[[quoteright:300:[[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikerS http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/fate-nanoha-vivio.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:300:[[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/s_day_3017.png Who's your daddy, Vivio?]]]]

->''"Ever since then, I have had two mothers. Well, this is a little bit unusual, but both of them are my precious mothers."''
-->-- '''Vivio''', ''Manga/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaVivid''.

The two may be lovers, who have now become a family through adoption, a [[ChosenConceptionPartner helpful]] [[GlorifiedSpermDonor donor]], or [[HomosexualReproduction through the wonders of magic or science]], with added likelihood of PatchworkKids if the latter. The two may be close siblings (but not ''[[IncestIsRelative that]]'' close) or the best of friends, with one of them wishing to help out their single parent buddy. The two may be in that very fine line between the previous two examples, giving much ShipTease and HoYay to the delight of their fans.

Whatever the reason, it's all the same: A family unit that cheerfully ignores the traditional view of a family requiring a father and mother, by having two (or more!) parents, parental figures, or {{Parental Substitute}}s of the same sex. Nevertheless, one of these characters may be referred to by the opposite gender parental term; sometimes in personal amusement, sometimes out of jest, sometimes to fit with the standard family unit. In fiction, CastSpeciation will usually result in the two parents fitting into a father and a mother role anyway. Usually the child will be the same gender as their parents.

Taken to its logical extreme, this trope overlaps with HomosexualReproduction and/or ExtraParentConception, or possibly even ConjoinedTwins. Compare AllLesbiansWantKids.


* Finnish TV ad for a teleoperator had a little school boy asking tough questions of his dad. One of them was a sincerely delivered "Why does Jani have two dads -- and I have only one?" Awww.
* JC Penney has run Mother's Day and Father's Day ads depicting families two of the appropriate gendered parents.
* Campbell’s had a commercial for their ''Franchise/StarWars'' Soup, which had a man feeding his son while saying "I am your father". Then the camera pulls back and shows another man who goes "No no no... ''I'' am your father."

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'':
** Vivio with Nanoha and Fate (pictured above). Vivio calling them both "Mama" for the first time was accompanied by the sound of the Nanoha/Fate shippers going '''{{Squee}}'''. The third [[FourthWallMailSlot Megami Sound Stage]] suggested that Fate is being sent on deep space missions to distance herself from being considered Vivio's mama. This [[ArmedWithCanon ultimately proved futile]] since Vivio still sees Fate as her mama four years later in ''Manga/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaVivid'', and Vivio notes in the "Second Mother's Day" one shot that despite her frequent (and often, unexpected) absences, she sees her as her second mother and gives her gifts for Father's day. Later [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by a minor character.
-->"Ah, in other words she's their chil- [[FridgeLogic Wha]][[BigWhat aaa]]!?"
** Fate once tells Vivio that she has two mothers herself, albeit in a different sense, mentioning Precia as her biological mother and Lindy as her adoptive one. ''[[Manga/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaINNOCENT INNOCENT]]'' would make it a more traditional example, with Precia and Lindy being HeterosexualLifePartners, extending this to [[SparedByTheAdaptation Alica]] and Chrono as well.
** And before all of that, we have Reinforce Zwei, who Hayate [[OurPhlebotinumChild created based off of data from the original Reinforce and herself]].
** Cinque, Nove, Dieci, and Wendi have a similar situation to Fate, as they continue to view Jail as a father figure even after they're adopted by Genya.
* After the events of ''Manga/SailorMoon's'' Infinity arc, Hotaru becomes the adopted daughter of [[ButchLesbian Haruka-papa]] [[LipstickLesbian and Michiru-mama]], and is watched over by Setsuna-mama as well.
* Pretty much by series definition, the parents of the characters in ''Anime/{{Vandread}}''. Ezra, one of the female side characters, was pregnant with the child of Rebecca, another female crew member, via [[HomosexualReproduction technological gene-mixing]]. Males from Tarraku are made in ex-utero factories and raised in orphanages, and so get no parents at all. The higher class Tarraku men can choose who to reproduce with, and Bart obviously knows of at least one parent though, so the "no parents" bit seems to be confined to the third class citizens.
* A common joke among ''Manga/DragonBallZ'' fans is that Gohan has two dads - [[TheHero Goku]] and [[ParentalSubstitute Piccolo]] - the latter of whom is half-jokingly suggested to be the ''better'' father to him, despite Goku being his actual dad.
* ''Anime/OjamajoDoremi'''s second and third seasons center around four/five 10/11 year old girls (Doremi, Aiko, Momoko, Hazuki and Onpu) and a 5/6 year old girl (Pop) taking care of the baby Hana-chan.
* The main character of the CLAMP manga ''Manga/ManOfManyFaces'', Akira Iijyuin, has two mothers who were twin sisters, which he called Mommy A and Mommy B. He also had a father who's mostly a DisappearedDad except one time he disguised himself as Santa to see his son on Christmas Eve.
* In ''LightNovel/KyoKaraMaoh'' Greta ends up with two adopted daddies, Yuri and Wolfram.
* Two of the women in ''Manga/IonoTheFanatics'' [[HomosexualReproduction have a child together]] through the power of science in the epilogue.
* The Arume in ''Manga/BlueDrop'' have [[HomosexualReproduction two female parents]] by definition, since [[OneGenderRace that race only consists of women]]. They also only interbreed with earth women, so their hybrid offspring has two mothers as well.
* ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'':
** One episode featured a Nurse Joy reflecting back on her childhood. In the positions of encouraging her in her ambitions, we see not a mother and father... but a pair of Nurse Joys. Just one more headscratcher in the mystery that is [[InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals the Joy/Jenny collective]].
** ''Anime/PokemonTheFirstMovie'' has a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b70GRNYnacI non-indicative Japanese teaser trailer]] which shows a grown-up Misty presumably in a relationship with the blue-haired lady from the port. The trailer shows them with what appears to be their daughter.
** Another episode had a Smoochum with ''three'' [[OneGenderRace mommies]].
* ''Almost'' there in ''Manga/PetShopOfHorrors'': Regardless of Leon being Chris's brother, he's a parental figure... and so is Count D.
* The behind-the-dust-cover {{omake}} to ''Manga/TheDayOfRevolution'' features a child referred to only as 'Junior,' who was raised by Megumi and Makoto. Various origins for the kid are proposed in order of increasing unlikelihood.
* Fay D. Flourite of ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' likes to think of himself and Kurogane (Dad) as parental figures to Syaoran and Sakura. This is made a lot more serious later in the series with [[spoiler:Real!Syaoran]] for whom they basically are surrogate parents.
* In a similar vein, Tamaki from ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' sees himself as a father figure to the rest of the club (and especially Haruhi). With Kyouya, apparently, being the mother...
* [[spoiler:Cibo and Sana-Kan]] from ''Manga/{{Blame}}''. In a very literal sense, considering the child is composed of genes from both of them, with [[spoiler:Cibo]] as the mother, and [[spoiler:Sana-Kan]] as the father. Somehow.
* In ''Manga/SpiderManJ'', Sho Amano's parents aren't dead, just [[ParentalAbandonment in the US]]. His aunt, Mami Amano, nonetheless insists she's his mother, much to his annoyance.
* Bikky of ''Manga/{{FAKE}}'' is adopted by Ryo, who goes on to date Dee. There's no sign that Dee adopts him as well, but [[spoiler: they all do eventually move in together]].
* Motoko Gettou in ''Manga/{{Change 123}}'' has ''three'' fathers, and it is each of their training that lead to... her SplitPersonality problem.
* One more from CLAMP, though it was more of a joke: an omake of ''Manga/DrugAndDrop'' was an alternate universe in which Kakei explained to his son Kazahaya that he was remarrying to Saiga (Rikuo's father), and asked Kazahaya to call him "Mommy" from now on, "to avoid confusion". Kazahaya's brain protested.
* Alexi in ''Manga/ShinkuuYuusetsu'' was raised by his two daddy figures; the biological father and his (non-sexual) male partner. [[spoiler:He eventually gets to meet his mother, but opts to go back home to be with his own partner and father(s).]]
* This is implied at the end of ''Manga/WildRose'' with Kiri, Mikhail and Camille.
* In ''Manga/HappyYarouWedding'', Shouta, a five year old with a MissingMom, is delighted to have "Yuuhi-mama" become part of the family when he and Todou get together. Yuuhi is less than keen on the name.
* In ''Manga/SweetGuiltyLoveBites'' [[spoiler: Ryuna]] eventually gets a second mommy in [[spoiler:Mayu]] in the form of a "helper", even if it is kept quiet.
* A roundabout version of this is in ''Manga/GunslingerGirl''. [[spoiler:Speranza is Triela's biological daughter (thanks to Hillshire preserving her eggs), but it's Roberta Guellfi who carried, gave birth to, and raised her.]]
* ''Manga/SorenariNiShinkenNandesu'' has Oosawa raising his [[CheerfulChild daughter]] Chizu as a single working father after his [[AmicablyDivorced divorce]]. Enter [[StraightGay Yoshioka]], who is [[DoggedNiceGuy interested]] in Oosawa, and [[BoysLoveGenre in no time flat]], Chizu has herself two daddies.
* In the [[{{omake}} extra chapter]] of ''Manga/EbisuSanAndHoteiSan'', [[spoiler: [[CheerfulChild Hana]]]] explains to her friend that she has three mommies: [[spoiler: [[LazyBum her biological mother]], her aunt "Mayo-chan," and her aunt's "[[GirlsLove friend]]."]]
* This is implied to have happened to a minor character in ''Manga/OnePiece'', thanks to Emporio Ivankov's Horm-Horm Fruit powers giving him power over hormones. One of the functions of his Devil Fruit is to gender flip someone with his "Emporio Female Hormone". When the character comes to try and kill him as revenge for his father getting turned into a female ([[ItMakesSenseInContext don't ask...]]), he gets turned into one himself, with Ivankov providing this line.
-->'''Ivankov:''' Two mothers and one daughter. Doesn't that sound lovely?
* In ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'', through some combination of {{Fanon}} and historical context, [[ShrinkingViolet Canada]] has two father figures in both [[AnythingThatMoves France]] and [[{{Tsundere}} England]]. Of course, that's not always a good thing, considering they have a rather... [[BelligerentSexualTension disfunctional]] [[TheMasochismTango relationship]], to say it politely.
* Oneshot YuriGenre manga ''The Female Body'' provides a rather awkward example. A woman with a toddler divorces her husband and begins dating ''his sister''.
* Downplayed but definitely present in ''[[Manga/SaintSeiyaEpisodeG Saint Seiya Episode G: Assassin]]'', one of several possible ''Manga/SaintSeiya'' futures. Hyoga adopts a small girl named Natassia, who calls him "Papa," and a special chapter showed that she also calls ''Shun'' "Mama." It's explained that they live in the same apartment building and so Shun watches Natassia while Hyoga is at work (and that [[DudeLooksLikeALady she might think Shun's a woman]]), but that naturally doesn't stop the happy shippers.
* Subverted in the short yuri oneshot ''Mama Mama''. It seems like the two women are raising children together , but the ending reveals that [[spoiler:they are next-door-neighbors [[YourCheatingHeart cheating on their husbands]].]]
* In the one shot H-Manga ''The Heir of the Curse'' has a family comprised of almost nothing of this. This is due to a curse placed on the family by a mountain goddess who in a fit of rage at being deceived of being given a woman for a husband in recompense for a village girl stealing her clothes got the woman pregnant and was later revealed that [[HomosexualReproduction her daughter had the same ability]] and said curse bred true.
* Subverted in ''Manga/MissKobayashisDragonMaid''. Kanna has both Kobayashi and Tohru as {{Parental Substitute}}s, but she views the latter as a CoolBigSis instead.
* In ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamIronBloodedOrphans'', there's [[spoiler: Akatsuki]], who is being taken care of by [[spoiler:his two mothers: Kudelia and his biological mother Atra, who are married. Akatsuki's father, Mikazuki, died in the GrandFinale]].

