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In every community for every series, there are common mistakes. Someone could [[SpellMyNameWithAnS use the wrong spelling]] of a character's name, or think that [[IAmNotShazam the title referred to the main character]], or insist on [[UrbanLegendOfZelda spreading a rumor about the plot until everyone believes it]], or pigeon-holing fans into [[AcceptableHobbyTargets negative stereotypes]].

To certain fans, this can get annoying. Enough that people that continue to perpetuate it are treated with the same respect as a {{Troll}}, although [[HanlonsRazor many times they merely made an honest mistake]]. As the following examples demonstrate, however, many other times the purists are not railing against mistakes, but against things which are not technically wrong, such as dub names, simply because they happened to dislike the alternate adaptation.

'''Notice: Remember, [[MST3KMantra it's just a show, you should really just relax.]] Acting out on such relatively minor things will make you look petty at best.'''

See Also: CowboyBebopAtHisComputer (when media gets the facts wrong), FandomHeresy, IAmNotShazam, InternetBackdraft, RefrainFromAssuming (when a song title is different from its lyrics), SeriousBusiness, FlameBait, and BrokenBase.

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[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Not knowing which characters are Marvel and which characters are DC is a huge one. Go ahead and ask why Batman isn't in the Avengers. See what happens.
* There's sometimes confusion about whether it's ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'' or "The Watchmen". This provoked a lot of fan-rage when the [[Film/{{Watchmen}} movie]] came out, especially because "watchmen" was an [[ArcWords Arc Word]] in the comic, and became the name of a superhero team in the movie. (In the comic, Captain Metropolis's team is called "The Crimebusters".)
* ''Franchise/SpiderMan'''s title gets this a lot. As ''Series/{{Friends}}'' helpfully explains:
--->'''Phoebe:''' "Why isn't it 'Spiderman'? You know, like Goldman, Silverman?"\\
'''Chandler:''' "Because it's not his last name."\\
'''Phoebe:''' "It isn't?"\\
'''Chandler:''' "No, it's not like he's Phil Spiderman. He's a SPIDER MAN. You know, like 'Goldman' is a last name, but there's no '[[ChromeChampion Gold-man]]'."
** It should be noted that in this scene it is a matter of pronunciation (Phoebe wonders why it isn't pronounced "Spiderm'n" in the way "Silverman" is pronounced "Silverm'n"), not of spelling the name with or without a hyphen (it also would have applied, for example, to the names "Superman" and "Batman"). However, most Spider-Man fans, taking the cue from Creator/StanLee, will complain if you spell the name of the hero as one hyphen-less word. In fact, Stan Lee added the hyphen to set Spidey apart from Superman et al. This isn't helped by the fact that "Spiderman" is the actual name of the official newspaper comic.
** Professing fondness for ''ComicBook/OneMoreDay'' will get you lynched.
** Professing fondness for ''ComicBook/SuperiorSpiderMan'' may also get you lynched, and will most definitely start a massive argument between those who loved it and its vigorous Hatedom - a sizeable section of which was less angry at the story itself, more at its execution.
* This sometimes happens regarding ComicBook/LexLuthor's name in Franchise/{{Superman}} media, particularly ''[[WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague Justice League Unlimited]]''. A talk show host interviewing Luthor, who happens to be running for President at the time, pronounces it Luther, while in another episode Superman gets it right by forcing the 'thor' part. It's also hard to shake Ned Beatty's unforgettable Brooklynite rendition in ''{{Film/Superman}}'', "Mistah Loo-Toah!"
* ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'':
** Suggesting that Supergirl is nothing but a "Superman with skirt/boobs" with no distinguishing traits who added nothing to the Superman mythos, she had no good stories prior to ''Comicbook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'' or Creator/PeterDavid was the first who wrote the character right will get everyone who actually know Supergirl's character and history laughing their asses off or groaning in exasperation.
** Don't mention Matrix within hearing range of Kara Zor-El's fans, don't suggest that Post-Crisis Linda Danvers was unworthy of the Supergirl mantle and never, ever, bring Cir-El up. And for the God's sake, don't ask "Who is better: Supergirl or Comicbook/PowerGirl?"
** Joe Kelly's run and anything related to H'El are widely considered Dork Ages. Professing love for them or judging Supergirl based on them will get you lynched.
** Even though it was repealed back in 2004, DC's "Superman must be the only survivor from Krypton" edict is a hot button for Superman and especially Supergirl fans.
* Making character calls about the modern versions of DC superheroes by using evidence from before ''ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'' (unless you're talking about a large number of specific characters who died during/weren't rewritten by the event) is a great way to get everyone on the forum to laugh their asses off. A big example is citing that Batman uses guns and kills, things that were phased out incredibly quickly are '''very obviously''' not canon.
** Also, mixing up which of said rewritten characters had their pasts completely wiped, which ones were rebooted in a modern setting, and which ones had their continuity subjected to BroadStrokes, ''and'' how broad those strokes are for each character and each past event, will earn you just as much ridicule. Yes, keeping up with [[ContinuitySnarl comic continuity]] is widely known to be a bitch, but this is widely considered basic knowledge that comes right after figuring out which characters belong to Marvel and which to DC.
* ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' has Ra's Al Ghul. His name was originally meant to be pronounced 'Raesh', this from [[WordOfGod Denny O'Neil]] who did his research (his daughter asked her college professor). In ''Film/BatmanBegins'' it's pronounced 'Rahs' or 'Roz'. Pronouncing it in any way other than 'Raesh' will attract much ire from the fans. Nolan was (falsely) accused of racism for allegedly making everyone deliberately mispronounce the name because he didn't want the original Arabic pronunciation in his movie. This is lampshaded in ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'', where Terry mispronounces Ra's as 'Rahs' only to be corrected by Talia [[spoiler: actually Ra's.]]
* In any incarnation of the ComicBook/XMen, misspelling "Rogue" as "[[RougeAnglesOfSatin Rouge]]".
** More recently, the Inhumans in general have become this for X-Fans.
* ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'':
** In regards to Mirage Comics-based Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles (or the early IDW issues), asking why all of the Turtles are wearing red, or "why they're all Raph", or any indication that their original bandana color is weird and foreign.
** Likewise, mixing up the Turtles' names, or calling something that's not even one of their names ("Galileo", "Yoda", etc.)
** One's preference for or against Venus, the female Turtle from the short-lived live-action series, is also a way to set off loaded guns in any given room/board of Turtles fans, especially if [[WordOfGod creator]] [[CreatorBacklash Peter]] [[OldShame Laird]] is in the room with them.
** Raph and Mikey tend to get their shortened names spelled wrong - as "Ralph" and "Mickey".
* ''Franchise/WonderWoman'':
** WW or the Amazons being depicted as {{Straw Feminist}}s. Also, the Amazons getting massacred, ''yet again''. The lack of adaptations involving Wonder Woman is an ''incredibly'' sore topic since at least the mid '90s. It doesn't help that every other hero - from Green Lantern to the Flash - seem to be getting adaptations.
** Invoking any scene written by Creator/GeoffJohns is also one. It's not even like Wondy fans hate him and all his work; it's just acknowledged, even by non-Wonder Woman DC fans and Geoff Johns' own fanbase, that he can't write her for crap.
* A general one for DC Comics fans, but a major one for fans of the character himself, is to call ComicBook/{{Aquaman}} useless. The guy has numerous powers beyond just talking to fish and is more than just his ''Superfriends'' incarnation. Making these jokes means you're basically admitting you don't read DC comics or are a KnowNothingKnowItAll when it comes to Aquaman.
* Franchise/{{Batman}}
** "So why ''doesn't'' he just kill the Joker?" This has been such a sticky subject for fans that comic writers and even the ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamSeries'' have adapted this topic.
** Similarly, "isn't Batman just as crazy as his villains?"
* For fans of the ''ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse'', featuring Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge, particularly old-school fans of Creator/CarlBarks' work: Referring to the comics as "WesternAnimation/DuckTales comics" or [[AdaptationDisplacement primarily associating]] characters like Scrooge, Gyro or the Beagle Boys with ''[=DuckTales=]'' is a sure recipe for a fan rant.
* ComicBook/AntMan:
** Want to piss off Marvel Comics fans, especially ComicBook/AntMan fans? Call Hank Pym [[NeverLiveItDown a wifebeater]]. Given how grossly such a statement oversimplifies the incident in question and the fact that neither the writers nor the haters ever shut up about it, this is rather understandable.
** Similar to the Aquaman example above, saying that Ant-Man is a loser with lame powers is a good way to piss Marvel fans off. The guy has spent over 30 years proving that he's badass enough to be an Avenger and "Ant-Man sucks" jokes stopped being funny to fans in the 80s.
* One that applies to a lot of the DC fanbase but also specifically for the ''[[Franchise/TheFlash Flash]]'' fanbase is saying Superman is faster than any Flash that's not Jay Garrick. Not that people didn't have fun with the stories where that was a plot point, it's just acknowledged that having the Flash be faster than Superman is just better for the Justice League's dynamic, as well as making Superman less overpowered.
* Also for the ''Flash'' fanbase, bringing up Bart Allen's time as the Flash IV. Nobody, from general Flash fans to Bart's own fans, looks fondly upon that era.
** For Bart fans, bringing up Bar Torr, his New 52 incarnation, is ''not'' a good idea.
* Saying to fans of non-superhero comics that non-cape comics aren't "real" comics. Similarly, instantly thinking "comic book" is synonymous with "superhero"; just because one is the dominant genre in a medium, it doesn't mean it's all they are. This is often due to ValuesDissonance; America mostly favors superhero comics while other countries favor other genres.
* When it comes to {{Legacy Character}}s, acting like the most popular one is the ''only'' person who has had the title annoys fans to bits. ComicBook/{{Robin}} and ComicBook/{{Batgirl}} fans especially hate this.
* Saying "Franchise/{{Batman}} could beat [x]", especially "Batman can beat Superman" or "Batman can beat Wonder Woman". Batman's ability to beat superheroes [[DependingOnTheWriter varies heavily]] but many Batman fans like to claim he could beat anyone if he prepares enough. This causes trouble on both sides of the argument.

