]] to kill them off and put a distant cousin on the throne.
* Baron Beltorey in ''FanFic/TheTaintedGrimoire'' is loved by his people in Grazton.
* In ''FanFic/{{Revelations}}'', Túrante enjoys this. She is Queen to about 300 blood elves. In chapter 18/19, when Túrante returns to her city, every blood elf, without exception, volunteers to follow Túrante to war. In chapter 21/22, when Túrante needs volunteers for a dangerous mission, the whole crowd offer themselves.
--> ''Once again her own people shocked her and she had to smile inwardly at herself... and it was hard to control her emotions, the loyalty and dedication of her people was stronger than she had thought possible...''
* One of the villains of the Fanfic/ElementalChessTrilogy notes, in ''The Game of Three Generals'', that Riza has this standing with the people of Central City because they feel so terrible about her situation. [[spoiler:She's pregnant, her only living relative has been murdered, and her husband has been accused of the crime.]] Even he himself somewhat pities her, since he actually kind of likes her.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* Most Franchise/{{Disney Princess}}es who actually ''are'' princesses.
** Invoked by name during Princess Aurora's proclamation day, when the fairies are giving her their blessings. Maleficent states that "the princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her." If nothing else, it proves true with regard to the woodland creatures, who are devoted to her as she grows up.
** It's most pronounced at the beginning of ''Disney/{{Tangled}}''. When the pregnant Queen is sick and dying, her husband, the guards, and damn near ''the entire civilian population'' set out to the mainland to search for the magic flower that can save her. Subsequently, their daughter, Rapunzel, a bright ray of sunshine in every sense of the word, is equally beloved and revered by everyone she meets, [[spoiler:and she's just as popular as her parents when she is finally freed from Mother Gothel and reclaims her birthright]].
** In ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'', once Elsa returns to Arendelle to resume her duties as the queen, everyone in the kingdom seem to adore her and looked up to her despite, or perhaps because of her ice powers. This is clearly shown in the sequels and other extended materials where they follow her commands to a t without any hints of objections or hesitance from them.
* Jack Skellington in ''WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas'' is the Pumpkin King and official leader of Halloween Town - his citizens ''love'' him. While he seems to find their adoration a bit smothering at times, he clearly reciprocates as he immediately tries to share the wonders of Christmas Town with them. The only person in Halloween Town who doesn't like Jack is the BigBad.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Padmé Amidala in the ''Franchise/StarWars'' prequels. "Queen of Naboo" is an elected position and her constituents tried to change their laws to allow her to serve beyond the accepted number of years in her terms. Padmé declined, which probably made them love her even more. {{Justified|Trope}} in that she was a war hero and in RealLife, they always do well politically after the war.
* In ''Film/IMarriedAWitch'', titular witch Jennifer is in love with Wallace Wooley, a candidate for governor. She uses her magic powers to make ''everyone in the state'' vote for him. He is horrified.
-->'''Wally:''' What if she runs me for President?
* In ''Film/{{Maleficent}}'', Maleficent says, before her curse, that Aurora shall grow up "beloved by all who meet her". There are fan theories that she fell victim to her own curse. Aurora is clearly shown to be universally beloved in the fairy realm, and implied to have seamlessly taken over the human kingdom for her father.
* In ''Film/{{Pixels}}'', after President Cooper proves to be capable of handling the AlienInvasion, everybody loves him and his team of "Arcaders"--quite a shift from having ZeroPercentApprovalRating just three days before.
* In the comedy film ''Welcome to Mooseport'', former U.S. President Monroe "Eagle" Cole left office with an 85% approval rating and is repeatedly referred to (usually by himself or his staff) as "the most popular President in history". However since it's not a complete 100%, he does meet a few of those 15% people that don't like him. And even so, his popularity is not enough to give him a guaranteed victory when he runs for Mayor of the titular town against his plumber Harold "Handy" Harrison. This may be because Cole had just recently moved to town whereas Handy has lived there his whole life and is known by everyone and liked by almost everyone himself. HilarityEnsues as they each try to gain an edge over each other in the election, and win over Handy's longtime girlfriend.
** When trying to persuade Cole to run, one of the town leaders says that Mooseport's previous Mayor, who had just died, was a beloved person too and had always run unopposed.

