[[caption-width-right:260:Their socks are never going to dry.[[note]]Clockwise from top left: ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry2DiddysKongQuest'', ''VideoGame/SuperCastlevaniaIV'', ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheMinishCap'', ''VideoGame/YoshisIsland'', ''VideoGame/EarthBound'', ''VideoGame/BanjoKazooie'', ''VideoGame/UmiharaKawase'', and ''VideoGame/AlienSoldier''.[[/note]]]]

->''"And after that, it gets even better! Festering, stinking marshlands, far as the eye can see!"''
-->-- '''Gimli''', ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings''

A distant cousin of JungleJapes and TheLostWoods, but somewhat more waterlogged.

Videogame swamp levels in games tend to be filled with mosquitoes, [[NeverSmileAtACrocodile gators and crocodiles]], [[DreadfulDragonfly giant and ferocious dragonflies]] and [[EverythingTryingToKillYou other hostile wildlife]]. Sticky mud, which makes movement difficult, is also a common feature, as is {{quicksand|Sucks}}.

The amount of water in the area may necessitate platforming if the hero [[SuperDrowningSkills can't swim]], and may even turn the area into a [[DownTheDrain water level]] at times if there's enough of it. Alternatively, it may contain GrimyWater, which is either polluted or full of [[PiranhaProblem piranhas]]. Color schemes will invariably be dull yellows, [[RealIsBrown browns, or greens]] in particularly depressing shades.

A RaginCajun can live here.

See also SwampsAreEvil and MuckingInTheMud.



[[folder: Action]]
* The Bog of the Forgotten in ''VideoGame/GodOfWar II'' on the Island of Creation, home of Euryale's temple.
* The first act of Marahna in ''VideoGame/ActRaiser'' is a [[HailfirePeaks combination]] of this, JungleJapes, and TempleOfDoom. Also, the swamps and [[GrimyWater poisoned lake]] in Bloodpool.
* ''VideoGame/JetForceGemini'' has Tawfret, due to the lifeless state it got into after King Jeff had his magic spell misfired while he was attacking the incoming Drones. It's a gloomy, rainy marshland overrun by zombified enemies and abandoned rural houses. It ends with a BigBoosHaunt castle.

[[folder: Adventure]]
* The Frog's marsh in ''VideoGame/LegendOfKay''.
* ''Lost in Blue 2'' and ''Lost in Blue 3'' featured a bit of this...
* ''VideoGame/KingsQuestIVThePerilsOfRosella'' features a swamp that will [[EverythingTryingToKillYou kill you if you try to wade through it, of course]]. You have to jump from hillock to hillock to avoid getting your feet wet.
* The third level of ''VideoGame/KingsQuestMaskOfEternity'', called just "the Swamp".
* ''VideoGame/QuestForGloryIV'' also features a swamp. Different classes have different ways of getting through it; fighters or paladins have enough strength to just wade through, hacking at the grasping hands with sword or axe if necessary; wizards learn a spell that enables them to glide across the surface; and thieves are nimble enough to leap from hillock to hillock, as in the King's Quest IV example above.

[[folder: Action/Adventure]]
* Most of the ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'' games have at least one level of this type. The second level of ''VideoGame/SuperCastlevaniaIV'', for example, consisted mostly of a swampy forest filled with mudmen. The second half was a massive pool of quicksand.
* One such level in ''Franchise/StarWars [[VideoGame/DarkForcesSaga Jedi Knight II]]: Jedi Outcast'', where the "jungle" was a huge lake/marsh. Similarly, any Dagobah level in videogame adaptations of ''Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack'' qualifies. The planet also makes an appearance in ''VideoGame/RogueSquadron 3'', as well as ''Star Wars: Demolition'' and ''VideoGame/StarWarsBattlefront II''.
* Southern Swamp (which surrounds the Deku Palace and has a bit of overlap with JungleJapes) from ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask'', as well as Misery Mire in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast'', Goponga Swamp in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaLinksAwakening'', and the Castor Wilds in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheMinishCap'' that [[WalkOnWater required the Pegasus Boots to avoid sinking]].
* Gooey Swamp and a bit of Steamy Marsh in ''VideoGame/FreshlyPickedTinglesRosyRupeeland''.
* The Tallon IV Overworld in ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime'' also fits the bill dripping in moisture; streams, pools and constant rain... and this is meant to be the game's GreenHillZone equivalent.
* Torvus Bog in ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime2Echoes'' is a rainy marshland full of hostile lifeforms and abandoned machinery, part of which is completely flooded.
* ''Dunmore'' and The ''Misty Swamp'' in ''VideoGame/ZanZarahTheHiddenPortal'' as mentioned in SwampsAreEvil...
* Bogshot in ''VideoGame/NeopetsTheDarkestFaerie'', also an example of SwampsAreEvil.
* ''[[VideoGame/{{Drakan}} Drakan: The Ancients' Gate]]'' had "Shadowmire"
* A certain part of Boggy Isle in ''VideoGame/OnePieceUnlimitedCruise: Episode 2''
* The ''VideoGame/{{Shantae}}'' series has Mud Bog in the first game and Mud Bog Island in ''Shantae and the Pirate's Curse''. Both are dark, swampy places filled with [[MuckMonster Mud Bog creatures]] and various insects.