* Apple:
** Calling a [[UsefulNotes/AppleMacintosh Mac]] a "MAC" will earn you the ire of Apple fans and network engineers.[[note]] The Mac, short for Macintosh (or used to be at least), is a brand of computer. A [=McIntosh=] is a variety of apple, not a variety of Apple (though it is a variety of expensive audio gear). The pun is intentional, but the distinction is important. A MAC (media access control) is part of a network interface, or a store that sells makeup.[[/note]] Same with calling the iPod "IPOD," "I-POD," or "Ipod."
** Apple never made a product called the "iTouch". What you're looking for is "iPod Touch". Call it the former and any Apple fan will be ready to correct you.
** In an episode of ''Series/{{House}}'', "Coma Guy" (a man who had been in, well, a coma for a long time) once picked up Wilson's and said "What's this? It says Ip-Odd."
** [[IAmNotShazam Don't call the company "Mac"]] or say "Mac" when you meant to say "Apple" (e.g. calling an Apple Store "The Mac Store"). The Mac is a product of a company called Apple.
* Among programmers, making a Perl/PERL/PEARL/Pearl/perl mistake[[note]]Perl is generally preferred for the language itself while perl is sometimes used for the interpreter (UsefulNotes/{{UNIX}} and similar operating systems render program filenames as all lowercase); PEARL regardless of capitalization is just wrong, though that's what the original author wanted to call it until he found out there was already a language by that name[[/note]] can lead to someone losing all credibility. In general, the capitalization thing for computer language names can get sticky. Especially for older languages, which had a tendency to start life as all caps abbreviations and then become mixed case in later standardization efforts. LISP ("[=LISt=] Processing") and FORTRAN ("[=FORmula=] [=TRANslating=] System") are now just Lisp and Fortran.
** Claiming to be proficient in the 'C/C++ language' is a good way to persuade other developers that you have no more than a passing familiarity with at least one of the two. While the languages are legitimately similar, they exhibit very different styles, tend not to get used in the same areas, and have one heck of a FandomRivalry.
* The editor of one early (late 1970s) British computer magazine persistently claimed that the difference between compilers and interpreters was "academic", even in the face of corrections from knowledgeable readers, until one month he learned the hard way just how wrong he was, by wasting three pages of the mag on a worthless hex-dump of the workspace of a BASIC interpreter. The mag didn't last very much longer after that issue.
* Any real-life incident where a tech support person gets a call that starts out with "We bought the Internet from you", "Is this the Internet?", "I think I need to reboot the Internet", "I deleted the Internet", etc. will lead to ''vicious'' mocking. Ditto referring to "the hard drive" or "the CPU" when you meant the whole computer (as in "Should I take my [hard drive/CPU] for repairs?"). Similarly if asked which browser they're using someone replies with the name of their ISP or preferred search engine.
** If the customer, when asked who their ISP is, responds with "Internet Explorer" you know it's going to be a very long day.
** For a ''very'' long while, customers repeatedly referred to the computer "tower" (that is, the computer itself) as the "modem".
** And may the gods of technology help you if you make the assumption that ComputerEqualsMonitor.
* If you wish to communicate with people in the Free Software Foundation, or Debian users, make sure to call the use of the Linux kernel with the GNU userland tools: [[SpellMyNameWithAnS GNU/Linux]]. Most people don't care, but there are a few that are very serious about it.
** Be very careful about who you talk to. Most other distros' users will get a bit irritated with you if you call the overall operating system GNU/Linux. Some Debian users do too. For further clarification this goes back to a very old argument between Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman over who should get credit for free operating systems.
** For some people this is [[SeriousBusiness enough of an annoyance]] that there have been serious proposals to actually excise the GNU userland tools from some mainstream distros, notably Gentoo. In practice doing this would be a lot of work just to introduce a bunch of compatibility problems, but [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking at least people would shut up about it]].
* Call Microcomputers such as the UsefulNotes/{{Commodore 64}}, UsefulNotes/ZXSpectrum, and the UsefulNotes/{{Amiga}} "[=PCs=]" in front of Microcomputer fans.
* It's the UsefulNotes/{{Xbox}}. It's just one word, normally capitalized. Not [=XBox=], XBOX, X-box, X-Box, or xBox. The name comes from [=DirectX=]; when Microsoft was creating it, it was codenamed the [=DirectX=] Box, or [=DirectXbox=], and when they were trying to come up with a cool name for it, someone realized, "Why don't we just use it as it is?"
* Website/{{Google}}'s smartphone OS is called Android, not Droid. While there is such a thing as a Droid, it's a ''hardware'' branding for Android-based devices from Verizon Wireless and thus is inaccurate when used to refer to a different kind of phone, such as a Samsung Galaxy.
** If you have friends who are Android enthusiasts, do not mention that your phone isn't rooted[[note]]that is, the Android OS has been modified to allow the user superuser privileges a la Linux[[/note]] or you'll be dismissed as being tech-illiterate. You might get away with it if you're a Google employee, but in all other cases, prepare the heatproof shields.
* The basis of the GUI on UsefulNotes/{{Unix}} and similar operating systems (with the exception of UsefulNotes/MacOS X, which ''can'' use it but primarily uses Quartz) is the X Window System, X, or X11 (after what has been the current major version for some time[[note]]and we mean '''some time'''; X11 debuted in September 1987[[/note]]; the Mac implementation is known as X11.app, for example), not X Windows.
* The argument between binary-based definitions of "kilobyte", "megabyte" and "gigabyte" (etc.) and those arguing for decimal-based versions. Computers use binary (base-2), so powers of 2 (e.g., 1024 = 2[[superscript:10]]) are a more natural fit than powers of 10 (e.g., 1000 = 10[[superscript:3]]). As a result, the definition of a 1024 (not 1000) byte "kilo"-byte and a 1024*1024 (not 1000*1000) byte "mega"-byte became commonly accepted (if not entirely universal). However, some argue that such use of the prefixes is nonstandard, and in 1996 the SI standardised on 1000-based definitions, using the alternate "kibibyte", "mebibyte", "gibibyte", etc. for the 1024-based versions. Others have argued that this went against existing convention, and the argument goes on....
* Find a new thread with no replies on a forum, ''any forum'', and reply "First." Regardless of that thread's original topic, it will decay into a thread dedicated to insulting you and reminding you it isn't ''Website/FourChan''.
** This will even get you flamed to oblivion on 4chan, who equate it to a "bump"[[note]]When a thread gets no replies it slips down the queue of threads until it hits the bottom and is deleted. "Bumping" is when someone replies with absolutely no content (Often by literally typing "bump") to push it back to the top.[[/note]]
* Similar to the above example, slapping "Le" in front of a [[MemeticMutation meme]] on any website that isn't Website/{{Reddit}} and you will drive the other users into a frenzy of insults, rage, and mockery.
** Now on Reddit, the users will descend into the same when you use "Le".
* Referring to the Nook, the e-reader device Barnes & Noble manufacture, as a "Kindle", the rival device made by Amazon, is a perennial one for its employees. Same applies to calling an Android tablet an "[=iPad=]".
* As noted by the Free Software Foundation (the main organization of the free software movement and the maintainer of the UsefulNotes/{{UNIX}}-like GNU operating system), as well as [[http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2327233,00.asp PC Magazine]], the term "PC" does not necessarily mean a computer is running Windows. For one thing, computers that come with Windows are just as capable of running a UNIX-like OS (raising the question of whether dual-boot computers are considered to be "half-PC" by people who use the term "PC" in the aforementioned way), and Macs ended up using roughly the same architecture after abandoning the [=PowerPC=] architecture in favor of x86 (which resulted in systems capable of natively running other x86-based operating systems, including Windows).
* The desktop themes that come with Windows 98 are not the same as the ones that come with Windows 98 Plus!. To clarify, the Windows 98 themes originally came with Windows ''95'' Plus!, with the exception of the ones that came with Microsoft Plus! for Kids. Windows 98 Plus! has its own set of themes, which are completely different from the ones that come with the stand-alone OS (and by extension, Plus! 95). Regarding the themes themselves, Jungle theme's sound scheme is not the same as the stand-alone sound scheme of the same name.
* Internet Rule #219: Don't call something a "meme" when it's an image macro. Memes are ideas that replicate themselves through people, image macros are pictures with a top text and a bottom text. If you confuse them on sites like Reddit or 4chan, you will get ridiculed for trying to join a culture without researching anything about it. If you confuse them on an online newspaper, where research is really important, chances are you're gonna become a meme yourself.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Having an American character [[UsefulNotes/BritishEnglish refer to their mother as "Mum"]] will anger a lot of people, as will a British character saying "Mom".
* Spelling a major character's name wrong is probably the worst sin a fanfiction can make according to some people and can ruin a well-written story.
* Crossing over a franchise into [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic ponies]] with a fanfic is a pretty good way to end up with some flak at some point or another from a very few fans. Sometimes even the mention of the show can cause a flame war around the wrong people.
** Similarly, crossing over anything with ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama'', simply due to people being sick of seeing more of the same, especially when its with the same fandom over and over (The ''WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy'' Fanon Wiki has a template header ''specifically'' for ''Total Drama'' crossovers). Surprisingly it doesn't happen as often with MLP, the most well-known example being ''FanFic/TotalDramaEquestria'', although certainly not the first story like it.
* Don't base customs of any institution set in another country or world on how things are in your own country. For example, summer vacation in Japan is much shorter than in America and does not coincide with the interlude between school years. The latter takes place exclusively within March, and graduation ceremonies are held in April.
** This holds also true for holidays and traditions associated with it. July 4th isn't a holiday in the UK, Germany's Thanksgiving is on a different date and celebrated differently, and so on.

* The goth, punk, and emo subcultures tend to be ''very'' particular about what is and isn't goth, punk, or emo. All of them look disdainfully on middle-school goth kids whom they refer to as "vampires". Bonus points for referring to modern "emo" music and fashion among emo fans from TheEighties.
* Do '''''not''''' suggest that Lolita fashion has any sexual connotations.
** Don't confuse Lolita for Fairy Kei or similar styles.
* Any hint of AnachronismStew, save for gadgets, on a completely accurate [[DecadeThemedParty decade-themed costume party]] can make everyone bat an eye on you for [[OutdatedOutfit wearing fashion statements that were completely outdated or nonexistent from its respective decade]] or depending too much on PopularHistory from searching vague results online or from renting costumes. Examples of these are: Wearing bustles on an [[TheGayNineties 1890s]] party can be compared to as donning [[EightiesHair gigantic hair]] and [[ShouldersOfDoom gigantic shoulder pads]] in [[TheNineties 1995]], or wearing fringed "flapper" minidresses with platform stilettos on a [[Literature/TheGreatGatsby Great Gatsby]]-themed party can give the onlookers the "you're a slut" look; or wearing peacock fashions or [[DangerouslyShortSkirt miniskirts]] or [[NewAgeRetroHippie hippie smocks]] in a ''Series/MadMen''-themed party can give you that "This is Mad Men not ''Mod Men''" look.
* A common pet peeve for anyone in the fashion industry: Mentioning the fact UsefulNotes/CocoChanel created and/or popularized the LittleBlackDress in 1926 while displaying the one Creator/AudreyHepburn wore in the 1961 film ''Film/BreakfastAtTiffanys''.
* (T-shirt with a picture of a Dalek) Caption:"OMG! [=R2D2=]! I loved him in Star Trek!" Manages to pull off a triple-threat!!
* [[http://woodworking.formeremortals.net/wwmm-apparel/ The "Battlestar Galactica"]] T-shirt manages to include all of the above with, well, its name listing.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Just go on any board where anyone is talking about ''WesternAnimation/{{Coraline}}'' and refer to it as a Tim Burton movie. To be fair, however, it can be argued that this is not their fault, considering that all of the advertising proclaimed "From Henry Selick, the director of ''WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas''." Many people think Burton directed that film, but he actually only produced it and worked on its story.
** Likewise with ''WesternAnimation/{{Paranorman}}''.
* Mistaking a CGI Creator/{{Disney}} film like ''Disney/WreckItRalph'' or ''Disney/{{Bolt}}'' for a Disney-Creator/{{Pixar}} film is not wise around animation fans.
** Also, do '''not''' refer to Pixar films as "Disney films". Ever. Pixar fans insist that Pixar movies are a separate group, and some hand-drawn-Disney fans absolutely ''hate'' Pixar.
** In particular, ''WesternAnimation/{{Planes}}'' is a {{spinoff}} created by Disney Toon Studios (mostly known for their direct-to-video sequels, prequels, and midquels) and is ''not'' a Pixar movie - but it doesn't stop many people from mistakenly blaming Pixar for it.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Anastasia}}'' is ''not'' a Disney movie ([[NamesTheSame though there is a red-headed Disney]] ''[[NamesTheSame character]]'' [[NamesTheSame named]] [[Disney/{{Cinderella}} Anastasia]]).
* [[AllAnimationIsDisney Call a Don Bluth movie a Disney movie]] when there are Creator/DonBluth fans around. You'll be sure to irk someone. Granted, Bluth ''did'' work at Disney for a time in the '70s (and he also worked on the Disney short ''WesternAnimation/TheSmallOne'').
* Calling all animated films as only for little kids is sure to spark some kind of backlash, as plenty of animated films are rather mature. It is a medium, not a genre after all. Calling ''Disney/TheLionKing'' a little kids' film that nobody should cry at is a surefire way to elicit a reaction along the lines of "Have you even ''seen'' the film?".
* ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'':
** ''Don't'' call Elsa "Princess Elsa". Aside from the beginning of the film where she is a princess (though never referred to as such), she is '''Queen''' Elsa, and making the mistake of calling her "Princess" ''will'' cause backlash.
** Don't call her a villain either. Yes, she was originally written as one and maybe some of her actions are questionable, even if they're accidents, but the fandom will ''not'' take kindly to Elsa being called a villain.
** Confusing her with [[VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy Rosalina]] isn't a good idea either.
** An easy way to get a rise out of ''Frozen'' fans is to say Anna is a ripoff of [[Disney/{{Tangled}} Rapunzel]] and Disney can't design female characters anymore. Honey Lemon from ''Disney/BigHero6'' faces similar debates.
** Anna is not a ginger. She has strawberry blonde hair.
** Merely suggesting that you think Hans isn't all that bad, or at least has redeemable qualities, will send many members of the fandom into a tizzy. This has caused quite a [[BrokenBase rift]] between his [[DracoInLeatherPants fans]] and the rest of the ''Frozen'' fandom.
** Since there are a number of people that despise the movie itself, mentioning ''Frozen'' as a whole can be a berserk button outside of the movie's fandom.
* ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'':
** Fans can get pretty heated over shipping [[MasculineGirlFeminineBoy Po and Tigress]] and are likely to rip you a new one if you ''dare'' say you don't support the pairing.
** Stating an opinion on who you thought the best BigBad was is also not recommended.
** As is making any reference to WesternAnimation/KungFuPandaLegendsOfAwesomeness that isn't complete disdain.
* Mentioning ''WesternAnimation/{{Foodfight}}'' is a great way to piss people off. Saying anything about the movie that isn't negative will likely get food thrown at you.
* Imply you think Gothel from ''Disney/{{Tangled}}'' loved Rapunzel, even a little. It's FlameBait incarnate and will cause lengthy discussions of AbusiveParents and how she loved Rapunzel like an object.
* ''WesternAnimation/DespicableMe''[=/=]''WesternAnimation/{{Minions}}'': Still like the Minions and think they're the best part of the movies? You'd best keep your mouth shut as HypeBacklash and ItsPopularNowItSucks has hit the little critters like a semi-truck, and merely mentioning them will get you yelled at by ''Despicable Me'' fans and non-fans alike.
* ''Disney/{{Zootopia}}'':
** There's no denying that the movie has amassed a large FurryFandom, but saying that's all it's good for and/or that said Furry Fandom is the only group who will enjoy it is seen as extremely ignorant by the majority of the internet and will earn you a swift rebuttal.
** In a similar vein, claiming that the movie is ''clearly'' an allegory for any particular group or issue, especially if you then say that it got it "wrong", will result in a multitude of fans either pointing out that the movie is supposed to be {{applicab|ility}}le rather than {{allegor|y}}ical (if you're lucky) or responding with their own, no-less-debatable interpretations.
* Try going to a ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'' message board, and claim that Belle was victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Good luck making it out alive.