* Creator/PeterSellers's LP sketch "Auntie Rotter" has Auntie Rotter pointing Daddy out to the children in her care and saying "Wouldn't it be lovely to have two Daddies? Well, we can arrange that!". Her unorthodox way of achieving this is to [[spoiler: have the children chop Daddy in half.]]
* A joke: "Your mom's gay!" "Which one?"

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/TheAuthority'', Apollo and Midnighter are a gay couple who adopted superpowered baby girl Jenny Quantum, who refers to them as 'Daddy Midnighter' and 'Daddy Apollo'... except for once when she called Apollo 'Happy Daddy'.
* Rafael from ''ComicStrip/DykesToWatchOutFor'' is sometimes addressed as "Heather" by his classmates. His mothers, Toni ("Mommy") and Clarice ("Meema"), do not approve of his violent responses to this.
* ''ComicBook/StrangersInParadise'' ends with [[spoiler:Francine and Katchoo raising their respective offspring together]].
* In ''Janes in Love'' we find out that Brain Jane has two dads (who we have every reason to believe are a couple).
* Mystique and Destiny are like this with ComicBook/{{Rogue}} in ''ComicBook/XMen''.
* Franchise/WonderWoman had ''an entire island'' of mommies, sisters, and surrogate daughters seeing as the Amazons are pretty much a OneGenderRace.
* In ''ComicBook/TheSandman'', Foxglove and Hazel raise a son together (biologically Hazel's via a clueless encounter).
* Post-Crisis ComicBook/{{Superboy}}'s biological parents are Superman... [[FoeYay and Lex Luthor]], made through cloning. Socially speaking, he's pretty much raised by Superman and Supes's adoptive parents; Luthor is, with a few exceptions, very much the deadbeat dad.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Bamse}}'', Lille Skutt's brother lives together with another male [[FunnyAnimal rabbit]]. They (informally) adopted a foundling.
* ''ComicBook/AmeliaRules'': Amelia Louise [=McBride=] lives with her mother (divorced) and her cool aunt Tanner.
* [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Bruce Wayne]] and Alfred Pennyworth raised [[ComicBook/{{Nightwing}} Dick Grayson]] together.
* The first arc of the new ''Comicbook/YoungAvengers'' reveals that Miss America Chavez had two mothers, who died creating paradise for her, which she rejected and struck out to hero on her own.
* ComicBook/{{X 23}} is a ''bizarrely'' complicated case. Although generally described as ComicBook/{{Wolverine}}'s OppositeSexClone, this definition is simplified to the point of inaccuracy (as noted by Sarah Kinney herself in ''ComicBook/InnocenceLost''). Since she was created by duplicating Logan's X-chromosome, all of her genetic material can be traced to Elizabeth Howlett, so probably the strictest view of her genetics makes her the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenogenesis parthenogenetic]] offspring of Logan's ''mother'' (therefore his sister) gestated by Sarah Kinney as surrogate, who provided her own genetic material via maternal inheritance, therefore giving Laura two genetic mothers (the fact that it can be argued that Logan providing her genetic material directly makes him her genetic progenitor--therefore her father--just clouds this even ''further'').
* ''ComicBook/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' is raised by her two aunts, Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda, but in this case they're sisters instead of lovers.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Circles}}'', for Jason Pope it's more like a daddy and stepdaddy, er, Uncle Paulie. But then eventually, [[spoiler:Dad]].
* In ''ComicBook/HavocInc'' Chris and Chester have an adopted daughter, though she's at boarding school most issues.

