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[[caption-width-right:300:[[ScreamingAtSquick AAAAAaagh!]] [[ItIsDehumanizing It's]]... ''hideous?'']]

->'''Producer:''' What were you thinking?\\
'''Casting:''' Well, you said you wanted gritty. In other words, ugly.\\
'''Producer:''' I wanted Mary Ann on ''Series/GilligansIsland'' ugly, not Cornelius on ''Franchise/PlanetOfTheApes'' ugly. TV-ugly, not... ugly-ugly.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', "[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS11E16Pygmoelian Pygmoelian]]"
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Some storylines require a character who is [[LoserProtagonist unappealing, unattractive]], and [[HollywoodDateless has a hard time finding dates]]. However, unattractive or even average-looking actors are often virtually unknown and dissuaded from trying to get acting jobs in Hollywood (often by people within the acting industry themselves), so the person cast in the role ends up being more gorgeous than most people you'd meet in real life. Producers know that "beauty is money," and so they're disinclined to cast ''genuinely'' unattractive people even as villains or extras, but would rather ''imply'' homeliness in character via character-reactions -- regardless of the irony presented in attributing such to the fairly good-looking person playing the role.

They make this character "plain" by giving them some or all of the following: thick glasses, braces, freckles, unfashionable clothes, an unflattering hairstyle, and surrounding them with people who are more attractive. A more subtle method involves giving the actor clothes that clash with their natural skin color, making them look pale or blotchy - a method also used in "[[BeforeAndAfterPictures before-and-after]]" shots for diet-pill commercials. Bad lighting can help.

It's important to stress that having the right physical features is only half the battle; ''most'' people can look decent with the right grooming, clothing and makeup (if applicable). In many cases it's no secret that this character would be far more attractive if they were more fashionable and carried themselves in a less off-putting manner. This may lead to them getting an UnnecessaryMakeover and tips on how to act sexy by a more socially-adept friend but since StatusQuoIsGod, they'll almost certainly learn AnAesop on just being yourself and go back to their old looks by the end.

Naturally, this all leads to UnfortunateImplications.

GenericCuteness is the animated equivalent of this trope, and the result is a very InformedDeformity. AdaptationalAttractiveness is when this trope is applied to characters who were plain in a show's source material, but have a better appearance in the adaptation. BeautyInversion is the use of makeup or prosthetics to successfully avert this trope.

Related to ImNotPretty, which is when an otherwise attractive character believes they're not. Also compare: BeautifulAllAlong, CoolLoser, HollywoodDateless, HollywoodNerd, and HollywoodPudgy (when people of average build are considered to be lumbering oxen by most Hollywood producers even if they're as fit as an Olympian). Contrast InformedAttractiveness and GorgeousGorgon.

Please keep in mind that this trope only applies if the character is actively stated to be or treated as unattractive. A handsome actor playing a geek doesn't count if nobody on the show has a problem with his looks. Similarly, a good-looking actor who is actually made less attractive is an aversion of this trope. See also UglyCute for more insight.



* Teleflora. The theme in their [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2nOahrCUQE 2010 Super Bowl commercial]] is ''supposed'' to be "Hot but [[AlphaBitch bitchy girl]] gets the bad flowers; frumpy but [[PluckyOfficeGirl hard-working girl]] gets the good flowers." Apparently, "frumpy" means "not willing to wear short skirts and go-go boots to work".
* Creator/DisneyChannel used to run a PSA that was all over this trope. A very attractive teenager is sitting in front of a poster of a pop star, lamenting how plain and unattractive she is. The pop star springs to life from the poster and tells the girl that she shouldn't worry, because it's all Hollywood magic. The pop star is then stripped of all the makeup, fancy clothes, etc, and reduced to ... really attractive.
* This trope isn't limited to humans. Ugly Animal Preservation Society ran a campaign to choose its mascot. Eventually, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blobfish the blobfish]], which is indeed ugly, won the most votes, but second place went to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakapo the kakapo]], a cute, fluffy parrot.
* Whether the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog Contest is legitimately hideous (Mugly, Elwood, most infamously Sam), UglyCute (Gus, Yoda), or normal-looking with some unfortunate features (Walle's strange mish-mash of body parts, Pabst's underbite) varies from year to year
* In a Dannon Oikos Greek yoghurt ad, two ladies are discussing how eating it turns the next man you see into John Stamos. The man who comes in next is treated as if he's an unattractive slob but is actually an above average looking guy with a sunburn. The comments on the Website/YouTube posting of the advert verify this with many girls saying they thought the first guy was hot and some preferring him over John Stamos.
* [=SlimQuick=] commercials, which advertise drinks to women. The commercial starts off with an overweight couple, and as the woman talks about all they've been doing to lose weight, the man gets skinnier while the woman gets frustrated. The commercial ends showing the woman how skinny she would look if she tried the drink. But due to GenericCuteness, both the [[BigBeautifulMan man]] and [[BigBeautifulWoman woman]] were already attractive before they both lost weight, whereas after they just look generically good looking.

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* [[http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Ganju_Shiba Ganju Shiba]] is a male example from ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''. Despite being tall, very muscular, having a chiseled face, a deep voice, and a masculine attitude, Ganju unfortunately lives in a world where most of the male characters are {{Bishonen}}, and is thus considered a {{Gonk}}, [[JustifiedTrope by the local dandy]], Yumichka.
* ''Manga/{{Genshiken}}'' plays with this trope. Ohno is called an "Ordinary person who is cute" and that Saki is "like a model", but Ohno is just as attractive as Saki. [[JustifiedTrope The main difference is the effort the two put into their appearances]] - Ohno ''doesn't'' outside of cosplay (where heads turn so fast you could hear bones snap); while Saki puts the effort in to maintain a model-like air and appearance.
* ''[[Manga/CountCain Godchild]],'' In the ''Scold's Bridle'' story arc.
** Drew is supposedly so plain that other upper-class girls won't give her the time of day - something which the mangaka illustrates by giving her [[{{Meganekko}} quite good-looking round glasses]], freckles and a braid. (She also seems to have real curves compared to the waifish characters) The art style may be partly at fault, but the fact remains that she looks no less pretty than any other girl in the manga.
** Viola wears a mask because she is disfigured, but when she takes it off [[spoiler: it turns out that her face is perfectly fine apart from a finger-sized acid burn on one cheek. This one is justified in that she is insane and is probably exaggerating the extent of her scarring]].
* ''Manga/{{Gokusen}}'': Quite a few characters like to point out how "plain" TheProtagonist is. This also comes into play in the drama, but here she is played by [[http://wallpaperzoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Yukie-Nakama-Sexy-Wallpaper.jpg Yukie Nakama]]
* ''Manga/HanaYoriDango,'' Makino Tsukushi is frequently called plain. In the J-Drama, she's played by [[http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/8754/maoinouepix018lq.jpg Inoue Mao]]. It's ultimately averted as the only people who claim she isn't cute are people who hate her.
* ''Anime/HowlsMovingCastle'' is a complicated case of PlayingWithATrope.
** Sophie considers herself plain compared to her sister. Her sister looks like a garish parody plastered with makeup, while Sophie's features are more natural. However, the soldiers at the beginning of the movie and Howl himself seem to find Sophie quite attractive and The Witch of the Waste curses her with truly ugly old age because she feels threatened by her.
** Given the nature of the curse, there's also the implication that a lot of Sophie's "homeliness" are self esteem issues on her part. In scenes where she shows confidence she becomes younger and prettier while insecurity or defensiveness lead to the older and wrinkled curse form.
* Lina Inverse from ''LightNovel/{{Slayers}}'' is described as being awkward in appearance, ranging from flat-chested, to lanky, to having a pug nose. While it's true that she occasionally travels with the scantily-clad, buxom Naga, the beautiful Sylphiel, or the short-but-busty Amelia, Lina is regularly drawn in a very attractive light, and seems to only slightly pale in comparison to her female companions' exceptional beauty.
* Sakie Sato in ''Manga/InterviewsWithMonsterGirls'' {{invoke|dtrope}}s this trope, because she's a [[HornyDevils succubus]] but is [[ReluctantMonster unwilling to seduce anyone]], so she tries to make herself less attractive by wearing a track jacket and pants, and gives herself an unflattering hairdo. Even all that doesn't stop others from considering her to be pretty.
* In ''Manga/{{Inuyasha}}'', Kagome is stated several times to be "average" in looks and appearance (by Inuyasha). However, it is noted (even the characters state it), that she looks almost exactly like Kikyo, [[spoiler: her previous incarnation]], who is stated to be beautiful. In Inuyasha's case this may be justified; he recognizes Kagome by smell, not sight and he probably finds the scent of things like body wash and shampoo strange and off-putting.
* ''Manga/MakenKi'': Even though Minori's drawn to appear reasonably attractive and physically fit, the guys at Tenbi treat her as if she's a hag. That includes ''[[AllMenArePerverts Takeru]]'', the biggest perv at the school. Made more egregious, considering Ms. Aki is [[HelloNurse lusted after by nearly the entire male student body]], despite looking no different than Minori.
* ''Anime/{{Monster}}'': Lotte, who is no uglier than Eva or Nina, is deemed so unattractive that guys will dance with her on a dare only.
* ''Manga/AbsoluteBoyfriend'': Invoked by Mika. Riiko is often described as either ugly or not as pretty as Mika. This was the point, since [[BitchInSheepsClothing Mika went a long way to ruin Riiko's self confidence, by calling her those names]] and seducing every guy Riiko liked. The manga itself never seemed to find Riiko ever unattractive, just...[[ACupAngst not very busty]].
* ''Manga/WanderingSon'': Makoto is at least cute. She finds herself unattractive due to her YouthfulFreckles and NerdGlasses. She's chubbier and rounder than the other characters, as well. {{Justified|Trope}} since its most of the criticism is her own opinion, and at least every other character has gone out of their way to tell her she's cute; Mako doesn't have good self-esteem. Seya once thought she made an ugly girl when she met him in girl mode, though.
* Uozumi and Akagi of ''Manga/SlamDunk'' who are described as "gorillas" because they are extremely built. This means they fit a different standard of beauty then the local {{Bishonen}}. Yay for ValuesDissonance!
* ''Bara no Tame ni'': Yuri is constantly referred to as fat and ugly despite looking only slightly pudgy and having the same "pretty girl" face as the supposedly more attractive girls in the story. The Taiwanese drama based off of this is even more egregious, as she's played by girl group member and actress Ella Chen.
* [[NationsAsPeople Ukraine and Belgium]] from ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'', while not ugly, are supposed to be plain or uninteresting (Belgium [[IAmNotPretty by her own admission]] and Ukraine according to Russia in the dub). The art (and fandom) disagrees. Lithuania is described as looking plain, but he's often drawn looking very feminine and {{moe}}. His hair has also become ''gorgeous'' from ArtEvolution.
* Shouma of ''Anime/MawaruPenguindrum'' is said to be merely plain-looking but if you look at his design he's quite {{Bishonen}}.
* [[ButtMonkey Makoto]] of ''Anime/AKB0048'' is supposed to be plain-looking but a portion of the fanbase considers her to be the cutest understudy.
* ''Manga/ItazuraNaKiss'': It's a major plot point that Kinnosuke is ''way'' out of his league with Chris, the girl he ends up with, and that Chris (and her mother) are genetically attracted to ugly guys. Except that Kinnosuke is certainly no worse than "Women fall at his feet" Naoki.
* ''Manga/NoMatterHowILookAtItItsYouGuysFaultImNotPopular'': The main character Tomoko Kuroki is supposed to be a creepy girl that no one wants to be around. While her personality fits this it is hard to take it seriously when the show tries to play her up as ugly. She is quite adorable, and not in an UglyCute kind of way either. The bags under her eyes are not fooling anyone. The show has to have her make really weird facial expressions for her to look even remotely ugly.
* In ''Manga/AnatoliaStory'', Yuri is a Japanese teen who gets magically transported to the ancient Hittite Empire. Yuri is, naturally, drawn to look very cute, but most people in the ancient times comment on her being very scrawny and plain, and more than once she is mistaken for a young boy. This is {{justified|Trope}} as a case of DeliberateValuesDissonance: back in such times, feminine beauty was defined by a full and voluptuous body, not the slim builds generally considered more attractive today. Early in the manga, Prince Kail is shown attempting to fatten her up, as he considers that to be more attractive.
* In ''Manga/DeathNote'', WordOfGod says that L was designed to be "ugly." While hardly a conventional {{Bishonen}}, he doesn't look that bad...and has more than his share of fangirls.
* Aya from ''Manga/StrawberryOneHundredPercent'' that, how the male protagonist Junpei discover InUniverse, is very cute also with her nerdy look despite its told that she is not attractive.
* ''Manga/MakaiOuji'': Although William has a bishonen design, numerous people say he only has his good grades going for him while saying that [[DudeLooksLikeALady Sitri]] has good looks going for him.
* ''Manga/{{Yuureitou}}'': Amano frequently can't attract girls and he's the opposite to the ChickMagnet Tetsuo. Numerous characters call him "ugly" and "horrible looking" especially when they compare him to [[{{Bishonen}} Tetsuo]] although when Amano is not making weird faces and drawn normally he actually can look cute, especially when he crossdresses as Tetsuo's wife he's considered attractive by numerous guys at a village.
* [[spoiler:The original Homura]] in ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' was apparently meant to be the class dork--due to her conspicuous glasses, oversized pigtails, and chronic awkwardness, her classmates want nothing to do with her. After she [[TheGlassesComeOff removes the glasses]] and [[LettingHerHairDown pigtails]] and adopts a permanent DeathGlare, she becomes the cool kid. The trouble is, many of the fans found the dork-edition [[{{Moe}} adorable]]. Lots of merchandise was made to cater to this. TheMovie plays with the trope by bringing back her original look; this time, the class likes it just as much as the "cool" version.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''Comicbook/MsMarvel'': A running joke in the books is that she's [[HollywoodPudgy fat]].
* ''ComicBook/TheSandman'': DependingOnTheArtist, several of the female characters either avert or play this straight. There is [[TheFairFolk Nuala's]] true form with the glamor spell that made her look like a blonde princess removed, who looks genuinely scraggly and underfed, [[ProgressivelyPrettier though subsequent artists usually make her more cute and childlike]]. The interesting thing is that despite this, she comes to prefer her true form (probably because Dream prefers it, and [[spoiler:it's implied she's in love with him]]). Thessaly usually looks genuinely plain, as even without her NerdGlasses she has a very odd-shaped face. Then there's [[{{Gonk}} Despair]]. Thessaly's spin-off comics make her look adorable.
* ''ComicBook/{{Wanted}}'': In the graphic novel, Wesley Gibson's girlfriend is repeatedly described as fat, and implied to be fairly unattractive, though she is not drawn this way at all. Seeing that she's knowingly cheating on him, [[UnreliableNarrator this might be his way of expressing his anger with her]].
* ''Franchise/WonderWoman'': The first Silver Swan Helena Alexandros is treated as if she were a hag but despite having freckles and an overall mousy demeanor, she is actually quite cute.
* ''Comicbook/XMen'':
** The short-time member Marrow is a complicated example that has more to do with her self-confidence and backstory than anything else. In her original appearances as a Morlock terrorist and her initial HeelFaceTurn, she ''was'' quite ugly (to varying degrees DependingOnTheArtist). During an adventure on an alien planet, however, Marrow was wounded and placed in a regeneration chamber, which also smoothed her facial features. Despite her newfound beauty, she was still self-conscious about her appearance due to having a visible mutation and the fact that her mutation involves growing more bones out of her body.
** Callisto, TheLeader of the Morlocks, is a similar case. The Morlocks are a group of mutants that live in the sewer because their mutations make them look deformed and inhuman, and therefore easy to recognize and target among normal humans. While most of them are distinctively inhuman in appearance, Callisto herself is not, as she is actually originally beautiful in her pre-Morlock life, but "ugly" because of her now-usually unkempt, haggard,and malnourished appearance due to living homeless in sewers, and also due to the facial scars she got in a fight (which actually amounts to one lost eye) rather than because of her mutation, but because of her solidarity with the Morlocks she has a similar view of herself. But a 90's storyline involved her being stripped of her memories and healed of her scars and her missing eye, at which point, she actually became a ''[[SheCleansUpNicely supermodel]]'' when she lived a normal life in New York City, although she regained those scars and lost her eye again -- and regained her memories -- in yet another fight, at which point she returned to being a raggedy sewer-dweller. However, she has still remained reasonably attractive ever since then, depending on the artist. Although she did briefly have her arms replaced with CombatTentacles -- in exchange for having the rest of her supermodel appearance restored, with her scars removed and eye healed, when she became a freelance mercenary -- she lost those after [[ComicBook/HouseOfM M-Day]] and is now [[http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130617233156/marveldatabase/images/thumb/c/c1/Callisto_%28Earth-616%29_by_Jim_Cheung.jpg/200px-Callisto_%28Earth-616%29_by_Jim_Cheung.jpg back to living in sewers and just as "ugly" as she ever was originally (minus the scarring though she wears the eye-patch for cosmetic purposes)]], which is to say that she's still rather attractive, just not ''supermodel''-attractive, like the average comic-book leading-lady, pending adequate nutrition and proper grooming.
** It's implied that Callisto's original scarring and eye-loss was due to her being gang-raped by thugs as a young woman, after which the trauma caused her to become a homeless sewers. Her name itself hints at this, being extremely [[MeaningfulName symbolic]], as it was taken from the Greek myth of the most beautiful Nymph of Greece who was [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil raped]] by the god Zeus (who is of course infamous for his [[DepravedBisexual libido]]) and thereafter was transformed into a bestial appearance.
* Dr. Ella Whitby, ComicBook/{{Deadpool}}'s one-time prison psychiatrist. She's referred to by several characters as fat and/or ugly (including Deadpool, who at one point had a crush on Creator/BeaArthur, but finds Dr. Whitby revolting). In actuality, she's fairly pretty and barely 20 lbs. heavier than anyone else. Also, another patient, the ComicBook/{{Foolkiller}}, is actually madly attracted to her but his feelings go unreciprocated. [[spoiler: She may have been predetermined by the writers to be an {{Acceptable Hard Luck Target|s}}, since she turns out to be AxCrazy, ComicBook/HarleyQuinn style.]]
** Deadpool / Wade Wilson himself is a victim of this. Once conventionally attractive like all the other average comic-book leading men, he became ugly due to an experimental cancer treatment that saved his life and gave him superpowers but made him look like Freddy Krueger. he Being ugly is a big part of his character, and one of the things that he's very insecure about. DependingOnTheArtist, he can actually look the part, and be very repulsive. In other instances, [[http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/silverfang2/29185537/1133289/1133289_1000.png he can almost be handsome again.]]
* In ''ComicBook/SinCity'', Marv states that he's so intimidating that he can't hire a prostitute. While Marv is a hulking, scary-looking guy, his features are traditionally masculine so he's referring to his FaceOfAThug.
* ''ComicBook/{{Empowered}}'' has Emp herself, who is extremely attractive, but is continually insulted by the other heroes for being "fat" (usually specifically referring to her butt), which she's particularly sensitive about because her powers come from her literally skintight costume that doesn't work if she wears anything over it. Not a truly straight example, because her inner circle (her boyfriend, her best friend, and the caged eldritch being from another dimension that lives on her coffee table) don't think she's fat (well, what Demonwolf says implies he does think she has a bigger-than-average butt, but he also seems to be kind of into that and phrases it in generally positive terms), and even most of the people who insult her seem to covertly find her attractive (the male ones, at least)... they're just insulting her because they're jerks.
* Thanks to ArtEvolution, Ethel from ''Franchise/ArchieComics'' has become this. Originally she dressed in a conventionally unattractive manner and looked [[{{gonk}} gangly and awkward]]. Over the decades they've toned her down to just being an [[HugeSchoolgirl above average height]] girl with bucked teeth and a different build from [[OnlySixFaces the norm]].