[[folder:Food and Drink]]
* Pouring soy sauce on rice is a huge example of this amongst many people who eat it. In some countries, it's acceptable, but beware if you do it in a country where rice is a major food staple, such as China or Japan. In Japan, do not add ''anything'' to your food. Itís an insult to the cook.
* If you want your companions to sneer at you, add sugar to your tea in a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.
** In the southern US, it's the opposite: don't ask for unsweetened iced tea.
* Do not cut whole pizza using scissors.
* Pineapple on pizza is a big no-no for some.
* Don't hold your chopsticks crossed; it's a quick way to stand out as a tourist in countries that primarily use chopsticks for utensils. Don't ask for Western utensils either, for the same reasons, unless a particular dish does call for their use (such as curry rice in Japan, which is always served with a spoon).
* If you are discussing UsefulNotes/RamenAsDehydratedNoodles, note that it is a sore point amongst fresh ramen enthusiasts to call it just "ramen" and not something like "instant ramen" or "instant noodles".
** At a FanConvention, don't thrive off of instant noodles unless you want nutrition-conscious folks to give you the stink-eye. Perhaps justified, as doing so is a good way to get sick from dehydration.
* Steeping tea in teabags and not loose-leaf in pots will get you weird looks in parts of the world where tea is a major commodity.
* Asking for ketchup on your hot dog in Chicago can get you plenty of dirty looks from the local populace, especially if you look like an adult, as ketchup, as a hot dog topping, is viewed as kids' food there. (Ketchup is perfectly acceptable to use with French fries, hamburgers, or any other food the rest of the world associates with ketchup though.) Outside of Chicago, however, no one really cares.
** Somewhat more complex are the people who object to ketchup being put in anything, such as some food-lovers and some chefs. Even French fries will cause them to throw a fit. At Father's Office, for instance, no ketchup is served whatsoever, despite being a hamburger restaurant, because the head chef, Yang Soon, loathes ketchup's very existence. Fries are served with garlic aioli. Ketchup is confiscated if smuggled in.
* Do you enjoy milk? Do not consume fat-free skim milk. ''Ever.''
* For that matter, consuming low-fat or zero-fat ''anything'' will draw ire from fans of those foods.
* Coffee? Never, ''ever'' order it decaf, or you will lose all of your friends. Don't let them catch you putting milk/cream or sugar in your coffee, either.
* Don't admit to enjoying Starbucks in front of serious coffee lovers, either.
* Don't try to talk vegans or vegetarians out of their diets by pointing to burgers or bacon, especially if people are following these diets for ethical reasons. Vegans are also tired of being asked where they get their protein. At the same time, meat eaters are perfectly aware that an animal had to die to give them the chicken or steak on their plates.
* Ordering steak well-done will give many chefs and foodies an aneurysm, and not the [[FunnyAneurysmMoment funny kind]].

* Simplifying basically any event in history for whatever means will usually get you flamed by history enthusiasts, especially those in the know. Expect the flames to be white-hot if you have an agenda behind giving half-informed history info as "fact."
* Confusing any of the major Central-and-South American empires with [[{{Mayincatec}} one another]] will probably result in a history aficionado doing their best impression of the infamous "tearing the still-beating heart from the chest" blood ritual on you.
* When talking about Scottish history to a learned person, do not bring up ''Film/{{Braveheart}}'' in any context other than a negative one. Then everyone can have a nice eye-rolling session and move on with the discussion.
* Don't deny the Holocaust happened. Just don't do it. People will hate you, and they'll be right to hate you.
** On a related matter, don't say that six million people died in the Holocaust unless you are specifically referring to the Jewish death count. If you are talking about the total death count, the correct number is ''twelve million''. This can be a very touchy subject to people who belong to the various non-Jewish groups the Nazis tried to exterminate.
** Interesting fact: in several countries it's outright ''illegal'' to claim such, and people can and have been successfully prosecuted for it.
** For the very same reasons, never say that the Rape of Nanking (or any other Japanese WWII war crime) never happened. Speculation over the amount of casualties is fair game, just don't deny their existence.
* Also, do not claim World War Two was won by your country only and the other Allies were just a sideshow, no matter what country you live in. This berserk button keeps being pushed by Americans and Russians alike, but Russians and other post-Soviets have it worse: The USSR was first allied with the Third Reich since 1939, and conquered half of Central Europe, before being forced to switch sides in 1941, and fighting against the Reich for the remainder of the war. It should be emphasized that the Eastern Front became the largest meat grinder in history of war.
* Say either British North America or the United States won the war of 1812 and you'll start a complete havoc between history buffs attacking you for simplifying the event and from sensitive patriotic folks unwilling to accept that their country lost the conflict. If you're ''really'' eager to anger some people, insinuate that it (or any part of the American Revolutionary War) was nothing more than a proxy war between Britain and France and the arguing will go nuclear.
* US history, 1860-1865 (from the secession of South Carolina to Appomattox). By now you can ''probably'' get away with calling it "the American Civil War" and be fairly confident that anyone who "corrects" you is a nutjob or pretending to be (alternatives include "The War Between the States" which, while pro-Confederate, is semi-neutral, and "The War of Northern Aggression" and "Treason in Defence of Slavery", which are unabashedly partisan). If you say that it was about slavery (or, alternatively, that it was about "States' Rights"), you should still be prepared for arguments even a century and a half later.
* 1768, May the 15th: the Republic of Genoa yields the isle of Corsica to the Kingdom of France. 1769, August the 15th: birth of Napoleone di Buonaparte. 1779, May the 15th: Napoleon Bonaparte joins the Military School of Brienne, in Northeastern France. So yes people, Napoleon was French, not "Corsican" or "Italian"; saying that to a Frenchman's face is akin to telling an American that because he was born in the British colony of Virginia, George Washington isn't "really" American.
* Go to a Medieval aficionado/scholar and try talking to him about "The Dark Ages", or anything likewise. If you're lucky, you'll get a week-long lecture about the cultural, intellectual and social transformations that took place in those thousand years of history; if you're not, you'll get a longsword shoved in the face.
* Claiming that Christopher Columbus was trying to prove the Earth is round and nobody would fund him because they thought he would fall off the edge will at best get an exasperated lecture about how Columbus was really just a lucky idiot. The book that originally made the claim that he was trying to prove the Earth is round was a work of historical fiction written specifically to mock people who refused to accept the theory of evolution, but the guy who wrote the school textbooks in the fifties and sixties [[PoesLaw missed that part]]. The shape of the Earth has been known since about the fifth century B.C. The real reason no one would fund Columbus was because he grossly underestimated the size of the Earth (Columbus has no excuse for that either, since the circumference of the Earth was calculated not very long after the shape was confirmed). Nearly everyone Columbus sought out to fund his voyage was smart enough to realize that his logistics would have his ship run out of food and drinkable water at about the halfway point, which is exactly what happened. It was just sheer dumb luck that there happened to be two large, previously unknown landmasses at that exact point.
** Claiming that Columbus discovered the Americas should result in people pointing out that the Americas were already inhabited when he arrived, and even if they're only counting Europeans finding the place, the Norse unquestionably beat him by about 500 years and there's some evidence Basque, Portuguese and English fishermen were operating out of Newfoundland before his trip. And don't even ''think'' about associating him with the U.S., since Columbus never even saw any of the territory that would later make up that country.

* [[Literature/{{Timeline191}} In one series]] of Creator/HarryTurtledove books [[Literature/{{Timeline191}} (known, alternatively, as TL-191 or the Southern Victory series)]], a Confederacy that survives into the 20th century is taken over by the dictator Jake Featherston, who is a Hitler analog. For some reason, people insist on misspelling it as "Featherstone". This really pisses off fans, but what ''really'' got people mad was when the misspelling appeared on the freakin' dustjacket of one of the books.
* Referring to any of the books of the ''Literature/InheritanceCycle'' as a "[[DoorStopper brick]]" can ''actually get you in trouble with the staff'' in some quarters. But in other places, even on fansites, the staff call them "bricks" too, but used as a term of affection rather than, well, ridicule and scorn.
** Because of this, haters of the series refer to them as 'bricks' wherever possible.
* OlderThanRadio: In Mary Shelley's ''Literature/{{Frankenstein}}; or, The Modern Prometheus'', Victor Frankenstein constructs and brings to life [[FrankensteinsMonster his Creature]] or, if you prefer, Monster. The Creature itself is never named. Thanks to many films, comics and stage plays running the whole gamut of quality, people have been using the term "Frankenstein" to refer to his Creature (and being criticized for it) since the 19th century.
** To the point that using "Frankenstein" without clarifying immediately makes people think that you're erroneously referring to the monster! For example, ''Franchise/MonsterHigh'' got called out on this when it first came out and still does. It's a weird situation, because Frankie is indeed the daughter of the Monster and his Bride, but the Monster learned mad science from his creator, and in turn created his daughter.
* Some fans of that lady who wrote the ''[[Literature/DragonridersOfPern Pern]]'' books are rather grumpy about "[=McCaffery=]", probably because her last name was "[[Creator/AnneMcCaffrey McCaffrey]]".
* Similarly, some fans of Creator/JRRTolkien are grumpy about spelling his surname "Tolkein" or pronouncing it [[NoPronunciationGuide "Tol-kin", "Tol-kyen" or "Tolky-yen"]] rather than "Tol-Keen". And even spelling "Middle-earth" as "Middle-Earth" in extreme cases.
** Referring to ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' as a trilogy.
** Whenever someone mispronounces [[Literature/TheHobbit Smaug's]] name, usually gets this reaction. The correct way is "sm-''ow''-g", not "smog". Ditto Sauron (first syllable rhymes with "sour," not "soar") or any proper name beginning with the letter C (always a hard-c or "k" sound, never a soft-c or "s" sound) (e.g. Cirdan or Celebrimbor).
** Whatever you do, do ''not'' suggest you enjoyed the movies better, or that you don't like the [[PurpleProse more florid prose]] and [[SesquipedalianLoquaciousness poetic dialogue]] Tolkien used. Absolutely don't mention that you only read the books after seeing the movies, and fear for your life if you mention that you've ''only'' seen the movies. Perhaps it's best if you say nothing at all of the movies, Peregrin Took.
** And '''never''' bring up the question "If the Eagles could fly them ''out'' and they're in Gondor an hour later, why couldn't they have flown them ''in'', saves all that hazardous trekking for weeks." Hardcore LOTR fans ''do not like this''.
* Many of the fans of the ''Literature/WarriorCats'' series will scream (or at least groan) should you make the mistake of not capitalizing the word "Clan". There are four ''Clans'' (five if you count [=SkyClan=]). The main characters are in Thunder''Clan''. Their ancestors are Star''Clan''. And don't you dare suggest otherwise. Perhaps justified in that this is pounded into your brain for over twenty books, and not bothering with grammar rules automatically gets you labeled as an idiot on the major forum.
** Not to mention capitalizing the second part of a cat's name; it's Firestar, not [=FireStar=].
** Tread carefully aroumd Hollyleaf and Ashfur.
* In the world of Creator/LewisCarroll's ''Hunting of the Snark'', if your snark[[note]]no, not ''[[DeadpanSnarker that]]'' kind[[/note]] happens to be a boojum, "you will softly and ''suddenly'' vanish away, and never be met with again." ''Not'' "softly and ''silently''". This did cause arguments [[OlderThanRadio way back then]], with one fan, [[OnlinePersonas Snarkophilius Snobbs]], becoming infamous for persisting with this misquote.
** In the presence of hardcore [[Creator/LewisCarroll Carrollians]], never refer to the Hatter as the Mad Hatter, or to the Jabberwock as the [[IAmNotShazam Jabberwocky]].
** Even more than the above, though, for the love of life ''don't claim Carroll was a pedophile, repressed or otherwise.'' Or on drugs. Given the nature of most Carrollians, though, you're less likely to get flamed and more likely to be firmly sat down for a WallOfText essay on how whichever myth you claimed as truth came to be, and a healthy helping of evidence debunking it.
** The above also applies to J.M. Barrie, who has been on the record as Not A Pedophile since around the time of his death.
* ''Literature/HarryPotter'' fandom is large and diverse enough that almost anything is acceptable in some circles, but in general the following rules hold:
** '''Electric technology at Hogwarts''' isn't permissible in any dose. Things that work electronically, like anything that runs on batteries, ''do not work.'' Things that work ''mechanically,'' such as Harry's watch, are okay.
** '''Hermione's name''' is Hermione. Unless you're Grawp or Viktor. There are absolutely no other exceptions. "Hermy" is an elf from ''WesternAnimation/RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer''.
*** ''Fanfic/MyImmortal'' deserves mention just for the sheer fact that it manages to break pretty much every FandomBerserkButton rule in a spectacular CrossesTheLineTwice fashion.
* Franchise/CthulhuMythos:
** The eponymous entity Cthulhu has a name that will never have an agreed pronunciation (especially since Lovecraft himself used no fewer than three different pronunciations depending on when you asked him, and even then he insisted that these were merely about as close as a human mouth could get to the real pronunciation), and each pronunciation has a following that will ridicule and shun those who pronounce it differently.
** Even worse are the discussions in fandom what the Elder Sign looks like - a star or a tree. Problem is that in different stories it is described as either. Mocked in the musical ''A Shoggoth on the Roof'' where in the opening a fight breaks out over this question. 'Star!' -- 'Tree!' -- 'Star!' -- 'Tree!'...
** For the sake of your sanity, do not discuss [[Creator/HPLovecraft Lovecraft's]] [[UnfortunateImplications less than savory subtext concerning ethnic minorities]] in his works. Half the fanbase will unabashedly apologize for or ignore the bigotry, the other half will start bashing on the bigotry in general. And it always, ''always'' leads to a debate on whether or not Lovecraft was actually a good author or not.
* Creator/PGWodehouse's [[Literature/JeevesAndWooster Jeeves]] is [[TheJeeves a valet]], not a butler. Not that you can exactly be blamed for making the mistake, since it even occurs on book jackets.
** That he can and has acted as a butler (one book has him as one for a temporary stint) confuses the matter further.
* Ahem, [[OurVampiresAreDifferent sparkly vampires]] in ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''.
** Unless you're on a fan site (or at least somewhere that has fans to back you up) it's probably for the best that you don't mention being a fan of the series due to its very vocal {{Hatedom}} and {{Fan Hater}}s. Even if you're not an obsessive fangirl/fanboy, a good chunk of haters will view you as one.
** Insulting the franchise, whether or not it's opinion-based, is Nutty Madam's berserk button. She will flip if anything critical is said against it and will fire back any insults she can. Calling out Creator/StephenKing is what made her infamous on Website/YouTube.
* While not likely to get you flamed, referring to Creator/GeorgeRRMartin's ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' series as "Game of Thrones" (the title of the HBO show based on the series which takes its name from the first book) is a good indicator of what kind of fan you are.
** Also, don't refer to Asha as Yara unless you want to be laughed at. Also, it's Jon, not John; Robb, not Rob; Grey Wind, not Greywind; and Shaggydog, not Shaggy Dog.
** Daenerys has several. Her name is Daenerys, not Danaerys; some people make this mistake because her father was Aerys. She is nicknamed Dany, not Danny or Dani. And "Khaleesi" is one of her titles, but should never be treated as if it's her actual name.
** As it diverges further and further from the main books and warps certain characters *cough*Ramsay and Stannis*cough* mentioning certain aspects of the TV series can bring the seven hells down on your head.
* Don Rumata from ''Literature/HardToBeAGod'' is '''not''' a Progressor, and don't refer to him as a Progressor in the presence of Creator/StrugatskyBrothers fan.
* In the ''Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse'', even ''mentioning'' Mandalorians as having a philosophical point is a good way of inducing vitriolic backlash (or terrible debates) in some circles. Also, saying anything negative about TimothyZahn is considered absolute FandomHeresy, and will get you blacklisted faster than you can say "Mara Jade".
** At least before the Disney buyout. Attitudes started shifting on Zahn when he started writing for the Disney canon, and now many EU fans tend to view him as a sellout and a traitor for not sticking up for the canon he helped create.
** Don't tell a fan of the ''Expanded Universe'' that it's no longer canon (or never was canon) to ''Franchise/StarWars'', as they happen to be quite sore about Creator/{{Disney}}'s decision to nix it.
** Don't bring up Callista around Mara/Luke fans. It won't end well. Ditto bringing up Mara's demise.
* Any fan of ''Literature/TheHungerGames'' will not take kindly to comparisons with ''Literature/BattleRoyale''. Likewise, don't make the mistake of referring to ''Catching Fire'' and ''Mockingjay'' as ''Hunger Games 2'' and ''Hunger Games 3'', or calling Peeta Mellark ''Peter''! And for the sake of whatever you hold holy, '''don't compare it to ''[[Literature/{{Twilight}} Twilight]]'''''.
* Fans of ''[[Literature/TessOfTheDurbervilles Tess of the d'Urbervilles]]'' tend to go ballistic over [[RomanticisedAbuse the way the book was treated]] in ''Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey''. It is '''not''' recommended to ever try to present the way EL James [[CompletelyMissingThePoint understood]] ''Tess'' as correct.
* The ''Literature/MalazanBookOfTheFallen'' was written by Steven Erikson, not Steve Erickson, Stephen Erickson, or even Erik Stevenson. Have the decency to take a look at the cover, especially when you're claiming he cannot write, as most people who misspell the name are wont to do.
* Creator/TerryPratchett fans love discussing the many references and homages in his work, especially the ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' novels. Using a phrase such as "nicked this bit from..." is another matter, and may result in irony being deployed, especially if you're talking about a work that actually postdates ''Discworld'', or a concept that existed in many forms before Sir Terry used it. If it's ''Series/HarryPotter'', just stop now.
* Percy Jackson has a couple.
** Calling it a rip off of Literature/HarryPotter.
** Mentioning the ship Perachel is bound to get you killed.
** Want to die? Go into a crowd of Percy Jackson fans and say Octavian was a good character.