* All the ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' after the war, but Jake becomes a legendary figure verging on superhuman.
* The Lienid in Kristin Cashore's ''Literature/{{Graceling}}'' tend to feel this way about their princes, as the page quote indicates -- a sea captain is explicitly described as worrying about one such prince "as if it were a member of her family". King Leck of Monsea is beloved by his people. And so kind to children and animals. [[spoiler:[[CompellingVoice His mind control powers help, though]].]]
* ''Literature/CavendonHall'': The Inghams, especially the father. The father, Charles, is clearly beloved by everyone in all of his villages, to the point where the staff have no idea who could have raped Daphne and set the stable on fire. Dulcie and Daphne also seem to be particularly loved by at least the rest of the family and the staff, though it's hard to tell how far that extends beyond the family.
* In ''Masques'', Geoffrey ae'Magi has this. People who have never even seen him immediately try to strangle their own friends if those friends say something negative about the ae'Magi. [[spoiler: He achieved this by enchanting everyone, and is, in fact, the BigBad]]
* ''Literature/ThePrincessBride'': Princess Buttercup is described in this way on the day her engagement to Prince Humperdinck is announced. Her beauty is so overwhelming that "the majority [of the crowd] adored her instantly." Later, her popularity increases after she is safely returned from having been kidnapped.
* In the ''Literature/PreludeToDune'' prequels, the Atreides are portrayed like this on Caladan. It is implied that this has been the case for generations.
* The short story ''American History'' portrays UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy as regarded this way.
* Literature/{{Discworld}} series: Captain Carrot of the City Watch exudes some kind of charisma field (bags of it) that causes everyone to like him, and actually behave like decent and kind people. The worst-kept secret in Ankh-Morpork is that he's the rightful heir to the throne--not that this matters, because he firmly believes the city needs a king "like a fish needs a... er... a thing that doesn't work underwater."
* In ''Literature/TheSecretOfPlatform13'', the Queen and King of the secret island are loved by everyone, even the most vile monsters. When the little prince is kidnapped, more or less everyone volunteers for a rescue mission.
* Aragorn at the end of ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings''.
* Richard in the ''Literature/SwordOfTruth'', at least among the D'Harans.
* ''Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian'': In "A Witch Shall Be Born", Tamaris. Making the FakeKing gambit by her EvilTwin sister, TheCaligula, that much more shocking.
-->''Taramis, whom all Khauran loves, betraying her people to that devil from Koth! ''
* ''Literature/TheNeverendingStory'': The Childlike Empress. Every inhabitant of Fantastica from the kindly talking donkeys to the terrifying malevolent giant spiders is aware of her status as the BarrierMaiden and gives her the utmost respect.
* King Håkon the Good of Norway in ''Literature/{{Heimskringla}}''. He is so popular that, when he is killed in battle against the sons of Erik Bloodaxe, not only his subjects but even the Erikssons cry for him: “Both friends and foes wept over his death and said that never again would such a good king come to Norway.”
* In ''Literature/OurDumbWorld'', Queen Rania of Jordan is portrayed as this. Heck, the ''entire page'' on Jordan is basically an adoringly written biography of her.
* In ''Literature/DeltoraQuest'', after [[spoiler: King Lief]] saves Deltora 'twice', his people love him. When he asks them to send him their thoughts, they reply "Our thoughts? We would give you our lives!" Pretty much every Deltoran who isn't working for the Shadow Lord agrees. [[spoiler: Of course, then there are the Capricons and the Masked Ones...]]
* ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'': Everybody loves the Big Brother, except for the certifiably insane, and even those can successfully overcome their oddity after a treatment in the Ministry of Love.
* The four Pevensie children, during their reign over [[Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia Narnia]], are universally beloved by their people for having ushered in a golden era of peace and prosperity for the once-embattled kingdom.
** Narnian royalty in general tends to be this. They're pretty much all described as being [[ModestRoyalty modest]] and [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething willing to do what they must to protect the land]]. [[spoiler:Even when the last king of Narnia is overthrown, it's only done out of fear of Aslan's wrath - not because the animals don't love him.]]
