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[[caption-width-right:302:Undressed to kill.]]

->''"You wear cartoony boxer shorts, you're begging to have your clothes stolen"''
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/{{Duckman}}'', after having [[MuggedForDisguise mugged two Germans for their clothes]].

[[ComedicUnderwearExposure Exposing a character's underwear]] is always good for a laugh. This goes double if they have underwear with a silly or embarrassing print on them. Boxer shorts with polka dots, or better yet hearts on them seem to be popular. To the extent where it seem like nearly everyone in cartoons wear these. Well, that or [[EpilepticTrees these boxers cause trouser accidents]].

Presumably, the fact that they wear utterly tasteless undies adds to the character's discomfort at being de-pantsed, especially if they try to maintain a hard-man reputation.

On the other hand, a female character in this type of underwear can be pretty potent fetish fuel, especially if she looks much too mature to still be wearing them. If a woman is caught in nothing but, say, Snoopy panties, expect a male character to suddenly "remember" how much he's always admired the ''{{Peanuts}}'' gang (which, in fact, is similar to what happened to Chris Tucker in one of the ''Film/RushHour'' films, only with a tattoo instead of panties).

See also StockUnderwear.

A SisterTrope to FunTShirt.

And no, this doesn't necessarily mean WesternAnimation/{{Goofy}} will be on the underwear--though that's not ruled out.
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!!Other examples:


[[AC:Other-print boxers]]
* There was a Wisk Plus laundry detergent ad a while back that had a woman magically teleport the clothes off of a bunch of [[HotMenAtWork hunky construction worker types]], leaving them in their [[MrFanservice underwear]]. [[RuleOfFunny Naturally]], one guy had bunny rabbit print undies, leading to this memorable exchange at the end of the ad:
-->'''First Guy:''' You got ''bunnies'' on your shorts?
-->'''Second Guy:''' ''[archly]'' '''[[KillerRabbit Killer]]''' bunnies.

[[AC:Childish women's underwear]]
* A recent ad for Carls, Jr., hamburgers shows [[ItMakesSenseInContext a Turkish beauty queen walking out onto a hotel pool area]]. She strips off her gown and sash, leaving herself in nothing but a bikini swimsuit illustrated with little cartoons of the burger she's advertising, which looks like childish underwear when viewed from a distance. One mother covers the eyes of her little son, but whether this is DeliberateValuesDissonance or because the bikini looks like silly underwear cannot be determined.
* For one of Metlink's "Fare Evasion Karma" poster, it depicted a lady who was walking with her skirt tucked in her underwear, unaware. Such underwear was depicted as white and adorned with hearts.

[[AC:Other-print boxers]]
* Near the end of Mercedes Lackey's song "The Oklahoma Weed-Whacker Massacre," about a man whose mind snaps under the pressure of competitive lawn maintenance, leading him to run around slicing people's clothing off with his weed-whacker:
-->Next thing you come to see,\\
Well, there's Tulsa County Sheriff,\\
Standin' there in front of God and CBS and who knows who,\\
Wearin' nothin' but his boots\\
And the belt that held his pistol\\
And his TV Tummy-Toner\\
And his best Smurf boxer shorts.

* In ''Pinball/ScaredStiff'', the Stiff In The Coffin is revealed to be wearing boxers with little hearts on them.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
[[AC:Other-print boxers]]
* Wrestling/{{TNA}} wrestler Eric Young stripped down to a pair of [=SpongeBob=] boxers during one PPV, and ''beat'' [[GagBoobs amazingly well-endowed]] valet Traci Brooks in a ''bikini contest''.
* At one point in the Wrestling/{{WWE}}, proud Canadian Wrestling/LanceStorm was pantsed, revealing that he wore PowerRangers underwear.

[[AC:Other men's underwear]]
* In a Tuxedo Match, Wrestling/SantinoMarella stripped Ricardo Rodriguez, Wrestling/AlbertoDelRio's manservant, down to a pair of white briefs [[MalevolentMugshot with a silhouetted image of Del Rio's face on the seat]], in a WWE moment that was [[SarcasmMode definitely not disturbing at all]].

[[AC:Childish women's underwear]]
* Wrestling/StacyKeibler wore a ridiculously frilly pair of pink panties when she, Jackie Gayda, Wrestling/{{Sable}}, and Wrestling/TorrieWilson competed in a Lingerie Match at ''[=WrestleMania=] XX''.
* Once, when she was a member of Right To Censor, Wrestling/{{Ivory}} was stripped down by several other Divas to her polka-dot panties. Especially embarrassing because she had a reputation as a loud-mouthed, tomboyish DarkActionGirl.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* In ''VisualNovel/{{Rewrite}}'', Kotarou gets a view of Chihaya's panties as he saves her from being stuck in a tree (It's a long story...). After that, "cherries" is not a good word for him to say around her.
* In ''VisualNovel/LittleBusters'', Rikki accidentally sees Komari's panties while helping to free her from a water tank on the school roof. At first he isn't sure if the animal represented is an anteater or armadillo, and when Komari finds out he saw her she wails that now she won't be able to get a bride (not ''be'' a bride, [[HoYay ''get'']] one).
* In ''VisualNovel/ApolloJusticeAceAttorney'', Trucy Wright's "magic panties" are blue with red hearts.
** Plum's are huge bloomers with her namesake flower on them.
* School Mode in ''VisualNovel/{{Danganronpa}}'' offers up one of the student's underwear as a prize for earning that character's ending. In here it's revealed that [[{{Otaku}} Hifumi]] wears a pair of colorful briefs modeled around a [[SuperRobotGenre Super Robot]] HumongousMecha from one of his favorite anime, which was a subject of Chapter 3 in the main story ([[ItMakesSenseInContext that includes both the robot and the underwear]]).
** Meanwhile, [[AllThereInTheManual the art book reveals that]] [[TheHero Makoto]] (who, as the protagonist, can't receive a School Mode Ending) wears white undershorts with a pattern of yellow stars covering them.
* In the HGame ''Kimihagu'', [[ShanaClone Emily]] wears white briefs that have blue/pink hearts and the words "Sweet Baby" all over on them. At an earlier point in the game, she wears pink panties with a Tanuki face on the front.
* In [=ClockUp=]'s ''Euphoria'', Rika wears yellow panties with pink hearts on them.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Many stores carry "loungewear" with various patterns and designs licensed from cartoons, television, movies, or so on. However, finding boxer shorts with red hearts on them is surprisingly difficult, unless you're looking around Valentine's Day.
* Originally marketed by Fruit of the Loom there are [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underoos Underoos]], media themed underwear for children that has been popular since 1977.
* [[http://www.cafepress.com/+home_of_the_whopper_boxer_shorts,70573262/ This pair of boxers is labelled "home of the whopper."]]
* Don't forget your pink "I ♥ NY" boxers [[http://www.deseretnews.com/photos/midres/1466222.jpg when going into combat]].
* This is a regular staple of [[http://improveverywhere.com/missions/the-no-pants-subway-ride/ Improv Everywhere's annual No Pants Subway Ride]].
* [[http://app1.chinadaily.com.cn/star/2003/0410/10-12-02.jpg Brooke Burns]].