* Don't call it "tilting" instead of "nudging". Pinball enthusiasts will remind you that "tilting" is what happens when you excessively nudge the table and void your current ball as a result.
* The greatest offensive statement to a pinhead is to say that video games are better. Virtual pinball gets a free pass, however. The animosity from video games displacing pinball machines at arcades continues to run pretty deep, even after arcades have become niche.
* Another is to claim that Gottlieb (from the mid-80s and onwards), Creator/DataEast, or Creator/{{Sega}} is your favorite manufacturer. The true way consists strictly of Bally-Williams, Creator/{{Stern}}, Jersey Jack, and whatever new startup has appeared since 2012. Even then, there is plenty of in-fighting among them, and directly stating ''any'' particular company is the best will cause flame wars.
* Saying anything positive about ''Pinball/PopeyeSavesTheEarth'' will create quite the backlash. This machine is so infamous among pinball fans that it's memetically bad, the pinball counterpart to ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006''. The same goes for ''Pinball/SouthPark'', but this is not quite as extreme as it's consistently a hit with people who don't normally play pinball, and the pinheads grudgingly accept that.
* Inversely, saying anything ''negative'' about ''Pinball/MedievalMadness'', ''Pinball/TheTwilightZone'', ''Pinball/MonsterBash'', or ''Pinball/{{ACDC}}'' (the Limited and Premium Editions, at least) may get you kicked out of some communities.
* Any mention of pinball diminishing in cultural relevance will bring forth outspoken fans who believe that pinball is beginning another Golden Age. It IS increasing in popularity, but it hasn't taken the world by storm.
* Selling a pinball machine for way above the market price can get you a lot of flak from pinheads alike. And if you ''especially'' happen to do this on the Pinside Forums (which have gained infamy for their toxicity), then expect your "for sale" ad to escalate into an ugly FlameWar.

* Unless you are specifically aiming to torpedo your credibility, don't dismiss the Theory of Evolution as "[[GravityIsOnlyATheory just a theory]]", oversimplify it as "survival of the fittest", or ask "If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes?" as if you have single-handedly posed The Question That Will Once And For All Destroy Darwinism.[[note]] You haven't, and you won't. Opinions of a plurality of the American people (and other societies in which certain religions have a deep foothold, such as Russian) aside, there is ''zero'' doubt among the scientific community that evolution is a thing that exists.[[/note]]
** Additionally, don't confuse the Theory of Evolution with the Big Bang, or any theories about the origins of life, neither of which it has anything to do with directly. Also, evolution in ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' has nothing to do with real evolution except the name (it's really more like metamorphosis/an organism's life cycle). Certain extremists have been railing on this one for a long time.
** Also, don't say "humans evolved directly from monkeys" unless you want to hear a rant about how humans actually evolved from ape-like hominids.
** Furthermore, do not put Theory of Evolution and Christianity into the same sentence, otherwise it'll at best start an endless debate, or at worse, a flat out FlameWar.
* When you enter any online science discussion, take note of the most widely quoted sources and experts and refrain from questioning them unless you want your opinion to be dismissed out of hand, even if you have legitimate grouses.
* Some physicists and mathematicians ''hate'' when you mispronounce "Euler", and saying it as "you-ler"[[note]]It's OY-ler, because of how German spelling works.[[/note]] will earn you the ire from anyone who generally knows who he was.
* Most physicists ''despise'' the term "God Particle" often used by the media to refer to the Higgs Boson, not the least because it gets certain religious types upset for no good reason.[[note]]It was originally nicknamed the God''damn'' Particle, but it got [[{{Bowdlerise}} truncated]] when publicized.[[/note]]
* Do ''not' speak seriously of the Nibiru conspiracy theory when there are astronomers around, or even astronomy enthusiasts.
* Also, don't claim that the Sun will explode, go supernova -- or worse, nova -- around astronomers. It's a ''red giant'', and it's not an explosion, it's a ''slow burn''. The Sun is not anywhere close to massive enough to go supernova, while a nova is a different thing altogether that only occurs to stars that have ''already'' collapsed into white dwarfs.
* Don't call astronomers "astrologers". And please don't ask them if they can tell your fortune.
* Never ask an archaeologist if they dig up dinosaur bones. That's what a paleontologist does.
* Be careful when talking about languages and language policies around sociolinguists. Considering there have been entire separationist groups based on language issues, it's not too surprising many sociolinguists are really sensitive (and may take major offense if you're not careful) to this kind of thing.
* If you're going to argue with a scientist about a subject that has some controversy attached (global warming, evolution, vaccinations...) then you'd better do your homework. Trying to compare the work done by real scientists with the writings of a random person on a conspiracy website will not go over well. Scientists will and have refused to debate people who have no qualifications to challenge scientific theories but claim to have knowledge in the field that matches or exceeds that of someone who has dedicated their life to studying it.
* Generally speaking, people in the "softer" sciences don't like it if you [[HardOnSoftScience imply that their field isn't true science]].
* [[AncientAstronauts Ancient Aliens]].
* Many people refuse to accept the notion that Pluto is no longer a planet, especially since it hasn't been destroyed like Alderaan. [[BrokenBase In other circles]], (mostly confined to those who have studied astronomy) insisting that Pluto is still a planet will likely prompt an extended rant about how its just the largest of thousands of similar objects and [[OlderThanTheyThink isn't even the first planet to be demoted for that reason]].
* Paleobiology fans will ''not'' react well if you say that [[GiantFlyer pterosaurs]] and [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs dinosaurs]] are one and the same.
** Whining about how the paleontological discoveries of the last several decades have "ruined your childhood" (namely the fact that at least certain theropods, and quite possibly most dinosaurs in general, had feathers or feather-like integument of some form) is an even more surefire way to earn you a punch in the face.
* Never use a VirusMisnomer around microbiologists. They'll be quick to point out which diseases are viral, bacterial, or parasitic in nature. Especially because confusing a bacterium for a virus physiologically would be like confusing a bear with a flea, except an order of magnitude worse.
* Domesticated ferrets are not rodents, are not omnivorous, and are not wild animals. Don't confuse them with Black-footed Ferrets. One former NYC mayor infamously bugged a lot of ferret owners when he mocked them for protesting against ferret laws, calling them rodents and other negative things, which causes him to be FlameBait even twenty years later.
* Never refer to a hypothesis as a 'Theory' unless you want countless scientists telling you how a hypothesis is 'A question based on observations that is able to be tested', while a Theory is 'a well-substantiated, unifying explanation for a set of verified, proven hypotheses.'
* Never, ever, say UsefulNotes/ThomasEdison was the inventor of the light bulb - he didn't invent it, but only revised an existing design. Also, unless you are criticising his business ethics, good luck mentioning Edison in front of [[UsefulNotes/NikolaTesla Tesla]] fans without having a Tesla Coil shoved in your face.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons:''
** D&D has demons and devils. Many, many fans commonly mistake the two (which isn't really helped by the fact that the earliest editions just had demons, but no devils) and nearly just as many are really [[FanDumb anal]] about fans who can't get it right. And when you throw in the fact that the most common kind of both demons and devils have more specific names (Tanar'ri and Baatezu respectively), it all just gets very messy, very fast. Plus other kinds like obyrith and archdevils that more [[SeriousBusiness pure-blooded]] fans know about.
** Part of this comes from the fact that, in many versions of the game, demons and devils DO have objective differences based on Alignment: while both are always Evil, Demons are characterized as always Chaotic, Devils are always Lawful. This extends to other celestial beings like Angels, Archons, Devas, Asuras, etc., where it is less defined.
** Furthermore, if you don't want to start an edition war, do not use past and present tenses to describe changes between 3.5 and 4th edition, e.g., "there is no lawful evil alignment anymore". And please, for the love of Pelor, DO NOT claim that one edition is objectively better unless you want to get flamed to the Nine Hells and back.
** Misspelling [[RougeAnglesOfSatin "rogue" as "rouge"]] will get you flamed in most online fora.
** Every edition of the game has had a major revision about halfway through in order to, depending on who you ask, fix balance issues or sell more books. The revision of third edition is officially called 3.5. The revision of second edition ("Player's Options") is frequently called 2.5 and that's no big deal. However, calling the revision of fourth edition ("Essentials") "4.5" is a berserk button among fans of that edition.
** Since the rise of the OSR (Old School Renaissance/Revival) breathing a word about liking 4th Edition will get your ass handed to you.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}}''. Even in the game world itself, referring to The Computer as "the Computer" or, worse, "the computer" can get you a summary execution. "Friend Computer" will do.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}''
** Demon is an acceptable vernacular, though the preferred word is Daemon. Lord help you if you get the A and the E confused.
** Space Marines armies aren't "pretty much all the same". There are myriad differences between the named codices, much less the various ways the plain Space Marines codex is interpreted by both players and in-universe Marine leaders.
** Every army in Codex: Space Marines isn't "pretty much Ultramarines". Depending on who you ask this is either Ultramarines propaganda, or egregious and atrocious canon manipulation by Matt Ward.
** The Ultramarines themselves are polarizing. Even before Ward changed the fluff to make them the "default" loyalist army they were scorned by non-Ultramarine players because they were GW's poster boy army. However Ward's comments that every Space Marine chapter secretly looked up to the Ultramarines and beheld their primarch Roboute Guilliman as their "spiritual liege" whom they all aspired to emulate really set the Ultramarines hate to a new level. Bringing up the Ultramarines won't get you into trouble in and of itself, but mentioning the title "spiritual liege" will. Especially from a Space Wolves, Black Templars, Imperial Fists or Blood Angels player; who hold their primarchs in equally high regard.
** Matt Ward himself is a lightning rod that will get you at least a warning on just about any 40k forum; the name itself is all but guaranteed to start a flame war.
** Robin Cruddace less so, but he is still fairly reviled.
** Blood Angels and Dark Angels are '''very''' different armies; do not confuse them.
*** On a similar note, one of the fastest way of pissing off a Blood Angels fan is by saying "You painted your [[VideoGame/DawnOfWar Blood Ravens]] wrong".
** Do not call an individual unit selected from ''Codex: Black Templars'' a singular "Black Templar". You can call them by their unit names when all else fails. You can also call them an Initiate or a Crusader.
** They're Or'''k'''s. "Orcs & Goblins" are in the other ''Warhammer'' game (see below). The K is important, especially to Ork players, who have been known to hound people til they leave a forum for making this mistake.
** Do not call armies fielded from ''Codex: Space Marines'' "vanilla" or "generic" Space Marines without knowing your opponent really well. Many Space Marine players take offense to both terms. This has largely crossed into [[DeadHorseTrope dead horse territory]] with the 6th edition codex folding many chapters into the book and creating "Chapter Tactics". Now it's very common to ask a Space Marines player what chapter he's representing since the chapter tactics are a very important part of the metagame. Add in the litany of supplements released for chapters (Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, etc.) and pretty much nobody gets slapped with the "vanilla" label... except the Smurfs.
** Ultramarines players, for the most part, hate being called "Smurfs". The Smurf moniker came about because of the blue armor Ultramarines wear, and the fact that Ultramarines are over-represented in fluff, artwork and special characters since they are the flagship Space Marines chapter. A simple look through the 6th Edition codex reveals five special characters for the Ultras, while no other chapter has more than 2.
** Most non-Ultramarine players dislike the chapter to some extent, running the gamut from "a little" to "blind seething hatred". Current "most hated" GW developer Matt Ward claims them as his army and (seems to) favor them in codices and rules, while rewriting fluff he doesn't like and (allegedly) saddling armies he doesn't like with noncompetitive codices (like the Sisters of Battle). This all feeds the vitriol the chapter gets in fan communities.
** Don't use "Real Warhammer" or "Original Warhammer" to indicate that you mean ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'' to a 40k player. Also don't call it just "Warhammer" and assume they know what you mean. 40k-exclusive players consider 40k '''Real''' Warhammer. The accepted terms of distinction are "Fantasy" and "40k". You can also call Fantasy "Classic". Also bear in mind, a considerable population plays both.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}''
** Don't called Dwarfs "Dwarves." The former is the plural in Warhammer Fantasy, the latter is the plural in ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings''. Hilariously, Tolkien actually admitted in his lifetime that he wanted the pluralization to be 'dwarfs', but thanks to his editor erroneously seeing it as an error, it was changed to Dwarves, which Tolkien then kept as 'a private piece of bad grammar'. (He would have preferred 'dwarrows' anyway.)
** Similar to the above, don't call 40k "Real" Warhammer in front of a fantasy player. To a Fantasy-only player, this is the "Real" Warhammer. There are many things they do not like about 40k and vice versa. Just about the only term you can use to a Fantasy player is "40k". "Fantasy", "Regular" and "Classic" are all accepted terms when referring to this game. The official terms used in all published materials are simply "Warhammer" and "Warhammer 40,000" -- to many purists with a bent for officialdom any term like "real", "original", "fantasy" or "classic" is inappropriate (though "40k" works as a shorthand) -- it's not "Warhammer Fantasy", it's just "Warhammer", because that's what it says in the books, Sigmar be damned! Also bear in mind, a good number of people play both. The book of the third edition of the game (1987-1992) did have a strapline added -- "Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles" (the first edition of 40k was released alongside Warhammer 3rd edition, so this was probably to help distinguish them), but no other edition has ever carried this line. As such there was a brief period during the late eighties and early nineties when the official term was "Warhammer Fantasy Battle", but that has not been the case for two decades.
** Don't mention Age of Sigmar to a Fantasy player. If you want your death to be particularly brutal, say that you actually ''like'' it.
*** To wit: Games Workshop killed off their 30 year old Fantasy franchise in an incredibly [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking petty, mean-spirited and badly written]] manner, in order to launch their new Age of Sigmar line. Age of Sigmar was universally derided due to its [[ObviousBeta poor rules]], lazy setting and [[MoneyDearBoy changing the names of everything so they could be copyrighted]]. Fantasy fans were outraged that their beloved game had been defiled in such a terrible way. Admitting you like the game will make people assume you're either an idiot who can't play a 'proper' wargame, or a GW fanboy who will buy any old crap the company produces.
* ''TabletopGame/BattleTech'' Clan fans don't like it when you call the Timber Wolf and Summoner their Inner Sphere names [=MadCat=] and Thor. Less you want to be called a "Freebirth Stravag".
** In fact, the following list of topics have caused a bit of drama on the official for a at one point or another:
*** [[TransformableMecha Land-Air Mechs]] [[note]]Between those who think they're a fun idea capturing an anime feel and those who think they're overpowered [[GameBreaker game breakers]] that should be jettisoned, and that's even before the associated issue of the great majority of them being part of... [[/note]]
*** [[ScrewedByTheLawyers The Unseen]] [[note]]are they the Only True Representations of those 'mechs, a legal quagmire that should be left alone, or overrated nostalgia icons best ignored outright?[[/note]] However, this is no longer the case, apparently, as the recent redesigns have been well received by everyone[[/note.
*** Support for different eras [[note]] Some like the idea that there's metagame support for previous eras of the games history without having to delve into the second-hand book trade, while others think it takes developer time away from advancing the plot now, in particular...[[/note]]
*** ''[[DevelopmentHell ilClan]]'' [[note]]This is a book that has been awaited for several years by fans of the Republic/Dark Age era ("present day" in universe), and they have been highly vocal against anything that appears to take away from it seeing the light of day.
*** The very existence of the Clans [[note]]Are they an organic outgrowth of the very early story seeds of Kerensky's exodus, or are they overpowered bully-boys who wrecked the feel of the universe?[[/note]]
* Saying you prefer Traditional Format (that is, simply limiting the number of [[GameBreaker Game Breakers]] allowed rather than outright banning their use as in the official Advanced Format) is [[FlameBait a bad idea]] at ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'' tournaments
* Never ask a WARMACHINE player if they're playing Warhammer. Just... don't.
* Saying that ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'' is more balanced than ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' or that its tournament formats are better because they release a Banned/Limited List update every 6 months (as opposed to every 3 months for Magic), is a good way to have MTG players bite your head clean off.[[note]]Magic updates its Banned/Restricted lists for its various formats every 3 months, but it is extremely rare to see more than 3 individual cards a YEAR get the Ban-Hammer across all formats combined, and even rarer still to see cards come OFF those lists if no less than 5 years have passed; Yugioh, however, is infamous for having around a dozen or so cards variously go on or come off the Banned & Limited lists for both Advanced and Traditional formats with EVERY update. There's also the matter of the length of those lists, a testament to the difference in overall balance between the games: Legacy, which has by far the largest Banned/Restricted list for Magic, contains around 75-80 banned cards out of an estimated 15,000 unique cards available for play; Yugioh's Advanced banned/limited lists, however, contains around 150 banned/limited/semi-limited cards out of a cardpool of somewhere around 7000 cards - so ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'' has twice as many cards deemed "broken" as Magic while having around half the total number available.[[/note]]
* ''TabletopGame/OldWorldOfDarkness''
** ''TableTopGame/ChangelingTheDreaming'': Go ahead, tell a fan of Changeling that their favorite game is like a light hearted play date, it'll be fine. This troper will just be hiding behind heavy cover while you do...

