->''"De cannibals is hungry and de whites am in a stew."''
-->--''ComicStrip/LittleNemo'' (1908 musical version), "Cannibal Barbecue"

One specific, [[DiscreditedTrope discredited]] version of ImAHumanitarian is the idea that when missionaries or other people from the "civilized world" encounter [[HollywoodNatives "natives"]] in a locality, they are in danger of being eaten by them. They may initially think they are being treated as a respected guest or even a god, but then, without fail, [[StewedAlive out come the pots and the chanting]].

JungleDrums and a TribalCarry may well be involved. If they escape, they can expect to be ChasedByAngryNatives.

Sometimes, the eating aspect isn't as stressed, but the idea remains that the outsider will be attacked and [[HumanSacrifice sacrificed]] instantly upon entering foreign territory.

See also WackyWaysideTribe, CannibalTribe, CannibalClan, HollywoodNatives or TheCaptivityNarrative.



[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* Spoofed in ''WesternAnimation/SurfsUp''. Chicken Joe is captured by native penguins who put him in a pot, which the oblivious Joe mistakes for a hot tub. He eventually befriends them with roast squid on a stick, which the natives find it TastesLikeChicken.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* There exists a whole mini-genre of {{exploitation film}}s centred on this trope; for examples, see CannibalFilm.
** The second half of ''Film/CannibalHolocaust'' takes this trope to its logical and insanely nightmarish conclusion. It's not like the film crew [[KarmicDeath didn't have it coming though]].
* ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest'' had this with a tribe that captured Jack and several of his crew. This example is a good illustration of this trope being discredited. At first, the natives doing this were identified as Caribs, and the few surviving Caribs complained that they were cannibals is a false accusation against them.
* ''Film/MuppetTreasureIsland'' has an isle of wild boars who worship Benjamina Gunn (Miss Piggy) as a god, and attempt to cook the heroes. Naturally, the Swedish Chef is on the island as their chef ([[PaperThinDisguise with a fake pig nose slapped on]]). Definitely played for laughs.
* BobHope and BingCrosby are captured by cannibals in ''[[Film/RoadTo Road to Zanzibar]]''. The cannibals think Hope and Crosby are white gods... until, that is, the cannibals decide to test their divinity by having Hope get into a sidesplittingly hilarious wrestling match with a gorilla.
* The 1985 movie of ''Literature/KingSolomonsMines'' has TheHero and TheChick being thrown into an enormous cooking pot. [[spoiler:They escape by swimming back and forth until the pot turns over and they roll away downhill.]]
-->'''Quatermain:''' Jessie...they're having us for dinner.
-->'''Jessie:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Well can't we just beg out, without offending them?]]
-->'''Quatermain:''' They're not having us for dinner, they're having US for dinner!
* Played with in the second ''Film/CrocodileDundee'' movie in this scene where Mick's Aborigine friends (one of which is called Charlie by Mick) are holding some of the drug lord's men prisoner.
-->[First Aborigine speaks in Aborigine language]\\
'''Charlie:''' No mate we just hold them.\\
'''Sue:''' What did he say?\\
'''Charlie:''' [winking] He wants to know if we're allowed to eat these men.
* [[ToServeMan Not technically cannibals, since they're a different species from their victims]], but the Ewoks in ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'' capture Han and Luke and attempt to roast them on a spit.

[[folder: Jokes]]
* Three men were lost in the jungle, and found themselves captured by a trible of cannibals. They are brought to the king, who tells them that they will be set free if they can pass a test. Naturally, all three jump at the chance to not be killed, and accept the challenge eagerly. They are told to go into the jungle and gather up 10 each of a fruit of their choice, then to come back and await further instructions. The first man comes back with 10 apples. The king tells him, "[[AssShove You must put all these apples up your butt]], [[TheStoic without showing any emotion]]. If you can do that, you will be allowed to go free and unharmed. But if you show any emotion, even the slightest hint, you will be killed and cooked for the village feast. With that, the man took a deep breath, dropped his trousers, and began the test. He managed to get the first one in OK, but on the second one, he winced in pain and was immediately killed. The second man returned with 10 berries, and had to pass the same test. He got 9 berries in, but on the 10th one, he burst out laughing. He, too, was killed. Later, he met the first man in {{Heaven}}, who asked him, "Why did you laugh, you idiot? You almost made it!" The second man replied, "I couldn't help it! I saw Bob coming back with pineapples!"

