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-->-- '''Winston Payne''', ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyTrialsAndTribulations''

In many shows, whenever a main character is bald, every time they're shown in a FlashBack, they're always depicted as having hair like Axl Rose, Jim Morrison, etc. Generally meant to imply they were so in love with their own hair that the ''hair gods'' or something took it away from them to punish them. Of course, it could just be that a long haired wig on a bald actor tends to look a lot more convincing than a short one (though the trope is common in animation as well).

Of course there are variations. A character might retain a full head of hair but in the current day it is trim and business-like while in the past they had a FunnyAfro, suggesting they were rebellious teenagers. Other times it's just a [[IWasQuiteAFashionVictim visual indication that it's the same character in a different era]] (if there isn't [[TimeShiftedActor an actor playing a younger version]] of a character it can be hard to suddenly look 30 years younger). RapidHairGrowth is the InvertedTrope of this.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Genma Saotome in ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' was willing to let his son go bald in order to get his full head of hair back.
** In flashbacks, he's always seen sporting some unruly locks under his ever-present handkerchief. It's not exactly clear when he went completely bald, though.
** Once, after acquiring a prodigious hair-restoring tonic, Genma grows immense, nearly-vertical hair that [[Anime/DragonballZ stands up in spikes]]. [[AffectionateParody But only when he's angry]]. He's very proud of this hair, but, sadly, it falls off instantly if he laughs or so much as cracks a grin.
* Nappa from ''Anime/DragonballZ'' was shown to have hair when Vegeta was still a child.
** This is at odds with what Vegeta says later in the series, that a pure-blood Saiyan's hair never changes from the day he was born.
*** However, it could be that Nappa simply shaved his head because he liked the way it looked. Vegeta probably meant that a Saiyan's hair doesn't grow beyond a certain point. It will still grow back if shaved or cut, but only to a specific length. In other words, Saiyan head hair is like human eyebrow hair or leg hair. It grows to a certain length and then falls out to make room for new hairs. So just because Nappa chose to shave his head doesn't mean he went bald or that his hair wouldn't have grown back to a specific length if he decided to stop shaving it.
*** This also explains the interesting scene in the original Dragonball where Mercenary Tao cuts off some of Goku's hair (twice, thanks to re-using some footage), and yet it's all back the way it was before a while later.
** Another case is Master Roshi. It is shown that he had a full head of hair when he was a teenager. He said he's naturally bald when Krillin argued that all great fighters shave their heads.
*** Mr. Satan/Hercule is introduced with hair, and has it all throughout the rest of Z, but has gone bald by the time of GT (about 20 years after the finale of Z). However he's pretty old by then and he had hair at least into his 50s so it's not that jarring.
* A minor character in ''Manga/{{Kinnikuman}}'' is Kazuo Nakano, who has a wig. He even calls himself 'Kazuo of the Wig' at one point.
* In ''VideoGame/ArcanaFamiglia'', Dante has hair in Liberta's flashbacks. He seems to grow it back in the sequel.
* ''Webcomic/OnePunchMan'': Saitama had standard shonen spiky hair before he became a superhero. By his own account he "trained so hard he went bald". Considering what he's capable of, it's a fair trade.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Mortadelo from the Spanish comic ''Comicbook/MortadeloYFilemon'' had exceptionally great and long locks before losing all of it because of a failed experiment by the comic's resident MadScientist, Profesor Bacterio.
* Yorick fears he is going bald toward the end of ''Comicbook/YTheLastMan'' and considers shaving his head if this happens; in a flashback in the DistantFinale we see he's done so. Ironically his elderly self still has a good shock of white hair.
* One issue of ''ComicStrip/TwistedToyfareTheatre'' takes place mostly in the mid 1970s... and ''everybody'' has an afro. Comicbook/ThePunisher, Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}, Man-Thing, everybody. The biggest, most funktastic afro of all belonged to [[ComicBook/XMen Chuck Xavier]], the best dancer in town.
* The NationalLampoon did a fotonovela story "Too Old For Menudo", where a member of the boy band says his mandatory goodbyes on his 15th birthday - the next morning he finds he's turned middle-aged and bald, and can't land a singing job anywhere.
* ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd'': Judge Shenker, the head of Psi-Division, started out with hair, but he later lost all of it.

* ''Franchise/BackToTheFuture''
** Subverted in the first ''Film/BackToTheFuture'' movie when Marty visits his high school 30 years ago... and finds Strickland is ''still'' bald, or rather, he's down to the last dregs of hair on his head. Which has him query, "That's Strickland! Jesus, didn't that guy ''ever'' have hair?"
** And then in ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartIII'', Strickland's [[TheWildWest Wild West]] ancestor ([[IdenticalGrandson played by the same actor]], of course) had shoulder-length General Custer-style curls.
