Fanime (a portmanteau of "{{fan}}" and "{{anime}}") is a relatively new genre of WebAnimation that has recently started to gain popularity on Website/YouTube. Most of the cartoons have an {{animesque}} art style, hence the name, and are often inspired by pre-existing anime, the most popular of which being MagicalGirl shows such as ''Anime/SailorMoon'' and ''Manga/TokyoMewMew''. This is probably due to the fact that [[MostFanFicWritersAreGirls most fanime makers are girls.]] Unlike most web cartoons, fanimes are usually made using UsefulNotes/MSPaint or Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker instead of UsefulNotes/AdobeFlash and are usually drawn by one person. Another form of fanime is trace-over fanime, which is re-colored and re-drawn animation of an actual show, which is not as common as it is often criticized for involving pretty much stealing a whole bunch of a crew's art.

Expect SturgeonsLaw to be in full effect whenever you go to one of the communities.

Do not confuse with the yearly anime convention of the same name.

%% '''Since most fanimes never make it past the planning stage and TV Tropes doesn't need hundreds of [[DarthWiki/UnpublishedWorks pages for unfinished ideas]], please only list shows that have at least one complete ''episode'' released. Also, this list is for TV Tropes pages only. Please do not link to an outside site.'''


* ''WebAnimation/AcedemySugoiSeiun''
* ''Fanfic/BloodRainingNight''
* ''WebAnimation/CarrotFluffs''
* ''WebAnimation/ColorGuardians''
* ''WebAnimation/DimensionalProphecyOfZoharRedux''
* ''WebAnimation/ElementalGoddess''
* ''FanFic/TheEndOfEnds''
* ''WebAnimation/EternalNegima''
* ''WebAnimation/IllusionsDreams''
* ''WebAnimation/KawaiiSchoolgirl''
* ''WebOriginal/KeitAi''
* ''Webcomic/LargeBagel''
* ''Anime/MagicalFunTimeNow''
* ''WebAnimation/MagicalBorderPatrol''
* ''WebAnimation/MagicalGirlSchool''
* ''WebAnimation/MyJungleBookYourYear''
* ''WebAnimation/MyTriColorMagic''
* ''WebAnimation/NekoSugarGirls''
* ''WebAnimation/{{Nelipot}}''
* ''WebAnimation/OurUnitsSemester''
* ''WebAnimation/{{Prism}}''
* ''WebAnimation/QuestOfLaizen''
* ''WebAnimation/SailorMoonSacrifice''
* ''WebAnimation/SakuraTheAngelSailerGod''
* ''WebAnimation/SilkAfterGallantry''
* ''WebAnimation/SenpaiClub''
* ''WebAnimation/SonicTheAnime''
* ''WebAnimation/SourCandyFilledDonuts''
* ''WebAnimation/{{SHION}}''
* ''WebAnimation/SpaceRangerRinel''
* ''WebAnimation/SSSWarriorCats''
* ''WebAnimation/TokyoCrystalMew''
* ''WebAnimation/TokyoFetishMew''
* ''WebAnimation/TokyoMagicStar''
* ''FanWorks/{{Touhou}}''
** ''WebAnimation/{{Diamond in the Rough|Touhou}}''
** ''WebAnimation/FantasyKaleidoscope''
** ''WebVideo/KoishiKomeijisHeartThrobbingAdventure''
** ''WebAnimation/TouhouM1GrandPrix''
** ''Anime/MusouKakyouASummerDaysDream''
** ''FanFic/TouhouTheIronOfYinAndYang''
* ''WebAnimation/TrueLovesStory''
* ''WebAnimation/TsukiDesu''
* ''WebAnimation/WelcomeToThePantiesWarfront''
* ''WebAnimation/{{Xin}}''
* ''FanFic/ZeldaUO''