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->''"The greatest moment in video games is when Solid Snake--the ''legendary'' Solid Snake, the ''icon'' Solid Snake--is on a military base, out to stop a nuclear-armed walking battle tank; he sees a surveillance camera, and he says, 'A surveillance camera?!"'''
-->-- '''[[{{WebVideo/Jimquisition}} Jim Sterling]]''', [[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/escapist-expo/6294-My-Favorite-Game "My Favorite Game"]]

[[DescribeTopicHere We are describing Captain Obvious here, on a trope page. You just read the quote and are reading this now.]]

He strives to be MrExposition... but there's something wrong with his exposition. Most of the time, whatever he has to say should already be obvious--both to the viewers and to any other character with half a brain. After saying anything, another character might state [[LampshadeHanging "Gee, you think?"]] Or if someone's attempt at humor was disrupted, they might say "DontExplainTheJoke!".

In other words, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Captain Obvious states the obvious]]. [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment This means that his statements]] [[ShapedLikeItself are self-evident]].

In some cases, this is justified because Captain Obvious is also TheDitz, or so puzzled by something that he can't help but state, well, the obvious. In other cases, somebody has to be Captain Obvious because more than one person has been Lieutenant Oblivious. (That is, it sounds really obvious once you hear it, but you'd be surprised at what some people don't find obvious...)

See also AsYouKnow, ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, NarratingTheObvious, ShapedLikeItself, DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment, CaptainObviousAesop, CaptainObviousReveal. Not to be confused with CaptainOblivious. Sometimes, may be demoted to CommanderContrarian, a commander who disagrees. ItMakesSenseInContext is what fans will say when other people bring it up. ''Slightly'' [[JustifiedTrope justified]] if everybody ''else'' is CaptainOblivious.

This trope sometimes overlaps with MathematiciansAnswer and CircularReasoning, when Captain Obvious is stating the obvious to be a smartass or to avoid giving a more helpful answer to a question. It can also overlap with NonAnswer if the answer is self-evident and clearly not what the questioner wanted to know.

Incidentally, do not confuse this trope with LampshadeHanging. In the case of a Captain Obvious, a character notes something that is self-evident to the characters as well as to the audience (us). A Lampshade Hanging occurs when something that is obvious to us but should go unnoticed by the characters, ''is'' noticed by the characters. Note that you can click on the words in blue, and they will take you to a new article.

[[SelfDemonstratingArticle That was a description, on a website called TV Tropes, which can be found on the Internet]].

Being one is often the cause of this reaction: YouCanTalk Obviously.

