A specific kind of {{montage}} or montage element: the subject of the montage is contrasted with a different character or situation, to maximize the drama.

Can be applied to another montage; in particular, a {{Good|TimesMontage}} and SadTimesMontage, an ATeamMontage, and a TrainingMontage. The MontageOut is partly built on this. Compare UnreliableVoiceover.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Manga/DeathNote''
** Episode 30 of has a montage towards the beginning that highlights Kira's adverse effects on ordinary people -- then we cut the sound early to Demegawa's "I am here to tell you that Kira is justice!" Even moreso when [[spoiler:we see Sachiko collapse into tears after receiving Soichiro's ashes]].
** There's also one very early, when Light starts scheduling people to die at a specific time. He gets happily on with his day while people die out of sight.
* The manga adaptation of ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireIV'' has the contrasting experiences of both Ryu and his counterpart, Fou-lu.
** For Ryu, almost everything he saw have humanity being ''positive'' and a good influence from his TrueCompanions with ThePowerOfFriendship. This was shown when Nina gives him a CooldownHug [[spoiler:to calm down his UnstoppableRage and first transformation into the Kaiser Dragon]].
** Fou-lu, however, was a {{subverted}} KingInTheMountain, who was seen as an UnwantedRevival by the corrupted Fou Empire and was actively pursued to be killed by them. [[spoiler:He ultimately ''snaps'' after his love interest was tortured and sacrificed to [[HumanResources be used as fuel]] for the Hex Cannon against him]], upon which he decides to KillEmAll because HumansAreTheRealMonsters.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* ''Film/TeamAmericaWorldPolice'': The "Montage" sequence, which is mainly a TrainingMontage, also features the BigBad's preparations to complete his evil scheme.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas'' had one contrasting how Christmastown and Halloweentown prepared for Christmas.
* In Disney/{{Tangled}}, Rapunzel out of the tower turns into a MoodSwinger, in a montage switching from delight at being outside and despair on how she defied her mother -- with Flynn watching it all deadpan.
* The "Savages" musical number in ''Disney/{{Pocahontas}}'' showing the Colonists and the Natives preparing to go to war against each other, with emphasis on the irony of [[NotSoDifferent the two sides being so similar]] when each side sings about how the other side is not like them.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The opening sequence of ''Film/ThePrivateLifeOfHenryVIII'' cuts back and forth between the grim scene of Anne Boleyn's execution and the happy, flirtatious fun of life at court as Henry's getting ready to marry Jane. It even has Anne say "What a beautiful day" as she stands on the block, only for Jane to say the exact same thing much more cheerfully back at court.
* ''Franchise/{{Rocky}}''
** ''Film/RockyIII'': The opening montage explicitly contrasts Rocky's rich lifestyle with Clubber Lang's rough and tumble rise to the top.
** ''Film/RockyIV'': The TrainingMontage was all about this: Rocky's rustic TrainingFromHell is contrasted with Ivan Drago's super-scientific and soulless training regimen. This helps define the difference between the two fighters: Rocky has heart, while Drago is empty.
* ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'' has a great one during the song ''At The Opera Tonight.'' It cuts between the Repo Man suiting up and Blind Mag lamenting her future, while they sing similar lines in tandem.
* ''Film/FromHell'' has a montage contrasting the life of Dr. William Gull (the Queen's surgeon) and Mary Jane Kelly (a prostitute), showing how unfair Victorian life is.
* ''Film/ACornerInWheat'' offers a very early example. This 1909 film intercuts between poor people in a bread line and the lavish parties of the speculator who caused their misery.
* ''Film/TheKarateKid1984'' has a battle montage contrasting Daniel's style -- tentative, but growing in confidence -- with the Cobra Kai's ruthless and calculated style.
* ''Film/{{Downfall}}''. Eva Braun typing out her irrelevant and frivilous last will against a background of mass destruction and ChildSoldiers DrivenToSuicide.
* In ''Film/ForbiddenCityCop'', the Cop's peaceful picnic with his wife is contrasted with the brutal deaths of the other Cops. Especially jarring since the cops' demises are immediately followed by events at the picnic that mirror their deaths as a creepy form of RelaxOVision.
* ''Film/{{Titanic 1997}}'' cuts between scenes of the fun and raucous party in steerage and the boring rich folks sitting around gossiping over brandy and cigars.
* ''Film/KillYourDarlings'' has an very uncomfortable sequence, cutting back and forth between shots of murder, anonymous sex, drug abuse, and learning of the death of a friend, showing how the different characters react to and create various tragedies.
* In ''Film/TheGodfather'', a christening is contrasted with a series of hits on rival mob bosses.
* Creator/SergeiEisenstein was a master at this.
** ''Film/{{Strike}}'' contrasts the simple meal of the workers' families dining together happily, with the rich fancy meal of their angry, evil boss who dines alone.
** ''Film/{{October}}'', about the UsefulNotes/RedOctober revolution of 1917, takes a dim view of religion in accordance with Communist doctrine. The "masks of the gods" sequence contrasts Russian Orthodox icons with Buddhist statues and pagan carvings, suggesting that all religions are the same.