[[folder: MMORPG]]
* There are four prominent swamps in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'': The Wetlands (which, for a long time, was the scourge of low-level Alliance players travelling between the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor), Dustwallow Marsh (which inexplicably has several towns, most notably Theramore and its leader, Lady Jaina Proudmoore), Swamp of Sorrows and in Outland you have Zangarmarsh, which overlaps with FungusHumongous.
* The planet Nal Hutta in ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'' is a SingleBiomePlanet of polluted swampland.
* Innothule Swamp in ''Videogame/EverQuest'' and ''Videogame/EverQuestII'', homeland of the trolls and un-lifted frogloks, as well as lizardmen, skeletons and zombies, and the usual swamp predators.
* [=EverQuest=] also has the Blightfire Moors, which have several swampy sections.
* The Hossin continent in both ''Videogame/PlanetSide'' games. In the first, large willow trees cover most of the continent, along with several small rivers running through it, and the foliage is dense enough to make vehicle combat awkward without restricting it like the dense forests of [[GreenHillZone Forseral]]. In the sequel, extremely dense trees the size of skyscrapers funnel vehicles down narrow paths, and foot-deep water across most of the open areas make {{In|visibilityCloak}}filtrators painfully obvious when moving. It also, strangely, has extremely tall and broad plateaus which further restrict movement.
* In ''VideoGame/GuildWars2'''s [[GameWithinAGame Super Adventure Box]] the final zone of World 1 is "Kingdom of Fungus" swamp.