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/CorpseBride'', Victoria's parents say that she has "the face of an otter" and considered her a disgrace to the family. Seeing how they are [[JerkAss Jerkasses]] and [[TheUglyGuysHotDaughter honestly ugly themselves]], this could be because they needed someone to look down on. Ironically, Victoria is one of the most HUMAN-looking puppets for the production.
* ''{{WesternAnimation/Shrek}}'':
** Fiona's ogre form. Apparently, she's supposed to be hideous, but she merely looks slightly chubbier and green. Of course, this qualifies as ugly to the Fairy Godmother, who originally placed the curse, and the only other person who comments on her supposed unattractiveness is [[TheNapoleon Lord Farquad]]. Shrek even thinks her ogre form is beautiful.
** Shrek himself is pretty hideous [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Shrekcover.jpg in the original book]]; in the movie he's at least bordering UglyCute with his hideousness being an InformedAttribute.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/GoneWithTheWind'' cast famous screen beauty Creator/OliviaDeHavilland as the "plain" Melanie. They get around this by giving her very simple dresses in contrast to the other ladies' elaborate finery.
* ''Film/TheHarveyGirls'' includes Alma from Ohio, who mentions several times that she couldn't get married because her face is so ugly. She's played by Virginia O'Brien, [[http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2008/06/18/arts/dance/0618-CHARISSE_2.html on the left, no less attractive than co-stars Judy Garland and Cyd Charisse]].
%%* Creator/NataliePortman in ''Hesher''.
* Creator/AudreyHepburn; her characters were supposed to be embarrassingly frumpy and unattractive in such movies as ''Film/{{Sabrina|1954}}'' and ''Film/FunnyFace'' (until the [[BeautifulAllAlong makeovers]]) ...even though she was voted [[http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/05/31/1085855500521.html the most beautiful woman in the world]]. Aside from having her wear plain clothes, the movies made no effort to hide her beauty. ValuesDissonance is partly at play here - as she didn't quite match the standards of beauty at the time, and wasn't as uptight about having her costumes hide her body flaws as other stars.
* In a similar vein, Creator/EveArden was often cast as the HollywoodDateless best friend. Even at the time, critics couldn't quite buy it.
--> "Why is it that she, strikingly attractive, wittier and more human than other females in her pictures, is always pictured as lonely, unwanted and unsung? In real life, I'm sure Eve is the belle of the ball."
* In ''Film/BeKindRewind'', Creator/MelonieDiaz's character, Alma, is played up as ugly when the male filmmakers are forced to take her over her more attractive sister. They achieve this by... having her sniff and rub her nose a couple of times. It's quickly forgotten and she's the hot girl for the rest of the movie. Especially egregious as she had just starred in ''Film/AGuideToRecognizingYourSaints'' playing the neighborhood hottie.
* The film adaptation of ''Literature/{{Beastly}}'' has several examples:
** Lindy is supposed to be a Plain Jane who [[BookWorm cares more about books and her classwork]] than looking pretty. The movie version casts Music/VanessaHudgens in the role and attempts to "uglify" her with messy hair, bangs and a [[GranolaGirl boho]] wardrobe. Apart from being a bit less polished, she looks no different than the "hot" popular girls.
** The witch, Kendra, is described in the book as overweight and hideous, with bad teeth and skin, a hooked nose, green hair, and ratty black clothing (i.e. like a traditional WickedWitch). In the film, Kendra's "hideousness" is conveyed by a [[HollywoodPudgy slightly-plump]] Mary-Kate Olsen with a ghostly complexion, shaved eyebrows, heavy eye makeup (with the odd facial piercing and tattoo), and (fashionably) eccentric hairstyles and outfits. She looks more like a Gothic fashion model than a high school outcast.
** The same goes for any of the other "ugly" students Kyle puts down during his campaign rally. None of them are even below-average appearance-wise, but he treats them as if they're hideously disfigured. Of particular note is a shy boy whom Kyle says has a "face like a burnt Lego".
** [[http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2011/02/28 Then there is the beast himself.]] In the book, he's turned into an actual beast (fur, fangs, etcetera). In the movie, he just [[AdaptationalAttractiveness loses his hair and gets a lot of tattoos and scars]]. Not ideal, but nowhere near as bad as being an actual beast. The way he reacts to this updated appearance (coupled with the way he treats average-looking people) adds a lot of new implications about his character.
* ''{{Literature/Carrie}}'''s first two adaptations manage to skirt around this with the titular character; in [[Film/Carrie1976 the original]] Creator/SissySpacek's character is said that she would look nicer if she made an effort, as demonstrated at the prom. And [[Film/Carrie2002 the 2002 remake]] has Angela Bettis go down the BeautyInversion route to be believable as an outcast. But the [[{{Film/Carrie2013}} 2013 version]] casts the beautiful Creator/ChloeMoretz as Carrie. Even if her hair is messed up, it's still fashionably layered with perfect highlights. She does at least work hard to make Carrie's attitude believable for a socially awkward girl.
* ''Film/GeorgyGirl'': The main character Georgy, meant to be a "brontosaurus" of a girl, is played by Lynn Redgrave. Because of this the character, despite being slightly overweight and frequently making grotesque faces, is still attractive. The trope is somewhat justified in that Georgy's insecurity and social awkwardness make her seem less attractive than she actually is.
* Charlotte Gainsbourg has made a career out of this trope, playing specifically unattractive characters in some of her biggest roles:
** She plays the title character in ''Film/JaneEyre'', whose plainness is a major aspect of her character.
** In ''Film/TheScienceOfSleep'' she plays the plain woman whom the main character initially ignores in favor of her more attractive roommate.
** In ''Film/TwentyOneGrams'', she plays a cuckolded wife whose sick husband acquires a more attractive mistress.
* ''Film/CircleOfFriends'': Minnie Driver's character is supposed to be dowdy and heavyset (at one point she refers to herself as a "heifer"). Even playing her against the gorgeous Saffron Burrows doesn't make this work.
* ''The Courtship of Film/AndyHardy'' (1942) has the title character mercy-dating the daughter of a divorcing couple on whose case his father, a judge, is working. She's depicted as such a "droop" that at one point Andy has to pay his chums to dance with her at a school prom. She's also played by Donna Reed.
* ''Film/{{Dogfight}}'', starring River Phoenix and Lili Taylor, is about a crew of Marines who challenge each other to a 'dogfight' -- finding the ugliest girl they can and bringing her to a party. Phoenix's character selects Taylor's character in order to win this 'dogfight'. By Hollywood standards, she's ''hideous''. By any real world standards, she's reasonably attractive.
* ''Film/TheEnchantedCottage'': The main woman is so "homely" that no guys will dance with her, young boys comment on her looks, and she generally limits her social life in despair. Later, a man breaks off with his fiancée and considers suicide over a barely visible war scar. As the two fall in love, they become beautiful in each other's eyes -- represented on camera by a strange blur on their features.
* ''Film/{{Enigma}}'': Creator/KateWinslet’s character. Even anti-dolled to look ordinary, she's still pretty.
* ''Film/{{Wanted}}'': The producers considered Creator/JamesMcAvoy the runt of the litter when it came to casting Wesley Gibson's character, but ultimately chose him because they felt he looked so regular that viewers would be able to relate to him more.
* ''Film/LittleChildren'': Another Winslet role, where her supposed frumpiness is a plot point but many viewers don't buy it because it's still Kate Winslet. Creator/RogerEbert found it pretty laughable.
* ''Film/FrankieAndJohnny'': In the stage original, the plain girl was played, to great acclaim, by Kathy Bates, who fits the casting requirement by being not particularly physically attractive. For the movie version, the part was recast to Michelle "Catwoman" Pfeiffer.
* ''Film/HarryPotter'': Hermione Granger is a source of debate amongst fans. She is described as plain in the books with bushy brown hair and large front teeth. The films have Creator/EmmaWatson, who starts out cute and, as she ages, becomes positively stunning in the role. In-universe the books are in Harry's perspective, and he [[LikeBrotherAndSister simply doesn't see Hermione like that]]; the only one who outright says she's ugly is AlphaBitch Pansy Parkinson. (Parkinson herself is described as having a "face like a pug" in the book, but is played by a fairly cute actress, who simply has a turned-up nose.) Harry himself says otherwise in later books. It's worth noting that from age 14, Hermione started to attract admirers in Viktor Krum, Cormac [=McLaggen=] and of course [[OfficialCouple Ron Weasley]]. The only time in the movies she was said to not be pretty was when she was referred to as a "homely but ambitious girl" in ''[[Film/HarryPotterAndTheGobletOfFire The Goblet of Fire]]'' film, and that was in an article published by [[MaliciousSlander Rita Skeeter]].
* ''Film/TheIpcressFile'': Creator/MichaelCaine is playing a British spy who's supposed to be a inversion of the Film/JamesBond-style spy - instead of suave and gorgeous, he's supposed to be a funny-looking Cockney who seduces women by cooking for them. Unfortunately, he wasn't unattractive - [[http://www.fanpop.com/spots/michael-caine/images/7378235/title/young-michael-caine-photo he was Michael Caine, in glasses]]. He even loses his glasses for the second half of the movie.
* Creator/JaneaneGarofalo. Despite being cute, she was almost always cast as unattractive and caustic characters. For instance ''Film/TheTruthAboutCatsAndDogs'', with Creator/RogerEbert flat-out stating in his review, "The movie is based upon the presumption that Garofalo is not pretty, and of course she is." She was outspoken about her frustration with the typecasting and eventually lost a lot of weight so that she could get other roles.
* Creator/UmaThurman gets this treatment in the film ''Film/FinalAnalysis'', where a lack of makeup is enough to make her the mousy and plain younger sister to the glamorous Creator/KimBasinger.
* Film adaptations of ''Literature/JaneEyre'' are frequent victims of this trope. Jane is portrayed in the novel as being plain (hence the trope PlainJane). However actresses who have played her on screen include: [[http://www.windowphobe.com/shrine/iw40vb04.jpg Virginia Bruce]], [[https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/f4/44/27/f44427578dee92357b1b7d9d708c1f94.jpg Joan Fontaine]], [[http://www.celebritiesfans.com/pictures/susannah_york.jpg Susanna York]], [[http://cdn3.pitchfork.com/news/43652/399a5835.jpg Charlotte Gainsbourg]] and [[http://wallpapersboom.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/3456_mia_wasikowska.jpg Mia Wasikowska]].
* ''Film/JennifersBody'' subverts the trope while still exploiting it anyway. The titular Jennifer is the attractive AlphaBitch and Needy is her "plain Jane" nerdy best friend. Needy is played by the stunning Creator/AmandaSeyfried. However it is mentioned that Needy has to dress herself down whenever she's out with Jennifer - so it seems the latter is aware that Needy is a pretty girl who she doesn't want upstaging her. The director and screenwriter joke on the DVD commentary that only in Hollywood would Amanda Seyfried be cast as the unattractive one.
* The character Jo March in ''Film/LittleWomen'', meant to be a plain tomboy, has been played by some of Hollywood's most attractive actresses, including Katharine Hepburn, Susan Dey and Winona Ryder.
* ''Film/LastActionHero'': Lampshaded, when Danny Maddigan tries to prove that they're in a film by pointing out that none of the women are ugly, to which Jack Slater responds:
-->'''Jack:''' No, this is California
* ''Film/LovePotionNumberNine'': Even Hollywood isn't usually shameless enough to pass off Creator/SandraBullock as "ugly", but she is that town's go-to actress when they need an approachable, plain, GirlNextDoor type. "Usually" is the key word there, as she is supposed to be the ugly type in this film. They don't really go out of their way to make her "ugly", but merely extremely nerdy and uncaring about her appearance - no makeup, thick glasses, overbite, mousy hair, and unflattering clothes. Once she starts gaining confidence, she works on all these and her beauty shines through.
* ''Film/{{Marty}}'': Ernest Borgnine (no prize himself, although that's acknowledged in the film) goes on a date with a "dog" played by former model Betsy Blair, and former wife of Creator/GeneKelly.
* ''Film/MissCongeniality'' plays with the trope. Sandra Bullock has to get a makeover to become an UndercoverModel. While she's chosen to go undercover primarily ''because'' she looks like she could pass for a pageant contestant, the jaw-dropped reactions of her co-workers and the pageant director still feel a little overblown. It does help that she's shown having [[TheLadette the table manners of Jabba the Hutt and the charisma of a drunk truck driver]], which justifies it further.
* ''Film/MyBigFatGreekWedding'': While Nia Vardolos is a very pretty woman she is anything but the typical Hollywood bombshell, which many people have stated helped make the film that much more appealing. Her homely look genuinely made her plain, and getting the makeover did ''wonders.''
* ''Film/NowVoyager'': Bette Davis spends the first few scenes unconscionably unattractive by having... baggy clothes, unplucked eyebrows, bun hair and glasses. It's an early example of how to 'do an Ugly Betty'; the film came out in 1942. Bette herself wanted to look even homelier and really have her costumes padded out, but the studio rejected the look for being "too grotesque".
* In ''Film/OnlyYou'', Andrew [=McCarthy's=] character has to make a choice between two potential girlfriends, one who is beautiful and one who is supposedly not beautiful but otherwise desirable. The supposedly plain-looking woman is played by Helen Hunt. [=McCarthy=] has to face the dilemma of whether he should settle for a woman whose worst flaw is she is only as attractive as Helen Hunt.
* ''Film/{{Penelope}}'': Creator/ChristinaRicci looks cute with a pig's snout, but some of her suitors are so horrified by the sight of her that they jump out of second-story windows to get away.
* In ''Film/ThePhantomOfTheOpera2004'', Erik is ''supposed'' to be so hideous-looking that he used to be a circus freak attraction but thanks to one of the most infamous cases of AdaptationalAttractiveness, his unmasked self just looks like Gerard Butler with a mild rash on one side of his face.
* In ''Film/PortraitOfALady'': Isabel and Henrietta go on about how ugly Caspar Goodwood is. That's Viggo Mortensen. Viggo Mortensen with slightly silly hair, but still...
* ''Film/PrideAndPrejudice'':
** In the 2005 movie, Lizzie Bennett, described by Mr. Darcy as 'tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me', is played by Creator/KeiraKnightley. While this is used to show Darcy as a jerk, it's made clear older sister Jane is the beauty of the county while Elizabeth is fairly attractive but not stunningly beautiful - words that do not describe Keira Knightley.[[note]]What makes this especially odd is that Keira was nearly turned down for being too glamorous to be Lizzie.[[/note]] It's even worse with Mary. Once they get into their ballgowns, it becomes ridiculous to call her plain, or plainer than her sisters. The movie also files off Mary's more unlikeable traits - such as being a KnowNothingKnowItAll and anti-social snob.
** In the miniseries of 1995, the older sister (the pretty one, according to dialogue) is plain compared to Lizzie. This crosses over with ValuesDissonance; Susannah Harker, who played Jane, fits the Regency ideal of beauty perfectly, but that ideal has shifted to the point where modern viewers consider Jennifer Ehle more attractive. Additionally, there was a fashion in the Regency period for dark-haired, pale-skinned women, so Jennifer Ehle might have attracted more attention in that era as well.
* ''Film/ThePrincessDiaries'': Mia is supposed to be an ugly duckling before her princess makeover. However, wearing glasses and having a bad perm isn't enough to make [[http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Anne-Hathaway-anne-hathaway-753353_1024_768.jpg Anne Hathaway]] look ugly. Sure, she looks a lot better after her princess makeover, but she never looks that terrible. She certainly doesn't warrant the massive wince Paolo gives when he first sees her.
* ''Film/TheQuiet'': Camilla Belle's character is described as being unattractive by several characters. One character goes as far to say that she is a hermaphrodite. The only thing that makes her "ugly" is the fact she has short hair, minimal make-up on and wears boys clothing. In real life, Camilla Belle is as beautiful as Elisha Cuthbert.
* ''Film/ShesAllThat'': A teenage film take on the Pygmalion story involves a bet to get the "ugly" girl to win prom queen. After scanning the whole school, they settle on the obviously attractive Rachel Leigh Cook as the least likely to be named prom queen. She just wears glasses and paint-coloured overalls - not to mention being a bit of a clutz. A minor makeover is all she needs to become a prom queen.
* ''Film/NotAnotherTeenMovie'' parodies ''She's All That'' by having the guys scan the crowd and decide that the conjoined twins, hippy albino, hunchback, and others are not ugly enough, but that the girl with glasses, a ponytail, and paint-covered overalls (played by the clearly attractive Chyler Leigh) is the ugliest by far.
* In ''Film/{{Sleepover}}'', the lead female runs into a "ticket girl" who couldn't go into the prom because she has never been able to get a date. The actress playing the ticket girl? Creator/SummerGlau.
* ''Film/{{Tamara}}'': The eponymous character is considered unattractive before she undergoes her EvilMakeover. Before that, it is just the very attractive Jenna Dewan with no make-up on and unflattering clothing. The first time we see her in the movie, she's having a dream about what she would be like if she were attractive, demonstrating the fact that [[http://www.imnotobsessed.com/2012/09/17/channing-and-jenna-dewan-tatum-step-out-in-style/#.UMcjjoPAeSo Dewan is an absolute knockout.]] It makes the attempts to present her as "ugly" afterwards laughable. It's understandable that they ''had'' to cast a hot chick in order to make her transformation believable.
* ''Film/ThoroughlyModernMillie'': Miss Dorothy is drop dead gorgeous while Millie pales in comparison. Miss Dorothy is believable enough as she's played by Mary Tyler Moore but Millie is played by ''Julie Andrews''; young, cute Julie Andrews wearing flashy flapper dresses.
* ''Film/ShesOutOfMyLeague'': has characters assign attractiveness values to each other. Kirk (played by Jay Baruchel) is given a 5. Many of the other ratings could be disputed by viewers.
* ''Film/AWalkToRemember'': The character of Jamie Sullivan. Although the character was never intended to be unattractive (merely unconcerned with her appearance) the audience has a hard time believing the shock of the other characters during her BeautifulAllAlong moment given actress Mandy Moore's natural beauty.
* In ''Film/SororityBoys'', most of the girls in [[FunWithAcronyms Delta Omega Gamma]], the "loser" sorority, really are plain in appearance... except for the president, a cute blonde with {{Meganekko}} glasses. Guess who the main love interest is?
* ''Film/StrictlyBallroom'': In a similar manner to Nia Vadolos in ''Film/MyBigFatGreekWedding'' Tara Morice is not typical Hollywood stunning. However her transformation as Fran is [[http://psy317jovitaycb.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/strictly-ballroom-baz-luhrmann-749103_1600_900.jpg nothing]] [[http://themoviefreakblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/strictly-ballroom-baz-luhrmann-749214_1600_900.jpg?w=300 short]] of [[http://cdn-premiere.ladmedia.fr/var/premiere/storage/images/cinema/photos-film/photos-acteur/ballroom-dancing/ballroom-dancing-strictly-ballroom-19918/18442705-3-fre-FR/BALLROOM-DANCING-STRICTLY-BALLROOM-1991_portrait_w858.jpg breathtaking]].
* Bessie Love's character in ''Film/TheBroadwayMelody'' is supposed to be the "talented but plain" sister in a singing and dancing duo. [[http://www.doctormacro.com/Images/Love,%20Bessie/Annex/Annex%20-%20Love,%20Bessie_05.jpg This]] is Bessie Love.
* Parodied in ''Film/TheOtherGuys''. Will Ferrell is constantly apologizing for his wife, even calling her a "battle-axe," when she is played by the obviously stunning Eva Mendes and he is the only one who doesn't realize this.
* Music/AshleyTisdale played a nerdy girl in ''Film/PictureThis''. One of the earliest shown please pieces of 'evidence' that she's a nerd is a scene that makes a big deal about her wearing 'granny panties' Except, it's not grannie panties, it's clearly a thong; you can see the leg holes of it. It's a [[GoofyPrintUnderwear cartoon print thong]], but still a thong. The most the film does is give her {{tomboy}} looking clothes and big glasses.
* ''Film/FailureToLaunch'': Justin Bartha is the ugly one. Not the plain one and not played as a joke, repeatedly throughout the movie he is referred to as being ugly. So is Creator/ZooeyDeschanel; they are hooked up by friends on the theory that since they are both so ugly neither would be able to find anyone else.
* ''Film/TheHelp'': A plot point in both the book and the movie is the plainness of Skeeter. However, in the film version, Skeeter is played by the lovely Creator/EmmaStone. Most viewers find it difficult to believe that a character as beautiful as that would have trouble attracting men, even if the filmmakers tried to make her "ugly" by giving her "frizzy" hair.
* Matilda in ''Film/{{Zoolander}}''. It's a deliberate joke because the movie itself is a joke and stars male models.
* ''Film/TheTenCommandments'' goes on (and on and on) about the noble choice Moses makes to marry the plain Sephora over the gorgeous Nefretiri. The filmmakers make Yvonne De Carlo to look "plain" by putting dirt on her face in most scenes, and not giving her the sparkly dresses that Anne Baxter wears but she's still [[http://www.doctormacro.com/Images/De%20Carlo,%20Yvonne/Annex/Annex%20-%20De%20Carlo,%20Yvonne_02.jpg Yvonne De Carlo]].
* Many critics got a lot of mileage out of mocking ''Creator/TylerPerry's Temptation'' for presenting Lance Gross as the safe, bland alternative to sinister charmer Robbie Jones, even though both men are equally charming, equally handsome and have matching six-pack abs.
* In ''Film/SinCity'', Marv states that [[FaceOfAThug he's so intimidating]] that he could never even hire a prostitute. Creator/MickeyRourke wears prosthetics to exaggerate his facial features and match the comics, but the result does not say "ugly." With his lantern jaw and large nose, he looks more like an extremely weathered superhero.
* All the characters in ''Film/TheHouseBunny'' Shelly meets at the sorority qualify, most notably Natalie who is explicitly said to be a virgin and undesirable even by the standards of the Betas and implied that no guy would ever be interested in her...despite the fact that she's played by Creator/EmmaStone, and her plainness is really nothing more than glasses, a ponytail and tending toward bland clothing.
* Jennifer Coolidge's character, Paulette, from ''Film/LegallyBlonde'', who considers herself a mess because of her "stretch marks and fat ass", but she is only a bit frumpy and lacks self-confidence. By the end of the film, she's able to snag the hot delivery man who always flirts with her, with a little help from Elle. Keep in mind, this is the same actress who helped coin the term "MILF" in ''Film/AmericanPie''.
* In ''Film/TotalRecall2012'', a not-uglified-at-all Colin Farrell is presented as the in-universe Ugly Guy to Kate Beckinsale's Hot Wife.
* In ''Film/{{Outlaw}}'', Rupert Friend's character is violently attacked and scarred in the face before the events of the film, and it's repeatedly stated that his good looks have been ruined, though in fact it really only served to make him [[UnkemptBeauty more appealing]], particularly with the long, flowing hair.
* V. in [[Creator/FrancisFordCoppola Francis Ford Coppola's]] ''Twixt'', to an extent. She comments that other kids mock her for her overbite; aside from said overbite and her wearing braces (both of which are barely noticeable), the film does nothing to deter from the fact that she's played by Creator/ElleFanning.
* The entire premise of ''Film/TheDUFF'' hinges on the notion that Creator/MaeWhitman could pass for a "Designated Ugly Fat Friend", just because she's slightly huskier than the other leading female character. Though it's made clear that you don't have to be ugly or fat to count as such. Still, it's emphasized that she's unpopular because she's awkward and shy and has "unpopular tastes," but even then, someone as attractive as Whitman makes awkwardness much more charming and endearing, and her "strange tastes" (liking old or obscure movies) aren't really that strange or unpopular enough to warrant anyone running for the hills. A lot of her status also relies on the fact that her friends are more 'traditional' in terms of personality and beauty, and people would rather use her as a stepping stone to get to them.
* Mary Bee Cuddy, the frontier spinster heroine of ''The Homesman'' played by Hilary Swank. Two men refuse to marry her, partly because she's too "plain." While not movie-star gorgeous, she's an average nice-looking woman, not unattractive by real-world standards. (However, in both the movie and the novel, it seems likely that their primary reason for rejecting her is the other one they give, that she's "bossy.")
* The "ugly" stepsisters (who were genuinely unsightly in [[Disney/{{Cinderella}} the animated film]]) in ''Film/{{Cinderella 2015}}'' just wear ghastly clothes with bad make-up choices. However, this time it's deliberate as the narration comments that they aren't ugly on the outside, but on the inside.
* ''Film/FiveHundredDaysOfSummer'' has one random guy react with shock that Summer is dating Tom. He's played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, who was a teen heartthrob for years. He's given baggy clothes and hair in his eyes, and the rest of the characters state that Summer is out of his league.
* The most egregious example comes from the 1960 film ''Where the Boys Are'' where [[http://www.mfwright.com/CFphotogallery/connie269.jpg Connie Francis's character]] is supposed to have a hard time finding a date that [[NoGuyWantsAnAmazon isn't intimidated by her athletic abilities]] and is supposed to be overall unattractive, with the actress involved, it's hard to take it at face value.
* In ''Film/TheSaint1997'', the character Emma Russell is implied to be a wallflower who rarely receives male attention, which makes her very vulnerable to Simon Templar's seduction technique. She's played by Elizabeth Shue, who is quite attractive.
* Who did they get to play Creator/KevinJames' PlainJane best friend in ''Film/{{Zookeeper}}''? Creator/RosarioDawson!
* In ''Film/BabyMama'', Dr. Bicknell the fertility specialist is older than most of the other characters and is treated as a [[DirtyOldWoman disgusting, perverted hag]] for having young children at her age. Her actress? Creator/SigourneyWeaver.
* ''Film/TheSpectacularNow'' plays with this. Sutter's best friend reacts with shock that he's choosing to date Aimee Finicky. While she's a shy geek girl, she's still Creator/ShaileneWoodley. Shailene notably insisted on not wearing make-up for the role - feeling Aimee wouldn't - but she's still a cutie. Sutter even says that two guys were checking her out at the first party he takes her to.
* ''Literature/VampireAcademy'' - Natalie Dashkov is a very shy, awkward gawky vampire nerd girl who hangs out with the heroines. In the movie, she's ''Creator/SarahHyland'' in glasses.
* ''Film/MeanGirls'':
** The film straddles the line with Janis. She's supposed to be an 'art freak' and considered unpopular, despite being played by Lizzy Caplan. Producers even came close to turning her down, finding her too beautiful for the character. As she was the best audition, they opted to instead give her an alternative/goth appearance rather than dressing her down. There is a big fan theory that Janis is in fact a former AlphaBitch who got betrayed by Regina the same way Cady plans to do to the latter - and Lizzy Caplan's beauty is a contributing factor.
** Subverted with Gretchen. She was originally written to be an unattractive girl who was only in the Plastics due to her father's wealth. This was dropped and she was played by the very pretty Lacey Chabert. There are remnants of this in how Damian has to rig the voting to get her nominated for Spring Fling Queen and Regina does say that Gretchen isn't pretty - but in this case it comes across more as cattiness on Regina's part than Gretchen being considered unattractive.
* ''{{Film/Heartbreakers}}'' has Paige react with disgust that her mother liked Dean, claiming she has to be in serious denial when she says "Dean was kind of cute". You'd think Creator/RayLiotta was a hunchbacked leper from how she goes on about him.
* The portrayal of Eunice in ''Film/WhatsUpDoc'' combines this with ValuesDissonance. Despite being played by Madeline Khan, she's the target of multiple ugly jokes in the film, mainly from Music/BarbraStreisand's character of Judy. This along with Eunice being supposedly a needy, high-maintenance shrew is supposed to make the audience want Howard to end up with Judy despite Judy being an obsessive troublemaking stalker who brings chaos wherever she shows up.
* Parodied in ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol2''. Drax and Mantis are both pretty good looking, but their species have [[DeliberateValuesDissonance different standards of beauty]] and as a result they find each other physically repulsive, even after they become close friends. When Drax is made to imagine them being in a sexual relationship he comes startlingly close to vomiting.
-->'''Mantis''': It's beautiful.
-->'''Drax''': Yes it is. And so are you.
-->'''Drax''': On the inside.

