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Browser Narcotic websites are any one that results in you opening a dozen tabs in a single session and using up hours of your time. An example of such is Wiki/ThisVeryWiki. Ending up on a WikiWalk is common at such sites, but not universal. The trope name comes courtesy of Webcomic/{{xkcd}}'s alt-text on [[http://xkcd.com/609/ this comic.]]

Compare ArchiveBinge, which is linear in nature and does not require opening dozens of tabs.

!!Notable offenders:

* One of the many ways Wiki/TVTropes [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife will ruin your life]].
* Wiki/{{Wikipedia}}
* Website/FourChan
* Website/{{reddit}}
* Any porn site. Admit it, you know it to be true.
* Website/{{Cracked}}.com. Brazilians have a [[http://www.puxacachorra.com.br/ humorous blog]] that's just like Cracked.
* [[http://www.darkroastedblend.com/ Dark Roasted Blend]]
* Website/DeviantArt
* [[http://www.pixiv.net/ Pixiv]], thanks to its recommendation feature being a little ''too'' good, tends to induce {{Wiki Walk}}s. Heaven help you if you start to browse for fanart of one of the more popular series, like ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'', ''[[Manga/AxisPowersHetalia Hetalia]]'', ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'', ''Music/{{Vocaloid}}'', or ''VideoGame/InazumaEleven'', each of which will get you over 150,000 hits. Though the effect is lessened somewhat, as a large part of the website is in Japanese, rendering all but the most basic functions illegible (unless, of course, you can ''read'' Japanese. Then you're on your own, buddy.)
* Website/{{Digg}}
* Website/{{Everything2}}
* Website/{{Facebook}}
* Website/{{Tumblr}}
* Website/FanFictionDotNet. The good ones at least... and [[SoBadItsGood badfic]] too, arguably. This also applies to most well organized fanfic sites like, say, Website/ArchiveOfOurOwn.
* Website/{{Fark}}
* [[http://www.oobject.com/ Oobject]]
* [[http://www.damninteresting.com/ Damn Interesting]]
* Forums can end up as these if there are enough interesting threads.
* The Polish site [[http://wyhacz.gazeta.pl/Wyhacz/0,0.html Wyhacz.pl]] [[strike:is]] was a news service devoted mainly to various instances of citizens being screwed over by bureaucratic incompetence or corporate dishonesty. It's surprisingly fascinating.
* [[http://lparchive.org/ The Let's Play Archive:]] Oh, you've just discovered the LetsPlay phenomenon and spent several hours following an LP of your favorite game? No worries, we can recommend LP's from the same genre / author that are sure to interest you. And once you're done with those, we have more recommendations...
* [[WebOriginal/LOLCats The Cheezburger Network]]
* The Wiki/SCPFoundation can do this, as some of the most popular articles include experiment logs involving other [=SCPs=]. The site is trying to minimize this, however. Just watch your step, because you're walking through a minefield of really [[NightmareFuel/SCPFoundation terrifying stuff]].
* {{WebSite/Snopes}}
* [[http://www.stumbleupon.com/ StumbleUpon]]
* Website/{{Twitter}}
* WebOriginal/OrionsArm, hoooo boooy.
* Wiki/{{Uncyclopedia}}
* Website/{{Yahoo}}.com (the main page that features news articles).
* Website/YouTube
* [[http://www.anidb.net/ AniDB]]
* Website/HardcoreGaming101. Hundreds of in-depth articles on a staggering variety of niche, overlooked, or import-only games? Updated semi-regularly? Not only are the articles a fascinating way to waste a few [[strike:minutes]] [[strike:hours]] weekends, a whole new level of procrastination can be reached if one decides to make trying the games featured on the site a regular habit.
* Website/EverythingIsTerrible
* [=WeKnowMemes=]
* [[http://imgur.com/ Imgur:]] That is, of course, if we are to [[http://dailyderp.tumblr.com/post/32693708249/derpy-imgur-i-blame-you-i-almost-forgot-the believe]] ''Webcomic/TheDailyDerp''.
* [=BuzzFeed=], particularly the list pages. That being said, though, any clickbait site could count, really. Buzzfeed just so happens to be the most well-known one.
* Sports fans can have this on [[http://bleacherreport.com/ Bleacher Report]] and [[Creator/TheSportsGuy Page 2 \ Grantland]].
* [[http://www.mapcrunch.com/ MapCrunch]] takes you to a random location on Google [=StreetView=]. You can navigate on it as usual, or press a button that takes you to another random location. Now try to stop exploring the world.
* Website/NotAlwaysRight. The effect is lessened due to only adding 5 or 6 anecdotes a day (easily read in 15 minutes), but increased due to its [[ArchiveBinge massive archive]] and five sister sites, Not Always Working/Learning/Romantic/Related and /Friendly.
* The Polish equivalent of Not Always Right, piekielni.pl .
* Uberfacts, with a [[http://uber-facts.com/ Website]], [[https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uberfacts/id787394299?mt=8 two]] [[https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uberfacts.uf&hl=en apps]], and [[https://twitter.com/uberfacts several]] [[https://twitter.com/uberfactsminus Twitter]] [[https://twitter.com/uberghostfacts accounts.]]
* Any good webcomic with [[ArchiveBinge a big enough archive]].
* [[http://www.fstdt.com/ Fundies Say the Darndest Things]] i.e. an ''[[ArchiveBinge immense]]'' archive of all the insane things [[TheFundamentalist fundamentalists]] have said in this contemporary age. It even has [[https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Fundies_Say_the_Darndest_Things an article]] on Wiki/RationalWiki.
* Most [[IoGame .io Games]] can easily waste large amounts of one's time due to the ease of joining a game and playing a few rounds... [[JustOneMoreLevel and another...]]