[[folder: Platformer]]
* Bubblegloop Swamp, the {{Trope Namer|s}}, in ''VideoGame/BanjoKazooie''. Its entrance lobby can be seen in the lower left corner of this page's image. ''VideoGame/BanjoTooie'' features Quagmire and the area outside of Grunty Industries, both industrialized areas full of noxious purple gook inhabited by hungry mutants. Additionally, a stock obstacle in many levels is a swampy area which you can't enter without using Wading Boots, lest you be literally chewed up and spat out by a mutant Venus flytrap. ''Grunty's Revenge'' has Bad Magic Bayou.
* ''VideoGame/YookaLaylee'' has Moodymaze Marsh.
* The ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'' games had a few examples, like Krem Quay in ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry2DiddysKongQuest''.
* Being a long-running video game franchise, ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' naturally has examples of this.
** The past version of Quartz Quadrant from ''VideoGame/SonicCD''.
** Also, ''VideoGame/SonicHeroes'' has Lost Jungle, which picks up where [[JungleJapes Frog Forest]] left off. While Frog Forest took place high in the branches and on the tops of mushrooms that go a mile into the sky, Lost Jungle takes place at the forest floor, where it's a lot wetter. BottomlessPits are [[SuperDrowningSkills directly under the surface of the water]]. It's {{n|intendoHard}}ot [[ThatOneLevel easy]], unless you're playing with [[TastesLikeDiabetes Team Rose]]. It even has [[FurryConfusion giant frogs]] that summon rain (rain from the green frogs makes the plants grow, creating new paths, but rain from the black ones kills plants), and a [[EverythingTryingToKillYou giant alligator]] that chases you to the end.
* ''VideoGame/{{Vexx}}'' had the Neverglades, which combined aspects of a swampy level with a TempleOfDoom.
* Mz. Ruby's voodoo-themed Haiti level in ''VideoGame/SlyCooperAndTheThieviusRaccoonus''.
* Boggy Swamp in the [[VideoGame/JakAndDaxterThePrecursorLegacy first]] ''VideoGame/JakAndDaxter'' game.
* ''Franchise/RatchetAndClank''
** Planet Oozla from ''[[VideoGame/RatchetAndClankGoingCommando Going Commando]]''.
** Planet Sarathos from ''[[VideoGame/RatchetDeadlocked Deadlocked]]''.
** Planet Cobalia from ''[[VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureToolsOfDestruction Tools Of Destruction]]''.
** Planet Morklon from ''[[VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureACrackInTime A Crack in Time]]''. [[spoiler: Before Ratchet and Clank travel back in time and set things right, at least.]]
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'':
** ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy'' has this in the Bubble Breeze Galaxy, where just touching the grimy water causes Mario's gruesome instant death, as well as various other hostile stuff. Parts of the [[BubblyClouds Cloudy Court]] and [[BigBoosHaunt Boo Moon Galaxies]] from [[VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy2 the sequel]] also take place in a poison swamp.
** World 4 in ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBros1'', which has bright purple water that kills Mario on contact, various enemies like spiders that often get in the way, and sections where you have to ride a sea creature called Dorrie (the "swimming beast" from ''VideoGame/SuperMario64'''s Hazy Maze Cave) to cross said purple water. World 5 in ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii'' is a forest/swamp hybrid with deadly purple water. This trope continues with the second half of World 3 in ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBros2'' and Soda Jungle (World 5) in ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosU'' and ''VideoGame/NewSuperLuigiU'', the latter doubling as TheLostWoods.
** The levels Piranha Creeper Creek, Deep Jungle Drift and Gargantuan Grotto in ''VideoGame/SuperMario3DWorld'' are set in a murky swamp, complete with toxic purple water and moving wooden platforms.
* Crocovile Swamp, the second world of ''VideoGame/SpyroAHerosTail'', named for the hostile LizardFolk natives that serve as the most frequent enemies in the area. There's also Spooky Swamp in ''VideoGame/SpyroYearOfTheDragon'' and Beast Makers, a whole homeworld of swamp, in the [[VideoGame/SpyroTheDragon1998 first game]]. Honey Marsh in ''VideoGame/SpyroEnterTheDragonfly'' [[HailfirePeaks combines]] this trope with HornetHole.
* Several have appeared throughout the ''Franchise/{{Rayman}}'' series, considering that the unique mosquitoes are a fairly iconic part of the Rayman universe. These include "The Dream Forest" in [[VideoGame/Rayman1995 1]], "The Marshes of Awakening", "The Bayou", and the "Sanctuary of Rock and Lava" in [[VideoGame/Rayman2 2]], and the Bog of Murk in [[VideoGame/Rayman3HoodlumHavoc 3]].
* Planet Bogad from the ''{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}}'' video game. Bonus points for being based off of [[Franchise/StarWars Dagobah]].
* A large part of ''VideoGame/{{Pitfall}}'' takes place in swamps.
* The later levels of the first world in the Wii ''VideoGame/ABoyAndHisBlob'' are this, after the first few levels are the GreenHillZone.
* The Jungle levels in ''VideoGame/JettRocket,'' which are both jungle-y ''and'' swamp-y. Add in a bit of [[RuinsForRuinsSake ruins-y]] and you're good to go.
* ''{{VideoGame/Bug}}'' had Splot. Filled with dangerous enemies (especially the [[MoreDakka machine-gun]] snails that were MadeOfIron), DeathCourse sections, [[SuperDrowningSkills insta-kill water]], and the [[ThatOneBoss swamp worm boss]].
* ''VideoGame/AlisiaDragoon'''s Stage 2, complete with a froglike abomination for a boss.
* ''VideoGame/EpicMickey'' has Bog Easy in the Cartoon Wasteland.
* ''Quest For the Shaven Yak Starring [[WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow Ren Hoek and Stimpy]]'' has The Stinking Wet Bayou, which serves as the third world of the game. Enemies include giant mosquitoes, snakes, frogs, flies, crabs, carnivorous plants, and fish that resemble Muddy Mudskipper. The boss of the world is a giant leech.

* ''VideoGame/TheWitness'': A swampy area is found in the easternmost part of the island.

[[folder: Racing Games]]
* Grabvine Gateway in ''[[Film/ThePhantomMenace Star Wars Episode I: Racer]]'', which is also JungleJapes.
* A few swamp courses appear in ''VideoGame/PokemonDash''. Like anything else that is not regular brick path, running over swamp slows Pikachu down.