* ''A Nameless Witch'' by A. Lee Martinez parodies this:
--> I had yet to dare look in the mirror for fear of being driven mad by my own hideousness. Now I chanced a sidelong glance through the corner of my eye. It was not the sanity-twisting sight I had expected, but still a far cry from lovely.
--> "But what about these?" I cupped the large, fatty mounds on my chest.
--> "Those are breasts," Ghastly Edna said. "They're supposed to be there."
--> "But they're so...so..."
--> "Round. Firm." She sighed. "That's how they're supposed to be. Ideally."
* While Lulu from ''LightNovel/DeathMarchToTheParallelWorldRhapsody'' is considered a {{Bishoujo}} by those from Japan, she is considered to have an unfortunate, ugly look in her own world.
* Isabella in ''Literature/HollowPlaces.'' The protagonist describes her as, "Pretty enough to star in a medicine ad." Attractive but noticeably plain.
* A perennial favorite of tabloid magazines is to show candid photos of starlets without makeup. But since most of them are still beautiful even without cosmetics, tabloids will choose the absolute worst photos possible: bad lighting, bad angle, bad posture, being tired or upset, making a face [[ItMakesSenseInContext at that moment]], and/or wearing frumpy clothing. If ''that'' weren't enough, the photos are then compared to their best glamour shots, with the rather hypocritical implication that nothing in Hollywood is real.
* Nerdanel in ''Literature/TheSilmarillion'' is described as homely, but this is also [[TheFairFolk an Elf]]. This most likely means she is still very attractive when compared to an attractive human female - just not nearly as beautiful as Galadriel, Lúthien, or Arwen.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/ThirtyRock'':
** Liz Lemon is seen as unattractive and gross by most of the other characters on the show. This is despite being played by Creator/TinaFey who is far from ugly in real life. She's not as much portrayed as unattractive as she is unappealing and undateable. It's suggested she is a woman whose life is out of order, wears inappropriate clothing, eats horribly, works too much and doesn't get enough sleep. The people who call her ugly are Jenna (who is crazy and jealous), Jack (who usually just points out her horrible choices) and Jack's associates (who have extremely high standards and are rich person mean). This portrayal could instead be the result of {{Unreliable Expositor}}s, given that she surrounds herself with horribly vain, manipulative people, and is ordinary only in comparison. Her perceived attractiveness does seem to fluctuate at times, since Frank does say he considers her bone-worthy, to the detriment of Jenna, and Liz herself tries to invoke BeautifulAllAlong when she goes to her high school reunion, only to find out her schoolmates never found her too unattractive, but rather mean. Her HeelRealization comes from the reveal that she was her own UnreliableExpositor.
** This is {{lampshade|Hanging}}d in the episode "Cleveland". Liz goes to Ohio and is offered a modeling contract and is complimented by people on the street.
--->'''Jenna''': We're all models west of the Allegheny.
** Also justified in-universe in a scene where Liz walks in front of a high-definition camera and the monitor shows her as a horrifically ugly woman.
** In the season 2 episode "Somebody to Love", Edie Falco explains that six reconstructive surgeries made her much better-looking than she used to be, and Alec Baldwin gets a slap for saying she did make love like an ugly girl. In the Lifetime movie about the Falco character, the ugly version is played by Hollywood homely Kristen Wiig.
* ''Series/AbsolutelyFabulous'': There was a constant stream of fat jokes at the expense of Jennifer Saunders, even though she didn't even ''look'' fat.
* ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'': Agent Fitz saw himself this way in the first two seasons. Even though actor Iain De Caestecker is by no means ugly, he's attractive in a boyish sense. In the show, he's insecure about his appearance and feels he can't compete with the tall, manly, and muscular Ward and Tripp for the affections of Daisy or his longtime crush Simmons. He grows a backbone over time, however, and does eventually win his lady.
* ''Series/TheAndyGriffithShow'': Andy and his girlfriend help out a farmer's daughter by giving her dresses and makeup in order to make her look good. Her "non-beautiful" state consisted of the (beautiful) actress with a few dirt smudges instead of rouge.
* ''Series/{{Angel}}'':
** An obnoxious commercial director bullied [[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-9ENqdNYAbzA/TXCzNBkkv1I/AAAAAAAAD_o/IbSKBYIqxdg/s1600/27013_5068_123_519lo.jpg Cordelia]] for being unattractive. It's lampshaded as unreasonable in-universe by her appalled friends and Angel tries to stand up for her.
** Doyle refers to himself as "homely" when he's played by the cute Glenn Quinn who just has odd fashion choices and the slightest hint of a beer belly.
** Another early episode had a monster that switched hosts through sex. It transferred from a male host who looked like an underwear model to a girl described as "Sarah plain and tall" that Cordy declared must be loaded to have such an attractive paramour. She's a gorgeous blonde girl who is no less attractive than anyone else on the show. Then again, this ''is'' before Cordy (fresh out of ''Buffy'' at the time, and still known for being rude and shallow) got some much-needed CharacterDevelopment. The demon then shows that it really knows how to make its hosts look good.
* ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'':
** Ann's not really played as "ugly," as much as that she's boring/unmemorable.
** Played for comedy with Kitty Sanchez, who is played by the attractive Creator/JudyGreer. While George Bluth Sr. keeps her as a mistress, LovableSexManiac Gob finds her repulsive. Her "ugliness" is achieved by crossing her eyes when she's not wearing her glasses and having frizzy hair when she lets it down. To play the ugliness up further, she also gets a pair of unfortunate breast implants.
** Lindsey's inability to attract attention from men is a recurring theme throughout the show, despite being played by the gorgeous Creator/PortiaDeRossi.
* ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'': While the characters vary considerably in their stated levels of attractiveness, the actors playing them are never ugly. They are, however, portrayed as shameless nerds, horrible dressers, and with unflattering hairstyles. If you want to see how they can look better, check out [[https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/df/e2/10/dfe2100195b1c74cf591276b96c317a1.jpg some of the]] [[https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/ed/9f/48/ed9f48d9170425c6eecdbd83bbff8344.jpg later photo shoots]].
* The third ''Series/{{Blackadder}}'' series has the Prince frequently referred to as fat (as historically he was) and having trouble with women, in spite of being played by the very thin (and popular with women) Hugh Laurie.
* ''Series/{{Bones}}'': In the episode "The Witch In the Wardrobe" Booth and Brennan spy on a group of Wiccans who perform their ceremony naked and Booth asked, "Why doesn't this ever happen with people you'd want to see naked?" Yet when we see coven members in the full light of day (and clothed alas) none of them register as less than slightly above average in looks.
* ''Series/TheBradyBunch'':
** The fact that Peter and Jan tend to be more socially awkward than Greg and Marcia is the only way that episodes like "The Not So Ugly Duckling" or "Cyrano de Brady" are plausible; the general consensus amongst viewers is that the middle children were actually the best-looking of the Brady kids. Over the course of the series they went through visible pubescent awkward stages and in the last season they were so clearly attractive that the writers gave in and [[InvertedTrope reversed course]]. These episodes focused on Peter juggling a date with two girls on the same night and Jan ran for "Most Popular Girl" at school, and won.
** Greg and Marcia also deal with this trope (indirectly). In the late third-season episode "My Fair Opponent," Marcia plays the sympathetic friend when an awkward and butt-ugly classmate named Molly is nominated (as a cruel joke) for hostess of Filmore Junior High's Banquet Night ... only for the makeover to work out too well and Molly becomes an insufferable snob. Greg's instance (in Season 5's "Peter and the Wolf") is averted: He merely is led to believe, based on old photographs and memories of his girlfriend, that his girlfriend's cousin still wears pigtails and braces and is horribly undesirable; the cousin turns out to be a total hottie.
** Marcia when she had to wear braces. This is TruthInTelevision.
-->'''Marcia''': (Sobbing) I'm ugly! Ugly! Ugly!
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** Xander, despite actor Nicholas Brendon being an incredibly attractive guy, and the character rather witty, he is the bottom of the social barrel at Sunnydale High, and numerous cracks are made at his inability to get girls. He dates the cheerleader Cordelia from Season 2 onwards. He was told to stop working out by producers because they didn't want Xander to look too buffed. Joss mentions this trope in the DVD commentaries:
--->'''Creator/JossWhedon''': Of course, Nicholas Brendon is way too good-looking, but this is Hollywood, so get over it.
** Willow Rosenberg, played by the very attractive Creator/AlysonHannigan, is in the same boat. In the original, never aired pilot, Willow was played by Riff Regan, who ''is'' more plain. This is also part ExecutiveMeddling, who requested that Willow be "more hip, like Buffy".
* ''Series/CharliesAngels'':
** Farrah Fawcett, the beauty who swept the hearts of many boys in the 1970s with her gorgeous visage, plays Jill, who goes undercover with a hair bun and eyeglasses, at which point another character says, "Jill, you look terrible."
* ''Series/{{Chuck}}'':
** Chuck himself, who is supposed to be average and dorky-looking. Even Big Mike, who habitually points out that Chuck is the only reason the store functions, is in disbelief he managed to get a woman like Sarah. Realistically, Creator/ZacharyLevi is pretty much textbook tall, dark, and handsome; so he's dressed in ill-fitting clothes and given a very silly haircut.
*** This has been acknowledged by the creators, who admit that the only reason that Chuck can pass as an ordinary guy is because his love interest is ''so'' good-looking that she makes him appear normal by comparison. Like standing a 6'4" guy (which incidentally, ''is'' Creator/ZacharyLevi's actual height, hence literally TallDarkAndHandsome) in the middle of a 7' basketball team and calling him short.
* ''Series/{{Community}}'': Annie Edison (Creator/AlisonBrie) ended up as this for the first couple of episodes. The original conception of her character was ''much'' different prior to her being cast, and there were still artifacts of that in the early scripts, with some male characters treating Annie as something of an AbhorrentAdmirer and getting the tacit agreement of even the more sympathetic characters. By the end of Season 1, pretty much everyone has caught on to the fact that she looks like a real-life Disney princess, and her lack of romantic success is attributed instead to her relative youth and naivete compared to the guys she tends to fall for. Season 2 attempts, belatedly, to {{justif|iedTrope}}y the earlier use of this trope, with Annie explaining that post-rehab she has lost a lot of weight, has better skin, and has dropped a lot of less-appealing character tics. This does explain why Troy initially fails to recognise her despite them having attended school together for years (and why he might be less than thrilled that she had a crush on him), though it's still a mystery why the rest of the study group (who'd only just met her and had no idea what she looked like before) also found her unattractive to begin with.
* ''Series/CrazyExGirlfriend'': Twelve-year-old Rebecca at one point acquires enormous frizzy hair, a retainer and bad skin, which is supposed to freak out her dad a bit, but she's still cute. Which makes it even more implausible when she's later described as having had, at some point, a hormone imbalance which made people mistake her for a guy.
* ''Series/CriminalMinds'': In the episode "Legacy", a SerialKiller is preying on impoverished streetwalkers and homeless people. But his victim ''du jour'' in the episode is played by an actress with the most perfect, straight, gleaming-white teeth -- the very personification of a million-dollar smile.
* ''Series/DesperateHousewives'': Eva Longoria is supposedly over the hill and has to play TheMom when she tries to return to modeling. Eva Longoria is considered a "Hag". Sadly, this is a reflection of the modeling industry. High-Fashion models obviously have a short shelf life, and ''26'' is considered old and many retire (if they're lucky) or never find work again (if they're not).
* Franchise/{{Disney}} TV shows:
** Look around for the Creator/MitchelMusso music video 'The In Crowd' for a textbook version of this. [[Series/BigTimeRush Katelyn Tarver]], who plays 'the plain girl' is obviously beautiful - and to 'make her plain', they give her glasses, put her in jeans and a flannel shirt, tie her hair into a messy ponytail and have her act 'goofy'.
** Most, if not all, of the actresses playing "geeky sidekicks" (Creator/EmilyOsment, Music/AshleyTisdale and [[Series/ThatsSoRaven Anneliese Van Der Pol]], for example) are ''at least'' as attractive and charismatic as the shows' stars, but play awkward or {{Cloudcuckoolander}} characters in nerdy clothes or glasses.
** Creator/DebbyRyan seems to play these a lot. Despite being as attractive as any other Disney channel star, her character's looks are constantly derided, such as in ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOnDeck'', ''Series/{{Jessie}}'', and ''Film/RadioRebel''.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': The scientist Osgood in "Day of the Doctor" is told by the Zygon taking her form that she's the ugly one, unlike her pretty sister. Osgood is played by an extremely attractive actress with an unflattering hairstyle, nerd glasses and a ''Doctor Who''-fangirl scarf[[note]]Although considering the audience this was meant for, that might have been the intention all along[[/note]]. Possibly {{justified|Trope}} in that the Zygon was going off her own opinion of herself rather than objective reality. (The justification was later confirmed in "Dark Water", where another character says that Osgood is 'so pretty' that and really should have a higher opinion of herself.)
** Somewhat subverted with the Doctor himself, who is usually portrayed by relatively plain or normal looking men (With exceptions, depending on who you ask), but particularly in New!Who it's pretty clear people find him attractive anyway.
* ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'': Mellie, played by the actress Miracle Laurie, complains that she's pudgy and can't get dates because she lives in LA and has to compete with all the girls that ''aren't''. Her love interest doesn't care, and neither does the audience, because despite being a little bigger than a size 2, she's still cute. [[spoiler: Later exploited when it is revealed that she is a planted agent with a timid personality specifically designed to ensnare her target.]]
* ''Series/DowntonAbbey'': Edith Crawley may be outshone by her sisters (her less outgoing personality and slightly dowdy outfits have something to do with it), but she certainly isn't ugly. Yet her sister Mary and even their parents constantly harp on how Edith is homely and destined to be a lonely spinster. WordOfGod: “The casting of Edith was a challenge. Just as you would never cast a boring actor to play a bore, so, when you are casting a plain character, the last thing you want is a plain actress. It’s a trick, really. You need someone who is attractive, but in a different way, allowing the others to act as if she were plain. This will give the audience the sensation that they can see her inner beauty. But of course they’re not looking at her inner beauty, they’re looking at her outer beauty. Laura Carmichael is just as pretty as Michelle Dockery and Jessica Brown Findlay, but she’s got that slightly more reserved English face. The characters act that she’s the least fetching of the sisters, but she isn’t. They are, all three, very beguiling.” --Julian Fellowes, The Complete Scripts, Season 1,page 322.
* Ray Vecchio in ''Series/DueSouth'' is often compared unfavorably to his very handsome best friend Fraser, and women ignore him to pay attention to Fraser, especially when Ray has a bad wardrobe in Season 1. Never mind that Ray has beautiful green eyes and a lovely smile. He does get even more attractive in Season 2, when he has a new haircut and classier clothes, and a few women pay attention to him and not always Fraser.
* ''Series/FakingIt:'' Rita Volk plays Amy, who's faking a lesbian relationship with her best friend Karma, played by Katie Stevens. Everyone in the show (including Amy herself!) immediately pegs her as "the butch one". Characters call her the Creator/{{Ellen|Degeneres}} to Karma's Creator/{{Portia|DeRossi}}, and the principal automatically assumes she'd wear the homecoming crown rather than the tiara. This from an actress who convincingly played a parody of a Creator/JenniferLawrence character in a previous movie. Dialogue in episode 2 suggests that Amy is supposed to be plain and unconcerned with her appearance.
* ''Series/FamilyMatters''.
** Steve Urkel: As proven by the 'Stefan' persona, Jaleel White is by no means unattractive, but give him thick glasses, a funny voice and suspenders and everyone treats him as a repellent geek.
** One episode, that is supposed to be about how true beauty comes from within, has Eddie meeting a witty, charming girl and asking her to the a school dance. When he tells Waldo and Weasel who he's taking, both react as if he's going on a date with Swamp Thing, calling her a "dog". Eddie breaks the date in order not to be embarrassed when he's seen with her, but Laura calls him shallow for caring more about her looks than her personality. In the end, he decides her personality, which is what attracted him in the first place, is more important. The girl in question is, of course, a [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0925232/ total hottie]] by any objective standard.
%%* ''Series/FatherTed'''s housekeeper, Mrs. Doyle.
%%* ''Series/FranklinAndBash'': Jennifer from "Jennifer of Troy". [[http://www.thetvking.com/reviews/412/jennifer-of-troy-astounds-franklin--bash/ Just read this]].
* In both ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' (and earlier on in ''Series/{{Cheers}}''), Lilith's general unattractiveness was harped on. Later in Frasier, though, they do play up the fact that Bebe Neuwirth is ''really'' hot [[SheCleansUpNicely when she turns off the frump and stops being so cold.]]
** Frasier's agent and one-off romance Bebe is definitely Hollywood Homely, especially by contrast to Frasier's usual sort of date. She makes up for it with personality and being a very good example of the {{BBW}}.
*** Both cases seem to be more of an example of extremely ugly ''personalities'', with Lilith seeming very cold and uncaring and Bebe hovering between cloying supplicant and ruthless she-devil.
* ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir'': One episode involved the GirlOfTheWeek bribing Will into going on dates with her, despite him not being attracted to her. At one point, Judge Carl Robertson makes fun of her appearance. However, it's pretty obvious that the girl in question is a pretty actress who just happens to have unflattering hair and clothes, and glasses. Hilariously, said girl eventually reveals that she views Will as the Hollywood Homely with his stupid haircut and his big ears, and only bribed him to go out with her to raise her own popularity. This is Will Smith.
* ''Series/{{Friends}}'': Ross and Chandler are definitely this. Especially Chandler in the first few seasons where all women seem to treat him like he's repulsive when actually he's quite cute and very funny. It gets better when the writing focuses on how he's socially awkward rather than unattractive. On a more notable level, Fat!Monica.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** Brienne of Tarth is called Brienne the Beauty as an IronicNickname because she's supposed to be ugly. Her [[AdaptationalAttractiveness literary counterpart]] fits this description and is described as comically hideous. Meanwhile in the show she's played by, Creator/GwendolineChristie, a [[StatuesqueStunner model]] who isn't uglied up much beyond a few facial scratches and men's clothing/armor. It's apparently a case of AdaptationalAttractiveness, and the nickname has more to do with her being a woman, though characters still treat her like she's unattractive, likely due to her butch manner and the DeliberateValuesDissonance of the setting.
** The same can be said of Tyrion Lannister, described as severely deformed and hideous, yet played on the TV adaptation by the quite handsome Peter Dinklage. Even though some fans theorize that Tyrion could be perceived as uglier and more deformed than he actually might be because of how society reacts to his dwarfism, including himself, [[WordOfGod George RR Martin]] mentioned that Dinklage is remarkably more handsome than the way he made Tyrion Lannister to be in the books.
** Plenty of Walder Frey's (grand-)daughters, especially those who don't get put forward by his snarky comments, are mostly uglied up with unflattering clothing and greased hair.
** They also tried giving Obara Sand a [[http://media.vanityfair.com/photos/55425f78db753b82389caa37/16:9/w_1200,h_630,c_limit/keisha-castle-hughes-obara-tout.jpg mannish appearance]] in an attempt to be consistent with how she's described in the books, and at one point Olenna Tyrell tells her she looks like an "angry boy." Needless to say, Creator/KeishaCastleHughes is [[http://saucemonsters.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Keisha-Castle-Hughes-01.jpg every bit as beautiful as her onscreen sisters]]. The biggest indicator is that she's MsFanservice in many of her pre-''Thrones'' roles.
* ''Series/GeneralHospital'': Part of the backlash on Spinelli is that he's a greasy-haired, geeky nerd with SesquipedalianLoquaciousness...on a SoapOpera, where anyone under a 9 is ugly. This was stretched even more when they brought in a similarly geeky girl...and hid her behind glasses, GirlishPigtails, and clothing that went out in the mid-90s.
* ''Series/{{Glee}}'':
** [[GenkiGirl Rachel Berry]] is supposedly less attractive than [[AllGuysWantCheerleaders Quinn Fabray]]. Now, Quinn's actress, Dianna Agron, is gorgeous, but Rachel's played by [[https://media.gq.com/photos/5582cfc6e52bc4b477a9ea34/master/w_704,h_964,c_limit/entertainment-2010-11-glee-glee07.jpg Lea Michele]]. In one episode, Finn describes Rachel has having "a smoking hot body... if you don't like boobs." Rachel is noticeably curvier than Quinn. In an [[http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/tv/la-en-lea-michele2-2009dec02,0,6625011.story interview]] with the actress she mentions how the character is not supposed to be seen as attractive in the show. Once she [[ImportantHaircut got bangs]], started wearing more flattering clothing, and became more friendly with the glee club, the show stopped being shy about the fact that she's beautiful.
** In the season 2 finale the coach of their rivals, Vocal Adrenaline, describes the whole club as "hideous". Admittedly Lauren is the BrawnHilda, but the rest? Even the resident HollywoodNerd Artie ([[http://static.tumblr.com/b2d926b4548024ca7bb2cc58a3ae12c4/mc0aeuc/KsCmyf7zp/tumblr_static_omgkev1.png or at least]] [[Creator/KevinMcHale his actor]]) is pretty damn attractive, chair and all. The only way this makes any is sense is as TrashTalk.
* ''Series/TheGoldenGirls'': frequent sport was made about Dorothy being physically unattractive. Now, Bea Arthur ''was'' in her sixties when they made that show, so she wasn't a supermodel, but it's hard to argue that she was less physically attractive than Rue [=McClanahan=], whose character was generally portrayed as being [[InformedAttractiveness catnip on legs]] for every man over the age 45. This had less to do with her appearance than the fact that Dorothy had a mannish and abrasive demeanor that often caused men to overlook her in favor of Blanche and even [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Rose]] at times.
* ''Series/{{Gotham}}'': Oswald Cobblepot, as one would expect, is constantly called a creepy freak in universe, with one character referring to him as a "freakish little man." This would be more convincing if he wasn't played by the [[PrettyBoy rather good-looking]] Robin Lord Taylor with a tiny nose prosthetic, [[LooksLikeCesare dark undereye shadows]], blotchy makeup, and stained teeth -- and even the last two of those disappeared in later episodes.
* BBC adaptation of ''Literature/{{Gormenghast}}'': Steerpike was described by Fuchsia as "so ugly", despite the fact that he is played by Creator/JonathanRhysMeyers, who is mostly famous for playing MrFanservice roles. They would've been better off not mentioning the character's looks at all, as it only drew attention to this fact.
* The Ugly Stepsisters in the Cinderella-inspired episode of ''Series/{{Grimm}}''. The older one would be prettier if she smiled, true, but the younger one is very pretty indeed.
%%* ''Series/GreenWing'': Karen Ball.
* ''Series/TheHoneymooners'': When Audrey Meadows first auditioned for the part of Alice Kramden, Jackie Gleason rejected her for being "too pretty". So she had a photographer come to her house early in the morning and photograph her just after waking up, morning hair, no makeup, etc. Jackie took one look at the pictures (without knowing it was Audrey) and hired her on the spot.
* ''Series/HorribleHistories'': Inverted with their portrayal of Elizabeth I, where they use make-up to make the actress look quite ugly.
* ''Series/HotInCleveland'': The premise is a LampshadeHanging of this trope, wherein a bunch of aging Hollywood actresses have a flight layover in the title city and decide to stay after discovering that they're considered attractive there in a way they wouldn't be back in LA. One of them is Valerie Bertinelli, who was one of the most beautiful women on TV in the early 80's, and is still prettier and better-built than women years younger[[note]]She did get somewhat pudgy in the 2000s, but not grotesquely so, and she had lost the weight again over a year before the series started[[/note]].
* ''Series/ILoveLucy'': Ethel was the source of constant fat jokes, despite being about the same build as Lucy. To compensate for this, the producers had her wear clothes that were several sizes too small. This was intentional on the part of Vivian Vance. She reasoned that if Fred threw fat jokes at Ethel, and she were actually fat, people would feel bad for her; if she was called fat while actually slender, the hypocrisy and dissonance would make it funny. The {{Urban Legend|s}} that she was contractually obligated to gain 20 pounds is untrue.
* ''Series/ICarly'': TheChewToy Lewbert is played [[http://img.likecinema.net/images/movie/player/Jeremy_Rowley_1279986142.jpg by this guy]]. In the show itself they mention that Lewbert used to be a male model, until a psycho ex-girlfriend caused him enough grief to make a [[http://www.icarly.com/assets/1/image/2009/04/30/import_000012.jpg giant wart]] grow on his face, and at that point, he seemed to throw in the towel on hygiene.
* ''Series/InspectorLynley'': (BBC Homely?) A mild case in the televised version of the mysteries; in the books, DS Barbara Havers is ''committedly'' unattractive -- middle-aged, plain, overweight, and badly dressed. Creator/SharonSmall may not fit the supermodel aesthetic, but she is stunningly pretty, and no bad haircut or baggy clothes can completely hide this, with the result that Barbara Havers is adorable for the first four series, and then genuinely pretty (they let Sharon grow her hair out for series 5 and 6). Elizabeth George, who wrote the novels, was quite upset by this [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome until she saw Small's performance in the pilot]].
* ''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia'':