* Queen Ehlana is said to have this in ''Literature/TheElenium'' and its sequel series ''Literature/TheTamuli'' by virtue of her intelligence, her kindness, and [[spoiler:being willing to avoid the incest that plagued the previous generation of royals]].
* Queen Mallow, of ''Literature/TheGirlWhoCircumnavigatedFairylandInAShipOfHerOwnMaking'', was beloved throughout Fairyland. When she was overthrown and imprisoned by [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen the Marquess]], everyone went into mourning and held tight to the hope that she was still alive somewhere. [[spoiler:Sadly, as it turns out, Mallow and the Marquess are one and the same...]]
* In ''Literature/{{Elantris}},'' Raoden gains this status inside of Elantris by the end of the story, which is fairly reasonable given that he turned the suffering wretches of the city into happy, functioning people, protected them from the three warlords, and eventually [[spoiler: restored them]].
* The Starks in ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' have this; the people of the North are very loyal to them, and declare war on the Lannisters for Ned's death. After [[spoiler: Robb is killed in the Red Wedding by the Freys and Boltons]], several Northern houses are planning to turn against them both by siding with Stannis, and place a Stark, any Stark left, as liege lord again. Even the mountain clans side with Stannis to avenge the Starks.
** King Jaehaerys Targaryen in the past. Even Dorne mourned him.
* In ''Literature/PerlooTheBold'', Just about everybody loves Jolaine. Even the cooks are personally concerned about her during her last illness.
* The novelization of ''Literature/RevengeOfTheSith'' makes clear that Chancellor Palpatine has the whole Republic wound around his finger, preparatory to converting it into TheEmpire to enthusiastic approval.
--> Palpatine of Naboo, the most admired man in the galaxy [...] is more than respected. He is loved.
* In ''Literature/TheWitchlands'', Prince Merik is absolutely beloved by his subjects in the south of Nubrevna, to the point that when he arrives in a small village without a prior warning, the people in it throw an impromptu party and it takes him a long time just to walk down the main street because everyone wants to chat with him and shake his hand.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** Renly Baratheon is ''so'' popular among the Stormlanders that they ''all'' swear fealty to him instead of Stannis, even though the bannermen are technically committing treason. (Although Renly is the Lord of Storm's End--and therefore the liege lord of the Stormlands--Stannis as the eldest surviving male member of the family is now the head of House Baratheon, and Renly is duty-bound to obey him.) [[spoiler:After Renly's sudden demise, Davos reports to Stannis that all the men grieve for his younger brother.]]
** Margaery Tyrell pretty much establishes this in King's Landing as she lines up to become first Joffrey's, then Tommen's wife and quickly becomes a FriendToAllChildren and others in need, effectively becoming Game of Thrones' equivalent to the Duchess of Cambridge.
** The Starks are highly popular with their vassals and smallfolk, especially Ned Stark whose name even compels respect from the likes of Robett Glover, embittered by Robb Stark's ShockingDefeatLegacy. This is almost certainly why Stannis tries to win Ned Stark’s bastard son, Jon Snow to his campaign to win the North. In exchange for Jon leaving the Night's Watch and bending the knee to him, Stannis makes Jon an offer of legitimization and lordship of Winterfell but Jon declines out of his Stark sense of duty.
* Subverted in the ''Series/{{Blackadder}} Back and Forth'' special. It ends with 21st Century!Blackadder as the King of England, so wildly popular that he was able to disband Parliament and make himself an absolute monarch... because he stole Baldrick's time machine and [[MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight manipulated history]] to put himself on the throne.
* Like the ''Literature/SwordOfTruth'' example above, Richard in ''Series/LegendOfTheSeeker'' gains such approval in an AlternateTimeline caused by Cara never becoming a Mord'Sith and stopping him from using the Boxes of Orden. His closest advisor is [[BigBad Darken Rahl]], his older brother (father in novels) and enemy. Of course, the [[TheDevil Keeper]] has to go and break the boxes, returning control of D'Hara to Rahl.
