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[[caption-width-right:350: [[OnePersonBirthdayParty Hooray...]]]]

So it's a character's birthday. He or she hoped that others will notice. They have known each other for quite a while, how could they forget?

Oh wait, they did forget. Even if the birthday person reminded them, it's all for naught. It may take a bit for the companions to get over the guilt, while the birthday person is guaranteed not to take it well.

Alternatively, the birthday person may the forgetful one instead, usually either showing how selfless they are or that they [[ParentalNeglect never really celebrated]] [[FriendlessBackground their birthday before]].

Compare ForgottenAnniversary for the wedding day variant. If the birthday wasn't truly forgotten after all, and the other characters threw a SurpriseParty, it's a NotSoForgottenBirthday. Can lead to a OnePersonBirthdayParty or ConvenienceStoreGiftShopping. The opposite of NotTheirBirthday.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In episode 7 in the first season of ''Anime/{{Beyblade}}'', (in the dub version at least). Tyson is so excited about his match with Kai, he forgets about his own 13th birthday.
* ''Anime/{{IGPX|ImmortalGrandPrix}}'': Occurs completely by the book in an early episode to Amy, who has had workaholic parents her entire life and only recently made friends with the members of the team. Her (absent) parents actually do forget her birthday.
* In one episode of ''Anime/SailorMoon S'' it's Usagi's birthday and when she drops an unsubtle hint about what she wants for a gift, Mamoru reveals that he didn't know it was her birthday so he gets a huge slap in the face from her. Turns out she never actually told him when her birthday was. Even worse, she doesn't know his birthday either.
* One Kalos episode of ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' reveals that Jessie's teammates, James and Meowth, forgot her recent birthday. Only her Pumpkaboo remembered it. This is even more noticeable because the anime [[NotAllowedToGrowUp completely avoids characters aging]].
* In episode 13 of ''Manga/MyLoveStory'' it's Suna's birthday but it turns out he forgot it himself. He didn't understand why his friends were acting so overly attentive towards him.
* On ''Anime/YukiYunaIsAHero,'' [[KnightInSourArmor Karin]] had forgotten her own birthday, which she had never had a real celebration for before, and was thus surprised when the others show up to throw her a small party.
* An omake of ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' reveals that Urahara's and Yoruichi's birthdays are forgotten ''every year'' and they have to celebrate them alone (although together). The reason for this is because their birthdays are December 31 and January 1.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In one ComicBook/DonaldDuck comic, Daisy Duck forgot her own birthday.
* In one ''Franchise/ArchieComics'' story, Reggie Mantle's birthday is coming up. He overhears the gang wondering what to do for 'the most important man in town' and the egotistical Reggie assumes they're talking about him. Reggie nudges the gang into arranging a banquet at a fancy club...and it turns out that the gang was talking about an old war veteran who was born in Riverdale. And Reggie's the only one there who isn't in his golden years.
* ''Comicbook/RobinSeries'': Tim Drake's parents and friends are able to give him an unintended surprise party for his sixteenth when he forgot his own birthday.
* In ''ComicBook/AvengersUndercover'', Nico completely forgets Molly's birthday because she's still struggling with PTSD.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* In one ''Franchise/HarryPotter'' fanfic, everyone forgets Hermione's birthday because it happens to coincide with UsefulNotes/TalkLikeAPirateDay.
* [[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/206585/bon-the-miffy Bon the Miffy]], a ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' [[PornWithPlot erotic fanfic]], centers around Lyra trying to make up for forgetting Bon-Bon's birthday.

* In ''Film/SixteenCandles'', the main character's birthday is forgotten by everyone due to the furor caused by her sister's impending (and last minute) wedding. [[spoiler: Except for her younger brother. He deliberately ignored her birthday because he's a jerk.]]
* In ''Bollywood/JaaneTuYaJaaneNa'', Aditi's birthday is missed by her best guy friend for a date with Mehgan. She doesn't take it well.
* In ''Film/TheDeepBlueSea'', Rachel Weisz' character ''attempts suicide'' after [[Creator/TomHiddleston her beau]] forgets hers.
* ''Film/TheAmazingSpiderman2'': Max (the guy who will become Electro) has his birthday in the day we first see him. But nobody (in his workplace) seems to remember, or care, about it. He even is told to repair the building's electrical system the same day. He also throws a OnePersonBirthdayParty.

