Simply put, this is when a character [[LastKiss kisses another character farewell]], but refuses to admit it's romantic, blaming the influence of a foreign nation.

In a lot of {{Anime}} or {{Manga}}, when a female 'American' character leaves to go back to {{Eagleland}} because she [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy wants her beloved to be happy]], or for some other reason, and [[CanNotSpitItOut has not yet told him that she likes him]], she will give him a passionate kiss farewell—and then deny that it was romantic by claiming that "That's the way Americans say goodbye."

This is, of course, [[BlatantLies utter nonsense]]. The American way of saying goodbye to a platonic friend is a handshake, a wave, a hug or at ''most'' a peck on the cheek.

While some countries do use the 'goodbye kiss', it is almost always on the cheek (or one on each). But in a manga, the only foreigners who claim that mouth-to-mouth is a proper farewell are called American. In American films, such a kiss goodbye is usually attributed to Europe.


[[AC:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* In the ''Manga/AiYoriAoshi'' anime, [[HardDrinkingPartyGirl Tina Foster]] does this to Kaoru before going back to America.
* ''Manga/KamichamaKarin'': Micchi gives Karin a ShutUpKiss once, but later claims it was "just a goodbye peck!" He's [[ButNotTooForeign half-english]].
* In the manga, ''Manga/{{Challengers}}'', Kurokawa kisses Tomoe as he's leaving on the train. When they meet again, Tomoe asks him if it was because he had an American step-father at one point. Kurokawa grudgingly says yes, the kiss was just an American goodbye.

* Parodied for laughs in ''Film/IndianaJonesAndTheLastCrusade'': Elsa Schneider french-kisses Indy and tells him it's "how we say goodbye in Austria". Right afterward, Vogel tells Indy, "This is how we say goodbye in Germany," and punches him in the face (which knock's Indy's head into the back of his father's head).
-->'''Indy''': I liked the Austrian way better.\\
'''Henry''': So did I!

* When Literature/{{Lolita}} gets something in her eye, Humbert tells her of a technique Swiss peasants use to remove it, by licking the eyeball. He then proceeds to do so. On both eyes.

* In the ''Series/{{Friends}}'' episode "The One with all the Kissing", Chandler gave his (secret) girlfriend Monica a kiss as he left her place; then they both realized what he did, so he quickly kissed Phoebe and Rachel, too. When this happened for a second time, Monica claimed that it was probably a "European good-bye thing he picked up in London".
-->'''Rachel:''' That's not European!\\
'''Phoebe:''' Well, it felt French.

* Ali Hakim in the musical ''Theatre/{{Oklahoma}}'' gives Ado Annie what he calls a "Persian Goodbye" (dipping her back into a kiss) in front of her new fiance [[spoiler: Will Parker]], and when Ado Annie asks for another Persian Goodbye, her fiance surprises her with an even more dramatic "Oklahoma Hello".

* Happens at the end of Shin's good ending in {{VisualNovel/Morenatsu}}. Shin, who's half French, kisses the player character goodbye as he leaves town, to the shock of everyone else present. It's played with, however, since Shin actually knows exactly what he's doing; he and the player character are in a SecretRelationship, and Shin pretended it was this trope to deliberately screw with their friends' heads as a joke.

* Kissing on the lips really isn't romantic in some cultures, and is only often a display of affection towards family or very close friends. An example of this are the Andamanese people, where kissing was only used to show affection towards children and had no sexual/romantic undertones.
** It used to be almost like a trend in certain parts of Germany for ''girls'' to kiss on the lips instead of the usual hug and kiss on the cheek. It seems to have passed lately, but even back then, nobody ever did the same with a girl and a guy while claiming it's not romantic.
** Also, if you kiss an aquaintance or friend on the mouth as a way of goodbye (or saying hello), prepare to get weird looks/beaten up/slapped. Even family members don't kiss each other on the mouth in most of Europe, people.
* Kissing each other on the lips was the formal way for communist leaders from different countries to greet each other on state visits in the former Eastern Bloc. Which led to the joke that after Erich Honecker ousted Walter Ulbricht from power in East Germany, Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev complained to foreign minister Andrey Gromyko: "It's not the same, Honecker seems like such a cold fish. Now, Ulbricht -- he could kiss!"