[[quoteright:250:[[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/zp_pruning_7817.jpg]]]]

->''"Look! The Shut the Fuck Up Fairy has come to bless your very long story."''
-->--'''[[Creator/{{Egoraptor}} Arin Hanson]]''', ''Music/NinjaSexParty''

A lot of polite wiki authors are uncomfortable with outright deleting fragments or directly re-writing the work of others to reflect concise, impartial observation. Instead of removing the incorrect information or biased statements, or turning a one word example into a complete comprehensible sentence, they add their own thoughts, elaborations, and counterpoints to the existing text. Over time, this results in sprawling examples and trope descriptions full of [[WikiSchizophrenia contradictions]] and {{weasel words}} and [[ThreadMode long meandering discussions]] spanning multiple bullet points. These are hard to read and while well intentioned, this behavior can create redundant and confusing tangles of PurpleProse and NonSequitur. But to many, it would be rude to do anything to actually fix the problem, since it would require deleting so much that others have written with the best of intentions.

The Hedge Trimmer has [[GoodIsNotSoft no such hangups.]]

The Hedge Trimmer is a merciless subspecies of [[Administrivia/LumperVsSplitter Lumper]] more interested in maintaining articles than starting them. To these tropers, a trope article or works page is like a garden. A garden in need of trimming.

WallsOfText are overgrown shrubs to prune into topiary. {{Thread Mode}} is an unpleasant vine that infests example sections. Administrivia/{{Natter}} is a parasitic moss that grows on other statements, and bits of (perceived) {{Fancruft}} are stinkweeds that kill bees and eat birds. WordCruft is AlienKudzu. The Hedge Trimmer seeks and destroys all of them.

A full blown Administrivia/SignalToNoiseTrainWreck may induce TranquilFury.

Tolerable levels of cruft vary depending on the individual hedge trimmer, and can be influenced by how amusing the rambling is or how long a clear explanation needs to be. In extreme cases, [[MemeticMutation Too Long; Didn't Read]] is used unironically, and even for the most tolerant shear-wielders some articles are thought not to dignify the use of the scrollbar. Additionally, Discussion pages tend to be glossed over like Martian instruction manuals.[[note]]As, after all, they only contain ''more'' irrelevant natter which ''cannot'' be trimmed.[[/note]]

While they can tear through articles like a chainsaw-wielding psycho through a group of camp councilors, most Hedge Trimmers do have the best of intentions. Whatever the standards of the appropriate format, they will cut and mutilate their targets to fit. Ultimately the Hedge Trimmer's goal is leaving a page they edit in a clearer and more pleasant to read state.

The wise Hedge Trimmer will quickly learn that a very good grasp of grammar, and attention to when nuance and detail ''are'' important, can help avoid Administrivia/{{Edit War}}s.