** Averts this trope with Margaret [=McPoyle=] who is hideous. As it turns out Margaret [=McPoyle=] is played by the very attractive Thesy Surface under ''a lot'' of makeup. Don't believe it? [[http://chataboutit.com/actress-thesy-surface-reveals-the-secrets-of-her-its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-character-margaret-mcpoyle-with-mr-media-july-8-73/ Margaret McPoyle]] vs. [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2316545/ Thesy Surface]]
** All the male members of the gang use hyperbolic criticism to describe Sweet Dee's appearance. She's said to have a "five-head," compared to a giant bird with "stork-like" legs, and even said to have eyes so far apart that she looks like a fish. However, she doesn't have much of a problem getting boyfriends, suggesting that her friends and family are just being mean. It's interesting to note that actress Kaitlin Olson says she prefers playing "the ugly Dee" over a standard [[WomenAreWiser closer-to-Earth]] female character.
** The Waitress gets this treatment, too, from just about everyone besides [[StalkerWithACrush Charlie]] (who is, interestingly enough, played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis's real-life husband). Shallow Dennis talks about her as if she were downright repulsive, but she is actually quite pretty.
** The list of things wrong with Charlie's hygiene include his breath smelling like cat or dog food, not owning deodorant or a toothbrush, being able to pull out four or more teeth without any effort, washing his testicles once a week, eating old cheese in rat traps, and having lice/bugs crawling over him. Played by the adorable Charlie Day.
* ''Series/JustShootMe'':
** Maya conducts an experiment to prove beautiful people get social perks by sending both an illiterate male model and a well-qualified "ugly" guy to a job interview. She ends up [[HypocriticalHumor proving herself as shallow as everyone else]] by rejecting the charming "ugly" guy and dating the clueless himbo--much to her own self-loathing. However, the actor cast as the "ugly" guy wouldn't have been out of place in GQ.
** Maya herself was treated like this in the show's first season. While this was possibly justified by the show's setting (a high-fashion magazine), by season two they stopped trying to make anyone believe that Laura San Giacomo was in any way "homely".
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gui_Gui Gui Gui]] plays Huang Yueying in a parody of the ''Literature/RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms'' called ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K.O.3an_Guo K. O. 3an Guo]]''. She is certainly far more attractive than her character is supposed to be in legend.
* ''Series/KamenRiderOOO'': episodes #23-24. Sakura is tempted by a Yummy because she doesn't want to be "ugly", which is shown by wearing a lab coat, thick-rimmed glasses, and covering her hair. It was obvious that she was attractive under all that and it was just covered up. [[spoiler:[[JustTheWayYouAre Date agrees.]]]]
* ''Series/TheKingOfQueens'': Doug and his friends find out that an attractive female worker at the bowling alley is quitting and being replaced by a less attractive woman. The men mock this woman like she's the deformed lovechild of [[Franchise/StarWars Jabba the Hut]] and a toad, and is even given a "mercy flirt" by Doug. [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0237222/ Many viewers would find the actress pretty]].
* ''Legend Of The Condor Heroes'': The protagonist, Guo Jing, is described as stout and muscular, and is ''not'' known for being handsome or refined. As a matter of fact, several characters make the comparison of his relationship with Huang Rong as "[[UglyGuyHotWife A beautiful flower planted in cow dung]]". This becomes wince-worthy when he's played by Chinese teen heart throb Hu Ge, who is a RealLife equivalent of a {{Bishonen}}. To underplay his looks, he [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/U1735P28T3D1186872F326DT20060804162756.JPG tied his hair back and slightly frizzed, along with his clothes stuffed with more material so he would look a bit bulkier]]. He can still look prettier than some of the female cast, and halfway through the series, they don't bother trying to uglify him ([[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/U1735P28T3D1319149F326DT20061108153936.JPG straightening his hair]] and [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/200837173742479.jpg giving him more flattering clothes]]).
* ''Series/MadMen'': Peggy Olson is supposed to be deliberately keeping herself dowdy in order to be taken seriously at work but she's played by the gorgeous Creator/ElisabethMoss. The character was also shown [[HollywoodPudgy gaining weight]] throughout Season One, presumably for the same reason. [[spoiler:As we learn in Season Two, she was actually pregnant with Pete Campbell's child. Once Peggy has her "date" with Kurt in season 2 and starts dressing herself more fashionably and wearing her hair differently]], the presents this as her harnessing the power of [[spoiler: "being a woman"]] as Bobbie advised.
* ''Series/TheManyLovesOfDobieGillis'': Zelda Gilroy said there's nothing to love about her appearance. Really, the only problem was she wasn't as super-model hot as the other gals Dobie would chase.
* ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'':
** Bud Bundy is depicted as unattractive and someone that only a woman with no standards would date or have sex with despite being played by the not-remotely-ugly David Faustino. For all the women turned off by his looks, far more are repulsed by his personality. As he matures both physically and emotionally (and stops trying far, ''far'' too hard) he starts having more success.
** Marcy also came in for a lot of jokes about her looks even though the actress playing her, Amanda Bearse, is quite far from ugly. For example, in the episode "The Egg and I", she shows off her body in lingerie; Al screams "I'm blind! My eyes, my eyes!" but the studio audience {{Wolf Whistle}}s.
* Subverted on ''Series/{{Martin}}''. His SitcomArchNemesis Pam is often described by him as looking like a man and/or various kinds of animals. However, ''only Martin'' seems to have this perception. Pam gets all kinds of positive attention from men (as well as from viewers), and eventually becomes part of the BetaCouple with Tommy. But before long it became clear that Martin ragging on her appearance and Pam ragging on his short height was just part of their VitriolicBestBuds dynamic.
* ''Series/TheMaryTylerMooreShow'': PlayingWithATrope with Rhoda. Because she's not the star she can't outshine the star but in the Season 3 episode "Rhoda the Beautiful" Rhoda got her own show. She was given a supposedly less attractive sister to make sure everyone knew that now that she was the star she was now officially pretty.
** One thing that makes this even funnier in reruns is that putting Creator/JulieKavner in "old lady clothes" while dressing Creator/ValerieHarper more stylishly was a large part of it, but unless your own personal fashion sense is stuck in the 1970s the main thing you'll notice is that ''both'' of them are wearing clothing that's laughably out of date.
* ''Series/TheMentalist'': In episode "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" [[http://www.sitcomsonline.com/photopost/data/2492/MP5.jpg this]] woman has trouble getting a date, so she has to resort do a dating service.
* ''Series/{{Merlin|2008}}'': In the first season, Guinevere is a very plain servant girl; this is achieved by "plaining down" the lovely Angel Coulby. Starting with season 2, Gwen gets nicer outfits and less effort is made to hide the actress's natural beauty.
* Inverted in ''Series/TheMindyProject''. Mindy is a bit on the heavy side, but she makes a point of dressing well. She is viewed by other characters (and herself) as being fairly attractive.
* The titular character of ''Series/{{Miranda}}''. She is frequently called "sir", and she cannot for the life of her find a man; while perhaps not conventionally attractive, she is nevertheless average at worst and distinctly feminine-looking.
* The ''Series/MissionImpossible'' episode "Homecoming" features a mystery concerning the murders of young, beautiful women. It turns out that the killer is a local barmaid, ostensibly unattractive, who is jealous of how much attention the pretty women get from a man she is in love with. The homely barmaid is played by [[Series/{{MASH}} Loretta Swit]].
* ''Series/ModernFamily'' has Alex, who explicitly states in the first few episodes that she's not as pretty as her sister Haley. In reality, she was ''definitely'' as pretty as Haley. [[BuxomIsBetter Then she hit puberty.]] Since then they've been stuffing her into frumpy sweaters to hide her curves and even gave her a much less flattering pair of glasses with thicker rims. This has, naturally, done nothing to slow down her fanboys. Or Creator/ArielWinter's.
* ''Series/{{NCIS}}'': In a 6th season episode, a young and hot woman's attraction to [[AFatherToHisMen Gibbs]] is portrayed as odd. Gibbs is played by Creator/MarkHarmon who is one of the few people named EW's Sexiest Man of the Year ''twice''. Perhaps their confusion stems from his irascible personality, though he can be charming when needed.
* One episode of ''Series/NedsDeclassifiedSchoolSurvivalGuide'' dealt with "bad hair" days. Ned's hair is stated in the episode to be really messy...even though it's at most ''very'' slightly more unruly than how he usually has it.
** Lisa Zemo was this for the first two seasons, playing the role of AbhorrentAdmirer to Cookie. This situation was flipped over during the final season when Lisa got rid of the glasses, braces and changed her ward-robe and hair-style.
* ''Series/TheNewAdventuresOfOldChristine'': The beauty and shapely figure of [[Creator/JuliaLouisDreyfus Julia Louis-Dreyfus]] is ignored by the people around her, even though her wardrobe often shows off what one would consider damn fine assets.
* ''Series/NewGirl'': Nick is constantly called fat. For the most part, this was considered mostly a joke by Schmidt who is FormerlyFat and obsessed with body image. However, other characters have gone onto refer to Nick as chubby despite the fact he really isn't.
* ''Series/TheNightOf'': In the third episode, a shelter guy says people just like purebreds/pretty cats, and the cat that's getting locked up is referred to as an " ugly cat." That cat was cute as hell.
* Parodied on the Adult Swim show ''Series/{{NTSFSDSUV}}''. Jessie, the head lab tech, is called ugly by everyone else on the show. Jessie is played by Rebecca Romijn wearing a lab coat and glasses. A later episode reveals that the other lab techs are similarly viewed as unattractive and are all played by male models.
%%* ''Series/TheOC'': Seth Cohen.
* ''Series/{{The Office|US}}'' (US version):
** Andy and Michael flirt with a couple of waitresses at a restaurant and attempt to get them to come to a party. They show up at the party with two ''different'' waitresses, the joke being that the first two refused and they had to settle for supposedly less attractive ones. Unfortunately, as co-creator Greg Daniels admitted, poor casting meant the actresses hired were ''too'' good looking and the joke fell flat.
** Sometimes there are true inversions. In the early seasons, the makeup/hair team would spend hours making the very gorgeous [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Jenna_Fischer.jpg Jenna Fischer]], look quite realistic and average for [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Pam_Beasley.jpg Pam Beasley]], an office receptionist in her 20's. Despite that, all of the male characters treat her as if she's gorgeous, and refer to her as "the hot one" in the office. In later seasons, she has [[CharacterDevelopment gained more confidence]] and dresses up more.
** Also averted. On any other show, Kelly would be considered HollywoodPudgy. This is played with when Ryan refers to Kelly as having a little junk in the trunk and Kevin's line.
-->'''Andy''': Ladies, if it were up to us, you all would be the fashion models.
-->'''Kevin''': Yes! [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Because then the models would come here and work with us!]]
** One episode turns into an intense argument about whether Creator/HilarySwank is attractive.
* ''Series/OneTreeHill'': Millie appears completely and utterly gorgeous, except for a thick pair of glasses. (She later becomes a hit as a model)
* ''Series/OrphanBlack'' dances rings around this trope, featuring as it does multiple very different-looking clone characters all played by the very attractive TatianaMaslany. Thanks to superb makeup and subtle performance, it is often impossible to tell they are the same person, and chances are you will find yourself calling one of them "the pretty one". This is particularly true of Krystal, the vapid, ValleyGirl manicurist and the one character whose makeup is specifically designed to enhance her attractiveness. She even {{lampshade}}s this in Season 4, declaring that she can't be a clone of the main character because "She's a 7 on a good day, and I've been told I'm a 10."
* ''Series/PicketFences'': Kenny can't seem to appreciate Maxine's physical beauty because she's a fat tomboy with a weird face, so he has to learn to love her [[http://s.sfwgifs.com/img/upld/boys-dream.gif personality]].
* ''A Pocketful of Rye'', an ITV adaptation of the Literature/MissMarple story had the supposedly-plain Elaine Fortescue played by the decidedly beautiful Hattie Morahan, looking her best in fashionable clothes and an elaborate hairdo. Despite this, the other characters were at pains to point out how unattractive she was.
* ''Series/{{Popular}}'': Of the two lead characters, one is supposed to be an extremely beautiful AlphaBitch who leads a [[GirlPosse posse]] of popular blondes, and the other is supposed to be a frumpy, unattractive, unpopular nerdy girl. As far as the audience can tell, they're both very attractive, and viewers can't agree on which one is hotter.
* ''Series/QueerAsFolk'': Ted's status as this is meant to {{lampshade|Hanging}} the impossibly high standards of appearance that many gay men place on themselves (and each other). Women check him out all the time, much to his annoyance. And also Michael Novotny's self-depreciation, despite that Hal Sparks is unendingly adorable no matter what Sears-type button up shirts they put him in.
* ''Series/{{Reaper}}'': In episode "Business Casualty", Sock is set up with a friend of Nina's. His reaction to her is that she is hideous beyond all imagining; he tries to get away from her as quickly as possible. In fact, the character is played by a beautiful woman wearing a minimal amount of make-up and wearing average clothes with her hair in a pony-tail. There isn't even any of the usual Hollywood Homely attempts to disguise this: she doesn't wear glasses, have braces, wear hideous clothes, have bad hair, or prosthetic makeup. She looks like someone going out to run errands.
* ''Series/{{Revenge}}'' keeps trying to pass Nolan off as someone who has trouble getting laid. Even if he wasn't played by a model, he would still be rich. Having trouble forming relationships, that's understandable, but getting laid?
* On ''{{Series/Rome}}'', both Lucius Vorenus (Creator/KevinMcKidd) and Titus Pullo (Creator/RayStevenson) repeatedly refer to themselves as "ugly brutes," despite both being quite hunky (and even having some beauty qualities unlikely for the period, like good teeth). Semi-subverted in that they both grapple with feelings of guilt and self-loathing over [[GoodIsNotNice their violent and immoral actions]] over the course of the series, at least proving the "brute" part accurate.
* ''Series/RulesOfEngagement'' has Liz. Descriptions of the character indicate that she's overweight and highly unattractive. Visual inspection begs to differ.
* ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' tried to treat Valerie as this when she first appeared - she acted as though it would be impossible for her to get a date. Emphasis was placed on her being socially awkward, but Lindsay Sloane was just as gorgeous as the other female stars. The show eventually abandons this and gets Valerie providing plenty of {{Fanservice}} (even an episode where she wears a SpyCatsuit).
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'': Ted the lawyer is a aversion created with makeup and an ill-fitting suit. The actor has been quoted as saying that after seeing him in the pilot episode, his mother called him up and asked if he was ill.
* ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'': Ada, George's secretary in "The Secretary." George rejects attractive women for the position of secretary but Ada is not much more unattractive despite the implication.
** George himself could be this trope to many viewers as well, his lack of attractiveness having more to do with his height, glasses, baldness and neuroses.
* ''Series/SexAndTheCity'':
** The character Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) is supposed to be the ugly one of the four lead characters.
** Charlotte's second husband Harry. While played up as UglyGuyHotWife due to his baldness and slight weight, his actor Evan Handler, has a cute face, and is hardly less attractive than many of the character's [[GirlOfTheWeek guys of the week]] over the years. In the last season, they dropped the UglyGuyHotWife angle.
** Charlotte was this for exactly one episode, when she turns 36 and is freaking out about being an "old maid". She may be the most prudish of the bunch, but it is highly unlikely she would really wear a frumpy button up blouse on a trip to Atlantic City!
* ''Series/{{Skins}}'': The cast constantly say Sketch is ugly. She doesn't get all dolled up like most of the other girls on the show, but she is definitely pretty.
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}'': Lampshaded when [[Franchise/{{Superman}} Clark]] thinks of himself as plain but as the high school reunion and even his friends (such as Pete) have mentioned, he is quite handsome. He's played by a former underwear model.
* ''Series/StrangersWithCandy'': Averted with Creator/AmySedaris, who in real life is far from bad looking, took extensive pains to look as ugly as possible as Jerri Blank. This includes fat suits, yellowed teeth, hilariously awful wigs, and a wardrobe that would make anyone with a modicum of taste gouge their eyes out. The result is appropriately hideous. In an interview, she stated she was deliberately trying to avoid this trope.
* The miniseries adaptation of Creator/StephenKing's ''Series/TheStand'' features the "fat ugly" Harold Lauder.. played by pretty-boy [[Series/ParkerLewisCantLose Corin Nemec]].
* ''Series/That70sShow'':
** Big Rhonda was made up to look homely, but the actress ([[http://cynthialamontagne.com/ Cynthia Lamontagne]]) who played her wasn't. This is seen in the episode "It's a Wonderful Life", where in an alternate timeline she was dumped by Eric and appears at the gang's ten-year reunion without the whole Big Rhonda look. She also played a fembot in ''Film/AustinPowers''.
** Inverted with Donna (Creator/LauraPrepon), who's frequently mocked as a "giant" and a "lumberjack" by Jackie (who finds fault with everyone anyway), while alternately depicted as a "hot redhead" whom Eric could never hope to date otherwise. He even considered her his equivalent of the actual Brooke Shields dating Donna's father.
* The makeover series ''The Swan'' received lots of criticism for the extensive plastic surgery the contestants had to get. One personal trainer even stated that most of the women could have just been given a good gym program, a trip to the salon and tips on what clothes would be flattering - as opposed to multiple cosmetic surgeries.
* ''Series/TimAndEricAwesomeShowGreatJob'': Massively averted. A lot of the show's surreal look comes from casting average-looking people as actors.
* ''Series/TheTudors'':
** In Season 3, Joss Stone appears as Anne of Cleves. Henry VIII claims he cannot tell her from his horse (which speaks either very poorly of his eyesight or very well of his horse) and is unable to consummate his marriage to her because she is so ugly. This is based on something Henry historically said, but contemporary reports suggest that she was quite pretty. An alternative explanation suggested by other characters is that he's turned off because Anne is a virgin who doesn't know what to do. We also know that Henry was almost 50 years old and as heavy as 400 pounds, so he may have had performance anxiety of his own. Either way, it's most likely all in his head.
** This is used in Philippa Gregory's novel, ''The Boleyn Inheritance'', where Anne of Cleves seems very frumpy at first because she is wearing modest (read: baggy) and unflattering clothing that she brought with her from Germany. After Henry VIII divorced her, she was free to wear English clothing and hold her own court in her own household. The next time she showed up at court, everyone thought that she looked very pretty. There are several historical accounts that support this theory. Henry slept with her in Season Four.
** A case can also be made for Henry himself in his later age. King Henry was a fit and athletic man in his youth, and even still is given an HistoricalBeautyUpdate with the casting of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. In his later years, Henry is plagued by age, injury, illness and obesity, but he's still played by the same actor with only minor cosmetic changes.
** A similar case happened with the portrayal of the Emperor Charles V, who appears in The Tudors with the huge Hapsburg chin and all (even though [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0273797/ the actor Sebastian Armesto is quite handsome without the prosthetic]]), compared to Charles V's portrayal in "Carlos, Rey Emperador", where he's [[http://images.vertele.eldiario.es/2015/12/03/noticias/carlos-rey-emperador-VEINTE_1744335663_8040530_660x371.jpg remarkably more handsome]] than any painting of his historical counterpart, and receives the same ageing process than Jonathan Rhys Meyers by the end of the series.
* ''Series/UglyBetty'' plays with the trope by casting the obviously cute America Ferrera underneath a battery of accessories to hide her appearance. The idea is that she's working at a fashion magazine, which has a very high and conventional standard of beauty. It's not that Betty is ugly, she's just not made up like a model. Indeed, season four has a DreamSequence in which Betty is "beautiful," but the beautiful version is just America Ferrera without her "ugly" accessories.
* ''Series/{{Victorious}}'':
** When Trina offers to kiss a kid who previously came on to the other three main female characters he's grossed out. She's played by the far from unattractive [[http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4117871104/nm1508859 Daniella Monet]].
** In the episode "Wifi In The Sky" Beck and Andre are horrified at getting a close-up shot of her behind as she leaves her seat. Several male viewers would be gratified if they were in their place.
* ''Vieja yo?'': The Venezuelan soap played with this. Margot, is a {{housewife}} just turned 50 who has tried to be an actress for years, and thanks to her skills she ends fronting for an old man to discover who are the really truthful people in his company. Everybody keeps calling "old hag" (even her very unfaithful husband and her three kids), and everybody around treats her like she was truly an hideous old prune. Of course, she is interpreted by [[http://www.notas.com/html/html/Vieja%20yo%203%20MIMI%20LAZO%20Y%20ADRIAN%20DELGADO%204.JPG Mimi Lazo]], who is the Venezuelan poster lady for GrandmaWhatMassiveHotnessYouHave, and all the calling out is put in the mouth of people who are either envious of her luck and/or looks, or far older and uglier -- people who has other reasons to dislike her and just use the "old hag" card to hurt her. Unluckily, her younger {{Love Interest|s}} fell into the InformedAttractiveness, as he gained weight during the soap and put in clothing too formal for the poor man in an intent to become more visually suitable for the heroine, but still referred as the second hottest men in the setting.
* The 2016 Creator/{{BBC}} adaptation of ''Literature/WarAndPeace'' cast Jessie Buckley as Princess Marya Bolkonskaya, whose only redeeming physical feature is her [[WhatBeautifulEyes gorgeous, doe-like eyes]] and who is constantly derided as plain (though not outright ugly) by pretty much everybody. While Buckley's eyes are certainly lovely, [[https://www.thestage.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Shot-03_198-1color-edit2_LAND1-700x455.jpg so is her everything else]], too. Of course, this version was only following in the footsteps of Robert Dornhelm's 2007 production of the same, which cast the sultry Italian beauty [[http://66.media.tumblr.com/63030f9420e9fc18e10902c7576d73ed/tumblr_ncqkffxMLa1rwahceo1_1280.jpg Valentina Cervi]] as Princess Marya.
* ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'':
** Justin. In one episode his family couldn't believe that a pretty girl would consider dating him. At one point, Alex said that Justin was not cute all. How are we supposed to believe this when he's played by the hot ''David Henrie''?
** While it's never stated that Harper is unattractive, her personality quirks and bizarre dress sense probably shouldn't have been as effective as they were at repelling boys. While Jennifer Stone struggled with her weight for part of the series, she is definitely not ugly - many would say far from it. Harper was eventually paired up with Justin's socially awkward but somewhat handsome friend Zeke.
* ''Series/WKRPInCincinnati'': Many male fans insist this one was (unintentionally) inverted wherein Jan Smithers as shy and nerdy Bailey came off as a hotter than 'blonde bombshell' Loni Anderson. Loni Anderson stated that the trope was being intentionally averted and that she enjoyed playing on a show where the two attractive women were loyal co-workers and good friends.
* ''Series/WonderWoman'': Give Diana glasses and her hair in a bun and suddenly she's nowhere near as attractive as her superhero counterpart. As with the Maya/Just Shoot Me example, the second season (which fast-forwarded 30 years) stopped trying to convince audiences that even a bespectacled, ponytailed Creator/LyndaCarter was homely. Her supposed homeliness is highlighted in an exchange between Steve and Diana in the season 1 episode called "Beauty on Parade", where Nazis have infiltrated a beauty pageant.
-->'''Diana''': Perhaps if we could get one of our own agents into that beauty contest...
-->'''Steve''': ... it might flush them out. It would take a really beautiful girl, though. Someone with all the right qualifications.
-->'''Diana''':Well, I'd be willing to try.
-->'''Steve''': Thanks, Diana. I know you'd do a wonderful job. But I'm afraid this calls for a really gorgeous girl. Someone who looks great in a bathing suit. Say, I won't be needing you for awhile, is there anything you'd like to do?
* ''Series/YoSoyBettyLaFea'', the Colombian soap opera on which ''Series/UglyBetty'' is based, looks [[http://img.timeinc.net/pespanol/i/galeria/2006/septiembre/Betty_Colombia_090506.jpg a bit more convincing]] into characterizing Betty as ugly, even when the main actress is [[http://www.anamaria-orozco.com/amo08a.gif quite pretty]]. See [[http://estb.msn.com/i/79/C1A1B6E4E161C812F7BFBCD0B447.jpg this comparison]].
* ''Series/{{Zoey 101}}'':
** [[HollywoodNerd Quinn Pensky, played by Erin Sanders.]]... though the less we say about the relative attractiveness of someone under the age of 18, the better.
** Coco Wexler. She is neither so fat nor so horrible as they say in the series. The fact that his supposed ugliness is accompanied by a series of romantic failures ultimately has UnfortunateImplications, even though her role is the {{buttmonkey}}.
** One episode where the kids have to give two male nerds a makeover. The ''ugly nerds'' in question were two hunky twenty-somethings with glasses and bad clothes.
** Chase is supposed to be seen as a plain dork with bushy hair.
* ''Series/FutureMan'': The title character is presented as an unattractive loser, unable to get a girlfriend even when he's a wealthy pro-gamer, despite being played by a teenage hearthrob. The same trope is averted with his unnamed gamer friend, played by rapper Awkwafina, who is described as desireable and sexually active in spite of her nerd glasses and odd behavior.