* In one of the ''Literature/GossipGirl'' books, Eleanor Waldorf unwittingly schedules her wedding for Blair's birthday.
* In one chapter of ''Literature/WinnieThePooh'', Pooh noticed that Eeyore seemed very depressed (more so than usual), only to find out no one took notice of his birthday.
* In ''Literature/{{Animorphs}},'' Tobias (who is {{Shapeshifter Mode Lock}}ed as a hawk except for two-hour intervals) learns that he is supposed to meet with a lawyer to receive a letter from his biological father on his "next birthday." He is a bit embarrassed to admit that, like other aspects of his human life, he can't quite remember when it is.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/TheSecretLifeOfTheAmericanTeenager'': Everyone forgets Amy's sixteenth birthday while she's in New York. In the next episode, her mom (played by Creator/MollyRingwald) is horrified when she finds out they forgot Amy's birthday and [[ActorAllusion laments]], "[[ShoutOut Everyone forgot my sixteenth birthday]] [[Film/SixteenCandles and it stayed with me forever!]]" Amy is mildly irritated, but she quickly gets over it.
* ''Series/HannahMontana'': In this case, Miley and Jackson actually ''did'' forget their father's birthday.
* The brothers invoke this trope twice on ''Series/{{Jonas}}''.
** In "Groovy Movies", they forget their mother's birthday.
** In "[[TitleDrop Forgetting Stella's Birthday]]", they forget Stella's birthday because a band executive came to interview them that day. It gets even worse when they try to make up for it by throwing a {{Slumber Party}} at the same exact time as the executive came back to interview them ''again''.
* In ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle'', Hal does this to Lois, as his programmed watch didn't go off.
* In one episode of ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'', the family decides to make tomorrow [[CousinOliver Seven's]] birthday since nothing is happening on that day. Turns out it is actually Al's birthday.
* During the beginning events of ''Series/KamenRiderKuuga'', both Yuusuke and his police partner Ichijo wind up forgetting their own birthdays in their fight against the Grongi, both birthdays happening in different episodes. This isn't to highlight just how tragic things are, but rather show that they have a lot in common.

* In the Music/AlyAndAJ song "Potential Breakup Song" the singer's boyfriend forgot her birthday.
-->"It took too long for you to call back/And normally I would just forget that/Except for the fact it was my birthday/My stupid birthday"
-->(...) "What kind of a boyfriend would forget that/Who would forget that?"

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* A ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'' strip from September 25, 2015 has Jon discuss this as a reason why Liz was mad at him.

* ''Webcomic/FarOutThere'' ran a page in which [[http://faroutthere.smackjeeves.com/comics/1436631/happy-late-birthday-to-us/ Jenna's birthday is forgotten]] after the author realized he had forgotten the COMIC'S birthday.
* Haru from ''Webcomic/CrossHeart'' is so sullen due to her LongDistanceRelationship that she barely takes notice of her birthday anymore. Her friend has to remind her.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In ''WebAnimation/BravestWarriors'' Danny built a Robo-Chris to make Chris jealous because he forgot Danny's birthday.

