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[[caption-width-right:350:No FemmeFatale is complete without a pair.]]

Gloves, Mittens, and other such hand coverings. And it doesn't matter whether they are for warmth, protection, or [[RuleOfGlamorous just to look stylish]].

In cartoons and comic books, characters often wear gloves because they are easier to draw than bare hands.
+ TheCapedIndex\\
Long, flowing gloves for the body.
+ CoatsAndJackets\\
Gloves for the torso.
+ CraniumCoverings\\
Gloves for the head.
+ HandTropes\\
What fills up gloves.
+ TheseTropesAreMadeForWalking\\
Gloves for the feet, and the feet themselves.

* ConspicuousGloves\\
Gloves being significant when some characters are wearing them.
* ExtendoBoxingGlove\\
Uppercutting from a distance.
* FingerlessGloves\\
In fiction, these aren't worn without good reason.
* GlovedFistOfDoom\\
Villains show off their gloves like this.
* GloveSlap\\
The proper way to start a duel.
* GloveSnap\\
Can't do surgery until you do this with your gloves.
* HandHidingSleeves\\
Glove substitutes.
* HandwrapsOfAwesome\\
Real men don't use real gloves.
* HighClassGloves\\
The subtle accessory of the truly stylish.
* RedBoxingGloves\\
These are just fun to draw.
* TrickedOutGloves\\
Go, go gadget mittens!
* WeightedGloves\\
Gives your punches that extra kick.
* WhiteGloves\\
The most common gloves of cartoon characters.
* WhiteGloveTest\\
If these get dirty, you didn't dust properly.