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* In ''ComicStrip/PhoebeAndHerUnicorn'', Phoebe's friend Max is being raised by two women.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' fanfics ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11989539/1/Hakkōna Hakkōna]]'' and ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12023508/1/Kaitō-Kokoro Kaitō Kokoro]]'': Within both stories, [[MrSeahorse male Obake can impregnate other male Obake]], perhaps because [[ShapeShifter they could technically materialize the necessary organs and synthesize the necessary hormones]]. [[spoiler:This is how Kiku and Feliciano had their own children.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' fandom:
** By the end of the fanfic ''Fanfic/NewFeelings'', [[LesYay Pearl and Garnet]] are blessed with a little boy named Jonah.
** Pearl and Garnet become the parents of [[UntoUsASonAndDaughterAreBorn twins]] at the end of another fanfic called ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10545584/1/Here-I-Am Here I Am.]]''
* ''Fanfic/DoingItRightThisTime'': Discussed. Asuka, Rei and Shinji have a three-ways relationship. Both girls agree if or when any of them has a child with Shinji, they will raise him or her together.
* ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji'': After [[spoiler:ascending to godhood during Third Impact, Shinji, Asuka, Rei and Misato got together. Their children regard the three women as their mothers, independent of who actually bore them.]]
* In ''FanFic/SlightlyAltered'', Buwaro is adopted by [[EvilParentsWantGoodKids Azurai]] and Iratu. They end up being better parents than you'd think.
* ''Franchise/HarryPotter'' fandom:
** The fanfic ''Making Puppies'' which has Sirius and Remus have a child thanks to the {{fanon}} that Lupin apparently [[AssPull is a female while in werewolf form]].
** There are plenty of "Sirius and Remus raising Harry" fics.
** The Fanfic/{{Dangerverse}} has two variants on this trope. The first is the Pack, which essentially consists of four adults collectively raising four children. It's repeatedly and explicitly stated that the cubs of the Pack consider all four Pack-adults their parents. The second variant on this trope is the blood-adoption ritual, which is a major plot element at several points. For example, about halfway through ''Facing Danger'' [[spoiler: Lucius Malfoy blood-bonds Draco and Hermione as twins. From that point on, they each effectively have four biological parents (Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy and David and Rose Granger).)]]
** There's a fanfic where Harry and Voldemort turn into cats, mate, turn back to normal, and then several months later Harry gives birth [[MindRape (don't ask how)]] to a healthy litter of kittens.
* Quite notable in ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' {{Fanfiction}}, where several fics have lead the [[FanPreferredCouple popular]] [[LesYay Kim/Shego]] couple to have children together, in different ways. Most well known examples include: [[http://hazurasinner.deviantart.com/art/KP-Precious-Memories-35083959 Kasy and Sheki]] from ''Fanfic/ASmallPossibility'' (By far the most well known. Search for them in Website/DeviantArt and you'll find ''dozens'' of fanarts!), [[http://angelickitty89.deviantart.com/art/Kigo-Love-82946481 Shin]] [[http://angelickitty89.deviantart.com/art/KP-Shin-and-Al-82980939 and]] [[http://angelickitty89.deviantart.com/art/KP-Al-Possible-95054402 Al,]] [[http://yogurthfrost.deviantart.com/art/OIOB-first-family-photo-70695359 Todd]] [[http://yogurthfrost.deviantart.com/art/OIOB-Baby-Jayden-family-photo-70696010 and Jayden,]] [[http://rinacat.deviantart.com/art/KP-Agni-and-Shego-77254514 Potentially Agni]] (If Kim ends up as adoptive mother). [[http://kigo-kids.deviantart.com/ There is even a group for the kids.]]
* The ''Series/DoctorWho'' fic [[http://archiveofourown.org/series/7065 Ameila Pond Has Two Immortal Daddies]] is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.
* ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' fandom:
** The anonymous fanfic on the KinkMeme ''[[http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/3274.html?thread=3701194#t3701194 Are You There God? It's Me, Canada]]'' has privately [[DeadpanSnarker Snarky!]]Canada growing up with his two dads, England and France. HilarityEnsues.
** Several fanfics have Canada and America being raised by England and France, making the [[FanNickname FACE family.]]
** Fandom often portrays [[HugeSchoolgirl Sweden]] and [[CloudCuckooLander Finland]] as [[AdorablyPrecociousChild Sealand's]] two daddies. Sometimes the family extends to [[BrattyhalfPint Ladonia]], too.
* [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4676211/1/The_Fetus_Factor This]] ''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Soul Calibur]]'' fanfic has Talim getting adopted by [[BrotherSisterIncest Cassandra, Sophitia]] ''and'' [[OT3 Taki]]. And that's not the wierdest thing that has happen so far.
* Shinji in ''FanFic/AeonNatumEngel'' was taken care of by two female agents before Gendo summons him.
* In the ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' AlternateUniverse fic ''FanFic/{{Luminosity}}'', Gianna and Maggie are vampiric mates, and, through a surrogate mother, eventually have a human child named Molly.
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' fandom:
** Some fics have Hakoda and Bato as Katara and Sokka's two daddies, raising them after their mother was killed. There are others meanwhile that portray the whole mentality of a village being like a big family, Katara, Sokka, and the rest of the children in the Water Tribe all to some extent having more than one mother and father.
** And in this fanfic about the future, [[http://vick330.deviantart.com/art/The-Latent-of-Korra-2-180825895 because we know how much Ty Lee loves Azula.]]
** Before we knew about Amon's backstory, there were some fics where Amon was Azula and Ty Lee's child because he was a villain and a chi-blocker.
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' fandom:
** {{Fanon}} is that [[PhysicalGod Kanako and Suwako]] behave as Sanae's parents, and raised her before they all moved to Gensoukyou. Bonus points for Sanae being a [[FamousAncestor direct descendant of Suwako]].
** ''FanFic/AtChirei'' portrays the Palace of the Lost Spirits CastHerd as this, with Satori and Koishi as the parents and Rin and Utsuho as the children. Koishi leaving to explore the surface is played a lot like a divorce, with Rin and Utsuho desperate to get them back together. (Keep in mind, Satori and Koishi are sisters.)
* A popular trope in ''Film/TheSocialNetwork'' fandom is to have Dustin react to Mark and Eduardo's issues as if his parents are divorcing. The other characters (especially Chris) usually think he's insane, but he's not entirely wrong.
* Sean O'Callhahan, the Red Ranger in ''FanFic/PowerRangersGPX'' was partially raised in a same-sex household with his mom and another woman. His girlfriend Maria also grew up in a similar household. Sean later stands up for every single kid raised in a same-sex household:
-->'''Sean''': "Right, because two women who love each other and [[GoodParents raising a wonderful family]] is more unnatural than [[RacistGrandma someone as hateful as you are]]."
* In the ''Series/{{Castle}}'' fanfic, ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7176396/1/Of_Finding_Innocence Of Finding Innocence,]]'' Kate and Meredith come to a peaceful compromise over the issue of custody with Alexis by agreeing that they both be her mothers. So there, young Alexis Castle has two mommies and a daddy.
* Back when ''ComicBook/YoungAvengers'' was still new, fans got a lot of mileage out of the possibility of a Hulking / Wiccan kid, as the former is an alien shapeshifter.
* GenderFlipped and played with in 'Shadows Of The Past' as [[spoiler:Will]] literally has two sets of parents, [[spoiler:Decepticon]] and human. Though both of the [[spoiler:'Cons are 'male' by default]].
* ''Manga/DGrayMan'''s doujinshi [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxMMs5gqkoI Family]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT01tySt8ks Walker]] with [[HoYay Allen and Kanda]] raising two children who strangely appeared from seemingly nowhere and that resemble said parents when they were younger.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' fic ''FanFic/{{Brainbent}}'''s Sollux Captor has Dad One and Dad Two (as he calls them) Pollux Castor and Clubs Deuce.
* A couple of the children in ''FanFic/TheEmiyaClan'' have this as a joke. Arika is technically [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Shirou and Saber's]] daughter, but people like to say that she is Saber and [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Rin's]] via a strap-on toy, given her {{Tsundere}} nature.
* After the release of both ''Film/{{The Avengers|2012}}'' and ''Film/TheAmazingSpiderman'', fans have since constructed the headcanon of the [[http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/superfamily "Superfamily"]], with ComicBook/CaptainAmerica and ComicBook/IronMan being the daddies of a young [[Franchise/SpiderMan Peter Parker]]. The rest of the Avengers, sometimes including Nick Fury or Loki, babysit while Tony and Steve are out.
* In ''[[http://www.potionsandsnitches.net/fanfiction/viewstory.php?sid=2489 Burnt]]'' Snape was considering blood-adopting Harry in order to keep Dumbledore from sending him back to his abusive relatives at the end of first year. Alastor Moody suggested that the potion would "take" more strongly with the blood of more than one magical parent in it, adding "I hear that havin’ two daddies nowadays is very fashionable."
* It has come up a couple times in the Yoruichi/Soi Fon ship for ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', notably [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7770926/1/All-of-the-Little-Things here]] and [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6514880/1/The-Cat-the-Bird-and-the-Bee here.]]
* In the ''Manga/LuckyStar'' fanfic ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7550345/1/Lucky-Star-After-Story Lucky Star: After Story,]]'' Konata and Kagami are a married couple, and they have a daughter [[DeadGuyJunior named Kanata]].
* ''FanFic/AGrowingAffection'' has Toshiro and Momo Inuzuka, the children of Hana Inuzuka and her wife Shizune. Technically, Toshiro is Hana's son and Momo is Shizune's daughter, but they are still biological siblings from the same sperm donor.
* By the end of ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10071886/1/Ahsoka-and-Barriss-Full-Circle Ahsoka and Barris Full Circle,]]'' the two have adopted four orphaned girls.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fics:
** ''FanFic/TheElementsOfHarmonyAndTheSaviorOfWorlds'' states that Celestia and Luna were created by the [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyAndFriends Princess Ponies]]. As such, they consider and refer to all six as their mothers.
** ''FanFic/MyLittleMommies'', wherein the duos of Twilight and Rainbow Dash, Pinkie and Fluttershy, and Applejack and Rarity each become parents to a single foal created with their combined DNA via a magic mirror; it's later revealed that Derpy Hooves and Sparkler (canon name: Amethyst Star) had the same thing happen to them some years before, though Sparkler was unaware of exactly what had happened at the time.
** Several fics have Twilight and Rainbow Dash adopt Scootaloo, or are heading in that direction. Examples include ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/90876/rainbooms-and-romance Rainbooms and Romance,]]'' its sequel ''A Life of Love'' (now removed for revision), and ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/105159/under-our-wing Under Our Wing,]]'' by the same author; ssjgokillo's ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/104775/sparkle-dash-family-tmp-stories Sparkle Dash Family: TMP Stories;]]'' The Abyss's ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/146025/ill-always-be-here-for-you I'll Always Be Here For You;]]'' and bats' ''FanFic/SpellboundFireflies''.
** In ''Creator/{{Lopoddity}}'''s Pandoraverse, there are several instances of this. [[AWizardDidIt Each time it is HandWaved by saying Discord or Pandora did it]]. Justified, seen as they are {{Reality Warper}}s:
*** Rarity and Applejack had a daughter named Magnolia May after Discord turned Rarity into a stallion for week.
*** Rainbow Dash's son Aerostorm and his coltfriend Bruce have a daughter named Wave Rider. While Aerostorm was originally supposed to be the female, Bruce got turned instead (then again, it ''might'' have been a bad idea to his rival Pandora...)
*** Pandora herself has a son named Oddball with her marefriend, Cupcake. Being a draconequus, normal biology doesn't really apply to her.
*** Same goes for their {{Rule 63}} counterparts, Paradox and Beefcake, with their daughter Snickerdoodle.
*** This extends beyond her pony works, with [[WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse Gemsona]] Onyx being in a relationship, and having a kid, with Larimar, the Gemsona of Creator/{{Kilala97}}.
** Discussed in ''[[FanFic/RealityChecksNyxverse Nightmare Night and Nyx]]''. The realization that Nyx is technically related to Twilight by blood leads to the realization that she may also be related to Luna [[ItMakesSenseInContext by the same reasoning]]. After an epic SpitTake from Celestia [[spoiler:(or was it Luna herself?)]] disguised as Nightmare Moon, she summarily discards the notion. The sequel ''Alicornundrum'' does show that Luna has come to regard her as a little sister of sorts.
** In ''Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries'', Lyra and Bon Bon adopted Tootsie and raise her together.
* The adopted A.I. known as Cole Anderson in ''Film/TheMatrix'' fanfic called: ''Fanfic/BringingMeToLife'' has two dads, Smith is called Father, while Neo is Dad.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'':
** ''[[https://m.fanfiction.net/s/10667104/1/People-Gonna-Talk People Gonna Talk.]]'' Similar to the aforementioned ''A Growing Affection'', Korra and Asami get married and have three children by the same sperm donor. It's later revealed that years before, Azula and Ty Lee went the same route (Ty Lee carried their only child, and Zuko was the donor dad, though he didn't know it at the time).
** Korra and Asami with their adopted kids are a small but popular subset of [[PortmanteauCoupleName Korrasami]] fanart, which generally results in fans' heads exploding in glee.
* ''[[http://www.hpfanficarchive.com/stories/viewstory.php?sid=1404 Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru]]'': Lily and Narcissa have been having an affair long enough that Harry, his sisters, and Altaira (Draco's sister) all refer to them as Mum and Mother respectively.
* The ''Neptunia'' fan fiction [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11388879/1/Purple-And-Iris "Purple and Iris"]] has Nepia having Neptune and Plutia as her two mommies... Two [[HomosexualReproduction ''biological'']] mommies...
* ''FanFic/AdoptedDisplaced'', a ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' multi-crossover series: The majority of the Equestrian protagonists have their original Equestrian parents and their new, adoptive parents. Openly referenced in ''Another Hatchling'', when Spike introduces Twilight and [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Samus]] to one another.
-->'''Spike''': "Mom, this is Twilight Sparkle, my Mother." … "Twilight, this is Samus Aran, my Mother."
* In the ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'' fic ''[[Fanfic/BecomingFree Becoming Family]]'', Elsa adopts an orphaned girl named Katja. Katja refers to Elsa as "Mama" and Freya as "Mam" (except in public), however it wasn't until she was nine that she realized they were lovers instead of close friends.
* ''FanFic/YinAndYangSeries'': Chief Mechanic Kirere, who is the biological daughter of [[Manga/SgtFrog Corporal Giroro and Sergeant Major Kururu]].
* ''FanFic/TheDifferentverse'': Scootaloo has both her birth mother, who gave her up but tries to stop by every now and then, and her aunt Derpy, who loves her like a second daughter.
* ''Fanfic/IllMetByMoonlight'': [[DecompositeCharacter Garnet is Ruby and Sapphire's daughter]]. Given that both Garnet and Sapphire are seers and Ruby knows magic, HomosexualReproduction was probably involved.
* ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12840662/1/Shudo-cross-Modern-Ash-The-Professor-Who-Observes-his-Charges Shudo cross Modern Ash: The Professor Who Observes his Charges]]'' has [[Anime/PokemonIChooseYou Verity]], who is the daughter of Cynthia and her wife. [[HomosexualReproduction The biological daughter due to the advanced sciences of the Pokemon world]].
* ''FanFic/VoltronDuality'': Hunk has two mothers.

[[folder:Film - Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda3'' has Po finally reuniting with his biological dad Li Shan, which ruffles the feathers of Po's adopted dad, Mr. Ping, quite a bit since he believe that Li will take Po away from him. [[spoiler:He later realizes on his own that this isn't true as Po sees them both as his dads, and then goes to comfort Li after his argument with Po, telling him how Po needs them both]].
--> '''Mr. Ping''': [[spoiler:It doesn't mean less for me, it means more for Po]].
* ''Disney/SleepingBeauty'' has Aurora being raised by three fairy "aunts" instead of her biological parents.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheLegoBatmanMovie'', since Batman decides to tell him that Bruce Wayne and Batman co-adopted him, Robin spends most of the movie believing he has two dads. As in the original comics, it still counts when Alfred is considered.
-->'''Robin:''' Wow! A month ago I had no dads, then I had one dad, now I have two dads! And one of them is Batman!

[[folder:Film - Live Action]]
* In ''Film/HaroldAndKumarGoToWhiteCastle'', Tarik, the guy Harold and Kumar meet in jail has two dads.
* ''Film/ThreeMenAndABaby'', the love child of one of the three bachelors arrives at their doorstep, and their parental instincts take over. (No gays involved here.)
* ''Film/TheIncrediblyTrueAdventureOfTwoGirlsInLove'' is about two lesbians, one of which lives together with her aunt, her aunt's girlfriend and her aunt's ex who needs a place to stay. Three mommies!
* Could be said to partly be the case in ''Film/{{Junior}}'', a comedy where a man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) [[MisterSeahorse becomes pregnant.]] Although he winds up in a relationship with the woman who (unknowingly) provided the egg, at one point the other male scientist who pioneered the technique (Danny Devito) comments "It's my baby, too."
* [[DesignerBabies How many fathers]] do their characters in ''Film/{{Twins}}'' have?
* ''Film/TheBirdcage'' shows a later state; a boy having been raised by two gay men (two ''very'' gay men) who run and star at a drag club, has grown to be a sane, stable, heterosexual adult as the film opens. One of the men is his biological father as he was conceived during a one night, "see what those straight guys are always going on about" affair. Val (the young man in question) explains it perfectly "I'm the only guy in my fraternity who ''doesn't'' come from a broken home!"
* The 2011 Mexican drama, ''La orta familia'' (translated: ''The Other Family'') focuses on a 7-year old boy temporarily adopted by a stable, well-to-do gay male couple.
* In ''Film/PracticalMagic'' (both the film and the book) Gillian and Sally Owens are orphans who are raised by their aunts.
* ''Film/TheWeddingBanquet'' ends with [[spoiler: Wai-tung, Simon and Wei-wei all raising the baby together.]]
* Swedish comedy ''Patrik, Age 1.5'' has a gay couple wanting to adopt a little boy and accidentally ending up with a teenager.
* ''Film/TheKidsAreAllRight'' is entirely about one of these families.
* Used humorously at the end of ''Film/BestInShow''.
* In the Icelandic film ''101 Reykjavík'' a middle-aged lesbian couple decide they want a baby together and will use a sperm donor. Then one of the women has a drunken one-night stand with her girlfriend's son and gets pregnant. The son is dismayed, but feels he can't tell his mother he's the baby's father. [[spoiler: The women end up raising the baby together with the son as part of their household.]]
* ''Film/StarTrekBeyond'': There's a little girl in Yorktown whose fathers are a gentleman named Ben and his husband Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the starship ''Enterprise''.
* In ''Film/ThisFilmIsNotYetRated'' one of the private investigators turns out to be a lesbian mother. One of the interviewed film-makers (Jamie Babbitt, director of ''Film/ButImACheerleader'') is a lesbian mother as well -- something she [[DeadpanSnarker rather snarkily]] makes note of in light of the claims of the Motion Picture Association of America's frequent claims that its ratings board was staffed by 'average' parents, suggesting that their definition of 'average' probably didn't include people like her.
* ''Film/SleepawayCamp'': Angela and Peter's father was in a relationship with another man, whose fate following Mr. Baker's death is unrevealed.
* ''Film/TheChechahcos'' involves two bachelor gold prospectors who wind up looking after a little girl they rescue from a sinking ferry boat. Later goes into WifeHusbandry when the girl grows up and falls in love with the younger, handsomer prospector.
* The Grinch in ''Film/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas'' was raised by two women, though the relationship between the two of them is never specified.
* In ''[[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0431841/ Taming Crocodiles]]'', a boy named Vítek Koudelka lives in a family with two mothers '''AND''' two fathers. Despite that, during a school trip abroad, none of those four finds the time to write him a postcard which makes him sad.