* Music/AvrilLavigne. In the video for "Girlfriend", we're supposed to believe that Avril's bratty punk-like "bad girl" character is more desirable than the nerdy girlfriend. That's a tough sell.... (WordOfGod says it's supposed to be satirical, but if that's true, it sure has one hell of a MisaimedFandom).
* Saving Jane. The whole point of the song "Girl Next Door" is that the singer feels inadaquete compared to this other girl who is described as "perfect skin, perfect hair, perfumed hearts everywhere...."
* Music/TaylorSwift. In the video for "You Belong With Me", they put her in [[HollywoodNerd really big glasses and a band uniform]] and we're supposed to believe she's The Plain Girl. Yeah, right. Just to drive the trope home, the 'hot cheerleader' is played by... Taylor Swift, in a brunette wig.
* Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of Music/TokioHotel has stated on multiple occasions that he looks ugly without his makeup. When seen without his makeup, [[DudeLooksLikeALady he looks more like a man than usual.]]
* Music/KatyPerry. In the video for [[WildTeenParty "Last Friday Night (TGIF)"]], they give her [[HollywoodNerd big glasses, headgear, and a ponytail]], and they still cannot hide the fact that it's Katy Perry under there. Just ask the HollywoodNerd that falls for her.

[[folder: Newspaper Comics]]
* {{ComicStrip/Luann}} is typically assumed in her world to be plain, at best (at least as compared to the local high school AlphaBitch, Tiffany), even though she is drawn attractive. In one arc boys lined up around the block to throw baseballs at a dunking machine [[SexySoakedShirt so as to get Tiffany wet]]; when it was Luann's turn, all the boys mysteriously vanished. (This was the {{Punchline}}). It's not like her boob size (again, as drawn) is any less ample than her rival's, either.
** To be fair, in earlier comics, the younger Luann '''was''' drawn very plainly. She grew up nice, but tends to retain a bit of "Ugly Duckling Syndrome".
* [[http://www.barnaclepress.com/comics/Ella%20Cinders/ Ella Cinders]] is another case of this condition: She is generally shown as being rather hideous with her disheveled appearance, with her brother [[PunnyName Blackie]] and [[{{Gonk}} Waite, the ice-man]] being the only ones not to mock her for her looks. But when she appears in decent clothes, she's more of the UglyCute kind, even attracting quite a few [[TheBeautifulElite good-looking, wealthy men]].
* ''ComicStrip/{{Dustin}}'': The title character's [[BrattyTeenageDaughter teenage sister]] is depicted as being quite unattractive ([[{{Gonk}} she was once compared to her dad]]) [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption and a failure with boys]] ([[HormoneAddledTeenager which might contribute to her often-excessive focus over them]]). However she is not that far from her mother in the looks department, her "ugliness" having more to do with her frumpy clothes and her low dating record is likely linked to [[HollywoodDateless a family condition]].