** Pretty much the first thing out of Doc of 1955's mouth when he see his 1985 self? "Thank God I've still got my hair!" Of course, 1985 Doc's hair had gone from thick, curly, and blonde to thin, stringy, and white. But it was THERE, dammit!
* ''Film/GIJoeTheRiseOfCobra'': [[MadScientist The Doctor]] is shown to have short hair in flashbacks. He is bald in the present, but tries to hide it with a wig.
* Lou in ''Film/HotTubTimeMachine'' is as bald as the actor who plays him - Creator/RobCorddry. When they first arrive in the past he goes to take a piss and catches sight of himself in the mirror. He's so in awe of his own former glory that he doesn't even stop pissing as he turns to stare in dumbfounded wonder.
* Unintentional and amusingly extreme example in the ''Franchise/FridayThe13th'' series. In ''Film/FridayThe13thPart2'' Jason has an impressive mane of hair. By ''[[Film/FridayThe13thPartIII Part III]]'', supposedly set the next day, he's completely bald.
* ''Film/XMen'':
** ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'': 1973 Charles Xavier is shown as having long hair.
** ''Film/XMenApocalypse'': Inverted for Storm. She has long hair in the original trilogy, but her teenage self has a mohawk.
* ''Film/AGuideToRecognizingYourSaints'':
** Monti has a full head of hair in the 1980s portions, but is balding in the 2006 ones.
** Laurie's teenage self had RapunzelHair, but in the present day it's just above her shoulders.
** Inverted with Nerf and Antonio, where their teenage selves have short hair and it's grown out in adulthood.
* Jenko in ''Film/TwentyOneJumpStreet'' isn't bald but has a very short haircut. As a flashback to [[IWasQuiteAFashionVictim his teen years]] he's shown with long hair.
* Carolyn in ''Film/AmericanBeauty'' is codified with PowerHair to project her image as a successful businesswoman. Flashbacks to her youth, where Lester describes her as happier, show her hair long.
* Inverted in ''Film/TheAgeOfAdaline''. The titular character in her past had short hair - as she was around during the periods where short hair was the height of fashion. But she now has long hair in the present.
* ''Film/SpiceWorld'' - the girls' friend Nicola has short hair in the present. In a flashback to when the girls were a struggling group, she's shown with long hair down to her waist.
* A justified example with ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy''. Meredith first appears as she's dying of cancer, naturally bald from the treatment. In the second movie, a flashback to before she was sick shows that she had beautiful long blonde hair.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Balding Mr. Belding is shown to have a hippie-esque head of hair in a FlashBack to his student radio days on ''Series/SavedByTheBell''.
* George Costanza in ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}''.
* Subverted in the ''Series/{{Lost}}'' episode "Deus Ex Machina" when, during a flashback, we discover that the Locke of several years ago had... a really bad toupee.
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'': He's not bald, but short-haired Dr. Cox is shown in JD's 80's flashback as having a blond Mohawk. ("Shut up jackass, I rock!")
** Turk, however, ''is'' bald and was shown in a flashback to have a full head of hair, excited to see Michael Jordon at a basketball game. When JD shows up and is asked if he has the tickets, JD says he thought he was supposed to bring the sandwiches. Now that neither of them can get inside the game, an enraged and upset Turk rips his own hair out.
*** He apparently shaves his head, as one scene has Carla show a picture him trying to grow his hair in, which comes in in awkward patches. He shaves it to keep it from looking ridiculous.
*** He grows it out a bit in later seasons (although still really short).
** [[ButtMonkey Ted]] on the other hand once was ''supposed'' to have hair. But now it's gone... '''GOOOOONE'''!
* {{Lampshaded}} in ''Series/{{Psych}}'', as Corbin Bernsen plays Shawn's father in the series and wears a wig in nearly all the flashbacks (at least those set when Shawn was a preteen).
-->'''Shawn:''' Slap a wig on you, you're a dead ringer for when I was a kid.
* A ''Series/ThirtyRock'' episode had Pete explain that he almost got into the Olympics in 1980, but, of course, that was the year the U.S. boycotted the Moscow Games. The accompanying flashback shows Pete, who is bald in ThePresentDay, having a full head of hair (and a moustache!) back in 1980.
* One ''Series/LucyDesiComedyHour'' was about how Lucy and Ricky met. Young Fred has a full head of hair that he is ''very'' proud of, causing Ethel to comment that one day he's going to lose it all.
* Almost everyone in ''Series/MyNameIsEarl'', at least for the adults who play themselves in the present day and some 25 years in the past with all the {{flashback}}s. Although a subtle version is used for Joy, almost anything set before she had kids she would wear her hair down, while as a mom she usually had them in hair bands.