* ''Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin'' (originally ''Mette bor hos Morten og Erik'') by Suzanne Bösche was an originally-Danish early-1980s children's book about a little girl being brought up by her father and his male partner. The revelation that a London school had a copy in its library caused outrage from [[UsefulNotes/BritishNewspapers the Daily Mail]] that played a major role in driving the creation of the notorious homophobic law known as "Clause 28", which banned "promotion" of homosexuality in schools and was repealed in 2003.
* The TropeNamer is ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Has_Two_Mommies Heather Has Two Mommies,]]'' a children's book by Lesléa Newman and Diana Souza that drew the ire of many conservative groups for its proposed use in the New York school system to portray a lesbian couple with a child as normal, wholesome, and happy.
* ''Literature/DaddysRoommate'' also has a similar theme.
* Swindapa and Marion, the interracial lesbian couple in ''Literature/IslandInTheSeaOfTime'', adopt an abandoned baby girl, and name her Heather. They know about the book, they just have an odd sense of humor.
* Claudia in ''Literature/InterviewWithTheVampire'' has both Lestat and Louis for vampire dads.
* In Creator/DavidEddings' ''Literature/TheElenium'' stories, Sparhawk's squire [[spoiler:dies, leaving behind a wife and several sons. His squire also has an illegitimate son with another woman, and after his death, the women move in together and raise the children. The children simply call them their mothers. There is no sexual relationhip implied between the women]].
* Creator/MercedesLackey's ''Literature/HeraldsOfValdemar'':
** In the ''Literature/LastHeraldMageTrilogy'', there are a pair of [[MagicalNativeAmerican Hawkbrother]] mages who raise a son together. They used a fellow Hawkbrother as a surrogate mother, as she wanted a child too, and agreed to have twins (magic can guarantee that), one going with her, one going with the male couple. The biological father is the protagonist, Vanyel.
** In the ''Vows and Honor'' stories, after retiring from mercenary work, HeterosexualLifePartners Tarma and Kethry run a sword-and-sorcery school together and [[BabiesEverAfter raise Kethry's kids]] along with Kethry's husband as a three-parent family. Because Tarma and Kethry are [[BloodBrothers Blood Sisters]] and are all that is left of Tarma's Shin'a'in tribe (and Tarma is celibate by oath), the children are given the choice whether to join the Shin'a'in and help rebuild the tribe; Tarma is their Clanmother.
* In ''Literature/FriedGreenTomatoesAtTheWhistleStopCafe,'' Idgie and Ruth lived together and raised Ruth's son together. The FilmOfTheBook implied they were in love but not lovers. The book [[HideYourLesbians implied everything it could without saying it]].
* Cyrus Finch ([=CyFi=]) in ''Literature/{{Unwind}}'' has two dads.
* In the ''[[DaughtersOfACoralDawn Daughters]]'' (of an unusually coloured time of day) books, this is true for just about all the secondary characters, being that they're a bunch of lesbians who've gone off and colonized a distant planet. In fact, the only cast members who have a mentioned father are the Unity, and he's not mentioned after the prologue. The author really was [[DoesNotLikeMen that gay]].
* In ''King & King & Family'', the sequel to ''King & King'' (a Dutch book that caused a lawsuit because some ass didn't like that "romantic attraction between two men is being presented to my seven-year-old as wonderful, and good and the way things should be"), the newlywed kings "find a lonely orphaned girl, whom they adopt and raise as a princess".
* Classical Swedish picture book ''Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender'' (with sequels) has the aunts in question adopting two little orphan children.
* Mordred from ''Franchise/TheDarkTower'' sort of fits this trope. He has two dads ([[spoiler:Roland]] and the Crimson King) ''and'' two moms ([[spoiler:Susannah]] and the succubus Mia) plus a [[spoiler:semen carrier/impregnator]] extra parent in one of the 6 elemental demons. It fits here because he inherits most of his traits from his fathers, who he calls his White Daddy and Red Daddy.
* ''Literature/HaltingState'' by Creator/CharlesStross casually refers early on to Sergeant Sue Smith's wife and their son, Davey.
* A fair few in the ''Franchise/StarTrek'' [[Franchise/StarTrekNovelVerse Novel Verse]]. In the ''Literature/StarTrekEnterpriseRelaunch'', Trip Tucker's brother and his husband have adopted a son together. In ''Literature/StarTrekTheLostEra'': "The Buried Age," among the supporting characters, there are two female scientists who are married and raising children. In the same series, in the novel ''Serpents Among the Ruins'', one character is shown to have two male parents, and a Romulan with an (adult) son mentions a mate of the same sex. There are also four-sexed Andorians; with two sexes looking "male" and two "female", they have both two mommies and two daddys by default, though that's cheating of course.
* ''Literature/TheVirginSuicides'' by Jeffrey Eugenides includes a character named Trip Fontaine, a popular boy being raised by his father and his father's boyfriend, Donald.
* In Creator/WenSpencer's Literature/UkiahOregon series the main character, Ukiah Oregon, is a former feral child raised with his [[HomosexualReproduction sister]] Callie by a lesbian couple.
** Wen Spencer also wrote ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'', which takes place in a world where males are so rare that they marry every sister in a family, and no one ever speaks of just "mother", always "mothers". Men get the brunt of childcare duties, but as they are rather fragile, if a husband dies without leaving an old enough son it's left to the mothers to raise the children.
* The children's book ''And Tango Makes Three'' is all about two male penguins at the Central Park Zoo in New York who take care of an egg, and then raise the resulting baby penguin, that another penguin couple cannot. BasedOnATrueStory, the 2 penguins eventually drifted apart in RealLife.
* The ''Literature/LeftBehind'' Antichrist villain Nicolae Carpathia had two biological fathers who were both gay, and was raised mostly by his mother and Viv Ivins until Nicolae and Viv had the mother disposed of. Later on in his life, Nicolae had [[BuryYourGays his two fathers disposed of as well]]. And in the Dramatic Audio presentation of ''Glorious Appearing'', Viv Ivins gets [[RocksFallEveryoneDies killed by a giant hailstone]].
* ''Literature/SingYouHome'' by Creator/JodiPicoult is about a lesbian couple trying to use frozen embryos to have a child.
* ''Literature/EthanOfAthos'': Since women are not allowed on the planet Athos, ''every'' non-immigrant has two Daddies. Reproduction is handled by taking a sperm sample from the biological father and combining it with an ovum extracted from carefully preserved tissue cultures. The resulting fetus is then developed to term in a uterine replicator.
* In Creator/IsaacAsimov's ''Literature/LuckyStarr'' series, the protagonist's parents were killed when he was a child, and he was raised by his father's two best friends:
-->David Starr ''was'' [Conway's] son; his and Augustus Henree's. ... They were both mother and father to him...
* GenderFlipped in the ''Literature/ChaosWalking'' trilogy, in which the main character, due to the death of of the women in the town and his biological father, is raised by an AmbiguouslyGay couple. He still regards them as his real parents.
* Jenchae's parents are both women in ''Literature/TheHourBeforeMorning'', which isn't a big deal in the novel's future (though the fact that one's from TheEmpire and the other from LaResistance ends up being insurmountable).
* In ''Literature/WeetzieBat'', Weetzie wanted to have a child, but her boyfriend refused to, so she had sex with her best friend and his boyfriend. She eventually made up with her boyfriend, but no one knew who the biological father of the child was, so the four of them raised her together.
* In the novel (and film adaptations of) ''[[Film/ImitationOfLife1934 Imitation of Life]]'', a white widow with a daughter takes in a black maid who also has a daughter and they form a FamilyOfChoice, raising their children together. In the 1950s film, Susie actually sees Annie as more of a mother figure than her own mother.
* A variation occurs in the ''Literature/SecretSeries'', where Cass has two ''grandfathers'' instead. (Which is to say, two grandfathers [[AmbiguouslyGay who live together and come as a pair,]] not in the usual sense of having both a maternal and paternal grandfather.) Neither is biologically related to her or her mother, [[HonoraryUncle they just like to think of each other as family.]]
* ''Literature/CircleOfMagic'': Lark and Rosethorn are in a (polyamorous) relationship, and over the years foster a number of children, including the four main-characters, who truly come to view them as parents.
* The protagonist of ''[[Literature/TheirsNotToReasonWhy Theirs Not To Reason Why]]'' was raised by her biomother and her stepmother, a married same-sex couple. Because Ia's home planet is newly colonized her mothers were unable to use sperm donors and instead conceived her and her two brothers through one-night-stands. The fathers are not involved in their lives (Ia and her half-twin only know the identity of theirs through Ia's ability to scry the past) and the children consider the two women their only parents.
* The German novel ''Gottes Bodenpersonal: Eine Unwahrscheinliche Liebesgeschichte'' ("God's Ground Crew, An Unlikely Lovestory") has the two male protagonists foster a teenage boy at the end. It's implied they didn't want the hassle of formally adopting him, but it's implied that he will live with them until he's an adult, and stay part of the family forever.
* Creator/BruceCoville's short story ''Duffy's Jacket'' has the title character and his cousins Andrew and Marie, whose mothers are sisters and raise the trio together, with no fathers in sight.
* In ''Literature/RangersAtRoadsend'', Chip has two mommies. Who disowned her when she didn't stick to the career they had chosen for her. As HomosexualReproduction is nothing extraordinary in the setting, nobody thinks it unusual for a lesbian couple to act like the standard FantasyForbiddingFather.
* In ''Literature/TheTrialsOfApollo'', Kayla, a background character from ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'', is revealed to be the daughter of the Greek god Apollo and a male archery coach named Darren Knowles. Apollo says gods are capable of many marvels.
* In the second ''Literature/ApprenticeAdept'' trilogy, Flach's parentage is... Complicated. His biological father is Bane, Stile's son. But he was (intentionally) conceived by Mach, Bane's opposite number from Proton, [[FreakyFridayFlip in Bane's body]]. Bane is considered Flach's "true" father and Bane his "uncle." Everyone considers Stile is his grandfather, regardless. Flach's Proton opposite, Nepe, is just as complicated, but for [[TrulySingleParent different]] [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots reasons.]]
* ''Literature/PleaseDontTellMyParentsImASupervillain'' and sequels: The supervillains Rage and Ruin (real names: Rachel and Ruth) live together and are raising Ruin's little sister. They say that they are HeterosexualLifePartners.
* In ''Literature/TheHitchHikersGuideToTheGalaxy'', Ford Prefect lets slip that he and Zaphod Beeblebrox share seven mothers. (''who has seven of the same mothers as me...''). This NoodleIncident is never elaborated on.
* ''Literature/MoDaoZuShi'' is a BL web novel and features the character Lan Sizhui who has been adopted by the protagonists Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji in all but name.
* In ''Literature/{{Victoria}}'', all children in [[LadyLand Azania]] are this, since its Amazonian inhabitants reproduce only through [[HomosexualReproduction eugenic cloning]]. Though technically, neither parent is the "mother," as the daughters are gestated in supertech cloning vats, rather than carried to term.
* ''Literature/{{Aeon 14}}'': The family started by Tanis, her flesh-and-blood husband Joe, and her female-personality {{AI}} partner Angela (who is physically located in Tanis's BrainComputerInterface) in ''New Canaan''. All three of them are parents to their daughters, who comprise Cary (biological daughter of Tanis and Joe), Saanvi (adopted), and Faleena (AI daughter of Tanis and Angela, born in ''Orion Rising''), and the girls refer to Tanis and Angela as "Moms".
* In ''Discworld/UnseenAcademicals'', Ponder Stibbons is an example of {{Nephewism}} and also this, having been brought up by multiple aunts.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Season 3 of ''Series/RizzoliAndIsles'' [[spoiler:Frost's Mother and roommate come to town. The others figure out they are a couple. Towards the end of the episode Frost toasts his mom and her partner. Mom is shocked he knew. He says why do you think I kept inviting you to Massachuetts. The partner tells her I told you you were underestimating him.]]