[[folder: Professional Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/{{Madusa}} in Wrestling/{{WCW}}. She had long been teased by {{heel}} wrestlers as "ugly" but was still presented as attractive for her whole career, up until WCW, [[BrawnHilda where looking ugly compared to non wrestlers became her gimmick]]. And though [[YouGoGirl everyone remembers her Cruiserweight title run]], she spent most of her time in WCW as a ''valet''.
* Wrestling/{{WWE}} spoofed this when they had Wrestling/LayCool mock Wrestling/MickieJames by claiming that the extremely fit Diva was fat and calling her Piggy James. Even though they were doing it for some {{cheap heat}}, and the announcers pointed out how ridiculous it was, some people thought the WWE was seriously calling her fat. According to Mickie, that angle came about because Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon wanted to do a storyline about bullying. Even with that, many fans still believe Mickie being punished for being a prima donna backstage. The fact that she was fired a few months afterwards just adds to the belief.
* Wrestling/MollyHolly. After her HollywoodPudgy angle in 2002, WWE was back at it again in 2004, with Wrestling/JerryLawler mocking her for being old and ugly (she was 27 at the time, and one of the younger women in the company). Many blame it on WWE moving towards "model Divas" then and Molly's reluctance to fit into that mold.
* Wrestling/CodyRhodes:
** He adopted a vain pretty boy gimmick and came out to cut a promo on how "dashing" he is. He then referred to Todd Grisham as "overweight" and "plain". [[http://onlineworldofwrestling.com/pictures/t/toddgrisham/01.jpg Yeah]], not getting oxygen to the brain there Cody.
** Cody then suffered a blow to the face from Wrestling/{{Rey Mysterio| Jr}} and supposedly required reconstructive surgery. He went from considering himself as 'dashing' to 'hideous' and 'deformed' as a result. He wore a see-through plastic mask to 'protect' his face, but it was clear that his face looked exactly the way that it always did, especially as he liked removing the mask to hit people with it. After a few months he dropped the gimmick and mask and all without his looks changing in the slightest.
* Wrestling/AJLee on NXT was a form of a HollywoodNerd and people were constantly remarking on how she'd have a hard time getting dates. The aforementioned Cody Rhodes remarked that she'd probably never kissed a boy before. She got into the act herself and called out the other Divas in saying she couldn't get into the WWE just by being cute like the rest of them. She's a hot girl who loves cars and playing video games - she's had boys lining up down the street for the chance to kiss her hand for a while now. [[http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/pictures/a/ajlee/17.jpg Need anything else said?]]
* Wrestling/TheaTrinidad (Rosita, Divina Fly) stated on one of her YouTube videos that she was told she was too ugly to be a wrestler. Tell that to the people she '''''models''''' for.

