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[[caption-width-right:350:[-You sir! Fancy a long grueling adventure full of pain, betrayal and personal conflicts?-] ]]

->'''Rosencrantz:''' (''dramatically'') It was urgent -- a matter of extreme urgency, a royal summons, his very words: official business and no questions asked -- lights in the stable-yard; saddle up and off headlong and hotfoot across the land, our guides outstripped in breakneck pursuit of our duty! Fearful lest we come too late.\\
'''Guildenstern:''' Too late for what?\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' How do I know? We haven't got there yet.
-->-- ''Theatre/RosencrantzAndGuildensternAreDead''

The first step on TheHerosJourney: the Hero learns that he must leave the known world behind and venture to unknown regions. How the Hero reacts to the call to adventure varies, but Heroes who initially reject the call are usually significantly worse off than if they had accepted.

The Call to Adventure may be carried to the hero by one or more {{Herald}}s.

Not to be confused with ''Film/TheCall'', a 2013 film, nor with ''Music/ReginaSpektor's'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNsQewlFtEs song]] from the movie ''Film/PrinceCaspian''.


* AdventureRebuff
* TheCallHasBadReception
* TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive
* TheCallLeftAMessage
* TheCallPutMeOnHold
* CallReceptionArea
* TheChooserOfTheOne
* ConsequenceCombo
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife
* ForgotTheCall
* GotTheCallOnSpeedDial
* HerosFirstRescue
* ImDyingPleaseTakeMyMacGuffin
* IgnorantOfTheCall
** ImNotAHeroIm
* ItBeganWithATwistOfFate
* JumpedAtTheCall
* KidnappedByTheCall
* MissedTheCall
* RedPillBluePill
* RefusalOfTheCall
** GotVolunteered
** WeAreNotGoingThroughThatAgain
* RefusedByTheCall
* RegularCaller
* ResignedToTheCall
* RightManInTheWrongPlace
* ScreeningTheCall
* TakeUpMySword
** TakingUpTheMantle
* TheyWereHoldingYouBack
* TwoRoadsBeforeYou

->''[[CallReceivalArea *Phone Rings*]]''\\
[[JumpedAtTheCall I'll get it!]] Hello, this is ReportSiht, can I help you?\\
''Hello. This is Mr. {{Herald}}. I am looking for someone named [[MeaningfulName Zenwan]]? [[TheChosenOne D. Cho Zenwan]]?''\\
Oh, [[MissedTheCall he's not here right now]].\\
''Can I [[TheCallLeftAMessage leave a message]]?''\\
Well, he's a bit busy right now and [[ScreeningTheCall I don't want to bother him]]. Perhaps I can help?\\
''Hmmmm, I'll have to think about it. [[TheCallPutMeOnHold Please hold]].''

->''Congratulations! You've won a free [[TheHerosJourney trip]] to [[MagicalLand another world]]! You'll get to see [[TheLostWoods forests]], [[DeathMountain mountains]], [[HubCity bustling cities]], [[TempleOfDoom ancient ruins]], a FloatingContinent, all culminating in [[StormingTheCastle a tour of a majestic castle]]. You'll be joined by a [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits bunch of fellow tourists]] as well, who'll be like [[TrueCompanions a second family to you]]. You'll all encounter [[LoveInterests love]], [[BigBad hate]], [[{{Rival}} rivalry]], [[ThresholdGuardians personal challenges]], [[SecretTestOfCharacter tests of character]], [[MonsterOfTheWeek monsters]], [[HeroicSacrifice death]]-''\\
Monsters? Death?! That doesn't sound very enjoyable!\\
''Just relax, [[AngstWhatAngst it'll be the time of your life]]. Besides, you'll meet [[FateWorseThanDeath a lot worse than that]] on this trip! Oh, and you'll also get to learn a whole lot of useful life skills, such as [[MagicAndPowers magic spells]], [[SwordFight sword fighting]], KungFuFighting, [[TheGunslinger gunfighting]], [[LeParkour running away]]-''\\
You know, a lot of these 'skills' seem to [[ViolenceIsTheOnlyOption revolve around violence.]] Are you sure that I'll be safe?\\
''[[CouldHaveBeenMessy I guarantee it!]] So, what do you say? We're all counting on you!''\\
Thanks, but that doesn't really sound like my kind of thing. [[RefusalOfTheCall I'll pass]].\\
''[[BecauseDestinySaysSo But I'm telling you, you have to do this]]!''\\
Hey, [[ScrewDestiny screw you.]]\\
''Dude, [[YouCantFightFate don't mess with me]]. [[ButThouMust I can keep calling again and again.]] [[TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive I know where you live!]] I'll [[DoomedHometown destroy your home]], and I'll kill your little sister [[AndYourLittleDogToo and your favorite pet]]! Then what are you going to do? [[{{Wangst}} Mope around in the charred ruins of your house?]]''\\
Is that a threat? Well [[SmiteMeOhMightySmiter give me your best shot,]] [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch!]] [[TemptingFate What's the worst you could do to me]]?...