Index of social blow under the proverbial belt: The social counterpart of the physical combat index TryingToCatchMeFightingDirty.

+ ConMan

* AbominationAccusationAttack--accusing someone of being some kind of sexual predator
* TheBabyTrap-- Someone in a relationship deliberately causes a pregnancy without their partner's consent, in an attempt to bind their partner to them.
* BavarianFireDrill--act like you are in charge and people will obey you
* BedTrick--X sleeps with Y by pretending to be Z
* {{Blackmail}}--pay up or someone finds out something you want kept quiet
* BlatantLies--lies so obvious they lack even a shred of plausibility
* BriarPatching--deliberately using Reverse Psychology to gain a desired result
* BrideAndSwitch--the bride isn't who the groom thinks she is
* TheCakeIsALie--someone lies about the reward that will be given for completing a task
* CallingTheCopsOnTheFBI--hindering covert law enforcement by making them suspicious to regular cops
* ChewbaccaDefense--"winning" a debate through failing at logic
* ContrivedClumsiness--publicly doing something nasty to someone else and pretending it was an accident
* CrocodileTears--pretending to cry in order to gain others' sympathy
* {{Cuckold}}--a man whose Love Interest has sex with someone else, either to his dismay or without his knowledge
* ExtendedGreetings--someone introduces themselves in a lengthy fashion
* FakePregnancy--a woman lies about being pregnant
* FalseRapeAccusation--someone accuses someone else of rape, even though that person is innocent
* {{Frameup}}--framing an innocent person
** ThisBearWasFramed--pretending an animal did something a person really did
* {{Gaslighting}}--changing things around behind someone's back to make them doubt their own sanity
* ItsACostumePartyISwear--someone is invited to a party, being told it is a costume party, and shows up wearing an elaborate costume, only to find out the party wasn't a costume party
* JoinOrDie--join or be killed
* LeonineContract--a bargain in which one side has no choice
* LoopholeAbuse--blatant cheating through semantics
* MaliciousSlander--lies and rumours spread to discredit someone
* MotivationalLie--lies used to motivate someone so they can more effectively deal with a hardship
* MovingTheGoalposts--continually changing your standards so people will never be able to meet them
* NotIfTheyEnjoyedItRationalization--a rapist claims their victim enjoyed it, and thereby it was ok
* AnOfferYouCantRefuse--an offer where the choices are, "Accept or die"
* OnTheRebound--after going through a bad breakup, someone very quickly jumps into a new relationship
* PassiveAggressiveKombat--social situation presented as a battle
* PlayingTheVictimCard--a character uses their victimhood to resist taking responsibility for their actions
* PoliceBrutalityGambit--employing a Wounded Gazelle Gambit against authority figures to avoid punishment
* PolitenessJudo--character gets their way simply by being polite
* PostRapeTaunt--rapist taunts the hero by gloating (and lying) about how the victim [[NotIfTheyEnjoyedItRationalization "loved it."]]
* QuoteMine--certain parts of a quote are omitted to make it sound like the author meant something different from what they actually said
* RecordedSplicedConversation--passing off a modified recording of an individual as a live statement.
* SadisticChoice--forced to choose one of two terrible choices, mainly resulting in MortonsFork.
* ScarpiaUltimatum--"Have sex with me, or else your loved one gets it"
* SexualExtortion--withholding something from a target until they agree to sex
* SlippingAMickey--putting a knockout chemical into someone's drink
* SuddenlySignificantRule--when a rule or law that is usually not given much thought is suddenly invoked
* WhyDidYouMakeMeHitYou--someone resorts to violence to end an argument, but manages to make the other person feel guilty about it
* WithholdingTheCure--the cure really works and it is what people really need, but someone is keeping it from people for their own selfish reasons
* WoundedGazelleGambit--pretending to be a victim to manipulate others
* WoundedGazelleWarcry--weakest combatant rushes in harm's way to motivate the others into action
* YouWouldMakeAGreatModel--pretending to be a person of taste and/or influence in order to take titillating pictures of another