* Ted from ''Series/BetterOffTed'' is adored by all of his workers who will do virtually anything to curry his favor. Even his IceQueen boss Veronica adores him.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'': This is one of the goals Solar exalts strive for. [[MessianicArchetype Some of them achieved it the honest way]], [[GettingSmiliesPaintedOnYourSoul others... not so much.]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' actually has a form of this in the Imperium of Man. If only because less than devout worship of the Emperor tends to result is fates worse than death at the hands of the Inquistion if lucky, and Chaos or worse if not.
** For a specific character: [[AngelicBeauty Sanguinius]], Primarch of the Blood Angels Legion. Sanguinius was probably the single-most adored Primarch, even above Horus. He was considered a trusted ally by virtually all of his brothers and was well known for his ability to smooth out disputes between them. Horus suggested Sanguinius should have been Warmaster instead of him, and Roboute Guilliman indicated he should be named Emperor of the Imperium should anything happen to the ''actual'' Emperor.


[[folder:Video Games]]
* If the player chooses the Paragon ending for ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'', they will have this from most people in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''. Your friends (with one notable exception based on them being LockedOutOfTheLoop by another character's sudden bout of PoorCommunicationKills) will go to hell and back for you, will quit their jobs and affiliate with a terrorist organization to work for you (or, contrarily, will actually quit their jobs ''with'' a terrorist organization to follow along when you tell them where to stick it), and you'll even see a turian shop owner seriously stating that he would name his first-born child after [[PlayerCharacter Shepard]] if they asked. In fact, only Udina and the turian Councilor seem to have a low opinion of you.
** Though Hackett tells Shepard that they will have to make a ZeroApprovalGambit after they were forced to destroy a mass relay which went supernova and killed over 300,000 batarians, in order to avert war between humanity and the batarians.
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss''
** Princess Natalia. When she and the rest of the group are being pursued by the king's guards, normal civilians [[YouShallNotPass stand in the way to stop them in order to protect their princess]], even though Natalia protests, pointing out that [[spoiler:she's not the real princess]], but the citizens reply that they don't care about [[spoiler:her false title of royalty]], they care about how kind and helpful she was as a leader.
** Emperor Peony has this too, as seen by talking to every NPC in Grand Chokmah. Even when the world is literally falling apart around them, they all trust that he has things in hand and will do what's best for everyone.
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfGraces'' has this in the case of Richard, though only during ''Lineage and Legacies.'' Hubert and Malik suggest he might even be more well-liked in Strahta and Fendel ''than the current leaders of Strahta and Fendel.'' Note that both Strahta and Fendel's leaders are implied to be elected, while Windor is a monarchy, and Richard took the throne [[spoiler: by murdering his (admittedly corrupt and evil) uncle.]]. Also keep in mind that Fendel in particular had been at war with Windor for several years previous to this, and that Richard recently spent a good amount of time [[spoiler: possessed by a demon from space, flying around on Nova monsters, absorbing all the eleth from the valkines, [[{{Narm}} screaming his head off]] [[MemeticMutation about his friends,]] and cackling while stabbing anything that got in his way.]] And now he's popular enough to have his own line of keychains and fruit snacks...
* ''VideoGame/BatenKaitos'':
** Melodia is the single most beloved figure in the world. [[spoiler:She's playing ZeroPercentApprovalRating Geldoblame like a fiddle, of course.]]
** To the citizens of Alfard, Geldoblame gets this reaction. It helps that he's deliberately cultivated strong civil pride.
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'': Princess Peach is beloved on a personal level by all of her subjects.
** Except for the Goombas, who defected to Bowser in the original storyline (though not all of them, as some [=RPGs=] reveal that there are benevolent Goombas).
*** And on that note, Bowser himself in the eyes of his minions, DependingOnTheWriter. Some of the earlier [=RPGs=] showed him ruling by fear and having his troops desert, while newer material shows they follow him just as loyally as Peach's subjects do her.
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'': [[LegacyCharacter each]] Princess Zelda is loved by everyone, or at least everyone shown. There's been exactly one non-villain in the entire series who didn't like her and she eventually came around. (And depending on [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation your interpretation of Ganon/dorf]], even ''he'' does.)
* ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}}'': "We Love the King Day." They sure do; they pay their city's upkeep out of their own pockets for a whole year.
** In ''Civilization V'', they celebrate with increased population growth. Yes, they love their ruler so much they copulate for him/her.