* ''Film/TheMechanic2011''. Arthur Bishop and Steve [=McKenna=] using a variety of automatic weapons and a Barrett fifty-calibre rifle on an improvised firing range are alternated with scenes of Steve's daily routine with his chihuahua, which is meant to set up the interest of Steve's first target, a ManlyGay hitman who likes young men with cute dogs.
* ''The Way Ahead'' (1944). Two retired veterans are griping about how easy soldiers have it [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII these days]], against a montage of those soldiers slogging through a tough assault course.
* ''The Naked Face'' (1984) opens with the protagonist (a psychiatrist) listening to his patients, against scenes of a unseen assassin assembling a silenced rifle in a (failed) attempt to murder him.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'': In a fourth-season episode we cut back and forth between Buffy's team and the Initiative, both planning to capture the same monster. Buffy's RagtagBunchOfMisfits brainstorms together, checks the books, and works things out, while the Initiative gives orders from superior to inferior, checks the (inaccurate) data files, and sticks to rigid orders.
* A humorous version exists in the Series/{{Mythbusters}} Demolition Derby Special, where Jamie and Adam are preparing a bus for a series of possibly dangerous stunt driving maneuvers. The show cuts back and forth between Jamie very calmly, meticulously putting together parts of a rollcage while Adam is frantically cutting pipe and tearing things up to make room for the cage.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''.
** "Free To Be You And Me" juxtaposes the temporarily separated Dean and Sam, with Dean doing his usual business of icing monsters intercut with Sam's attempts to hold down a normal job and life. In "Exile on Main Street", Dean has done the same, and scenes of his normal life are intercut with flashbacks to life as a Hunter.
** In "The Slice Girls", Dean having sex with a GirlOfTheWeek is intercut with a VictimOfTheWeek being murdered. [[InterplayOfSexAndViolence Turns out the two events are related]], so this also serves as {{foreshadowing}}.
* ''Series/{{Misfits}}'':
** Used in episode 1 of the sci-fi series to create a juxtaposition between a tense scene during which Kelly fights for her life against her AxCrazy zombie probation worker, and an entirely ridiculous scene in which Alisha performs oral sex on a bottle for her gawping male companions.
** Also used in episode 5: the opening scene features a montage of the gang's reactions to Sally's interview about their community service programme, which highlights their different personalities - Simon is shy and terrified, Alisha ignores Sally altogether and starts texting, Kelly complains loudly, Curtis looks bored and aggravated, and Nathan says something sarcastic then breaks randomly into song.
** Used again in the first episode of the second series, when the team are shown going about their business before another day at community service begins: Alisha and Curtis gently tease one another; Kelly mourns [[spoiler:Nathan's]] death; Simon returns to his upstairs hideaway to mourn [[spoiler:Sally's]] death - for good measure, [[spoiler:he's got her body stored in a freezer in this same hideout.]] And all throughout this montage, a figure in a black jumpsuit, mask and hood is seen dashing across rooftops towards the community centre...
* The season 4 episode of ''Series/HouseOfCardsUS'' that introduces Republican presidential nominee Will Conway uses this trope to contrast him from series protagonist and Democratic presidential nominee [[Creator/KevinSpacey Frank Underwood]]. Conway enjoys spirited “good morning” sex on the bathroom counter with Hannah, while Frank stands alone in front of a bathroom vanity filled with recovery medications as Claire peeks in from a cautious distance. After the quickie with his spouse, Conway goofs around with one of his adorable moppet children; meanwhile, a subdued Frank discusses with Claire the importance of staying focused on their political agenda instead of worrying about their personal relationship.
* The first episode of ''Series/AgentCarter'' shows Peggy Carter making a SpotOfTea and getting dressed in her apartment in 1947, intercut with scenes from ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger'' of Peggy kicking ass and taking names during World War II. This sets up the theme of how Peggy is [[YouGetMeCoffee stuck doing mundane tasks]] now the war is over and women are expected to StayInTheKitchen.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog'': The song "So They Say" juxtaposes Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible as they gear up for the events of Act 3.
** Likewise "On the Rise" contrasts Penny's optimism with Dr. Horrible's pessimism about the world.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'': In "Dipper Vs. Manliness", there's a montage showing on one hand Dipper [[TestosteronePoisoning training with the Manotaurs to become manly]], and Mabel "training" Grunkle Stan to ask Lazy Susan out. At several points in the montage, both trainings get quite similar (like Mabel [[HairReboot unsuccessfully]] shaving Stan's chest hair, followed by a Manotaur gluing hair to Dipper's barren chest). The music that plays might be appropriate for a HardWorkMontage, except that halfway through it starts simply describing the events on screen without worrying about rhyming until the end.
-->[...] Now you're gonna jump a crazy gorge.
-->Keep on shavin' that hairy uncle.
-->[[EvenTheSubtitlerIsStumped Uh... I don't really know what's happen in this part.]]
-->Your heart's on fire and the fire is in your heart!
* ''TheSimpsons'' in "The President Wore Pearls" had Lisa preform a musical montage of her becoming popular and manipulated with Principal Skinner singing about his evil scheme to cut Music, Art and Gym.
* ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaIsland'' has one juxtaposing the Screaming Gophers' well co-ordinated teamwork as they build their team's hot tub with the Killer Bass' conflicts and problems as they try to build theirs.