* In ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', several flashbacks and one comment by Starfleet Academy's [[AlmightyJanitor groundkeeper]] reveal that Picard once had hair. [[SeriesContinuityError Curiously]], there is also the photograph a bald Cadet Picard in ''Film/StarTrekNemesis''.
* ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' had a {{flashback}} to the time when Leonard and Sheldon first became roommates in 2002. Leonard had long, wavy locks, Raj had a mullet and Howard had a [[FunnyAfro Jewish Afro]]. A brief cut to Penny at the same time had her with borderline EightiesHair. Sheldon was the only one who remained almost the same.
* ''Series/HomeImprovement'' used a beard version of this trope in its flashback to the pilot episode of ''Tool Time''. In it, Tim (usually clean-shaven) has a beard, while Al (usually with a beard) is clean-shaven.
* On ''Series/{{Friends}}'', this happens with a lot of the flashbacks throughout the series. In "The One with the Prom Video", for example, Rachel and Monica both have EightiesHair, and Ross has what appears to be a perm and a mustache. In "The One With The Thanksgiving Flashbacks", Ross and Chandler are shown to have Music/AFlockOfSeagulls haircuts. In another episode which flashed back to 1992, Chandler is shown with a beard.
* One game of "Weird Newscasters" on ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' had Ryan acting out the entire life of Colin, and made sure to have him ''losing his hair'' in one part.
* ''Series/Daredevil2015'':
** Flashbacks to Wilson Fisk's childhood show him with a full head of hair.
** Inverted with Matt. During flashbacks to him and Elektra in college, he ''lacks'' his PermaStubble.
* In the ''Series/MrShow'' sketch, the host of the "Pre-Taped Call-In Radio Show"[[note]]which records all shows a week in advance[[/note]] is shown to have had a full head of hair when the show first went on the air. By a month into the show, his exasperation with oblivious callers who are unaware of the pre-taped nature of the show has caused him to lose most of his hair.
* In ''Series/BreakingBad'', [[Creator/BryanCranston Walter White]] shaved his head and adapted his iconic bald look a few episodes into season 1. Thus, the trope is in effect for flashbacks of Walt working at Gray Matter in season 2, or Walt house-shopping with Skyler in season 3.
* In ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody'' Carey has a pixie haircut. In a home video of when the twins were babies, she's shown with long hair.
* ''{{Series/Charmed}}'''s Penny was depicted with short hair in the 90s up until she died. Flashbacks to her younger self in the 60s - when she was a hippie - show that her hair was quite long. And in another flashback to after Patty's death when Piper was still a child, she's shown to have long hair again (when it was short in "That 70s Episode", which chronologically takes place before the latter flashback).
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'':
** Ted has relatively short SpikyHair in the present. In his flashbacks to being a teenager and college student, he has a curly afro.
** Inverted with Lily, who had short hair in college, but has consistently had long hair in the present.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Wally on ''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}'' was shown to have an afro in the 70's (a.c.).
** Also, in one comic strip showing the office in 1985, 1990 and 1995, Wally progressively goes from a full head of hair to bald. The PointyHairedBoss' style changes to evoke a MythologyGag with how he used to be drawn. And Dilbert never changes...
* Walt from ''ComicStrip/{{Zits}}'' had bushy, curly hair as a teenager. Jeremy's dismissive attitude towards hair is a constant source of pain to him.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyTrialsAndTribulations'', we see balding prosecutor Winston Payne in flashback with a pompadour. We also see how he loses it: [[spoiler:he's so shocked at losing a case that his hair ''explodes''.]]
* In ''VideoGame/ProfessorLaytonAndTheMiracleMask'', flashbacks show that the super-gentlemanly and businesslike professor, of all people, had a giant FunnyAfro in his school days.
* The Pond Owner in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime''. He has a full head of hair when Link is a child. When seeing him again as Adult Link, he wears a hat. If you catch his hat with your fishing rod, it reveals that he's balding.

* [[AuthorAvatar Rayne's brother]] in ''Webcomic/LeastICouldDo''.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Dr. Thaddeus Venture of ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'' subverts this. Though he is indeed bald in the present day, flashbacks show that he was losing his hair as early as his late teens. This may or may not have been a result of [[spoiler: his deformed twin brother residing in his abdomen and thus ruining his hormone balance.]] Or perhaps he was just taxing it too much by trying to grow it out.
* Pickles of ''WesternAnimation/{{Metalocalypse}}'', who is a direct parody of Axl Rose. He tries to cover his receding hairline with a dreadlock comb-over.
* Bill Dauterive and to a lesser extent Dale Gribble of ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill''.