* ''Theatre/{{Passion}}'': When the Music/StephenSondheim musical was in previews, the director James Lapine had great trouble settling on a make-up look for the character Fosca. Fosca is ''supposed'' to be ugly -- that's the entire point of her character -- but whenever they used prosthetics to make the actress Donna Murphy look genuinely ugly, the audience lost all sympathy for the character. They ended up making Murphy up in pale "no make-up" make-up, giving her a mole, and dressing her in unflattering clothes; that was as much ugliness as the audience could take. Lest tropers unfamiliar with the work think poorly of those audiences, the character of Fosca isn't beautiful on the inside, either--she has deep psychological scars from a disastrous first marriage, and spends most of the show pursuing a man who has clearly and calmly indicated that 1. He's not interested and 2. He's already in a relationship (with a married woman but still...). [[spoiler:When he finally reciprocates at the end, it's not clear if he has learned to love her or if she has simply broken him.]]
* ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'': Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba, is supposed to be so hideous that her father cannot look at her upon her birth. She even describes herself as "ugly". Still, she is played by actresses such as Shoshanna Bean, Eden Espinosa and the incredibly attractive Idina Menzel, with no further pains taken in making her look unattractive than painting her green.
* Neil La Bute’s “reasons to be pretty” features the main character of Steph, described by her boyfriend as “just normal looking” and another character as “a dog”. On Broadway the character was played by [[http://images.bwwstatic.com/upload/27079/tn-500_ireland.jpg Marin Ireland]] and in London by [[https://i.pinimg.com/474x/b9/7e/23/b97e230faa09b58d4b5a0d0323e4b937.jpg Sian Brooke]].

[[folder: Video Games ]]
* ''Franchise/AceAttorney'':
** Given Japanese media's issues with GenericCuteness, it's noteworthy that the first game avoids this. Will Powers, the defendant in the third case, is genuinely rough-looking and unattractive. Maya, who has never seen him out of his Steel Samurai costume, is more than a little stunned. There are many who find Will's cragginess rather appealing, and the constant hullabaloo about how "frightening" he looks a straight invocation of this trope.
** The sequel has some more good times on this subject: Will, who lacks the skills or training for anything but television, has been reduced to hosting a children's exercise program in a rabbit costume that hides his face, Will's successor, Matt Engarde, usually looks about as attractively sixteen as you can get (until [[spoiler:he pushes back his hair and reveals the extreme scar across his eye, which also signals his switch into his real personality as an inhuman, manipulative monster]]), and Matt's supposed rival, Juan Corrida, is frequently mocked for being ugly and looking so much older than Matt (i.e. he looks to be in his early-to-mid twenties, which he is, and he looks pretty good for it too).
* In ''VideoGame/CondemnedCriminalOrigins'', Ethan Thomas is an aversion as he looks believable as an average police detective. In ''VideoGame/Condemned2Bloodshot'', he's built like a football player despite the fact that he's been spending the year between the two games living as an alcoholic vagabond. The only signifier of his degenerate status is his scruffy facial hair. He also [[RaceLift became much paler]] than his originally [[AmbiguouslyBrown bronzed skin tone]].
* ''VideoGame/TwistedMetal2012'' plays this trope for drama with Dollface. In the new version, she is a former supermodel who gets a (minor) scar on her face, decides that [[BeautyToBeast her beauty is ruined]] (even though everybody, including her doctor, can plainly see that she's wrong), and starts wearing a mask to hide her "imperfection." David Jaffe said that her story is a satire of the extreme standards of beauty that are presented to women by pop culture.
* ''VideoGame/FreedomForce'': Invoked. Shadow is a masked villaness who is obsessed with creating an underground civilization filled with ugly, disfigured people and destroying the attractive surface dwellers. Then her mask comes off, and she's revealed to be a gorgeous former supermodel... with a tiny scar on her cheek. She screams about her hideousness but everyone else agrees she's beautiful...including her deformed minions, who promptly attack her.
* In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots'', Solid Snake is supposed to be so ugly as a result of his accelerated ageing disease that at one point, when he takes his shirt off, he actually makes a grown woman cry. (His younger self was supposed to be a [[SlidingScaleOfBeauty World Class Beauty]], and women immediately show interest in him when he's wearing [[LatexPerfection makeup to look like his younger self]].) In practice, he still has a great body and finding him more attractive than his younger self is ''not'' a niche opinion amongst Solid Snake's generous EstrogenBrigade; people frequently remark that his younger self as it was rendered in ''Metal Gear Solid 4'' looks [[UncannyValley awkward-looking]] or even outright ugly, but as an old man he is extremely charismatic. The bottom line is that he looks like a very fit 80-year-old when he's 42.
* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', Aveline asks Isabela how she's able to attract men, given that she's not especially good looking. The tone of both Aveline's question and Isabela's response indicates that this was a serious question, despite Isabela's character model being a MsFanservice and Aveline herself is quite attractive.
** Aveline's exact words are "You're not ''that'' good-looking," implying less that Isabella lacks physical charms and more that those charms alone aren't enough to explain [[ReallyGetsAround the sheer amount of sex she manages to have]] (though Isabella later admits that she doesn't have quite as much sex as her reputation suggests).
* In the DatingSim ''Videogame/AlwaysRememberMe'', the protagonist occasionally remarks how plain and average she is, but there's nothing to indicate that she's any less attractive than the NewOldFlame or the rest of the all-{{bishonen}} cast.
* ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors'': Yue Ying, the wife of Zhuge Liang, is described as "ugly" in her historical records character profile and some games make passing mention of her supposed unattractiveness. The viewer will likely find her to be anything but...though, given that she doesn't meet the ''conventional Chinese standards of beauty'' and on top of that acts nothing like the Confucian ideal of a perfect wife (i.e. ExtremeDoormat), maybe it's not a stretch that she's considered to be some sort of horrible hag.
* Huang Yueying in the ''VideoGame/RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms'' used this as a SecretTestOfCharacter - the rumors of her ugliness were her own invention and used to ensure any man who pursued her was interested in her vast intellect and writings. Her "ugliness" was said to be red-hair and dark skin.
* The survivors in the ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'' series are supposed to fall into the trope since they are the "every man" caught up in a ZombieApocalypse and are not military trained or anything that you would see in Hollywood films. The survivors look a little ragged, but their faces for the most part still look pretty/handsome. This is mostly due to Valve using the faces of professional models to create the look of the survivor characters.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'', a lot of people casually dismiss Chie, especially since she spends so much time around YamatoNadeshiko-in-training Yukiko. In the animated adaptation, even [[TheStoic Yu]] nearly chokes in surprise when he finds out Kou has a crush on Chie. At worst Chie suffers GenericCuteness with a perhaps-unfortunate haircut and a casual disregard for her appearance.
** It's worth noting that Chie was ''intentionally'' [[InvokedTrope designed with the trope in mind]]. Her more realistic attractiveness was meant to contrast with the idol Rise and the traditional ideal Yukiko.
* Played for laughs in both ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}'' games. [=GlaDOS=] [[spoiler:and Wheatley]], amidst taunting her about being an orphan, repeatedly point out that [[http://i1.theportalwiki.net/img/4/40/Chell.png Chell]] is fat, pale, and ugly to try and demoralize her. [[TheVoiceless It]] [[{{Determinator}} doesn't]] [[TheStoic work.]]
* Dorothy of ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Fire Emblem: Binding Blade]]'' is supposed to be homely. Her sprite portrait is better at this than the artwork, but the problem is still mostly with her drab brown outfit and haircut (and lack of confidence).
* Being the ultimate VirtualPaperDoll game series, you can make any Sim you want like this in most versions of ''VideoGame/TheSims''. Step 1, make an attractive sim. Step 2, give them an unflattering hairstyle, bad clothes, and even braces or blemishes if you wish (if you have the mods for those, that is). Step 3, give them personality traits that make them bad at socializing... and voila! You have a hopelessly awkward, Hollywood Homely plaything at your disposal.
* The genre of [[http://www.dressupwho.com/makeover-games/ online makeover games]] fall hard into this trope. In them, your goal is to make a girl pretty with beauty products and makeup... but more often than not, the only things that make the girl "ugly" or "plain" to begin with are acne, unfashionable clothes, and occasionally bad teeth. It's especially laughable in the makeover games featuring [[Franchise/DisneyPrincess Disney princesses]] in which the pre-makeover girl is clearly a stock image of the already-beautiful Disney princess [[http://www.dressupwho.com/games/snow-white-makeover-salon/ with some pimples and blemishes drawn on her face]], not to mention the makeover games in which the ''only'' criteria for the girl needing a makeover are that she has [[http://www.girlsgogames.com/game/from-naughty-to-hottie dyed hair and tattoos]]!
* ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert2'': Lt. Eva Lee, who serves as the Allied MissionControl. While she's clearly beautiful, she's much less obvious {{Fanservice}} than her [[EvilIsSexy leather-clad Soviet counterpart]] and even on her own team her looks are far more downplayed compared to [[ActionGirl Agent Tanya]]. When SheCleansUpNicely for the final cinematic of the ExpansionPack, it's a genuine surprise.