[[folder: Roleplaying Games]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Crystalis}}'': The swamp east of Brynmaer is full of noxious fumes. It must be traversed wearing a gas mask to find the Dwarf town of Oak, being terrorized by the swamp's Giant Beetle.
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'': The swamp tiles on the map will cause damaging poison unless one is prepared with antidote herbs, curative spells or armor immune to poison. In ''VideoGame/DragonQuestI'', notable swamps include the land around the Swamp Cave tunnel, the swamp surrounding Charlock Castle, and the swamp south of Rimuldar.
* The Swamp east of Youngtown in ''VideoGame/EarthBoundBeginnings''.
* Deep Darkness in ''Videogame/EarthBound'' is mostly swamp, with large pools of unavoidable GrimyWater.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' has several examples:
** The Great Marsh in Pastoria and the route west of it in ''VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl'', full of patches of deep water for players to get stuck in and home the [[DreadfulDragonfly giant dragonfly]] Yanma, the voracious [[PiranhaProblem piranha-like]] Carvanha and a variety of other swamp wildlife. Good luck catching Croagunk and Carnivine. A bit of a ThatOneLevel because of your character's tendency to get stuck in deep mud and waste time trying to wiggle out of it.
** Several areas outside Icirrus City in ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite'', including the aptly-named Moor of Icirrus, which [[SlippySlideyIceWorld freezes over]] in the winter.
** Laverre Nature Trail (Route 14) in ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY'' features wetlands. Some deep areas of water have spots where you can get stuck. Look for [[BlobMonster Goomy]] here!
* Ozette Wetlands in ''VideoGame/PhantasyStarZero'' is this. The actual wetlands are either muddy or rigged with boardwalks to keep your feet (reasonably) dry. It's riddled with electric seals, frogs, giant birds which likely prey on the frogs (and all of them love human flesh equally), and a loli-lovin' octopus.
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' has the Korcari Wilds, the sections of which the player visits consist of swamps dotted with occasional ruins.
* ''VideoGame/Fallout3'': A large amount of the landscape in the Point Lookout expansion is swamp and full of swamp creatures like the swampfolk and swamplurks. Swampy.
* ''VideoGame/GoldenSun''
** The first half of Taopo Swamp[[note]]The second half of it is an UndergroundLevel.[[/note]] in ''The Lost Age'' features large mud pits. Instead of getting stuck and wiggling your way out, you will instead slowly sink into the mud as you move, forcing you to find rising bubbles to surface or fall in, resetting you to the last solid ground you touched.
** The Phantasmal Bog in ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn''. Instead of sinking in the mud, though, its gimmick is that you can freeze or evaporate the water in the swamp, effectively letting you switch it between this trope, the LostWoods, and a SlippySlideyIceWorld. The boss of the dungeon is a giant alligator.
* The Swamp of No Hope, Nightshadow Bog and especially The Peat Bog in ''VideoGame/EverQuestII''
* Some areas in ''VideoGame/TitanQuest'' are swamps. You can find them in Greece, on the banks of the Nile and in China.
* ''VideoGame/{{Wizardry}} VI'' has an unnamed swamp region, and ''8'' simply labels its "The Swamp."
* Tramdine Fens in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2''
* In ''Manga/InuYasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask'' there was a swamp to trek through in order to find the wolf demon named Koga...
* The Satorl Marsh in ''VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}}'' plays with this trope. During the day, it's this. At night, the trees light up, [[SceneryPorn and you get to see why it's called "the shimmering marsh"]].
* The continent of Primordia in ''VideoGame/XenobladeChroniclesX'' has chunks of swamp land, but most of the marshy land you'll find is in Sylvalum. Don't let its look fool you into thinking it's a SlippySlideyIceWorld.
* ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' has the [[ThatOneLevel infamous]] Blighttown, which starts with a maze of precarious walkways and works its way down to a floor of thick poisonous muck, populated by persistent flies and goblins with toxic blowdarts, to say a few.
* ''VideoGame/MonsterHunter'' has had four hunting grounds that qualify across the series:
** The Swamp in ''Monster Hunter 1'' (old) and ''Monster Hunter 2'' (new). The muck is only ankle high in a few places at worst and never impedes movement, but poisonous gases flood certain sections at nighttime.
** The Flooded Forest in 3rd generation games combines this and JungleJapes. Subverted in ''Portable 3rd'', wherein the submerged parts of the forest have dried up due to the summer season.
** Portions of the Primal Forest in ''4/4U'' appear to be marshland, especially the outer plains and inner regions. An interesting variation occurs in that the poisonous muck ponds that appear in the innermost areas may not be naturally occurring [[spoiler:but are rather remnants of a long-dead Dalamadur's venomous bodily fluids]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Ultima}}'': The Fens of the Dead south of Paws, the Bloody Plains/Bloody Marsh southeast of Minoc, and the swamp around Lock Lake known as the Bog of Desolation. Swamp boots are a must when travelling by foot. By ''VideoGame/UltimaIX'', the increased depth means The Avatar can be swimming in swamp water while protected by swamp boots.
* ''VideoGame/SunlessSea'': The Wisp-Ways that surround the crude huts of Mangrove College, a maze of waterways, marshy paths and still pools located on a small island in the vast ocean BeneathTheEarth, are something of cross between a toxic swamp and a haunted forest, rendered all the more dangerous by the general weirdness that permeates the Neath. Dangers of traversing them include amphigators (gators with a head at either end), swarms of ants and giant leeches, but you might stumble across a cockatoo prone to mournful poetry to keep as a mascot, or across [[WillOTheWisp wisps]], which are lucky, except when they’re not.

