This is a disambiguation page occupying the space formerly held by the works page for the ''Cat People'' movies.

* For information about the Classic 1942 horror film ''Cat People'' produced by Val Lewton, the sequel ''The Curse of the Cat People'', and the 1982 remake starring Creator/MalcolmMcDowell and Natassja Kinski, see '''Film.CatPeople'''.
* For intelligent feline races, see '''CatFolk'''.
* For LittleBitBeastly characters with cat ears, see '''CatGirl''' aka CatBoy or {{Nekomimi}}.
* For characters wearing fake cat ears, see '''AnimalEaredHeadband''' aka Cat-Eared Headband, Cat-Eared Hood or Nekomimi Headband.
* For characters sometimes symbolically drawn with cat ears as a form of SuperDeformed art, see '''SproutingEars'''.
* For werecats, see '''OurWerebeastsAreDifferent'''.
* For non-werecat people that turn into cats either voluntarily or involuntarily, see '''{{Animorphism}}'''.