A short story by RaymondSmullyan based on demonstrating unusual versions of KnightsAndKnaves. Two travellers visit a sorcerer on an island where everyone either always tells the truth or always lies. The sorcerer tells them a story, supposedly from [[Literature/ArabianNights The Thousand And One Nights]], of a man attempting to get a king's permission to marry his unmarried daughter by solving various puzzles set by the king involving his two daughters, one of whom never lies and the other of whom never tells the truth.

'''This work contains examples of:'''

* AnAesop (The sorcerer states that the moral of the story he tells is "not to rely on general principles and routine mechanical methods")
* CuttingTheKnot (Kazir [[spoiler: and Amelia elope]])
* FramingStory (The sorcerer on the island)
* GenreSavvy (Many characters are familiar with the KnightsAndKnaves puzzle, and the sorcerer says this has come in handy for him)
* KnightsAndKnaves (Many variations)
* OnlySmartPeopleMayPass (The king requires his daughter's suitor to solve puzzles. The purpose is implied to indeed be assessing his intellect)
* WrongGenreSavvy (Kazir expects the king's first puzzle to be a normal KnightsAndKnaves puzzle, and is caught unprepared when it isn't).