[[folder:Shoot 'Em Up]]
* One of the more interesting level designs of ''VideoGame/RType Final'' was Stage 2, which started out as a standard Bubblegloop Swamp. However, if you perform certain actions while fighting the boss, the next playthrough changes the climate of the stage. The stage can dry out, eventually becoming a harsh desert, or flood, eventually becoming a frozen sea. Each version (five in all) has an altered variety or layout of enemies. This is explained in the game's database by the boss' ability to alter the climate and temperature.

* Swamp Fever from ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2''.
* The Death Marshes in ''[[VideoGame/{{Turok}} Turok 2: Seeds of Evil]]'', which has both the River of Souls' GrimyWater, and [[QuicksandSucks Killer Quicksand]] pits.
* The "Fetid Waters" chapter from ''VideoGame/HouseOfTheDead: OVERKILL''. Complete with raft segments and a swamp-monster like final boss.

* One of the maps in ''VideoGame/MassiveChalice'' is that of a mangrove. The player moves on top of the dense plant life that feeds off the swamp just below.
* Chapter 17 of ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance]]'' technically takes place in a cursed forest, but a good deal of its tileset is swamp.

[[folder:Wide Open Sandbox]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'':
** A biome created by the [[ProceduralGeneration world generator]] is this. It has flat terrain and shallow pools of water containing lily pads able to support your weight. Edible mushrooms are more common here, and trees are overgrown with vines hanging to the ground. [[BlobMonster Slimes]] and {{witch|Classic}}es can both be found here.
** In the Pocket Edition, they can also be home to [[FungusHumongous huge mushrooms]] as tall as or taller than the trees.
* ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'':
** Wetlands biomes characterized by very flat land, a high water table, and heavy vegetation. They are subdivided into marshes and regular and mangrove swamps, and like all biomes are further divided by climate (temperate or tropical) and alignment (good or [[SwampsAreEvil evil]] and [[NatureIsNotNice savage]] or benign).
** In addition to real wetland wildlife, savage swamps house gigantic versions of [[PantheraAwesome bobcats, leopards, jaguars, tigers]], ospreys, [[NeverSmileAtACrocodile alligators and crocodiles]], plus their respective [[BeastMan animal people]] and slug men and snail men. Evil swamps are home to harpies, blood gnats, and other monsters. Good and benign wetlands are home to various small fairies.

[[folder: Non-Video Game]]
[[AC:Card Games]]
* Bograth in the ''TabletopGame/MagiNation'' series.

* ''FanFic/NewWorld'': Dust briefly visits a boggy area, and is almost eaten by a Swampert.

[[AC:Film -- Live-Action]]
* The Bog of Eternal Stench from ''Film/{{Labyrinth}}''.

[[AC:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': In Westeros, the Neck is this, and it also serves as a natural barrier into the North proper. Only the crannogmen of the Neck and House Reed can properly navigate its treacherous landscape and fierce creatures, and many have died trying to find their way through it unaided.

[[AC:Theme Parks]]
* The Blue Bayou in some versions of ''Ride/PiratesOfTheCaribbean''.

[[AC:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' has Froggy Bottom Bog, where Fluttershy relocated Ponyville's excess frog population and also home to a gigantic hydra; the Fire Swamp, which is not so much a traditional swampland as much as a woodland full of fire geysers, and also home to a [[MixAndMatchCritters chimera]]; and the Hayseed Swamp, home to cajun ponies and trees whose pollen causes a disease that [[{{Transflormation}} turns ponies into more trees]].