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[[folder:This folder is about Comedy]]
--> In this folder are all the examples of comedy not fitting anywhere else.
* Creator/StanFreberg, "St. George and the Dragonet":
-->'''Chief''': Say, did you take that .45 automatic into the lab to have them check on it?\\
'''St. George''': Yeah. You were right.\\
'''Chief''': I was right?\\
'''St. George''': Yeah. It was a gun.
* Creator/BillEngvall likes to do this to set up jokes, often ending with his CatchPhrase "Here's Your Sign". Granted that this is more of an AskAStupidQuestion example, Bill still sometimes channels his inner Captain Obvious for his comedy act. Usually the "Here's Your Sign" jokes are about other people's stupid questions, but sometimes he himself just can't resist.
-->'''Random Guy:''' (''points to a buck's head mounted on Bill's wall'') Ya' shoot that deer?\\
'''Bill:''' (''beat'') Oh no. He tried to run through the wall and got stuck.
* In one stand-up special, comedian Greg Behrendt acknowledged that his book ''He's Just Not That Into You'' is filled with "duh"-inducing information, but explains that some of the people who hit him up for advice are seriously ''that'' dense, as illustrated by this exchange:
-->'''Woman:''' Greg, I have a problem. My boyfriend is married, and I--\\
'''Behrendt:''' Okay, stop right there and repeat that back to yourself.
* Dara O'Briain has a bit making fun of a cover story in the London Examiner titled "10 Symptoms You Should Not Ignore". The first 3 symptoms listed were rectal bleeding, loss of height, and sudden blindness.
* Tim Hawkins [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IC9O98PybQ does a bit]] in which his mother gave him good advice as a kid--after the fact. She tells him to be careful (''after'' hitting his head on the table), and tells him his wallet must be ''somewhere'' (yes, yes it is) and that he should look in the place he left it last (when he was looking in the place he left it [[SuddenlyShouting FIRST!!!]]).
* From the ''Clarke and Dawe'' skit "The Front Fell Off", in reference to the ''Kirki'' oil spill off the coast of Western Australia in 1991:
-->'''Bryan Dawe''': Well if this (''the oil tanker'') wasn't safe, why did it have eighty thousand tons of oil on it?\\
'''"Senator Bob Collins" (John Clarke)''': I'm not saying it wasn't safe, it's just perhaps not quite as safe as some of the other ones.\\
'''Dawe''': Why?\\
'''Clarke''': Well, some of them are built so that the front doesn't fall off at all.\\
'''Dawe''': Well wasn't this built so the front wouldn't fall off?\\
'''Clarke''': Well, obviously not.\\
'''Dawe''': How do you know?\\
'''Clarke''': Because the front fell off! And twenty thousand tons of crude oil spilled into the sea caught fire! It's a bit of a giveaway! I would just like to make the point that that is ''not normal''.\\
'''Dawe''': Well, what sort of standards are these oil tankers built to?\\
'''Clarke''': Oh, very rigorous maritime engineering standards.\\
'''Dawe''': What sort of things?\\
'''Clarke''': Well, the front's not supposed to fall off for a start.\\
'''Dawe''': And what other things?\\
'''Clarke''': Well, there are... regulations governing the materials they can be made of.\\
'''Dawe''': What materials?\\
'''Clarke''': Well, cardboard's out.\\
'''Dawe''': And?\\
'''Clarke''': No cardboard deriviatives.\\
'''Dawe''': Like, paper?\\
'''Clarke''': No paper. No string, no sellotape.\\
'''Dawe''': Rubber?\\
'''Clarke''': No, rubber's out. Um, they've gotta have a steering wheel. There's a minimum crew requirement.\\
'''Dawe''': What's the minimum crew?\\
'''Clarke''': Oh, one I suppose.
* [[https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/개그콘서트 Gag Concert]] may do this trope for laughs.
** One example is notably is [[http://pann.nate.com/video/215581427 Poncho Siblings/Raincoat Siblings]][[note]]Ran in early 2003~fall 2003, featuring Park Joon-hyung, Kim Darae and Kwon Jin-yeong[[/note]], which Park and Kim mainly lampshades this trope.[[note]]In the beginning, he says "We~ are the Poncho Siblings" then Kim and Kwon says "Wow~" in a annoying yet cute voice.[[/note]]
-->'''Park Joon-hyung''': This is a candle[[note]]He may say another object's name[[/note]].\\
'''Kim Darae & Kwon Jin-yeong''': Wow~
** This trope also appears in [[https://namu.wiki/w/아무%20말%20대잔치 Say Anything Big Contest]], which it might be inverted or played straight.

[[folder:This folder is about Pro Wrestling]]
--> All examples found in professional wrestling are here!
* [[ProfessionalWrestling Professional wrestler]]-turned--commentator Wrestling/{{Tazz}} is in the habit of calling his broadcast partners "Captain Obvious", when they sum up something that the viewers just saw fifteen seconds ago.
* The ''really'' bad ones will actually do this to ''themselves'', thanks to DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment. (Wrestling/MichaelCole: "[Name] has been completely embarrassed! ...they're humiliated!")
* Former Wrestling/{{TNA}} commentator Mike Tenay does the same thing whenever the wrestler Rellik is mentioned ("That's 'killer' [[SdrawkcabName spelled backwards]].") Eric Young later started parodying Mike Tenay on this, referring to Rellik as Rellik-that's-killer-spelled-backwards, as if the entire thing was the guy's name.

[[folder:This folder is about theme parks]]
--> All examples found in theme parks are here!
* The skippers on the Ride/JungleCruise at the Ride/DisneyThemeParks tend to be this; for instance, Disneyland's version starts with the skipper pointing out the first sign of danger: A "Danger" sign.

[[folder:This folder is about web videos]]
--> All examples found in web videos are here!
* WebVideo/LifeHacksForKids:
** "Careful kids! Hot glue guns are HOT!"
** "Make sure you always have adult supervision when using knifes!"
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