->'''[[SingleMindedTwins Hikaru/Kaoru]]''': Who's "mommy"?\\
'''Kyouya''': From a club standpoint, I guess I am...
-->-- ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub''

Usually appears in the HaremGenre, and keeps a look out for the major, non-daily disturbances in the household. Outside of that, the cast is on their own. This character is collected and cool as a cucumber, and isn't about to stress about every little thing. They have more fun amusing themselves with the cast's antics.

Notable for being probably the only character who will give you a simple straight answer for anything.

Usually older than the rest of the cast and (almost) never a romantic possibility (though occasional flirting isn't ruled out). Frequently has a sneaky streak that is not initially obvious and is thus an UnflappableGuardian.

Contrast NerdNanny.


[[AC:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]

* Haruka in ''Manga/LoveHina''.
* Subverted in ''Manga/ToLoveRu'' where Rito's little sister Mikan fills this role, despite being the youngest cast member. Subverted further in ''Darkness'' where Momo does well enough in this role that Mikan actually gets jealous and worries that she is being replaced. Despite the fact that Momo [[spoiler: is a full blown haremette; in fact she is trying to build Rito's UnwantedHarem [[HaremSeeker for him]].]] She's actually quite reliable and responsible other than that however.
* Tenchi's grandfather Yosho in ''Anime/TenchiMuyo''.
** Though he most definitely would ''not'' give Tenchi a straight answer. And then third [=OVA=] introduced a whole bunch of these characters (Seto and Airi at the very least).
* Shigure in ''Manga/FruitsBasket''.
** Except for the straight answer part.
** Hatori and Hatsuharu fit also.
* Ken Sanada in ''Anime/DualParallelTroubleAdventure''.
* Miyabi in ''Manga/AiYoriAoshi''.
* Kyoya of ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' isn't the president of the club, but is considered the "mommy" of the group. Then again, he could just be considered a pimp. He is the one with all the answers as to what is going on, since Tamaki was too busy with ladies.
* BC in ''Anime/{{Vandread}}'' - a no-nonsense second in command of the space pirate crew composing most of the cast and one of the few females to not overreact to having males stuck with their AmazonBrigade. [[spoiler: Mainly because he's a DoubleAgent. Yes he.]]
* Chizuru, as well as most older characters in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' (Albireo, Takemichi, Konoemon, ect.)
** Subverted in the case of Takamichi, as while he would otherwise be a straight HaremNanny, the heroine has a hard crush on him. [[spoiler:This is revealed to be more than just for laughs, as he reveals an angstier side of him when he rejects her advances, commenting that he is not worthy of being loved.]]
* Nekonome-sensei fills this role in ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'', as she's both Tsukune's homeroom teacher and the sponsor of the Newspaper Club.
** Her rather playful personality (while appropriate enough for a CatGirl) couldn't exactly be described as "cool as a cucumber", though.
* Orie in ''Manga/KoiKoi7''.
* Kasumi in ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf''.
* Miya in ''Manga/{{Sekirei}}'', she is older than the rest of the cast and seem to enjoy teasing the protagonist calling him "Criminal".
* A couple different characters play the role at different times in ''Manga/UFOPrincessValkyrie''. Usually it's Kazuto, though occasionally Rika and Akina play the role as well.
* Maria in ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'' will occasionally have this role, depending on the episode. Granted, other times she's just another member of the harem, but otherwise she embodies the trope fairly straight.
* Tsubame Ameyagi in ''Manga/AiKora'' is an interesting case. From the girls' perspective, she's the harem nanny -- but to Hachibei, who's only interested in individual body parts, she and her legs are definitely part of the harem.
* Yoriko from ''LightNovel/HaiyoreNyarkoSan'', who for added fun is also the mother of Mahiro, the central figure of the story's LoveDodecahedron. Thus the "nanny" aspect mainly comes about through her gentle but firm MamaBear attitude towards "[[AffectionateNickname Hiro-kun's]]" pursuers, though she is actually fond of the aliens living under her roof and even seems to be [[ShipperOnDeck playing matchmaker]] for Mahiro and Nyarko.
* Tomoe Nanjou in ''LightNovel/TsukiTsuki'' usually has to take care of his son's harem. Bonus points for at least half of the harem living in her house.
* Chifuyu Orimura from ''LightNovel/InfiniteStratos'' is this for her little brother Ichika's ever-growing harem. She's also his homeroom teacher, dorm monitor, combat instructor, and did we mention she's also the strongest IS pilot? It doesn't help that she essentially took care of him while growing up so his world revolves around her to a degree. In the eyes of the harem, rather than being the Nanny, she's the Final Boss.

* ''Series/TheYoungRiders'' has Emma, the Pony Express station 'housemother' is pretty much this to the Pony Express riders. And she's handy with a shotgun, too, when outlaws coming calling.

[[AC:VideoGames and VisualNovels]]
* Akiko in ''VisualNovel/{{Kanon}}''.
* Fujimura Taiga in ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' is a partial fit for HaremNanny. She's definitely ''not'' cool as a cucumber (in fact, she's the main comic relief), but she's the gatekeeper of Shirou's harem; each time another girl invades his house, Shirou's first problem is how to explain it to Taiga.
* The Fujieda sisters in ''VideoGame/SakuraWars'', Ayame and Kaede (but not at the same time; Kaede is the [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute convenient substitute]] when Ayame becomes unavailable, from ''Sakura Taisen II'' onward). Ratchet Altair plays the role in ''Sakura Taisen V''.
** Though Ratchet is romanceable, subverting the trope.


* Shubby from ''Webcomic/OwMySanity'', who takes it upon herself to organise David's increasingly large and disorganised group of [[PrettyFreeloaders female guests]]. She's also an EldritchAbomination in (mostly) human form.