Trampolines are usually viewed as fun places to play in the backyard. They're used for stunts, slam dunks, and a guaranteed submission to Series/AmericasFunniestHomeVideos. Sometimes, however, in both RealLife and fiction, trampolines are used for a much more serious purpose. These fall into two main categories: a character is depressed and tries to commit suicide, or a character is in peril and needs to jump to safety.

See also InterruptedSuicide and HeroicFireRescue. In a comic setting, can be subverted with TheNotCatch.

* Subverted in a commercial for Glad garbage bags. A piano breaks loose from the rope used to pull it up to a third-story window. Two workers use a Glad bag to make a fireman's trampoline. The piano completely misses, it breaks into a hundred pieces, and the workers use the trash bag to deliver the pieces to the piano's owner.

[[AC:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* ''KikisDeliveryService'' has a charming use of this trope at the end of the film. After Kiki saves Tombo, firefighters rush a safety tramp below the kids as they slowly descend, just as a safety precaution considering the weight Kiki had to manage with her flight power.

[[AC:{{Film}} - Animated]]
* The clown firemen routine in ''Disney/{{Dumbo}}'' ends with the clowns catching Dumbo with a trampoline, but he falls through it and into a vat of whitewash.
* In ''MonstersVsAliens'', a trampoline is provided to catch Derek when he's dropped by the newly giant Susan. He bounces off it and hits the ground.

* In the Music/{{Rammstein}} MusicVideo for "Benzin", the other band members (as firefighters) try saving Flake as he jumps off a building, using a trampoline. [[spoiler:It rips.]]

* The main premise of the Creator/{{Nintendo}} GameAndWatch game ''Fire'' was to save people jumping out of a building with a trampoline.
* In ''SuperSmashBros.'', this is Mr. Game and Watch's recovery move.
** It's based off an old Game and Watch scenario involving bouncing people jumping from a flaming building into a waiting ambulance.
* At the beginning of ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry: Love For Sail'', Larry jumps into one of these to escape a burning condo. He bounces out and ricochets around the scene before finally ending up on a cactus.

[[AC:Western Animation]]
* In ''Franchise/WinnieThePooh'', Christopher Robin improvises one of these using his jacket to help Roo jump down from a tree. Tigger, on the other hand, is unwilling to use it.
** In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheNewAdventuresOfWinnieThePooh'', a fire drill fails when Pooh is not there to help hold up the trampoline.
* Used by ScrewySquirrel in one of his cartoons. At the last second he pulls it away, because that's just the way he is.
* ''PhineasAndFerb'', "One Good Scare Ought to Do It!": The Fireside Girls save Phineas in this manner with an improvised trampoline made from their sashes when he falls out of the haunted house being lifted into the air.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', Ned throws Homer from the second-story window of a burning building onto a mattress. When he lands, the mattress bounces him back into the house through the ground floor window.
* In ''RockyAndBullwinkle''. Boris Badenov persuades Bullwinkle to jump into a firemen's net (twice!) as a publicity stunt. The second time, the net is lying on the ground with no one holding it.
* One episode of ''RenAndStimpy'' involved the two working at a fire station. They end up manning the trampoline; Ren ends up getting crushed by everyone who jumps.