->''"Don't you just hate it when your boogers freeze?"''
-->-- '''Calvin''', ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes''

A character sneezes from being cold. Maybe he's outside in a blizzard or in an arctic setting, or maybe has been trapped in a freezer. Maybe the character has been walking in the rain. He might also have been pushed into a fountain, pool, etc. and his clothes are completely soaked and he's standing there shivering. This may or [[AvertedTrope may not]] mean the character is [[SickEpisode getting sick]]; he might start sneezing in the cold environment but then stop once he warms up.

See also CatchYourDeathOfCold, for the durable old wives' tale that going out in the cold makes you ''catch'' a cold.



[[folder: Anime ]]

* Happens to Lucy in her Nyu form after being out in the rain in ''Manga/ElfenLied'' and happens to Kohta later on as well.
* Happens to Ash Ketchum after falling into a river in the movie ''Anime/PokemonLucarioAndTheMysteryOfMew''.
** In ''Manga/PokemonDiamondAndPearlAdventure'' Candice sneezes from the cold. Considering she lives in Snowpoint but wears a skirt and doesn't bother to put on her sweater, it seems pretty logical. In an omake she's shown having a cold.
* Happens to Shu from ''Anime/NowAndThenHereAndThere''.
* Haruka sneezes after falling into a lake in ''Anime/{{Rahxephon}}''.
* Also happens to Ran of ''GreenLegendRan''
* In ''Manga/InuYasha'', Kagome sneezes after being caught in the rain for a while. Used for [[SickEpisode an episode of filler]] as Kagome really does get sick, and Inuyasha goes to Kagome's time to take care of her.
* Happens twice in the manga of ''Anime/TheCatReturns'', first when Haru walks out into the street to meet the cats, then again when she wakes up the next morning, having fallen asleep uncovered. The latter one appears in the film, though the cause is changed in the English dub to be [[PlotAllergy an allergy to the cat-tails planted in her garden]].


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* In ''Franchise/{{Tintin}} [[Recap/TintinTintinInTibet in Tibet]]'', Captain Haddock sneezes with enough force to rip open the overcrowded tent.


[[folder: Fan Works ]]

* In ''Fanfic/AVoiceAmongTheStrangers'', Jessica sneezes while showering in the rain. Ebony takes the hint and proceeds to start a fire for them in the cave.
* In SarahGirl1998's "Winter Sniffles" fanfic, [[WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends Lumpy]] does this several times on his way home from work, on account of [[CatchYourDeathOfCold the snowy weather making him catch a cold]]. This cold, however, is referred to as "the sniffles," as it mainly causes him to sniffle a lot alongside making him sneeze [[OutOfCharacterMoment much more quietly]] than [[SneezeOfDoom you might expect from him]].
** Also happens to Lumpy at the beginning of Lumpy and [[PokemonGenerationIFamilies Dragonite]], as he's also [[CatchYourDeathOfCold catching a cold]].


[[folder: Films -- Animated ]]

* At the end of ''WesternAnimation/IceAge3DawnOfTheDinosaurs'', Peaches sneezes from a snowflake that she catches in her trunk.
* ''{{Disney/Beauty and the Beast}}'': Belle's father Maurice sneezes after coming into the castle out of the rain.
* ''Disney/{{Pinocchio}}'': Geppetto and Figaro both sneeze while in the cold, wet belly of Monstro the Whale, as does Pinocchio when he joins them there. Of course soon afterward, they escape by inverting this trope and making Monstro sneeze from a smoky fire.
* ''WesternAnimation/AnAmericanTail'': Fievel sneezes when he first washes up on shore, soaking wet, after being LostAtSea.


[[folder: Films -- Live-Action ]]

* In the adaptation of ''Film/PrideAndPrejudice'' with Keira Knightly, when Jane is made by her mother to visit Mr. Bingley via horseback, in the rain, she sneezes as soon as the doors are opened for her. This leads to us learning that she became ill because of the journey.
* Chunk of ''Film/TheGoonies'' briefly sneezes as he's stuck inside the Fratellis' freezer; Ma Fratelli blesses him on her way out of the room.


[[folder: Music ]]

* Johnny Desmond's 1955 rendition of "Sleigh Ride" humorously ends with this trope.
-->'''Chorus:''' Gesundheit, John!


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* In ''VideoGame/ZackAndWiki''. Zack, who wears an open sleeveless coat with no shirt and shorts throughout the game, shivers, sneezes and huddles for warmth whenever he's not doing anything in the IceWorld.
* Also happens to Link in some of the later ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' games.
* Happens to Raiden in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty''. When he's sneaking around inside the chilly portion of Arsenal Gear, he can contract a cold and start sneezing, alerting the guards to his presence. A medicine capsule he can find in the locker after getting out of his restraints can counteract this condition.
** Also to Snake himself in the first ''Metal Gear Solid'', if you stay too long out in the snowy parts. This might just be part of the Twin Snakes remake, though.
*** It's not, albeit it's done in a different way. In the original [=PS1=] game, after you break out of the torture chamber, Ocelot's stripped you of all your gear, leaving you shirtless. If you waste too much time before recovering your equipment, Snake can catch a cold and start sneezing all over the place, which can get you caught easily. The medicine to counter this is in one of the cubicles in the big office before the room where you fight Psycho Mantis.
* In ''VideoGame/YumeNikki'', when Madotsuki uses the Towel effect (which huddles her up in a towel in a manner similar to a cozy blanket) she sneezes.
* In ''VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon'', your partner sneezes from the cold on the way to Frosty Forest.
* In ''[[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Pokemon Platinum]]'', you run into Maylene outside Snowpoint City, which she has apparently walked to from Veilstone, in bare feet and in her usual outfit. Unsurprisingly, she sneezes, although she tries to brush it off, claiming she isn't cold at all. She's later seen shivering in the Pokemon Center.
** Cubchoo has a large teardrop-shaped frozen snot drip from its nose. After it evolves into Beartic, it forms a beard of ice.
* Lynne from ''VideoGame/GhostTrick'' does this in the rain, and it's adorable. She gets another one during the submarine chapter if the water starts to catch up with them.


[[folder: Web Comics ]]

* [[http://blackadventurescomic.com/2011/01/31/episode-09-part-15/ Happens to N]] in ''Webcomic/BlackAdventures'' when he's wearing [[WholesomeCrossdresser an especially short dress]].


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* WesternAnimation/ChillyWilly is MADE of this trope.
* In an old [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Merrie Melodies]] cartoon starring a dog and a skunk, both characters [[SickEpsiode catch a cold]] [[CatchYourDeathOfCold from being in freezing cold water]]. The cartoon ends when both characters share the same bed because they're both so stuffed up (and sneezing) that the dog can't smell the Skunk's stench.
* Happens to Karen on the Rankin-Bass ''Frosty the Snowman'' ChristmasSpecial.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/EvilConCarne'' episode ''Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne''; when the main characters go to Antarctica to find Con Carne's missing face (it makes sense in context), General Skarr curses the cold weather and then sneezes from it. The weather is cold enough to [[RuleOfFunny freeze the resulting spray in midair]].
* On an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', Lisa is pushed into a freezer to get a carton of ice cream that Homer can't reach; she sneezes and then [[CatchYourDeathOfCold gets]] [[SickEpisode sick]].
* It also happens to Dick Dastardly on ''WesternAnimation/WackyRaces'', near the end of "The Ski Resort Road Race".