ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: When a character is referred to pretty much exclusively by where he comes from. Or at least, where everyone assumes he's from.

This is TruthInTelevision, if you look in historical documents, you will find that many people were distinguished by where they came from (other common identifiers included [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep trade or profession]] and distinguishing features). When surnames became common, towns of origin were often assigned as family names. If the person isn't actually ''from'' the place he is named for, it can become an IronicNickname. This is also one popular means for pen names.

SubTrope of InSeriesNickname and OnlyKnownByTheirNickname, and related to CaptainGeographic.

* Kasuga Ayumu in ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' is only known as [[TheIdiotFromOsaka Osaka]].
** Trope was [[EnforcedTrope enforced]] in-universe by one of her new friends, whose idea the nickname originally was. Also lampshaded/discussed as said friend declared on the spot that shows have characters from Osaka only known as Osaka (and that such is funny). Never mind that Ayumu points out she spent only a year or so of her life in Osaka; the friend is a GiverOfLameNames.
* Elie in ''Manga/RaveMaster'', who asumes the tattoo on her arm is her name after getting LaserGuidedAmnesia. It's actually both her home town and the ''coordinates'' of said town.
* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' there's Kenpachi Zaraki and Yachiru Kusajishi, both of whom didn't have last names, and so they took [[WretchedHive the districts]] they originated from (Zaraki and Kusajishi, respectively). In Kenpachi's case, its even more so, since ''Kenpachi'' is a title given to the strongest {{Shinigami}}. [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep So he's really 'The Kenpachi from Zaraki'.]]

* Some writers of ''ComicBook/{{Superman}}'' comics have picked up Lois calling Clark "Smallville" from ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'' and ''Series/{{Smallville}}''.

* ''Film/BlazingSaddles'' features Creator/GeneWilder playing Jim, AKA [[TheLancer The Waco Kid]].
* In ''Film/TheAdventuresOfBuckarooBanzaiAcrossThe8thDimension'', Jeff Goldblum's character is known only as "New Jersey".
* ''Film/CoyoteUgly'' - When Violet first takes a job at the bar she's know as Jersey, her home state.
* ''Film/ElDorado'': Mississippi, born on the river, and mostly called that because of his OverlyLongName.
** Another example: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Swede]], who supplies [[KnifeNut Mississippi]] with his first gun, a SawedOffShotgun.
* Subverted in ''Film/ForrestGump''.
--> "There was Dallas, from Phoenix; Cleveland - he was from Detroit; and Tex... well, I don't remember where Tex come from." (Played straight there, Tex was from Texas.)
* Played with in ''Film/{{Gunhed}}'' with the character "Brooklyn" who's Japanese...and wears a Dodgers baseball shirt. He doesn't get it because by that time the team was in L.A.
* ''Film/HudsonHawk''. The title character's real first name is Eddie, he grew up in a town called Hoboken on the Hudson River in New Jersey.
* Indiana Jones is at first assumed to be this, until ''Film/IndianaJonesAndTheLastCrusade'', where we learn [[WeNamedTheDogIndiana he took his name from his dog]].
* ''Film/MedicineMan'', Dr. Rae Crane is known as Bronx.
* ''Film/PoolhallJunkies'' - The Greek.
* Almost ''every'' character in ''Film/{{Zombieland}}''. At first it's just something that Tallahassee [[EnforcedTrope insists on]] to [[JustifiedTrope avoid emotional ties with other survivors]], but through the course of the movie, almost every character ends up only being referred to by where they are from (or, in the FlashBack, by their apartment numbers), with the only exceptions being TheCameo and, at the end of the movie, Wichita.
* Alabam, Grady Sutton's character from Hal Roach's "Boy Friends" short subject series from the 1930's.
* Inverted in ''Doc Hollywood'', in that that's where Ben Stone was going, not where he was from.

* A fairly well-known example from ''Literature/TheBible'' is Jesus of Nazareth, sometimes also known as The Nazarene.
** A few other names in the New Testament and early saints fit this pattern, which is not all that surprising due to some given names being extremely popular, e. g. Joseph of Arimathea and Mary of Egypt. In the case of Mary of Magdala, the HometownNickname became a name in its own right (Magdalena, Maddalena, Madeleine etc.).
* Doc Pseudopolis is a high ranking member of Ankh-Morkpork's guild of gamblers on Terry Pratchett ''Literature/{{Discworld}}''. He makes a living of [[GenreBlind people whose fathers never warned them not to gamble with a man named Doc or anyone named after a city]].
** The ''Discworld Companion'' lists the guild leader as Scrote Jones.
* Santiago of ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' is from Santiago. Given her age, not only does no one ''call'' her by her given name, almost no one ''knows'' it.
* Max, best friend to ''Literature/CodexAlera'' hero Tavi, frequently refers to Tavi as "Calderon." In a similar vein, Kitai refers to him as "Aleran" even when she refers to other Alerans by name.
* Happens in the ''Literature/WarriorCats'' novel ''Night Whispers''. The [=ThunderClan=] warrior Ivypool is kidnapped by a [=ShadowClan=] patrol and held prisoner in their camp. There, a group of [=ShadowClan=] kits give her the nickname "Thundercat".