* Mention to any member of ''Theatre/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' "phandom" how much you loved the 2004 movie version, and you're likely to get both flamed and spammed with [=YouTube=] links to "better performances".
** On a related note, saying the story is set in 1870 is a good way to get a long talk about the Franco-Prussian War, the Commune of Paris, and CriticalResearchFailure in general.
** Additionally, any mention of complete and total love for the sequel ''Theatre/LoveNeverDies'' will get you ostracized and/or ridiculed.
** Since the fandom is predominantly Erik/Christine shippers, stating that you ship Raoul/Christine will earn unholy ire. There have been cases of E/C shippers attacking R/C shippers with "The Phantom is a total cinnamon roll," and "Christine is an ungrateful bitch."
* ''Theatre/LesMiserables'':
** InspectorJavert is not just a villain.
** In some circles, serious love for Éponine will earn you the ire of fans who assume you only like her because of her place in the love triangle and because you're probably a teenage girl.
** And God help those who haven't read the book and aren't intending to - many fans see reading Hugo's thousand-page tome as the only true way to experience the story, and will tell you so until you agree with them.
** You saw the movie and thought, contrary to all the hate piled on him, that Creator/RussellCrowe did ''not'' in fact ruin the whole experience? Stay on your guard. Similarly, it's probably not a good idea to express fondness for Nick Jonas as Marius in the 25th anniversary concert.
** Enjolras' flippant comment in the book and 2012 movie notwithstanding, the story does ''not'' take place during the French Revolution. The barricade scenes are during the June Rebellion, over forty years after the French Revolution.
* Saying anything positive about Creator/AndrewLloydWebber at all is guaranteed to get you flamed to death by ''someone''. Conversely, saying anything ''negative'' about Creator/StephenSondheim will produce the same effect, probably from the exact same people.
* Claiming that Creator/WilliamShakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon didn't write all those plays. It's excusable if you suggest that John Fletcher collaborated on a few of them, though (since there's documented evidence that they worked together on ''The Two Noble Kinsmen'' and the lost ''Cardenio'', and probably ''Henry VIII'' as well).
* Saying that you're a fan of ''Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'' having only seen the movie. Or worse, not realising that it ''is'' anything other than a movie. Also, the main characters' names are spelt "Sweeney Todd" (three E's, two D's) and "Lovett" (not Lovet, Lovette, Lovatt etc). This is incredibly common online, and drives some fans to ''Epiphany''-level rage.
* In the world of Opera Fandom (yes, there is an Opera Fandom) there are numerous mistakes that outsiders/newcomers can make. And don't think that just because the Opera crowd is metaphorically monocled and top-hatted that their fury is less passionate than the most devoted Trekkies or Whovians.
** Do '''not''' ever ever refer to ''Theatre/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' as an opera in front of an opera fan. The fact that the word 'opera' is in the title does not make it one. It is a musical. A Broadway production. The same thing goes for ''Theatre/LesMiserables'' and other such works. Don't call them operas in front of your opera-loving friends... unless you hate them and want to end the friendship, of course.
** There is a similar problem with singers. By all means, love your Sarah Brightman and Il Divo [=CDs=]. But do not call them opera singers. Do not tell opera fans that you like Katherine Jenkins' version of the Habanera the best. Singers like these may sound 'operatic' to non-opera fans, but they are NOT opera singers. They are classical crossover singers, and to actual Opera fans, they are hair-rippingly maddening. Especially because many of them have neither the vocal type nor the skill to sing the opera snippets they choose properly. If you know an opera fan, please do not make them sit through Jackie Evancho, Paul Potts, or any of the other Talent Show 'opera' singers. You will drive them crazier than [[http://www.limelightmagazine.com.au/sites/www.limelightmagazine.com.au/files/Galleries/20121004054758_Emma%20Matthews.jpg Lucia di Lammermoor]].
** Opera fans will also take umbrage at the stereotype of a fat, ugly woman in a horned helmet. Many, if not most opera chanteuses are [[https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/00/Maria_Callas_(La_Traviata).JPG neither fat]], [[http://wuol.org/wp-content/uploads/fleming.jpg nor ugly]]. Some are [[http://www.actors-pictures.com/pictures/anna-netrebko-18.jpg downright]] [[http://elinagaranca.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Garanca_GABO_06.jpg gorgeous]].
** Another stereotype is that opera is just a bunch of controlled screaming. If you say this, even jokingly, to an opera fan, you will be pulverized and forced to listen to their entire playlist until you concede defeat and tell them that opera is beautiful. To be honest though, how could anyone call [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h34omCNzK9g this]] screaming? Or [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWOyF1EHJ8c this]]?
* For the love of all that is holy, make sure you know what board you're on before you announce your favorite Elphaba in the ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'' fandom. The wrong answer in the wrong place will see you incinerated in a flash.

* ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'':
** There was an IRC chat back in the mid 90s where the admin would kickban any user who referred a particular character by any name other than "Dezaras". "Deathsaurus" was forbidden, "Deaths-R-Us" was right out, and "Death Czarus?" Well, you know the drill.
** So who's the blue robot, Frenzy or Rumble? This question, when ask, will prompt other fans either saying "You had to go there, didn't you?" or straight-out causing flame wars.
** The issue of third-party ''Transformers'' toys have become this and have effectively split the fandom into two camps; the one that sees them as being on the same level of dollar store knock-offs (despite costing vastly more and being of infinitely higher quality), one that believes they are the only way of getting fan favorite characters/alt modes since Hasbro/Takara doesn't care about adult fans (The Generations/Masterpiece line and recent G1 reissues not withstanding). A more recent camp has emerged who see them as redundant and potentially damaging to the brand, now that Hasbro seems to be putting more emphasis on the original series characters; many in this camp see the third party figures as overpriced and flimsy, with the main complaint being that actually playing with third party toys makes them wear out a lot faster. Third-party ''accessories'', on the other hand, are more-or-less tolerated by everyone.
** Saying anything negative about the classic Generation 1 toyline and its associated media is bound to enrage a lot of folks who loved it as a kid, and even expressing enjoyment or approval of a later incarnation of the franchise can result in angry remarks about how G1 is the only version worth mentioning.
** On the flipside, being a fan of only the original toys, cartoon, or comic is likely to get you labeled a [=GEEWUN=] fanboy, especially after the very successful ''Generations'' toyline introduced new toys of old characters with better articulation and durability in comparison. This is even if you are mostly indifferent or even supportive but still focusing mainly on the originals for your personal collection.
* As [[Webcomic/PennyArcade Gabe]] [[http://www.penny-arcade.com/2003/6/13/ discovered]], Franchise/{{LEGO}} fans are all too ready to point out that the plural of LEGO is LEGO.
** Funnily enough, this rule gets broken in the first ''VideoGame/LEGOIsland'' game when DJ Radio delivers the headline "[=LEGOs=] [[RecycledInSPACE in SPACE!]]".[[note]]Unless it was intended as the contraction "LEGO's", i.e. "''LEGO is'' in SPACE!"[[/note]]
** The LEGO Group used to specifically make the point on the packaging that they should be called "[[StuckOnBandAidBrand LEGO bricks or toys]]" and not "[=LEGOs=]". They were worried about their trademark becoming genericized, as happened to, say, aspirin, escalator, and linoleum.
** Just try referring to either of the original villains from LEGOAdventurers as "Sam Sinister" and watch the {{Flame War}}s erupt.[[note]]This is the result of a series of unfortunate {{Dub Name Change}}s where the name passed freely between them before finally sticking to the one who did not originally possess it, ultimately causing much confusion.[[/note]]
** Try calling ''WesternAnimation/LegendsOfChima'' a rip-off of ''WesternAnimation/ThunderCats2011'' in the presence of the former's fans. Expect them to spit on you for assuming so simply because the main protagonists and their races in both series look similar. On the opposite end, ''[=ThunderCats=]'' fans will refuse to believe that it ''isn't'' a rip-off, primarily because of it being released on the heels of the latter's cancellation.
** ''WesternAnimation/{{Mixels}}'' fans are ''very'' sore about people disregarding the cartoon as pointless and have deep issues with CopyCatSue characters, which are unfortunately abundant in the fandom. Also, do ''not'' bring up the Jawg and Gobba leadership issue...or argue about tribe leaders in general.
* Calling Toa or Matoran "{{Toys/BIONICLE}}s" ''will'' result in a massive InternetBackdraft. Pluralizing the ''title'' will get you obliterated.
** Also, there is a reason why ''BIONICLE'' is not under the LEGO section in this folder. Do not refer to ''BIONICLE'' as "that LEGO story" or otherwise try and imply that it is [[FlameBait "just a story used to sell toys"]].
* Some ball-jointed doll owners get in quite a tizzy over ''Franchise/MonsterHigh'' dolls.
* For Monster High itself, it's unwise to say that the reboot is better or even perfect in comparison to G1 of Monster High.
* ''Franchise/MyLittlePony'':
** Stallions have always existed in the series, with the only exception being G3 (2003-2009). Despite this people often say that the franchise, especially G1, is female only and it pisses fans off.
** G2 never had a cartoon. ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTales'' is G1. The gens are based off the toys, not how many cartoons are released.

[[folder:Universities & Colleges]]
* Auburn University's sports teams are the Tigers, not the Eagles or the War Eagles. "War Eagle" is a cheer that Auburn uses, and the name of its fight song, but it has nothing to do with the team itself. The school itself even has [[http://www.auburntigers.com/trads/09_auburn_war_eagle.html a webpage]] pointing this out, and explains the UrbanLegends and other stories about where the term is believed to have come from.
* Fans of Stanford University's sports teams will not hesitate to loudly and frequently remind you that their team is the Stanford ''Cardinal'', not the Cardinal'''s'''. That is, they are Cardinal, the shade of red, not Cardinals, the birds (or Catholic leaders). Gods help you if you suggest that their mascot is a cardinal.[[note]]It's a tree, which is incidentally not Cardinal-colored.[[/note]]
* It's ''Johns Hopkins'' University. As in, both words end in the letter s. Not "John Hopkins", and definitely not "John Hopkin." The founder's parents decided to name him "Johns" (after his mother's family name) rather than "John." It's led to over a century of irritated students and alumni correcting people who can't possibly believe that it would be "Johns", even people who really should know better (like long-time Baltimore residents). Also, while the medical school is the most famous part of Hopkins, it offers areas of study as varied as any other top research university. Assuming that everyone who attends Hopkins is studying to become a doctor is a great way to irritate the majority who are not.
** Similarly, pronouncing the H in "Amherst, Massachusetts" will mark you as an outsider to any Amherst student or townie. Also, assuming that an Amherst College student means [=UMass=] when s/he says s/he went to "Amherst" will not endear you to him/her.
* Do ''not'' refer to Maize as yellow in the context of the University of Michigan's color (unless you are singing the alma mater, which is actually called "The Yellow and Blue"). Likewise, do not refer to Rutgers' scarlet or Harvard's and Alabama's crimson as red.
* If you're in Britain, don't call University "College". College is an alternative to Sixth Form that many British teenagers do, or one of the institutions that make up [[{{Oxbridge}} Oxford and Cambridge Universities]]. Or a further education college, a category which includes but is not limited to sixth-form colleges.
** The British university system was reformed in the 1990's and institutions perceived as being at a lower status/academic level, the old polytechnics and some of the larger tech colleges, were allowed to step up and recharter as new universities. These institutions remain sensitive about their origins and the perceived snobbery of those who still persist in thinking of them as somehow "inferior" and not real universities. Anyone who, for instance, refers to Manchester Metropolitan University as "Oh, you mean the ''Poly''?" or Owain Glyndwr University of Wrexham as "Ah, the tech college on Mold Road?" is risking pressing a berserk button, and accusations that they're being snooty and superior. Any reference to "[[UsefulNotes/BritishUnis Clown Colleges]]" can be fighting talk in some quarters.
* The University of North Carolina and Duke University are known to be rivals among those who live near them or know enough about them. Bringing up Duke while on Carolina's campus (or vice versa), or worse, walking on either campus sporting the opposite college's apparel will often result in even the nicest of people getting cross at you, or at least picking on you about it. And if you try to bring North Carolina State University into the fray, then all hell is guaranteed to break loose.

* New York University's mascot is a Bobcat. Their sports teams, however, are the 'Violets.' Calling the teams 'the Bobcats' is a surefire way to identify someone as an incoming freshman or non-NYU student, and draw ire from current students and alumni.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Say that visual novels are just video games and aren't unique enough to be considered a different medium. Some fans will just shrug and move on, but most will rip your throat out. However, there are VN fans who resent being categorized as different because it means they're "not ''real'' games", so it ends up being a case of InternetBackdraft either way.
* ''Franchise/AceAttorney'':
** Go ahead and say that VideoGame/{{Apollo|JusticeAceAttorney}} is better than Phoenix on a ''Franchise/AceAttorney'' forum. Or the other way around for that matter. You'll get a front seat to a flame war between Phoenix and Apollo fans.
** Likewise, saying that your favorite game in the series is any other then the first or third ones will get you completely torn apart with rage by people who are insistent that their opinion is the only valid one.
** Don't go onto a forum and say you did not find the last cases of the games (1-5 (or 1-4), 2-4, 3-5, 4-4, 5-5, and 6-5) to be that great; ''especially'' not 2-4. People will kill you, except ''maybe'' 4-4... unless you managed to gain the attention of an Apollo Fan.
** Try to stay away from saying anything positive about 2-3. You ''might'' be able to get away with saying you felt it was a [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot good concept executed poorly]] or that some of the characters like Acro and Regina were [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter misused]].
* Don't tell any Creator/KeyVisualArts fan that [[ArtisticAge the characters are lolis]]. Don't even comment that they ''look'' like kids -- unless the character is specifically pointed out in canon to look young, like [[VisualNovel/{{Kanon}} Ayu]] or [[VisualNovel/LittleBusters Kud]] -- and especially don't say that their canon ages are "just a number tacked on so you don't get arrested". In keeping with the aforementioned ArtisticAge, all the haremettes are in high school, often late high school, and so are the protagonists. The fans are really tired of hearing it.
** Also don't tell Key fans that the art style looks unnatural or that the eyes are freakishly big.
** Specific to ''VisualNovel/{{Kanon}}'', the widespread use of "uguu" by detractors of {{moe}} in general, many of whom have never even heard of ''Kanon'', gets annoying. The fact that about five minutes passes from the first time Ayu says 'uguu' to [[AffectionateParody the first time the game makes fun of the whole thing]] (and even less time in the anime) [[RedundantParody is a big factor here]]. "[[MemeticMutation AM I KAWAII UGUU?]]" is right out.
* Expressing {{squick}} and revulsion at ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'' for featuring a ThemedHarem of {{Disabled Love Interest}}s. No, it's not a DeadBabyComedy, even if the source material (a set of joke character designs which the game strongly departed from) is, and the thought that it ''has'' to be is in itself pretty offensive, considering that viewing disabled people as nonsexual beings and anyone who would be interested in them as predatory is a major problem in society as it is.
* With the exception of ''Anime/CarnivalPhantasm'', ''LightNovel/FateZero'' (and now the ''[[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works]]'' series by the same studio) and the ''LightNovel/KaraNoKyoukai'' movies, never mention any of the Franchise/{{Nasuverse}} anime. '''Ever.'''
* ''VisualNovel/DramaticalMurder'': Unless you have a death wish, '''do not''' bring up the topic of [[JerkassWoobie Min]][[BaseBreakingCharacter k's]] route and whether or not Aoba was suffering from StockholmSyndrome. No matter which side of the argument you're on, [[InternetBackdraft it won't be pretty]]. This has lessened since the release of Re:Connect, which expanded upon Mink's character and motivations, but his route is still very controversial.
** Another one is the [[MemeticMutation 'you fuck the dog!']] joke. Newer fans (and non-fans) will probably laugh, but longtime fans will send [[DiscreditedMeme death glares]] your way. Some fans find it especially frustrating because a number of people outside of the fandom have taken the joke seriously and think that the visual novel actually contains bestiality [[note]]the real explanation for the joke is spoiler-heavy and can be found on the VN's YMMV page[[/note]].
** Saying something along the lines of "I've been playing this thing for several hours now, where's all the yaoi sex?" will get you worse glares. ''VisualNovel/DramaticalMurder'' ''is'' a BL game, but there aren't any explicit scenes until the latter half of the story (near the ending in most routes), so needless to say, they aren't a major part of the game. A lot of people start playing purely to watch the H-scenes, completely ignoring the actual plotline and dumbing down the characters, to the ire of fans.
* ''VisualNovel/NineHoursNinePersonsNineDoors'' fans get pretty annoyed when people call the game the "video game version of ''Saw''", which is a rather bad berserk button to have when this is pretty much what every professional reviewer who reviewed the game said. Hardcore fans however will point out that "999 is much more original than ''Saw''" and that "if you actually pay attention to the game's entire plot, it's actually nothing like ''Saw''". In actual fact, the game was heavily inspired, not by ''Saw'', but by Eastern horror movies, in which the theme is less about sadistic people inducing violence, and more about sadisticly inducing fear. The theme of the game, going through a game involving puzzle filled rooms, has been compared to ''Saw'', but as fans are quick to point out, the actual puzzles and entire set up for why they exist in the first place is nothing like it. The same goes for its sequel ''VisualNovel/VirtuesLastReward''.
** Also, please don't say in front of 999/VLR that you find the plot incredibly unrealistic and therefore bad. You'll get a huge speech about how everything is actually given an actual real life, scientific/theoretical, well explained explanation and that if you think the plot's unrealistic it means you mustn't have paid any attention to these parts. Not to mention that saying you find the plot "poorly put together", or that the writers "didn't care", is a BAD no-no, since fans will be quick to point out that everything slots together so well and folds so neatly into place that writing such a complex plot would take amazing levels of care and attention to detail.
* Dumbing down ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'' by describing it as the "killer lolis" series is a thorn in the side of many fans. Talking about how you only like the {{gorn}} and horror aspects, [[MisaimedFandom ignoring the tragedy behind it all]], is even worse.
* For the ''Sakura'' series of games created by Winged Cloud, speaking positively about the competence of any of the male protagonists (especially Seiji from ''Sakura Beach'') is not recommended. However, it may be acceptable when it comes to ones from the more recent games (such as Akira from ''Sakura Agent'').