* ''VideoGame/{{Stronghold}}'': Building nice structures, feeding your people with a variety of foods, building churches and making sure the ale houses are built will make you beloved, how the nice structures will make your people work slower at the exchange for an army that will defend their home at all costs.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}}'' and subsequently ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', there was a prince who was adored by his subjects. He enjoyed talking and hanging out with the common populace and when he was serving in the army he always got to know his companions and knew to take care of them. [[FaceHeelTurn His name was]] [[BigBad Arthas]].
* Gulcasa in ''VideoGame/YggdraUnion'', although you don't find out until the last third of the game (the heroes resent him for [[AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs various]] [[YouKilledMyFather reasons]] and assume that everyone else must, too). As he has spent the past three years sweating blood to repair the damage his negligent predecessor did to his country, suffered just as much as his citizens under said predecessor, and is [[BrokenHero pitifully nice to boot]], the Bronquian civilians' abject adoration is a bit understandable.
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuestV'', TheHero is revealed to be the prince of Gotha (and later the king.) For the rest of the game, people in that small kingdom loves him and the innkeeper will let his party stay in her inn for free despite that [[spoiler:after he takes the crown, he goes rescuing his wife, goes missing, and is unable to do his job as a king for ten years]]. Maybe it's something to do with him being a son of a very good king and him [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething being very heroic.]]
* In ''VideoGame/TheSimsMedieval'' you can turn your Monarch into one of these by answering Petitions (for your own populace) and passing Edicts (for annexed territories.) There's even an achievement for it. Sadly, there are few actual gameplay benefits, so you can ''also'' have a very unpopular monarch with no consequences.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Tropico}}'', you can be the El Presidente everyone honestly loves. Keep your citizens well-fed, raise wages, lower taxes, give people access to religion, healthcare, and entertainment; and don't forget to erect landmarks (some of which can be dedicated to you, but if you're really nice, it's justified). Even those who have already joined the rebel will return to citizenship!
* Players in ''VideoGame/RuneScape'' can get this in the kingdom they help manage, simply by helping their subjects do their jobs. Maintaining the 100% approval rating is the way to gain the most resources in payment for managing the kingdom.
* King Ludwig as he was depicted in the ''VideoGame/GabrielKnight'' games. When the final part of his ThanatosGambit fails and he is carted off to prison, he entrusts the final piece of ThePlan to a local woman, having enough faith that his loyal subject will fulfill his final request - and she does.
* ''VideoGame/GalacticCivilizations'': you can actually achieve this. With careful structuring and a lot of VR centres, you can even manage it ''while taking three-quarters of your subjects' income''.
* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'', depending on how you choose to play the Warden, you can achieve this with any or all of your nine potential companions. The right combination of gifts, dialogue options, and morality choices can lead to this result. Of course, since four of your companions are also possible {{Love Interest}}s, this can additionally lead to some TriangRelations, even unintentionally.
** This then lends itself to the royalty aspect of the trope, as it is possible for the Human Noble Warden to become [[spoiler: King-Consort of Ferelden (by marrying the widowed Queen Anora) or Queen (by marrying the HiddenBackupPrince Alistair). In the latter case, the epilogue notes that the royal couple become extremely popular, in part because the people can see how very HappilyMarried they are]].
** If a hardened [[spoiler:Alistair]] rules together with Anora, they make such a good couple that the people eventually consider the chaos of the civil war and the Landsmeet worth it for delivering such beloved monarchs.
* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', Mage![[PlayerCharacter Hawke]], though technically an illegal apostate mage, is essentially beyond the Templars' reach after ending the Qunari siege on the city of Kirkwall at the end of Act 2 and gaining the entire city's adoration. Warrior and Rogue Hawke fall under this trope as well and for the same reason, but they're merely de facto political rivals to Knight-Commander Meredith, instead of additionally being technically illegal by merely existing outside Templar control.
* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'', it's not possible for the Inquisition itself to reach this trope (although they come darn close) simply because they have so much power that they're somewhat terrifying. The Inquisitor him/herself, however, is this for the members of the Inquisition, who are incredibly loyal and are willing to march to their own deaths to support their leader. It takes a bit of hard work to achieve this with all of the companions, many of whom have very opposing viewpoints, but it can be done.
