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->"''I love the smell of fear in a newsroom.''"
-->-- '''Perry White,''' Series/LoisAndClark

The IntrepidReporter's boss. Gruff and authoritarian, frequently a CigarChomper, often seen with his jacket off and his sleeves rolled up. Is fond of both shouting at his reporters over any conceivable pretext and [[PapaWolf passionately defending them]] (and the newspaper) from any threats to the freedom of the press.

Has a lot of overlap in personality and plot function with DaChief (but if he's Perry White, don't call him "Chief"!).


[[folder:Across Multiple Media]]

* Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, in ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' and its numerous spin-offs and adaptations in various media.
* J. Jonah Jameson, editor of the Daily Bugle, in ''Franchise/SpiderMan'' and its spin-offs and adaptations in various media.


[[folder:Comic Books]]

* Mitchell "[[CatchPhrase Where's my fucking column]]" Royce in ''{{Transmetropolitan}}'', City Editor of The Word. Slightly unusual in that he heads a section rather than being Editor In Chief. Throughout the series, he tries to be called "Two-Fisted Editor"; for most of the story, it's just kind of pathetic... and then comes the chapter ''named'' [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome "Two-Fisted Editor"]].
-->''Let me tell you how it is. [[IntrepidReporter You gather the evidence and write stories]]. That's what you do. That's your job. I'm an editor. That means I do '''everything else'''.''
* Virtually all of Vic Sage's bosses in ''TheQuestion''.
* Despite technically being based on [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987 the cartoon]] that preceded it, ''Comicbook/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesAdventures'' had its own separate DaEditor figure in Murdock Maxwell, who fires April at the beginning of her spin-off mini-series.



* Henry Connell, in the Creator/FrankCapra film ''Film/MeetJohnDoe''.
* Identified [[NoNameGiven only as "Chief"]] in ''TheHudsuckerProxy''.
* Smith Keen from ''ThePelicanBrief''.
* Ben Bradlee as portrayed in ''Film/AllThePresidentsMen''.
* Walter Burns in ''Film/HisGirlFriday'', based on the play ''The Front Page''.
* Walter Burns in ''Film/TheFrontPage'', based on the play of the same name.
* Ben in ''Film/MonsterInTheCloset''.
* Oliver Stone in ''Nothing Sacred''.
* Fandor's boss in ''Film/{{Fantomas}}''.



* Technically, William de Worde in ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' books following ''Discworld/TheTruth'' should be this. In practice he refuses to give up being an IntrepidReporter himself. And [[WordOfGod as Pterry says]], since he ''invented'' journalism, who's going to tell him he's not supposed to?
* Aravena from ''Literature/EvaLuna''.

[[folder: Live Action TV ]]
* The SchoolNewspaperNewshound is a frequent variant seen in many episodic TV series. Often, it will be a [[FleetingPassionateHobby one-off engagement]], after which the character's his/her editor's job is either short-lived or rarely referred to/never spoken of again. Usually, AnAesop of some sort is used:
** ''FamilyTies'': Season 1's "Big Brother is Watching," where Alex is editor of the school newspaper and faced with a tough ethical decision when he finds out about a cheating scandal involving most of the student body. Despite explicit directions to not publish the names, Alex feels an obligation to do so, and as a result, nearly the entire school is angry at him ... and Alex's adviser fires him. Alex stands by his decision to publish the names, but when venting to his father, Steven tells him that he was correct in going ahead with the story but had no right to publish the names -- particularly since they had not had their due process.
** ''FamilyMatters'': In the fifth-season episode "Opposites Attract," Laura is the editor for the Muskrat Times (the Vanderbilt High School newspaper), and Urkel is a staff reporter.
** ''[[SavedByTheBell Saved By the Bell: The New Class]]'': The 1998 episode "Do the Write Thing" centers on administrative censorship after Mr. Belding withholds publication of an article about student athletes getting preferential treatment for such things as discipline and assignments.
** Several ''Series/AfterschoolSpecial'' programs centering on censorship were set at a high school newspaper. The scenario was formulatic: the editor uncovers a scandal and decides to publish the information; the principal reviews the story before going to print and decides to withhold publication (not because the facts are incorrect but because it would have unflattering consequences or paint the school in a negative light), the editor stands his/her ground, and the battle eventually is brought before the school board and/or goes to court. Almost always, the student editor comes out victorious and the story is published.
* ''TooCloseForComfort'': In the Ted Knight Show-era episodes (from 1986), main protagonists Henry and Muriel Rush are part-owners of the Marin Bugler, a weekly newspaper. Ted is the editor and Muriel is a photographer.
* Tony Vincenzo, editor for the Independent News Service (a wire service), and Carl Kolchak's immediate boss in ''KolchakTheNightStalker''.
* Cameron Foster, editor of the Herald, in ''Series/StateOfPlay''.
* Donald Stern from ''Series/TheChronicle''. Basically Perry White merged with Zed from ''Film/MenInBlack''.
* Lou Grant, of ''Series/TheMaryTylerMooreShow'' and its spin-off ''Series/LouGrant''.
* Kat from ''PersonsUnknown'' is a rare female example of this.
* Lynda Day from ''Series/PressGang''.
* Paris Geller during half the junior year in ''GilmoreGirls'' for the ''Yale Daily News''; one of the rare examples where the staff overthrow her for being overly authoritarian.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* The Bonga Bugle editor in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2'' combines this with MilesGloriosus, bragging about his physical prowess but [[EscortMission frequently requiring your protection]]--then making himself out to be the hero in the resulting news reports.
* Akiyoshi Zaizen in ''VisualNovel/OurTwoBedroomStory'' is the chief editor over several publications at the protagonist's workplace, responsible for keeping the various difficult personalities of his employees in line. He's strict and stern enough that the protagonist and her colleagues have nicknamed him "the Growler."


* Harold Harvey Henson in ''Ciem: The Human Centipede'', who's the station owner of Channel 26 in Dirbine. Subverted in that he's very [[ThePollyanna wishy-washy and optimistic]], and treats his staff a lot more kindly than they deserve.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* The director of the Channel 6 news team, Burne Thompson, in the '80s/'90s ''[[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]]'' cartoon. His somewhat fluctuating attitude towards the Turtles and constant pestering of his underlings for news stories led to April occasionally being at odds with him.
* The ''[[CaptainCavemanAndTheTeenAngels Captain Caveman]]'' shorts on ''[[TheFlintstones The Flintstone]] Comedy Show'' featured Lou Granite, editor-in-chief of ''The Daily Granite''.
* Pablo plays this role in ''TheBackyardigans'' episode "Front Page News!".
* Diamond Tiara in ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' plays this role when she's appointed editor-in-chief of the school paper in "Ponyville Confidential".