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/CheckPlease'' fans are not very welcoming of fanworks depicting Jack breaking up with Bitty to be with Kent. Doing that will trigger at the very least a very passive-aggressive comment of people asking "who hurt you?". This is specially enraging to people since [[spoiler:Jack and Kent past relationship is implied to be rather unhealthy to both: Jack only saw it as a hook up and Kent is still very much hung up on him, though it's still a BrokenBase]]. It's particularly offensive to fans if Bitty receives a DieForOurShip treatment.
** Overall, fanworks of Bitty and Jack breaking up and not getting back together are not well received.
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick''
** BigBad Xykon has to deal not just with random members of the community, but even [[NoFourthWall characters in the comic]] spelling his name wrong (with a Z). He can even tell when you misspell it in a ''[[PsmithPsyndrome speech balloon]]''. And he will [[MurderIsTheBestSolution kill you for it]].
** Not a name-related issue, but speculating on the comic's frequent ScheduleSlip on the {{fora}} is grounds for having your post locked and receiving an infraction.
* On the fora of ''Webcomic/LookingForGroup'', anyone ignorant enough to post anything even hinting that they think the comic is a ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' story happening in Azeroth will get beaten up, crucified, eaten and shot, in that order. Despite the fact that the comic started as a Warcraft parody (though only for a very brief period) and incredibly obviously took significant inspiration from the games.
* ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt'': The third girl from the photo is ''not'' Jones, and she is ''not'' related to Gamma in any way. Fans continued to speculate to the contrary, even though [[WordOfGod Tom]] {{Jossed}} those theories, within hours of their first proposal, then put [[TheRant a note to that effect below the comic]]. At one point, a forum regular who should have known better suggested that this speculation should be a ban-worthy offense. This specific line of WildMassGuessing seems to have stopped now that it's been unambiguously confirmed in-comic that the photo girl and Jones are different people.
* ''Webcomic/{{Dreamkeepers}}'' fans are usually pretty torn when it comes to pronouncing Namah's name. Some people say NAA-MUH, while others believe it to be NAY-MUH and refuse to back down in their opinions.
* ''Webcomic/LasLindas'' author Soul Kat has a big BerserkButton related to this trope due to so many people screwing up Davin Preacher's name, instead calling him Devin.
* Loldwell.com features a number of comic strips themed around different iterations of the concept: [[http://loldwell.com/?p=453 1]], [[http://loldwell.com/?p=605 2]], [[http://loldwell.com/?p=1006 3]], [[http://loldwell.com/?p=2303 4]]
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''
** Try tell a reader that you skipped the [[AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent intermission]] because it was boring and pointless. Go on. Try it. (Hint: [[InnocuouslyImportantEpisode it becomes very important later on.]])
** For extra fun, try mentioning you skipped the pesterlogs or started with Act Five!
* ''Webcomic/{{Heartcore}}'''s author has had a very bad history with the website [=Fireball20XL=] and its webmaster, Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien. If you try to defend him in the presence of her and/or her fans, ''start praying'', though it will help you not.
* It's not a good idea to bring up ''Webcomic/{{Sonichu}}''.
* Referring to a Korean or Chinese webtoon as a "manga". You'll get away with calling them a "manhwa" or "manhua", but calling them "manga" annoys both manga fans and webtoon fans.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Don't speculate on the ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' wiki. Don't forget to sign your posts. And for your own sake, if you don't want a month long banning, '''never''' mention their ScheduleSlip.
* Do not talk about ''ComicStrip/MallardFillmore'' at ''Blog/TheComicsCurmudgeon''. As in, you'll be banned for it because it only ever causes arguments.
* At Wiki/TFWikiDotNet the quickest and easiest way to prevent anyone from caring about your opinion is to object to the use of humorous image captions.
* Franchise/{{The Slender Man|Mythos}}:
** Being mistaken about the origin of the mythos. No, it was not originally a {{Creepypasta}}, although many Creepypastas involving him have been written since his creation. No, ''WebVideo/MarbleHornets'' did not create him, though they are the primary reason as to his popularity,[[note]]their antagonist's name is officially ''[[IAmNotShazam The Operator]]'', and referring to him as The Slender Man is another, milder example of this trope[[/note]] and neither did ''VideoGame/{{Slender}}''. The Slender Man was created in Website/SomethingAwful forum thread.
** Referring to the main creature as just [[IAmNotShazam Slender]]. This occurs most often with fans who were introduced to the mythos through the game of that name.
** Calling the creature Slenderman likewise draws ire from some fans. Referring to him as Slender Man as if it's his name is similarly a point of agitation. THE Slender Man is just a description of his appearance -- a tall, gaunt being that looks vaguely like a man.
** There is a very real possibility of ''WebVideo/MarbleHornets'' fans hunting you down to bash you over the head with a lump of concrete if you say anything along the lines of "I love Masky, he's my favorite {{creepypasta}}!" Masky is not from a creepypasta, his identity is no longer mysterious, and you will be laughed at for thinking it is. Ditto referring to proxies anywhere in the mythos as "Maskies", or saying that his fellow character Hoody is from a creepypasta.
** For that matter, calling Hoody or Masky "proxies" will get you treated to a nice lengthy explanation of how the term wasn't used in Marble Hornets and neither should be considered as such. Your best bet is to only use the term "proxy" when talking about DarkHarvest (the series from which the term originated) or WebVideo/TribeTwelve.
* Some YouTube rhythm gaming videos use music that is coincidentally available in the [=AudioSwap=] gallery. Just try and mention [=AudioSwap=] in the comments.
* If you join the Wiki/SCPFoundation, do yourself a favor and peruse the site (which, admittedly, is [[ArchivePanic very large]]) for a while before putting up new SCP entries; while certain community standards are arguably too high or too picky, anything that's flagrantly awful just as a piece of "creative writing", never mind the tone of the site, will typically get long, line-by-line breakdowns of [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech everything you did wrong]]. Repeat offenses (or shotgunning multiple horrid entries at once) may or may not get you kicked off the site, depending on your personal attitude. For really [[SchmuckBait entertaining discussions]], however, just try to say how SCP-173 [[OlderThanTheyThink is a rip-off]] of the [[Series/DoctorWho Weeping Angels]], or why your impossibly amazing self-insert humanoid SCP/Researcher deserves to be all over the site, or how this new thing would really actually easily be able to kill [[NighInvulnerable SCP-682]]. Enjoy your time as a [[CannonFodder D-class]].
** Also, don't call it "SPC". That stands for [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/spc-3284-j "Shark-Punching Center"]].
** Don't mention [[SmallNameBigEgo Dr. Bright]] around SCP fans on Website/LiveJournal, [=InsaneJournal=], or [=DreamWidth=]--reactions will range from white-hot rage to tired resignation about what his writer did to get so many people angry.
** Never ''ever'' mention the "[[OldShame lolFoundation]]" era, which was characterized by "wacky" [=SCPs=], most of which have been edited to be more horror-themed or deleted outright.
* One of the variants of "Rule #1 of Website/{{Tumblr}}"--as if taking a page from ''Film/FightClub''--is to never mention Tumblr outside of Tumblr itself. Though Tumblr is fairly well-known at this point, making this "rule" a DiscreditedMeme.
** Also, tread very carefully when tagging your posts; people tracking those tags will probably get on your case if you say bad things about the subjects of the tags. This can catch some users off-guard as some use tags as blog organization and may not be aware that what they're doing is stirring up an InternetBackdraft. (A way to avoid this is to stuff the first five tags with nonsense tags, then put the relevant tags after those; if a particular tag is the 6th or higher tag on a post, the post will not appear when searching for that tag.)
* Fans of WebVideo/DemoReel do ''not'' like to be reminded of ''[[DiabolusExMachina The Review Must Go On]]'' and by extension, the [[UnCancelled post-un-cancellation]] [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic Nostalgia Critic]] videos.
* Asking "what if Operation Sealion had been successful" or even mentioning the "Unmentionable Sea Mammal" in a non-ironic way on Website/AlternateHistoryDotCom is sure to end in much banging of heads against walls in frustration at the prospect of having to explain to yet another noob just why it could not, under any circumstances, have worked.
* Are you an upcoming YouTube ranter that somehow hates his fanbase and wants to turn them into your most fervent hatedom? If you are then there is only one thing you should do, and that is censoring or even outright deleting other people's opinions.
* thetoptens.com does have a few of them.
** Music/JustinBieber tends to erupt a lot of discussion. On most "worst music" lists he will be at the top, which most people find ok (one of the reasons people love the site is after all because its a place where they can hate on him without consequence). Telling something positive about him on this site can cause a flood of haters to come at you like if you were a magnet.
** A list looking like ("X at Y school") will usually turn into a demand to remove the list from the site by the users, which the site will do. Special treatment has to go to "Rockland District Middle School", which to this day attracts hatred on the site.
** Bashing on users will not go well at all. Many users of the site get fed up with all the Britgirl and Turkeyasylum bashing (though putting them into weird situations is mostly OK). Heaven forbid you especially if you somehow need to write a [[TorturePorn Puga abuse story]] on one of them.
* ''WebAnimation/DeathBattle'': Since this is a web series that has fan-favorite characters fight to death, hurt feelings about who will win was inevitable. Some fights, however, are more bitter than others:
** For Superman vs Goku, don't tell a ''Franchise/DragonBall'' fan that ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' deserved both wins or else Saiyan-sized flames will erupt. Don't even try explaining Death Battle's logic on how Superman will always win against Goku.
** The second Superman vs. Goku manages to hurt even ''more'' feelings, this time from both sides of the fandom. Not only did Superman beat Goku again, he did it more easily despite Goku having two major power-ups since their last fight. The reason: Superman is always holding back and he has unlimited power. ''Franchise/DragonBall'' fans call this a cop-out since [=ScrewAttack=] didn't want to do anymore ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' videos, and Superman fans (specifically the comic book Superman fans, along with the [[Creator/DCComics DC]] fandom) were mad since there are several characters in the [=DCU=] who are stronger than Superman and it reinforces the idea that Superman is a boring GodModeSue that the fandom have been fighting against for years. It also goes against [[WordOfGod DC's]] own official word that Superman, while extremely powerful, does have limits. ''Dragon Ball'' fans were also pissed that Goku said that he didn't want to surpass Superman since then there would be no one for him to surpass afterwards, [[CharacterDerailment which Goku doesn't cares about in canon]]. This subject actually became more bitter after ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'' aired only a couple weeks after the battle and shows Goku having feats that rival or surpass Superman. ''Death Battle'' refuses a round 3 since Superman will always win regardless of how powerful Goku becomes because he has 'no limits'.
** Majin Buu vs. Kirby fight is also a sore subject in the ''Dragon Ball'' fandom. Many expected Buu to easily cakewalk Kirby since Buu has one of the most broken powersets in the series. [[spoiler: When Buu actually lost]] the fandom declared ''Death Battle'' to be biased against anime.
** On the [=ScrewAttack=] forums, it's also generally a bad idea to speak positively of ''"[[Franchise/{{Naruto}} Gaara]] vs. [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Toph]]"'' as it is generally agreed that the episode's research was flagrantly poor and the person who lost [[spoiler:which would be Gaara in this case]] would actually come out on top pretty handily. ''"[[WebAnimation/{{RWBY}} Yang Xiao Long]] vs. [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Tifa Lockhart]]"'' is also something of a sore talking point there, as pretty much all of the forum's regulars expected [[spoiler:Yang to lose horribly]] and went into meltdown when this wasn't shown to be the case.
** A pretty universal one is calling the show biased against or for anything or anyone. Fans of the show have heard it so many times it's more likely to make a fan ignore the person than listen to them.
* The Website/GoAnimate users who make "[[YouAreGrounded Grounded]]" videos and the unironic fans of these kind of videos will tear you a new one if you defend the punished, especially if the targets are "baby show" characters such as WesternAnimation/{{Caillou}} or WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer and if the level of punishment is over the top. Feeling sorry for "baby show" characters? Preposterous!
* ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends'':
** DO NOT mistake any well-known fan-made character as a canon character. At best, you'll drown in disappointment but at least other fans are willing to simply correct you on that. At worst, you'll be shouted at by the more hostile fans, especially if they don't like the idea of fan characters in general (which also isn't helped by the idea of [[OfficialFanSubmittedContent Truffles's Video Bomb Competition]]).
** When it comes to shipping, if you want to ignite a fandom FlameWar, try saying that you hate one or more popular shippings (including the ones already featured in the show). While there are some fans that side with you, a shouting match can still occur between either side.
** Saying that you support The Ants instead of Sniffles can garner yourself an InternetBackdraft. Doubly so if you're a Sniffles hater.
** For fan character makers out there, it's not really recommended to create a fan character who is either related to Flippy, romantically involved with Flippy or just plain copy-pasting his personality. Fans don't sit well with this, since they're already tired of this character trait.
*** Speaking of fan characters, over-designing them (either appearance-wise, character concept-wise or both) is usually not recommended as fans nowadays don't sit well with this idea as well.
** During post-TV series era, saying that Flippy has fully gotten over his flip-outs was enough to garner wrath of fans. It didn't help that the next time a flipped-out Flippy appears, it's only in Flaky's imagination ("Without a Hitch"). The fanbase has calmed down since the release of the Love Bite short "On My Mind", which depicts Flippy flipping out.
** Whenever something popular manages to "snag" many HTF fans away from the fandom, said thing will usually end up being the trigger to the HTF fandom's BerserkButton (most notably, ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''; ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' may count too). It's not recommended to mention those non-HTF things to a HTF fan unless that same fan happens to enjoy both.
** Character concept-wise, mentioning that the cast is a complete rip-off of ''Franchise/CareBears'' characters will cause massive InternetBackdraft. Doesn't help that there's one exact case where someone made said comparison and, judging by the disabled comment section, that person succeeded in evoking the HTF fans' wrath.
** Don't compare the show with ''Retarded Animal Babies''. Just don't.
** Here's one way to make the fanbase violently explode: Mentioning that you like ''[[SerialNumbersFiledOff London Mobile Buddies]]'' and HTF is more inferior. LMB has its own explanation in the Web Original section of TheyCopiedItSoItSucks, so it deserves no further elaboration.
** On the other side of the fandom, they ''really'' don't like it if you strictly stick to the canon rules of the show. They usually label you as a "Fandom Nazi" and tell you that you won't be creative at all if you abide to the canon only. That's right, StopHavingFunGuys accusation in a non-video game fandom!
** For the more serious fans that have done their research, hearing [=FatKat=] being referred to as a permanent part of the cast is their BerserkButton. No, [=FatKat=] is not a canon HTF character. No, he's not a fan character either. He's a guest character (for a single HTF Break, mind you) who is simply a HTF version of an animation studio's mascot. Unfortunately, fans still make this error from time to time.
* For ''WebVideo/GameTheory'', intentionally bringing up any such theory to that franchise's fanbase has a good chance of getting you yelled at, and especially don't '''ever''' bring up the "[[Franchise/LegendOfZelda Link]] is dead in ''Majora's Mask''" theory, or better yet, "[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]] is mental".
** Or much more recently, pretty much of any of the Videogame/{{Undertale}} videos. While [=MatPat=] might not've actually thought Sans was actually [[Videogame/{{Earthbound}} Ness]], the video became a huge source of mockery and anger in places even outside of the Undertale fandom. It somehow got even worse when it was revealed that [=MatPat=] was selected to meet the Pope[[note]]to speak on cyberbullying[[/note]] and gave him a symbolic gesture of a Steam key for Undertale, for its message on pacifism, which was amongst other gifts that other Youtubers gave him. But because the video explaining this was unclear, most people heard the message "this guy just gave the Pope a video game" and he was even more lambasted by even more people. In the intro to one of his later Undertale videos, [=MatPat=] even said that the hate he got from both incidents nearly prevented him from ever making another Undertale video again.
* ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}''
** Whether or not the show can be described as an anime can generate a lot of heated debate. It's a western show that borrows very heavily from anime, leading to confusion over its status. Even the show's creators have heard of the argument and try to avoid getting involved.
** Whether or not the show will ever have LBGT characters can cause friction. The creators originally stated that they're up for it, and would want the characters to discover their sexuality in their own time. So far, no characters have been confirmed to be LBGT, making the subject a sensitive one within the fandom.
** There are a number of antagonistic characters that are [[TheScrappy despised by the fandom]] (mainly [[{{Jerkass}} Team CRDL]], [[AllAbusersAreMale Adam Taurus]], and [[AbusiveParents Jacques]] and [[BitchInSheepsClothing Whitley]] Schnee). Saying positive things about them or saying that they are redeemable can be a hot button in some areas.