* ''Series/TheAdventuresOfBriscoCountyJr'': Brisco goes undercover using the name "Kansas Wily Stafford" ("Kansas" for short). Then the ''real'' Kansas Wily Stafford shows up...
** Brisco, however, is an inversion. People keep assuming Brisco County is where he's from, a point which he has to clarify not to be the case.
* ''Series/{{CSINY}}'': Danny calls Lindsay "Montana". Only a partial example as he seems to be the only one on the show to call her that.
* Lois calls Clark this in ''Series/{{Smallville}}''
** Which, of course, came from [[Franchise/DCAnimatedUniverse the cartoon]] (See WesternAnimation, below)
** Ditto in ''Series/LoisAndClark''.
* ''Series/{{Survivor}}'' has an example in three different seasons with "Boston" Rob. Justified due to his first season running into the OneSteveLimit.
* The old TV show, ''The Virginian''.
* There was a travelogue show on UK Channel 4 in the mid 90s in which the presenter's sidekick was known as Luton, because she was from... that's right.
* ''{{Series/Heroes}}'' has the Haitian and the German.
* ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'':
** Neelix calls Tuvok "Mr. Vulcan" while referring to everyone else by rank & name.
** In one episode Chakotay is captured by a group of Kazon, who use "Starfleet" as his name.
** In the pilot, B'Elanna calls Kim "Starfleet".
* One sketch on ''Series/TheKidsInTheHall'' deals with the "Cincinnati Kid" (not [[Film/TheCincinnatiKid that one]]), whose father was the Cincinnati Kid until he was born, and who will remain the Cincinnati Kid until he produces offspring of his own. He shows up at a bar in Toronto looking for the "Toronto Kid", and the two square off in a ZeroChops brawl until the Toronto Kid gets a phone call saying his wife has given birth to the ''new'' Toronto Kid... [[WouldHurtAChild and the Cincinnati Kid goes off in search of him.]]
* In ''Series/KamenRiderGhost'', ThoseTwoGuys who study under Onari go by Shibuya and Narita.

* In ''The Nails'' classic ''88 lines about 44 women'' this is stated about Seattle.

* An example OlderThanPrint: the medieval German poet known only as ''der Tannhäuser'' (the one from Tannhausen). Even his given name is not known.
* Creator/TexAvery, born Frederick Bean Avery in Taylor, TX.
* Tex Ritter, country music singer and Western actor, best known today as the father of John Ritter.
* Creator/TennesseeWilliams, sort of. He wasn't from Tennessee, but his father was.
* Giovanni Battista Bernardone was nicknamed ''Francesco'' (little Frenchman) by his merchant father, who had not been present at his birth as he was on a business trip to France. Francesco later became known as St. Francis of Assisi and his geographical nickname was adopted by lots of people as a Christian name.
* Leonardo da Vinci.
* Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Dessau, one of the leading generals of the first three kings of Prussia, was commonly referred to as ''der alte Dessauer'' (the old man from Dessau).
* ElGreco, a Greek artist living in Spain
* General François Fournier is usually referred to as Fournier-Sarlovèze, being from the town of Sarlat.

* In ''Theatre/{{Gypsy}}'' the boys Rose picks up to serve as a chorus for June's act are known only by the names of the cities where she "acquired" them.

* Nevada Smith, an Indy parody, in Apogee Software's ''Pharaoh's Tomb''.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'' has Kent Paul (Paul from [[UsefulNotes/HomeCounties Kent]]).
* Subverted in the ''VideoGame/TexMurphy'' series, where the titular character's nickname comes from leaving a Texas-shaped hole in the ceiling after a childhood accident.
* Arizona Rose, heroine of two Big Fish games.

* [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Yosemite Sam]], possibly.
** And his ''WesternAnimation/TinyToons'' {{Expy}} Montana Max.
* Lois calling Clark "Smallville" in ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'', which was later picked up in ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' (see LiveActionTelevision, above)
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Superted}}'' - The BigBad Texas Pete.
* On ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'', Cotton Hill has war buddies named Brooklyn ''and'' [[OneSteveLimit Fat Brooklyn]].

* The phenomenon occurs not just with persons, but also with items of food (e. g. Hamburger, Frankfurter), drinks (Manhattan, Champagne, Port), dances (Charleston), coaches and cars (Landau, Limousine), cricket deliveries (Yorker) etc. In these cases the operative nouns ("sausage", "wine", "coach" etc.) have become redundant and are pretty much always left out.