Tropes dealing with cleaning and cleanliness, from the characters who perform it to the methods that are used.

Compare BathingTropes. Contrast DisgustTropes.

''Please keep this index tidy, and use these antiseptic wipes to clean up if you spill anything.''
* AfterSchoolCleaningDuty (being made to clean up after school)
* AsceticAesthetic (a setting that is very clean and simplistic, which is meant to be ominous)
* AwkwardlyPlacedBathtub (a bathtub in a weird place in the house)
* BathsAreFun (enjoying taking a bath)
* CreepyCleanliness (a clean area is meant to be creepy)
* ADayInHerApron (someone incompetent has to do the cleaning when the one who usually does is out of commission)
* EarCleaning (using a stick/swab to clean your own or someone else's ear/s)
* FilthyFun (enjoying getting dirty)
* HatesBaths (really disliking bathing)
* HouseHusband (a married man who does most of the chores)
* {{Housewife}} (a married ''woman'' who does most of the chores)
* LivingInAFurnitureStore (someone's house is always tidy)
* {{Meido}} (a cute (not in a sexy way) female housekeeper)
* NeatFreak (someone who wants everything clean at all times)
* ObsessiveCompulsiveBarkeeping (a bartender who cleans glasses a lot)
* OutDamnedSpot (someone feels bad about something they did (usually killing or injuring someone and leaving blood on them) and tries to wash or get rid of the feeling but doesn't feel clean no matter how much they try)
* RobotMaid (a housekeeper who's a robot)
* RomanceInducingSmudge (a smudge that leads one person to clean it, which in turn leads to romance)
* ShowerOfAngst (taking a shower because you're sad)
* ShowerOfLove (kissing or lovemaking in the shower)
* SpringCleaningFever (cleaning up and treating it as SeriousBusiness)
* SprintScrubbing (mopping the floor with a wet towel while running)
* SpitShine (cleaning with your own spit)
* SwipeYourBladeOff (making a swiping motion to get blood off a sword)
* TerrifiedOfGerms (a [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes fear]] of germs that is more extreme than most fears)
* ToothbrushFloorScrubbing (scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush)
* WhiteGloveTest (using gloves or cloth to check if something's clean)