[[folder: Web Comic]]
* in ''Webcomic/BetterDays'', both [[http://www.jaynaylor.com/betterdays/comic/BD235.05-07-15.gif Marvin]] and [[http://www.jaynaylor.com/betterdays/comic/BD225.05-06-10.gif Marissa]] are treated as being pretty unattractive. Fisk is shocked the instant he sees Marissa, having assumed she got some of the "hereditary hottability" that her cheerleader sister had, and Lucy reacts with pity the instant she sees Elizabeth with Marvin. The trouble is, both of them are drawn in the standard cute animal style, so it's really impossible to tell that they're supposed to be that undesirable. In the case of Marissa it has more to do with her Che Guevara t-shirt and the implications of her political leanings than what she looks like. Fisk is an {{Author Avatar}} of Jay Naylor, who is opposed to communism and hates Che Guevara.
* After the new character Yvan first appeared in ''Webcomic/MenageA3'', nobody in Internet discussions seemed to think that he was especially unattractive -- even given the comic's sky-high level of GenericCuteness. However, when she first saw him, and knowing that she might have to flirt with him, [[http://www.ma3comic.com/strips-ma3/get_a_better_look Zii gave a mental yelp of shock]]. He appears to be flagged as "homely" by being a little heavier-built than most of the cast, having PermaStubble, posing a little, and using AnticipatoryBreathSpray. Or maybe Zii is a bit of a snob.
* In ''Webcomic/NipAndTuck'', [[http://web.archive.org/web/20120512011240/http://www.rhjunior.com/NT/00772.html objecting to this trope is one reason to avoid movie romances.]]
* Donut from the webcomic ''Webcomic/LilyLove'' describes herself as ugly, with small breasts and a large forehead, and being chubby with large legs. The {{Animesque}} art doesn't really show it, as her breasts aren't really small, she's very skinny, and she has normal legs. Here is an image made by the [[http://three-musqueerteers.tumblr.com/post/136379527141/donut-postcard-art-from-lily-love-vol-3-by#notes author herself.]]

[[folder: Web Original]]
* ''Website/GaiaOnline'': Timmy he came down with [[PlotRelevantAgeUp Megapuberty]] and turned into a grown man... Where Gaia users had been expecting another {{Bishonen}}, they instead got a lanky man with a PornStache and messy hair and clothes that fit him better when he was twelve. Based on ''Nicholas Cage''. The fans were screaming "change him back". [[note]] Just as many users were complaining about the [[{{Flanderization}} stupidity]] that began when he grew up, or had simply [[TheScrappy gotten tired of Timmy altogether]]. [[/note]]
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick:
** Nella is a BigBeautifulWoman but is treated as repulsive for laughs.
** The Chick sees ''herself'' this way. In fact, it was once revealed that she hired Nella to hang around her specifically so she could feel better about herself.
* {{Troll}} Douchey Mcnitpick is still just Creator/DougWalker in a wig, bad glasses, unflattering shirt and a constant scowl. If he smiled, cut his hair and wore nicer clothes he would be pretty cute. ([[{{Jerkass}} Then he starts talking]].)
** Chester A. Bum is depicted as a dirty, crazy homeless man with old clothes and unkempt hair. But it's still Doug Walker. This is (probably unintentionally) {{lampshade|Hanging}}d by a Website/YouTube user that uploads Bum Reviews whose handle is "hotbumfan".
* Allison Raskin from ''WebVideo/JustBetweenUs'' believes herself to be this. She has said she'd be "killing it" in the midwest, but isn't up to Los Angeles standards.
* ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical'' intentionally uses this for humor. Harry, Dumbledore, and especially Ron, will deliver entire ''monologues'' about the horrid ugliness of Hermione, who is played by a very pretty actress. Draco tries this as well, but the most scathing thing he can come up with is that she's an 8 out of 10 (Maybe an 8.5...No more than a 9.8!)
-->'''Ron:''' It was inevitable that one day Hermione would realize that no guy would ever like her, because of her obnoxious personality, and her ugly face, and her misshapen body, but I figured she'd get in at least ''one'' night of happiness before she realized she was going to be growing old alone, you know?
** A few minutes after that she enters Ron and Draco break into a CounterpointDuet about how they're falling in love (falling in love, falling in love) with Hermione Granger (Danger...)
** Happens to Ginny as well. Harry calls her a "butterface" (in the sequel) and Harry makes it clear that he doesn't find her attractive, though she's played by a pretty actress.
* Sally in ''Theatre/MeAndMyDick'', played by the same actress as Ginny in ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical''. It's lampshaded when after Joey realizes that she's the one for him, and he says "You know, I don't know why I ever thought she was that ugly, she's really not that bad."
* The Literature/WhateleyUniverse. A majority of the characters are exemplars (that is to say, idealised humans, superhero-beautiful), and there are those who use auras and glamours to make themselves even more attractive. Non-examplars, even when they're on a level with otherwise gorgeous baselines like Hollywood actors/actresses, don't stand a chance.
** Example: Aquerna. She's hardly worth a second glance on campus, but the devisers think she's hot, and when she goes home for the holidays with her pal Rhiannon, lots of guys are hitting on her.
* ''Roleplay/TheGunganCouncil'': Feena's avatar could be viewed as pretty, yet her character in narrative is described as being borderline ugly.
* In ''WebVideo/UltraFastPony'', Cheerilee can't get any dates because she's so ugly. Except she's exactly the same character model as every other mare (including Rarity, [[InformedAttractiveness who's stated to be hot]]). Either pony beauty standards are very dependent on fur color and mane style, or [[MST3KMantra we're overthinking]] a GagDub.
* A post on the blog [[https://invadingnirvana.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/chicago-pretty/ Invading Nirvana]] touches on the reason for this trope. In it, the author recounts the experience of a friend of his who is a director in L.A., who invited an actress he knew from Chicago out to audition for a particular role. When he sees her standing with all the L.A. actresses who are also present, he thinks to himself
-->"Oh. My mistake," he thought, looking at his beautiful, Midwest friend. "You’re not L.A. pretty. You’re ''Chicago'' pretty."

[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries''[=/=]''The New Batman Adventures'' lampshades it (in an {{Anvilicious}} way, but SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped) with one VillainOfTheWeek, Calendar Girl. She was once a renowned model who was fired for getting old, unable to compete with younger models. She tried to make the transition to acting, and even managed to get the role as a mother on a sitcom, but was subsequently fired from ''that'' job when the network decided they wanted to go in a "younger direction". She eventually decides to wreak bloody vengeance on the network and modeling executives who ruined her career, but she had so much plastic surgery done before turning evil that she wears a full-face mask. At the end of the episode, Franchise/{{Batman}} defeats her and the police unmask her, whereupon she begins to scream and sob upon the ground. She's only in her mid 30s and still quite attractive, even in comparison to other models, but she is absolutely horrified that everyone can see her "old, ugly" face.
-->'''ComicBook/{{Batgirl}}''': I don't get it, she's beautiful.
-->'''Batman''': She can't see that anymore. All she can see are the flaws.
** For bonus points, she's voiced by Sela Ward, an actress and former model who had similar experiences as she reached middle age (minus the supervillainy of course). During casting for the Franchise/JamesBond movie ''Film/{{GoldenEye}}'', she was passed over for the Bond Girl role because she was "too old," which in this case meant "[[DoubleStandard only three years younger than]] Creator/PierceBrosnan." In response, she produced a documentary, ''The Changing Face of Beauty'', about the media's obsession with youth and its effect on women.
* ''{{WesternAnimation/Daria}}'':
** "Quinn the Brain"; while Daria is generally described as plain or even ugly (by people who believe that AllGuysWantCheerleaders), and usually shows disdain for makeup and clothing, but proves that she can match her fashion-crazed sister Quinn to make a point to her. Note that Daria and her pal Jane are the only girls in the school who are drawn with no bust ''at all''.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'': Timmy frequently describes Tootie as "creepy" (yeah, she follows him around, but in one episode, he had a hard time calling her "lovely" without throwing up), but her "ugliness" only seems to be a matter of unflattering glasses, braces, and a bland outfit; plus the stalking.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
** Meg Griffin, who was originally supposed to be plain but has been flanderized into being monstrously hideous based on the reactions of those around her. Characters have committed suicide by fire upon sight and have (claimed to) kill family members to generate excuses to avoid her. In the episode, "Don't Make Me Over" all that was easily fixed with a new hairstyle and color, fashionable clothes and make up. The main difference between how Lois (considered in-universe to be smoking hot) is drawn and how Meg is drawn is: Meg has brown (instead of red) hair, is shorter (to be expected considering she's supposed to be about 16), and wears glasses and a hat. Meg is also slightly chubbier than Lois, but you have to specifically be looking for it to notice, since she's a twig compared to Peter or Chris.
*** The trope is parodied in one episode in which the Griffins star in a reality TV show. Meg is recast and her part played by a gorgeous starlet, but her character is otherwise unchanged. The starlet complains that she'll "never have full beautiful breasts like these," as she gestures toward her generous assets.
** If there's a CutawayGag is about a famous woman, half the time it'll be about how she's an absolute hag[[note]]The other half are about her being a giant bitch[[/note]]. The list of women so insulted includes Creator/HelenHunt, Creator/KirstenDunst, Creator/SarahJessicaParker ("she looks like a foot!"), Creator/LauraLinney, Creator/LauraDern, Creator/KateWinslet, Creator/MaggieGyllenhaal, Greta Van Susteren, Rachel Maddow, Creator/PenelopeCruz and countless others, most of whom are considered very beautiful. This has the [[UnfortunateImplications unfortunate effect of making the writing staff look like misogynists]].
** Peter's boss, Angela, is also supposedly ugly to the point where Quagmire couldn't stand having to sleep with her and Peter had to disguise himself as another man that was attracted to her to make her feel attractive seeing as no one else thought she was attractive. Truthfully, though, compared to the other characters, she's more average looking than actually ugly. Angela is stated to smell bad, and have aggressive gingivitis that causes her gums to bleed, but neither of these are apparent to the audience.
* ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'':
** {{Sidekick}} Ron Stoppable was supposed to appear as a buffoon type of character, but he ended up appearing cute to the viewers.
** [=DNAmy=] is supposed to be desperately unattractive but in her case it's her creepy [[StalkerWithACrush stalker-like]] personality that puts off most men.
* ''Franchise/ScoobyDoo'': Velma Dinkley used to be decidedly plain; she wore glasses, her hairstyle was unflattering at best, her face was nothing to get excited over, the sweater she always wore was shapeless, and her figure could generously be described as resembling a barrel on legs. No-one in the series ever explicitly states that she is unattractive ''but'' In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooMysteryInc'', a landlady wouldn't let Velma sleep in the same room as Daphne because she [the landlady] thought Velma was a boy[[note]]either a Scot or a cross-dresser, apparently, since Velma nearly always wears a pleated skirt[[/note]]. Her Hollywood Homely became a RunningGag in the second season.\\\
This was enforced by the producers of the show; the original pitch called for Velma to be a DistaffCounterpart to Fred, both intelligent and attractive, and there was also an airheaded hippie-chick for Shaggy to pal around with, but the suits felt [[UnfortunateImplications an intelligent AND attractive woman was unbelievable]], so the hippie girl was excised and Fred's counterpart was split into the airheaded, gorgeous Daphne and intelligent, "ugly" Velma. [[ValuesDissonance Changing standards]] over the years now mean Velma has no shortage of admirers both in-universe ([[{{Crossover}} including]] WesternAnimation/JohnnyBravo) and [[PerverseSexualLust out]].
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' parodies this with the character "Ugly Bob." [[InformedDeformity It's stated in universe]] that his face "looks like somebody tried to put out a forest fire with a screwdriver," but he's rendered in the same minimalist style as the rest of the Canadians in the show.
* ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987'': Irma. Glasses? Ponytail? Baggy clothes? Check check and check - now everyone will know she's supposed to be the ugly one. Okay, always being around April is hard but was she deserving of this piece?
-->'''Leonardo:''' ''(suffering from amnesia)'' Fear not, beautiful maiden; I'll save you!
-->'''Donatello:''' Irma? Beautiful?
-->'''Raphael:''' The poor guy got konked harder than we thought.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', Moe auditions for a role on a soap opera, which provides the page quote about him being "ugly-ugly."
-->'''Moe:''' I've been called ugly, fugly, pugly, pug-fugly... but not ''ugly''-ugly!
** In the same episode, Moe gets plastic surgery and becomes much more attractive. Given the art style it's not always easy to judge subtle differences in attractiveness, but Moe goes from outright {{Gonk}} to looking like one of the in-universe movie stars, at which point he's immediately hired for the part he auditioned for years ago. He ''does'' have to wear an eyepatch for the role, though, which apparently qualifies him as "TV ugly" enough.
* Jay Sherman on ''WesternAnimation/TheCritic'' appears mildly overweight, balding, and short to viewers, but InUniverse he appears to resemble a disgusting animal to everyone around him.