* Amusingly, former BigBad Lord Dearche of the ''VideoGame/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAsPortable'' games is mentioned in the [[AudioAdaptation Sound Stages]] to have gained one [[spoiler:in Eltria]] after the events of ''The Gears of Destiny''. The fact that her idea of conquering [[spoiler:Eltria]] involves using her nigh-unlimited powers to [[spoiler:perform an extensive terra-forming project to rejuvenate the dying planet]] may have had something to do with it. Being a CardCarryingVillain, reminding her of this is one of the easiest ways to earn her ire.
* ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing: New Leaf'' [[EnforcedTrope actually requires you]] to have a 100% adoration rating before you can start doing any work as a mayor proper.
* Viciously [[DeconstructedTrope deconstructed]] in the backstory of ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius''. Apostle Misaha is said to have been more loved than any Apostle before her. The common citizenry loved her so much that the moment they had someone to blame for her assassination, they committed genocide in her name.
* Tandi of the ''Franchise/{{Fallout}}'' series was made president of the NCR after the death of her father Aradesh. She was such a popular president that she was continually re-elected until her death. In ''Videogame/FalloutNewVegas'' however, Caesar notes that this technically makes her a dictator in his eyes.
* Hancock in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}'' is the "mayor" of [[WretchedHive Goodneighbor]], a position he earned by killing the previous tyrannical slumlord after taking the clothes and namesake of the historical John Hancock. Most of the citizenry of Goodneighbor adore him for his charisma and relaxed, down-to-earth nature. Those who don't, as Bobbi No-Nose describes, are typically too scared to say anything about it.
* In ''VideoGame/AWitchsTale'', Queen Alice is adored and revered by all of her subjects, especially Liddell.
* ''{{VideoGame/Pharaoh}}'': The Kingdom rating measures how popular you are outside your city, if maxed out [[UndyingLoyalty all of Egypt wants to serve you in the afterlife]], while the citizens worship you as a god.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', Asgore has earned the love of all of his subjects due to his benevolent rule and approachable personality. [[spoiler:The only monster who hates him is his ex-wife Toriel, who viciously disagreed with his actions following the death of their two children.]]
* In the ''VideoGame/TotalWar'' series, among the many other advantages it brings (increases to command, influence, troop morale, popularity, protection from assassination...), your Faction Leader having traits that fit this trope will greatly reduce unrest and the probability of revolt across your empire. Even conquered provinces who resent being under the heel of a foreign faction are somewhat soothed by knowing that at least their conquerors have a reputation for valor, fairness, and honesty. The same is also true for any Generals you have situated as governors within the province they are governing.
* In ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' series, Tiber Septim, the [[FounderOfTheKingdom founder]] of the Third Tamriellic Empire who [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence ascended after his death]] as [[DeityOfHumanOrigin Talos]], the Ninth Divine, has this among the races of Men, especially the Imperials and Nords. He's remembered as a great hero of mankind, the unificator of Tamriel, and as the ideal all men should aspire to become.
* Played with in ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear''. At the end of ''Revelator 2'', Dizzy has become universally beloved by the people of Illyria due to her actions during the previous game, with them calling for her to be made queen (unaware that she already was due to her SecretRelationship with [[TheGoodKing Ky]]).

* The musical ''Evita'' tells the story of Eva Peron, beloved wife of Argentinian president Juan Peron. Both were presented as popular among the people, but she in particular was greatly adored and eventually given the title of "spiritual leader of Argentina".
* Implied and also parodied in ''Theatre/ThePiratesofPenzance''--when asked to surrender "in the name of the queen", the pirates do so, no questions asked (and keep in mind that this is how the entireconflict of the play is resolved). Both a DeusExMachina and a deliberate lampooning of Victorianism.
* Abuela Claudia in ''Theater/InTheHeights'', Washington Heights Matriarch. [[spoiler: When she dies, the entire barrio gathers and holds vigil for her, with Kevin asking his cab drivers to roll down the windows and drive slow in her honor]]

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' the Old Heterodynes somehow managed to combine this trope with being Evil {{Mad Scientist}}s, at least inside Mechanicsburg.