* One episode of ''Series/{{Amen}}'' had sisters Amelia and Cassietta deciding to co-adopt a baby, ending up with a situation like the one in ''Patrik, Age 1.5'' above. The episode ended with their son [[StatusQuoIsGod deciding to join the military]].
* Hal from ''Series/{{Being Human|UK}}'' was raised by six whores in a brothel, he didn't know which one was his actual mother, but loved them all anyway.
* Merlin in the miniseries ''Series/{{Merlin 1998}}'' has two literal mothers, Mab, the woman who gave birth to him, and Ambrosia, the woman who raised him.
* The Henrickson kids on ''Series/BigLove'' have three mommies, who often seem more emotionally involved with each other than with their mutual husband; some of the other polygamist families are even more complicated.
* After the events of season 5 of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', Buffy's kid sis Dawn is raised by lesbian witches Willow and Tara for a good portion of season 6. Though one could make the argument that the entire Scooby Gang (including Spike, if in a Disreputable Uncle kind of way) helped, it's quite clear that Dawn sees Willow and Tara as surrogate parents - there's a reason she became their ShipperOnDeck, and after Tara broke up with Willow she and Dawn met in [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything a scene very remniscent of a divorced parent trying to keep contact with her child]]. In the canonical "Season 8" comic series Dawn tells [[PromotionToParent Buffy]] that she sees Willow as her mother-figure. %% It's not necessary to mention Tara's death in the example, as Tara's breakup with Willow is already mentioned.
* In the ''Series/DoctorWho'' episode "The Shakespeare Code", Lilith has Bloodtide and Doomfinger, and it's [[OneGenderRace probably literal]].
* ''Series/{{Friends}}'' has Ross's former wife, Carol, and her partner Susan. Ross's son, Ben, splits his time between his dad and moms. In one episode, Ben refers to Chandler as "Daddy." [[spoiler: Of course, at the end of the show, it's indicated Ben ends up with three when Ross and Rachel are back together, this time for good.]]
-->'''Ross:''' No no--one daddy, two ''mommies''.
* ''Series/FullHouse'' (and its SequelSeries, ''Series/FullerHouse''). It's right there in the opening paragraph of its page.
* Rachel Berry on ''Series/{{Glee}}'' has two gay dads, and it is unknown which of the two is her biological father as they mixed their sperm together and used a turkey baster to impregnate her surrogate mother.
* Olivia and Natalia on ''Series/GuidingLight''. Started out as a platonic version of this, but has lately become [[SuddenlySexuality something more]].
* ''Series/{{Heroes}}'':
** Mohinder and Matt raising Molly. It was... weird, and the [[{{Shipping}} shippers]] ''loved'' it.
** Claire's biological mom moved in with her and her adoptive family. At the start of Volume Four, Claire had restored contact with the Petrelli family, resulting in Nathan Petrelli becoming her second father. Both here and in Volume Three, Claire had the unenviable distinction of having ''three'' parents involved in her life.
** Only temporary, but Hiro and Ando looked after Baby Matt Parkman.
* In the sixth season premiere of ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'', Cindy (a girl Ted struck out with on their first date) is dating another woman. In a flash-forward the couple are seen posing for a photo with their daughter.
-->"So no, that girl wasn't your mother. She ended up being someone else's mother. They both did."
** Barney's brother and his husband adopted two children.
** In one episode Barney proposes to Ted to adopt a child together.
* ''Kate and Allie'' had two divorced women living together with the combined three children from their respective marriages.
* ''Series/LawAndOrder'': Season 5, episode 15 "Seed" features a lesbian couple in happy expectation of their soon-to-be-born son.
* ''Series/LessThanPerfect'''s Owen Pronsky was raised by his two lesbian moms.
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'' has a heterosexual example, after the end Aaron has two mommies as he ends up with both Kate and Claire raising him.
* ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle'' briefly references a 'cousin Nancy' who has two fathers.
-->'''Reese:''' Two dads as your parents? That house has to be a dude's paradise!
** Eric, one of Francis's friends at Military School, has two dads, who are all fine with it. Hal is a bit weirded out.
* ''Series/ModernFamily'' is without a doubt the most famous example, with gay couple Cam and Mitchell adopting Baby Lily in the first episode.
* ''Series/MyTwoDads'', a sitcom about two guys going after the same woman, who found themselves [[ChildrenRaiseYou taking care of her daughter after she dies]].
* Coop in ''Series/NurseJackie'' has two mommies in the overtly lesbian sense.
* There was a lot of controversy about a segment on the Australian kids show ''Series/PlaySchool'' that featured a girl that had "Two mummies". The little girl, Brenna Harding, then a teenager, went on to star in ''Series/PubertyBlues'', and thanked her mums in her speech for the Logie award she won.
* As was Chuck from ''Series/PushingDaisies'', [[spoiler: although one of them actually ''is'' her mother.]]
* Romey and Lisa in the original ''Series/QueerAsFolk'', and Lindsay and Melanie in the US version. The US version also had Ben and Michael adopting [[spoiler:Hunter, an HIV-positive teen hustler]].
* ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' was practically raised by her two motherly aunts ([[HeterosexualLifePartners they're sisters]]). Zelda introduces herself and Hilda as "Sabrina's aunts" at a parent-teacher meeting, then very quickly points out that they're "Sisters! Not an alternative couple!" Since they've been around for centuries, it's safe to assume they've been MistakenForGay at some point or another. Both have brought boyfriends home, including their fight over Mr. Craft.
* ''Series/TheSarahJaneAdventures'': Luke has Sarah Jane and Mrs. Wormwood.
* Franky Fitzgerald in the Third Generation of ''Series/{{Skins}}'' kids has two ex-army dads, who already appear to be the only parents in the entire series who take an interest in their kids.
* Cassandra Fraiser of ''Series/StargateSG1'', being rescued from a devastated homeworld and then co-parented by Sam Carter and Janet Fraiser, who wind up becoming best friends as a result.
* In ''Series/SugarRush'' Kim's next door neighbour Tom has two dads and is constantly concerned that people will think he is also gay.
* ''Series/TheTraceyUllmanShow'' had a recurring skit with a teenage girl and gay dads.
* ''Series/TwoAndAHalfMen'': Jake lives with his mother during the week, and with his father and paternal uncle on the weekends.
** As of Season 12, Walden and Alan [[spoiler: get married and adopt [[CousinOliver an adorable boy]] named Louis.]]
* Henry from ''Series/OnceUponATime'' has Emma, his biological mother, and Regina, his adopted mother.
** It reaches a point in the later seasons that if Emma, Regina, and Henry are in the same scene he'll address them both as "moms" like a child of a heterosexual couple will say "Mom, Dad."
* ''Series/TooCute'' has the episode "Kitten Cottonballs", where Tonkinese cat Queenie and her elder daughter Princess have their current litters only one day apart and raise them together.
* ''Series/TheFosters'' is about a lesbian couple with one biological and two adopted children that take in two additional foster children.
* ''Series/UnderTheDome'' has an interracial lesbian couple and their teenage daughter stuck in Chester's Mill after the dome comes down. It seems as if it's a fairly progressive town, as they've only been harassed over their sexuality once, and the racial aspect has yet to come up. [[spoiler:One mommy dies in episode 7 due to running out of insulin.]]
* ''Series/{{Hannibal}}'' has a rather twisted example between [[Literature/TheSilenceOfTheLambs Hannibal Lecter]] and FBI special investigator [[TheProfiler Will Graham]] with a serial killer's daughter that the two take care of after her father tried to [[OffingTheOffspring murder her]]. Will genuinely wants to protect her from the backlash of the public, the suspicions of his superiors of her part in the murders, and then partly due to guilt he feels for killing her father. Hannibal's intentions are... less noble. Mainly, [[spoiler:making sure Abigail doesn't tell Will he was the one who called her house that day, as that would out him as the copycat killer]]. Exploited by Hannibal after Will finds out that Abigail [[spoiler:killed Nicholas Boyle and Hannibal helped hide the body, which was already [[XanatosSpeedChess part of another set up]]]]. He refers to the two of them as [[HoYay "her fathers"]] which has given them the FanNickname "Murder Family".
* Bob and David have a daughter together in the ''Series/MrShow'' episode "Operation: Hell on Earth." They're never stated to be in a romantic relationship, but she is ''their'' daughter. She grows up to resent them, but probably not because they're both men but because they're [[StageMom Stage Dads]] who order her to tap dance, even as an adult.
* ''Series/{{Psych}}'': Lassiter's mom has a female partner. Lassie apparently struggled with this initially, but it looks like he's come to terms with it since [[spoiler: they both walked him down the aisle at his wedding]] in season 7.
* ''Series/RaisingHope'' has Barney and his two mothers.
--> "Mom? Put mom on."
* Sophia in ''Series/GreysAnatomy'': Callie [[LawOfInverseFertility accidentally got pregnant]] after having a one-night stand with [[PlatonicLifePartners best friend Mark]] after one of her break ups with Arizona. After making up with Arizona, who later became her wife, the three of them decided to raise the baby together. This continued until season 9 when [[spoiler: Mark was killed off after the plane crash.]]
* Played straight in ''Series/GoodLuckCharlie'' when Amy tells Bob that Charlie's newest playmate has two mommies (We later learn the girl is adopted). Bob is confused; which parent is he supposed to invite to the basement to watch sports?
* In the first episode of the sixth season of ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'', a doctor implanted an embryo of a mother into another mother, resulting that the daughter has biological mother and a mother who gave birth to her and raised the child. TheStinger reveals that [[spoiler:the biological mother has three other children who were born by other mothers]].
* The TaiwaneseSeries ''Two Fathers'': Two single men raise a child together after her mother abandons her after giving birth. The mother didn't know which one was the real father, so she provided the hospital with both of their contact information.
* Annie on ''Series/MarryMe'' was raised by a gay couple, Kevin One and Kevin Two. The egg was donated by "a lesbian they're no longer talking to."
* ''Series/RedBandSociety'' has Kara, whose mother ended up marrying her nanny.
-->'''[[{{Narrator}} Charlie]]:''' Dads fall for the nanny all the time -- why not moms?
* In ''Series/MurdochMysteries'', Constable Crabtree was a DoorstepBaby raised by the town pastor and an unlikely number of "aunts". It's later revealed [[spoiler: the aunts are sex workers and the pastor had helped arrange a BandOfBrothels fot their protection]].
* One of the lighter elements of ''Series/DropDeadDiva'' is that Jane deals with Deb's mother, Bobbie, and Jane's mother, Elaine.
* On more than one occasion on ''Series/SwitchedAtBirth'', Kathryn and Regina have been introduced to people as Bay and/or Daphne's mothers, often leading to a case of MistakenForGay. [[note]]One time, Kathryn and Regina even rolled with it to throw someone looking for a hook-up off their scent.[[/note]]
* In an episode of ''Series/{{The Flash|2014}}'', "Duets", set in an AndYouWereThere fantasy world based on musicals, we discover that [[spoiler:Millie!Iris has two fathers (Prof. Martin Stein and Joe Digby), who are a part of the imminent gang wars in a musical dream sequence]].
* In the ''Series/{{Newhart}}'' episode "My Three Dads", Larry, Darryl, and Darryl (three unmarried brothers) adopt a son who's a month away from legal age. And at the end of the episode, Larry considers adopting another.
* One season of ''Series/TrailerParkBoys'' had two women whom J-Roc and Tyrone both slept with at some point in the past show up with a kid each. Neither they nor the women know who either kid's father is, they just know it's one of them, so rather than risk their friendship over paternity testing they decide to both be co-dads to both kids. Of course, [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse the kids are never seen or mentioned again after that season]].
* In the ''Series/ThatsSoRaven'' sequel ''Series/RavensHome'', the now-adult Raven and Chelsea are two single mothers raising their children together. They even refer to them as such, though Raven and Chelsea are just friends.