* Homer of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' had plenty of hair in his younger days, but now is reduced to two strands on the top of his head. There is a reason for this, however - we see him apparently balding in the episode when Marge reveals she is pregnant with Maggie. When she tells him, he screams, pulls out his hair and runs upstairs. Bart asks him if he did that every time. Cut to Homer with a full head of hair being told Marge is pregnant with Bart - he screams, tears hair out and runs upstairs. Then cut to Homer being told ''Lisa'' is going to be born: hair pulled out, screaming, running up stairs. Also, they were in their current Evergreen Terrace home.
** This being ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', of course, [[MultipleChoicePast one backstory is]] ''[[NegativeContinuity never]]'' enough; in an earlier episode, it's shown that he lost his hair as the result of an Army medical research project he volunteered for to avoid having dinner with Patty and Selma.
** There's also the stress backstory. In "Kamp Krusty", Homer's hair begins to grow back once the kids are gone. The second he sees on TV that Bart has commandeered the camp, all the new hair falls out.
** In one episode, Homer grows hair overnight after using an expensive hair growth product, and promptly loses it overnight when he runs out of it.
** In flashbacks to Mr. Burns's childhood, he has enormous golden curls, a visual reference to a stereotyped image of a wealthy boy in TheGayNineties.
** Dr. Hibbert's changing hairstyle through the years is also a common running gag (he ''still'' has hair in the present, though)
** Inverted in "Lisa's First Word"; Marge's famous beehive hair-do is much shorter in the flashbacks.
** Played with in one episode,where in a flashback, a young Kirk van Houten takes off his lacrosse helmet and has really long hair. After shaking his head, it's revealed that, while is hair is longer than in present-day, he's still bald on the very top of his head.
* In the first "flashback" episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}},'' Dr. Otto Scratchansniff is depicted with a full head of gray, Einstein-esque hair. By the time his first meeting with the Warners is over, he's pulled out every follicle on his head in frustration and remains bald for the rest of the series.
* When the characters of ''WesternAnimation/SonicSatAM'' go back in time, the villain minion Snively is shown with a full head of hair that he's quite proud of. An encounter with Sonic's super speed causes him to lose all of his hair, however.
* In his youth, [[SternTeacher Lancer]] in ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'' used to have a full set of hair. He still grows his hair...all over his body. Everything ''but the head''!
* In the ''{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}}'' episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" (in which the entire cast starts to regress in age), a much younger Professor Farnsworth sports a bodacious 'fro. Flashbacks featuring the Professor will almost always show him with hair, even when he is as old as 130 years old ("thirty-odd" years ago, in Bender's Game).
** Spoofed on the episode "Möbius Dick", where Zoidberg has hair in a flashback to Planet Express' first delivery fifty years earlier. When Leela questions how a [[NonMammalianHair non-mammalian species like Zoidberg's would have hair in the first place]], Prof. Farnsworth says that he never mentioned that Zoidberg had hair, and that the others just imagined it that way.
* Squidward from ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants'', during the episode where the Krusty Krab crew meets their old fry cook.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Trollz}}'', Jasper is seen with an afro at first. Then Amethyst's spell makes him lose his hair permanently. [[RuleOfCool He gets over it pretty quickly.]]
* Mr. Garrison on ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' had hair in a flashback in the episode "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut," however it may have been a wig considering that in "Weight Gain 4000" he was shown as a child with the same baldness that later plagued him.
* A flashforward version occurs in the ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' episode "How Long Is Forever?" where Beast Boy ends up a demoralized, balding, paunchy sideshow exhibit. Upon hearing of this back in the present, he yanks out a double handful of his own hair.
* Before creating his 177th experiment, Dr. [[WesternAnimation/LiloAndStitchTheSeries Jumba Jookiba]] had long, luxurious black hair. Unfortunately, said experiment, created to devour a type of fuel, actually devoured hair (since the word is the same in his native language), leaving Jumba bald except for three hairs for the rest of this days.
* Lou Pickles in ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}''. In one episode when meeting his old navy buddy, his buddy had a full head of hair in his current photo and he doesn't, but happened to be bald all along wearing a wig.
* ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'''s Greg Universe plays with it a bit; he's only gotten hairier as he's grown older, but the top of his head is down to his last three hairs. [[NoodleIncident It's implied that he lost his scalp hair in some Gem-related accident.]] Marty is a variation, as he was first introduced with a full head of hair in a flashback, and reappeared in a later episode in the present day with male-pattern baldness.
* ''WesternAnimation/PepperAnn'' character Jamie has a short bob. In a flashback to when Pepper Ann was a toddler, she's shown to be a hippie with RapunzelHair.
* During flashbacks seen in ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' episodes "Blendin's Game" and "A Tale of Two Stans", minor characters have more hair than they do in the present.