* ''WesternAnimation/GodTheDevilAndBob'': God forgets the Devil's birthday (and has apparently done this a lot), prompting the Devil to leave and take Evil with him. Bob ends up playing therapist to the two of them.
-->'''The Devil''': I'm supposed to believe that he forgot my birthday? He's omniscient!
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''
** [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS3E1StarkRavingDad "Stark Raving Dad"]] takes place on Lisa's birthday and nobody remembers it. Bart is the only one Lisa complains about.
** Another episode briefly makes use of this trope.
--->'''Homer:''' I can't believe I'm being mocked ... by my own family ... on my ''birthday''!
--->'''Bart:''' It's your birthday?
--->'''Homer:''' Yeah, don't you remember? It's the same day as the dog's.
--->'''Lisa:''' ''[gasps]'' Oh, Santa's Little Helper! It's your birthday?! We have to do something special! Yes we do!
--->'''Homer:''' ''[muttering]'' Lousy loveable dog.
** Inverted in another episode. Barney is upset with everyone at Moe's for not remembering his birthday. Turns out they actually threw a birthday party for him at Homer's place, but he got so drunk, he blacked out and couldn't remember any of it. This, plus the video footage of what he's like when he is that drunk caused him to try and sober up.
* ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' had an episode called "1600 Candles" in which Roger anticipates his 1600th birthday, only to have it preempted by Steve's shenanigans. Of course it has the obligatory ''Sixteen Candles'' scene. Of course, [[ItsAllAboutMe as usual]], Roger was being a complete JerkAss about it, effectively telling Stan and Francine that they should give up on Steve completely just so they can throw him exactly the kind of party he wants.
* ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'': After being freaked out and then downright terrified by [[TheDragon Shego's]] [[EmotionBomb moodulator-induced]] mood swings from giddiness to weeping to fury, Drakken works up the nerve to ask "Did I forget your birthday? Is that what this is about?"
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' had a Christmas episode spent convincing everyone to remember all the good things about Christmas, like gift giving and being with family. The credits had a cut to Jesus, sitting all alone, sadly singing "Happy birthday to me..."
* ''WesternAnimation/APupNamedScoobyDoo'': In one episode, the gang questioned a suspect about a letter and he said it was an apology letter to his mother and he was asked if it was for forgetting her birthday. It wasn't.
* Inverted in ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaWorldTour'' when Cody is the one who forgets his birthday. Sierra remembers, and even bakes him a cake after she finishes the challenge.
** Played straight in that Cody mentions his parents forgot his last birthday.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
** In one episode Peter and Lois forget Meg's birthday. When Meg mentions wanting a party, they spend some time wondering what she wants a party ''for''. They even consider that she's getting married, but cautiously dismiss it because they don't remember her bringing any guys around. It took Chris to remind them it's her birthday. They also completely forget what age she's turning when it's coming up. At one point, when they talk to her, they try using hints so they can learn her upcoming age without telling her outright. Unfortunately Meg is already aware of the whole thing, as is expected of the series ButtMonkey.
** In another episode, there's a cutaway to Meg at her birthday party at a restaurant, where she's alone at a big table with a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG" banner behind her. She asks a waiter for some more bread while she waits for everyone else to show up. The waiter tells her that she has eaten so much bread [while waiting] that they're going to have to start charging her for it.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/BobsBurgers'' pilot, this is taken UpToEleven when it is revealed that Bob routinely forgets not only his wife's birthday, but '''his own'''.
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/SquirrelBoy'' has Rodney forgetting Andy's birthday. When Mr. Johnson tries to remind him of it, Rodney laughs it off saying that "[[WhatAnIdiot Andy's birthday was 12 months ago]]".
* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Phineas and Ferb}}'' episode "Mom's Birthday", Phineas and Ferb realize they had forgotten their mother's birthday when they wake up to Candace rehearsing her birthday song to Lind. Cue to references of previous episodes each of which Phineas reminds Ferb that they won't forget their mother's birthday, before he finally says "Is there something I am supposed to remember?" In "It's About Time".
* In the episode of ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyTest'' where the title character refuses to take a bath, Dukey repeatedly makes reference to the fact that Johnny forgot his. [[SubvertedTrope Except he didn't]]; the bath refusal was all a plan to get Dukey an entire pool room with the works.
* In ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', the entire plot of "The Party of One" is caused by Pinkie forgetting about her own birthday. When her friends try to secretly prepare a birthday party for her, Pinkie mistakes their odd behavior as them not wanting to be friends with her anymore.
* Subverted in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo''. Beast Boy thinks his friends have forgotten his birthday. They haven't; they just loathe birthday parties and refuse to throw one.