* The Creator/MercedesLackey song "Mis-Conception" is about a girl with a lot of daddies, as the result of an orgy. There's a unicorn, a manticore, a vampire, etc. Someone drew a [[http://www.elfwood.com/u/emschmidt/image/fa012e10-245c-11e4-9eb7-ef777adc32f3/if-there-s-another-one-like-it-let-me-know picture.]]
* At the end of Miike Snow's music video for "Music/GenghisKhan", [[NoNameGiven the supervillain and the secret agent]] are seen happily living together with the supervillain's two children from his former marriage.

* Finn [=MacCool=], the Irish hero, was raised by a druidess and a warrior woman after his father was killed in battle.
* The [[Myth/NorseMythology Norse God Heimdall]] has no fewer than nine mothers: Gjálp, Greip, Eistla, Angeyja, Ulfrún, Eyrgjafa, Imðr, Atla, and Járnsaxa. Who are not only sisters, but apparently all gave birth to him. In sequence. And no, we don't get any explanation as to how this works.

* In the Australian play ''Pinball'', a lesbian mother and her lover are battling for custody of her child. The mother's own family side against her and support the father in court.
* In ''Theatre/TheTwentyFifthAnnualPutnamCountySpellingBee'', Logainne has two daddies.
* In the George Bernard Shaw play ''Misalliance'', TheAce attributes his vast knowledge to the fact that he had three fathers -- his biological father, his father's "pet philosopher" who lived in their house, and a priest with whom his mother was having an affair.
* Marie, in the comic {{opera}} ''[[Theatre/LaFilleDuRegiment La Fille du Régiment]]'' was raised by an entire brigade of career soldiers, who found her abandoned on the battlefield. HilarityEnsues when her [[MissingMom long lost mother]] discovers her ''hundreds'' of dads.
* Brian Friel's ''Dancing at Lughnasa'' practically revolves around Michael's family structure; his mother and four aunts raise him between them, his uncle hangs around and is generally odd and his father turns up, messes everything up [[spoiler:and leaves]].
* This is the basis of the plot for ''Theatre/LaCageAuxFolles''. Jean-Michel has been raised by his father Georges and his partner Albin, and loves them both dearly, as the two were clearly wonderful parents. However, when Jean-Michel gets engaged to Anne, the daughter of a homophobic politician who wants to meet his future in-laws, Jean-Michel decides to invite his biological mother (who he hasn't seen since he was a small child) over for dinner, and pass Albin off as an uncle. Albin is hurt, but agrees for Jean-Michel's sake. And then Jean-Michel's mother fails to show... [[spoiler:So Albin dresses in drag, as you do. In the end, Anne's parents find out anyway, and while they're horrified, Anne tells them that she loves Jean-Michel -- and his family, too. Jean-Michel apologizes to his fathers, and Anne's parents relent and allow the couple to be married, in exchange for Albin's friend not selling pictures of Anne's father with Albin in drag. Happy endings all around!]]
* ''Theatre/TheOldMaid'': This plays out for Tina after Delia is widowed and Charlotte and Tina move in. Tina's "Aunt" Charlotte is the strict disciplinarian while Delia is the more relaxed parent. (Tina never does find out that Charlotte is actually her birth mother.)

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Gender inverted example, ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots'' with [[HoYay/MetalGear Snake, Otacon]], and Sunny.
* One of the ads on a ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'' radio station was for a TV sitcom featuring an orphaned girl living with her 5 adoptive "uncles". ''GTA'' being ''GTA'', it was pretty blatant that only one guy at most was an actual uncle.
-->'''Girl:''' I'm an emotionally abused orphan! Can't I get in on any of these groups hugs?\\
'''[='Uncle'=]:''' No, you stupid bitch!
* Ganondorf, the BigBad of ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'', was raised by the Gerudo witch sisters Koume and Kotake, better known as the Twinrova sisters. Since the Gerudo are all female, except for one male every hundred years (Ganondorf being the only example shown in canon), they likely consider having two mothers to be normal. That said it's also stated the sisters are his Foster-Mothers. We don't know who his real mother is, or father for that matter.
* In ''VideoGame/HarvestMoonDS Cute'', or better yet "Sprite Station For Girl" since the "wedding" feature is [[HideYourLesbians absent]] from the non-Japanese versions, if you choose the [[RomanticTwoGirlFriendship Best Friend]] choice over marriage to any of the ''11'' bachelors, you eventually end up with a child who has two mommies.
* In ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'', you can obtain Pokémon eggs by [[HotSkittyOnWailordAction breeding any]] male and female Pokémon that are in the same egg group. The exception is Ditto, which can breed with nearly any Pokémon by transforming into it. Even if the other Pokémon's species [[OneGenderRace only has one sex.]] Also, due to [[GoodBadBugs glitches]], two Pokémon of the same sex can have eggs. For the terms of the Everstone exploit (equipping the mother Poke with an Everstone causes its nature to carry to the young), Ditto is considered the mother, even if the other Poke is female.
* [[Literature/ArsGoetia Belial and Nebiros]] have adopted [[AliceAllusion Alice]] as their surrogate daughter in ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei''. Mess with her and [[PapaWolf you]] ''[[PapaWolf will]]'' feel their wrath.
* Possible in ''VideoGame/TheSims'' series, through various means:
** The Roaring Heights DLC for ''VideoGame/{{The Sims 3}}'' has a lesbian couple (the first pre-made one in the series, no less) who are raising a child together, the flavour text mentions they used new technology in order to do so(In spite of the town [[GameplayAndStorySegregation supposedly]] being set in TheRoaringTwenties).
** Another notable example is the alien-hybrid baby Tycho Curious in ''VideoGames/{{The Sims 2}}'', who not only has two [[MisterSeahorse biological]] [[FaceFullOfAlienWingWong dads]] but is also raised by three men (his human father Pascal and Pascal's two brothers, Vidcund and Lazlo).
** Then there's the Single Moms household in ''The Sims 3'' which is headed by two women, Fiona [=McIrish=] and Molly French, best friends who share a house and are raising their kids (Fiona's teenage daughter River and Molly's toddler daughter Sandi) together.
** Adoption is always available to the characters, allowing for any couple of any orientation(Or even a single Sim) to get a child, with no fuss.
** Of course, there are GameMods that allow this for every game in the series. For example, there are mods that allow HomosexualReproduction, as well as one that has the Sim couple mix their genetics together at a hospital, and let the doctors grow the embryo(s) offscreen.
** An update for ''VideoGame/TheSims4'' added the feature for same gender couples to impregnate each other.
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'':
** Possible and quite common with the asari, a OneGenderRace that [[GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe resembles humanoid females]] and appear to almost always have a feminine gender identity. They breed through melding of nervous systems, and are capable of doing it with any species or gender. Their society frowns upon having two asari parents ("pureblood" is a racial slur among them), but it's not as uncommon as they would like to pretend, and females of other species are fair game, in any case. Specifically, Liara T'Soni has two asari mothers, though she never knew the one who "fathered" her, for the lack of better term. Defied in the third game when you can actually meet Liara's father. After Shepard briefly calls her Liara's "other mother", she gets annoyed and says that she's her father, not another mother; to the asari, "mother" specifically refers to the one who physically carries the child to term. [[note]] [[FridgeLogic Things must get awkward whenever a female human and an asari desides to start a family.]][[/note]]
-->'''Matriarch Aethyta:''' No, I didn't pop her out. I'm her father!\\
'''Shepard:''' I'm sorry, it's just that if you had been human, you would both be considered the mother, no matter who gave birth to her.\\
'''Aethyta:''' Well I'm not human, am I? [[SophisticatedAsHell Anthropocentric bag of dicks.]]
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffectAndromeda'', a male Ryder [[GayOption in a relationship with Gil]] [[spoiler:can agree to have a child with him by way of surrogacy and raise it together as a couple]]. Incidentally, [[spoiler:this marks the first time in a Creator/BioWare game where a PlayerCharacter and romance option - gay or straight - can make serious plans to have a child together[[note]]not including Aerie's potential SurprisePregnancy in ''VideoGame/BaldursGateII: Throne of Bhaal''[[/note]]]].
* If you end up with [[GayOption Helena]] in ''VideoGame/CuteKnightKingdom'' you may also receive a mysterious doorstop baby (with the same origin as the PC).
* Samus in the ''Franchise/{{Metroid}}'' series had two daddies when the [[SufficientlyAdvancedAlien Chozo]] adopted her. To clarify, she was raised by two male Chozo, Old Bird and Gray Voice. Technically, she even has two ''genetic'' daddies, since Gray Voice donated his DNA to her, making the biological child of both Gray Voice ''and'' Rodney Aran.
* In the beginning of ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn'', previous heroes Isaac and Garet are have raised their respective sons Matthew and Tyrell together, and basically act as though they're a family. No moms are in sight-- Matthew's ([[spoiler:[[VictoriousChildhoodFriend Jenna]]]]) is indicated to be alive and well in a different city, but Tyrell's isn't even mentioned. As you go through the game it seems that there's no enmity between Matthew's parents, which leads some to conclude that [[ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies she's living away for her safety]].
* Blink and you'll miss it, but ''VisualNovel/MagicalDiary'''s Jacob has ''at least'' two dads. Considering the setting, it's entirely possible that they're both his [[MisterSeahorse biological parents]] but that's not known so far.
* Diane from ''VisualNovel/ShiningForce'' has three mothers.
* [[{{Meganekko}} Toko]] [[SourOutsideSadInside Fukawa]] from ''VisualNovel/DanganRonpa'' has one dad and two moms. When questioned about how that works, she refuses to elaborate. [[spoiler:It turns out to be a subversion, since School Mode reveals that what she really meant was that her parents got divorced and her father remarried.]]
** In ''VideoGame/AbsoluteDespairGirls'', she explains this to Komaru. As it happens, her father was in a relationship with two women at the same time and they gave birth at the time, one of them being stillborn due to medical malpractice. Both then proceeded to treat Toko as the others' child, refusing to actually gain the proof on whose child she actually was.
* Aura Blackquill and Metis Cykes from ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyDualDestinies''. The robots they jointly created previously referred them both as Mama. [[spoiler: Until Metis was killed, which made Aura hate it. They now call her Miss Aura.]]
* The player character can easily become part of such a family in ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'', as [[EveryoneIsBi all of the potential marriage partners are seemingly bi]] and none of them object to adopting children once married.
* The twins, Celeste and Saffi, from Medusa's season four in ''VisualNovel/AstoriaFatesKiss''.
* ''VideoGame/XenobladeChroniclesX'': Mia is forever gushing about her parents and how much she desires to emulate them. It isn't until the end of her affinity mission that the player is informed that she was raised by two fathers. The game doesn't make a huge deal out of it, merely an expression of surprise on several characters when she makes the comment.
* Lancelot from ''VideoGame/{{Guenevere}}'' was raised by his two mothers, Vathac and Vivien.
* ''VideoGame/UtawarerumonoMaskOfDeception'': Kuon, as it turns out, was raised communally by her father's entire harem in his absence, giving her a grand total of ''five'' mothers. She refers to Eruruu, Karulau, Touka, and Ulthory as her mothers (though Karulau much prefers being called an elder sister), while her birth mother, Yuzuha, died either [[DeathByChildbirth in childbirth or shortly thereafter]]. She also has two fathers: her true father Hakuowlo (whom she has never met due to him being sealed) and her uncle Oboro, who actually raised her.
* In ''VideoGame/GodOfWarAscension'', Orkos is the son of Ares and the Fury Alecto. Ares disowned him because he was not warrior material. He was raised by Alecto and her Fury sisters Tisiphone and Megaera, so he calls all three of them his mothers.
* ''VisualNovel/MonsterProm'': Damien mentions in a few events that he was raised by two fathers, though little else information about them is relied besides Damien's rocky relationship with one of them due to the pressure of taking over hell.

