A genre composed of several different varieties of show revolving around remodeling or rebuilding homes, and/or the yards around them.

Some are straightforward "do it yourself" guides and instruction. A few are akin to [[GameShow game shows]]. Others are simply off the wall.

In all cases, the appeal revolves around a voyeuristic appreciation of the improvements, playing on the viewer's desire to have or make those improvements to his or her own home.

The genre is so popular that a fair amount of the Discovery Channel can be found dedicated to it, and at least two cable networks (HGTV and DIY) specialize in it. It's also a staple of PBS in the United States.


* ''{{Hometime}}'', hosted by Dean Johnson
* ''ThisOldHouse'': The earliest episodes resemble DIY, but it quickly turned into something of a "showcase" program that presented high-end renovations of expensive properties using resources out of the reach of most homeowners.
* ''HomeImprovement'''s ShowWithinAShow, ''Tool Time'', is of this kind.
* ''P. Allen Smith's Garden Home''; Smith also hosts short spots on the WeatherChannel.
* ''Clean Sweep'', a show mostly about organizing.
* ''TheNewYankeeWorkshop'', hosted by Norm Abram focusing on woodworking
* ''TheWoodwrightsShop'', hosted by Roy Underhill focusing on traditional woodworking
* ''HomeAgain'', hosted by Bob Vila after leaving ''ThisOldHouse''
* ''TheVictoryGarden'', running since 1975


* ''Series/TradingSpaces''
* ''ExtremeHome''
* ''ChangingRooms''

[[AC:Off the wall]]

* ''MonsterHouse''