'''Engrish''' (coming from the [[JapaneseRanguage Moon]]-[[Anime/TurnAGundam speak]] pronunciation of "English") can refer to one of three things, depending on the context:

* [[BlindIdiotTranslation Bad translations]], [[TranslationTrainWreck especially to the point where the original meaning is no longer recognizable]]
** [[IntentionalEngrishForFunny Deliberate usage of incorrect English for humor]]
* [[GratuitousEnglish Oddly implemented English inserted into a work that isn't originally in English]], or
* [[JapaneseRanguage The tendency of the Japanese to misplonounce "L" as "R" and vice velsa]], and incleasingly (though ress hirariousry) ze inabirity of ze chinese speakers to distinguish between 'th' and 'z' and 'in' and 'ing', [[AsianSpeekeeEngrish amung uzzer singz]].