[[folder: Other]]
* {{Lolicon}}. Bring it up around members of the LolitaFashion subculture, and hope to escape alive and unscathed.
* Saying or implying that a roller coaster is dangerous will earn you a rebuke from any coaster enthusiast who happens to hear you. Yes, your car really is 10,000 times more dangerous than the coaster.
** The majority of the posts in [[http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=605 this thread]] on a popular theme park site has its users cringe every time a user posts someone calling a coaster dangerous online.
* Referring to science fiction not as "SF" but as SciFi will brand you as a complete mundane. Someone who would be lost at a con, probably looks down his nose at zines, and wouldn't know real fanac if he fell over it. (Or at the very least, pronounce it "skiffy").
** Though admittedly the above is mostly restricted to the [[{{pun}} purist]] of the pure.
** At the 1977 Worldcon, Gary Kurtz said "We hope that [Franchise/StarWars] will lead to many more sci-fi films...." Two thousand fans went "BOOOOOOO!", as Creator/RobertSilverberg gently explained "You aren't supposed to say that."
** Much worse would be considering franchises like ''Franchise/StarTrek'' or ''Franchise/StarWars'' as "hard" Sci-Fi, when in reality they're the softest of the soft, and Sci-Fi/SF fans ''will'' let you have it with both barrels for it. Let alone actually [[GeekReferencePool EQUATING SF fandom with "Star Trek" fandom or "Star Wars" fandom]]. It happens.
* If you are visiting Victoria, the capital of the province of British Columbia, you are on Vancouver Island, not "Victoria Island". The city of UsefulNotes/{{Vancouver}} is ''not'' located on this island (they are just named for the same guy). Mildly confusing to an outsider, but not actually any harder than, say, Kansas City being in Missouri. Yet this frequent tourist error has become the bane of many a BC tourism worker.
** While you're on the island, swing by Mount Washington and ask if it was named after a certain U.S. president. It's an honest mistake, but in reality it was named after Rear Admiral John Washington and you'd ''better believe you'll be corrected''.
** Some folks in B.C. are also rather sensitive about the renaming of the Queen Charlotte Islands to "Haida Gwaii" in 2010. Just mention an opinion on it (for or against the name change; it really doesn't matter), and brace for an argument.
* When speaking or writing English using pretentious plurals can bring you a lot of grief. Viruses being pluralized to viri (or worse, "virii"), for instance, is incorrect as "virus" is of neuter, not masculine, gender and moreover, viruses is commonly acknowledged as the correct plural. Because most words in English, whether borrowed or not, have a simple plural case of -s, even you are using the technically correct plural (by the grammar of the root language[[note]]the Latin word ''virus'', however, is a "mass noun"; it doesn't have a plural form, and trying to make one with the usual rules is a bit like claiming "furnitures" is the plural of "furniture" in English[[/note]]); like Forum/Fora, Octopus/Octopodes, Cherub/Cherubim you risk sounding deliberately obtuse or desperate to show you have a education. Either way you can expect someone to be annoyed.
* Another one when writing English -- use apostrophes correctly. They are to be used to indicate contractions or possession -- ''not'' the plural form of a noun. You like pizzas and [=CDs=], not pizza's and CD's.
** In a similar vein, learn the difference between to/two/too, they're/there/their, and -- most especially -- your/you're. Using the wrong one will irritate English grammar fans, many of whom can be quite vocal about it.
** The exception to the "apostrophes mark possessives" rule: ''it's'', with an apostrophe, is a contraction of ''it is''; ''its'', with no apostrophe, is the possessive form. Do not confuse them around GrammarNazi types (for that matter, be careful calling people Grammar Nazis - some resent the comparison to Nazi Germany, some resent the notion that good grammar is unimportant and they're just being pedantic, and some [[TakeAThirdOption are apparently just looking for something else to chew you out about]]).
* Practitioners of Middle Eastern dance forms vary in their reaction to the appellation "belly dance". Some will jump down your throat over the "misnomer". (Just quoting, Rocky!) Others have given up trying, or value the recognition factor more. See the [[http://www.gildedserpent.com/articles6/ezburnsrants.htm Dead Horse Derby.]]
** What will really bring down wrath from all, without exception, is implying that their art form is to be identified with, similar to, derived from or in any way connected with stripping. Just don't, on pain of pain. "Exotic dance" is best avoided for that reason.
* Followers of Leon Trotsky react badly to being called "Trotskyites". Even the most vitriolic Stalinist propaganda didn't call them that. It's "[=TrotskyISTS=]".
* Mention that sharing art (e.g. from Website/{{Pixiv}}) without permission is okay, and you'll get a huge mouthful from the artist community for disrespecting copyright. Mention that it's not okay, and you'll incur the wrath of those who feel that artists are way too sensitive about how their art is promoted. In other words [[BrokenBase there's no safe opinion on this matter]].
* Aficionados of the pre-1980 Volkswagen Type 2 do not take kindly to it being called a "van." It's the Bus, thankyouverymuch.
* Try calling the Willis Tower by that name around Chicagoans; it is still the Sears Tower, thank you. The big department store on State Street is still Marshall Field's, not Macy's. And it's ''O'Hare'' International Airport, not O'Hara.
* Something really fun to do, if you're wearing a helmet and a sports cup, is to tell someone who just got a piercing or tattoo or some such body modification, "Oh, but you looked so pretty/handsome."
* It's Or-uh-gun, nor Ory-gone. It's the Will-AM-ette River, not the WILL-am-ette River. Not every Oregonian is from Portland, and Portland is not, not, not Seattle. Also, be careful when mentioning ''{{Series/Portlandia}}''-- some Portlanders may love it, some may hate it, and some may feel it falls under NWordPrivileges.
** Similarly, the ''de facto'' official pronunciation of Nevada (as practiced by the state legislature and most locals) is "Neh-VA-duh," with the A in the second syllable pronounced like that in "bad," and locals will [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nevada#Etymology_and_pronunciation get quite irate]] if it's pronounced "Nuh-VAH-duh," as is common among outsiders. Etymologically, both are wrong: the name comes from the Spanish "nevada" meaning "snow-covered" (after the Sierra Nevada mountains), which is pronounced "neh-VAH-dah."
** And for people in Kentucky, Louisville can be pronounced as "Loo-a-vull" "Lool-vull" or "Loo-ee-vill" (although the latter will give away that you're not from the area), but if you pronounce the "S", you will receive [[DeathGlare death glares.]]
*** Similarly, Illinois is pronounced "IL-i-NOY" not "IL-i-NOISE"
*** On the flip side, The "S" in St. Louis '''is''' pronounced. Calling it "St. Louie" will immediately brand you as an outsider.
** There are ten cities called Prescott in the United States, two in Canada, and one in the UK (two if you count the one spelled with only one T). Of them, all are pronounced "press-caught"... except for Prescott, Arizona, which is pronounced "press-kit" after the Civil War-era author from which the city takes its name. Pronounce it wrong and mark yourself immediately as an out-of-towner.
** Mobile, Alabama pronounced moe-beil, not moe-bile. It hasn't moved in a long time.
* Mentioning that San Francisco is in "northern California" will earn the ire of anyone who lives in the northernmost third of California. However, people elsewhere define "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_California central California]]" differently (for them San Francisco is north of it) and also see it as a sub-section of "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_California northern California]]". Also, as far as the American federal court system is concerned, ''Los Angeles'' is in the ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_District_Court_for_the_Central_District_of_California Central]]'' District of California and San Francisco in the Northern (San Diego has the Southern District and Sacramento the Eastern).
** Try saying "hella" (a Northern California VerbalTic) in Southern California and see what happens.
** In Northern California, don't precede highway numbers with [[SpellMyNameWithAThe "The"]] (a Southern California practice).
* Don't confuse magazines for clips in front of a firearm enthusiast. That rectangular box that's filled with cartridges that slides into the bottom of a pistol? That's called a magazine, not a clip. Any spring loaded apparatus that feeds ammunition into the gun's chamber is a magazine. Clips do not have springs and do not feed the rounds directly into the gun. Most clips are used to load rounds into magazines, some clips are fed into a gun's chamber and are ejected one all the rounds are fired. Most gun enthusiasts have heard the whole magazine/clip thing at least once and will be ready to give you a long lecture on the differences between the two if you dare get them wrong.
* Bashing a show simply because it aired on a network or block after most consider it to have JumpedTheShark or undergone NetworkDecay, [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch without judging it by its own merits]], is a good way to ignite entire countries on fire from the show's {{Fandom}}.
* You know that puzzle where you put numbers in squares? It's pronounced "Sudoku", not "Suduko".[[note]]As a bonus, the Japanese language has no native ''du'' sound.[[/note]]
* Lawyers (as one might expect) have a few of these, and (also as you might expect) a lot of these are even language-based:
** For American administrative lawyers, the primary statute about the work of federal administrative agencies is the "Administrative Procedure Act." Note that it is ''not'' the "Administrative Procedure''s'' Act."
** For American securities lawyers, the statute passed in 1934 regulating the buying and selling of securities on the open market is the "Securities Exchange Act." It is not the "Securities ''and'' Exchange Act", even though the administrative agency tasked with enforcing the statute is the "Securities ''and'' Exchange Commission." (It can also be called the "Exchange Act" or the "(19)34 Act".)
* People in Arkansas hate when people pronounce their state's name as Ar-Kansas. They got so fed up with it that they actually made it illegal. On the other hand, the river of the same name ''is'' pronounced Ar-Kansas.
* Pronouncing the S at the end of Illinois tends to annoy the people who live there, especially if it's done by someone from a state that borders Illinois.
* Not using the Oxford comma will cause many English speakers to ask if you're going to [[SelfDemonstrating invite the strippers, JFK and Stalin]][[note]]Putting a comma after "JFK" makes it clear that JFK and Stalin are ''not'' strippers.[[/note]] to your next birthday party.
* If you are in Kiribati, make sure you pronounce the name as "Kiri-bass". Pronouncing it as "Kiri-bat-ti" will make its people drown you into the country's surrounding waters.
* "Animal welfare" and "animal rights" are two very different concepts. Calling an animal welfare activist an animal rights activist, and ''especially'' mentioning PETA (which most welfare activists loathe), is a lose-lose situation.
* Pet owners being passionate as they are, there are plenty of ways to get on their bad side and get hair flying. In general, feeding your pets a vegan diet or overfeeding them, even unintentionally, is a quick way to get yourself branded as an animal abuser in some circles. And you ''better'' spay and neuter your pets if you aren't a breeder.
** Amongst dog owners: Never say pit bulls are violent, aggressive, owned by criminals, or any other of the breed's stereotypes. Adopting a purebred from anywhere but an animal shelter will get you much scorn for supporting puppy mills (even if the purebred was from a respectable breeder) and not giving shelter dogs a home. Docking ears and tails is cruelty to some. Depending on where you go, saying you like pugs is a great way to get a rant about inbreeding and unhealthiness.
** Amongst cat owners: '''Never''' support declawing.
** Amongst rabbit owners (or any small pet, for that matter): Do ''not'', under ''any'' circumstances, flip your rabbit on its back and then say that it "looks so cute when sleeping like that." Rabbits are prey animals, and when faced with danger will roll over and play dead. Being in this state is very stressful and unhealthy, not to mention that you're scaring the poor thing. One [=YouTuber=] found this out the hard way.
** For reptile owners, saying that an animal is dangerous and shouldn't be kept in captivity. You'll quickly be told that the people who care for these animals are almost always hobbyists with many years of experience, and that people only get hurt when they handle the animals improperly and irresponsibly. Owners of venomous species and large snakes like anacondas and reticulated pythons hear this the most.
*** Live-feeding is also quick to incite criticism, mainly because it creates unnecessary suffering for the prey animal and risks injury for the reptile if it isn't hungry.
* Please do not mix up Sweden and Switzerland. One is famous for cheese, chocolate and watches, the other for Vikings, meatballs and IKEA.
* Confusing Iceland with Ireland will have Icelandic people or fans of Iceland throw you into the island nation's volcanoes.
* In Brazil, '''DO NOT''' state that Dilma Rosseff is a good president.
** Do not also lie about an event that is ongoing. Lying is considered a taboo in their culture. Four American Olympic athletes learn the lesson the hard way.
** Also, don't mention the fact the the Wright Brothers invented the airplane. They were just trying to steal Alberto Santos-Dumont's thunder.
* Some people insist that referring to only citizens of the United States as "Americans" is wrong because people living in other nations in North and South America could be referred to as "Americans" as well. Just don't try to make that argument ''to'' people from said aforementioned countries, such as Canada.