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* For the comic book by Creator/PeterMilligan, see ''Comicbook/{{Enigma}}''.
* For the manga, see ''Manga/{{Enigma}}''.
* For the musical project created by Michael Cretu, see Music/{{Enigma}}.
* For the PC game, see ''VideoGame/{{Enigma}}''.
* For the Creator/RobertHarris novel, see ''Literature/{{Enigma}}''.
* For the second book in Michael Kube-Mc[=Dowell=]'s ''Trigon Disunity'' trilogy, see ''Literature/TheTrigonDisunity''.
* For the Website/{{RVT}} reviewer person, see WebOriginal/{{Enigma}}.
* For the 1919 Italian silent film, see ''[[Film/{{Enigma 1919}} Enigma (1919)]]''.
* For the 1977 film starring Creator/GuyDoleman, see ''[[Film/{{Enigma 1977}} Enigma (1977)]]''.
* For the 1983 thriller film, see ''[[Film/{{Enigma 1983}} Enigma (1983)]]''.
* For the 1987 Italian {{Horror}} film, see ''Film/{{Aenigma}}''.
* For the 2001 film starring Creator/KateWinslet, see ''[[Film/{{Enigma 2001}} Enigma (2001)]]''.
* For the 2009 short sci-fi film by the Shumway Brothers, see ''[[{{Film/Enigma 2009}} Enigma (2009)]]''
* For the roleplay, see ''Roleplay/{{Enigma}}''

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