* In ''Webcomic/AbeAndKroenen'', Abe [[http://abe-kroenen.livejournal.com/39360.html suggests that they might one day adopt and raise a child.]] Kroenen points out the many ways in which this would be a very bad idea.
-->"It would be like ''Series/MyTwoDads'' but instead of 'Dads' it is 'horrible monsters'. And instead of 'Two' it is '''horrible'''."
* Winter from ''Webcomic/{{Girly}}'' has [[HomosexualReproduction two biological female parents]] as described but not explained [[http://girlyyy.com/go/18 here]]. The epilogue has Winter and Otra's daughter setting out on her own adventure.
* ''Webcomic/{{Terinu}}'' is... complicated. It's quite possible to argue that he has ''four'' "moms". His biological mother ([[spoiler:implied as dead in a flashback]]), Melika, the vulpine woman who raised him from ages three to nine and whom he has the closest relationship with, Mavra Chan the AxCrazy SpacePirate who raised him to her personal assassin from nine to fifteen, and finally Leeza, who not only has actual legal guardianship of him, she's also his [[spoiler:Master, since he's mentally imprinted to obey her every order.]] Currently only Leeza and Melika are likely to work together to raise him however.
* [[spoiler:Berlinetta]] of ''Webcomic/OtherPeoplesBusiness'' [[spoiler:has two daddies]].
* Pluto from ''Webcomic/StarGuys'' has two mothers. Apprently making Pluto was "a long and expensive process".
* ''Webcomic/TouhouNekokayou'' has Marisa and Alice's two daughters, Shanghai Margatroid and Carroll Kirisame (complete with ''Heather Has Two Mommies'' [[http://dizzy.pestermom.com/?p=thcomic83 reference]]). The former was "born" after Alice and Marisa finally figured out how to create an independent doll and applied it to Alice's Shanghai doll. [[spoiler: That "birth" takes place in CSA's ending.]] The latter, meanwhile, was the result of magical HomosexualReproduction, the exact details of which remain a [[NoodleIncident secret]].
* ''Webcomic/{{Drowtales}}'':
** Kalki, Snadhya'rune's daughter. [[spoiler:Her father is Mel'arnach, the protagonist Ariel's biological mother, meaning that she ''literally'' [[HomosexualReproduction has two mommies]] thanks to Jaal'darya science]].
** Several examples in Drow society since EveryoneIsBi. It's implied that Ariel's sister Lael'aelle was raised by her mother Quain'tana and the Ill'haress of the Sullisin'rune, Ash'waren.
* The [[SamusIsAGirl son]] of Kronar, [[HomosexualReproduction son of man]], in ''Webcomic/{{Oglaf}}''. Kronar's entire tribe has reportedly been "free of woman's taint" for generations. [[MisterSeahorse It's probably best not to think too hard about how]].
* While they did not consult each other on their pregnancies, the two leads from ''Moon Over June'' gave birth on the same day and are effectively raising their daughters together. [[MaternallyChallenged There is room to dispute whether this is a good thing]]
* The adopted children of Vaarsuvius and Inkyrius from ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' have two parents whose genders are both officially listed as "ambiguous". Does that count?
* Leanne from the FurryComic Rasvaar has two mothers: one her biological mother, and the other her 'mad' ([[DontExplainTheJoke a portmanteau of mum and dad]]).
* Secondary character [[http://www.precociouscomic.com/archive/comic/2012/04/26 Yvette]] in ''Webcomic/{{Precocious}}''. As explained by [[WordOfGod Chrispy]] Eva is her biological mother and Candy's brother was the sperm donor.
* As revealed in the final arc of ''Webcomic/AndShineHeavenNow'', [[spoiler:the boy that will grow up to be LightNovel/VampireHunterD, genetically, is the son of [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Integra Hellsing and Seras Victoria]]. Note, however, D doesn't know this, and believes Alucard is his father. Oh, and by the way, [[HomosexualReproduction only Integra and Seras know how this happened]] and neither are telling.]]
* Referenced in ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent''. Marten's divorced dad remarries, this time to a man, to which Marten's response is [[http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=2399 "Fuck yeah, two dads!"]] When he and his stepfather were debating how they should refer to each other, Marten decided to call Maurice, [[http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=1522 "Dad Two: Dad Harder."]]
** And then Marten's mother started dating Jim from The Secret Bakery. Marten's reaction to the prospect of them marrying? "Three dads!"
* ''WebComic/{{Shortpacked}}'' - Leslie and Robin - thanks to some Comic Book Science admittedly "inspired" by WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague and WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond - are the biological parents of triplet girls.
* ''Webcomic/SplitScreen'': Jan and her sister were raised by her mother and her "other mother", Nancy.
* ''Webcomic/LatchkeyKingdom'' : Two women each claim the other stole their baby, and demand the king resolve the situation. The new king decides to marry them...to each other. Even though both women are already married.
-->'''Woman 1:'' My husband's not gonna like this.
-->'''Woman 2:'' [[GirlOnGirlIsHot I'm afraid mine will]].
* Melissa from ''Webcomic/MagickChicks''. One of them uses a magic artifact to make everyone ''think'' she's male. [[spoiler: [[HomosexualReproduction They're her biological parents due to a fusion accident]].]]
* In ''Webcomic/AlwaysHuman'' Austen has two dads, referred to by the Spanish and Irish words for "dad".
* Miranda Hutch in ''Webcomic/KevinAndKell'' has [[http://www.kevinandkell.com/2016/kk1026.html two dads.]]