* Actually used fairly straight in two novels of Literature/TheCulture. In ''Literature/ConsiderPhlebas'', the protagonist encounters a group of natives who are at first welcoming, but then try to eat him. He literally pulls RegretEatingMe on them, as his BloodyMurder powers ensure death to anyone taking a bite of him. Also, in ''Literature/UseOfWeapons'', the protagonist is tortured and sacrificed by natives on a planet he lands on, and is down to LosingYourHead by the time he is rescued, and needs a new body as a result.
* In Creator/EvelynWaugh's novel ''Black Mischief'', the black tribesman are cannibals in the fictional East African country in which the novel is set. Ultimately, one group of characters has a plane crash/is slaughtered by them, and one of the protagonists ends up eating them, not realizing what or who he is eating until [[IAteWhat the natives tell him]].
* A non-culinary example: In Creator/LarryNiven and Jerry Pournelle's ''Burning Tower'', Arshur the Wanderer enters Aztlan with the other heroes and is immediately crowned king. He's given four virgins as body servants, a palace to live in, everyone in the city follows his every order... and a week later he's drugged, dragged to the top of a pyramid, and is "sent to the gods" by having his heart cut out and sealed in a stucco wall.
* This is one of the biggest fears of Literature/RobinsonCrusoe. He eventually acquires one of the cannibals as a faithful servant he names Friday, but remains convinced that Friday's people will eat him if he ever ventures over there, despite Friday's insistence otherwise. They later rescue a Spaniard and Friday's father from being eaten by another group of cannibals.
* The children's book series ''Literature/KoziolekMatolek'' has most of the fourth book devoted to Matołek captured by a cannibal tribe in Africa. He manages to save himself by winning a riddle contest with the chieftain.
* The children are capture and put into a cooking pot when they visit a South Seas island in ''Literature/BedknobAndBroomstick''
* This is the main theme of several stories by ''Author/FrankRichards'', most notably in Billy Bunter Among The Cannibals and Big Chief Bunter.
* In ''Literature/ThisImmortal'' the group of protagonists is taken captive by the [[CannibalTribe Kouretes]], a tribe of half-human mutants living near a a Hot Spot in the mountains of Greece. They don't bother with niceties, but pretend their captives could [[WinYourFreedom win their freedom]] through a DuelToTheDeath against the Dead Man, whom the Kouretes worship. [[spoiler:While Hasan fights the Dead Man, the others try to break free, and through a combined effort they manage to both kill the Dead Man and flee.]]

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* An episode of ''Series/TheGoodies'' had the lads placed in a native cooking-pot. They got out of it by encouraging the natives to cook "human clear soup" - the point being that when cooking clear soup you remove the meat before serving.
* In one of the more recent ''Series/JonathanCreek'' episodes, the titular character's boss had got in trouble with the media for saying words to the effect of "We'll be eaten alive" while visiting an African nation ([[MistakenForRacist He was, apparently, talking about locusts]]).
* The ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' episode "Countrycide" had the team investigating missing persons. They ended up finding out what happened to the people who went missing when they got captured themselves.
--> '''Tosh''': We're food.
* Captain Redbeard Rum's (offscreen) fate in ''Series/{{Blackadder}} II''.
-->'''Blackadder''': He was a third-rate captain, but a first-rate second course.
* ''Series/StarTrekVoyager''. The crew of Voyager are stranded on a planet, and are captured by a primitive tribe. Neelix says, "They're trying to work out what to make of us...not in a culinary sense, I hope."

* This is a recurring theme of "Duck" Edwing's one-page "Tales from the Duck Side" comics in ''Magazine/{{Mad}}'' magazine.

* {{Music/Voltaire}}'s "Cannibal Buffet" is all about this.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Happened a number of times to ComicStrip/LittleNemo and his friends. One time a missionary showed up, trying convert the natives to vegetarianism.
* Disney does not like talking about the way Africans were portrayed in their 1930's [[ComicBook/MickeyMouseComicUniverse Mickey Mouse comics]]. This trope has a lot to do with that.
* One comic spoofed this by having an expedition come across the famous lost explorer they were searching for, inside a cooking pot over a fire. After they charge in to rescue him, the indignant explorer complains that he was [[DrumBathing just having a bath]].

* Appears with the add-on "Devil's Island" table for ''VideoGame/BallsOfSteel'', along with a threatening giant scorpion.

* Subverted with the vegetarian "cannibals" in the the ''VideoGame/MonkeyIsland'' series. They still capture Guybrush, but afterwards they stand around and debate whether or not it would be healthy to eat him. They're also notably more annoyed by the fact that you stole their bananas than anything else.
** In ''Curse of Monkey Island'', the cannibals have relocated... and gone vegetarian. Doesn't stop them from trying to AppeaseTheVolcanoGod, but fortunately the volcano is lactose-intolerant and on a very carefully regulated diet.
* Your explorer can be captured by a cannibal tribe in a certain RandomEvent in ''VideoGame/TheWager''. They won't eat ''you'', but if you don't have the proper items or pick the right choices in the event, some of your crew may suffer horrible fates.
* ''VideoGame/JungleHunt'' combines this trope with SaveThePrincess.
* In one ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry'' game, there's a part where Larry runs off into a jungle and the player assumes control of his girlfriend, at which point she has to find him, and help him escape from ''lesbian'' cannibals.
* ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs'' has this be the setup for the winter section.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Creator/VanBeurenStudios used this in several of their cartoons:
** Waffles the Cat and Don the Dog wind up in this situation in "Jungle Jazz".
** The Little King gets captured by a tribe of them in "On The Pan"; he's even served with Happy Birthday topping written in him!
** Tom and Jerry also suffer this fate in "Jungle Jam". They win them over with their music, at least until they try to run away.
** Robinson Cruesoe suffers this fate in "Molly Moo Cow and Robinson Cruesoe", but Molly manages to save him.
* Happened to WesternAnimation/RockyAndBullwinkle. {{Lampshaded}} and {{Subverted}} when they pointed out that since they're not human it's technically not cannibalism.
** This also happened to Sherman and Mr. Peabody during one of their segments on a trip to meet Dr. David Livingston. Peabody got them out of it by impressing the cannibals with some showmanship.
* Mystery, Inc. is captured by cannibals in ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooAndTheSamuraiSword''. The boys are going to be eaten and the girls are going to be married to the chief.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'': It's implied that this happened to Bumi. While walking around the fog with his siblings, he started having flashbacks of this event. Even though his siblings believed that his stories were fabricated, it's pretty clear that this one really did happen.