** They were beloved in their own city, but had ZeroPercentApprovalRating elsewhere, because of how evil and destructive they were. Barry and Bill redeemed their family's name with their heroics and were hailed as the greatest heroes of their generation, resulting in this trope.
* In ''Webcomic/{{SSDD}}'' Collective of Anarchist States First Advisor Laura Black achieved a [[http://www.poisonedminds.com/d/20080314.html 96% approval rating]] after nuking Texas, the highest since the CAS's founder (and that poll was restricted to those who hadn't actually met him). It scared her into fleeing the country, seeing how there was now nowhere to go but down.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'':
** Princess Celestia gets so much respect that the moment she shows up, even [[{{Pride}} Rainbow]] [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Dash]] and [[GenkiGirl Pinkie]] [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Pie]] genuflected in silent reverence - while [[TheHero Twilight]] [[MagicKnight Sparkle]], the only one who had personal familiarity with her, went for a hug. Might have something to do with her being a {{physical god}}dess. Later episodes though show that many of her subjects are a little intimidated by her, and frequently fuss about making a good impression (always needlessly), and that Twilight has SuperOCD about never letting her down EVER. Celestia herself is always a bit perturbed by this, preferring to know her subjects more personally.
** Surprisingly enough, the comics show that Queen Chrysalis is quite popular with the changelings. [[spoiler:She ends up [[ZeroPercentApprovalRating becoming hated]] by the changelings in the Season 6 finale, when her true intentions have been revealed and she had been deliberately starving them just to gain more power.]]
** Princess Luna initially feared that she had a ZeroPercentApprovalRating, causing her to turn into Nightmare Moon and attempt to invoke TheNightThatNeverEnds before she was stopped. After changing back, she seems to have gotten back in everypony's good graces, [[FriendToAllChildren especially with kids]]. [[DreamWalker Protecting them from having nightmares]] may have something to do with that.
** With some notable exceptions, now-Princess Twilight is incredibly beloved by the general population. One episode even stated that opinion polls listed her as Equestria's favorite princess. Like Celestia before her, Twilight is a little put out by this, since she'd rather deal with people on a personal level.
* In ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'', ''{{ComicBook/Darkseid}}'' is revered by all of his subjects. When Superman beats him to a pulp and throws him to the downtrodden Lowlies, they immediately try to find medical attention for him.
--> '''Darkseid''': I am many things, Kal-El, but here, '''''I am God.'''''
** The Flash (Wally West) in ''{{WesternAnimation/Justice League}}'' in his town of Central City. He knows more then a few citizens by name and they all love him back.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'', Princess Bubblegum was unquestionably adored by all of her subjects for quite a long time, possibly because she had personally created every Candy Kingdom citizen. No matter what choice she made, all of the Candy People praised and loved her. However, as the series progressed, [[spoiler: she began growing more totalitarian and controlling, a result of her near-death from the Lich. Even then, it was all done to protect her subjects from the dangers of Ooo. Unfortunately, this (along with the Candy People's idiocy) was what eld to them electing the so-called King of Ooo to rule over them. However, the Candy people soon suffer the consequences of electing a lying incompetant buffoon into power and eventually he's run out. Furthermore, prior episodes have PB ease up on her ControlFreak tendencies. She ends up back on the monarchy.]]
* Optimus Prime is this beloved by the Autobots in most versions of ''{{Transformers}}'' where he is the leader of all Autobots (as opposed to just the main team, like in Beast Wars and Animated.) Notable exceptions include the comic version of G1 Grimlock, who feels Prime isn't strong enough (read: isn't a BloodKnight like Grimmy and believes smashing stuff doesn't solve everything.) and many {{Redshirt}} Autobots in ''Armada'' (a moment of realism about it being war: instead of just going along with the new situation, it was "you mean we suffered heavy losses to to the 'cons taking this territory, and now we're gonna ''walk away from it and work with the 'cons'' to fight some fairy tale bogeyman called '[[GodOfEvil Unicron]]'?")
* King Gregor and his daughter, Princess Calla, are deeply loved by the residents of Dunwyn, in Creator/{{Disney}}'s ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGummiBears''.