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Agents Trojanhorse and Paddlebrains of the WebOriginal/ProtectorsOfThePlotContinuum are both women (technically -- Pads is a redhaired chainsmoking [[GenderBender female copy]] of [[Franchise/HarryPotter Sirius Black]] -- don't ask). They have three adopted children; two sons from [[MisterSeahorse mpreg]] fanfics, and a daughter who is a Triceratops. ItMakesSenseInContext. Many of the other adopted kids in the PPC would also fit.
* The mothersday PSA from ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'': "You only have one mother. Unless you are from a progressive home like Donut." How serious this can be taken is debatable due to the out-of-canon nature of the [=PSAs=].
* In WebVideo/CodeMENT, Kallen takes this trope to its logical extreme. She thinks that "dad" is a made up word, and when asked where she thinks babies come from, she starts with "When a woman and another woman..."
** [[TheDitz Suzaku]] seems to think he's got this as well, as at one point, he mentions that both his moms are dead. However, it's been established by other characters that this is not the case.
* Yang Xiao Long from ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' was raised by and identifies as the daughter of Summer Rose, but she still refers to Raven Branwen (her birth mother) as her mother.
* The season two finale of ''WebAnimation/CampCamp'' reveals that [[PassionateSportsGirl Ered]], one of the campers, is the adopted daughter of a male married couple of ''[[ActionDad FBI Agents]]''.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AllGrownUp'' had an episode in which the kids were paired off in mock marriages and given an assignment to plan a wedding, start a home, and have children. The drawing for the pairs, however, was gender-neutral, pairing Chuckie with silent jock Fridge, and Angelica with long-time rival Susie. [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight No one makes even one peep]] the entire episode about the suggestion that main characters were in simulated gay relationships.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'', gay couple Greg and Terry have a surrogate daughter, [[MeaningfulName Liberty (Libby) Belle]]. Stan's wife Francine was the surrogate mother, which Stan was very unhappy about, until the end of the episode when he realizes gay couples can have children and be just as happy, and gives her the name Liberty.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLoudHouse'': Lincoln's BlackBestFriend Clyde [=McBride=] has two dads.
* The finale to ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'' shows that in the future Lindy and Alison will adopt several kids and live on a farm together one day.
* ''WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck'' has another non-homosexual two-daddy family.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' has an episode in which Bender fosters "twelve baby humans" (for the money). Fry seems to be mostly along for the ride because he's Bender's roommate, but Bender does call him 'Ma' at one point and he sulks about wanting new kitchen cabinets.
* ''WesternAnimation/TimeSquad'' has inept, [[TestosteronePoisoning overly macho]] [[TimePolice time cop]] Buck Tuddrussell and his vitriolic, ambiguously CampGay robot buddy The Larry 3000 taking in an orphaned history buff who was living in an OrphanageOfFear. It didn't start out as a [[HasTwoMommies Has Two Daddies]] situation until Sigmund Freud analyzed Tuddrussell and Larry as a dysfunctional couple whose fighting will mentally and emotionally scar Otto for life on the third episode ("The Island of Dr. Freud"). From then on, the writers did everything they could to imply that the living arrangement could be construed as a "Has Two Daddies" situation.
* Race Bannon of ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuest'' won Creator/CartoonNetwork's poll for "Best Cartoon Mom".
* You can't mention Benton and Race without mentioning Brock and Rusty of ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'' (though neither of them come anywhere close to good parent material).
* JFK's adoptive parents in ''WesternAnimation/CloneHigh'' were a gay couple. He usually calls them "gay dads", but only in one episode, when he was doubting his sexuality, thanks to WholesomeCrossdresser Joan, he decides to join them in watching ''Series/WillAndGrace''. He describes them as being like "''Series/MyTwoDads'', only gayer".
* In ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' [[spoiler:Isaac Sumdac]] is captured by Megatron and his company is taken over by [[spoiler:Porter C. Powell]]. The latter kicks [[spoiler:Sari]] out, so she ends up living with the Autobots, effectively having ''five robot daddies'' (though Prowl, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead are more like older brothers and Ratchet is more of a grandpa). Biologically speaking, [[MissingMom this is entirely possible also]], being that she's [[spoiler:at ''least'' half-Cybertronian, depending on who makes protoforms, and how many, she may have two biological daddies as well, counting Isaac.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/PinkyAndTheBrain'':
** One episode featured the eponymous duo raising a child created from their combined DNA thanks to a malfunction in Brain's cloning machine. The name of said episode, "Brinky", even functions as a decent PortmanteauCoupleName.
** Another episode had them in Kansas stumbling upon an alien spacecraft containing a [[Franchise/{{Superman}} baby with mysterious powers]]. Intrigued by the baby's abilities, Brain tried to raise him with Pinky; obviously it didn't work out. In the end, Pinky and the Brain put him back in the ship so that a childless couple could find him...
* An episode of the combination animated/live-action PBS series ''Postcards from Buster'' (an ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' spinoff) had Buster visiting with a live-action real girl, who said she had "two moms". No more was said about her parents but the more conservative faction of ThePowersThatBe decided that was promoting the "gay agenda", the episode was yanked, and used as an example of why all PBS funding should be immediately rescinded. (And it wasn't like this was James Dobson raising a shit fit. No, the ''Secretary of Education'' was behind this clusterfuck, and even tried to get all funding pulled for ''Postcards From Buster''.)
* ''Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me'' has, well, take a wild guess.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/MakingFiends'', [[GenkiGirl Char]][[{{Pollyanna}} lotte]] adopts a bunch of baby ''explosive'' chicks with a very reluctant [[CreepyChild Vend]][[MadScientist etta]]. Charlotte [[LesYay refers to herself as the father, and Vendetta as the mother]].
-->'''Charlotte:''' Since you're already the mommy, I'll be the daddy! We can spend a~ll our time together, like one big happy family~!\\
'''Vendetta:''' WHAT!?
* On ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'', [=SpongeBob=] and Patrick adopt a baby scallop. Patrick wants to be the mommy, but opts for daddy after [=SpongeBob=] points out he never wears a shirt (Patrick agrees that if he were the mom "this would be kinda shocking"). At the end, the scallop "flies" away, but Patrick suggests "[[HoYay Let's have another]]".
* ''WesternAnimation/TheOblongs'' has an UncannyValleyGirl who could pass as a [[StepfordSmiler Hill person]] (missing jaw and mono-boob aside) who has two normal-looking dads.
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'':
** Mojo Jojo created the [[ThePsychoRangers Rowdyruff Boys]] in an attempt to destroy the girls. Instead, it was the boys who got destroyed. Years later, Him resurrected the boys and improved upon them. This came to a head in the episode "Custody Battle", where Mojo discovers that the Rowdyruffs were brought back, tries to take back his place as their father (the day happens to be Father's Day, by the way), and he and Him end up trying to [[EvilerThanThou out-evil each other]]. The boys have enough of this and announce that they only care about destroying the Powerpuff Girls, causing Mojo and Him to [[HoYay embrace]] and exclaim, "I'm so proud of them!"
** Jojo served as a sort-of father to the girls themselves, as he kicked open the flask of chemical X that created them (and made Jojo intelligent). Later, his [[StableTimeLoop chronologically-altered attempt]] to erase the girls's existence failed, ensuring two elements of primacy.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'':
** Thailog, the evil clone of Goliath, has three fathers. His biological father, Goliath, his "maker", Dr. Sevarius, and the man who brought him up, Xanatos.
** Gargoyles in general raise their young communally. A gargoyle that has been raised traditionally by gargoyles standards has many mothers and many fathers.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'':
** One episode had Ren participating in a social movement called "Fake Dad", basing on the idea of a man (dog?) with no offspring caring for an orphan for a weekend. Ren says the line "Now that we're one happy family, let's spend some quality time together!" himself, putting Stimpy in the place of the second daddy.
** The episode [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Stimpy's Pregnant"]] of ''Adult Party Cartoon''. The biological impossibilty of Ren impregnating Stimpy is never mentioned or discussed. Right before the delivery, Ren says "Any minute now, we'll be mommy and daddy". [[spoiler:It turns out Stimpy was not actually pregnant, just constipated. But neither of the "parents" find out about this - the excrement is treated like a child, though obviously, [[NegativeContinuity there's no trace of it in later episodes]]).]]
* The episode of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' "Follow That Egg", where Stan and Kyle, and Wendy and Bebe, have to take care of an egg to prove Mrs. Garrison's point that gay couples can't raise children. At one point Wendy calls Kyle saying "I want to see my egg" to which he replies "it's not your egg anymore, Wendy".
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Detentionaire}}'' has another example where students are given the assignment to raise fake babies. Cam and Holger are paired together in the episode "Misadventures in Babysitting" and spend a couple days being two daddies to a robot baby. Holger is much happier about this than Cam.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'', Neptr (Never-Ending Pie-Throwing Robot) is assembled by [[TheHero Finn]] and then energized to full functionality by [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain Ice King]], in the process absorbing some of his "[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar private]] [[StealthPun particles]]" and personality traits. He considers them both his fathers and calls Finn "Creator" and Ice King "Papi." Unfortunately, after the first episode both are [[ParentalNeglect kind of]] [[DisappearedDad deadbeats]], forgetting about his existence for months at a time, and Neptr becomes something of a low-key WellDoneSonGuy.
* Steven of ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' has his dad, but he lives with the three Crystal Gems and is largely cared for by them. They even have different parenting styles, with [[TheHedonist Amethyst]] being permissive, [[MyBelovedSmother Pearl]] being restrictive, and [[GentleGiant Garnet]] having a balanced approach. The episode "Fusion Cuisine" really explores [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything the implications of this]]. Steven's friend Connie is nervous about introducing his family to her parents, because they're very traditional and she's afraid they won't accept her hanging out with a non-nuclear family. To try and fool them, the three Crystal Gems agree to temporarily [[FusionDance fuse]] into a single being to pose as Steven's mom.
** [[spoiler:Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond raised Pink Diamond, the youngest and smallest of the diamonds, a lot like a daughter.]]
* Jeff from ''WesternAnimation/{{Clarence}}'' is shown to have two moms in "Jeff Wins". They've appeared several times afterwards.
* Ling Bouvier in ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' is the adopted daughter of Selma Bouvier, who shares an apartment with her twin sister Patty.
* On ''WesternAnimation/HarveyBeaks'', Technobear once bragged about having ''three'' moms. We meet his actual parents later in the series. They're a heterosexual pair of [[InterspeciesAdoption turtles]].
* Bug from ''WesternAnimation/FutureWorm'' is raised by two men, though it's never made clear if they're supposed to be a couple.
* ''WesternAnimation/BojackHorseman'': Hollyhock was adopted and raised by [[UpToEleven eight men in a polygamous marriage]].
* According to a book, Scootaloo from ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' spends more time around her Aunt Lofty and Aunt Holiday than she does her [[WhenYouComingHomeDad workaholic parents]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheMagicSchoolBusRidesAgain'', Kesha is shown to have two mothers.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* The concept of homosexual couples raising children is nothing new. Usually the child will either be adopted, or related to one of the parents through various means of artificial reproduction and/or surrogacy.
** Additionally, a parent who produces children the usual way may later separate from their partner and form a same-sex relationship afterwards. If the child is still dependent at this time and custody is granted primarily to the first parent, it is likely that the child will have two same-sex parents from this new relationship. In some countries the non-biological parent may also be permitted to co-adopt the child, giving both parents equal custody rights and legally designating both partners as the child's parents and legal guardians.
** Sometimes, they'll have it so that either the children will be biologically related to both parents. This is easy enough if one partner is cisgender and the other is {{Transgender}}, but if both are cis or trans, then they have to get creative with this.
* There are [[http://www.nytimes.com/2004/02/07/arts/love-that-dare-not-squeak-its-name.html several]] [[http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8081829.stm examples]] of penguins forming gay relationships and building nests. Sometimes they will steal an egg to raise, but other times a zookeeper will give them an egg another pair of penguin parents can not raise.
* Taken to an extreme with seagulls; some populations only have lesbian couples ([[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcrjb-b9oPg that song]] didn't come from nowhere), most of the female birds only mating once or twice in their entire lifetime with males in order to lay fertile eggs.
* Lionesses in a pride all raise cubs as an egalitarian community; every lioness treats each cub as a mother would.
* The famous female Crow Chief, [[MeaningfulName Woman Chief]] (born Pine Leaf of the Gros Ventre and abducted by a Crow raiding party as a child), had children with one of her four wives through surrogate fatherhood. According to their culture, the first one who sleeps with a woman who gets pregnant is officially the father. Using this, Woman Chief went through the preliminary motions and got a male volunteer to take over for the rest.
* Louise Jarvis, the subject of the BBC documentary My Mums Used To Be Men, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin has two transgender mothers]].
* {{Gangsta Rap}}per Music/FiftyCent had a lesbian mother who had a relationship with another woman.
** As did Creator/PatrickMacnee when he grew up in the 1930s.
* LGBT rights activist Zach Wahls, whose testimony to the Iowa State Legislature on same-sex marriage regarding his two mothers resulted in a very popular viral video.
* Villages and small communities with children probably fit in this category. Instead of it just being the parents job of providing and caring for a child, it is also the job of the rest of the village to help care for them.
* OlderThanRadio: Owing to complicated political maneuvering, the young [[UsefulNotes/DynastiesFromShangToQing Guangxu Emperor]] had "mother" Ci'an and "father" [[DragonLady Cixi]]. Both women had been wives of a previous emperor and were combining their Dowager Empress powers to rule together.
* Several openly gay celebrities are famous for having children, either through adoption or surrogacy.
** Creator/NeilPatrickHarris and his husband David Burtka became the proud fathers of twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott Burtka-Harris via a surrogate mother.
** Music/RufusWainwright and his partner had a girl, with Leonard Cohen's daughter Lorca serving as the surrogate.
*** Melissa Etheridge and her former partner Julie Cypher had a child with a donation from David Crosby.
** Music/EltonJohn has had a son with his husband via surrogate. This caused some controversy when a supermarket used the "family shield" to "[[MoralGuardians protect young shoppers]]" from seeing [[http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/01/magazine-cover-with-elton-johns-baby-too-controversial-arkansas Elton, his husband and their baby]] on a magazine cover. The supermarket eventually removed the shield after receiving complaints. They had a second son later.
** Creator/MattBomer and his husband Simon Halls have three sons: Walker, Kit, and Henry
** Creator/SeanMaher and his partner adopted two children.
* [[http://www.aljazeera.com/news/europe/2013/06/2013628161558706499.html Three-person IVF treatment:]] The baby has another mother, the woman who is the source of his mitochondria. Useful for women who have serious risk of having a baby with defective mitochondria.
* Creator/SeanAstin is the son of Creator/PattyDuke and Michael Tell, but Patty's other boyfriends and husbands over the years, Desi Arnaz Jr., John Astin, and Michael Pierce also helped raise him. Sean is close to all four men and considers them all his dads.
* Creator/RobMcElhenney's parents divorced after his mother came out as a lesbian. [[AmicableExes The couple remained on good terms]] and Rob and his siblings split their time between living with his father and his mother and her partner.