A new scene of {{Alternative Rock}} music that's grown in popularity in recent years. Named after Man Overboard's (one of the key bands of the movement) motto to [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin defend pop punk]] from all of its detractors and critics (starting from The Effort's joke slogan, "Destroy Pop Punk"). This new movement combines {{pop punk}} with elements of melodic hardcore and [[Music/{{Emo}} Emo]]'s dark but poppy aggression. Bands in this movement are gaining much larger popularity recently and have started making headway on to the charts and being signed on to shows such as Warped Tour.

!!Bands in this genre:

* Music/ManOverboard ({{trope namer}})
* Music/TheStorySoFar ({{trope codifier}})
* Music/TheWonderYears ({{trope maker}})
* Music/TigersJaw
* Music/ThisTimeNextYear
* Music/BalanceAndComposure (mixes this with {{Grunge}})
* Music/SetYourGoals
* Music/{{Transit}} (their recent albums mixes in more elements of Indie Emo, but is still very much close to the movement)
* Music/{{Basement}}
* Music/ModernBaseball
* Music/{{Fireworks}}
* Music/{{RealFriends}}
* Music/{{NeckDeep}}
* Music/MajorLeague
* Music/{{Citizen}}
* Music/TitleFight (Along with Citizen and Basement, one of the more Grungier bands in the genre)
* Music/KnucklePuck
* Music/TrophyEyes